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This archive contains references to articles from January 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


January 15


Balance has been upset by pro-unionist slant: The Irish Times

A Gentle Man Is Laid to Rest in a Violent Land: Washington Post

Time to concentrate minds and look for a settlement: The Irish Times

Who's a member of the 'bogey Nordie savages?': Irish News

RUC man shot by undercover woman soldier: The Times

How the Nordic countries resolved conflict: The Irish Times

Eyes on the prize in Northern Ireland: Nando Times

Belfast council to back Irish language: The Irish Times

January 14

Mandarins' secret moves clinched deal: Irish Independent

New Hope for Northern Ireland: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Mowlam's turn: Boston Globe

PLATFORM FOR PEACE: The Times (Editorial)

Ahern finds it's his turn to take risks: The Irish Times

RUC cannot be Orange: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein remains in peace process: The Guardian

Releasing the prisoners and hostages of history: Irish News

DUP slams joint settlement plan: Irish News

Drumcree IV to put peace in jeopardy: Irish News

January 13

A boost for the Belfast talks: Boston Globe (Editorial)

How soccer summit achieved goal of united front: Irish Independent

Ulster plan raises hope of progress: Electronic Telegraph

An Irish Settlement: Washington Post (Editorial)

Coming To The Crucible: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Future as seen by blueprint decidedly Orange: The Times

'Road map' for parties a little vague on specifics: The Irish Times

Gardai must quiz their IRA source: Irish News (Editorial)

Text proposes to replace Anglo-Irish Agreement: The Irish Times (Full Text of Yesterday's Statement)

January 12

Supping on truth along with the prison gruel: Sunday Business Post

Everyone must gain from high stakes game: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein leader's kin slain in attack: Boston Globe

This loyalist victimology is quite incredible: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Szep says no offense was intended on Irish editorial cartoon: Boston Globe

Blair on collision course with Dublin over Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Success of peace talks rests with the people: Irish News (by Bertie Ahern)

Can Blair's plan at last bring peace?: The Times

Even those closest unsure of today's developments: The Irish Times

We have a chance to bury the skeletons in the cabinet: Irish News

Ervine says LVF is not operating alone: The Irish Times

Rangers row over 'Wright solidarity sign': Irish News

January 11

Irish government throws out Blair's peace plan: Electronic Telegraph

Blair to apologise for Bloody Sunday: The Sunday Times

Crisis crisis?: Independent on Sunday

Kennedy concludes first Ulster visit: Boston Globe

Mowlam's visit may simplify moral maze: The Sunday Times

Bomb haul raises fear of inter-republican feud: The Sunday Times

Gardai reject Ferris's claims on McCabe death: The Sunday Times

January 10

Belfast Inmates Back Continued Peace Talks: Washington Post

Full credit to Mo Mowlam.: Irish News (Editorial)

Mo outguns them at the last-chance saloon: The Times

Pursuing a policy of appeasement: Irish Independent

Balance of power moved to extremists: The Irish Times

Blair's secret peace plan for Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Faith & Reason - A proper role at the negotiating table: The Independent

Sen Kennedy visits Ulster memorial: Boston Globe

Prisoners' status and the talks process: Irish Independent

Mo visits Maze to find way out of talks mess: Irish News

January 9

IRA's mavericks: Irish Independent

IRA's mavericks: Irish Independent

In N. Ireland prison, life of the carefree: Philadelphia Inquirer

Kennedy makes first Ulster trip at crucial time: Boston Globe

Mowlam agrees to meet IRA chiefs in Maze: Daily Telegraph

Maze visit is risk for peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Yes, Ms Mowlam, enter the Maze - and try to find a way out of the impasse: The Independent (Editorial)

No booze, no sex, but interludes of music: The Guardian

Trimble's way out of the Maze: The Times

Kennedy has come a long way on North: The Irish Times

'The last time I saw this man he was throwing grenades and shooting a pistol at us. Today he meets the Secretary of State.': The Independent

Andrews move may ensure loyalist talks presence: Irish News

Sinn Fein dissidents held on bomb haul: Irish News

January 8

Time to stop all the play acting: Irish Independent


Mowlam to meet killers in the Maze: Electronic Telegraph

Free the gunmen: The Guardian

A LEAD FROM LONDON: The Times (Editorial)

A selective sensitivity: Irish News (Editorial)

Govts must take firmer grip of peace process: The Irish Times

Sowing the seeds of discontent: The Guardian

Mowlam takes level-headed view of high-wire act: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

January 7

Mitchell see no way but forward for Ulster: Boston Globe

Northern Ireland Peace Process Comes Under Threat: Washington Post

Ulster's dance of death: The Times

'Too many concessions' claims are only fantasy: Irish News

London moves to keep loyalists in peace process: The Irish Times

Unionists just playing games: Irish News (Editorial)

She's doing the top job which I once longed for: The Guardian (by Roy Hattersley)

Bill ought to define clear power structures: The Irish Times

Unionists angry at Ulster-Scots 'exclusion': Irish News

January 6

N. Ireland group considers `a return to war': Philadelphia Inquirer

Emergency talks try to revive peace process: The Times

The messy threat to Stormont: The Guardian (Editorial)

Adams follows the tradition of the Protestant patriots: Irish News

David Mckittrick - Why Ulster's Protestants are unhappy with Mo Mowlam: The Independent

Blair must face real crisis in unionism: The Irish Times

Congressman's fury at Trimble and Maginnis: Irish News

New Labour needs new thinking on prisoners: The Irish Times

Man is held over Tidey kidnapping: The Irish Times

January 5

Ghosts stalked coffin as Wright went to his grave: Sunday Business Post

Fear and loathing in mid-Ulster: Sunday Business Post

I won't quit, says Mowlam as she holds crisis talks: Electronic Telegraph

The tradition of conflict upheld by ruthless men: Irish News

No giving in to hotheads: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Violence only destroys our whole community: Irish News

Why I'm going to live in the North: The Irish Times

Loyalist broker calls for prison commission: The Guardian

IRSP opposes current talks - not peace: Irish News

Chaplain resigns over selection of Reynolds: The Irish Times

January 4

King Rat Is Dead: Washington Post

LVF: no-warning bombs for Dublin: The Sunday Times

Dogs of war: The Sunday Times

Conspiracy behind a stage-managed tragedy: The Sunday Times

Eyes on the road, please: The Independent

Sands' sister slams Adams: The Sunday Times

British troops bolster police in Northern Ireland: Philadephia Inquirer

Maze visitors had run of jail: The Sunday Times

January 3

N. Ireland steps up patrols after attacks: Boston Globe

Loyalists may be trying to provoke IRA response: The Irish Times

Another year starts with familiar sadness: Irish News

Volatile factions threaten progress on peace: The Irish Times

McAliskey extradition approved by court: Electronic Telegraph

King Rat, a villain-hero rejected by fellow loyalists: The Irish Times

North is facing the abyss says Bruton: Irish News

Research finds Protestant obsession with 'Ne Temere': The Irish Times

January 2

Pro-British gang claims responsibility for pub attack: Philadelphia Inquirer

Attack in Ulster raises fear of loyalist truce defections: Boston Globe

Killing of Wright was bound to be avenged: The Irish Times

Newspaper apologises for cartoon on Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Unionism's errant voice: Irish News (Editorial)

January 1

Trimble warns of violence as tension mounts in Ulster: The Independent

Challenging sectarianism: Irish News (Editorial)

Five shot as loyalists attack revellers: Electronic Telegraph