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Friday, July 15

CIRA fired blast bombs, says 'spokesman': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

CIRA claim responsibility for late violence in Ardoyne: (from
Ciarán Barnes

My terror at blast bombs: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Hutton

Dissidents Out To Kill Police Officers: The News Letter
Joanne Lowry

SF blame flute band for violence: UTV Internet

'Under attack from the first step': (from the Irish News)
Maeve Connolly

Ardoyne faces the fallout: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Twelfth Hit By 15 Bomb Warnings: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Police 'moved too soon': (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill

Police 'made eight requests to use plastic bullets': UTV Internet

Police Ombudsman's Office launches investigation into plastic bullet use: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Mixed reports as embers cool: (from
Joe Nawaz


  • Casualty toll is not acceptable: Belfast Telegraph
  • CIRA throws lifeline to the Orange bigots: Daily Ireland
  • Police Did A Sterling Job In Difficult Conditions: The News Letter
  • Disgrace on both sides: (from the Irish News)
  • A very familiar picture: (from
  • Residents attacked with missiles: BBC

    Loyalists launch Lenadoon raid: (from
    Francesca Ryan

    Ahern and Adams set for meeting: BBC

    IRA to deliver better headlines: Irish Echo
    Paul Colgan

    What was agreed in the 1998 agreement?: Belfast Telegraph
    Eamonn McCann

    Executed man 'not linked to UVF': UTV Internet

    Loyalist murder victim 'not in the LVF': Belfast Telegraph
    Ashleigh Wallace

    Family devastated by paramilitary murders: BBC

    An underclass who are loyal only to terrorism: Belfast Telegraph
    Lindy McDowell

    Police probe e-mail bomb warning: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    £1m drive to boost support for integration: Belfast Telegraph
    Kathryn Torney

    Thursday, July 14

    Questions that need to be answered: Daily Ireland
    Zoe Tunney

    A parade to follow: Irish Echo

    Ahern appeals for calm in North after rioting: Irish Examiner
    Michael O'Farrell

    Hain condemns Ardoyne violence: UTV Internet

    Republicans Riot After Peaceful Twelfth Parades: The News Letter
    Johnny Caldwell And Ian Starrett

    Same old story: Daily Ireland
    Andrea McKernon and Áine McEntee

    Church Route Blocked By Protest: The News Letter
    Elinor Glynn

    BRG blames PSNI for Derry trouble: Daily Ireland
    Eamonn Houston

    Tough line urged over rioters: Daily Mail (Jul 13)

    Blast bombs used 'in attempt to kill police officers': Irish Independent
    Louise McCall

    Commision ruling 'breach': Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    Televised parade coverage criticised: (from the Irish News)

    Moira Bomb Designed To Kill Orange Supporters: The News Letter

    Orange Order the losers yet again: Daily Ireland

    Alternative Ulster on the twelfth: Belfast Telegraph
    Lisa Smith

    'UVF gun show' threatens funding: BBC

    Grim truth of sectarianism: (from the Irish News)

    Bomb is discovered inside vehicle: BBC

    Surveys send mixed messages to police: Irish Echo
    Anne Cadwallader

    Truth Commission Research Rejected: The News Letter
    Philip Bradfield

    Loughinisland DNA breakthrough hope: Sunday Life (Jul 10)

    Real IRA members lose legal bid: UTV Internet

    Two nations will unite in silent tribute to victims: Irish Independent
    James Byrne

    Democracy cannot co-exist with terrorism: Belfast Telegraph
    Robert McCartney

    The enemy of my enemy...: Irish Echo
    Terry Golway

    London Life – Avoiding the past's mistakes: Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Walker

    Is Ireland's neutrality a sham?: Irish Examiner

    A tiring tirade: Irish Echo

    Main Orange walk faces threat of getting its marching orders: The Herald (Jul 12)
    Calum MacDonald

