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Monday, July 31

Governments urged not to jump gun over IRA activity: (from the Irish News, Jul 29)
William Graham

Still causing a racket despite Hain's words...: Sunday Life (Jul 30)
Alan Murray

SF 'must clarify policing position': (from the Irish News, Jul 29)
William Graham

Twin probe into IRA's massive international property portfolio: Sunday Independent (Jul 30)
Alan Murray & Jim Cusack

Things HAVE changed... changed utterly: Sunday Life (Jul 30)
Brian Rowan

Mavericks – Don't underestimate us: Sunday Life (Jul 30)
Alan Murray

Worsening UDA stand-off fuels fears of loyalist feud following weapons seizure: Irish Independent

One solution to UDA crisis: (from the Irish News, Jul 29)

Scot dies after Orange parade: The Herald
William Tinning

Second arrest over murder of man: BBC

CIRA shooting attack claims: Daily Ireland (Jul 25)
Anton McCabe

Frazer plans Garvaghy Road march: Sunday Life (Jul 30)
Sinead McCavana

Museum gives unique view of inmates' plight: Daily Ireland (Jul 28)

Sunday, July 30

DUP 'has accepted power sharing': BBC

Instead of celebrating victory, unionists are objecting again: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

Baby steps follow 'giant stride': BBC
Mark Devenport

Paramilitary policing danger: Sunday Independent

UDA public display amid feud fear: BBC

'Ridiculous' UDA told to disband once and for all: Belfast Telegraph
Debra Douglas

New feud rips apart the UDA: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Just why would the Provos give up crime?: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

Judge to receive evidence of garda collusion with IRA: The Sunday Times
Enda Leahy

The Peace Progress and the State: The Blanket (Jun 29)
Davy Carlin

Dublin hints at U-turn on Omagh investigation: The Sunday Times
Enda Leahy

Hain moves to outlaw prejudice against gays: The Observer
Henry McDonald

SDLP 'irrelevant' – report: Daily Ireland (Jul 25)
Anton McCabe

FF launches political drive in the North: Sunday Independent
Daniel McConnell

FF youth wing is to organise in North's universities: Daily Ireland (Jul 25)
David Lynch

Independents baulk at joining Fianna Fail: Sunday Business Post
Niamh Connolly

Orange Order is beating the drum for religious tolerance: The Sunday Times
Mark Macaskill

Rangers calls for fans to sing from new hymn sheet: Sunday Herald
Liam McDougall

As a Tactic, Starving Is Found Wanting: New York Times
Damien Cave

Saturday, July 29

Sinn Fein – we'll play our part in the Assembly: The News Letter

Onus on politicians 'to deliver' following end of IRA campaign: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

The IRA has gone away, but does Paisley care?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

The rights and wrongs of our opposing forces: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

New UDA leadership is appointed: BBC

Tensions growing within UDA in north Belfast: UTV Internet

Breakaway loyalists to support main UDA: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

McCord accuses Govt ahead of meeting: UTV Internet

Parade organiser to appeal music ban in court: Daily Ireland
Connla Young and Nevin Farrell

Loyalist parade is re-routed: UTV Internet

Mystery surrounding donors backing our political parties: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam, David Gordon and Mark Hookam

Republicans stage 24-hour hunger strike: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Hunger Strike rally to take place at Belfast GAA ground: (from the Irish News)
Keith Bourke

Lynch family had a deep faith and confidence Church could find solution: Daily Ireland (Jul 27)

Garda 'failed to act on tip off' about Omagh bomb: Belfast Telegraph
Debra Douglas

Sinn Fein anger over B&Q emblem: BBC

We can't even tell ourselves the nasty truth: Daily Ireland (Jul 27)
Jude Collins

New Belfast beckons visitors: Vancouver Sun (Jul 22)
John Lee

Pay for your own hobbies Mr Hain: Belfast Telegraph
Sean O'Driscoll and David Gordon

Hain's junkets: The News Letter (Jul 27)

Neil T Blaney and that now famous rift with Fianna Fail: Irish Independent

Good news story goes awry for FF: Daily Ireland

Differing values leaves north in a poorer state: (from the Irish News, Jun 24)
Patrick Murphy

The peace dividend: Silicon Republic
John Kennedy

Lost friends: Irish Echo

OPP's top cop quits to join Irish police task force: Toronto Star
Richard Brennan

Friday, July 28

One year since IRA vow to end armed campaign: RTE

Hain assertion on IRA quickly put to the test: The News Letter

IRA 'not behind' threat to woman: BBC

British official optimistic on accord in N. Ireland: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

