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This archive contains references to articles from July 16-31, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, July 31

Ahern to press Blair over reform of RUC: Irish Independent

Adams calls for no fudge on Police Bill: Irish News

Adams reiterates SF's insistence that McCabe's killers must be released: Irish Examiner

Trust will take time: Sinn Fein: Irish News

Sinn Fein wins over younger voters: The Times

Sir Reg calls for Maze to be razed: Irish News

Soldier's mother 'accepts' releases: BBC

Demonising has to come to an end: Irish News

The Long history of a prison:

The prisoners behind the wire: Sunday Business Post (July 30)

Attacks fly in the face of peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Army dismantles NI post: BBC

Publican may have clashed with INLA: The Irish Times

Six injured as loyalist mob goes on rampage : Irish News

Mowlam hints at future Ulster role: Belfast Telegraph

Row over 'IRA heroes' TV drama: Electronic Telegraph

25 years since the Miami musician murders: The Irish Times

Preparation starts for Omagh inquest: BBC

Sunday, July 30

Trimble admits peace 'worries': BBC

Aid worker held over Real IRA arms haul: The Sunday Times

Border surveillance to be stepped up:

Real IRA hoards Semtex in England: The Sunday Times

Ulster Finds Its Way Out of One Maze: New York Times

Inmates Emerge From the Maze: Washington Post

Few regrets as former inmates enjoy freedom: The Sunday Times

Bars couldn't hold spirits of prisoners: Boston Herald

The dark side of peace: Washington Times (July 27)

Maze prisoners find freedom has its price: The Observer

A Maze tale: the true story of the killing of King Rat: The Sunday Times

Peace for the wicked: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair, Ahern to meet as policing gap widens: Ireland on Sunday

Republicans must face the facts over policing: The Sunday Times

Balaclava to ballot-box: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Showband massacre that threw a nation into shock: Ireland on Sunday

Row as mayor greets prisoner: BBC

Gore can't take Irish vote for granted: Ireland on Sunday

Corruption probe officer may expose garda agents: The Sunday Times

INLA linked to publican's killing:

Brighton bomber plans lecture tour: The Sunday Times

Saturday, July 29

Arms seized as terrorists are set free: Electronic Telegraph

Fresh crackdown on IRA renegades: Irish Independent

How police cut arms supply from the Balkans: Electronic Telegraph

'I am angry this man is free and we have no life at all': The Times

Mandelson speaks of bitterness and pain as Maze prisoners are set free: The Scotsman

Adair: 'Jail me and risk the peace process': The Independent

Releases 'a bitter pill to swallow': Electronic Telegraph

Government 'has no right to cherry-pick prisoners': The Irish Times

The Republican view: The Independent

Freed loyalists vow to play 'constructive' role: The Irish Times

The Loyalist view: The Independent

Life on the outside is no bed of roses: The Times

Freed Maze Cons Eye Path to Peace: New York Daily News

Out of the Maze: The Guardian

Corks pop as the terrorists are freed: Electronic Telegraph

Inmates Emerge From the Maze: Washington Post

Why they had to be freed : The Guardian (Editorial)

THE HARDEST DAY: The Times (Editorial)

Price of peace: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Ahern, Trimble differ on calls for RUC reform: The Irish Times

Friday, July 28

Arms find linked to dissident republicans: The Irish Times

Dissident republicans pool resources: The Irish Times

'Bombings could continue': BBC

Real IRA prisoners to be sent home: The Times

Mixed reaction over early release: The Irish Times

Inside story of the Maze, a jail like no other: Electronic Telegraph

Out of the Maze: The Guardian

In his own words: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Maze film proposal angers officers: The Times

Police issue 'risks accord': BBC

Ahern to meet Trimble today: The Irish Times

House of Lords debates changes to RUC name and badge: Irish Examiner

Stop Patten's sectarian plan: Electronic Telegraph (by David Trimble)

The Patten, - and nothing but the Patten: The Irish Times

IRA victims’ families’ fury at cash offer: The Scotsman

DUP ministers resign: BBC

Trimble and Mallon condemn resignation of DUP ministers: Irish Examiner

How ridiculous can DUP get?: Irish News (Editorial)

