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Tuesday, July 31

Foster silent on Robinson united Ireland remarks row: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Peter Robinson has delivered a 'wake-up call' for unionism: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Bradley 'confident' NI will remain part of UK: ITV

Sinn Féin leader against Irish unity poll while Brexit impasse remains: The News Letter
David Young

Fianna Fáil – Varadkar playing 'catch up' on Brexit: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith and Juno McEnroe

Ireland turns screw on May as Varadkar warns 'Hard Brexit WILL lead to STOCKPILING': Daily Express
Joey Millar

Be prepared for a no-deal Brexit, warns Central Bank: The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

Varadkar and Coveney have made a huge miscalculation by putting their faith in Brussels: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Foster again demands direct rule, but no sign of government obliging: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Stormont crisis – Direct rule edges closer as officials admit defeat: The Times
Sam Coates

Failure to restore Stormont powersharing 'a disgrace', says Sinn Féin leader: ITV

Ireland to resist DUP push for direct rule: The Times
Jennifer Bray

Karen Bradley to do 'bare minimum' in absence of devolved government: Irish News
John Manley

The only certainty in politics today is that it will get nastier: The News Letter
Alex Kane

IRA victims pour out raw hurt at Stormont legacy meeting: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Last people left running NI now hamstrung after deciding not to appeal sweeping court verdict: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Party's online Brexit adverts 'targeted to voters outside NI': Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin president – Orange Order should show leadership and meet: The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Ian Paisley – Electoral office reveals number of signatures needed to call by-election: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Has unionism lost its moral compass?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

The Guardian view on Ian Paisley's suspension – between a rock and a hard place: The Guardian

UDA drugs ring exposed – terror group's racket involved triad gang and ex-mercenary: The Sunday Life
Ciaran Barnes

Catholic woman was preparing for son's funeral when loyalists gave her 24 hours to get out: Irish News
Allison Morris

UFF were not responsible for attack on woman's home, says DUP man: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

Malign influence of paramilitaries needs to be challenged: Irish News

Karen Bradley pressed on Tony Taylor case: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

NI Secretary Karen Bradley visits Fountain estate: BBC
Enda McClafferty

Crumlin Presbyterian Church targeted in sectarian hate crime: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

IRA graffiti on Orange Hall is the work of bigoted and hate-filled few, say politicians: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

SF's McGuigan condemns Rasharkin graffiti attack: Ballymoney Times

Irish flag 'nailed to Kingsmills massacre memorial': BBC

Brother of Kingsmill victim condemns attack on memorial: Belfast Telegraph

DUP MP Donaldson sues human rights group over report on charity's Bahrain work: Belfast Telegraph

Mary Lou McDondald – 'Westminster should break same-sex marriage impasse': The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Storm over MLA Hanna's 'bent out of shape' tweet during Pride event: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

People Before Profit campaigner says 'Britain First fascists not welcome in Derry' Facebook: Derry Now

GAA to make Páirc Uí Chaoimh available free of charge for Liam Miller match: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

MPs urge a rethink of UK devolution: BBC

Monday, July 30

Wilson joins Robinson critics after former First Minister says Northern Ireland should prepare for a united Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Peter Robinson is right to urge a restoration of power-sharing structures: Irish News

Robinson on a united Ireland – Let's engage to avert a catastrophe: Irish Examiner

Labour peer lobbies Theresa May to appoint 'mediator' to tackle Stormont crisis: Irish News

Steven Agnew quits as Green Party leader amid anger at Stormont impasse: Irish News
David Young

Karen Bradley must decide – is it direct rule or drift?: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Have any of today's angry voices even read the Good Friday Agreement? (Jul 29): Sunday Independent
Richard Humphreys

Irish Times view on Anglo-Irish relations – keeping sight of mutual interests: The Irish Times

Time our politicians earned their salaries (Jul 5): Belfast Telegraph

Taoiseach plans to stockpile medicines over hard-Brexit 'concerns': Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

Ireland 'would need EU aid after no-deal Brexit': The Times
Paul O'Donoghue

A bad time to border on hysteria (Jul 29): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Time to seek common ground on both sides of the border (Jul 29): The Sunday Times

Caged INLA terror boss Declan 'Whacker' Duffy is using concerns over Brexit to fight extradition to north: Irish Sun
Stephen Breen

'Respect is not just a buzzword for use at election time, it's about positive politics... people deserve nothing less' (Jul 23): Belfast Telegraph
Mairia Cahill

'Unionist' senator Ian Marshall hails McDonald and Coveney for early visits to Derry in wake of recent trouble: Derry Journal

Grieving mother 'ordered out of home by loyalist paramilitaries' in Northern Ireland: Irish Independent

Sinn Féin claim UFF stopped grieving mother waking her son in Belfast home: Belfast Telegraph

Four DUP MLAs failed to disclose donations that paid for Israel trip: Belfast Telegraph

DUP MLAs' failure to report Israel trip donations 'administrative error': The News Letter

Orange Hall attacked with republican graffiti in 'sectarian hate crime': Belfast Telegraph

Overnight attack on rural Orange Hall condemned: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Concerns raised about the closure of Pat Finucane files: Irish News
Connla Young

What happened to Shergar, when was he kidnapped and where is the Ballymany Stud?: The Sun
Aletha Adu

The Dunlops represent the best of us in a way understood right across our so-called divide: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

LGBTQ event at Stormont "an utter disgrace" says MLA Jim Wells: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

UUP train in transgender and gay issues (Jul 23): The News Letter

Brexit looms large in arts festival that straddles Irish border: The Guardian
Maev Kennedy

All change at Holyhead if no deal is landed (Jul 29): Sunday Independent
Colm McCarthy

Theresa May is the UK's Michael Collins (Jul 29): The Sunday Times
David Quinn

Archbishop of Tuam says Church becoming increasingly marginalised, weakened and despised: Connacht Tribune

Catholic schools must remain true to their foundations – status quo will not achieve this: The Irish Times
Jonathan Tiernan

End of school 'baptism barrier' as admission rules change: Irish Independent
Kathryn Donnelly

GAA strikes deal on Liam Miller tribute: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

Unionist blogger – Enjoyable Croke Park experience but GAA could go a bit further to get more Protestants involved: Irish News
Sarah Arnold

Far-right activist barred by UK is recruiting in Dublin (Jun 26): The Times
Aaron Rogan

Sunday, July 29

Leo Varadkar destroying UK-Irish relations, says Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin: The Sunday Times
Stephen O'Brien

