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This archive contains references to articles from January 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, January 15

Law of the jungle: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The Maze: Locking away its ghosts: BBC

SDLP calls for changes in justice system: Irish News

Proximity talks on Drumcree planned: The Irish Times

The IRA give up its arms? Forget it, says McGuinness: The Times

Irish police find anti-aircraft guns: BBC

Accountability key to an acceptable police force: The Irish Times

RUC claims on Markets slammed as propaganda: Irish News

Thursday, January 14

Peace? What peace?: Belfast Telegraph (by Ian Paisley)

The policing debate: Belfast Telegraph

Date set for assembly handover: BBC Dissident ‘abducted by IRA’: Irish News

The Cost Of Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Adams - it's an open and shut case: Sydney Morning Herald

Brain gain as ex-pats come back: Irish News

Beatings that make a mockery of peace: The Times

Markets praise for RUC man: Irish News

UUP and SDLP differ on motion: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein calls for radical revamp of justice system: Irish News

Wednesday, January 13

The real divide in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble faces up to party pressure over power plan: Belfast Telegraph

Take guns out of politics - Blair: BBC

Mallon rejects UUP censure as irrational: The Irish Times

GAA must be fairly treated: Irish News (Editorial)

Priority urged for Ireland bodies: The Irish Times

Lebanon example could rescue our fragile peace: Irish News

Blair to see ‘loyalist’ video: Irish News

AOL reopens Irish forum: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Tuesday, January 12

The policing debate: Belfast Telegraph

Deadlock is no laughing matter: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein steps up power row: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam aims for March deadline: The Independent

Give up guns, Blair tells terrorists: Electronic Telegraph

Statistics misleading: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble backs call for beatings inquiry: The Irish Times

Unionists branch into mainland: BBC

SF challenges Blair to take ‘the next step’: Irish News

Hope of a bright future in NI becoming a nightmare: The Irish Times (by Robert McCartney)

IRA fugitive 'killer police officer' in bungled raid: The Guardian

Politicians told to prepare for 'real politics': The Irish Times

Monday, January 11

Unionist splits block progress: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

The task that lies ahead of Patten: Belfast Telegraph

Mixed messages confuse North's New Year hopes: Irish Independent

Catholic recruits to soar: Belfast Telegraph

Peace is within our grasp: Irish News (by Tony Blair)

Gerry Adams to make first visit next month: Sydney Morning Herald

Happy New Year from the IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Informer fears IRA prisoner release: Irish News

Mother's brave stand against IRA killers: The Times

Blair to meet Garvaghy group on standoff: The Irish Times

IRA must be allowed to police the peace: Irish News

SF claims Trimble is using tricks: The Irish Times

PUP criticises ‘hardline’ UUP: Irish News

With hindsight O’Neill’s approach was right one: Irish News

Catholic priest proposes sharing the Eucharist: The Irish Times

Sunday, January 10

Mowlam bid to save Belfast agreement: The Sunday Times

IRA Statement belies a lack of options: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Anger at £15m Drumcree 'bribe': The Sunday Times

Fight to save RUC heads for America: The Sunday Times

Paramilitary pacts and the politics of violence: The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 9

At the end of the day it's really down to us: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble steps up attack on Adams: The Times

Drumcree stalemate on way to solution - Trimble: Irish Independent

Tensions are coming to the boil - Mallon: Irish News

Raid dispels hope that Omagh ended dissidents: The Irish Times

We must take the IRA's latest threat seriously: Irish Independent

Splits spell destruction for the unionist hydra: Irish News

McCartney blames loyalists for shooting: The Irish Times

Loyalists accuse jail warders: BBC

Friday, January 8

Loyalists plan street protests: Irish Independent

Jail doors will stay shut for Border Fox: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists attack IRA 'blackmail': Electronic Telegraph

Trimble must not halt deal: Irish News (Editorial)

C of I defends links with Orange Order: The Irish Times

Alliance says Sinn Fein has to be on executive: Irish News

Loyalist killer freed: BBC

No more equivocation ­ move process forward: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Thursday, January 7

Same old IRA story: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Bullets cache links rebel IRA gang to heist: Irish Independent

The New Year's Honours list: Belfast Telegraph

IRA's New Year message: BBC

SDLP, unionists clash on executive deal: The Irish Times

Four attacked in N Ireland 'punishment shootings': The Independent

Attacks must be stopped: Irish News

Loyalists claim booby-trap bomb: The Guardian

Bombing latest in catalogue of attacks: Irish News

Why SDLP is wary of gift-bearing government: The Irish Times

RSF anger at ‘police harassment’: Irish News

Patten declines invitation to testify on policing: The Irish Times

Wednesday, January 6

The future of unionism: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Real IRA: why they haven't gone away: Irish Independent

Bungled Dublin cash van robbery heightens terror campaign fears: The Guardian

Clash over north-south bodies: Irish News

Anger at 'humane' release of IRA killer: Electronic Telegraph

Unionist rift exposes Ulster tension: The Independent

McCartney now isolated in the Assembly: The Irish Times

Carry on regardless: Irish News (Editorial)

Rest in peace: The Guardian

SDLP founder tells of joy at CBE award: Irish News

Tuesday, January 5

DUP in call for inquest on Wright killing: Belfast Telegraph

PM urged to join new talks on Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Irish-Americans rally round beleagured Bill: Irish News

Formation of executive to preoccupy NI Assembly: The Irish Times

Dissident grouping ‘behind gun raid’: Irish News

Debate to clear way for new ministers: Irish News

Monday, January 4

Facing up to Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

It's thirty years since Burntollet: Sunday Business Post

Sinn Fein can free arms - TD: Belfast Telegraph

Dissident loyalists revisit Catholic killing grounds: Sunday Business Post

New terror alert over Real IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Police security set to be downgraded: Irish News

Omagh bombers 'known' to police: BBC

Trimble dives into trouble: Irish News (Editorial)

SF accuses Trimble of supporting protesters: The Irish Times

Friday’s unpredictable child: Irish News

Looking back without anger is our priority: Irish News

Maginnis calls for push to end arms impasse: Irish News

Sunday, January 3

New fears as IRA faction slips into England: The Observer

Trimble ousts Adams as the man making news: The Sunday Times

Orangemen vow to stay at Drumcree: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble: Scrap Parades Commission: BBC

RUC officers made redundant by peace get £4.5m retraining: The Sunday Times

New 'terrorism' forces families to seek life in England: The Observer

RUC plea to keep 'Mad Dog' in jail: The Sunday Times

Demons haunt the scarred children of Omagh: The Independent

Goulding: true grit and wit in defence of democracy: The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 2

We have to learn to take leaps in the dark: Belfast Telegraph

Canada's honoured hero: Toronto Globe and Mail (Editorial)

Primate suggests executive could precede disarming: The Irish Times

Ahern sets twin New Year peace targets: Irish Independent

Marchers protest at Garvaghy Road ban: Electronic Telegraph

Nationalist veto on British honours: Irish Independent

Sitting on their hands in an ivory Stormont: Irish News

De Rossa refuses to leave funeral: The Irish Times

Prize of peace is within reach: Irish News (Editorial)

Friday, January 1

Ulster's New Year of hope: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

SDLP slammed for ‘refusing’ honours: Irish News

Honours reward for peace work: Irish News (Editorial)

Villagers count cost of change in Ireland: The Times

Fait in plea for end to all beatings: Irish News