Thursday, July 27

Royal release for IRA bomber: Electronic Telegraph

Wright’s killers ‘refuse pardon’: Irish News

Ghostly Maze shuts the doors on 30 years of troubled history: The Independent

Terrorists: all take and no give: Electronic Telegraph

Short walk to freedom for the last of Maze inmates: The Irish Times

Unpardonable: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Swallowing hard, for another time: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The flawed basis of peace: The Times

Unsavoury loyalist: The Guardian

Pluses and minuses in Mr. Mandelson's end of term report: Belfast Telegraph

DUP fears loss of ministerial powers: The Irish Times

Pay-outs for families of 'disappeared': Electronic Telegraph

‘Loyalists’ blamed for threat to nurses: Irish News

'Trouble will not deter tourists': BBC

NI parties unite to deny rights to women: The Irish Times

Power and the Glory: Belfast Telegraph

Anti-electoral fraud campaign urged: BBC

Wednesday, July 26

Adair warns UVF in wake of murder attempt: The Irish Times

Orange Order faces 'real choice': BBC

London will not name Maze governor: The Irish Times

Non-jury trials retention criticised: BBC

Controversy dogged ‘no jury’ courts: Irish News

Alma mater of Adams, Sands and Wright: The Irish Times

Former OC unlocks two decades of H Blocks - Exclusive interview by Barry McCaffrey:

Pilgrimage site, museum, suggested for Maze: The Irish Times

Killing can never be seen as being politically correct: Belfast Telegraph

Victims' pain as paramilitaries walk free: BBC

Royal mercy for the Canary Wharf bomber: Belfast Telegraph

Exiles should also be allowed to return home: by Gary Kent (Fornight)

Community is key to youth criminal justice: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Silent jail left to ghosts of terms past: The Irish Times

Understanding the two faces of Mandelson: Irish News

'Offensive' UFF mural removed: BBC

Gaelic Comes Back on Ireland's Byways and Airwaves: New York Times (July 25)

A school we can all learn from: (July 24)

Mahood hits out at UVF over murder bid: Belfast Telegraph

Security moves ‘raising tension’: Irish News

Omagh relatives get legal aid: BBC

Tuesday, July 25

Notorious Killer Among Inmates Freed From Ulster Prison: New York Times

My war is over, says loyalist killer: The Guardian

Brother's doubts over killer's release: BBC

The violent career of a freelance loyalist paramilitary: Irish Examiner

SF man slams release critics: Irish News

Families of victims need not worry about releases: The Irish Times

Releases ... a price worth paying?: Belfast Telegraph

Ugly end to the jail that symbolised the Troubles: The Independent

Hundreds of guards will be left in charge of 16 prisoners: The Independent

Evil that walks: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Cold-blooded trade-off as killers walk free: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Releasing these killers is a sordid, but necessary, part of the peace process: The Independent (Editorial)

Michael Stone walks free: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The future versus the past: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

You can’t use violence to keep friends: Irish News

Two Northern Ireland teens are spending six weeks in Columbia: Baltimore Sun

£200m payoff package for RUC: The Guardian

Retirement scheme unlikely to entice older RUC officers: The Times

Protesters at Drumcree want parades meeting: The Irish Times

Shooting victim was shot before: BBC

The Celtic Tiger blues: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Monday, July 24

Outrage over release of Ulster's top terrorists: Electronic Telegraph

Turf wars expected as loyalists are freed: The Times

Attack at funeral made Stone legend: The Irish Times

Republican prisoner population down to 49: Irish Examiner

Last IRA prisoners in low security Castlerea: The Irish Times

Memories of the Maze: The Guardian

IRA's library explains the 'university of terror' tag: The Times

A painful week for the victims: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Border alert for Real IRA attack: Irish News

Unionists misusing row over RUC: Irish Examiner

Anxious in Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

We need police we can all trust: Irish News (Editorial)

Anti-Catholic protests rekindled in Ballymena: The Irish Times

Flags can be an issue to unite rather than divide: Irish News

Building an identity on a shared past: Irish News

Intelligence service accused of sabotaging peace process: Irish Examiner

No-jury terrorist trials to continue: Electronic Telegraph

Blair aide in attack on Mandelson: Irish News

Britain agrees to transfer Real IRA inmates: Unison

Bloody Sunday funding row: BBC

Sinn Fein in new drive to stop car theft: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, July 23