    Wednesday, July 13

    Forty police injured in Orange parade flare-up: Daily Telegraph
    Tom Peterkin

    Riot police move to counter stand-off: Irish Independent
    Alan Erwin

    87 hurt in Ardoyne rioting: UTV Internet

    MLAs Clash Over Order And Parade: The News Letter
    Ian Starrett

    Peace reigns as bands pass through walled city for first time in 13 years: Irish Independent
    Anita Guidera

    Use Derry parade deal as blueprint: Belfast Telegraph
    Paddy McGuffin

    City Traders To Shut Up Shop For Twelfth: The News Letter
    Ian Starrett

    Bomb discovered on railway line: BBC

    On parade – sisters who treasure the traditions of the Twelfth: Belfast Telegraph
    Judith Cole

    Northern work ethic must replace Orange walk ethic: (from the Irish News, Jul 5)
    Patrick Murphy

    Orangemens' deadly serious street theatre: Daily Ireland
    Anne Cadwallader

    We won't hold our breath, they won't hold their tongue: (from the Irish News)
    Susan McKay

    Rights must be applicable across board: Daily Ireland
    Tommy McKearney

    A Glorious Twelfth In The Best Orange Tradition: The News Letter

    Greatest threat to the peace process: Daily Ireland

    Trimble Admits Good Friday Deal Was Never Signed: The News Letter
    Liz Kennedy

    Feud killing 'ruthless execution': BBC

    Police Believe UVF Behind Latest Murder: The News Letter
    Joanne Lowry

    'Step back from brink': Belfast Telegraph
    Claire Regan

    Appeals for calm are not enough: (from the Irish News)

    Fear stalks the streets of Belfast: Belfast Telegraph

    Belfast hopes for damp squib: The Guardian
    Michael Walker

    Bingo bus attacked with stones: BBC

    Unionists called on to condemn latest attack: Belfast Telegraph
    Deborah McAleese

    'Ethnic cleansing' condemned: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    House attacked 'by republicans': BBC

    New post for Murphy: UTV Internet

    Donaldson highlights 'republican hypocrisy': Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Hutton

    Ireland backs British plans on terror internet data: Irish Examiner
    Cormac O'Keeffe

    Campbell Blasts Republic's Morris 'Hypocrisy': Derry Journal

    Tuesday, July 12

    IRA defer issuing stand down statement: Irish Examiner
    Harry McGee

    Crucial IRA statement still hasn't materialised, says Ahern: Irish Independent
    Gene McKenna

    Paisley and Blair talk about IRA: BBC

    When normal is fantastic: The Herald
    Lesley Riddich

    Resolutions are critical of Parades Commission: Belfast Telegraph

    Fury Over 'Out-Of-Date' Commission: The News Letter
    Johnny Caldwell

    Garvaghy parade on road to peace: Belfast Telegraph
    Neil Loughran

    Call For Sinn Fein To Stop 12th Protest: The News Letter

    Protestors removed in Ardoyne area: RTE

    Orange resolve 'strong as ever': Belfast Telegraph
    Ashleigh Wallace

    Riots billed in advance like country ceilidhs: Belfast Telegraph
    Malachi O'Doherty

    Twelfth tension: Daily Ireland

    Agreements encouraging: (from the Irish News)

    Arson in Ardoyne: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    Order must disentangle itself from politics: (from the Irish News)
    Roy Garland

    Shootings blamed on loyalist feud: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    UVF chief under guard after teen killed in feud: Irish Examiner
    Alan Erwin

    Police working to counter feuding: BBC

    UDA to sever links with neo-Nazi groups: Sunday Life (Jul 10)
    Stephen Breen

    A long way to go despite new prosecution service: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    Report finds truth body 'support': BBC

    Family appeals to murdered man's killers: Daily Ireland
    Anthony Neeson

    Sinn Fein denies republican link to murder: UTV Internet

    Britons return to old routine — survival mode After years of IRA bombs, they take precautions again: San Francisco Chronicle (Jul 11)
    Zachary Coile

