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Friday, July 15

McGuinness tells May – 'Respect north's wish to remain in EU': Irish News
John Manley

Being part of Irish history: Belfast Media
Andrée Murphy

Duncan Morrow on Brexit implications for Northern Ireland (Jul 13): The Herald
Duncan Morrow

Ireland needs its own minister for Brexit: Irish Independent

James Brokenshire 'honoured' to become Northern Secretary: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Remain supporter Brokenshire gets North ministry: Irish Independent
Dean Gray

Reaction as James Brokenshire replaces Theresa Villiers as Northern Ireland secretary: BBC

Secretary of state says north's interests must be protected as Brexit looms: Irish News
John Manley

Brokenshire's Home Office experience will be much needed in NI: The News Letter

Brokenshire faces defining period: Irish News

Theresa May – New PM calls Foster and McGuinness on first full day in office: BBC

Teresa Villiers – 'Northern Ireland more stable than it has been for years': Sunday World

Paddy Clancy on what Theresa May will contribute to Anglo-Irish relations: Irish Mirror
Paddy Clancy

As 'robotic' replaces bland, Brexit and the past will dominate SoS' agenda: Irish News
John Manley

Ethnic divide in Northern Ireland leaves little space for people to focus on politics of Left and Right: Belfast Telegraph
Aaron Edwards and Connal Parr

More calls for dialogue after new parade protest: Belfast Media
Brónach Ní Thuama

Peace reigns over Twelfth in former flashpoint: Fermanagh Herald
Roisin Henderson

'No funding, no surrender' bonfire did apply for funding: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

DUP's Edwin Poots 'couldn't care less' about bonfire criticism: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Man beaten about the legs in Londonderry paramilitary attack: Londonderry Sentinel

Petrol bomb thrown at Belfast police as they talked to children during Twelfth: Belfast Telegraph

Arrested republican councillor released: The News Letter

Defacing of cemetery sign described as 'disgusting': Ulster Herald
Ronan McSherry

Cameron a hypocrite on Bloody Sunday – Eamonn McCann: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

'Mr Corbyn – the IRA were not freedom fighters, but terrorists' (Jul 13): The News Letter
Michael Copeland

Brighton bomber Patrick Magee on the grandad who fought for British in WWI (Jul 11): Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Summer in the city – when that city was not Belfast:
Caroline Eagles

Queen's visit brings back varied memories: Belfast Media

Orange Hall and INLA mural among Pokémon Go locations (Jul 11): Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Arts funding cut by £500,000 the same week loyalist bands get £200,000 grant reinstated: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Post-Brexit rise in demand for Irish passports 'won't cause delays': The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Philip Hammond – 'No separate EU deal for Scotland': Daily Telegraph
Auslan Cramb

New Act of Union Bill published to create a federal UK and stave off Scottish independence: The Herald
Michael Settle

She'll have to play Union card very carefully to stymie break-up of UK: Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

How will May unify the disunited kingdom? (Jul 14): Irish Independent

Thursday, July 14

'We agreed to stay in touch' – Taoiseach on his first chat with new British PM Theresa May: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Theresa May – Word unionist 'very important to me': BBC

Kenny now wants Brexit to start 'as soon as possible' as he talks to May: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Taoiseach to 'beef up' his department in wake of Brexit: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Brexit means Brexit, for the UK as a whole: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Now political backstabbing over the harsh reality of Brexit about to kick in: Irish News
Allison Morris

If Merkel won't listen, then it may be time for Ireland to cut its own deal with the UK: Irish Independent
Shane Coleman

Ireland needs May as an ally – Changing times: Irish Examiner

'Most successful Twelfths in recent years' police say: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

Praise after it emerges not one PSNI officer injured during Twelfth violence: Belfast Live
Chris Kilpatrick

Belfast Orange mayor makes call for parades solution: The News Letter

Comber Twelfth – 'A rising tide of tourists revel in our Twelfth celebrations': The News Letter

McKay calls for Dervock band to be banned from future parades: Ballymoney Times
Claire Cartmill

Limavady Twelfth – Nothing else in British Isles to match Twelfth, says Stevenson: The News Letter

Resolution to years-long Ardoyne parades impasse 'was very close': The News Letter

Councillor Padraig McShane released after arrest at Ballycastle parade: BBC

Independent councillor Padraig McShane released on police bail: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Orange Order lambasts 'unaccountable' parades body: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Does quiet Twelfth signal end of Parades Commission?: Irish News
Allison Morris

Let's work to settle all Twelfth issues: Belfast Telegraph

Irish government urges more effective dialogue around bonfires: Belfast Telegraph

DUP silent on criticism of senior figures at bonfires: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Top policeman defends action over bonfires: The News Letter

Government urges more effective dialogue around bonfires: Belfast Telegraph

Shankill bonfire – Church leader calls on organisers to rethink location: BBC

Now the smoke has cleared the Executive must tackle burning issue of monster loyalist bonfires: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Bonfires are now more about underclass defiance than loyalism: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Bonfires no excuse for breaking the law: Belfast Telegraph

Republican youths attempt to burn Union flag during standoff in Belfast: Irish Independent
Deborah McAleese

Drunken cyclist flying tricolour stopped by police on Twelfth: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Suggestion of 'hypocrisy' in SF call for south Armagh crime action: The News Letter

Man injured in paramiltary-style attack in Derry: Derry Journal

Police investigate Derry paramilitary-style attack: Belfast Telegraph

Man who facilitated IED construction due to 'dire financial circumstances' is jailed: Irish Independent
Daniel Hickey

DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson – No one did more to end terrorism in Northern Ireland than Tony Blair: Belfast Telegraph

David Cameron says Northern Ireland stronger than when he came to power: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Premier's significant moment in NI and his years of indifference: Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

Queen approves Arlene Foster's Privy Council appointment: BBC

Sturgeon – Brexit does not mean Brexit in Scotland: Daily Telegraph
Auslan Cramb

Theresa May to the Rescue: New York Times

Wednesday, July 13

Adams says May appointment 'difficult' for NI peace process: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Repeal of Human Rights Act 'risks breaching' Good Friday Agreement, says Sinn Féin MEP: Irish News
Claire Simpson

