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Wednesday, July 15

PSNI say rioters were directed by criminals: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Cops vow to track down troublemakers: Derry Journal

Northern Ireland rioters 'were bussed in to provoke violence': The Times
David Sharrock and Laura Dixon

'Dissidents' blamed for Ardoyne parade rioting: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Republicans clash in aftermath of parade violence: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Renewed violence in Ardoyne: UTV Internet

Trouble erupts in east Belfast: UTV Internet

Futile blame game begins after riots: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Parades template: Derry Journal

Marches 'part of a united Ireland': UTV Internet

Orange challenge Martin McGuinness: Derry Journal

We should be proud of Province's big day: The News Letter

Violence in NI a 'challenge' to shared future, says Taoiseach: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Violence in the North – Nip lunacy in the bud: Irish Examiner

Petrol bomb attack on Orange hall: BBC

Ardoyne riots 'organised to kill police': Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Third attack on Orange Hall carried out by 'sick vermin': Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Society must stand up to poison of bigotry: The News Letter

No solutions in siege mentality: Irish News

Protestant family burned out of home of 32 years: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Region gripped by spate of attacks: Irish News

Orde before NI Affairs Committee: BBC

32-County Sovereignty Movement in leaflet recruitment campaign: Irish News
Diana Rusk

No monopoly on unity, Sinn Fein: BBC

Bitter judgment from a charming source: Irish News
Fionnuala O'Connor

Plans for passports at Irish border dropped: Daily Telegraph
Rosa Prince and David Millward

Court allows retrial on Omagh conspiracy charge: The Irish Times
Mary Carolan

Man quizzed over Quinn death: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Arrest made in 1978 murder case: UTV Internet

New demand for probe into first death of the Troubles: Belfast Telegraph

Tuesday, July 14

Police injured in Northern Ireland riots: The Times
David Sharrock and Laura Dixon

Clashes erupt in Belfast as marching season heats up: The Independent
David McKittrick

Police claim officers fired on in dissident republican-led riots: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty & Dan Keenan

Real IRA blamed for Belfast riots: BBC

The Twelfth – Blast blamed on dissidents: Belfast Telegraph

Petrol bombs are thrown at police: BBC

Thousands take part in 'Orangefest': UTV Internet

Events are beacons of hope for change: Irish News
Allison Morris

Half a million Orangemen mark Boyne anniversary: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Orange party rebranded shade of purple: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Open OrangeFest a small step in the right direction: Irish News
Roy Garland

Will they all still love the Orange Order until the Twelfth of Never?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

A Twelfth to remember: The Irish Times
Fionola Meredith

Spate of sectarian attacks in North Antrim: UTV Internet

Appeal for calm after attacks on Protestants: The News Letter

Homes attacked at city interface: BBC

Fire latest in series of attacks on school: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory

Not a pound of public money to paramilitaries: Irish News
Tom Kelly

We must stand up to bully boys: Belfast Telegraph

Protestants 'face ethnic cleansing': The Scotsman
Michael McHugh

Orange speakers at odds on weekend platforms: The News Letter
Sam McBride

The Twelfth – Whatever happened to the Order's superhero?: Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning

Bomb alert causes days of disruption: Derry Journal

Omagh probe prevented from seeing secret papers: Belfast Telegraph
Sam Lister

Two 'will post bail for Omagh case man': The News Letter

O'Loan appointed to House of Lords: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Man arrested over Quinn murder: BBC

Adams to discuss Irish unity:

Unionists told to act on victim definition: The News Letter

Ex-terrorists on Victims Forum may spark boycott: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Injured man is ex hunger striker: Derry Journal

Monday, July 13

Allister slams Ulster MEPs over 'indifferent attitudes': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Order ready to talk with Drumcree residents: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

IRA slogans on parade route are 'out of order': Irish Independent
Anita Guidera

Bowlers and sashes ready for 'Twelfth' celebrations: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Harrison

We demand some respect: Sunday Life (Jul 12)
Aaron Tinney

Orangefest aims to bridge the gap: Sunday Business Post (Jul 12)

