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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from July 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, July 15

Ahern talks tough to Blair on North policing changes: Irish Independent

Resignation threat row over Police Bill: BBC

Executive leaders at odds over policing reforms: Irish Independent

Spate of savage killings blamed on loyalist feud: The Independent

Lower turnout for Drumcree protests: BBC

Limp road protests leave Orangemen red faced: Irish Examiner

Return of normality shows Orange failure: The Irish Times

Blind bigotry has Order in a mess: Irish News

Fools on the hill: The Scotsman

Learning lessons from the past: Belfast Telegraph

Violence has proved a loser: Irish News (Editorial)

Charges dropped against residents spokesman: BBC

Residents still prepared to talk: Irish News

Republicanism still relevant, says Ahern: The Irish Times

Election success for SF in south: Irish News

Fianna Fail must be careful of SF coalition: Irish Independent

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times (July 14)

Adair listed as one of Britain’s ‘hardest’ men: Irish News

Dalai Lama set for Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Murdered solicitor’s client beaten by RUC: Irish Examiner

Obervers visit south Armagh: Irish News

No decent skins: The Irish Times

Friday, July 14

Nationalist parties rip changes in Ulster cop reform plan: Boston Herald

'New beginning for policing': BBC

Trimble’s ‘threat’ to resign over police bill: Irish News

Troops take down Drumcree barricade: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness says police proposals inoperable: Irish Examiner

Cowen pledges to take firm stance on policing: Irish Independent

Credibility of policing at risk: Irish News (Editorial)

Courage in the face of sheer cowardice: Belfast Telegraph

Church condemnation will not stop Orange protest: The Independent

Low-key parade first is bottom line, says Jones: The Irish Times

'Hypocrisy over Orange protests': BBC

Mac Cionnaith sees 'mini agreement' as the solution: The Irish Times

Internal Orange struggle on future strategy: Irish Independent

Orange hierarchy calling the tune: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Thousands see King Billy win again at Sham Fight: The Irish Times

Pensioner beaten in Belfast attack: The Times

Money from U.S. helping Omagh heal: Irish Echo

Thursday, July 13

Protestant Parades Peaceful in N. Ireland: Washington Post

Orangemen celebrate holiday despite deep rifts: Irish News


A 'colourful, lively affair' that the tourists will not forget in a hurry: The Independent

Booze reigns on Orangemen’s parade: Irish Examiner

Orange card for ties with Catholics: The Irish Times

Proud stance belies Order’s damaged reputation: The Scotsman

Hecklers and haters: meet the Orange family: Irish Independent

Drumcree protest plan: The Irish Times

Loyalists qualify their brand of loyalty: Irish Independent

Display of firepower is fuelled by rivalry: Electronic Telegraph

Murder sparks fear of loyalist revenge: The Times

Loyalist killed over UVF song: Electronic Telegraph

Drums beat out tones of Protestants' uncertainty: The Irish Times

Time once again to try and pick up the pieces: Irish Independent

Orange march of anger: Washington Times (Editorial)

Bitter Orange: Irish Independent (Editorial)

The damage is permanent: Irish News (Editorial)

Bullyboy tactics have discredited Orange Order: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Blair and Ahern to thrash out differences over RUC name: The Independent

Reform of the RUC produces parity of pain: The Irish Times

Mandelson attempts to sell legislation in the US: Irish News

Building Peace in Ulster: New York Times (Editorial)

Patten and Policing: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Lords of Westminster's last chance saloon: Irish Independent

Anger at BBC’s twelfth coverage: Irish News

Paisley warns of 'dangerous' ecumenism: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 12

Flames of Discord Still Crackle in Northern Ireland: Washington Post


Orange protests bring more violence to Ulster: The Guardian

Streets and shops are deserted as tension rises: Irish Independent

RUC defends rights of protesters: Irish News

Drumcree unrest 'shames' NI - judge: BBC

Orange Order may be sued: Irish Examiner

Senior Orangemen want all protests to stop: The Irish Times

Firewood and incendiary slogans raise holiday temperatures: Irish Examiner

How Orange disorder led to need for change: Irish News

Where just two words can shut the shops: Irish Independent

Harry Potter overcomes shutdown in Belfast: The Irish Times

Orange Order nearing the end of the road: The Scotsman

Let us police mindsets and not parades: Irish News

Terrorism pays: Chicago Sun Times (July 11)