'Grave concern' over Theresa May's accession: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

May's past statements on Ireland are worrying: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

North will be at bottom of both governments' in-trays: Irish News
Brian Feeney

'Brexit is Brexit', come what May – New British prime minister: Irish Examiner

Ireland's border is 'Europe's problem': Irish Independent
John Downing

Kenny leaves Merkel talks empty-handed after 'special case' snub: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor, Kevin Doyle and Cormac McQuinn

Brexit forces Ireland to make new friends fast: Financial Times
Vincent Boland

Merkel's indifference a humiliating slap in face: Irish Independent

Mullan's call for unity on flags issue in Limavady: Derry Journal

Another Orange hall vandalised in run-up to Twelfth: The News Letter

Orange Order leader speaks out against 'relentless attacks': Irish News
Gareth McKeown

The Twelfth – Loyalists and republicans gather at Ardoyne shops: BBC

Political deal sought to end Ardoyne stand-off after low key Twelfth: Irish News
Allison Morris

Peace at Twaddell, but just one lodge gets there: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Woodvale – North Belfast Orange Order parade disperses without trouble: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist bands breach Parades Commission determination at St Patrick's Church: Irish News
Connla Young

Twelfth – Allister blasts Stormont status quo at Glenarm: The News Letter

Twelfth trouble in Ballycastle: Ballymoney Times
Claire Cartmill

Independent councillor Padraig McShane arrested at Ballycastle march: Irish News
Connla Young

Twelfth – Newtownstewart marchers hear 'scheming' nationalists condemned: The News Letter

Tricolour flags placed on Fountain bonfire: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

Criticism after DUP minister lights Eleventh Night bonfire: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Foyle MLA condemns 'naked sectarianism' at bonfires: Derry Journal

Limavady bonfire – Former Stormont minister to report 'hate crime': Derry Journal

Top policeman defends action over bonfires: Belfast Telegraph

Crowdfunding pages set up to help raise money for families whose homes were burned by bonfire: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

The Twelfth – Our businesses are struggling, say traders after latest alert (Jul 12): Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

A successful Twelfth around the Province gives hope for future: The News Letter

Sponsored walk for imprisoned Derry republican: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

How former top PSNI officer Judith Gillespie made cyber-bullies pay for their cruel tweets: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Twelfth – Independent Orange chief slams Rising leaders' 'pathetic rebellion': The News Letter

Day of Commemoration – Honouring our fallen soldiers (Jul 11): Irish Examiner

New finance minister 'a whirlwind' says official (Jul 12): Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Gerry Adams intends to stay on as Sinn Féin leader: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

It lost referendum, but Remain will fight by any means to thwart EU exit: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Republican march passes through Dumbarton without incident: Dumbarton Reporter

Orange Order chief – We need God in our lives, not indyref2: The National (Scotland)
Peter Geoghegan

Douglas being attacked on pitch as two men admit brawling with goalie: Scottish Daily Record
Jamie Beatson

Tuesday, July 12

Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster urges swift Brexit after Theresa May is confirmed as Tory leader and PM-elect: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

Theresa Villiers says she would love to stay on in her current role: BBC

Theresa May appointment prompts warning over probes into past: Irish News
John Manley

New premier too level-headed, even dull, to upset NI applecart: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

New prime minister Theresa May is an unknown quantity on this side of Irish Sea: Irish News
John Manley

New PM has good relationship with Irish counterparts: Irish Independent
John Downing

Unease along the open border of Northern Ireland and Ireland after the 'Brexit' vote: Los Angeles Times
Shashank Bengali

Brexit and Irish Unity: New York Times
Gerry Adams

There is no prospect of the North being allowed stay in the EU: The Irish Times
Graham Gudgin

Why did nationalists in Northern Ireland shun the EU referendum?: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Tectonic plates are shifting in the North as Brexit takes us into uncertain time: Irish Independent
Tim Pat Coogan

Controlled explosion on device found on 12 July Orange parade route: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Families moved from homes in Carnlough after security alert: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

PSNI investigate alleged determination breach at Drumcree parade: Irish News
Connla Young

A resolution to the Ardoyne parades conflict was 'very close': Belfast Telegraph

Heavy police presence in Ardoyne as Orange Order parade passes through: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Orange anger at Church march ban: Ballymoney Times

Single beat outside Catholic church 'must be on small drum': Irish News
Connla Young

UVF blamed for huge rise in tyres at 11th night bonfires: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

'Burning tricolours is a red line for me' – young people of North of Ireland tell us what it's like to live there in marching season: Irish Post
Kylie Noble

Danny Kinahan MP apologises for tricolour photograph at bonfire: BBC

'Less confrontational' loyalist flag scheme branded huge success: The News Letter

Torching of SF posters on a loyalist bonfire a 'hate crime': Lurgan Mail

Portadown bonfire – UUP condemns burning of Sinn Féin posters: BBC

Council criticised for removing Omagh bonfire material: Ulster Herald

Council has 'no remit' to remove tyres from bonfire: Ballymena Times

Terraced homes gutted by blaze sparked by Eleventh Night bonfire: Irish Independent
David Young

Friends, family and faith ... the Twelfth is a day like no other: The News Letter
Edward Stevenson

Loyalist bonfires block roads and burn election posters: Irish News
Allison Morris

What was the Battle of the Boyne?: Daily Telegraph
Rozina Sabur

The beat of a different drum – An Irishman's Diary about a Lambeg drummer: The Irish Times
John Horgan

St Patrick's Day or Twelfth of July – Which has more crime?: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Sadness voiced over new loyalist terror murals: The News Letter

Supreme Court dismisses State's appeal against orders directing release of three dissident republicans from Portlaoise Prison: Irish Independent

Date set for extradition hearing of man suspected of IRA attack: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday – Police conclude interviews of former soldiers: Derry Journal
Eamon Sweeney

Leading Ulster politician compares Celtic's Gibraltar tie with SAS killings of IRA members at the territory: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Campbell stands over joke linking Celtic and IRA men: The News Letter