Omagh bombers store arms in London: The Sunday Times

Trimble seeks action on Real IRA activity: Unison

How real is the threat from the Real IRA?: Ireland on Sunday

Dublin and London putting on an Act: Unison (Editorial)

RUC officers face arrest in Finucane murder probe: The Sunday Times

Cut in ministers' powers urged: BBC

The Maze slams shut at last : The Observer

How The Guardian put my life in danger: The Sunday Times

Stone cold killer: Ireland on Sunday

Sinn Féin to decide on future coalitions: Unison

Police question Sunday Times journalist: The Sunday Times

Integration a NICE thought in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

Seismic shift could change asymmetry of North-South: Unison

Republicans show Orangistas a trick or two about politics: The Sunday Times

CPS drops McAliskey investigation: The Observer

So which kind of republican are you, then?: Unison

I approved Adams bug - Mowlam: The Observer

Claudy memorial to 'forgotten' victims: The Sunday Times

Kissing the killer might be poetry, but it's not justice: Unison

Saturday, July 22

Blair and Ahern to meet over 'Real IRA' threat: The Times

THE REAL THREAT: The Times (Editorial)

SDLP angry over Mandelson letter: BBC

New flag for north a cop out, says UDP: Irish News

Faith & Politics in a Pluralist Society: (July 21)

Call for overhaul of prison service: The Irish Times

Victims should not be ignored: Irish News (Editorial)

Mowlam admits Adams bugging: The Times

Adair could face Drumcree charge: Belfast Telegraph

No Drumcree parades for 28 days: The Irish Times

Drumcree? Sacre bleu: Belfast Telegraph

Collusion suspects are Special Branch:

Killers may not get early release: BBC

Village in show of solidarity on flags: Irish News

Friday, July 21

Pressure on Real IRA: The Times

Police 'working to thwart dissidents': BBC

12-strong terrorist core active at heart of Real IRA strike force: Irish Examiner

London attacks to swell ranks of terrorists: Irish Independent

Patten:The inside story on what the police reforms really mean: Belfast Telegraph

A police service for all - RUC reform measures: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Durable peace on the way: Mitchell: Irish News

Maze prison gates to shut for good before end of year: Irish Examiner

700 prison officers to leave service by autumn: The Irish Times

Loyalists ‘behind Orange hall fire’: Irish News

The loyalist doctrine: love thy contradictions: Irish Echo

Loyalist group removes flags: BBC

Competition proposed to for Northern Ireland flag: The Irish Times

A symbol worth thinking about: Irish News (Editorial)

Graffiti 'setback' for city regeneration: BBC

Weir hits out at job ads in Irish: Irish News

South Boston mobster linked to murder of IRA gun-runner: Irish Echo

Thursday, July 20

British Police Detonate Subway Bomb: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Queen Mother defies bombers: The Times

Rebel IRA group is prime suspect for Ealing bomb: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble in call for renewed attack on republican dissidents: Belfast Telegraph

How a small device choked London: The Guardian

Renegade republicans signal summer onslaught: Irish Independent

Ahern: Dissidents 'still pose threat': BBC

No time for security allies to be bickering: Irish Independent

The Real IRA and terrorism on a shoestring: The Guardian

Struggle for struggle's sake: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Real threat: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Fanning the flames of hatred: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The right to full national participation: Irish News (by Martin McGuinness)

SF mayor should have met Princess Anne in Derry: The Irish Times

A step closer to normality?: Irish News (Editorial)

Police force to be just: Irish Examiner

'RUC issue could topple assembly': BBC

Salmond's departure gives Union a boost: Belfast Telegraph

Arsonists damage 12 Catholic schools: Irish Examiner

Mayor condemns arson attacks: BBC

Cemetery gunman must spend extra 3 days in jail: The Independent

Maze closure to be confirmed: BBC

Woman republican prisoner released: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 19

Ulster arsonists in tit-for-tat attacks: The Guardian

Bigotry in its most ugly form: Irish News (Editorial)