Unionists still refuse to have open minds: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

Brit ministers 'arrogant' say CRJ:
Damian McCarney

CRJ unwittingly doing the work of the Crown: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

Criminality and justice left spinning: Belfast Telegraph

DUP pact denied: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Religious Rednecks of Doom: The Blanket (Jul 24)
John Coulter

Summer schools are always one-way traffic: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Let McAllister Stay in U.S.: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Pressure on Hain to meet McCord: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Warning over PSNI land vesting: Newry Democrat

£46.7m paid out by PSNI for 582 patten lay-offs: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Tit-for-tat round of sectarian arson?: Ballymoney Times

Republican parade in Ballymena is restricted: Belfast Telegraph
Debra Douglas

Spotlight falls on Kevin's parents: Daily Ireland (Jul 25)

A woman of peace: The Scotsman
Jim Gilchrist

McDaid does an election U-turn over Blaney move: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

Rangers chairman – stamp out bigotry for sake of the club: The Herald
Alan MacDermid

Thursday, July 27

Crime bluff is over: Daily Ireland

Hain 'makes fool of himself on IRA': The News Letter

Hain Seeks Irish American Support: Irish Voice/
Sean O'Driscoll

Criminality excuse finally laid to rest: Daily Ireland

Loaded statement fires up Irish American debate: (from the Irish News)
Ray O'Hanlon

Shut the door on housing racket: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Working for agreed policing — the female face of loyalism: (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill

Police recruiting 'will meet target': The News Letter

Getting involved – with the PSNI: Belfast Telegraph

CRJ fuels fears of vigilante policing: The News Letter

British criticised for coerce attempt on CRJs: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Government cannot allow paramilitary 'police' forces: The News Letter

CRJ must be accountable: (from the Irish News)

Vicious rumours mock murder of teenager: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

'Attacks may re-ignite the Troubles': The News Letter

Informer's sister told of threat: BBC

Will the truth ever emerge about our troubled past?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Special probe into 1974 bombings will soon be complete: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

RIR medal 'must be awarded to all': The News Letter

Hain's sporting trips criticised: BBC

Inside the life of one of the IRA's most famous and wanted arms smugglers: Daily Ireland
Jim Dee

Outrage at IRA outcast's tell-all book: Irish Examiner
Colm Heatley

35-year quarrel ends as Blaney takes family back to FF roots: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Wednesday, July 26

IRA leaders now '100pc' committed to ending criminality: Irish Independent

Alliance slam Hain's comments: UTV Internet

McDowell endorses IRA's adherence to peace: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Hain delivered another blow in devolution hunt: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

CAB thwarts Provos' scheme to launder €15m from bank haul: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

New local policing rules snubbed: Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell and Dominic Cunningham

Ex-terrorists could work for CRJ: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Changes put North security scheme on ice: Irish Independent

Justice and the peace deal: Irish Independent

'Branch men tried to recruit me – in Bulgaria': Derry Journal

No credibility in refusing Joanne: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Guarding the guards: Daily Ireland
Tommy McKearney

Fears over gang attacks: The News Letter

Security gate demanded to end loyalist attacks: Daily Ireland

Population movement is not in one direction: The News Letter

Sectarian attacks increasing despite quiet march season: (from the Irish News)
Marie Louise McCrory and Barry McCaffrey

Murder witness threats: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Sectarian thugs attack home of 101-year-old: The News Letter

Children watch in horror as teenage uncle beaten: Derry Journal

Brutal attackers have again dyed Ulster's bloody hand: (from the Irish News)
Susan McKay

Sectarian hate still running rampant: Daily Ireland

Commons row over RoI party donations: UTV Internet

Move to prevent Irish funding of Northern parties defeated: Ireland_On-Line

Payout for defence workers arouses anger: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

£14k pay-off for MoD staff: UTV Internet (Jul 24)

RIR given an extra £10k to stay in Army: The News Letter

Blaney applies to join Fianna Fail: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

Bias case could make waves at north-south body: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

IRA dissident jailed for four years: Irish Independent
Diarmaid MacDermott

Tuesday, July 25

'One in five PSNI officers Catholic': UTV Internet

New proposals for justice schemes: BBC

Worry over police plans branded as 'vigilantism': Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell

Too late to say sorry: Daily Ireland
Áine McEntee and Ciarán Barnes

CRJ typifies inequality for the north's citizens: (from the Irish News)
Tom Kelly

Proof that people do need Alternatives: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Police must have the final say on criminality: The News Letter