    Paramilitarism must stop polluting waters: (from the Irish News)
    Tom Kelly

    So you won't give in to terrorists, Mr Blair? Really?: The Guardian
    Lionel Shriver

    Graffiti attack by 'anti-English' vandals on Drake monument sparks local fury: Irish Independent
    Ralph Riegel

    Expect to see Gaelic signs at Parkhead: Daily Ireland
    Máirtín Ó Muilleoir

    Why did the talks fail to curb trouble at Orange walk?: The Herald
    Calum MacDonald

    Monday, July 11

    Drumcree march ends peacefully: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    Talks with nationalists urged to end Orangemen's march dispute: The Scotsman
    Ian Graham

    'Illegal flags not tolerated': (from the Irish News, Jul 9)
    Roddy McGregor

    Common sense must prevail among marchers, says Ahern: Irish Independent
    Fionnán Sheahan

    Let us dignify our civilisation: (from the Irish News, Jul 9)

    Republican leaders consider possible 'new mode' for IRA: The Irish Times
    Frank Millar and Gerry Moriarty

    Combats put in the shade: Sunday Life (Jul 10)

    Provos laundered €7.2m of Northern Bank heist: Irish Independent
    Tom Brady

    IRA hardmen sniff out cocaine cash: Sunday Life (Jul 10)
    Ciaran McGuigan

    The mountain before them: BBC
    Mark Devenport

    Parades issue still 'a loose cannon': (from the Irish News, Jul 9)
    William Graham

    Loyalists force woman to flee home of 50 years: Daily Ireland (Jul 9)
    Connor McMorrow

    Friends disunited?: Sunday Life (Jul 10)
    Alan Murray

    Double standards: Daily Ireland (Jul 4)

    Arson attack on home 'sectarian': BBC

    Key Wright probe witness Mogg dies: Sunday Life (Jul 10)
    Alan Murray

    US deportation reprieve hope for ex-INLA man: Sunday Life (Jul 10)

    London's Irish must rally to Muslim groups: Daily Ireland (Jul 9)
    Paul Donovan

    The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA: The Guardian
    Karen Armstrong

    London Terror – IRA feared Tube attacks would backfire: Sunday Life (Jul 10)

    MEP in plea over European development funds: UTV Internet (Jul 6)

    Irish kids in hunt for world peace: Trenton Times (Jul 5)
    Arnold C. Ropeik

    Sunday, July 10

    Tories hope London bombs will put pressure on IRA: The Sunday Times
    Garbhan Downey

    London attacks put IRA under pressure: Sunday Business Post
    Alison O'Connor

    Empey move on parades: Belfast Telegraph

    Low key security around Drumcree: BBC

    This Life – Drumcree revisited: Belfast Telegraph
    Alf McCreary

    Bombing reminder for Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph
    Michael McHugh

    Dignity And Discipline Needed At Drumcree: The News Letter

    Relaxed mood during Orange parade: BBC

    Man fined after Tour of the North riot: UTV Internet (Jul 6)

    Order must speak to residents: (from, Jul 8)

    Derry 'ethnic cleansing' probe demand: The Sunday Times
    Garbhan Downey

    Community Split Over Issue Of Flags: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    Like father, like son?: The Scotsman
    Catherine Deveney

    Hain speech praises SF: Daily Ireland (Jul 6)
    Zoe Tunney

    The love of the Irish: Boston Globe
    Kevin Cullen

    She is the sister of billionaire Donald Trump. She is now a US judge who is raising hopes for ex-INLA terrorist: Belfast Telegraph
    Sean O'Driscoll

    Bomb found inside police station: BBC

    Colombians suspect Irishmen may be hiding in Cuba: Reuters (Jul 9)

    Councillors back bomb inquiry call: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 6)
    Michael McHugh