Princess is snubbed by Ulster mayor: The Times

SDLP hits out at royal visit ‘snub’: Irish News

Mandelson warns against RUC 'hype': BBC

Mandelson accused of splitting nationalists: The Irish Times

The people of Ulster must choose: Electronic Telegraph (by Peter Mandelson)

Drumcree continued: Belfast Telegraph

Why the IRA is to blame for the riots: Irish News

Why the Orange Order may wither away: Sunday Business Post (July 16)

Religion, not politics, should be the Order of the day: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist murderer contests release date: The Times

Taking the plastic out of Irish politics: Irish News

McAliskey not to be charged in Britain for IRA bombing: Electronic Telegraph

McAliskey furious after case dropped: Irish News

Maze prison will stay open 'just in case': The Times

RUC puts on show for public: The Irish Times

The Gleam in an Irishman's Eye: An Emerald City: New York Times

Tuesday, July 18

Outrage at arson attacks: Belfast Telegraph

City's Sinn Fein mayor boycotts Princess Royal: The Times

SF mayor defends decision to avoid royal visit: Irish Independent

RUC officers to hear pay-off package: The Irish Times

Unionist anger at weapons 'delay': Belfast Telegraph

Matters Irish again take pride of place: Irish News

Protesters could face charges: BBC

The twelfth: a wake for past domination: Irish News

Bringing back the good times: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The lessons of Drumcree: Irish News (Editorial)

Mother's plea for British Purple Heart meets MoD caution: Electronic Telegraph

The ultimate sacrifice: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Talks to review policing reform: Irish News

Michael Stone fights for his early release: Belfast Telegraph

Green light for newspaper group sale: BBC

Stone ‘kept lid on violence’: Irish News

Christianity in Irish culture is neglected: The Irish Times


Monday, July 17

Real IRA a major threat in wake of defections: Irish Independent

Lunatic fringes need watching: Irish News (Editorial)

Catholics warned to be vigilant: The Irish Times

A price worth paying?: Belfast Telegraph

SF mayor’s ‘royal snub’ condemned: Irish News

Security forces block Orange march: BBC

Archbishop in stinging attack on Orangemen: Irish Independent

Rector faces pressure from Eames: The Irish Times

Extremism an enemy of Orangeism: Irish News

Child holds unexploded bomb: BBC

DUP infuriated by the ‘fait accompli’: Irish News

Lords delay threat to Patten reforms: Belfast Telegraph

Walk celebrates hope in Co Louth: The Irish Times

IRA victim's mother backs new medal: Electronic Telegraph

Mo says people ‘put the knife in’: Irish News

Three charged with bonfire murder: The Irish Times

Lethal force deaths by agents of the State under microscope: Belfast Telegraph

Plastic bullet victims remembered: Irish News

Money, Jobs, Big Cars: How's an Irishman to Cope?: New York Times

Sunday, July 16

One Portadown marcher should take a hike: Boston Herald

Orangeman calls for talks with residents: BBC

Orange Order is in serious crisis: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Between Portadown and a hard place: Sunday Independent

The brethren: The Sunday Times

Back to square one after the troublesome Twelfth: Sunday Independent

The future is not orange: The Sunday Times

In N. Ireland, Protestants find waning appeal in belligerence: Boston Globe

From disappointment to despair: Sunday Independent

UDA leader is keeper of the peace: The Observer

British bothered and bewildered by loyalists in inverted commas: Sunday Independent

In defence of St Matthew's: Ireland on Sunday

Children man the barriers as mums urge them on: Sunday Independent

Ulster's Fault Lines: Washington Post

Have Unionists hit the self-destruct button?: Ireland on Sunday

Ulster and Israel Look in a Mirror at Each Other: New York Times

Sabotage and secrets: his family's stock in trade: The Sunday Times

Ex-governor says Maze inmates 'not criminals': The Observer

RUC steps out from behind its armour: The Sunday Times

Policing Bill 'a mess', says MP: BBC

Mandelson to make final offer in row over RUC redundancies: Electronic Telegraph

Car bomb victim 'lucky to be alive': BBC

Prince set to slip into Derry: Ireland on Sunday