Whistleblower won't meet O'Loan: Sunday Life (Jul 23)
Stephen Breen

Loyalists in new extortion racket: The News Letter

Police probe north Belfast attacks: UTV Internet

Sectarian arsonists strike again: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Trio released in Orange hall probe: UTV Internet

Wilful attacks: The News Letter

McCord killing breakthrough claimed: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Parade plans are ill-advised: (from the Irish News)

Unionism's New Puppet Masters: The Blanket (May 23)
Robert Matthews

Ex-UVF man turned peacemaker dies: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Migration fuelling record growth: BBC

Population drop in north Belfast 'due to tensions': UTV Internet

Monday, July 24

South Derry IRA breaks from leadership: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jul 23)
Suzanne Breen

Cautionary word for both nationalists and unionists: (from the Irish News, Jul 22)
Seamus McKinney

New probe in McCord murder: UTV Internet

UDA tension rising after cop search: Sunday Life (Jul 23)
Stephen Breen

UDA plan for ceasefire is an audacious one: (from the Irish News, Jul 22)
James Kelly

Play premieres: Daily Ireland (Jul 10)

Blind and deaf to the real violence: Village (Jul 13)
Eoin Ó Murchú

Policing Board refuses to vet community justice scheme: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Welcome for justice proposals: Sunday Life (Jul 23)
Alan Murray

Consultation over post of victims commissioner after appointment: (from the Irish News, Jul 22)
Maeve Connolly

There was no excuse for Jean McConville's murder: Village (Jul 13)
Vincent Browne

Arrests after Orange hall attack: BBC

Parents' shock over Garda failure to probe abduction of informer shot by Provos: Sunday Life (Jul 23)
Chris Anderson

Widow calls for Captain Kelly apology: The Anglo Celt (Jul 20)

Blaneys divided: Village (Jul 13)
Frank Connolly

US called on to aid inquest demand: Daily Ireland (Jul 21)
Ciarán Barnes

Third DUP peer set to enter Lords: BBC

Sunday, July 23

DUP will not be pressurised – Campbell: RTE

Hain's carrot and stick approach: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Departments part of Good Friday Agreement: (from the Irish News, Jul 19)
William Graham

You're leaving us at IRA mercy, Blair told: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Convicted IRA members could police nationalist areas: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

British set to give terrorists vigilante status in the North: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Catholic church attacked in Bushmills: UTV Internet

Police seize files of spy linked to IRA murders: Sunday Telegraph
David Harrison

Man in court over terrorism link: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Anti-sectarianism plan is scuppered by DUP mayor: Daily Ireland (Jul 20)
Ciarán Barnes

Republicans and loyalists unite in crime and death: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

So who would want to be an amateur cop?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Two armies set out to win over Boyne tourists: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Those Republican liars shall unfortunately remain nameless: Sunday Independent
John Drennan

A not-so-holy bible is a blast from the past: (Jul 20)

Guarding the gardai: The Sunday Times

N. Irish teens take in local scene: Arizona Daily Star (Jul 21)
Brian J. Pedersen

Limerick leads: Limerick Leader

Granted, it's all double Dutch: Sunday Independent
Liam Collins

Muslim Brotherhood convinced the West has no heart for battle: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Saturday, July 22

Government approach 'ham-fisted': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP up in arms over redundancy letters: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Hain sounds dole drums for Assembly: The News Letter

Hain's 'interference' criticised: BBC

Heatwave Won't Affect Cold Storage: The Blanket (Jul 15)
John Coulter

Deadline link to cuts unwise: (from the Irish News, Jul 19)

SF demand focus on policing: UTV Internet

Schemes 'must work with police': BBC

Irish-American concern at extradition treaty: Financial Times
Alexander Kliment

Irish lobby groups try to stop US treaty on extradition: Irish Independent
Harry Dunphy

US failure to ratify 'boosts Blair critics': The Times
Tim Reid

Ex-Noraid boss still gloomy on peace process: Daily Ireland
Jim Dee

New republican parade planned for Ballymena: The News Letter

Parties united in criticism of march: (from the Irish News)
Maeve Connolly

Upholding a moderate influence on Orange Order thinking: Impartial Reporter

Party slams 'arrogant Thatcherite': Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Man to face NI terror charges after cash find: RTE

Irish in the dock: Daily Ireland (Jul 20)