Party peace – President's guests paint Aras orange: Irish Independent
Shane Hickey

McDaid's salute to parade: Sunday Life (Jul 12)
Aaron Tinney

PSNI's latest anti-terror weapon – the recession: Sunday Tribune (Jul 12)
Suzanne Breen

Bridge alert 'sophisticated hoax': BBC

Arson attack on house 'sectarian': BBC

Why the pupils at Stormont on the Hill are not such a class act: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 7)
Ed Curran

Police still to probe first killing of the Troubles: Sunday Tribune (Jul 12)
Connla Young

Deal pays tribute to victims of IRA bomb: Belfast Telegraph

'Mental scars' of IRA bomb survivor: BBC
Clark Ainsworth

Former hunger striker ready for developer battle: Sunday Tribune (Jul 12)
Suzanne Breen

The hunger of Tom McFeely: Sunday Tribune (Jul 12)
Suzanne Breen

At least Jackson never inspired young boys to go out and kill: Sunday Independent (Jul 12)
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Warrenpoint all over again... Attack that killed five soldiers chillingly echoes IRA massacre: Mail on Sunday (Jul 12)
Ian Gallagher

The APRC Proposals and 'Winning the Peace': Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)
Colin Irwin

Sunday, July 12

Sectarian slogans and toxic car tyres still adorn many bonfires: Irish News
Allison Morris

'Orange culture justifies respect': Fermanagh Herald

March or die? Orange disorder, depletion and decay: Tribune Magazine (UK)
John Coulter

Tackle flags issue now: Belfast Media

Union Jack is the last weapon in the loyalists' arsenal: The Sunday Times
Newton Emerson

'Serious doubt' cast on evidence linking suspect to police killing: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Why use quicklime when Twittering does same job?: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Ignoring simple messages of peace a huge mistake for us all: Belfast Media
Alban Maginness

Iraq war hero rules out challenging Donaldson: Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

A look at the Stormont side of life: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Executive must have cohesion: Irish News (Jul 8)

Protestants know all about ethnic cleansing: Londonderry Sentinel

Tourist centre 'sorry' for turning down hurls: Irish News (Jul 10)
Bimpe Archer

Unionists defer consideration of Irish signs in Rasharkin: Ballymoney Times

Shortage of Irish translators leaves State with €1.5m bill: Sunday Independent
Daniel McConnell

Rights body says it needs State funds: The Irish Times (Jul 10)
Carol Coulter

Why Mo Johnston still stirs emotions across Glasgow: (Jul 10)

Honour for ambassador to Vatican: The Irish Times (Jul 8)
Gerry Moriarty

Colour their pride Orange: Toronto Sun (Jul 11)
Kevin Connor

Saturday, July 11

Cops dismiss 'green agenda' claims: Derry Journal

UDA leadership denies split: Irish News
Allison Morris

Belfast immigrants warned – 'Get out by tomorrow – or you die': The Independent (Jul 10)
David McKittrick

Fifty migrant families leave loyalist area: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Orange Volunteers' threat condemned: The News Letter

Nationalists flee village hit by sectarian attacks: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Orange hall's third attack in a week: Belfast Telegraph

Attacks force couple to flee their home: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Vandals seek to drive Protestants out – Finlay: Ballymoney Times

Fear and loathing in Antrim: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Recreational rioting making residents' lives a misery: Belfast Media

Tit-for-tat attacks must end now: The News Letter

UVF victim's family hit out at sectarian flag display: Belfast Media

Chapel 'band incident never happened' says Peace Group leader: Ballymena Times (Jul 7)

Robinson meets Mac Cionnaith over Garvaghy Road stand-off: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Garvaghy residents meet DUP leader: UTV Internet

Call for peaceful Twelfth parades: BBC

Loyalists' traditional 'Twelfth' bonfires replaced by beacons of hope: The Times
David Sharrock

Turning hotspot into friendly fire: BBC
Mark Simpson

Orange Order all set for Glorious Twelfth: The News Letter

Did Gok give the Twelfth a make-over?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Twelfth is still day to be dreaded by nationalists: Belfast Media