    Mother pledges to take case to Europe: Daily Ireland (Jun 30)
    Ciarán Barnes

    Tutu lauds NI truth process plan: BBC

    Still waiting for an apology: Daily Ireland (Jun 24)
    Ciarán Barnes

    Now the State helps prop up Provo-friendly paper: Sunday Independent
    Eoghan Williams

    We can almost smell the stench of the blood back here in Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
    Lindy McDowell

    Bertie's 'home' comfort: Sunday Independent
    John Drennan

    Probe into radio station with 'Orange playlist': The Sunday Times
    Marc Horne

    Saturday, July 9

    Appeal for compromise: (from
    Áine McEntee

    Parade Road Closures Kept To Minimum – Say Police: Derry Journal

    Drumcree security 'scaled down': BBC

    Residents object to Drumcree 'scale down': (from the Irish News)
    Sharon O'Neill

    Nationalists urged to be vigilant: (from

    Orange 'Mardi Gras'? No Way: Derry Journal

    Fears Over New Protests At Chapel: The News Letter
    Elinor Glyn

    Loyalist 'Hardmen' Blamed For Limavady Road Flags: Derry Journal

    Loyalist Turf War Avoided: Irish Voice/
    Brendan Anderson

    UDA-linked Group To Distribute 'Anti-police' Leaflets: Derry Journal

    Equality in the City of Belfast: (from

    Bury Deep Roots To Prevent 'Ethnic Cleansing': Derry Journal

    Hain Comments Spark Row: Irish Voice/

    Republicans stop Blunkett visit: BBC

    Blunkett condemns Kelly protest: UTV Internet

    O'Connor denial: (from the Irish News, Jul 6)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Justice report published: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    'Devilish Hypocrisy' Of Adams: The News Letter

    Ferris accused of hypocrisy in criticism of London blasts: Irish Examiner
    Donal Hickey

    Hunting the bombers: Irish Independent

    Reliving the nightmare of terror all over again: Belfast Telegraph
    Ruth Dudley Edwards

    The Evil Of Terrorism Hits London Once Again: The News Letter

    DUP claims on peace funding challenged: (from

    Funding boost for peace centre: UTV Internet

    Media should lay off socially deprived: (from the Irish News, Jul 5)
    Thérèse McKenna

    What Mexicans have, Irish don't: Irish Echo
    Ray O'Hanlon

    Friday, July 8

    Ahern briefs Pope on NI process: BBC

    Working for a province united: Belfast Telegraph
    Reg Empey

    Adams warns parades ruling may end in death: (from the Irish News)
    William Graham

    Residents put forward march compromise: UTV Internet

    Parades Commission rules against route for Pomeroy Twelfth: Ulster Herald
    Katrina Taggart

    Religious focus on Twelfth demonstrations: Impartial Reporter

    Too many organisations fail the 'Stakeknife test': (from the Irish News)
    Newton Emerson

    McBride to take case to Europe: Irish Echo
    Anne Cadwallader

    Loyalist double murderer: appeal rejected: UTV Internet

    Protests over police conduct: Belfast Telegraph
    Brendan McDaid

    Berry vows to stay in politics: UTV Internet (Jul 6)

    Attacks by IRA in top 10 dearest: (from the Irish News)
    Bimpe Fatogun

    Deaths predicted: Daily Ireland (Feb 28)
    Jarleth Kearney

    DUP up in arms over Irish: Irish Echo
    Anne Cadwallader

    St Patrick's Day relief: (from

    Maze Prison stadium may host events: Irish Independent (Jul 7)

    Thursday, July 7

    Ahern and Hain meet as talks efforts go on: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    You've Got Until The Autumn, Sir Reg Tells Hain: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    IRA talks held: Daily Ireland
    Colin O'Carroll

    It's Time To Give Ulster Back To The Democrats: The News Letter

    A time for trust: Daily Ireland

    Hain fellow well met: Irish Echo
    Ray O'Hanlon

    Order for authors to hand over Finucane notes thrown out: UTV Internet

    McAllister waits as judges ponder: Irish Echo
    Ray O'Hanlon

    Parades decision has created 'dangerous situation', Adams: (from the Irish News)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Adams' pledge on protest marshals: BBC