Foreign ministers are supposed to smooth over tensions, not to inflame them... clearly, Simon Coveney missed the email: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Brexit and the North – making a bad situation worse (Jul 28): The Irish Times
Mary C Murphy

The Brexit nuclear option should concern us, but the fallout fears are overblown: The Sunday Times
Cormac Lucey

Hysteria over Varadkar aviation comments doesn't fly (Jul 20): The Irish Times
Conor Gallagher

Threat to delicate peace in Ireland: New European
Andrew Adonis

Politicians consumed with self interest only adding to the Brexit: Impartial Reporter
Sabrina Sweeney

"You should be coming together, instead Brexit seems to divide" (Jun 28):
Christine Carrigan

Can Mary Lou McDonald, the new face of Sinn Féin, lead the party to power?: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

SF MLA criticises police presence at ex-IRA man's funeral: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Sinn Féin events are offensive to families (Jul 24): Belfast Telegraph

PSNI to 'review content' of Dolours Price film: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Belfast councillor 'proscribed' from Britain First after row: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

SF has criminalised republican armed struggle (Jul 23): Irish News

Mary Robinson acted like a 'queen', says British diplomat (Jul 24): The Irish Times
Shane Hickey

Having three airports in NI has boosted Dublin airport: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Former H-Block prisoner visits Leinster House for the first time – 37 years after being elected a TD (Jun 27):
Paul Hosford

Sinn Féin outlines process to select candidate for President: RTE
Martina Fitzgerald

IRA bomb victim's disturbing self-portraits put on show: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Arlene Foster's visit to Clones makes it a little bit easier to live in peace together (Jun 26): Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Sinn Féin's McElduff in new business venture after Kingsmill furore (Jul 23): Belfast Telegraph
Jane Scott

Mary McAleese comments on Jesus and marriage equality are appalling (Jul 10): The Irish Times
Paddy Monaghan

GAA gives go-ahead for Liam Miller fundraiser: ITV

Liam Miller decision brings GAA's PR nightmare to an end: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Army on standby for no-deal Brexit emergency: The Sunday Times
Tim Shipman

Sectarianism isn't just about broken bottles, it's about broken hopes at work too – Nil By Mouth: Scottish Daily Record
Dave Scott

Saturday, July 28

North should prepare for united Ireland possibility – ex-DUP leader: The Irish Times
Conor Gallagher

Anger as Peter Robinson says Northern Ireland should prepare for a united Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Brexit rows and power-sharing failure may lead us on a downward spiral into toxicity, warns Robinson: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Peter Robinson's Irish unity remarks 'music to the ears' of Republicans: The Irish Times
Brian Hutton and Amanda Ferguson

'United Ireland' would slash £8.5bn from North's deficit: Derry Journal

Abstentionism here to stay, says McDonald on Mullingar visit: Westmeath Examiner
Paul Hughes

EU's Barnier blows a hole in PM's plan for customs after pullout: Belfast Telegraph
Andrew Woodcock

Secret 'fallback' plan if all May's proposals are rejected by EU: Irish Independent
Stephen Swinford

Government – There will be no equipment, ever, at Irish border: The News Letter

British Chancellor Philip Hammond visits Londonderry and declares himself keen on a 'City Deal' but not a hard border: Londonderry Sentinel

No Brexit answers just platitudes from Foster and May, says Blair's former aide: Impartial Reporter

Britain set to warn EU that an Irish hard border is 'inescapable' in a No-Deal Brexit scenario: The Sun
Harry Cole

The backstop must not lead to diminished UK sovereignty in NI: The News Letter

Sinn Féin and Alliance reject anti-Brexit pact in North Antrim: Irish News
Allison Morris

Ian Paisley's misconduct is not a matter for us, say PSNI: The News Letter

North divided over Ian Paisley jnr in wake of Sri Lanka scandal: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

If rivals serious about unseating DUP's man, unity candidate wrong way to do it: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Emma Little-Pengelly issues statement after Short Strand Halt name dispute: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

Priest apologises to mourners as PSNI chopper hovers over republican funeral: Irish News
Connla Young

NI's 'disgrace' over forces covenant failure: The News Letter

Government demands answers after one of Britain's biggest charities gives £275,000 to Irish republican group linked to banned terrorist organisation: Daily Mail
Lara Keay

DUP MLA calls for police to probe dissident's tweet glorifying IRA murder of RUC officers: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Female soldier partially blinded by IRA bomb gears up for 500 mile cycle: Scottish Daily Record
Stephen Stewart

Decision adjourned over UVF go-between's plea to get special status at Ballymurphy inquest: Irish News
Rebecca Black

Counter-protest to be held against gathering of far-right group Britain First at Ards Leisure Centre: Irish News
John Monaghan

Belfast councillor leaves far-right group Britain First in row over finances: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Fascist graffiti re-emerges in North Belfast: Belfast Media
Michael Jackson

Sinn Féin hit out at DUP threat to block council flying Pride flag: Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

Row on Stormont drag queen event: The News Letter

DUP MLA backs Alternative Queer Ulster event at Stormont addressed by controversial drag queen: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

The Changing Mosaic – Northern Ireland's New Communities:
Paul Nolan

Kate Hoey's constituency party unanimously backs no confidence vote: Irish News

Northern Ireland born MP Hoey vows to fight bid to unseat her after local party passes vote of no confidence: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Sinn Féin to select presidential candidate on September 16th: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

Irish priest claiming lack of Irish-language forms invalidated case to finally face DWI charge:
Charles Collins

Criticism of GAA over Liam Miller debacle must be measured: Sligo Champion

'Liam Miller deserves more than to be an excuse for people to have a cut off each other':
John O'Sullivan

GAA dinosaurs at Jurassic Pairc Ui Chaoimh are more worried about helping pop stars than Liam Miller's family: Irish Mirror
Pat Flanagan

Friday, July 27

Barnier blows fresh hole in May's Brexit proposals over Border: Irish Independent
Andrew Woodcock

Taoiseach expresses confidence Brexit deal can be sealed before March: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

DUP's Sammy Wilson tells Raab, 'take a leaf out of Trump book' in Brexit talks: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

What would a no deal Brexit mean for Northern Ireland?:
Sam McBride

'Take a leaf out of Trump's book', Sammy Wilson tells Brexit minister: The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Brexit talks are almost out of time – but is an extension possible?: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

Vote on Irish unity is almost inevitable – and winnable: The Herald
Gareth Brown

Why arrogance of metropolitan elite like Baron Adonis makes me glad I voted to leave the EU: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

