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This archive contains references to articles from July 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, July 15

Orange, Green--and red: Chicago Sun-Times (Editorial)

Four charged in London bombing plot: Philadelphia Inquirer

White Coffins in N. Ireland: Washington Post

Suffer the little children... : The Guardian

Out of the hate, a moment to find shared sorrow: The Times

Spurred by rhetoric in defence of Orangeism: The Irish Times

Is Drumcree the Orangemen's Alamo?: The Independent

Bitter divisions threaten Orange Order: The Irish Times

Drumcree passions rise in time to Paisley’s roar: Irish News

Orangeman says talks are 'dead in the water': The Irish Times

The brethren have finally taken leave of their senses: Irish News

'Real' IRA may pose serious threat to peace: The Irish Times

Tuesday, July 14


Outside Wake for Slain Boys, the Sound of Marching Feet: Los Angeles Times

Protestants March in Somber Northern Ireland: Washington Post

Boys' murder brings uneasy calm: Sydney Morning Herald

Residents act with dignity: Irish News (Editorial)

C of I must confront Drumcree issue: The Irish Times

UVF 'linked to murders and death threats': Electronic Telegraph

What about the right of people to live in peace?: Irish News

Orangemen risk British backlash after child killings: The Guardian

Nationalists must hold on to moral advantage: The Irish Times

Orange disorder poses toughest test for Trimble: Irish Independent

The Killing of Children: Washington Post (Editorial)

A landscape strewn with casualties and not a victor in sight: The Times

Trimble hits out at murder stories: Irish News

Refugees from the firebombers: The Guardian

Donaldson calls on unionists to form single force: The Irish Times

Monday, July 13

An end to Orange fear and loathing will result from Drumcree 1998: Sunday Business Post

We must look past Drumcree: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Marching into self-destruction: Sunday Business Post

Fatal Firebombing Shocks N. Ireland's Hard-Liners: Washington Post

Sickened by death: The Guardian (Editorial)

The Blame for Ballymoney: The Irish Times

This dreadful Orange Order folly: Irish Independent

IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO: The Times (Editorial)

Orangemen reject calls to end protest: Boston Globe

Dr Eames tells Orangemen to leave Drumcree: The Irish Times

No surrender needed to talk about peace: Irish News

Loyalists seek to drive out Catholics: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble increasingly isolated within Unionism: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The brink of tragedy - again: The Guardian

Loyalist paramilitaries have not gone away you know: Irish Independent

Deaths part of pattern of sectarian intimidation: The Irish Times

The long march of history: The Guardian

Who's undermining the 'Real IRA'?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Paisley comes face to face with his dire prophecy: Irish Independent

Drumcree Orangemen under little pressure from police or army: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Impact of tragedy could bring new style of politics: The Irish Times

Drumcree dealing threatens unity of the Orange Order: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sunday, July 12

Children's deaths in N. Ireland 'turning point': Chicago Tribune

Trenches and razor wire. It's one way to keep the peace: The Observer

Back from the brink: The Sunday Times

Orange Order begins talks with Catholics over disputed march: Boston Globe

Young recruits rush to join Orange Order: Independent on Sunday

Seeking converts on the road to Drumcree: The Sunday Times

A tense Belfast awaits outcome of talks on march: Philadelphia Inquirer

UVF presses for Drumcree deal: The Sunday Times

Orange ultimatum as crisis deepens: Electronic Telegraph

Terror summit link to London firebomb attempt: The Observer

Saturday, July 11

Last bid to avert Bloody Monday: Electronic Telegraph

Standoff Imperils Peace in N. Ireland: Los Angeles Times

Presence of hope is the big difference: The Irish Times

Seven-minute march drums up ancient hatreds: The Guardian

Two years later, violence lessens: Boston Globe

Orangemen must choose: Irish News

There's so much to lose: Irish Independent

Low-level ethnic cleansing in evidence: The Irish Times

The world can now see the truth of Orange hate: Irish News

Arrests Averted Bombing, British Say: Washington Post

No surrender (by us): The Guardian

Putting moderate unionism at risk: Irish Independent

'New' unionism scarcely conceals old bigotry: The Irish Times

Orange leaders meet ex-IRA informer: Irish News

Friday, July 10

N. Ireland leader warns of new strife: Philadelphia Inquirer

Siege of Drumcree: The Guardian (Editorial)

Middle class scorns the sash its fathers wore: The Irish Times

'We can paralyse Ulster': Electronic Telegraph

Butter coming through the poundies: Irish News

They want to kick Trimble, not the Pope: The Irish Times

Orange leaders in talks with terrorists: The Times

Time to be generous: Irish Independent

Drumcree and freedom: The Guardian

'Disquiet' in C of I over use of church hall: The Irish Times

Words with special meaning in the dictionary of trouble: The Times

Orangemen dive head first into publicity disaster: Irish Independent

IRA blocks aid for terror case appeal: The Guardian

Thursday, July 9

Rioting and protests rage in the streets of Belfast: Philadelphia Inquirer

Catholics burnt out of homes by UDA gangs: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster zealots would incinerate Irish peace; will Blair stop them?: Boston Globe

UUP say `we have nothing left to give': Irish Independent

Local hero ... or villain of the peace?: The Times

NI leaders must act together to resolve crisis: The Irish Times

Honour the past, but don't repeat it: Toronto Globe and Mail (Editorial)

A case of staking so much for so little: Irish Independent

Nationalist fury over paper’s call for force: Irish News

Orangemen give Blair ultimatum: The Guardian

Our leaders have failed us: Irish News (Editorial)

