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This archive contains references to articles from July 16-31, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, July 31

It's time for Mo to go: Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree deadlock: Belfast Telegraph

Call to ban Sinn Fein as IRA blamed for killing: Electronic Telegraph

RA blamed for `death list execution': Irish Independent

Murder defies people’s will: Irish News (Editorial)

Provisional IRA linked to plot to import arms: The Irish Times

How the gun running went wrong in Florida: The Irish Times

No, can’t talk now Bill, I’m off out on the piste: Irish News

Blair will have far more problems when Mo goes: Irish Independent

Stevens: second suspect charged: Irish News

If only our founding fathers could see us now: The Irish Times

SF accuses arts council of political censorship: Irish News

Friday, July 30

Talks can ease unionist ‘hurt’: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA in new bid to locate Disappeared: Belfast Telegraph

Adams wavers on peace review: The Guardian

Review must not permit unionists to renegotiate: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Jaw Jaw And All That: The Irish Times (Editorial)

IRA 'behind US gun-running plot': Electronic Telegraph

Illegal funds raised by smuggling fuel report: The Irish Times

New loyalist group formed in Portadown: The Irish Times

Thursday, July 29

Resign, Lord Saville: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mixed reaction to Mowlam decision: BBC

Importance of being Mo: Belfast Telegraph

Mo’s task isn’t completed yet: Irish News (Editorial)

Northern Ireland's date with destiny: Belfast Telegraph

Hopes high for parade progress: Irish News

Guns thought to be destined for IRA: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday paras win right to anonymity: The Times

Judges rule against Inquiry for the fourth time: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists condemn 'double disaster': The Times

Fine Gael is prepared to approach Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Mallon insists he has no regrets about resignation: The Irish Times

Two more held over Ulster lawyer killing: The Guardian

Sinn Fein to outline its assessment: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 28

IRA or RUC: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

BACK TO THE TABLE IN BELFAST: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Orange bid to solve Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Era of the gun must be over: Irish News (Editorial)

Arms commissioning a grave peace threat: Irish Independent

Tearful farewell to the man everyone loved: Irish News

Finucane: two more arrested: Belfast Telegraph

Publisher denies bid to block paperback: Irish News

US gun ring linked to Ireland: The Guardian

Pistol was in a package of 'baby clothes': Electronic Telegraph

FBI agents alerted to arms-smuggling plot: The Irish Times

Rebels in Ireland amassing weapons: The Independent

Mowlam fights back against rumour mill: The Times

Plastic bullet use restricted, not banned: The Irish Times

Ex-soldiers await Bloody Sunday ruling: BBC

No ban on foreign donations to NI parties: The Irish Times

Tuesday, July 27

Mo Mowlam's special mission: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Councillor warns of IRA arms surrender: Irish News

Protestants 'forced to flee': Belfast Telegraph

RUC must strive to give fair treatment to women: Irish News

New terror fears as gun plot smashed: Belfast Telegraph

Blair told to resist `meddling' in Mitchell review role: Irish Independent

Outrage over flags in mixed districts: Irish News

UUP and SF indicate willingness to meet: The Irish Times

Anger at security cash for Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Prisoner releases under agreement total 282: The Irish Times

Monday, July 26

Despite setbacks, the peace process isn't dead but, the chance of failure is rising: Philadelphia Inquirer

We all must learn to stop finger pointing: Irish News

Sinn Fein 'consider' position after IRA deadline ruled out: Belfast Telegraph

We must again focus on the real issues: Irish News

C of I faces rift over events at Drumcree: Irish Independent

UUP is committed to inclusive process: Irish News

Paramilitary police ruled out: Irish News

IRA deadline 'out of the question': Electronic Telegraph

Blair in dilemma over Mowlam's role in reshuffle: The Times

Back to school for Northern parties: Sunday Business Post

Mowlam unhappy at vote to ban RUC training: The Irish Times

The final option?: Sunday Business Post

Adams, McGuinness get home security protection: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein eager to have cross border bodies created: Sunday Business Post

Cafe's trade declines as Drumcree spirit evaporates: The Irish Times

Sunday, July 25

Keep the faith: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

Despite Setback, Peace Still Has a Good Chance: Los Angeles Times

Sinn Fein blames government for impasse: BBC

The calm after the Stormont: Sunday Independent

Trimble must ride out the tribal tantrums to persist with peace: The Sunday Times