A successful visit to Northern Ireland by the chancellor: The News Letter

Northern Ireland could be be financially better off in a united Ireland – claims new report: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Empey hits out at 'bogus' SF claims on British-Irish body: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Time rapidly running out on how long we can function without our elected decision-makers (Jul 7): Belfast Telegraph
Esmond Birnie

Coveney disappoints SF, saying that British-Irish body can't replace Stormont: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Northern Ireland's Troubles haven't gone away: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Alliance rejects call for single anti-Brexit candidate to stand against Ian Paisley in by-election: Belfast Telegraph

Campbell ridicules 'ludicrous' plan for anti-Brexit candidate to oppose Paisley: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Anti-Brexit by-election candidate would be 'gift' to Ian Paisley, says Jim Allister: Belfast Telegraph

Council has "not given permission" for far-right group Britain First to hold gathering at Ards Leisure Centre: Irish News
John Monaghan

DUP query legality of Gay Pride flag motion: The News Letter
Carmel Robinson

Dolours Price film received €300,000 of public funds: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Anthony McIntyre says he 'couldn't justify' taking part in Dolours Price film: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

I Dolours a powerful, disturbing and honest story of IRA woman Price: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

'I, Dolours' review – An unsettling watch, but lacking in revelations: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Shameful murder of Jean McConville still resonates: Belfast Telegraph

Police should have 'no further part' in pub bombs inquest investigations, say families of victims (Jul 13): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

The proposed new legacy system is a bad deal that will not give victims justice and the public must make itself heard: The News Letter
Doug Beattie

Co Tyrone man claims he was hospitalised after alleged MI5/PSNI informer approach (Jul 14): Irish News
Connla Young

We help Troubles veterans in GB to visit NI and to come to terms with trauma: The News Letter
Kenny Donaldson

DUP's Jim Shannon votes to give MPs facing investigation anonymity (Jul 21): Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

NI farmers accuse EU of playing political 'football' over cross-border trade (Jul 16): The News Letter
David Young

Pope Francis may come to NI, says former Vatican Ambassador: BBC
Mark Simpson

Outdated church risks 'irrelevance': The Times
Katie O'Neill

Air Corps crosses Border to assist with Co Down forest fire: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Sinn Féin meet OfCom to raise concerns about the 'geo-blocking' of major sports events for viewers in the north: Derry Now

Damien Duff's comments on GAA leadership lacked class: Irish Mirror
Pat Nolan

Thursday, July 26

Preventing a border in the Irish Sea is 'non-negotiable' for UK in Brexit talks, says chancellor: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

I don't think no-deal Brexit is likely, says Ireland's deputy PM: The Guardian
Peter Walker

Ireland calls for regular cabinet meetings with UK: The Times
Jennifer Bray

Irish Deputy PM says UK can't afford a no-deal Brexit: BBC

British and Irish governments agree post-Brexit talks structure: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Block on east-west border 'non-negotiable', says Hammond: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Hard Irish Border Could 'Encourage Smuggling Instead Of Terrorism', Says David Trimble: Huffington Post
Ned Simons

Loss of day to fly Union Flag 'small price to pay' for Brexit: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Are UK planes to be banned from Ireland post Brexit?: BBC
Ciarán Dunbar

Brexit has split the UK cabinet – but is it also dividing communities?:
Paul Gosling

Northern Ireland fudge could be too tempting for Brussels: Financial Times
Alex Barker

Why it's not the DUP propping up Theresa May, but SF MPs with their ignorance about abstentionism: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Sinn Féin and DUP poles apart over significance of British-Irish meeting: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Unionists have nothing to fear, says Coveney: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

It's not meddling – Simon Coveney rejects Irish Government could break Good Friday Agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

The PM was wrong to say the 1998 Belfast Agreement requires a seamless border: The News Letter
Owen Polley

Soldiers of a squandered northern destiny: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Make no mistake, DUP's top brass are furious with Ian Paisley: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

DUP's Ian Paisley defiant in local newspaper interview after suspension over luxury holiday and serious misconduct: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Paisley furore – Sri Lankans 'angry and frustrated' over £50,000 holiday freebies: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

DUP may endorse Ian Paisley in by-election despite £50k freebie and serious misconduct revelations: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Brazen Paisley emblematic of DUP disregard for accountability: The Irish Times
Susan McKay

Nationalists quick to define what they mean by being Irish – so why are unionists so poor at explaining Britishness?: Belfast Telegraph
Graham Spencer and Chris Hudson

Féile Belfast debates to include all unionist panel for first time: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Northern Ireland is haunted by a new spectre – far right extremism: New Statesman
Alix O'Neill

Fire crews tackled more than 1,800 bonfires in five years:
Rory Winters

The proposed new legacy system is a bad deal that will not give victims justice and the public must make itself heard: The News Letter
Doug Beattie

Political delays on dealing with the Troubles force legal move to protect evidence:
Maresa Fagan

'The IRA took both my arms, and gave me Post Traumatic Growth': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Dolours Price told film-makers of her direct involvement in murder of Jean McConville: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Jean McConville's sons rubbish informer claims in new documentary: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

First-look pictures – Vicky McClure in new BBC drama on IRA Warrington bomb: The News Letter
Lucy Mapstone

GAA warned about State funding after Miller match fiasco: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle and Ralph Riegel

GAA players support holding Liam Miller tribute match in Páirc Uí Chaoimh: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

British-Irish body 'has no say on terminations': Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Law Unto Themselves: The Times

Siege mentality on schools will only harm Protestant children: Irish Examiner
Victoria White

It's sad how Irish politicians try to belittle us – our stance won't change over leaving the EU: The Sun

Man arrested over Orange Walk attack on priest in Glasgow: The Scotsman

Wednesday, July 25

EU will demand border checks if no deal, says top civil servant: BBC
John Campbell

Sinn Féin urges Brussels to hold summit on Brexit border impasse: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Irish opposition leader backs special NI status: The News Letter
Cate McCurry

Extension of Brexit talks is 'preferable' to No deal – Leo Varadkar: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

'We can have no backsliding from the Irish government': Derry Journal
Elisha McCallion

Taoiseach open to extension of March Brexit deadline: The Irish Times
Daniel McLaughlin

Human rights protections after exit 'must cover whole of Ireland': Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

There will be no border in the Irish Sea: The News Letter
Nigel Dodds

As time runs out, we need to prepare for a hard border: The Times
Edgar Morgenroth