Violence warnings are from splinter loyalists: The Irish Times

Political realism in Northern Ireland: The Independent

Leaders warn of plot to wreck the Assembly: The Irish Times

Paramilitaries’ actions may scupper releases: Irish News

Wednesday, July 8

Tough Going in Ulster: Washington Post (Editorial)

Parade standoff in N. Ireland slows healing of old wounds: Baltimore Sun


Loyalists attack Catholic homes and churches: The Irish Times

Loyalists threaten weekend mayhem: Irish Independent

Eunuchs of Drumcree: The Times

McAleese parade ‘set precedent’: Irish News

Blair agrees to meet Orangemen: Electronic Telegraph

Blair must tell home truths: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster crisis: more troops sent in: The Guardian

Paisley warns Twelfth will be 'settling day': The Irish Times

Loyalist violence leaves trail of sadness but no surprise: The Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Tuesday, July 7

Despite Troubles, Northern Ireland Is Closer to Peace: New York Daily News

Smugness in South lives on myth of 'sick' North: The Irish Times

Tempers Flare As Marchers Wait: Washington Post

Christ dies in Drumcree: The Times

Paper calls on Trimble to mediate: Irish News

Orangemen to widen march protests: Electronic Telegraph

The fear is back and doors are locked: Irish Independent

Fringe groups come to the fore in marching season: The Irish Times

Belfast march allowed to proceed: Philadelphia Inquirer

A reward for intransigence: Irish News (Editorial)

'Freedom camp' set up outside gates of castle: The Times

Monday, July 6

Time to probe Orange Order: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Marchers Vow to Beat Blockade in N. Ireland: Los Angeles Times

Threat of civil unrest: The Guardian

Trimble may quit over parade ban: Electronic Telegraph

When loyalists confronted the Crown: The Times

This is no time to take the road to pointless chaos: Irish News

Sadness and outrage at the barriers: Irish Times

Finding the courage to compromise: The Independent (Editorial)

British soldiers may act only in reserve role: The Irish Times

Compromise only solution: Irish News (Editorial)

Orangemen sleep under the stars at Protestant Mecca: The Irish Times

The siege of Drumcree: The Guardian (Editorial)

Turning the pages of history - how the standoffs began: Irish News

Christianity still working miracles: The Irish Times

Decision on Ormeau parade: Irish News

Sunday, July 5

Parade Route Has N. Ireland Peace on Edge: Washington Post

Observe the sons of Ulster: The Sunday Times

Mitchell gets Liberty Medal for peace effort: Philadelphia Inquirer

Assembly wits will put dull dail in the shade: The Sunday Times

Boston peace group goes to Portadown as monitors: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein raises £1m in America: The Sunday Times

Ulster braced for violence as parades body meets: Electronic Telegraph

Drumcree is Northern Ireland 'writ small': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble's leadership on the line as Orange card is played at Drumcree: The Observer

Unionists to back RUC flag ban: Electronic Telegraph

Saturday, July 4

We must look to the future: Irish News & Ulster Newsletter (joint Editorial)

Tension rises as troops move in: Electronic Telegraph

An ordinary road on the front line between hope and despair: The Independent

When will the backward marches of hate stop?: Irish News

Uncertainty to accompany moments of great change: The Irish Times

Trimble's long march to a new Unionism: The Times

'They should talk. But they feel above that': The Guardian

'Do they want us to crawl on our knees to them?': The Guardian

The hope that lurks behind those burning churches and voodoo drums: The Independent

A Job Well Done: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Nerves frayed as Portadown prepares itself for showdown: Irish News

Local hero who fills opponents with hate: The Times

Mallon comes in at last as key trust-builder: The Irish Times

Give Assembly a chance to work, Clinton pleads: The Irish Times

England's difficulty is Ireland's ecstasy: The Irish Times

Friday, July 3

Hopes rise for Drumcree deal: Electronic Telegraph

Can peace hit Garvaghy?: The Guardian (Editorial)

Mallon says moves under way to resolve impasse: The Irish Times

Up the creek with Paisley: The Times

Ulster's chance to demonstrate that the future is orange and green: The Guardian

Church burnings put hope and hatred to test: The Times

Clinton makes call to North leaders: The Irish Times

Words can fan arsonists’ fire: Irish News (Editorial)

Hardline elements blamed for attacks: Irish News

Political heat rises yet bonfires are not even lit: Irish News

Thursday, July 2

Starting fresh in Ulster: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Survival is the priority for Northern Ireland's Assembly: Boston Globe


Blair ready for talks on Drumcree : The Guardian

Historic handshake for peace: The Independent

Winning pair can do business: Electronic Telegraph

A page of history turned almost audibly: The Irish Times

Revival of picket ‘inexcusable’: Irish News

Mallon well known for honesty and stubbornness: The Irish Times

The only route: The Times (Editorial)

Letter to residents a significant move: Irish News (Editorial)

Parades dispute result of failure to move on: The Irish Times

Blair ready to intervene over Orange march: The Times

Building a memorial for peace, in Flanders: The Irish Times

Wednesday, July 1

March route a crossroads for Trimble: Boston Globe

Trimble appeals over march ban: The Independent

Orange Order march threat: The Guardian

Adams appeals for calm and calls for Blair to support march ruling: Irish News

Assembly will echo the past as change rolls on: Irish News

Unionist threat to Trimble post on Ulster assembly: Electronic Telegraph

Women's Coalition will change to protect agreement: The Irish Times

Send Alderdice to backbench: Irish News (Editorial)

Bruton urges joint move on IRA arms: The Irish Times