Parades moving in the right direction: Belfast Telegraph

Timing of attacks no coincidence: Irish News

Putting price on terrorists' victims a 'mistake': The Herald
Michael McHugh

Policing and justice fail to make agenda: Irish News
William Graham

Ferris urges debate over Sinn Féin's 'identity crisis': Irish Examiner
Scott Millar

SF denies rift after broadside from Ferris: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

McGuinness lashes Orde over inquests: Derry Journal

The day death came from a clear blue sky: Irish Independent
Kim Bielenberg

Who carried out the killings?: Irish Independent

Marines killed by IRA 'never forgotten': Belfast Telegraph

Omagh suspect may challenge extradition ruling: UTV Internet

Minister 'not respecting' the Catholic community: Irish News

Paisley and son owe taxpayers an explanation for office costs: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Under wraps – the contacts between First Ministers office and media: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Friday, July 10

Fresh clashes over hold-up in policing power: Belfast Telegraph

Ministers to get policing 'draft': BBC

Loyalists cite 'green agenda' for withdrawal: The News Letter
Colin O'Carroll

McCausland – 'I won't attend Catholic services': The News Letter

Water under bridge for DUP minister: Irish Independent
Anita Guidera

Politicians hit out at McCausland: UTV Internet

Attacks on churches and GAA club raise tensions in North: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Cars torched in estate: Belfast Telegraph
Emily Moulton

Flags removed from Orange halls: The News Letter

New twist to Finaghy flags row: Belfast Media (Jul 7)

Threats and counter-threats in Coleraine: Irish News

'Provocative' Lisnaskea flags anger Sinn Fein: Impartial Reporter

Fears mount over huge bonfire at City entrance: Irish News
Seanin Graham

War of words over band parade: Ulster Herald
Michael Breslin

Robinson set to hold Drumcree talks: Belfast Telegraph
Victor Gordon

Resort ready for 'Donegal Twelfth': The News Letter

Police promise robust response to lawbreaking over Twelfth: Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning

'Assault' allegation made by republican: Irish News

A father's punishment: Irish Echo

'Benefits a factor' in Roma exodus: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Londonderry less 'hateful' than east of Northern Ireland: Londonderry Sentinel (Jul 8)

Bill 'could bring back border checkpoints: Derry Journal (Jul 8)

RAF swoops into its first GAA tournament: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Republican support moves Stoker: BBC

Minister promises action over sectarian flags: The Herald

Kilmarnock Orangeman battles council over right to fly his flag: Kilmarnock Standard
Stef Lach

Thursday, July 9

Former terrorists could join forum for victims: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SDLP in talks with Irish premier: BBC

Loyalists withdraw support for police and political bodies: Londonderry Sentinel

PSNI may have to change tactics – Bradley: Derry Journal

Catholics make up over quarter of North's police: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Reshuffle greatly magnifies shortage of political talent: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Dublin historian to take part in Twelfth festival: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Row over Orangefest invites: UTV Internet

Church parade attacked: Londonderry Sentinel

Hall attacks 'aimed at provoking tension': Mid Ulster Mail

Catholic teen beaten as sectarian tensions remain high: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

New death threats on former UDR members: Mid Ulster Mail

Protestant pair forced to flee home: The News Letter

Our distaste should be clear to bigots: Irish News

Authorities should take a tougher stance on massive displays in mixed areas – MP: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

Flags should fly on private property – Dallat: Derry Journal

McDaid murder a result of flags dispute: Belfast Media
Alana Fearon

Chairman hits out over flags issue: Mid Ulster Mail

'No problem' with tricolour display: Belfast Media

Special Branch 'knew Omagh intelligence for months before telling investigators': Daily Telegraph

O'Loan says Omagh findings 'odd': BBC

Omagh bomb man to face extradition case in North: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'Larry the chef' speaks out as case dropped in Northern Ireland: Irish Voice/
April Drew

Zaitschek tells Orde to 'put up or shut up': Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

IRA fury over Wayne's murder: Evening Herald (Jul 7)
Cormac Looney and Conor Feehan