Statement of intent by PM does little to mask chaos in wake of White Paper: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

EU evangelists stand in way of a fair Brexit: The Times
Karen Devine

A hard border will inevitably bring back terrorism: Irish Mirror
Paddy Clancy

Northern Ireland after Brexit – Martin's plan is worth considering: Irish Examiner

SF wants British-Irish body to discuss devolved matters: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Agenda for first meeting of the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference in a decade shrouded in secrecy as ministers gather in London: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Inter-governmental conference must confront toxic DUP-Tory pact: Irish News
Michelle O'Neill

Why confused picture of NI budget has to be explained: Belfast Telegraph
John Simpson

Community leaders must do more to bring about resolutions: Belfast Telegraph
Kenny Donaldson

Time for Sinn Féin to leave abstentionism to the history books: Irish Examiner
Fergus O'Farrell

Sinn Féin and abstentionism – 'The party will eventually need people to take oaths for Ireland':
Caoimhín De Barra

Stephen Martin appointed temporary deputy chief constable: BBC

DUP suspends Ian Paisley's party membership pending investigation – MPs vote to endorse 30-day Commons ban: Belfast Telegraph

Parliament unanimously bans Ian Paisley for 30 sitting days over holiday scandal: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Ian Paisley could make unwelcome history for DUP: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'I will not go quietly,' says Paisley in face of by-election threat: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

Sinn Féin vow to support efforts to oust Ian Paisley: Irish News
John Manley

Unity candidate unlikely in North Antrim says former MLA: Irish News
John Manley

Paisley – 'Those seeking by-election are opportunists': The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Sinn Féin hunger strike march in Castlewellan an insult to our loved ones, say families of IRA victims: Belfast Telegraph
Gillian Halliday

Máiría Cahill looking forward to life as city councillor: The News Letter

Britain First to hold first meeting in Northern Ireland this weekend: Belfast Telegraph

'Political row on Troubles amnesty discouraging victims', says Commissioner: The News Letter
David Young

Sinn Féin's Begley calls for 'truth and justice' over Troubles murder of councillor Patsy Kelly: Belfast Telegraph

Troubles veterans in GB 'only hit by mental health problems years later': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Jean McConville's family to stage protest over Dolours Price film: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Former Republic of Ireland star Damien Duff labels GAA 'f***ing dinosaurs' over handling of Liam Miller charity match: Irish Post
Ryan Price

Irish MEP says calm debate needed on security and defence: The Irish Times
Conor Gallagher

Wales and NI to make submissions at Scottish Brexit law hearing: The News Letter
Sian Harrison

Gibraltar – Spain warns UK over 'cliff-edge' Brexit: The Guardian
Daniel Boffey and Sam Jones

Brexit row over Gibraltar ERUPTS – Spain warned Rock's sovereignty is non-negotiable: Daily Express
Joe Barnes

Voters are fast losing patience with feuding Tories as Brexit looms: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Moncrieff

Tuesday, July 24

Ireland border issue 'manageable', claims Davis as EU braces itself for no deal: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit: North can operate under different rules to UK – Coveney: The Irish Times
Conor Gallagher

Brexit process at moment of undeniable crisis – Martin: RTE

'UK obliged to pay' – Varadkar responds to Dominic Raab threat over non-payment of £39bn EU settlement: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

'Today's Tory Party is beyond satire' – Micheal Martin hits out at UK government's handling of Brexit: Irish Independent
Cate McCurry

Brexit THREAT – Sinn Féin warns May risks putting Good Friday Agreement in JEOPARDY: Daily Express
Joe Barnes

Michelle O'Neill says it's 'increasingly likely that there will be a no-deal Brexit':
Gráinne Ní Aodha

Sinn Féin 'advocating economic chaos', says Dodds: The News Letter

Northern Ireland woman gets homophobic hate mail over daughter's rainbow flag in window: Belfast Telegraph

Chief Constable urges Bradley to increase police numbers now: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

The Irish border has to stay open to stop Brexit descending into chaos: London Evening Standard
Martin Donnelly

Will Theresa May finally stand up to the DUP and help restore Stormont?: The Guardian
Elisha McCallion

Britain, there's a better way to vote on Brexit: The Times
Jason O'Mahony

Price of maintaining Belfast Agreement is eternal vigilance: The Irish Times
Niall O'Dowd

'Brexit apathy' is now Ireland's greatest enemy: Irish Independent
John Downing

No hard border, but still hard times: The Times
John Walsh

A no deal Brexit may cause "civil unrest". Yet the government has rejected all other deals: New Statesman
Stephen Bush

European Commissioner Phil Hogan warns UK may leave EU with no exit deal in place: Irish Mirror
Ferghal Blaney

Ian Paisley selfie snapper backs MP in dispute over dates: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Up to 10 venues would be made available to sign petition to oust Ian Paisley: Irish News
John Manley

Why Mr Paisley has presented some problems for Mrs May, Mrs Foster and Ms McDonald: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Campbell defiant after graffiti attack on office: Londonderry Sentinel

Twitter row as Pengelly defends DUP: Belfast Telegraph

RMT union calls for 'Craigavon Two' review: Irish News
Connla Young

Lurgan man who took part in illegal republican parade claims human rights being breached: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Man accused over illegal republican parade challenges bail terms: The News Letter

Online death threat aimed at SDLP's Dallat: Belfast Telegraph
Jane Scott

Patsy McGlone urges '32-county context' for SDLP: Irish News
John Manley

Fianna Fáil will organise in Northern Ireland, says Martin: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin march 'an insult to IRA victims': Irish Independent
Gillian Halliday

30th anniversary of IRA murders of couple and their young son: Irish News
John Monaghan

Margaret Thatcher doubted Irish resolve to combat terrorism: The Irish Times
Shane Hickey

British diplomat spoke of 'rough ride' ahead after Haughey's election as FF leader: The Irish Times
Shane Hickey

Simon Coveney visits Fountain estate after Derry trouble: BBC

Huge turn-outs show Derry's positive face: Irish News

Invoking 1998 agreement to back abortion 'is abhorrent': The News Letter

Mundell says no-deal Brexit would be better than Scottish independence: The National (Scotland)

SNP dreaming of hard Brexit as Tories 'weaken' the union: The Scotsman
Ian Murray

Monday, July 23

Fury at Varadkar's demand for two-year deal extension: Irish Independent
John Downing

Article 50 extension would need major shift in UK politics, say EU officials: The Guardian
Daniel Boffey

