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This archive contains references to articles from July 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, July 31

Agreement is the only way to a better future: Irish News (by Eddie McGrady)

Commission set to deny Garvaghy march request: The Irish Times

Unionists team up to exclude Sinn Fein: Irish News

LVF's exclusion from prison releases criticised: The Irish Times

Danger with UUP strategy: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair tells of joy after brokering peace deal: Irish News

Thursday, July 30

Mowlam rules IRA can stay in release scheme: The Guardian

Ceasefire cleric’s fears over loyalist renegades: Irish News

Reasons to be grateful as Mowlam stays in NI: The Irish Times

Portadown lodge set to hold series of marches: Irish News

Orangemen protest at march block: The Irish Times

March formula can be found: Irish News (Editorial)

Rhonda Paisley awarded £24,249 over arts job: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 29

Murder near and far: Nando Times

My year of living dangerously: The Times

Prospect of Orange Order shift recedes: The Irish Times

Saulters loses all credibility: Irish News (Editorial)

Rapid rundown of Maze predicted: BBC

Residents’ group in quest for ‘facilitator’: Irish News

Irish-American NI prize for Mitchell: The Irish Times

Tuesday, July 28

Mortal blow to bigotry: The Guardian

RUC won't fly flag on parade day: Electronic Telegraph

MPs' diagnosis is right but the medicine is weak: The Irish Times

Shooting blamed on loyalists: The Guardian

Portadown march kept away from Garvaghy Road: The Irish Times

Anti-Trimble axis looming: Irish News (Editorial)

Role of NI rights body is outlined: The Irish Times

Monday, July 27

Dealing with these `Taig-free zones': Sunday Business Post

Government may push for Trimble/Adams meeting during Clinton's Irish visit: Sunday Business Post

Unionist luvvie academics come off fence for Orange speech that Blair never made: Sunday Business Post

Moral Maze of trying to fill prison position: The Guardian

Anti-agreement axis puts our future at risk: Irish News

Head of Orange Order proposes talks: BBC

Order moves closer to talks on Drumcree: The Irish Times

Orange Order set to pivot: Irish News (Editorial)

MPs want ban on Orangemen joining RUC: The Times

Order to attempt Patton expulsion: Irish News

Getting an author's view of a well-loved 'little city': The Irish Times

‘Steady stream’ exiting SF: Irish News

Molyneaux likely to defect if UUP splits over SF: The Irish Times

Sunday, July 26

Mowlam's optimism on peace in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

Ireland confers honor on US envoy: Boston Globe

IRA renegades use mobiles to set off bombs: Electronic Telegraph

Saulters backs Garvaghy talks: The Sunday Times

UUP threatens assembly boycott: The Sunday Times

Popular writers pen language of hope: The Sunday Times

Saturday, July 25

Harvard talks on N. Ireland end amid rancor: Boston Globe

'Orange ban' for RUC recruits: BBC

Hunt for Bloody Sunday troops: The Times

Church of Ireland must reassess its loyalist links: The Irish Times

Church grasps nettle of sectarianism: The Irish Times

High price to pay for the rambling of fools: Irish News

IRA accused of killing Catholic: Electronic Telegraph

Ancient Order must adapt or disappear: The Irish Times

Mallon urges caution over blame for Kearney murder: Irish News

Sinn Fein And Democracy: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The objective is true peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Killing may end the blind eye to IRA brutality: The Irish Times

More fine-tuning for Ulster Assembly: The Independent

More openness to mixed religious schools: The Irish Times

Friday, July 24

Mowlam’s fears well-founded: Irish News (Editorial)

Row over terrorists joining new assembly: BBC

Mowlam wants troops out: Irish News

Executive seeks housing for 141 Catholic families: The Irish Times

We must all realise no-one owns God: Irish News (by Mary McAleese)

Committee to issue report on RUC future: Irish News

Dr Eames questions if Orangeism is Christian: The Irish Times

'Gazette' defends church position: The Irish Times

Visas have ‘ill effects’ says SF: Irish News

Thursday, July 23

N. Ireland peace will hold, British overseer declares: Baltimore Sun

Mallon’s appeal gets cool reception: Irish News

Words not enough after latest murder: The Irish Times

Civic forum building links: Irish News (Editorial)

Wilson presses IRA to reveal burial sites: The Irish Times

Beggs attacks security forces: Irish News

Clinton visit to North no glory trip, says Mowlam: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 22