Question of confidence in police all too familiar: The Irish Times
Fionnuala O'Connor

IRSP reject Anderson criticism: Derry Journal

Gaeltacht meeting for McCausland: BBC

Irish language legal challenge dismissed: UTV Internet

President pays tribute to Mitchell: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Co-operation vital to tackle downturn – McGuinness: Derry Journal

McGuinness assured over NAMA threat: UTV Internet

Wednesday, July 8

Robinson outlines plan for policing: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Parade to pass scene of McDaid killing: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

A Twelfth transformation as city aims for a carnival feeling: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Twelfth is no longer the phenomenon it once was: Irish News
Fionnuala O'Connor

Republicans 'plotting to kill ex-UDR men': The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Catholic teenager beaten by loyalist gang in Coleraine: Belfast Telegraph

Omagh bomb families have been beacon of light, international anti-terror conference told: Tyrone Constitution (Jun 4)

Orde frustrated by Zaitschek case: BBC

DUP addresses MP expenses inquiry: BBC

Mitchell honoured at Queen's University: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

How healthy is Northern Ireland now that MLAs rule the roost?: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Tuesday, July 7

Robinson set for devolution talks: BBC

Unionists are now 'setting the pace' – Robinson: The News Letter

Orange Halls targeted in paint attacks: UTV Internet

Sinn Fein – Attacks on Orange halls must stop: Belfast Telegraph

Goodwill will lower tensions: Irish News

Dialogue is the key to Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Death threats for six McDaid witnesses: UTV Internet

Dissident republicans issued threat to McCrea, says son: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Ex-UDR members receive RIRA threat: UTV Internet

Bomb claim by dissidents: The News Letter

Dissidents simply depriving people: Irish News

And the 'Brass Neck of the Year 2009' award goes to: Derry Journal (Jun 23)
Norman Hamill

Hardest hit in the conflict reaping least from peace: Belfast Media (Jun 19)
Paul O'Neill

£550 film charges repaid by DUP minister: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

I just watched family movies, says Donaldson: Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Neil Lennon back at Windsor Park: Belfast Telegraph

Aussie fund supports integrated education: Irish News
Simon Doyle

New MI6 boss had key role in peace process: Belfast Telegraph (Jun 17)

Republic to spend €9m on NI roads: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Ministers briefed on implications of Nama: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Republic's toxic assets 'could cause Northern Ireland property prices to nosedive': Belfast Telegraph

We are no longer crucial. We are marginal again -- unless we say 'No' to the Lisbon Treaty: Irish Independent, July 4, 2009
Bruce Arnold

Monday, July 6

Annual Drumcree parade passes off peacefully: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Drumcree – still a stalemate: Belfast Telegraph

New parades body boss is hopeful of resolution: Belfast Telegraph

McCrea 'receives death threat': BBC

Focus on UDA guns as de Chastelain returns: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Larry the Chef, the IRA, and the Setup: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Allister may force DUP challenge: BBC

Relatives protest at flying of armed forces flag: Belfast Media (Jun 29)

MLAs only manage eight Bills this year: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 3)

Confusing signals divert 'huckster stop' residents: Irish News (Jul 4)
James Kelly

Creating a greater peace dividend for West Belfast: Belfast Media (Jul 3)

Ulster-Scots linguist 'feared for reputation': The News Letter (Jul 2)

No Assembly sanctions over MP's gay remarks: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 4)
David Gordon

Adams' plea for Peace People founder: UTV Internet

Lamp of freedom dimmed by justice Bill: The Irish Times
Michael Farrell

'All-island cooperation' will top agenda at joint meeting: Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

It takes an Irish poet to remind us of the grandeur of the European project: (Jun 24)
Timothy Garton Ash

Sunday, July 5

Robinson – Common sense should find Drumcree solution: Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree initiative welcomed: UTV Internet

UDA leader – loyalists have a duty to inform if they know racist attacker: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Loyalist areas the hub for race attacks: Belfast Media (Jul 3)
Scott Jamison and Alana Fearon

Anderson calls for more unionist action on racism: Derry Journal (Jul 3)