Peace From Within, Not Without: Washington Post

Unionist leap of faith would bag a key prize: The Sunday Times

The IRA jumps out and says `Boo!': Sunday Independent

Hume calls for Mowlam to be left out of reshuffle: The Sunday Times

The sooner Mo goes, the better for everybody: Sunday Independent

McGartland: net closes on hit men: The Sunday Times

Patten plan to scrap elite RUC anti-terror unit: The Observer

Early Patten report stirs unionist fears over RUC: The Sunday Times

John F. Kennedy Junior’s Irish Legacy: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

'Garda to blame' for IRA murder: The Sunday Times

Saturday, July 24

Waiting for miracles: Belfast Telegraph

LOCC seek RUC protection: Belfast Telegraph

Blair set to keep Mowlam in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Blame placed on Mowlam: The Irish Times

Hume upbeat about peace pact in face of SF warnings: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein outlines position with loyalists: BBC

Americans' jaundiced view of the Northern situation: Irish Independent

The way forward in Ulster: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Bombers can’t fill peace void: Irish News (Editorial)

Nothing changes after IRA statement: Irish Independent

Residents meet with Republic officials: Irish News

Two years of drama, farce, hope and despair: The Times

Friday, July 23

Disappointment, not despair, in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

Black hand of the IRA: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Hardline politics: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Provospeak: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Border ban for Spanish exchange students: Belfast Telegraph

Adams delivers bleak verdict on Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

I.R.A. Blames Britain for Breakdown of Peace Accord: New York Times

Unionists and Blair to blame, says IRA: Sydney Morning Herald

Unionists say the IRA statement is unhelpful: The Irish Times

IRA plays with words to sow confusion: The Guardian

De Chastelain insists on arms deadline: The Times

IRA statement open to opposed interpretations: The Irish Times

‘West Bruton’ turns a shade of green?: Irish News

Provisionals 'are plainly planning a return to terror': Electronic Telegraph

Implementation is the very least that Northern Ireland can expect: Irish News

No surrender: The Guardian

MENACING WORDS: The Times (Editorial)

We must have real progress: Irish News (Editorial)


Parked for the Summer: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Return to deadlock Mr Mitchell has much to mend: The Guardian (Editorial)

Redefining Irishness within a mixed-race society: The Irish Times

US votes to cut RUC training scheme: BBC

EU satanic despite Prodi president - Paisley: Irish News

Thursday, July 22

Drumcree: learning lessons from past stand-offs: Belfast Telegraph

Appeal made to Irish-Americans: Boston Globe

A day of democracy: Belfast Telegraph (by Ian Paisley)

George returns to fray for peace sake: Irish Independent

Unhelpful statement: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

LVF arms handover chances put at 'nil': Belfast Telegraph

IRA threat to end ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

Statement keeps political process alive: The Irish Times

IRA statement on the peace process: BBC

George gets down to the nitty-gritty: Irish News

Review has to embrace both traditions: The Irish Times

Republicans are also to blame, Mowlam tells America: Electronic Telegraph

Mo should be given the time to see North through: The Irish Times

‘RUC-free zone’ set up by Nelson probe team: Irish News


Other bodies must be found: Irish News (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday Tribunal admits fault: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 21

Mitchell rejoins effort for peace in N. Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Gun law in Ireland: Belfast Telegraph

Peace on hold: Boston Globe

Eamonn McCann: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist gang war fear grows: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell called in to save Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

Blair admits parties were not ready to strike a deal: Irish News

Build from the bottom: The Times

Nationalists must wait for pledges to be met: Irish News

Likelihood is unionists would come to detest sultan of spin: The Irish Times

Gagging orders thwart IRA and loyalist prisoners: The Guardian

‘Tensions can’t derail early release scheme’: Irish News

Bloody Sunday hearing delayed: BBC

Tuesday, July 20

Movers and shakers: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Legal `gag' on inquest into IRA victim: Irish Independent

UUP leader won't quit Assembly: Belfast Telegraph

Blair and Ahern plan NI next steps: BBC

Unionists rule out extension of deadline: The Irish Times

SDLP warns Ahern: don’t add to arms suspicions: Irish News

Mowlam asks to stay in Ulster job: Electronic Telegraph

Debunking the myth of Mo: The Guardian

Peace effort is more than just a job: The Times

Mixed bag of opinions on intractable Irish problem: Irish News

Ways of enjoying the Troubles: The Guardian

Peace train trundles on with lethal cargo intact: The Irish Times

Billy Wright's father to petition TDs for inquiry: The Irish Times

Families’ trauma must be ended: Irish News

Claim that Protestants are leaving Derry: The Irish Times

Catholic bishops divided over seats in the Lords: The Guardian

Monday, July 19

Negotiating peace with the big guns: Belfast Telegraph

Helter skelter into their basest instincts: Sunday Business Post

Time for Plan B: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble must take the blame for Agreement failure: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