DUP's Gregory Campbell 'ironic' Facebook post poking fun at shooting of IRA terrorists 'highly inappropriate' says Celtic: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Referendum next year on giving vote to emigrants: Irish Independent
Miriam Donohoe

Irish presidential election should be 32-county contest: Irish News
Chris Donnelly

Ministers from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales vow to fight Westminster austerity measures: Belfast Telegraph

Monday, July 11

Northern Ireland's first and deputy ministers call for peaceful parades: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

'Grasp nettle' on ending Twelfth parade disputes – Orange Order: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

Garc calls for politicians and Church to endorse alternative Ardoyne route: Irish News
Connla Young

Orange parade hails 'fraternity' at Donegal demonstration: The News Letter

Paramilitary and racist displays put on Antrim loyalist bonfire: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Giant bonfires to be lit on Eleventh Night: Belfast Telegraph

Teenager charged over anti social behaviour at a bonfire and stealing a flag: Belfast Telegraph

Billy Wright banner remains on display in Dungannon: Irish News

NI referendum campaign marked by civility – but with lesson for any border poll (Jul 9): The News Letter
Sam McBride

Tony Blair was a conman even back in those heady peace process days: (from the Sunday Life)
Suzanne Breen

Gregory Campbell's joke over Gibraltar killings 'disgraceful': Irish News
Simon Cunningham

Bloody Sunday civil rights activist Ivan Cooper presented with honorary doctorate from James Nesbitt (Jul 5): Belfast Live
George Jackson

The Somme and the Rising – asking people to broaden their outlook without abandoning their loyalties: Belfast Telegraph
Charlie Flanagan

Council should replace wreaths – Somme ceremony undermined: Irish Examiner

Why we must remember our war living as we pay tribute to our war dead: Belfast Telegraph
Doug Beattie

Majority want President Higgins to seek second term – poll: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

'We are copying Ireland' – UK's tax cut to boost FDI: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Finance ministers meet to discuss impact of Brexit vote: Belfast Telegraph

MacSharry calls for Brexit agenda: Sligo Champion

Brexit Postmortem – Changes to the Common Travel Area with the UK inevitable: The Irish Times
Siobhán Mullally

The Wildcatters' Hibernia Files, Part I – Ireland's Party Sorting, Nationalism, and Brexit: Huffington Post
Keith Gaddie and Kirby Goidel

Brexit postmortem – Vote highlights the danger of referendums: The Irish Times
Theresa Reidy and Jane Suiter

Death of the British project – my life in three demonstrations of public outrage (Jul 10): Sunday Herald
Neil Ascherson

Will Brexit lead to a united Ireland?: The Scotsman
Lesley Riddoch

Brexit vote paves way for federal union to save UK, says all-party group: The Guardian
Martin Kettle

Scottish independence vote back on table: The Scotsman

The Guardian view on the Act of Union – time to reimagine the United Kingdom: The Guardian

Sunday, July 10

Theresa Villiers says moves on dealing with troubles legacy closer than ever: The News Letter

Adams should do a Farage and 'Gerrexit': Sunday Independent
Willie O'Dea

Drumcree – Brethren set to defy Parades Commission ruling in protest at the 'discredited quango': Belfast Telegraph

Thousands of police for loyal order parades despite hope for peaceful main event: Belfast Telegraph

Cost of securing Belfast protest camp to exceed £21m, says police chief: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

PSNI treating Orange hall flag theft as hate crime: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

We can no longer do nothing about the continuous flying of flags on Northern Ireland's streets: Belfast Telegraph
Paula Bradshaw

IRA and INLA at war on capital's streets: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Derry – Bomb and components found in Creggan and Galliagh searches: BBC

Man arrested over violent dissident activity has been released unconditionally: Belfast Telegraph

North's Brexit vote must be respected – McElduff: Ulster Herald
Alan Rodgers

EU will be sensitive to Ireland's 'invisible border' fears: Sunday Independent

After Brexit Northern Ireland's Rathlin Island is looking to a future with Scotland to preserve its European status: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Our backs are turned on Europe and we are walking away (Jul 2): Irish News
Nuala McCann

Brexit's ill-wind offers a positive outcome for Sinn Féin (Jul 9): Irish News
Newton Emerson

'Thomas is still very much part of our lives... we talk about him a lot': The News Letter

Why H-Block hunger strikers were not force-fed (Jul 6): The Irish Times
Ian Miller

Bobby Sands, Brexit, and Iraq – the politics of unintended consequences:
Steven McCaffery

'Rights of Irish language community must be protected' – Fearon: Newry Times

Why the real message of the Somme is about moving on: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

English admit Andy Murray is more Scottish than British ahead of tennis star's Wimbledon showdown: The Herald

'We're out the door' Ireland could be next to leave EU as IREXIT campaign group launched: Daily Express
Joey Millar

I feel my British passport has become a badge of shame: The Guardian
Ed Vulliamy

Scots will back independence in a second referendum, says Angus Robertson: The Herald
Magnus Gardham

Scottish Brexit voters pose quandary for independence campaign (Jul 7): The Guardian
Libby Brooks

How will we debate a second indyref? (Jul 7): The Scotsman
Jim Duffy

Saturday, July 9

Theresa Villiers sees no case for All-Ireland forum: BBC

'Butt out' Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams tells Secretary of State Theresa Villiers: Belfast Telegraph

We need a forum to help build a better society: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Ireland stresses peace process as Brexit plans move up a gear: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy and Derek Scally

SOS – Brexit 'not cause of investment visit postponement': BBC

Government plans to cash in on Brexit from the EU:
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

In the coming economic war, neutrality won't fly: Irish Independent
Richard Curran

Top DUP figures 'privately hoped for pro-EU vote': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Brexit poses immense challenge to Irish diplomacy: The Irish Times

'Prayer vigil will let terrorists off the hook' – victim: The News Letter

'I've a lifetime spent at war, witnessed and done some awful things, but nothing prepared me for sight of my grandson lying dead on floor': Belfast Telegraph
Stephanie Bell

Four main contentious parades all banned for first time: Irish News
Allison Morris