Is the peace process the real enemy of peace?: The Times

Sleeping giant of Unionism awoken: The Independent

Violence may be the sputtering of a dying order: Dallas Morning News (Editorial)

Orange Order is to blame: Irish News (Editorial)

MPs condemn 'insensitive' RUC reform guillotine: The Independent

RUC name passing into history books: The Irish Times

US tells British ‘go back to Patten plan’: Irish News

A community beleaguered, misunderstood and undermined by their sense of history: Irish Examiner

SDLP will not flag up twelfth: Irish News

Unionist and republican need of common emblems: The Irish Times

The band played on: The Irish Times

Tuesday, July 11

Northern Ireland Paralyzed by Unionist Demonstrations: New York Times

Orange protests, rioting force Belfast shutdown: Boston Herald

Tea time in Portadown as concrete slabs start flying ...: Irish Independent

Orange protest ends in violence: The Times

'Peaceful' Orange protest with burning cars: The Irish Times

A choice to be made - Rodgers: Irish News

Fear stalks streets as child gangs run amok: Irish Independent

Trimble rejects assembly recall: BBC

C of I cannot condone Drumcree events: The Irish Times (by Archbishop Robin Eames)

Hardline loyalism lies bleeding and should be allowed to die: Irish Examiner

Orangeism in crisis: Irish Independent

Northern Ireland slips back to routine of burnings, barricades: Toronto Globe and Mail

It's time for the decent Orangeman to be heard: Belfast Telegraph

Time for us all to live in a new space: Irish News

Orange Order protest fails to ignite in Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

An odd concept of loyalty: The Guardian (Editorial)

Who speaks for Orangeism: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

'Double-cross' on RUC's name: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson accused of diluting Patten proposals: The Irish Times

Commons battle over RUC reform: BBC

Much-amended policing Bill nears end of passage: The Irish Times

Police protection: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Adams the most popular leader as charisma wins votes over policies: Irish Examiner

It Was Like 1969 All Over Again:

Monday, July 10

Protestant Protests in Ulster Begin Peacefully but Turn Violent: New York Times

N. Ireland March Ends Quitely

Orangemen are blocked but remain defiant: The Times

Something for everyone on great day out at Drumcree: The Irish Times

Threat to topple Trimble: Irish Independent

Prayers and marchers fail to shake the steel barriers: The Irish Times

Garvaghy residents fear eventual march: BBC

Splits appear in top Orange ranks: Belfast Telegraph

Lurking fears behind estate walls: The Guardian

Life goes on for better or worse: Irish Examiner

Keeping step with forefathers: The Guardian

Power players caught up in the battle for control at Drumcree: The Times

Orangemen lash out in ritualised abuse of enemies: The Independent

Luther would have talked to residents: Irish News

The long shadow of Drumcree casts a long shadow over the North: Sunday Business Post (July 9)

Finding a `third way' to end violence: Boston Herald (July 9)

Demise of protests a victory for peace process: The Irish Times

N. Ireland peace detours to past: Christian Science Monitor

Shadow of a gunman over Drumcree: Irish Independent

Learning new steps for the marching tradition: The Scotsman (Editorial)

The Lessons Of Drumcree: The Irish Times (Editorial)

PAST AND FUTURE: The Times (Editorial)

Menace: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Orange Order's day of reckoning: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Orchestrated violence endangers innocent people: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Fears grow as bombers return: The Guardian

Dissident groups increase strength: The Irish Times

No brand of extremism has anything to offer us: Irish News (Editorial)

High fuel prices lead to rise in petrol smuggling: The Independent

Limbering up for leadership: Sunday Business Post (July 9)

Respect for one hero puts rabble in shade: Irish Independent

Ex-soldier to point finger at British for Dublin bombings: Sunday Business Post (July 9)