    City Churchmen Hit Out At Order: The News Letter
    Johnny Caldwell

    Sinn Féin to seek parades review: RTE

    Orange Order public relations disaster: Daily Ireland
    Danny Morrison

    Empey to meet Orange Order: UTV Internet

    Making a bad situation worse: Daily Ireland

    SDLP – PSNI talks mark progress on flags issue: Belfast Telegraph
    Lisa Smyth

    Businesses urged to take down bunting: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    'Killers' in street force murder victim's sister to move: Daily Telegraph
    Tom Peterkin

    End family's torment now: (from the Irish News)

    PSNI raids on loyalist homes: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    In North, 3 acquitted of gunrunning charges: Irish Echo
    Anne Cadwallader

    A roller-coaster getting equality in Ulster right: Belfast Telegraph
    Joan Harbinson

    British ethos to blame for lack of equality: (from the Irish News)
    Brian Feeney

    'Stasi-like policing': Daily Ireland

    Brakes put on Saracen Drive in Creggan: Belfast Telegraph
    Brendan McDaid

    The fighting Irish speakers and their losing battles: Irish Independent
    Damian Corless

    Wednesday, July 6

    Ahern to brief Pope on peace process: UTV Internet

    Take no heed of meddlers: Daily Ireland
    Tommy McKearney

    Human dignity goes to heart of north's problems: (from the Irish News, Jun 27)
    Tom Kelly

    Parades Ruling Given Cautious Welcome: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    City parade decision criticised: BBC

    Security headache over Ardoyne march fears: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    It's Good To Talk, Robert: Derry Journal

    Making a bad situation worse: Daily Ireland

    Loyalist flags meeting 'positive': BBC

    Tensions high at UDA meeting: Belfast Telegraph
    David Gordon

    UDA 'paid witness to drop statement': Sunday Life (Jul 3)
    Ciaran McGuigan

    Paul Berry 'accepts' DUP suspension: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    McCartney sister plannning to move: UTV Internet

    Hagans home attack: Daily Ireland
    Conor McMorrow

    'Green' solution to peace line attacks: (from the Irish News, Jun 29)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Fears for names on war memorial: Belfast Telegraph
    Harry McCandless

    DUP Hits Out In European Funding Row: The News Letter
    David Young

    'Troubles' linked to social suffering: (from the Irish News, Jun 24)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Council agrees St Pat's funding: BBC

    Morris reports – Unacceptable denial of democracy: Irish Examiner (Jun 18)

    Tuesday, July 5

    Orange parade to pass flashpoint: BBC

    Drumcree D-Day – appeals for calm: Belfast Telegraph
    Michael McHugh

    Minister Appalled By Criticism Of Orange: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    Silence over parades issue is both cowardly and immoral: Daily Ireland
    Aidan Troy

    Armoured cars and pipes and drums...: (from the Irish News)
    Tom Kelly

    Probing depths of Gerry Adams still a challenge: Belfast Telegraph
    Malachi O'Doherty

    We Didn't Agree To Closing Rural Police Stations: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    Paramilitaries 'control' bar: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    Fears of a renewed picket at Harryville: Sunday Life (Jul 3)

    Petrol bomb incident 'sectarian': BBC

    Two arrested after east Belfast murder: UTV Internet

    Loyalist feud fears – tension rising: Belfast Telegraph
    David Gordon

    UVF plans show of strength against LVF: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    Paul Berry is suspended from DUP: BBC

    UUP rebel escapes censure over act of independence: Sunday Life (Jul 3)

    Small minds of watchers in wilderness: (from the Irish News)
    Roy Garland

    Prison warders foil dissidents' plan to hold them hostage: Sunday Life (Jul 3)
    Alan Murray

    An Fhirinne – Conference will give young people a chance to understand collusion: Daily Ireland
    Conor McMorrow