Talks on Drumcree branded 'PR stunt': Portadown Times

Now 19 years since last Garvaghy Road parade, Orangemen prepare for Drumcree Sunday: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Battle-weary Orange Order no longer pushing for forced return parades: Irish News
Allison Morris

Twaddell protest police bill predicted to pass £21m: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Toxic bonfire fears – Lorries use the cover of darkness to dump tyres at bonfire sites in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Racist bonfire sign is despicable (Jul 7): Irish News

DUP reinstates marching band funding cut by Sinn Féin: The News Letter

PSNI working with community to remove inflammatory Billy Wright banner: Tyrone Times

DUP condemn paramilitary flag honouring Billy Wright: Mid Ulster Mail

Glorification of murder is unacceptable: Irish News

Man (48) arrested on suspicion of violent dissident republican activity: Belfast Telegraph

'Troubles' legacy – Inquest date set for Manus Derry killing: Derry Journal
Eamon Sweeney

Kingsmills massacre – Relatives of men killed meet Secretary of State Theresa Villiers: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

A prisoner of its past? The future of the Long Kesh/Maze (Jul 7): The Irish Times
M K Flynn

PSNI slate vandalising of bilingual Council signs as "dragging us backwards to a divided society": Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Sammy Wilson condemns failures on the watch of DUP colleagues: The News Letter
Sam McBride

NI Vote Leave chief – Blair-Major visit gave us a surge in support: The News Letter
Sam McBride

UK cut in business tax will not hurt similar Northern Ireland cut, Villiers says: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Grow NI want Executive meeting over corporation tax: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Post Brexit Britain will struggle to emulate Ireland's corporate tax "brand" (Jul 8): The Irish Times
Feargal O'Rourke

Stormont should press ahead with a corporation tax cut: The News Letter

Chilcot said brokering of deal by British Army in Iraq with enemy militia was 'a humiliation' – in Northern Ireland it was known as peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Irish soldiers of the Somme commemorated at Dublin memorial event: Belfast Telegraph

Unity comes from respecting different traditions – not trying to obliterate them: Irish Independent
Leo Varadkar

President criticises revisionist school of Irish history: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Cork City fans tease Linfield supporters with 'Irish passport' jibes: Irish Post
Jamie Casey

SDLP questions Minister's return to media group (Jul 8): The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

The case for Scottish independence looks stronger post-Brexit: Financial Times
Nicholas Macpherson

Friday, July 8

Gerry Adams - 'I've no plans to retire': Irish News
Deaglan de Breadun

Post-Brexit border 'completely unacceptable', say SDLP and Irish Labour: The News Letter

Mairtin O Muilleoir and Paschal Donohoe discuss Brexit implications at Dublin meeting: BBC

Dodds slams Anderson over peace pot alarm: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Police body chief calls for Euro '16 spirit at Twelfth: The News Letter

Residents say they'll stage 12th protest: Belfast Media
Bronach Ni Thuama

DUP hits out at Ardoyne residents 'Orangemen repeller' hurl: Irish News
John Monaghan

Orange Order unveils mural as part of campaign to cut boozing on the Twelfth: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

How much do Twelfth bonfires cost the Fire Service? (Jul 6): Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Substantial police operation deployed daily in Carrickfergus amid loyalist tensions: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice and Chris Kilpatrick

'Cappagh probably my best' - Banner glorifying killer Billy Wright inflames tensions in Dungannon: Mid Ulster Mail

Billy Wright banner in Dungannon is investigated by police: BBC

Gardai quiz ex-IRA thug over Regency attack: Sunday World
Alan Sherry

Veteran republican to stand trial over McConville murder: Irish Examiner
Lesley-Anne McKeown

Cleric defends Maze 'forgiveness' prayer vigil plan: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Manus Deery killing - 44 year search for justice heading to court: Derry Journal
Eamon Sweeney

Mother of Michael McGoldrick speaks of Drumcree murder 20 years on: Irish News
Allison Morris

Former army officer criticised at Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: BBC

66 Days - Bobby Sands life examined in new documentary: Galway Advertiser
Kernan Andrews

Hunger striker Bobby Sands' diaries movie Sixty Six Days blasted as 'deplorable' by unionist McCausland: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese and Michael McHugh

New Bobby Sands film uses his diaries to help people understand hunger striker: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

SF call for Iraq solidarity 'hypocritical': The News Letter

Despite Iraq we must remember Blair's peace role, says DUP's Donaldson: The News Letter

His positive role in our peace process reminds us just how far Blair has fallen: Irish Independent
Don Mullan

Northern Ireland (and the PSNI) is all over the Chilcot Report - here's why:
Cianan Brennan

Rory McIlroy says 'we must weigh up if united Ireland would be better than Brexit UK for Northern Ireland': Belfast Telegraph

Maze Long Kesh site - Board members' pay to be reviewed: BBC
Julian O'Neill

US state department investment event in NI postponed: BBC

Sinn Fein minister is investor in group that now own Irish Central (Jul 7): The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Wreaths laid to commemorate Battle of the Somme in Cork dumped in river: Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan

Basques look to Irish peace process: Irish Echo
Evan Short

The UK is firmly on the path towards leaving the EU: The Irish Times
Dominick Chilcott

Ireland's Brexit fears - 'If things are bad in the UK, things are bad here': BBC
Diarmaid Fleming

Rise of the mob marks the end of democracy: Irish News
Tom Collins

Brexit's ugly sense of superiority: The Irish Times
Laura Kennedy

How ugly scourge of ageism after Brexit is a slur on our older people: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty and Mary Johnston

The Great British Overstatement - Brexit Deserved Less Media Attention: New York Observer
Micah Halpern

Dugdale - UK must allow Scottish independence vote if people want it: The Guardian
Libby Brooks

Thursday, July 7

Foster has no mandate in exit talks, claims Eastwood: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SDLP delegation in Dublin talks: Belfast Telegraph
Alan O'Keeffe

Scotland and North 'must be consulted' in Brexit talks: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Enda Kenny 'blindsided and embarrassed' Charlie Flanagan over botched All-Ireland forum: Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell

North is EU region 'most exposed' to Brexit (Jul 7): Irish Independent
Noel McAdam