Bertie Ahern raises concerns about North being left in limbo amid border battle: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Varadkar bids to drum up support for State in whistle-stop tour of European leaders: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

DUP 'want hard border' between north and south in Ireland, claims Labour peer Andrew Adonis: Irish Post
Gerard Donaghy

'Ireland will not once again become collateral damage in British policy': Sunday Independent
Leo Varadkar

Sinn Féin would be mad to abandon abstentionism now: The Times
Jason Walsh

RTE failed to put Sinn Féin on the spot about abstention (Jul 22): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Where do I stand on Ireland? That's a difficult question: The Guardian
Michael Hughes

The UK has no strategy, but that's not its main problem: Sunday Independent
Colm McCarthy

Dire warning that Theresa May speech will "break the Irish peace process" (Jul 20): Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

A Brokered Brexit: The Times

Britain must provide Brexit solutions: Irish News

It's time for a hand-brake turn on Brexit (Jul 22): Sunday Herald

Threat to renege on bill – UK increasingly loud on Brexit: Irish Examiner

You've a brass neck suggesting Ian Paisley should be sacked – Sammy Wilson attacks BBC saying MP has been punished enough: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Theresa May refuses to accept any Brexit deal which treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK... but can you imagine these scenes being tolerated in Birmingham, Cardiff or Glasgow? (Jul 13): Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

'Republican row spilled into Fountain': Derry Journal

'Armed and deadly' new dissident republican group wants to take over from the provisional IRA: Irish Mirror
Jilly Beattie

Fake movie poster used by police to make point against illegal parades: The News Letter

Red Hand Commando flags with Irish language slogan flown: Irish News
John Monaghan

Senior Sinn Féin man tells of secret meeting before UVF unit halted killing spree: Irish News
Connla Young

UVF unit believed to have been formed after murder of UDR man: Irish News
Connla Young

Unturning the stones on murder (Jun 20): Village
Frank Connolly

Martin's fears for Ireland, UK relations: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn, Maeve Sheehan and Shaun Connolly

Sinn Féin targets the Áras with a purpose (Jul 20): The Times
Eamon Delaney

Catholic support for Joan Freeman tackling the presidency (Jul 8): The Sunday Times
Justine McCarthy

170 Irish and UK politicians sign letter calling for change to the North's abortion laws:
Gráinne Ní Aodha

NI anti-abortion activists warn MPs over Westminster interference (Jul 18): Belfast Telegraph

Ruth Davidson – No deal would play into the hands of SNP: The Times
Daniel Sanderson

No Deal Brexit would mean no more UK: Sunday Herald
Iain Macwhirter

Sunday, July 22

Good Friday Agreement Lord Murphy mastermind says Northern Ireland at risk of violence: South Wales Argus
Ian Craig

Theresa May Northern Ireland visit – Business chiefs still seek 'clarity' on the key issues: Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning

PM tried to reassure unionists but the pressure will be on the Union in event of No Deal: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Ireland's Leo roars like any EU bully but his UK flights threat is all hot airspace: The Sunday Times
Rod Liddle

Ireland border 'is exploited': Sunday Express
Kate Devlin

Never mind the Commons arithmetic – Sinn Féin isn't coming to save Brexit (Jul 20): New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

Theresa May Fermanagh visit – History shows Belleek has resilience to overcome any battle (Jul 20): Belfast Telegraph
Gerry McLaughlin

Ireland should think twice about its EU allies (Jul 19): Daily Telegraph

Only Project Fact can expose Sinn Féin propaganda about the way it has weaponised equality agenda (Jul 19): Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

DUP officials meet to consider Ian Paisley parliamentary breach: ITV

DUP unlikely to risk ousting Paisley given heavy backing in constituency: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Ian Paisley Junior – one scandal too many?: The Irish Times
Susan McKay

Ian Paisley furore – 'Pop up and ask Sinn Féin' – BBC's Nolan rejects claim he's biased against DUP: Belfast Telegraph

Nationalists baulk at raising peace wall: Derry Journal

Make bonfire removal costs public say Alliance and Greens (Jul 18): BBC
Mark Simpson

Paramilitary gangsters are the real criminals, not some silly police officer who recorded ill-judged bonfire quip (Jul 18): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Trial at Special Criminal Court delayed after FBI agent couldn't find bible to swear oath on (Jul 18): Irish Independent
Eoin Reynolds

Family of Co Down teen murdered 43 years ago call for killers to 'tell us the truth' (Jul 20): Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Sinn Féin should now put nation over party: The Times
Shane Coleman

In Sinn Féin's game, we all end up losing: The Sunday Times
Sarah Carey

Presidential stitch-up is unravelling – with FG and FF caught on the hop (Jul 7): Irish Independent
Ivan Yates

Liam Miller match development hailed as 'welcome' as GAA seeks meeting: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Joe Brolly tells GAA how Liam Miller tribute match could go ahead at Pairc Ui Chaoimh: Irish Mirror
Robert Hynes

Pope's visit should show a 'diverse, inclusive' State, Ministers told (Jul 19): The Irish Times
Sarah Bardon

Church must avoid a culture of 'benign indifference': Irish Catholic
Colm Fitzpatrick

Countess Markievicz portrait presented to Wesminster to mark centenary of women's vote (Jul 19): Irish News
John Manley

Constance Markievicz was last night commemorated as the first woman elected to parliament... but how many gathered in the Commons knew she was almost certainly a cold-blooded killer?: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

'You never hear an Irish American saying they're Protestant,' says playwright David Ireland (Jul 19): The Herald
Neil Cooper

Northern Ireland anti-abortion activists warn MPs new laws could destroy devolution: The Independent
Maya Oppenheim

Hundreds of Northern Irish women travel to Britain for abortions: The Sunday Times
Tim Shipman and Caroline Wheeler

Meet the Yorkshire Party – the English regionalists inspired by the SNP: The Scotsman
Chris McCall

Nationalists must push for Brexitref 2 before Indyref 2 (Jul 19): The Scotsman
Kenny MacAskill

Why is Britain turning blind eye to Leave side's lawbreaking? (Jul 18): The Irish Times
Peter Geoghegan

Saturday, July 21

Theresa May quotes Winston Churchill in Belfast speech insisting she won't let the EU break up the UK: The Sun
Natasha Clark

My Brexit plan will work for Northern Ireland says PM in key Belfast speech: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Theresa May's Belfast speech suffused with a strong pro-Union message: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Barnier adopts conciliatory tone over Ireland: Financial Times
Jim Brunsden and Laura Hughes