Sunday, July 9

Bomb rocks N. Ireland police station: Boston Herald

Gardai sent in to foil the Real IRA: The Sunday Times

Troubles in Portadown test N. Ireland peace process: Boston Herald

Orangemen pledge more disruption: Independent on Sunday

Loyalists ignore archbishop's plea for peace: Electronic Telegraph

Archbishop fails to follow as moderator sets example: Ireland on Sunday

Warring sides 'need training before talks': The Sunday Times

Loyalists in murder ultimatum: The Observer

The Drumcree standoff must be stood down: The Sunday Times

One man keeps North on a knife-edge: Ireland on Sunday

The poison at the heart of the Orange Order: The Observer

Plastic bullet rules put RUC at risk: Electronic Telegraph

'Deja vu' at Drumcree: Ireland on Sunday

An Orangeman speaks: The Observer

Drumcree is all about rights: Ireland on Sunday

Support for Portadown Organgemen not as strong this year as in the past: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A dangerous banging of the tribalist drum: Sunday Independent

The hidden target: The Observer

Will it never end?: Scotland on Sunday

The slick art of Orange trickery: Sunday Independent

Unionist supremacist philosophy on trial: Ireland on Sunday

Ulster's flags of terror are flying high: Electronic Telegraph

Church must not play Pilate over Drumcree : Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Soldier in dirty tricks unit arrested: The Sunday Times

The significance of Hume- Adams sinks in: Sunday Independent

Could Mad Dog be trying to replace the King Rat?: The Sunday Times

The voice of no surrender: Scotland on Sunday

Unionists asked to join British-Irish Council on the Isle of Man: The Sunday Times

Reagan regime against Irish: Ireland on Sunday

Fury over IRA call for Maze: Electronic Telegraph

Family to leave after attack: BBC

Tuskar — the British deny conspiracy: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, July 8

Portadown braces for Orange protest turmoil: Boston Herald

Ulster braced for violence after talks fail: The Times

Sashes 'must go for service at Drumcree': Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree security stepped up: BBC

Drumcree and the fragile veneer of peace: Irish Independent

Sequencing is to the fore again on eve of Drumcree: The Irish Times

Eames hits out at Drumcree protest: Belfast Telegraph

Dissent rumbles in Orange ranks as parade looms: The Independent

Man armed with a mobile talks down Ulster violence: Electronic Telegraph

Nesbitt attacks protest support: Irish News

The topsy-turvy patriotism of the Orangemen of Ulster: The Independent

How loyalist violence will undermine unionism: Irish Independent

Orange Order has lost its way over march for British identity: The Times

Orange institution has lost credibility: Irish News

Sectarian bigotry echoes old religious struggles: The Irish Times

Marching against peace: Albany Times Union (Editorial)

A march out of step: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Loyalist on the loose: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Dialogue is the only tool to diffuse North crisis: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Talks are the only way out: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC title lives on in victory for Tories: Electronic Telegraph

Peace process would suffer with SF in government: The Irish Times

Dunlop’s final journey unites North: Irish Examiner

Irish Now Confront the Other Side of Immigration: New York Times

Friday, July 8

Protestant ire boils as parade panel bans procession: Boston Herald

Troops on the Streets of Belfast: New York Daily News

Ormeau ban for Orange parade

Orange protests 'wrecking' tourism: BBC

Drumcree crisis scares off US trade delegation: The Times

Orangemen raise rally stakes: BBC

Orange Order targeting Trimble, says Ervine: Irish Examiner

Orange leaders maintain protest support: The Irish Times

Security forces prepare for worst scenario: Irish Examiner

Marchers bring life to standstill: The Times

Riots and roadblocks leave little room for day-to-day: The Irish Times

Protestants split over Drumcree march riots: The Independent

Anoraks who spend summers in North: The Irish Times

The Orange Order have got the pip: The Guardian

Drugs, Not Religion, The Real Issue Here: New York Daily News

I'm a man of peace in loyalism's front line, says Adair: Electronic Telegraph

Time for Order chiefs to call off the dogs: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist leader defies warning to quit protest: The Times

Johnny Adair: Feared loyalist leader: BBC

Ulster flashpoint: Boston Globe (Editorial)

RESISTING HISTORY: New York Post (Editorial)

Drumcree and Duty: The Irish Times (Editorial)

THE MISERY OF THE MARCHING SEASON: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

MAD DOGS & ULSTERMEN: The Times (Editorial)