Hibernians urge Irish unity poll: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Most farmers wanted out, insists McIlveen: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Referendum result – 'We must reject any upper age limit to vote' (Jul 5): The News Letter

Passport Office hires hundreds to deal with applications: Irish Independent
Allison Bray

Ten ways Stormont can immediately start preparing for Brexit: The News Letter
Sam McBride

No winners on either side of the border in a Brexit world: Irish Independent
Aoife O'Donoghue

'Neither citizens nor aliens' – How will Brexit affect the Irish in Britain?: The Irish Times
Enda Delaney

Why every Irish person in Britain should know about controversial Ireland Act 1949 and what it means: Irish Post
Desmond Busteed

Irish nationalist hysteria over Brexit seems more wind than candle: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Sandy Row bonfire builders 'should be congratulated, not criticised': The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Belfast bonfire toxic cloud fears as 100 tyres are piled up to be burnt at Cregagh Estate: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Robinson condemns racist sign at bonfire: The News Letter

Parading deal would not just ease tensions, it would free Northern Ireland of cruel burden from history: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Work towards agreement on Ardoyne parade must continue (Jun 29): Irish News

'Failure to deal with South Armagh gang is undermining confidence in the PSNI' – Brady: Newry Times

Keg bomb found in the car of a Belfast man, Dublin's Special Criminal Court hears: Irish News

Scots man who pelted PSNI with missiles in Woodvale riots jailed: Belfast Telegraph
Ashleigh McDonald

Council 'requested Union flag' at castle during Somme Festival: Carrick Times

Legal challenge over Irish schools nurture unit funding cut (Jul 1): Irish News
Simon Doyle

I really loved serving Queen and country... it's in my DNA: Belfast Telegraph

Judge rules Bell to stand trial over McConville killing: RTE

Suicide or self-sacrifice: Catholics debate hunger strikes: The Irish Times
Maria Power

MI5 officers 'bound' to report abuse if evidence uncovered, Kincora inquiry told: Belfast Telegraph

Jamie Bryson – DUP dissenters leaked me Nama claims 'in coup against Peter Robinson': Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Jeremy Corbyn 'a decent, lovely man', says DUP's Sammy Wilson: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Belfast council row over congrats letter to Republic and Northern Ireland Euro 2016 teams: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Ferris to act as character witness for former IRA member: Irish Independent

Ireland should be unified, says Scottish actor John Hannah: The News Letter

UK-wide corporation tax cut may pull rug from under our feet: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Gosling

Ireland needs to come out swinging in any Corporation Tax war with the UK: Irish Independent
Richard Curran

Why Michael Noonan is right to downplay UK corporate rate pitch: Irish Examiner
Paul Mills

Poll suggests surge in support for Fianna Fáil: RTE

Poll is 'a bad one' for Government and carries warning for Independents – Leo Varadkar: Irish Independent
John Downing

Scots and UK governments discuss Brexit: BBC

In the aftermath of Brexit, we need our Queen as never before: The Spectator
Alexander Chancellor

Wednesday, July 6

Kenny's all-Ireland Brexit forum proposal a 'shambles': The News Letter

Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness split on proposed all-island Brexit forum: Belfast Telegraph

Brendan Howlin criticises Enda Kenny's all-island Brexit plan: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Enda Kenny 'under pressure' to set up all-Ireland forum to deal with Brexit despite DUP snub: Irish News
Brian Hutton and Claire Simpson

Irish and UK politicians united in saying no return of a 'hard border': Irish Independent
John Downing

Enda Kenny must press ahead with national forum: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Smart move for DUP would be taking part in all-Ireland forum: Irish News
Brian Feeney

'Parties must work together to mitigate Brexit disaster' – Murphy: Newry Times

McLean blasts Sinn Féin's 'huffing and puffing' as he welcomes Brexit vote: Mid Ulster Mail

Fury over DUP Wilson's 'fascist' jibe: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Taoiseach's authority eroded after a miserable 48 hours for Government: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Ireland fears return to bad old days of borders: Financial Times
Vincent Boland

Unity at a time of national emergency: Irish Independent

An all-island response is essential – Coping with Brexit: Irish Examiner

Frazer slams planned forgiveness vigil, saying – 'Killers must repent first': The News Letter

It's time to end the segregation in Northern Ireland:
Peter Osborne

Housing Executive staff threatened in North Belfast: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Loyalist groups walk away from bonfire management scheme: Irish News
Allison Morris

Racist message on East Belfast bonfire condemned but MP says it should not derail positive work: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Former UUP MLA blames Irish News for tyres on bonfire: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

City centre bonfire reckless and stupid: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Order to apply for July 12 Ardoyne return parade: Irish News
Allison Morris

Gun attack linked to internal INLA dispute and the Kinahan-Hutch feud: Irish Examiner
Cormac O'Keeffe

I'm a humanitarian activist, says accused in Jim Wells case: The News Letter

Belfast's Falls curfew victims' families demand new inquest: Irish News
Connla Young

Militant loyalism and the hunger strikes (Jul 5): The Irish Times
Aaron Edwards

Former cop claims Pat Finucane case took a personal toll (Jul 4): Irish News
Connla Young

Corporation Tax – Máirtín Ó Muilleoir 'NI may consider even lower rate': BBC

€152m of EU money put into cross-border Interreg programme: Irish Examiner
Peter O'Dwyer

Great Britain to become Ireland's biggest rival for US investment: Irish Voice/
Brendan O'Leary

British plan could wipe smirk off the face of Ireland Inc (Jul 5): Irish Independent
Donal O'Donovan

Brexit will leave the north an "economic basket case": Ulster Herald
Ryan McAleer

The tide is starting to turn on cross-border shopping as Sterling slides: Irish Independent
Greg Harkin

Good cause to celebrate as Ireland Funds turns 40: The Irish Times
Ciarán Hancock

Legislation seeking to reform school admission rules to be published in coming days: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Could the city of Liverpool become Ireland's 33rd county?: Irish Post
Tony Birtill

David Trimble supports Michael Gove to lead Tories as Theresa Villiers backs Andrea Leadsom: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Rally staged in Belfast in support of Corbyn: The News Letter