Europe playing the name game with Ireland: Irish Post
Malcolm Rogers

Now what about the Maidstone?: (Jul 20)
Laura McDaid

A sinkable idea: Irish Echo

No room at the inn for film tourists: Daily Ireland
Laurence McKeown

Boom and revolution: Irish Independent

What Exactly Is Anti-Irish?: Irish Voice/
Tom Deignan

From Northern Ireland's 'troubles' to community Policing in Bermuda: The Royal Gazette (Bermuda, Jul 20)
Matthew Taylor

Friday, July 21

DUP says no to special sub-committees: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Unionist delight over abolition of Order system: The News Letter

Devolution deal 'may be reached': BBC

Empey holds talks with UDA: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

There'll be no pushing Paisley into deadline: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

When Silence Is Golden: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Removal at last of flawed procedure a step forward: The News Letter

O'loan in plea to be allowed to probe MI5: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Planned MI5 role in North 'a block on any progress': Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

PSNI officers keep duty allowance: BBC

What kind of justice is this, Mr Hain?: Belfast Telegraph

Three NI parties are 'in the red': BBC

DUP adopts Pearse's ideal:
Des Wilson

Time Running Out for McAllister: Irish Voice/
Georgina Brennan

New extradition treaty 'infringes upon the rights of citizens': Daily Ireland
Jim Dee

NY mayor to meet north's politicos: (from the Irish News, Jul 15)
Barry McCaffrey

Bonfire still burns week after Twelfth: The News Letter

Parade fear drops after assurances: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Fermanagh flag burned on eleventh night bonfire: Impartial Reporter

July 12 a great tourism product: The News Letter

350 file claim for damage in parade riots: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

History provides answer to burning question: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

End this madness plea after church arson attack: Belfast Telegraph
Emily Moulton

Ireland needs a leader to stand up to Britain: Daily Ireland
Jude Collins

Fuel poverty group lobby Venezuelan leader: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Thousands gather to mark 25th anniversary of hunger striker's death: Ulster Herald
Ronan McSherry

Sargent urges a greater use of Irish: Irish Independent (Jul 20)
Anita Guidera

Bloody Sunday Inquiry bill tops £170m: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Thursday, July 20

Bill of rights put into parties' agenda: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Paisley still trading on fears of gullible people: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Hain must tackle DUP obfuscation: Daily Ireland

Government must slash Assembly's departments: The News Letter

Seven-minute argument enters extradition debate: (from the Irish News)
Ray O'Hanlon

British ministers accused of offering sweeteners to UDA: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Nationalists criticise plans to 'retrain' UDA: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

It's out of this world: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 18)
Lindy McDowell

Ulster Unionists are £450,000 in the red: The News Letter

Justice official talks to CRJ figures: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Groups told they must back police: The News Letter

McCartney sister's warning on CRJ: UTV Internet

Dupe Process: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

Orange hall attacks 'are hate crimes': The News Letter

Dissidents in Ramsey hoax war of words: Derry Journal (Jul 14)

Johnny Adair's Turkish delight: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 18)
Gail Walker

Man convicted of loyalist killing: BBC

Ombudsman concerned by MI5 move: BBC

North trial a test case for the Irish language: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Census may cause electoral boundary changes: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins & Carl O'Brien

'Muslim/non-Muslim attitudes parallel N.Ireland Troubles': UTV Internet (Jul 18)

Wednesday, July 19

'Make Plan B public' – SF: UTV Internet

DUP seeks committee clarification: BBC

'Shake-up' of NI government needed – Hain: UTV Internet

Major reduction in civil service hailed by DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Guessing game over alternative strategy: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

New government plan? Reward bad behaviour: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Home truths we need to understand: Belfast Telegraph

Parties clash over justice scheme role: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Unionists' missing link on restorative justice: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Hain urged to pressurise SF: The News Letter

UDA 'holding Treasury to ransom': UTV Internet

Loyalism on the long road towards change: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Fears grow over Apprentice Boys parade: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston & Ciarán Barnes

Orange tribute to dead UDA leader was 'callous': (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Plea for unity over sectarian thuggery: Belfast Telegraph
Clare Weir

Brutal loyalist attacks: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Friends praying for BBQ attack victim: The News Letter

Football plan to stop sectarian violence: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Alternative: The Blanket (Jun 28)
Dolours Price

25 years on, integrated schooling is still on the margins. It's time to change that: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Sailing away with one idea of history: Daily Ireland

It's a brave new world: (from the Irish News, Jul 12)
Ray O'Hanlon

Unionists can teach Israelis: Daily Ireland
Tommy McKearney

Tuesday, July 18

Task forces will tackle barriers to devolution: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Republicans urged to back police: BBC