The trouble John Knox started in 1561: Boston Globe

Mortar attack on RUC station: Irish Independent

Irish Republicans recruit in West Country: Electronic Telegraph

No surer friends to all our people: Irish News (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday subpoena move: The Independent

Orange Order minister says violence was reason he quit: The Scotsman

Orange conscience is a long time overdue: Irish News

AOH warned on NI commitment: The Irish Times

Orange feet in Dublin’s fair city: Irish News

Search of estate hit by 'orchestrated' attacks: The Irish Times

Only ten Tories voted on Ulster: The Times

Tuesday, July 21

Clinton to Visit Dublin, Belfast: Washington Post

Drumcree barricades fall: BBC

Sinn Fein under attack after murder: Irish News

Paramilitary attacks total 122 this year: The Irish Times

Trimble bombshell on Sinn Fein's role: Irish Independent

Assembly answer to sectarianism: SDLP: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry wrangle: Electronic Telegraph

The truth: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Saville is 'switched-on' and a moderniser: The Irish Times

Monday, July 20

Orange ayatollahs and the squeamish elders of the Church of Ireland: Sunday Business Post

Marching into deeper holes: Sunday Business Post

Orange Order rift widens as chaplains quit over Drumcree: The Times

A new optimism on Assembly taking hold after spasm of mayhem: Irish Independent

SF failed to aid Trimble in his hour of need: The Irish Times

President sets example of how to forge our future: Irish News

Residents of Garvaghy Rd may be offered incentives: The Irish Times

Clinton visit will seal the peace alliance: Irish Independent

Why not join the parade and enjoy the Twelfth?: The Irish Times

Assembly link confirmed: Irish News

Legal wrangles may mean a boycott of inquiry: The Irish Times

The Trouble With Tribes: Washington Post

Sunday, July 19


Out of tragedy, a seed of hope in Ulster: Boston Globe

A LOOK AT . . . The Irish, Here and There: Washington Post (part I)

Last judgment at Drumcree: The Sunday Times


Orangemen seek peaceful solution over Drumcree: Electronic Telegraph

A LOOK AT. . .The Irish, Here and There: Washington Post (part II)

Blair rejected plea to back Orange Order: The Sunday Times

British Bill ignores elements of Deal: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA poised to hand over the bodies of its victims: The Sunday Times

An avenue to agreement: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Split in Orange Order unlikely: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Voice of hope that told Orangemen to go home: The Sunday Times

Freedom for Scotland will cost England dear: The Sunday Times

Saturday, July 18

N. Ireland chaplains receive death threats: Chicago Tribune

Drumcree talks to resume: BBC

50 RUC families forced out of homes: Irish News

Order concedes it will not walk down Garvaghy: The Irish Times

The law is an ass that protects Drumcree thugs: Irish News

Paisley left behind as spirit of Drumcree evaporates: The Irish Times

The bitter reality of life on the edge of a sectarian swamp: The Independent

The Primacy Of Politics: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Orangeism on threshold of profound reappraisal: The Irish Times (by Cardinal Daly)

Noraid to raise cash for IRA dissidents: The Times

Church must confront sectarian poison: The Irish Times

Blaming both sides: Irish Independent

Sectarianism oozed from Drumcree to Ballymoney: The Irish Times

Mother blames loyalists for sons' death: Sydney Morning Herald

Innocents sacrificed on pyre of bigotry: Hong Kong Standard

Friday, July 17

Out of the deaths of babes: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Arms handover 'not imminent': The Independent

Arms movement could lead to decommissioning: The Irish Times

Stand-off at Drumcree to cost £100m: The Guardian

Lessons we must learn from Drumcree: Irish Independent

Ex-Noraid leader in dissident cash plan: Irish News

What place for Noraid in the new peace process?: Irish News

Peers ask Queen to pardon Guardsmen: The Times

Mother's tribute to firebomb sons: The Independent

Thursday, July 16

Army and RUC clear camp at Drumcree: Electronic Telegraph

Cracks in the Orange Order: BBC

Time for CoI to reassess Orange links: Irish News (Editorial)

Northern Ireland's fragile peace: Nando Times

Bingham gives lead in rethink by Orangemen: The Irish Times

Drumcree ’98 leaves UUP at a crossroads: Irish News

Adams criticises use of church land: The Irish Times

New recruits swell ranks of terrorist group: Irish Independent

The mother who disappeared: The Times