What the EU does for us – and what we do for it (Jul 3): Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan

Brexit – Uncertain outlook for EU 'fish pond' as sea boundaries are redrawn (Jul 1): The Irish Times
Lorna Siggins

Brexit – Sovereign Kingdom or little England? (Jun 30): Washington Post
Charles Krauthammer

Brexit may enable Ireland to help the EU save itself (Jun 26): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Tuesday, July 5

First Ministers miss paramilitary report cut-off date: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Sinn Féin slams British PM hopeful Michael Gove over Peace Process comments:
Michael Sheils McNamee

Michael Gove defended over Good Friday Agreement report: The News Letter

Michael Gove a 'fanatic' who would damage peace process: The Irish Times
Peter Geoghegan

North's First Minister Arlene Foster dismisses calls for all-island forum: Irish Mirror
Brian Hutton

Brexit – Martin McGuinness says all-Ireland forum could go ahead: BBC

Irish and British politicians voice opposition to 'hard Border': The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Brexit – Republic of Ireland won't be negotiating for us, warns Donaldson: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

'No change' to North-South bodies, says tourism minister: Irish Independent
Martin Grant

EU extradition agreement is effectively scuppered by exit: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Brady

Atmosphere between Kenny and Foster hardly warm: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

DUP and SF rift over all-Ireland Brexit forum 'could ignite fresh crisis at Stormont': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Belfast Agreement is a threat to the new English nationalism: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

While Tories slug it out, northern nationalists are ignored: Irish News
Fionnuala O Connor

Taoiseach must move ahead with all-island forum plan: Irish News

Communication is key in affairs with the North: Irish Independent

Adams – 'I never argued for Ireland to leave the EU after UK vote': Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Brexit – DUP minister Hamilton won't say how he voted but he's backing Arlene Foster: Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew

Brexit – DUP MP Sammy Wilson likens those calling second EU vote to 'fascists': Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

'United response needed to address implications of EU referendum' – Ó Muilleoir: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Democracy demands a second vote – By their friends shall ye know them: Irish Examiner

Foster slams Parades Commission over Garvaghy Road impasse: The News Letter

Orange Order says 'it's about the Battle not the Bottle' in Twelfth alcohol awareness campaign: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Kearney hits out a 'rogue bonfires': Ballymena Times

Swann urges community support for Twelfth: Ballymoney Times
Claire Cartmill

Mob attack on loyalist's house in Carrickfergus caught on camera: Irish News
Allison Morris

Weapons recovered after bonfire violence: Belfast Media
Evan Short

Failure to remove illegal 1916 memorial sets dangerous precedent: Dobson: Lurgan Mail
Mark Rainey

TUV reacts to vandalising of bilingual Council signs by saying they should "never have gone up in the first place": Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Plan for giant 'forgiveness' prayer vigil at Maze: The News Letter

Decision day looms for Jean McConville murder accused: Belfast Telegraph

Victim opens up on how IRA ethnic cleansing gang targeted his home: The News Letter

How Special Branch betrayed the police: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Simpson

Council will fight on against OAP to defend IRA playground name: The News Letter

Hunger strikes and politics of republican memory – complex and contested legacies: The Irish Times
Stephen Hopkins

From Glasnevin to Thiepval – a joint commemoration of the Rising and the Somme: The Irish Times
Eamon Martin and Richard Clarke

Euro 2016: Unionist councillors refuse to back congratulations letter to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland – because England weren't included: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black and Claire Williamson

Belfast City Council to officially thank Northern Ireland and Republic stars for Euro 2016 heroics: Belfast Live
Chris Kilpatrick

Osborne's tax cut could hit NI corporation tax plans: BBC
Julian O'Neill

UK's post-Brexit corporation tax plan raises alarm in Ireland: Irish Examiner
Eamon Quinn, Geoff Percival and Peter O'Dwyer

Cross-border shopping a growing threat due to sterling's slide – Kantar: Irish Independent
John Mulligan

The Border Brexodus – shoppers to go North amid fall of pound: Irish Independent
John Downing, Colm Kelpie and John Mulligan

SDLP tight-lipped over whether Corbyn should stay Labour leader: The News Letter

Desperate Brits searching for hidden Irish heritage after Brexit vote: Daily Star
Helen Whitehouse

Monday, July 4

Michael Gove defends remarks he made in 2000 about Good Friday Agreement negotiations: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

We've slowly climbed out of our mutual trenches to foster a greater degree of understanding about past: Belfast Telegraph
Kingsley Donaldson

North has no power to veto Brexit, says Arlene Foster: The Irish Times
Rodney Edwards

Brexit – DUP and Sinn Féin unable to get best deal for NI, says Durkan: BBC

Rep. Neal – Brexit shouldn't mean return to 'hard border' in Ireland (Jun 24): Springfield Republican
Jim Kinney

Northern Ireland – Brexit has blown apathy 'out of the water': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Carrickfergus violence insults Somme dead – Wilson: The News Letter

Ruth Davidson – Independence questions 'utterly different': BBC

Bertie Ahern – I'll return to politics if there's a vote for Ireland to leave EU (Jun 24): Irish Independent
Ken Foy

Calls to drop British national anthem from Milk Cup opening ceremony: Irish News
Allison Morris

Whatever Brexit is about it is not sovereignty: The Irish Times
Colm Keena

There's a chance to redesign the constitutional future of this island – and we should seize it: Irish Independent
Gerry Adams

Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and that must be respected: The Irish Times
Colum Eastwood

'Hard border' security implications could reinvigorate the United Ireland debate (Jun 25) Irish News
Allison Morris

Border poll is not the top priority right now: Irish News
Deaglan de Breadun

How Brexit has suddenly made the prospect of a united Ireland thinkable: The Independent
Conor Humphries and Amanda Ferguson

After Brexit vote, nationalism must redefine its position on partition (Jun 25): Irish News
Patrick Murphy

The Celtic question – Why did Northern Ireland and Scotland vote Remain? (Jun 24): The Irish Times
Peter Moloney