Bomb claim by dissidents: The News Letter

'Inept' PSNI criticised by chef held in base probe: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Cover-up claims as case fails: The News Letter

Kept in the dark over Castlereagh: Irish News

Armed Forces Day truth: Belfast Media (Jul 3)
Des Wilson

Whipping up a legal row: Irish News
Newton Emerson

'Sinister' attack on Patsy O'Hara memorial – IRSP: Derry Journal (Jul 3)

Speak up for Irish future: Irish World (Jun 16)
Pat Doherty

Ulster bridges religious divide: Deseret News

Seeing ourselves as others don't see us: Derry Journal (Jun 23)
Norman Hamill

MPs' expenses – Jeffrey Donaldson repays £555 claimed for pay-to-view films in hotel: Daily Telegraph (Jul 4)
Rosa Prince, Nick Allen and Christopher Hope

Former IRA man pursued by bank for €6.2m property loan: Irish Independent (Jul 4)
Dearbhail McDonald

Fixed slice of cake ensures brawling: The Sunday Times
Newton Emerson

Peace People founded as result of tragedy: Irish News (Jul 3)

How SDLP's policy on Raytheon is at odds with the official record: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 2)
Eamonn McCann

Push to treble number of Irish speakers by 2030: The Sunday Times
Stephen O'Brien

Improving cross-border links tops group's plan: Irish News (Jul 3)

Saturday, July 4

Drumcree Orange parade again banned from Garvaghy Road: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Robinson in Drumcree move – First Minister invites both sides for talks: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist attacks increase marching season tensions: Belfast Media

Order 'may meet' with Sinn Fein: The News Letter
Bryan Gray

Peace and sunshine perfect blend: Belfast Telegraph

Unity argument should be Sinn Fein's only argument: Irish News
Dennis Bradley

DUP and Sinn Féin on collision course over the Long Kesh site: Belfast Media

TUV may force election after DUP man quits: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Allister eager to hear verdict on 'chuckle routine': Ballymoney Times

The Union a two-way process on both sides of the Irish Sea: Belfast Media
Fred Cobain

Diplock extension can not be justified MP says: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Robinson backs 'attorney general': BBC

New Lord Chief Justice appointed: UTV Internet

Dissident killings drove us to brink of war, says loyalist: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Loyalist gang on rampage in nationalist street: Belfast Media

Graffiti tells Catholics to keep out of park: Irish News
Maeve Connolly

Flags fly on council centre: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

Castlereagh raid case collapses: UTV Internet

US citizen accused of IRA raid speaks out:

Unionist furious over Castlereagh break-in decision: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese and Victoria O'Hara

Truth behind hidden wall of silence that surrounds Castlereagh break-in: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

So who did kill Rosemary Nelson?: The Guardian
Beatrix Campbell

Truth a bigger issue than decommissioning: Belfast Media

Anger mounts at Guildhall IRA event: Derry Journal

Policing board to interview five for chief constable post: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Obama 'definitely' plans to visit Ireland: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Dan the straight-talking Super Bowl fan: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Boxer 'saddened' at mural omission: The News Letter

McCullough included in new mural: BBC

DUP leader guest speaker at Scotland's Orange demonstrations: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, July 3

Benefits of devolution highlighted by two main Northern Ireland parties: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP 'to spread devolution gospel': BBC

Shortage of cash has the PSNI in crisis: The News Letter

PSNI accused of 'naked sectarian policing': Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Woman wants to leave after attack: Londonderry Sentinel
Eamon Sweeney

McCausland in Gaeltacht meeting: Irish News

Loyalist arms move a clear sign they have 'come of age': Irish News
Jim Gibney

Lessons to learn from this tentative peace: The Herald
Graham Walker

Forty years of peace lines: BBC
Arthur Strain and Peter Hamill

NI Policing Board members question portrayal of attack on City Church: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Parade passes off without incident: The News Letter