The Orange Order alone can end Drumcree farce: Irish News (Editorial)

Back to the Future...: New York Daily News (Editorial - have to scroll down the page)

Clinton assures Congress on Patten: The Irish Times

Protestant drums: A harsh echo in memory: Christian Science Monitor

RUC title 'safe' says Maginnis: BBC

SDLP enraged by new concession on RUC title: The Irish Times

Victims’ stories of ‘huge injustices’: Irish News

Fringe republicans down in the dumps: Irish Echo

Real IRA 'getting more active': Belfast Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Trimble meets families of Spanish bomb victims: Irish Examiner

'I stood for Soldier’s Song'- admits former mayor Eric Smyth:

Murdered garda hero honoured: Irish Examiner

Thursday, July 6

Pro-British Violence Mounts in N. Ireland: Washington Post

N. Ireland Riots Rage Over Parade Banning: New York Daily News

Orange leaders urge show of loyalist rage: Rioting, roadblocks keep police, Brit troops on edge: Boston Herald

Orange concern at Drumcree violence: Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree ignites the passion but north Belfast feels the heat: The Guardian

Season of parades jolts peace process: Toronto Globe and Mail

Drumcree rector resolute in commitment: The Irish Times

A community braced for ‘Drumcree 2000’: Irish News

UVF to remove Somme flags: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalists 'planning armed attacks': Electronic Telegraph

Fears grow as terrorist 'hero' emerges in Drumcree: The Times

Loyalist icon of violence who threatens the peace process: The Independent

Mad Dog marks out his territory with a flourish: The Guardian

Adams warns of dangers for nationalist community over march: Irish Examiner

Orange Order lose the plot to armed outsiders: Irish Independent

Drumcree loyalists - but loyal to what exactly?: The Guardian (July 5)

Orangemen may lose all marching on: The Irish Times

Celebrations just for the chosen few: Irish News

There is a way out of this ritualised annual deadlock at Drumcree: The Independent (Editorial)

Drama at Drumcree: The Guardian (Editorial)

Law and order must be restored: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Primacy of law must be upheld: Irish News (Editorial)

Tourism and industry affected by violence: The Irish Times

This paranoid and unloveable people: The Times

Symbols and marches: your consent?: Irish News

Having to live with a still armed IRA: Irish Independent

SDLP forces delay on RUC's name: Electronic Telegraph

Delay on RUC name plan angers unionists: The Irish Times

Police Bill puts Labour on horns of a dilemma: Belfast Telegraph

DUP ministers to resign: BBC

Paisley vows to destroy Agreement: Irish Examiner

Dissidents linked to arms find: BBC

Wednesday, July 5

Cops, gangs trade shots in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

RUC come under fire as loyalist riots block streets: The Times

A tranquil Portadown waits in the eye of a storm: The Irish Times

Dissident loyalists may hijack parade: Irish Examiner

Adair appearance raises political tensions: The Irish Times

Trimble attack over Ahern's parade remark: Irish Independent

Ancient feud marches on: Belfast Telegraph

Orangemen prepare for another last stand: The Irish Times

Orange Order must step back: Irish News (Editorial)

Stepping back from the brink: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

SF expulsion motion fails: BBC

SDLP flags amendments rejected in committee: The Irish Times

Bomb campaigner gives up fight: BBC

'Mechanical' cause of 1968 air crash: Electronic Telegraph

Tuskar travesty: Irish Independent (Editorial)

'Sharing, not scaring is the aim': The Irish Times

Why UK is Ireland's natural EU partner: Irish Independent

Tuesday, July 4

Frustrated Orangemen take anger out on police: Boston Herald

Loyalist gunfire raises stakes in Drumcree standoff: The Guardian

Taking a small step on the long march: Irish Independent

Huge prize for all concerned: The Irish Times

Orange alert: The Guardian (July 3)

C of I tolerance has room for Orangeism: The Irish Times

Orange sees red: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Protests must be kept within law: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A chance to think again: Irish News (Editorial)

Preparing for a farewell to arms in Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

Growing numbers abstain in bid to block SF: Irish Independent

My spats with Mandelson, by Ireland's bruiser: The Guardian

Real IRA tried second bomb: Belfast Telegraph

Mayor defends event attendance: BBC

Trouble for Sammy over that UVF wreath laying: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin's Sean McManus elected Mayor of Sligo after narrow victory: Irish Examiner