The consequences for NI, both economic and political, don't bear thinking about (Jun 25): Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

If a united Ireland DID result from Brexit, what would it do to our economy? (Jun 24):
Cianan Brennan

Young people encouraged to get involved with politics: Derry Journal

Flags stolen from Magherafelt Orange Hall: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

DUP condemns 'hate crime' of Orange hall flag thefts in Co Londonderry: Belfast Telegraph

Bilingual signs vandalised across one of Northern Ireland's new super-councils: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Catholic donors praised for help in replacing Co Down war memorial (Jun 28): The News Letter

UDA intimidation must be challenged: Irish News

Former RUC officers to sue PSNI chief over Pat Finucane murder: Irish News
Connla Young

Former RUC man believes he could be killed by state agents: Irish News
Connla Young

Birmingham Pub Bombings – without truth there is no peace for victims (Jun 25): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Butcher's owned by one of IRA's last victims Trelford Withers is to close (Jul 1): Belfast Telegraph
Cate McCurry

Names changed from Irish to English by Eircode (Jun 27): Irish Independent
Breda Heffernan

Martin O'Neill's words were humbling and showed a touch of class (Jul 1): The Irish Times
Paddy Agnew

Undertakers fear post-Brexit restrictions may delay burials: The Irish Times
Rodney Edwards

Far right group Combat 18's secret plan to 'recruit teachers' exposed: Daily Mirror
Mike Lockley

Osborne's plan to slash corporation tax poses fresh economic threat: Irish Independent
Gavin McLoughlin, John Downing and Gareth Morgan

Where next for a divided kingdom? (Jul 2): The Irish Times
Michael Keating

Who has done most to wreck the union? Its self-styled guardians, the Tories (Jun 29): The Guardian
Kezia Dugdale

The farcical reality of Brexit (Jun 27): The Herald

Sunday, July 3

All-island forum considered after Brexit vote: RTE

Brexit panic – Public takes fright in wake of Brexit vote: Sunday Independent
Jody Corcoran

SDLP in call for Irish passport offices here (Jul 1): Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne McKeown

New border controls fears: Drogheda Independent

N Ireland remain victory is hollow: Newry Reporter

Anxious future for North after Brexit vote, warns Primate: Irish Catholic
Cathal Barry

What are the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland?: BBC
Mark Devenport

What does Brexit mean for Northern Ireland? (Jun 24): New Statesman
Stephanie Boland

Brexit may bring North and South closer (Jul 2)) The Irish Times
Diarmaid Ferriter

I live in Northern Ireland, and I'm scared Brexit will bring back the chaos of my childhood (Jun 28):
Pauline McCallion

Hysterical, arrogant Remainers should accept verdict of people (Jun 27): The News Letter
Sammy Wilson

Brexit spells delight for Farage and Trump but not my family (Jun 28): Irish News
Leona O'Neill

Interests realign in Northern Ireland after Brexit vote: The Irish Times

The vote for Brexit is a time of joy and hope but also anxiety (Jun 26): The News Letter

The harsh realities of Brexit can't be avoided (Jun 30): Irish Independent

In five years' time we will wonder just what all the fuss was about: Sunday Independent
Shane Ross

Latest feud victim was long-time member of Provisional IRA: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Somme flag stolen during attack on Orange hall: Belfast Live
Chris Kilpatrick

Families lay out shoes of relatives murdered in Troubles in poignant protest at impasse over inquests (Jul 1): Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

IPSO rule Irish News did not breach code in reporting of Kevin McGuigan murder (Jun 27): Irish News

No plots disturbed during graveyard search, PSNI tell Sinn Féin: Lurgan Mail

Fight is on to maintain vital ex-prisoners service (Jun 27): Belfast Media
Conor McParland

Sister of UVF victim Peter Ward cannot forgive after 50 years (Jun 29): Irish News
Connla Young

Protestant boys' attainment still too low – Weir: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Rally by group calling for equality in education: RTE

'Satanic Islam' row Belfast pastor McConnell made peace with BBC's Nolan praying under tree in Ormeau Park (Jun 30): Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Kids from both sides of border taken on pilgrimage to the Somme (Jun 24): Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

All sides should recognise the sacrifice at the Somme (Jun 30): Irish News

Noonan had information to stop dodgy Project Eagle sale: Village
Frank Connolly

Brexit has not changed Government's view on neutrality, Tánaiste says (Jun 29): The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

A 'shackled' Paddy who rolls over is unfit to mock Brexit: Sunday Independent
Niamh Horan

Brexit allows us to re-assess our own rapport with EU: Connacht Tribune
Harry McGee

Reject racism in the proud name of the Irish Republic: Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Independent Scotland joining EU could be part of Brexit "package deal": Sunday Herald
Tom Gordon

Broken alliances and bad blood in fight for British independence: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Anyone seen the Queen? Isn't she meant to unite us?: The Guardian
Catherine Bennett

A disunited Kingdom... why Brexit Britain is as divided as Europe in 1914 (Jun 26): Sunday Telegraph
Anthony Seldon

There is a chance here for major political realignment, if any leader can seize it (Jun 26): Independent on Sunday

Let caution be Nicola Sturgeon's watchword (Jun 27): The Scotsman

Saturday, July 2

Sinn Féin denies receiving money from Donald Trump: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Data points to possible "class divide" among Northern Ireland unionists over Brexit:
Steven McCaffery

£500m EU funding 'at stake' McCartney: Derry Journal

Anger over Belfast council worker's email about 'horrific Brexit mistake' sent to all councillors: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Campaigner Willie Frazer brandishes gun in EU referendum rant: Sunday World

Martina Devlin on Brexit – The game changer that could finally bring unity: Irish Independent
Martina Devlin

Disparaging Leave voters reflects badly on Remain supporters: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

What Ireland really, really wants: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Brits only exercised right to get it wrong first time: Connacht Tribune
Dave O'Connell

I voted to stick with EU, but the demonisation of those who went the other way is an insult to democracy: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

After Brexit, the hard bit is agreeing what we actually want: Irish News
Newton Emerson

New Brexit reality brings troubling implications for the Irish border:
Kate Rooney

Who fears to speak of Irexit?: The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