SF tells Hain to sort out policing: Daily Ireland
Ciaran O'Neill

SF attacks SDLP over policing: UTV Internet

All parties must be on board with policing: The News Letter

Soft footfalls testing out fresh ground: Belfast Telegraph

Here's the genuine, undoctored article again for you, Mrs Dodds: Daily Ireland

Fiery but empty words from Mr Paisley: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Where the Wind Blows: The Blanket (Jun 26)
John Coulter

Northern Ireland's apartheid: Le Monde diplomatique
Cedric Gouverneur

Whitehall letting foxes into the chicken coop: The Times
Dean Godson

MP warns MI5 will not have tools to cope with terrorism: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

McKevitt is given leave to challenge terror conviction: Irish Independent

Court bid to stop bombing retrial: Irish Independent
Ann O'Loughlin

Police treat sectarian gang attack as 'attempted murder': Belfast Telegraph
Clare Weir

Nationalists want 'joint' interface patrols: (from the Irish News, Jun 28)
Seamus McKinney

Loyalists – a law unto themselves:
Damien McCarney

Adams — Twelfth calm no thanks to DUP: (from the Irish News)

Shameful acts: The News Letter

Tell us about your last night with Lisa: Sunday Life (Jul 16)
Stephen Breen

UUP warning over illegal fuel lorries: UTV Internet

'Torture' conviction quashed: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Planning row over H block memorial: Sunday Life (Jul 16)

Maiden City Festival called off: BBC

Minister's thumbs-up for Belfast's Irish activists:
Máirtín Ó Muilleoir

Monday, July 17

Paisley turns up the heat on power-sharing: Sunday Business Post (Jul 16)
Pat Leahy

Paisley keeping his options open: (from the Irish News, Jul 15)

Hain urges SF to meet with police: BBC

SDLP warning over justice schemes: UTV Internet

A family affair or twelfth of never?: Sunday Life (Jul 16)
Sinead McCavana

A day of more interest to locals than tourists: (from the Irish News, Jul 15)
James Kelly

IRA victims' group head says Provos trying to kill him: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jul 16)
Suzanne Breen

IRA shot wrong woman: Sunday Life (Jul 16)
Stephen Breen

SF should back police inquiry: (from the Irish News, Jul 3)

Treaty 'unfair to Irish-Americans': Financial Times
Alexander Kliment and Holly Yeager

Messege clear for Haddock: Sunday Life (Jul 16)
Ciaran McGuigan

Spectre: The Blanket (Jul 1)
Anthony McIntyre

'It's just my guess, but I don't think Ofcom welcomes the sectarian targeting of vulnerable community workers': Daily Ireland (Jul 14)
Robin Livingstone

City Exodus documentary prepares for production: The News Letter (Jul 14)

Attack was sectarian say police: BBC

Has peace made us the race hate capital of the world?: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jul 2)
Suzanne Breen

Friendships to bridge a religious divide: Boston Globe
Seetha Narayan

Mixed schools? Now that's a cracker, says Frank Carson: Belfast Telegraph (Jul 14)
Linda McKee

I'll fight Scap ban: Sunday Life (Jul 16)
Alan Murray

A third of English want split from Scotland: The Scotsman
Hamish MacDonnell

Second summit to tackle bigotry: BBC

Sunday, July 16

Paisley sets boundaries for power-sharing deal: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

SF, DUP will share power – Durkan: BBC

SF says DUP can't block progress: UTV Internet

Paisley 'won't be leader for long': The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Row over Tories' Ulster vote plan: The Observer
Henry McDonald and Lorna Martin

Hain to ask Sinn Fein for 'sustained dialogue' with PSNI: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Orangemen 'frightened away tourists': The Observer
Henry McDonald

Summer days – we like them this way: Belfast Telegraph

Marching toward peace: Boston Herald (Jul 15)

IRA and SF badly split over McConville spying claims: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Fresh hopes for families of disappeared: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Why the name of Jean McConville has the power to rattle the cage of the IRA: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

UDA wants handout of £30m to disband: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Loyalists urged to give up crime: UTV Internet

Ulster across the pond ...: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Arsonists burn down Orange hall: BBC

Shankill FM in sectarian song row: (Jul 13)

15-year-old charged over attack: BBC

Brits Not to Blame for Haughey: The Blanket (Jun 23)
David Adams

Féile gets funding boost: (Jul 13)

English do not want to split Union, poll shows: Scotland on Sunday
Jonathan Lessware

Why going it alone would have 'little or no gain' for Scotland: The Herald (Jul 3)
Tom Gordon


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