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This archive contains references to articles from January 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


January 31

Civilian body for N. Ireland parades urged: Boston Globe

Mayhew delay on marches mediation: The Times

Mixed reactions to report's proposals: Irish News

Drumcree Mark Three beckons: The Irish Times

A Missed Opportunity: The Irish Times (Editorial)

CBI anger over decision to shelve parades report: Irish News

Only fresh evidence would justify inquiry - Major: The Irish Times

Quest for justice should not require a leap of faith: Irish News

Spring will press Britain to investigate new evidence: The Irish Times

Keenan to present 98 rebellion film: Irish News

January 30

Drumcree damaged RUC reputation says US report: The Irish Times

Poor signs if parades report is shelved: The Irish Times

Looking back in anger to city's darkest hour: Irish News

New evidence on Bloody Sunday shots: The Irish Times

Relatives boycott Bloody Sunday commemoration: Daily Telegraph

Follow in the footsteps of civil rights martyrs: Irish News (by John Hume)

Facts about the day that traumatised all of Ireland: Irish News

Lodges, residents in stand-off on problems of parades: The Irish Times

January 29

Jailbreak 'was meant to scupper' IRA truce: Irish News

Mayhew backs Nazi analogy in Ulster TV ad: The Times

This rhetoric is insulting: Irish News (Editorial)

Leading article: Belfast and Berlin: The Times (Editorial)

Justice and Order don't march the same road: Irish News

Ministers may not respond to review on North parades: The Irish Times

Fateful day when British soldiers dealt out death: Irish News

January 28

A view from afar puts north in perspective: Irish News

Mitchell sees role as a 'labour of love': The Irish Times

Irish talks 'tainted by double standards': Daily Telegraph

January 27

L.I. Pol Gets Super Invite From Bill : The Daily News

Small men of Stormont put party politics before peace: The Irish Times (by David Ervine)

Shock and humiliation of regime's injustices: Irish News

Concern as North talks resume: The Irish Times

Ex-bishop condemns failure to apologise for Bloody Sunday: The Times

Dublin to release Mountbatten killer: Daily Telegraph

January 26

RUC may lose final word on Orange Order marches: Sunday Telegraph

IRA royal murderer to be released: The Sunday Times

Dublin shuts door on Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

January 25

Remembering Bloody Sunday: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Slaughter on a sunny afternoon: The Irish Times

ribunal smear inflamed injustice of shootings: The Irish Times

Door is not closed in search for the truth: The Irish Times

Switch to PR needed soon: Irish News (Editorial)

Prison staff accused of aiding escape: The Times

UK economy teeters as south balances books: Irish News

January 24

Orange Order refuses to meet residents: The Irish Times

March crisis looms again: Irish News (Editorial)

Report on RUC goes to heart of the problem: The Irish Times

Editor in court over trial fiasco: Daily Telegraph

US lawsuit unveils duty-free tycoon as Sinn Fein donor: The Times

Marching laws may be too late for Ulster: Daily Telegraph

January 23

Proposal to be welcomed: Irish News (Editorial)

Major 'will suspend' peace talks on Ulster: The Times

RUC chief defends use of plastic bullets: Daily Telegraph

McAliskey loses case against her extradition: Daily Telegraph

January 22

Decisions, decisions for the knee-jerk reactions: Irish News

Loyalists face talks ban after bombing: Daily Telegraph

The Benefit of the Doubt: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Evidence on Bloody Sunday is assembled: The Irish Times

New body to tackle parades: Irish News

January 21

Integrated education is not a panacea for North's ills: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday splits Labour: Irish News

Rule of fear as civilians rounded up at gunpoint: Irish News

Baby escapes loyalist van bomb: Daily Telegraph

January 20

Loyalists want settlement with everyone a winner: Irish News

Primate's remarks on IRA ceasefire criticised: The Irish Times

Harryville protesters defy Orange leaders: Irish News

'Callous' IRA mortar attack denounced: Daily Telegraph

SEAN O'CALLAGHAN: The Irish Times (letter to the Editor from Danny Morrison)

January 19

A little bit of Ireland that won't grow up: The Sunday Times

How the BBC dances to an IRA tune: The Sunday Times

Clinton refuses visa for Adams: The Sunday Times

Harrison Ford stars in pro-IRA movie: The Sunday Times

January 18

If Labour wins, will Ulster say no to Mo?: The Irish Times

Catholic Unionist hopes to tackle Paisley: Daily Telegraph

Colonialists unfamiliar with 'darkest' Ulster: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry rejected: Irish News

Marksmen killed three in 1972, evidence shows: The Irish Times

Widgery's determination to ignore evidence is revealed: The Irish Times

January 17

Anxiety among Unionists on how to play their hand: The Irish Times

Mayhew grants Clegg fresh appeal after new evidence: Daily Telegraph

Bullet experiments suggest that fatal shot was 'justified' : Daily Telegraph

Blind justice: biased vision: Irish News (Editorial)