    Spooks 'failed' on provo battlefront: Sunday Life (Jul 3)
    Stephen Breen

    Dark days of Curfew relived: (from
    Andrea McKernon

    Memories stop us from ironing out our history: (from the Irish News, Jul 1)
    Denis Bradley

    Banners Paint A Colourful Picture For Exhibition: The News Letter
    Simon Hunter

    Happiness is... an island called Ireland: Irish Independent
    Gemma O'Doherty

    Monday, July 4

    SDLP push N-S bodies: Daily Ireland (Jul 2)
    Jarlath Kearney

    The busy life of an NIO minister: BBC
    Mark Devenport

    Spike is no substitute for victor of Trafalgar: (from the Irish News, Jul 2)
    James Kelly

    Ulster diary – Reg... a knight to remember?: Belfast Telegraph
    Eddie McIlwaine

    Sinn Féin pair pressed over McCartney case: The Irish Times
    Peter Murtagh

    McCartney Case – Confrontation between main witness and two accused: Daily Ireland (Jul 2)

    Call for action on flags issue: (from the Irish News, Jul 2)
    Sharon O'Neill

    Dispute over flags in south Belfast: UTV Internet (Jun 29)

    July festivities showing no sign of flagging: Daily Ireland (Jul 2)
    Robin Livingstone

    Flags will not reduce tension: (from the Irish News, Jul 2)

    Photos issued after Ardoyne trouble: UTV Internet

    Bullet campaigners to sue: Daily Ireland (Jun 22)
    Eamonn Houston

    It's a case of the kindness of idiots: Sunday Independent
    John Drennan

    Daily Ireland (Jul 2) banned: Daily Ireland (Jul 2)
    Jarlath Kearney

    Northern police board chief libelled in newspaper story: Irish Independent (Jun 15)
    Nicola Weir

    US investment focus shifts: Sunday Business Post (Jun 19)
    Susan Mitchell

    Sunday, July 3

    Hain praises Adams and McGuinness as 'courageous': Sunday Telegraph
    Philip Sherwell

    UUP looks set to enter the last chance saloon: Belfast Telegraph
    Barry White

    Paisley asked Orange Order chief not to halt parade talks: The Sunday Times
    Garbhan Downey

    Parades Commission Members Have Been 'Walking The Walk' To Change: The News Letter (Jul 1)
    Simon Hunter

    The future is bright . . . but let's hope it's not Orange: Sunday Independent

    IRA man's re-arrest blamed on punishment attacks: Sunday Business Post
    Paul T Colgan

    Who had Seán Kelly arrested?: Daily Ireland

    Bloody Sunday, every bloody Sunday: Sunday Independent
    Eoghan Harris

    A blight at the opera: The Observer
    Henry McDonald

    Family ask Ahern to help nail IRA killer of brother: Sunday Independent
    Jim Cusack

    Loyalists run for cover: Belfast Telegraph
    Jonathan McCambridge

    Tensions are never far from the surface in militant loyalism: Belfast Telegraph
    Jonathan McCambridge

    Torture man's miracle escape: Sunday Life (Jun 26)

    Steep rise in paramilitary attacks: Daily Ireland (Jul 1)
    Ciarán Barnes

    Stamp Out Paramilitary Murder And Violence Now: The News Letter

    Youths attack police patrol in Belfast: RTE

    Cleared of IRA funding: Daily Ireland (Jun 30)
    Jarlath Kearney

    Dublin considers court over bombs: Irish Echo
    Paul Colgan

    Maze Prison redevelopment plans under the spotlight: UTV Internet (Jun 30)

    Ian in big picture: Daily Ireland (Jun 30)

    Sunday voting splits Ulster: Sunday Life (Jun 19)
    John McGurk

    Will US learn by north's example? not likely: (from the Irish News)
    Ray O'Hanlon