Cameron put a sharp focus on equality between our islands: Irish Independent
John Downing

One union lost to Britain. Can the other be saved?: The Irish Times
Brian Walker

'Wall of steel' helps Belfast parade pass off peacefully: Irish News

Orange Order hits out at "mindless morons" behind double attack on Co Down halls: Belfast Live
Sheena McStravick

A burning issue that still needs a solution: Belfast Telegraph

Tensions running high in Carrickfergus after crossbow seized from gang: Sunday World
Jamie McDowell

Attacks on Orange halls 'are bid to stoke tensions': Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

Teenager admits terror charges linked to Ardoyne bomb find: Belfast Live
John Cassidy

Rusting watchtowers, fences still topped with razor wire, and a fading Red Hand of Ulster on the wall – Inside the infamous abandoned Maze prison where IRA and Ulster Loyalist terrorists were held: Daily Mail
Anthony Joseph

Equality watchdog in U-turn over play park named after Provo: Belfast Telegraph
Cate McCurry

66 Days – Bobby Sands life examined in new documentary: Galway Advertiser
Kernan Andrews

Abuse survivor takes his legal battle over the scope of probe into Kincora inquiry to the UK's Supreme Court (Jul 1): Irish News

MI5 did not exploit or cover up Kincora, top agent tells probe: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne McKeown

Queen's unwavering faith has helped to bridge the sectarian divide: Belfast Telegraph
Mary Kenny

Irish Protestant and Catholic church leaders hold joint service in the Somme: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Survey shows 70% support for same-sex marriages in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Shoppers heading north is a concern: Drogheda Independent

Who would Clinton or Trump pick as the next Ambassador to Ireland?: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Revealed – Kenny to stay on as Taoiseach for an extra 18 months: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Why so many can't resist smirking when England lose: Belfast Telegraph
Steven Beacom

Was that pity we felt? Watching England fail wasn't half as funny as it usually is:
Tommy Martin

Ireland and Scotland almost blur into one: Irish World

In memory of An Gorta Mor – Why have we taken so long?: The National (Scotland)
Hugh Macdonald

Brexit protest – Tens of thousands march through London to demand Britain remains in EU: The Independent
Katie Forster and Jon Stone

Thousands of English people flock to website trying to move to Scotland in wake of shock Brexit vote: Scottish Daily Record
David Clegg

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain – Has Brexit made the UK a more hateful, racist place to live?: The Independent
Ryan Ramgobin

Damn you, England, for making us wonder whether we belong here: The Guardian
Ian Jack

I'll reinvigorate Union, vows Michael Gove as he eyes Tory leadership and the keys to No.10: Belfast Telegraph
Catriona Webster

Great Britain's Great Unraveling: Foreign Policy
Amanda Sloat

Friday, July 1

Potential British PM detests Irish peace process, says SAS were winning over IRA: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

SF's US arm raises €318,000 but spends nothing in North: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

McGuinness requests urgent meeting with David Cameron: Derry Journal

Border boll should now be top of the agenda, says SF: Fermanagh Herald
Roisin Henderson

SF and SDLP will fight tooth and nail to stay in EU: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

'Greenland-style' proposal works legally, Picardo says: Gibraltar Chronicle
Cristina Cavilla

Thousands in Fermanagh call for second referendum: Fermanagh Herald
Roisin Henderson

'Villiers should resign' – Murphy: Newry Times

Brexit – I won't resign and I can't veto referendum result says Foster: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Majority sees Europe as 'more important' to State than UK: The Irish Times
Aine McMahon

Enda accused of shunning Northern Ireland:
Gavan Reilly

Taoiseach Enda Kenny defends support of Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon: Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell

'We must move to safeguard our interests after EU vote' – Ó Muilleoir: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Michael Noonan – Hard border with North 'not a runner' in the wake of Brexit: Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell

Baroness Paisley: Ian would have loved Brexit – but I don't want border back: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Seanad to invite Nicola Sturgeon to address it on Brexit: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Massive run on Euros and Irish passports: Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

Brexit campaign in North 'played on racism and emotions': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Leave or Remain, we can all agree that border's return would be a catastrophe: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Gosling

Post-Brexit, and post-Boris, Ireland needs Britain to get the 'right' deal: Irish Independent
John Downing

Arlene Foster's support for the economic suicide of Brexit has left political stability of the UK in grave peril: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Leave vote forces us to confront fundamental issues: Irish News
Denis Bradley

Playing with fire in Northern Ireland: National Post
Kelly McParland

So the Brits have voted to leave the EU – get over it: The Irish Times
Larissa Nolan

A national unity government can help us navigate uncharted waters: Irish Independent
Liz O'Donnell

It's not too late for UK to negotiate a way out of this disaster: The Irish Times
Jonathan Powell

Protest group defends vandalising of West Belfast billboard erected by homeless charities: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Republican graffiti on two Banbridge Orange Halls: The News Letter

Huge Belfast bonfire putting businesses in danger 'must be dismantled': Belfast Telegraph
Angela Rainey

27 paramilitary-style NI attacks in 2016 – Villiers: RTE

'Free Tony Taylor' billboards: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Commission tells council to vote again on IRA man play park name: Belfast Telegraph

Carrick 'paramilitary style shooting' condemned: Carrick Times

PSNI 'violated man's rights by searching him 156 times': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Vandalised Belfast war memorial to be rededicated during Somme service: Belfast Telegraph
Angela Rainey

Troubles soldiers to sue PSNI for 'inaction' over terror attacks: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Boston interviewees 'misled that the tapes would remain secret': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Colum Marks – New investigation into 1991 RUC killing of IRA man: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Victim's fear of 'terrorist pension': The News Letter

Commons silenced as ex-soldier MP recalls horror of Droppin Well bomb: Belfast Telegraph
Kate Ferguson

Judgment reserved in McConville killing legal challenge: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

War's legacy should be precursor of peace here, Bishop of London says: Belfast Telegraph

Openness to others must be at heart of remembering: The Irish Times
Michael D Higgins

Bloodiest battle has brought us together: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Scottish independence 'simplest EU option': BBC


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