RUC reforms to be tied to IRA weapons: Sunday Business Post

IRA 'might refuse to meet arms deadline': Electronic Telegraph

Decommissioning hasn't gone away, you know: The Irish Times


Don’t let hardliners halt future progress to peace: Irish News

Trimble wants to make historic compromise: The Irish Times

It’s too soon for Mo to go: Irish News (Editorial)

South can play leading role in crisis by fostering trust: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

Relatives of disappeared lash out at IRA ‘morons’: Irish News

‘Patten must hammer home need for police change’ - CAJ: Irish News

RUC and New York cops ‘don’t compare’: Irish News

Sunday, July 18

Northern Ireland Peace Process Is Not Dead Yet, Its Supporters Say: Washington Post

Trimble blasts Blair's 'haste': Electronic Telegraph

Caretaker of peace picks up the pieces: The Observer

'Somebody thought the sensible thing was to drive into the wall': Electronic Telegraph

Fireproof Trimble can do deal, but first SDLP must do its duty: The Sunday Times

Trimble returns to his tribe: Sunday Independent

Mallon calls on IRA to save peace deal with statement: The Sunday Times

EYES WIDE OPEN - How Seamus Mallon Alone Told the Truth of the Peace Process: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Mallon: why I had to resign: The Sunday Times

Democracy is on its deathbed: Sunday Independent

Searching for the guilty men: The Sunday Times

Blair should be prepared to fail better in Ulster: The Observer

Debts paid, Trimble can make hard choices: Sunday Independent

Language divides Ulster nationalists and unionists: Boston Globe

Profile: George Mitchell - The man to bring peace to Ulster?: Independent on Sunday

Unionists are far too clever to buy a runt pig in a poke: Sunday Independent

A Hard Blow in Ulster: Washington Post (Editorial)

Anxiety gave rise to bad judgment: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Peace takes time: The Observer (Editorial)

Hope on the brink of ruin: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Saving the peace: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

New appeal in hunt for 'disappeared': BBC

Mowlam fights for her job: The Observer

Patten to urge scrapping of police authority: The Sunday Times

Saturday, July 17

Better no deal... than a bad deal: Belfast Telegraph

We just aren't ready: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell returns to pick up pieces of peace accord: The Times

Mitchell called to another tour of NI duty: The Irish Times

Leadership of SF set to face angry grassroots: Irish News

Not a good Friday: Sydney Morning Herald

UVF review not a threat says Hutchinson: Irish News

Two issues that could cast shadows on peace process: The Irish Times

Trimble falls in behind ‘kick-the-assembly’ band: Irish News

Recrimination must give way to building up of trust: The Irish Times

Though the Ulster Peace Plan Failed, All Sides Have Reason to Revive It: New York Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Ulster key card in Blair reshuffle: Electronic Telegraph

Mo Mowlam enjoys trust: Irish News (Editorial)

Direct engagement between parties may be only hope: The Irish Times


Friday, July 16

Assembly bombshells blow away Trimble calm: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble's 'no' to Irish peace: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Ulster Momentum Lost Again: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Hume cannot be blameless in all this: Irish Independent


Holding out for justice: National Post (Editorial)

Terrorist ceasefires likely to stay intact: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists' move an escape from reality: Irish Independent

SF attacks coverage of the twelfth: Irish News

N. Ireland's Political Hopes Dissolve Amid Tears, Taunts: Washington Post

Drowned at birth in sea of acrimony and blame: Electronic Telegraph

Blair and Ahern seek new ways of breaking the impasse: The Times

An empty chair, a voice of dignity - a day of grief: The Guardian

Northern Ireland passes up its chance to make history: The Irish Times


Tough-talking nationalist turned key trust-builder: The Irish Times

Return to violence unlikely: BBC

'I think that is the whole process finished': The Times

McGrady shows his anger by refusing ministry: The Irish Times


Peace process hits the buffers: The Irish Times

Intractable Unionists create political vacuum: The Times

Despair as community stays as polarised as ever: Electronic Telegraph

A setback, but not a disaster: The Times (by David Trimble)

Ireland's Precarious Peace: New York Times (Editorial)

THE LOWERING SKY: The Times (Editorial)

A Time For Reflection: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Ulster's bleak hour: The Guardian (Editorial)


Boycott imperils peace process: Sydney Morning Herald (Friday)