SF mayor of Sligo sees growth for party: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein wins exemption on foreign donations: The Independent

McGimpsey feels GAA exclusion of British security forces will be scrapped: Irish Examiner

Peace award a fitting tribute to Mitchell: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Monday, July 3

Drumcree deal offer: Belfast Telegraph

Orangemen seeing red over marching limits: Boston Herald

The war begins today, pledge Orangemen in call for week of protest at march ban: Electronic Telegraph

Security fears at Drumcree: BBC

Orderly start to annual parades and protests: The Irish Times

RUC ‘threatened violence’: Irish News

Loyalist mob injures police: Belfast Telegraph

Low key Orange march augurs well for next week: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Decision day for Drumcree: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Order’s claims are falsehoods : Irish News (Editorial)

New deal worthy of consideration: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Setback for Trimble to cut Orange Order link: Irish Examiner

McGuinness focuses on Patten proposals: Sunday Business Post (July 2)

Former internee on policing board: Irish News

Loyalists accused of aggravating tension: The Irish Times

Dublin stalls on Queen's visit: The Times

Unionists are disgusted by UFF mural too: Irish News

DUP predicts loss of support for power sharing government: Irish Examiner

Trimble speaks out on MLAs helping DUP: The Irish Times

Passport Fury:

Donaldson meets senior FF members in Dublin: Sunday Business Post (July 2)

Forced to be prisoners in their own homes: Irish News

Sunday, July 2

Trimble appeals for calm as Orangemen get set to march: The Sunday Times

Residents’ leader is arrested as Drumcree tension rises: Scotland on Sunday

Ulster shudders over Drumcree tremors: Electronic Telegraph

Both sides prepare for Orange Alamo: Ireland on Sunday

Orange Order takes marches to Euro court: The Sunday Times

NY's rev. al to monitor marches: Ireland on Sunday

English fascists to join loyalists at Drumcree: The Observer

Politician keeps Irish grassroots growing while conflict cools: Boston Herald

Decommissioning - so far so good, but there are problems ahead: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Foolproof 'dual keys' used to seal IRA arsenals: The Observer

Hidden agenda of the arms dump inspections: Sunday Independent

After the Gunfire, More Irish Victims: New York Daily News

Something must happen on way to the Civic Forum: The Sunday Times

SF signals that they want to work within the system: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA's peace dividend: The Sunday Times

What made the IRA cooperate?: Sunday Independent

Making more of that 'Protestant moment': The Sunday Times

Clobber Catholics, civil servant told minister: Electronic Telegraph

Kennedy talks tough on Patten: Ireland on Sunday

Human rights 'revolution' to hit powers of the RUC: The Sunday Times

Time for deep breaths and deeper reflection: Ireland on Sunday

Sands's family considering legal action against The Bobby Sands Trust: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Petrol tax blamed for Ulster fuel smuggling: Electronic Telegraph

Saturday, July 1

N. Ireland braces for violent flareups: Boston Herald

Marching toward confrontation: Boston Globe

Orange march faces wall of 2,000 troops: The Times

Wariness and weariness at Drumcree: The Guardian

New plan to break marching impasse rejected: Irish Independent

Loyalists prepare for march: The Irish Times

At Drumcree the war never ends: The Scotsman

Loyalist band parade stopped: BBC

Real IRA 'chief suspect' after Ulster rail bomb: Electronic Telegraph

Ahern warns 'pathetic' dissidents: BBC

Renegades pose real security threat, says RUC chief: Irish Examiner

The challenge of policing the peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

McLaughlin says peace process is resilient: The Irish Times

Power over purity: Belfast Telegraph

Time to keep a cool head: Irish News (Editorial)

GAA officials under guard after loyalists threaten to kill them: Irish Examiner

Troubles have caused intense trauma: Irish News

Peace in Ulster could mean IRA 'withers away': The Independent

Misled voters must wake from Fantasia: Irish News

UUP executive reviewing party constitution: The Irish Times

UFF mural renews massacre heartache: Irish News

Town honour for American: Irish News