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This archive contains references to articles from July 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, July 15

Ulster's `No' to terrorism: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Emotional deputy minister quits: Belfast Telegraph

Stevens man to testify in Finucane case: Irish News

Spin doctors got it wrong: Belfast Telegraph

Where do we all go from here?: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Who will replace Mo?: Belfast Telegraph

‘Not one bullet’ and ‘not an inch’ living fewer than ten miles apart: Irish News

IRA will destroy arms claims Minister: Belfast Telegraph

Accord in Ulster Hits a Roadblock Over Disarmament: New York Times

Blair admits defeat on Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Changes take in Major's timetable concerns: The Times

We cannot take the risk: The Guardian (by David Trimble)

DUP ministers will act as opposition, says Robinson: The Irish Times

Downing St must take its share of the blame: The Times

Ulster Bill is a pig in a poke, says Lord Tebbit: Electronic Telegraph

Partners prepare for the last ritual dance: Irish Independent

Comparison with 1974 shows how far we have come: The Irish Times

Tory peers criticise failings of Ulster Bill: The Times

Ulster's bleak hour: The Guardian (Editorial)

Parity of discomfort, but no deal: The Irish Times


Drumcree barriers come down: BBC

RIGHT OF REPLY: The Independent

Londonderry meets the Mersey: The Times

Wednesday, July 14

Adams attacks 'charter': Belfast Telegraph

But it won't bring peace: Electronic Telegraph

Police body slams RUC over Nelson: Irish News

Why these marchers offer no way forward: Belfast Telegraph

Despite cheers, Protestant mood hardly victorious: Toronto Globe and Mail

Blair’s schmooze ploy is long past its sell by date won’t work any more: Irish News

Bill is flawed and unfair, says Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Major urges Unionists to take a risk: The Guardian

Government awaits sign IRA ready to move on arms: The Irish Times

Trimble's dilemma at make or break meeting: The Times

Sticking to our guns: The Guardian (by Gerry Adams)

Mr Trimble's Challenge: The Irish Times

A true test of leadership: The Guardian (Editorial)

Taoiseach's blinkered view of decommissioning: The Irish Times

Marching season violence figures down: BBC

Yet again, King Billy's side wins at the Boyne: The Irish Times

Orangemen reject new call for talks: The Irish Times

Tuesday, July 13

Adams creating 'mountain of woe': Belfast Telegraph

Making sense of the Orange argument: Belfast Telegraph

N. Ireland Plan Goes to Parliament: Washington Post

New crisis over Ulster peace bill: The Guardian

McGuinness seeks US officials' help: The Irish Times

How the 'fail-safe' mechanism can be triggered: Electronic Telegraph

Govt not including 'unreconstructed terrorists': The Irish Times (by Bertie Ahern)

Trimble alone has to make fateful decision: The Irish Times

Stretching republicans too far: The Guardian

Police chief praises peaceful march: BBC

The lessons of Ormeau twelfth: Irish News (Editorial)

Sun and fun obscure the writing on the wall: The Irish Times

Papers praise day of peace: BBC

The storm before the calm: Irish News

COURT ORDERS JOURNALIST TO HAND OVER RECORDS: by Claire Grady (Sunday Tribune, July 11)

Irish writing on the walls for loyalists: Irish News

Sinn Fein breaks $3m fundraising barrier: Irish News

IRA should ‘help find body with site visit’: Irish News

Monday, July 12

SF denies threat to kill Adams: Irish News

After the Twelfth?: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Water threat group’s letter to Irish News: Irish News

A Bridge Apart: Belfast Telegraph

Give unionists product and more: Sunday Business Post

The improbable dream of a twelfth for all slips away: Irish News

Can we trust these 'partners'?: Belfast Telegraph

Public is split on IRA arms issue: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble warns: I'm finished if gamble fails: The Guardian

Ahern rejects demand by UUP to expel SF: The Irish Times

A five-lettered word edges IRA towards giving up arms: Sydney Morning Herald

All to play for: The Irish Times

Party may axe me, warns Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Ambiguity on SF-IRA links now an obstacle: The Irish Times

Congressional crusaders fail the 'Homage to Catalonia test': by Henry McDonald (The Observer, July 11)