McGuinness accused as the Somme is remembered: Belfast Telegraph

Parades cost £5m last year: UTV Internet

Modernisers 'will destroy Orange Order': The News Letter

New U.S. Ambassador Dan Rooney arrives in Ireland: Irish Voice/
Meghan Sweeney

RUC reserve comments are 'deeply offensive': Londonderry Sentinel

Hay takes 'dim view' of Ian Paisley Jnr: Belfast Telegraph

QC hits back at Paisley over 'nasty' comments: Irish News

A free and effective Press: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Dancing on graves: Londonderry Sentinel

Stevens backs McCord killing collusion claim: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Board's tributes to leaving Orde: BBC

Five in running to be next PSNI Chief Constable: Belfast Telegraph

Anger at 'pilfering' politicians: Belfast Telegraph

Stormont expenses U-turn welcomed: The News Letter

Why it won't be a quiet summer at Stormont: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Order promotes Twelfth in US: Londonderry Sentinel

Warning over Orange parade: The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Thursday, July 2

'No budget' for policing transfer: BBC

Minister hails 'bold step' by loyalists: Derry Journal

So, are all the loyalist guns really gone?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Welcome news: Irish Echo

Fears loyalists trying to stoke up tension in contested areas: Irish News
Allison Morris

Shooting – We didn't erect flag says order: Irish News
Maeve Connolly

Attack flies in face of reason: Irish News

Catholic woman's home attacked: Derry Journal

Bill of Rights for North gaining support, MPs told: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Call for Northern Ireland politicians to tackle racism: Belfast Telegraph

Unionism must take on bigots in its midst: The Irish Times
David Adams

It's a message of violence from Ulster: The News Letter
NR Greer

McGuinness pressed to give go-ahead for Orange march: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Paisley complains over QC remarks: BBC

Protecting a source is costly: The News Letter

Executive fails survivors of Troubles say commissioners: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Legal challenge to victims body posts looks set to go on: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Republicans claim 'hourly' harassment: Derry Journal

IRA commemoration 'rubbing noses': BBC

Dan Rooney sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Ireland: Irish Voice/
Declan O'Kelly

Friendship between Ireland and US 'vital' to both, says Clinton: The Irish Times
Genevieve Carberry

What Irish Americans should actually be advocating: Irish Echo
Mike Cummings

Irish 'is a language for all': The News Letter

Robinson cleared over 'gay comments': The News Letter

Mandelson 'changed' by Omagh bomb: BBC

October hearing of 1992 murder extradition case: The Irish Times

Britain's tribal area: Daily Times (Pakistan)
Brian Cloughley

Wednesday, July 1

Hopes on justice powers transfer: BBC

Who can lead the PSNI in an era of cutbacks?: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

Orange Order numbers in decline: The News Letter

Relief as Springfield Orange parade passes off peacefully: Belfast Media

We're happy to see the back of the Parades Commission chief: Belfast Telegraph
Darryl Hewitt

Ballymena couple escape gun attack: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Families meet with Lord Mayor ahead of City Hall flag flying: Belfast Media

Junior Minister enters flag dispute: Belfast Media

'Flag bandits' boasting on Bebo: Derry Journal

Lo vows to stand firm in face of racist death threat: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Read the walls for signs of peace: (Jun 30)
Conor O'Clery

Spot the difference: (from the Irish Herald)
Jude Collins

'Paisley-McGuinness acted within law': The News Letter

Ian Paisley Jr fined for contempt of court in Billy Wright inquiry:
Henry McDonald

Anderson 'disgusted' by hunger strike row: Derry Journal

Is it time to pack up our Troubles and stop talking about them?: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Campbell slams Guildhall IRA event: Derry Journal

Let's forget the Maze's grim past: The News Letter

Loyalist jailed for gathering information: UTV Internet

RAAD claim Rosemount shooting: Derry Journal

'No end in sight' to dissident violence: Derry Journal

Butcher calls for end to low flying helicopters: Derry Journal

House to send message of condolence to Cloneys: The Irish Times
Jimmy Walsh

And the good news is... Ireland's long-term prospects look promising: Irish Examiner
Steven King

Protestant abuse victims must also be heard: The Irish Times
Derek Leinster

Wilson clashes with Tories over spending: The News Letter


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