EU reaction to UK white paper 'lukewarm' – Simon Coveney: Irish Independent
Graham Fahy

Ireland 'will have hardest border in Europe if there's a no deal Brexit': Belfast Telegraph
Shona Murray

'It's RIDICULOUS!' Tory Brexiteer TEARS into EU for using Irish border to THWART Brexit: Daily Express
Charlotte Davis

UK heading for no deal Brexit, says Jacob Rees-Mogg: Belfast Telegraph

'No-deal hard Brexit can be avoided', says Taoiseach: Irish Examiner
Noel Baker

Downing Street criticises Irish PM Leo Varadkar over Brexit plane ban threat: The Sun
Matt Dathan

'Worthy of Trump!' Brexiteer SAVAGES Irish leader in FURIOUS row over airspace 'threats': Daily Express
Jamie Macwhirter

Varadkar's airspace claim 'foolish' as Irish need RAF: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Sinn Féin accuse Prime Minister May of visiting Belfast to pick a fight: Belfast Telegraph

Hard border will spark mass resistance, Theresa May warned: Derry Journal

Varadkar called 'airhead' by 'Sun' newspaper over flights remark: The Irish Times
Conor Gallagher

Taoiseach insists he is not offended after being called an 'EU Toady' and an 'Air Head' by British Sun newspaper: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

Sharp backstop differences between Varadkar and May: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy, Patrick Smyth and Gerry Moriarty

PM claims 'seamless border' central to Belfast Agreement – but it doesn't say that: The News Letter

Glimmer of hope at end of rocky Brexit week: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

To break the Irish backstop deadlock, May needs her biggest fudge yet: The Guardian
Marley Morris

Theresa May takes DUP line: Irish News

Irish Times view on Brexit negotiations – stretching trust and ingenuity: The Irish Times

PM restates her unionism, but makes seamless border vow: The News Letter

Brexit – Europe's open skies: No time for soundbite diplomacy: Irish Examiner

Theresa May speaks of 'frustration and regret' over Northern Ireland political stalemate: Irish Independent
David Hughes

Theresa May under fire for private DUP dinner while other Stormont parties get 15 minutes: Irish News
John Manley

Northern Ireland secretary Bradley accused of failing Fountain residents after attacks: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Police appeal for info on white van petrol bomber: The News Letter

DUP won't take 'lynch mob' approach to Paisley.. but I'd back him as DUP by-election candidate – Donaldson: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

PSNI investigating claims that it gave people's personal data to suspected paramilitaries: The News Letter

Demands for full investigation into 'shocking' data breach: Irish News
Allison Morris

Derry MLA slams 'shocking' PSNI security breach that has put information of private citizens in the hands of loyalist paramilitaries: Derry Now

Alarm over data breach: Irish News

Stormont silent on fate of pallets removed from Belfast bonfires: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Weather puts dampener on controversial makeshift east Belfast bonfire: Belfast Telegraph
Andrew Madden

Extradited gunman who shot IRA man pleads guilty to his murder:
Ken Foy

Family of Aidan McAnespie meet Charlie Flanagan: Irish News
Connla Young

Referendum commission to oversee blasphemy poll announced: The Irish Times
Conor Pope

'Being Catholic is the best part of my life' – What it's like to be young, Irish and Catholic in 2018: Irish Independent
Rachel Farrell

Pope's visit: Irish Examiner

The Irish Times view on the GAA's own goal over the Liam Miller testimonial: The Irish Times

Friday, July 20

Ireland's PM has been branded 'mad' for threatening to stop British planes flying over Ireland as revenge for Brexit: The Sun
Tom Newton Dunn

Leo Varadkar's airspace 'vendetta' slammed by DUP's Sammy Wilson: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

The Irish PM is a fool, but this latest tantrum exposes Brussels' intentions to keep us in its grip: The Sun

Theresa May – I will never accept EU's ideas on Irish Brexit border: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

'Too little, too late' – Sinn Féin slams UK Prime Minister's visit to Irish border: Irish Independent
Rebecca Black and David Young

Theresa May on Brexit, Border, DUP and if her days as PM are numbered: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Belleek Pottery boss – Our message to Prime Minister hit home: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Theresa May dodges potshots in a place called F-e-r-m-a-n-a-g-h: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Fear of 'hard border' has been used as Brexit bargaining chip and PM should confront it as an absurdity: The News Letter
Gregory Campbell

PM visiting border is good symbolism but it is policy that matters: The News Letter

Taoiseach's confidence of no Border controls not shared in Brussels: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

Northern Irish border problem being 'weaponised', claims former minister: The Independent
Shehab Khan

Brexit – IMF suggests no deal would hurt Ireland as much as Britain: The Times
Philip Aldrick

Scotland's Brexit battle with UK backed by Northern Ireland and Wales: The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

'Brexit means Brexit' – what does that mean?: Derry Journal
Mark H Durkan

Less obvious how Britain and EU can agree a deal: Irish Examiner
Jim Power

Hardliners expose the Englishness at Brexit's heart: The Times
Patrick Maguire

How Northern Ireland is still split:
David Blevins

The paramilitaries who live on in Northern Ireland:
Andy Davies

Theresa May urges Northern Ireland's politicians to get back to work in Belfast address: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Reg Empey – Health powers should be returned to Westminster: The News Letter

Bradley move on key public body posts is welcomed: Belfast Telegraph

Karen Bradley criticised for not visiting Fountain/Bogside; refuses to be drawn on peace wall: Derry Journal

Prime Minister Northern Ireland visit day two – Theresa May asked about Ian Paisley Sri Lanka trip: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

DUP's Arlene Foster dodges question of support for Ian Paisley after getting apology from him: Belfast Telegraph

Ian Paisley sorry for breach in parliamentary rules: Irish Examiner
Richard Wheeler

Ian Paisley looks to 'the prophet Isaiah' as he eats humble pie in House of Commons: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Paisley scandal – National newspapers give scant coverage to Sri Lanka trips furore: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

Ian Paisley critical of how his serious misconduct was portrayed: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Paisley must 'come clean' with Parliament – Wells: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Ian Paisley an unconventional politician unlikely to be ousted from North Antrim: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

People of North Antrim should now decide if Paisley stays their MP: The News Letter
Steven Agnew

Politically damaging, but Paisley dynasty will survive: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Flanagan

Growing dilemmas surround Ian Paisley: Irish News

Paisley's behaviour creates problem for DUP and Prime Minister May: Belfast Telegraph

