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This archive contains references to articles from July 1-14, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


July 14

Northern Ireland Teetering on Peace: Daily News

Time is right for ceasefire: Irish News (Editorial)

'Paramilitaries tried to reduce tension': The Irish Times

Orangemen marching along the right route: Irish News

Orange decision does not mean peace at hand: The Irish Times

Bombs found in Ulster city: Boston Globe

Marching truce boosts Church hopes of peace: The Times

'Betrayal' by Mowlam challenged: Irish News

IRA ceasefire is 'wishful thinking': Daily Telegraph

July 13

Their Ire Is Deeply Routed: Daily News

A respite in the rancor marks parades in Northern Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Word of a quiet Belfast tests credulity of some: Boston Globe

Peaceful protests at Ulster marches: Sunday Telegraph

July 12

Seize this chance republicans urged: Irish News

The Orange card came up trumps once: Irish News

Ulster welcomes parade changes: Boston Globe

Loyalists condemn parades 'sell-out': The Times

Order's hard act to follow: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange Order decision may deliver IRA ceasefire: The Irish Times

Gunmen wound five at Belfast checkpoint: Philadelphia Inquirer

Smaller paramilitary groups pose big threat: The Irish Times

Two teen casualties underscore enmity that splits Belfast: Philadelphia Inquirer

Molyneaux behind decision by Orangemen: The Times

Beacon of hope from Newry Orangemen: The Irish Times

Are we anti-Catholic? We are to the extent that we are true to the Protestant reformed faith: Irish News

One of the historical purposes of these displays is to antagonise Catholics: Irish News

July 11

Orangemen call off parades 'to save lives': The Times

Ulster parades to be rerouted: Boston Globe

Irish nationalists have equal political and civil rights: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

RUC and Orange Order frequently at odds: The Irish Times

Equality for all, as long as you're not a Fenian: Irish News

Our prime ministerial moderniser: The Times

July 10

10 in Congress urge Britain to defuse Ulster provocations: Boston Globe

Democracy itself was undermined this week: Irish News (by John Hume)

British must 'force' equality: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionists say Dublin stance key to weekend events: The Irish Times

400 more troops sent to Ulster: Daily Telegraph

Errors were made but this time things are better: The Irish Times

Garvaghy Road decision was only option says De Rossa: Irish News

RUC gives warning of crisis over parade in Derry: The Irish Times

July 9

Answers fail to convince: Irish News (Editorial)

Nationalist Mistrust: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Mowlam accused of duplicity over Drumcree decision: Daily Telegraph

Basis for Garvaghy march decision disquieting: The Irish Times

Hume calls for urgent meeting with Blair: The Irish Times

Orange Order urged to reroute parade: The Irish Times

Nationalists urged to join Derry protest: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

July 8

In Belfast 2 lives change: Boston Globe

African MP compares Garvaghy police to Sharpville massacre: Irish News

In N. Ireland, British official gets rough start: Philadephia Inquirer

SF to mobilise supporters in 'militant' protests: Irish News

2d night of rioting grips N. Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Ulster braced for more rioting: Daily Telegraph

Leaked document blows away Mowlam credibility: Irish News

March permission 'best option': The Irish Times

Tension as Orangemen prepare to march: The Irish Times

Americans in Derry struggle to stay cheerful: The Irish Times

Blair gets complaint from Kennedy on marches: The Irish Times

July 7

The only option: The Times (Editorial)

Mowlam has failed in her responsibilities: Irish News (Editorial)

Who Won At Drumcree?: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Protests boost order's appeal: Irish News

Terrible price to pay for Drumcree parade: The Irish Times

WPc shot as Orange march sparks riots: Daily Telegraph

Ahern openly critical as parade goes ahead: The Irish Times

Trimble may have swayed parade decision: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Blood and tears as Orangemen take Garvaghy Road: Irish News

Honeymoon over for Mowlam: The Times

Protestants 'will not be driven out of Portadown': The Irish Times

RUC chief says life loss risk influenced decision: The Irish Times

Lodges' flexibility is an example to all: Irish News

July 6

A showdown brews on parade in N. Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Defiant Orangemen keep Ulster on edge: Sunday Telegraph

Mowlam stalls as march fears grow: The Sunday Times

American IRA film casts RUC as the bad guy: The Sunday Times

July 5

Security or Morality?: The Irish Times

An expression of culture or political aggression?: Irish News

Orange Order wants a dignified march: Irish News

Two traditions fight for rights: The Irish Times

Thousands leave Ulster as parade fears grow: The Times

A monsoon might yet stop Drumcree debacle: Irish News

It would be good if it was all over and all were agreeable: The Irish Times

Orangemen urged not to march as Army moves in: Daily Telegraph

Peace bridges are being built: Irish News (Editorial)

Robinson criticises hospital over 'public' mass: The Irish Times

July 4

Might and right in Portadown: Irish News (Editorial)

Hopes fade of deal on Drumcree: The Irish Times

The Impasse at Drumcree: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Troops prepare for the worst in march stalemate: The Times

Minister's Drumcree II apology call: Irish News

July 3

Ahern must avoid the tribal trap: The Irish Times

Unionists fear a deal over march at Drumcree: Daily Telegraph

Hope waxes for Drumcree peace: The Irish Times

LVF is among the most deadly loyalist groups: The Irish Times

Ingram admits Orange past: Irish News

Australia ordered to release Adams papers: Irish News

Six convicted in IRA plot bomb power plants: Boston Globe

July 2

Is Adams trapped in the shadow of the gunmen?: Irish News

Unionists will lose electoral dominance: The Irish Times

Ahern demands ban on parade: Daily Telegraph

Stirrings of Generosity?: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Drumcree Three can be avoided, Trimble says: The Irish Times

Government must promote Irish unity, says Adams: The Irish Times

Mayors' historic tribute: Irish News

July 1

Orangeism diluted by nationalist numbers: Irish News

Mischief in the ill-chosen word : Irish News (Editorial)

Changes in parades law cannot end problem: The Irish Times

Taylor's Drumcree force call sparks fury: Irish News

Rivalry fuelling parades conflict: The Irish Times

US official calls for talks to end parades impasse: Irish News