    Saturday, July 2

    'People will be ultimate judge if IRA pledges peace': UTV Internet

    Orangemen 'should reject talks': BBC

    PSNI refuse to disclose parades' form advice: Belfast Telegraph
    Jonathan McCambridge

    Tension in advance of key march decisions: (from the Irish News)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Children injured in car stoning: BBC

    Success 'made possible by genuine desire on all sides': (from the Irish News, Jun 30)
    Seamus McKinney

    Setting The Standard – Again: Derry Journal

    The Orangemen Cometh: Irish Voice/

    Belfast murder sparks fears of new loyalist feud: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    Feud fears as loyalist shot dead on eve of parades: Irish Independent
    Louise McCall

    Sinn Féin demands resignations from Policing Board: Daily Ireland
    Eamonn Houston

    McCartney Planning To Sue Hain: Derry Journal

    SF Protest Fails To Halt Meeting Of Police Body: The News Letter
    Elinor Glynn

    Derry Protestants Not Being Victimised – PSNI: Derry Journal

    Invisible Force: The News Letter

    Passing the buck: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    Empey criticised for delay in resignations: Belfast Telegraph (Jun 30)
    Noel McAdam

    Kennedy Gets Deputy Role: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    Durkan praises Hume in maiden commons speech: Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Walker

    Wake up and smell the injustice, Mr Woodward: (from, Jul 1)

    Any room for this man?: Irish Echo
    Ray O'Hanlon

    Protest targets British army band: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    Dublin Monaghan bombings 'won't harm Anglo-Irish relations': IrelandOnline

    Imperialist aim of cricket billboard: Daily Ireland
    Brian Campbell

    Priest threatened for objecting to flags flown outside his house: Ulster Herald
    John McCusker

    North's never had it so good: (from the Irish News)
    James Stinson

    In Ireland, few safe havens for an ancient tongue: Christian Science Monitor (Jun 30)
    Ron DePasquale

    Friday, July 1

    US in new push to restore devolution: Belfast Telegraph
    Noel McAdam

    IRA 'must stand down and embrace democracy': UTV Internet

    Trust isn't the issue: (from

    Hain lays it on the line: Belfast Telegraph (Jun 27)
    Brian Walker

    Ahern sounds caution over republican split: UTV Internet

    Ahern sidesteps inquiry call: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    Parade Body 'Unwise, Ill-Informed': The News Letter
    Johnny Caldwell

    Fears over loyalist parade: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    Nationalist offer on 12th march 'ignored': (from the Irish News)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Dialogue with nationalist residents brings changed atmosphere for marching season: Daily Ireland
    Eamonn Houston

    Orangeman 'met with republican': BBC

    Historic Accord Example To All: The News Letter
    Simon Hunter

    Order's level of ignorance disturbing: (from the Irish News)
    Jim Gibney

    Solving parade disputes is hardly brain surgery: (from the Irish News)
    Newton Emerson

    Can Derry model be replicated?: Belfast Telegraph

    Ombudsman denies conflict of interest: Belfast Telegraph
    Andrea Clements

    O'Loan's husband given police escort: RTE

    Loyalists disrupt police meeting: BBC

    Unionist Communities Slam Police: The News Letter
    Joanne Lowry And Ian Starrett

    More police 'needed on Ulster's streets': Belfast Telegraph
    Jonathan McCambridge

    Closures Put Even More Pressure On The Police: The News Letter

    Kelly's partner demands action: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    Murder victim 'followed by gang': BBC

    'A few brave souls': Belfast Telegraph
    Marie Foy

    Loyalist cleared of party murder: BBC

    Plea on killing debate: Belfast Telegraph
    Debra Douglas

    Funds raised for Dorrian family: BBC

    Bertie's taking us for a load of eejits: Daily Ireland
    Jude Collins

    'Bug' found in republican's home: BBC (Jun 29)

    Adams to raise issue of bug in republican's home: Daily Ireland
    Eamonn Houston

    Outrage at minister's suicide comments: (from
    Laura McDaid


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