Personal data of private citizens handed over to loyalists by police: Irish News
Allison Morris

Cluan Place 'bonfire' appears in East Belfast: Belfast Live
Andrew Madden

Appeal for information on 'shocking' video of teen throwing petrol bomb at van:
Paul Hosford

Comedian's gay jibes at DUP's Foster spark call for apology from the BBC: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

GAA urged to make Páirc Uí Chaoimh available for Liam Miller benefit game: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Orange Order parade past Glasgow church where priest was attacked called off: Glasgow Evening Times
Stewart Paterson

Thursday, July 19

Brexit to dominate Theresa May's visit to Northern Ireland: RTE
Brendan Wright

PM set for first Irish border visit since Brexit referendum: The News Letter

Theresa May to rule out hard border on visit to Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph

NI political leaders issue joint Brexit statement claiming "significant areas of concern" remain around impact in Northern Ireland: Irish News
Marie Louise McConville

Varadkar says Ireland is stepping up plans for no-deal Brexit: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

Ireland PANIC over Brexit as Dublin hires 1,000 new customs officers: Daily Express
Isabel van Brugen

Varadkar's claim over airspace restrictions 'shameful blackmail': The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Fears of Brexit 'doomsday' spark race against time: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

Boris Johnson says Irish border 'politically charged': BBC

Brexit – Conservative in-fighting 'unhelpful,' says Coveney: The Irish Times
Vivienne Clarke

Over a thousand extra full time customs officers to be hired for Brexit contingency: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

EU calms Varadkar's fears of physical Border checks after Brexit: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly, Pat Leahy and Denis Staunton

Under the shadow of the Liberator, Ireland stands firm on Brexit: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Council's Brexit Committee could be 'squawking shop', councillor warns: Belfast Telegraph
Andrew Madden

Customs vote reinforces fears of catastrophic no deal Brexit: The News Letter
Stephen Farry

Taoiseach clings to his 'Brexit bright side', but we must now hope sense prevails: Irish Independent
John Downing

It is welcome that an Irish Sea border has been kicked into touch: The News Letter
Jim Nicholson

Brexit is changing Northern Ireland's direction – but it isn't heading "back to the Troubles": New Statesman
Amanda Ferguson

London has been far too timid in response to border tactics: The News Letter

Sinn Féin's stay-away MPs risk hard border, say critics: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

AOH renews call for N.I. envoy: Irish Echo

SoS Karen Bradley pledges action on vital public appointments: The News Letter

Ian Paisley Jr suspended from parliament for 30 days after not disclosing free '£100k' Sri Lanka holidays: The Independent
Rob Merrick

Westminster byelection may be inevitable following Ian Paisley suspension: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'Ian Paisley should resign immediately' says MP for Foyle: Derry Journal

Undated selfie offered as proof Ian Paisley was not in Sri Lanka on July 11: Irish News

What did the lavish Sri Lanka trips cost?: Irish News
John Manley

Ian Paisley's suspension raises the stakes for Theresa May – and Arlene Foster: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

Damaging report into Ian Paisley a resignation matter: Irish News

Handing legacy to IRA is one of the biggest scandals since WW2: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

PSNI losing up 50 top officers a month, says MP: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

Policy of 50/50 recruitment was key to Catholics joining the PSNI ... it was political folly to scrap it: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Who really runs Sinn Féin? We'll soon know: The Times
Cormac Lucey

New Garda Commissioner Drew Harris to get 24-hour armed protection to prevent IRA threat: Irish Mirror
Niall O'Connor

Children 'exploited and goaded' into Londonderry violence says Secretary of State: Belfast Telegraph

Man released after attack on home of Gerry Adams: ITV

Second man arrested for attack on homes of Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey: Belfast Telegraph

Attack on Gerry Adams home the work of 'fringe' vigilante dissidents: Irish News
Allison Morris

Why Sinn Féin denouncing dissident violence, while glorifying its Provisional antecedents, is a circle the party can never square: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Ombudsman fails in bid to stop legal action by family of Loughinisland victim: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Inclusion of Sinn Féin MP's portrait in Westminster exhibition branded 'distasteful': The News Letter

Republican flute band to march through Glasgow to celebrate birthday of Edinburgh-born Irish rebel leader James Connolly: Scottish Sun
Mary McCool

Wednesday, July 18

Government publishes plans for hard Brexit: Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell and Elaine Loughlin

Doubts building in Dublin and Brussels that May can deliver soft Brexit: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Brexit – EU brushes off Chequers plan and focuses on Irish border: The Times
Bruno Waterfield

Leo Varadkar – 'no cause for panic' on UK backstop position: BBC

'Cast iron' backstop guarantee needed following Brexit Bill amendments – SF: The Irish Times
Vivienne Clarke

Brexit – Fears over emergency co-operation at Irish border: BBC
Cormac Campbell

Minister calls on Sinn Féin to take up seats in House of Commons: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin and Daniel McConnell

Sinn Féin – Anyone who thinks we should take Westminster seats 'living in a fool's paradise': Belfast Telegraph

SF's abstentionism is pointless: Irish Independent

Sinn Féin blames Tories for Brexiteers' amendments as rivals criticise abstentionism: Irish News

Government gears up for showdown with WTO on future of soft Border: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin and Shona Murray

Brexit – Commons decision on customs 'safeguards' North's place in UK: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

The Border 'backstop' will remain in doubt right to the end of this dreary Brexit carry-on: Irish Independent
John Downing

Brexit chaos will make an orderly withdrawal less likely: Irish News

Northern Ireland Office's consultation paper on legacy issues is an amoral fudge: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Karen Bradley to introduce more Northern Ireland laws from London – report: Belfast Telegraph

Bogside Artists rubbish mural glorification claim: Derry Journal

DUP to vote against Theresa May's early holiday plan for MPs: Belfast Telegraph

DUP ex-MLA Nelson McCausland appointed to Education Authority board: Irish News
Marie Louise McConville

Orange Institution must tackle perception problem: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Police yet to publicly attribute responsibility for attack on Gerry Adams house: Belfast Telegraph

If dissidents didn't have feud with mainstream republicans before Friday, they might have one now: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

We must quash new wave of young sectarian violence: Irish News
Leona O'Neill

Sectarian 'Mickey Bo' killer Kerr in court charged with custody escape: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Higgins

Birmingham pub bombings – Coroner challenges inquest ruling: BBC

Electoral Commission contacts BBC over DUP Brexit donation claims: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