Nationalist anger greets new Clegg murder appeal: Irish News

Kennedy says IRA ceasefire not sham: The Irish Times

January 16

Violence kills chance of any nationalist poll pact: Irish News

Orange leader's support gives cause for hope: The Irish Times

Germany sought British citizen: The Irish Times

Alderdice makes sharp attack on Trimble: The Irish Times

January 15

Clinton keeps peace alive: Irish News (Editorial)

Reticence over murder arouses suspicion: The Irish Times

Soderberg is expected to move to mission at UN: The Irish Times

January 14

Ulster talks face collapse if loyalists are expelled: Daily Telegraph

Keeping the loyalists in: The Irish Times (Editorial)

No place for such memorials: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair bid to ban foreign aid may hit US funding: Irish News

January 13

Keeping peace hopes alive in N. Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Adams and Sinn Fein under attack in US press: The Irish Times

Papers reveal minimal progress since Sixties: Irish News

Mortar attack triggers 'seal border' demand: Irish News

Give space to archbishop: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange support for Massgoers welcomed: The Irish Times

Pressure mounting for unionist election pact: Irish News

IRA threat a sign of local opposition to war - SDLP: The Irish Times

January 12

Ireland reaps the wealth of its talents: Sunday Telegraph

IRA says it will murder informers: The Sunday Times

January 11

Man is born free ­ and in chains for his own good: The Times

King-sized headache of the monarchist society: Irish News

Paisley Nazi jibe is ironic: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionist challenge for loyalist fringe at talks: The Irish Times

January 10

IRA warns of 'action' over RUC tip-offs: Daily Telegraph

Unionists want removal of IRA monument: The Irish Times

Woman killed herself after loyalist threats: Daily Telegraph

January 9

Sinn Fein returns to certainties of ghetto: The Irish Times

Curious view of UVF's history: Irish News (Editorial)

Stamping out corruption increases faith in justice: Irish News

Statement increases fears of further attacks: The Irish Times

NIO painting rosy picture to win a war: Irish News

Challenging 'vote early and vote all day': The Irish Times

SDLP-SF agreement may still be possible: The Irish Times

January 8

Sinn Fein 'frozen out of talks' by rocket attack: Daily Telegraph

New prey for IRA violence: Irish News

Murderer served his own interests above all: The Irish Times

January 7

IRA rocket hits city courthouse: Daily Telegraph

Genie is back out of the bottle - Adams: The Irish Times

Voices From The Past: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Period until election is make or break for UK: Irish News

Congress to hold hearings on North: The Irish Times

Loyalist truce 'is safe': Irish News

January 6

Sinn Fein leaders in IRA video: The Times

Trimble fury at terrorism 'smear': Irish News

Peace process in need of critical appraisal: The Irish Times

Ahern envisages a key peace role for Reynolds: The Irish Times

Legacy of a Celtic Church is to avoid ancient curse: Irish News

SDLP pact with Sinn Fein moves step closer: Daily Telegraph

Hume article leads to Sinn Fein rift: The Times

Divisions in UUP may be to Major's benefit: The Irish Times

January 5

Every cloud has an orange lining: The Sunday Times

January 4

SDLP wary of risks in making electoral pact: The Irish Times

Electoral pact is likely strategy: Irish News (Editorial)

Only clear thing about IRA strategy is uncertainty: The Irish Times

Account of plot to kill royals verified: The Irish Times

Hume denies he is to run for Dublin presidency: Daily Telegraph

SDLP chief urged to defend Foyle seat: Irish News

More IRA killings to end ceasefire - UFF: The Irish Times

Discreditable story left out the public records: Irish News

January 3

Sinn Fein seeks talks on electoral deal with SDLP: The Irish Times

IRA playing with fire: The Irish Times (Editorial)

RUC rejects suggestion of IRA phoney war: The Irish Times

IRA truck had 1,000 pounds of explosives: Philadelphia Inquirer

Hume fuels rumour over standing for Irish presidency: Daily Telegraph

Setbacks suggest IRA capability is reduced: Irish News

IRA bomb 'was plan for mass murder': The Times

January 2

Elections to come will provide crucial choices: The Irish Times

IRA Belfast bomb 'stab in the back for Hume': The Irish Times

Dancing to the Orange flute: The Times

Files reveal IRA was stepping up plans for campaign in 1966: The Irish Times

Newlyweds refuse to let IRA bomb spoil reception: The Times

1966 Papers - Cabinet dismissed discrimination claims: The Irish Times

January 1

A conflict resolution: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams dismisses 1996 as 'a year of wasted opportunity': Irish News