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This archive contains references to articles from July 15-31, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


July 31

The cancer of sectarianism: Irish News (Editorial)

Still a long way to go, even with a ceasefire: The Irish Times

Compromise possible on Derry march: The Irish Times

Claudy: 25 years ago today a community was devastated: Irish News

Girl's birthday ruined over Union Jack dress: The Irish Times

July 30

Can unionism survive in a British republic?: Irish News

Minister says no fudge on arms issue in talks: The Irish Times

Terror grips streets as darkness falls: Irish News

Belfast residents clear up after street battle: The Irish Times

July 29

Belfast Army patrols halted as security is scaled down: Daily Telegraph

Tactic to shame the unionists to talks: The Irish Times

Schoolboy was young victim of old hatreds: The Irish Times

Peace is now a 'certainty': Irish News

Taunts 'drive IRA victim to kill himself': Irish News

July 28

Refusal to engage in talks makes no sense: Irish News

Adams faces Unionist challenge on TV: The Times

BBC denies seeking interview with IRA: The Irish Times

Adams cornered over IRA arms: Daily Telegraph

Border gang suspected after guns haul: The Irish Times

Adams seeks Clinton's help on rights: The Irish Times

Human rights have a place in the peace process: Irish News

July 27

A cautious eye is cast upon new IRA cease-fire: Philadelphia Inquirer

US to let Adams in for visit: The Sunday Times

IRA terror for family of jockey who spoke out: The Sunday Times

July 26

NI Catholic majority is a dangerous myth: The Irish Times

Trimble seeks way to join full peace talks: The Times

'Regions' break away to end United Kingdom: Irish News

Nationalists should 'reach out' - Adams: The Irish Times

New ceasefire with a new war of words: Irish News

Ahern in talks with Adams and Hume: Daily Telegraph

July 25

Mitchell sees hope for Irish talks: Boston Globe

Demands on arms issue unhelpful, says Ahern: The Irish Times

Birmingham Six get apology from Britain: The Irish Times

Home rule for Scots by millennium: Daily Telegraph

July 24

Why IRA can't make peace: Boston Globe

Ambiguity necessary in search for peace: The Irish Times

A clear path through the weapons minefield: Irish News

Blair facing bind as Trimble acts tough: The Irish Times

Violence could return quickly, says Sinn Fein: Daily Telegraph

A Setback Not a Disaster: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Peace talks on despite Unionists' gun vote: The Times

July 23

Loyalists, Protestant clerics want talks with SF: The Irish Times

Testing the IRA's intent: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Don't ask the unionists what equality means: Irish News

Unionists must face up to new reality: The Irish Times

Protestant leader says IRA truce changes nothing: Philadelphia Inquirer

Unionists to vote against gun plan: The Times

Ulster unionists denounce arms plan: Boston Globe

Bogside group's plans called provocative: The Irish Times

July 22

Parties now have a chance to move towards peace: The Irish Times

Semtex and symbols: The Times (Editorial)

Mr Trimble's Opportunity: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Stormont gates finally give way as SF enters: The Irish Times

IRA backers enter talks as others walk out: Philadelphia Inquirer

Deadlock in Blair talks with Ulster Unionists: Daily Telegraph

Memories of Bloody Friday still haunt people in the north: Irish News

Bomb victim families seeking justice in Europe: The Irish Times

SF leaders deny being party to partition: The Irish Times

Warm welcome in US for ceasefire: Irish News

July 21

Constitutional change marks Blair's vision for north: Irish News

Lives on the line: The Irish Times

SF leaders predict a united Ireland in their lifetimes: Irish News

Welcome in an atmosphere of qualified hope: The Irish Times

Cynics doubt ceasefire will produce peace: The Times

Ceasefire timing leaves unionists in dilemma: The Irish Times

Shankill Road shoppers unwilling to trust IRA: The Irish Times

Last Chance For Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The challenge ahead: Irish News (by Martin McGuinness)

Blair presses Unionists to stay at talks: The Times

Mowlam to meet Adams face-to-face: Irish News

Truce by IRA goes into effect: Philadelphia Inquirer

July 20

Adams and Trimble set a tough test for Blair: The Sunday Times

Blair's actions encouraged IRA to restore truce: Boston Globe

IRA Trades Truce for Spot at Talks on N. Ireland Peace: Los Angeles Times

Blair struggles to sell new IRA ceasefire: The Sunday Times

IRA will give up arms, Blair tells Unionists: Sunday Telegraph

IRA calls a truce; Protestants remain wary: Philadelphia Inquirer

Now the bystanders must be won over: The Sunday Times

IRA gains upper hand with new cease-fire: Nando Times

Blair's rocky path to peace: The Sunday Times

July 19

Ceasefire call to the IRA by Sinn Fein: The Times

New IRA ceasefire expected: The Irish Times

IRA appears set to declare new cease-fire: Philadelphia Inquirer

New chance for peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Peace on whose terms?: The Times (Editorial)

The Prize Of Peace: The Irish Times

Hate slips in the back door and murders love: The Irish Times

Resumption of armed struggle has not been success for IRA's: The Irish Times

IRA killed more during ceasefire than since its ending: The Irish Times

Divided reactions to Sinn Fein peace call: Irish News

It's business as usual in West Belfast: The Irish Times

July 18

Sinn Fein leader urges IRA-backed cease-fire: Nando Times

A Moment Of Truth: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Blair accused of softening line on IRA: The Times

Blair puts on pressure: The Irish Times

July 17

We are demanding equality now: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

SF softens unity stance: Irish News

Orange leadership offers real hope for the future: The Irish Times

'The more you have, the more you worry. . .': The Irish Times

Unionists walk out of talks over disarmament plans: The Times

July 16

Cultural confidence, diversity and equality: Irish News

Couple bridged sectarian divide: The Irish Times

Blair promises no delay to talks: The Times

July 15

Mowlam admits to new Sinn Fein talks: The Times

Unionists say credibility of British Govt damaged: The Irish Times

Fringe element threatens Northern Ireland prospects: Boston Globe

Residents must talk to Mowlam: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry demand is 'political': Irish News

Builder jailed for IRA bombings can appeal: Daily Telegraph