New citizens of Ireland and Irish abroad should be encouraged to learn national anthem, says report: Irish Post
Gerard Donaghy

Families disappointed Amhrán na bhFiann will not be protected by law: The Irish Times
Colin Gleeson

Hold referendum to end religious control of schools, says Labour: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Concerns over Stormont minority ethnic fund money: BBC
Jayne McCormack

Divis and Shankill young people on cross-community trip to US: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

Northern Irish youth in US as part of Ulster Project: Niles Tribune Chronicle
Bob Coupland

Call for Israeli Ambassador to be sent home ahead of rally in Derry: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

Does it matter that Trump didn't distinguish between England, the U.K. and Great Britain?: Washington Post
Eugene Scott

Tuesday, July 17

Downing Street agree to no post-Brexit border in Irish sea: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Theresa May accused of 'cowardice': BBC

Sinn Féin slammed for 'gifting Theresa May Brexit win': Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

DUP welcomes legal guarantee of no customs border in Irish Sea: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Contingency plans in place for a worst-case Brexit: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

Second Brexit vote call dismissed as 'hare brained' by Wilson: The News Letter

'No deal' better than border in Irish Sea, says DUP's Donaldson: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Derry violence a 'taste' of hard Brexit' and Rees-Mogg should visit Bogside, warns national paper: Derry Journal

Post-Brexit risk of rise in illegal migration to Ireland: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Departing US Consul General urges return to devolution: Irish News
Dan Lawton

Frank Costello – There should be a voice providing representation in the EU for Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Breakthrough as ministers rule out Irish Sea border: The News Letter

Lack of NI Executive 'a strategic risk', says Irish government: BBC
John Campbell

DUP leader issues challenge for Sinn Féin to restore power sharing government on her visit to Derry: Derry Now

A return to power-sharing in Northern Ireland is more distant than ever: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

Karen Bradley to move to re-establish NI policing board: BBC
Jayne McCormack

Attackers of Adams and Storey homes are 'enemies of peace': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Gerry Adams attack rally draws huge crowd in Andersonstown: Belfast Live
David Young

Gerry Adams' wish to meet attackers is height of irony, says Travers: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

'We're not going to be intimidated' – Mary Lou McDonald: BBC
Mark Simpson

Brother of IRA murder victim hits out at Sinn Féin 'hypocrisy': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Solicitor says Derry teenager's arrest for attempted murder of PSNI officer was 'unlawful': Derry Now

Bogside mural should have a disclaimer or be painted over, says UUP MLA: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Sinn Féin criticise police for Derry disorder arrests – TUV's Allister hits out at 'hyprocrisy': Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Tánaiste Simon Coveney visits Derry to show his solidarity with a 'great city': Derry Now

Derry councillor challenges youths who attacked his Creggan home this morning to come forward and explain their actions: Derry Now

Derry starts to rebuild image after damaging week of unrest: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Terrorism inevitably fills Northern Ireland's power vacuum: The Irish Times
Alex Kane

Low-level yes, but attacks break acceptable level of violence test: Belfast Telegraph
Anthony McIntyre

A disturbing turn in the NW, as the PSNI is target of criticism: The News Letter

Blatant bids to stir trouble must stop: Belfast Telegraph

Stolen poppy wreaths recovered from river by 'cross community' human chain: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

No arrests or searches carried out in relation to UVF linked violence: Irish News
Allison Morris

Politics of fear and division must be rejected: Belfast Telegraph
Declan Kearney

Son of murdered solicitor emerges as latest possible presidential candidate: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

McDonald refuses to be drawn on Finucane presidential candidate speculation: The News Letter

Sinn Féin expected to nominate female candidate in presidential election: The Irish Times
Sarah Bardon

Birmingham pub bombings coroner begins appeal over scope of hearings: The News Letter

Boy George tells of 'pride and sorrow' as IRA ties revealed on Who Do You Think You Are?: Belfast Telegraph

BBC say they did not seek to cause offence after airing Famine Song: Irish News
Connla Young

Priest claims Ireland is 'least Christian' part of English-speaking world and slams colleagues for 'duplicity' on abortion and homosexuality: Irish Post
Aidan Lonergan

Humza Yousaf takes lead against hate crime, condemning anti-Catholic bigotry (Jul 15): The Sunday Times
John Boothman

Monday, July 16

Donaldson – Theresa May 'no room to manoeuvre' in Brexit plan: BBC

"Urgent work" needed to protect rights in Northern Ireland after Brexit:
Lindsay Fergus

'Prepare for all Brexit outcomes' – Paschal Donohoe says no-deal situation could cost Ireland millions: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Bertie Ahern – Northern Ireland power vacuum always a source of trouble: The Times
Ellen Coyne

Brexit requires more British sovereignty over Ireland not less: The Irish Times
Peter Ramsay and Chris Bickerton

UK dilemma over Brexit is beginning to morph into a constitutional crisis: Sunday Independent
Colm McCarthy

Europeans fear death of a dream as UK shuffles aside: Sunday Independent
Paddy Agnew

Ireland set to remove oil reserves from Britain as Brexit deadline looms closer: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

PM's Brexit deal seems to be in tatters, but last thing we need is bitter sectarian general election: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

State to hire 500 staff at ports and airports if the UK crashes out: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

Clarity urged on post-Brexit status of Irish citizens in Scotland: The Scotsman
Laura Paterson

AOH National President warns of return to "dark days of the past" in the North: Irish Voice/
Patrick Mason

East Belfast bonfire at Bloomfield Walkway will be 'bigger and better' next year at new site says builders: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

Attackers threw device at home of Gerry Adams from moving car, CCTV reveals: Irish Independent
Rebecca Black

Gerry Adams attack rally to take place in Andersonstown: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

'SF turning against PSNI after rioting': The News Letter

Dissies target 'traitors' – just like Adams did: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

No justification for dissident violence: Irish News

DUP's Gregory Campbell lashes Catholic bishop over giving 'rationale' for Derry rioters: Irish Examiner

Sinn Féin expected to nominate female candidate in presidential election: The Irish Times

A small elite seems to think an election doesn't fit its agenda: Sunday Independent
Sean Gallagher

Who is going to be SF's sacrificial lamb?:

Is it a win-win for Sinn Féin to contest the Presidency?: RTE
Martina Fitzgerald

Bookings for World Meeting of Families events in Dublin 'break all records': The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

The muck of the Irish: Jerusalem Post
Michael Freund


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