TRIMBLE'S TIGHTROPE: The Times (Editorial)

A promise of new politics: The Irish Times


Relaxed Orange parade in Rossnowlagh: The Irish Times

Ormeau Road area enjoys 11 months of prosperity annually: by Henry McDonald (The Observer, July 11)

Residents insist RUC control Orange marchers: The Irish Times

Sunday, July 11

Police foil Irish plot to poison England's water: Electronic Telegraph

Insiders tell Trimble to let Sinn Fein join: The Observer

Blair's reassurance to unionists: BBC

Bertie stubbornly supports Sinn Féin: Sunday Independent

We won't be ruled by law of the gun: The Sunday Times (by David Trimble)

Patten report may be spur to a deal: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)


The Ulster Conundrum: Washington Post

Has the Orange Order overplayed its hand?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Paying lip service to separation of powers: Sunday Independent

The Battle for Hearts and Minds in Irish America: Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Why do left and right back the wrong sides in Ulster?: Independent on Sunday

Hume holds the key to peace: Sunday Independent

Give peace a chance - offer a guarantee to unionists: The Sunday Times

In Shift, Ulster Approves Protestant March in Belfast on Monday: New York Times

The march of the embittered: Independent on Sunday

Saturday, July 10

Majority in favour of North executive: The Irish Times

Trimble wins backing over Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists sit tight: The Irish Times

Parade given the go-ahead: Belfast Telegraph

A welcome for sore Orange feet on the Garvaghy Road: Irish News

The rights of all: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

TV told to ‘downsize’ twelfth coverage: Irish News

Kicking over the traces: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, July 9

Ireland's leader calls for IRA help: Philadelphia Inquirer

Anger as Ahern denies IRA link with Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Taoiseach and Blair fail to keep in step in interviews: The Irish Times

Statement by IRA essential: Irish News (Editorial)

No SF 'ban' if IRA defaults on arms: The Irish Times

Ulster Must Not Say No: The Nation (Editorial)

For democracy's sake: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)


Way Forward has SF base ‘very uneasy': Irish News

Snail's pace may be surest way to lasting peace: Irish Independent

Orange rally ban stokes tensions: The Guardian

Orange parade ban 'sensible': BBC

SDLP plea to fight arsonists: Irish News

US politicians condemn 'Protestant bias' of RUC: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, July 8

IRA verdict is overdue: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Steven King: Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree in the hi-tech world: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern calls for IRA arms statement: BBC

Fears as 20,000 Orangemen get ready to march: Electronic Telegraph

UUP's uncertainty deepening: The Irish Times

The Ulster Unionists' choice: Boston Globe (Editorial)

No Exit, No Entry: The Times (Editorial)

Unionists need time to be sure of republicans: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday families to sue Para colonel: The Times

UUP wants to share government in peaceful intent: Irish News (by David Trimble)

Catholic birth rate chases Trimble down the hard road of compromise: Irish Independent

Orangemen meet Blair: BBC

Pounding Lambegs echo from barricades: The Irish Times

America beckons to ‘jobless’ RUC: Irish News

Wednesday, July 7

Eamonn McCann: Belfast Telegraph

Testing Twelfth: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sinn Fein must join executive, insists Ahern: Electronic Telegraph

Poll shows North still favours Good Friday deal: Irish Independent

IRA may present an inventory of its arms: The Irish Times


Trimble left spinning in the wind: The Times

Without their guns, they're nothing - and they know it: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists must believe in their own capabilities: The Irish Times

The light is off but the UUP is still home alone: Irish News

C of I has 'let Drumcree parishioners down badly': The Irish Times

Catholic population on ascendancy in south Belfast: Irish News

New image for Orange Order: BBC

Saulters in new plea for dialogue: Irish News

Fury at Bloody Sunday outburst: The Guardian

Arrogance 'led colonel on path to catastrophe': The Times

Wilford slur begs belief: Irish News (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday judges 'exceeded powers': BBC

McGuinness makes plea over Irish passports: Irish News

Tuesday, July 6

David Trimble: Belfast Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Malachi O'Doherty: Belfast Telegraph

Blair Takes New Tack on N. Ireland: Washington Post

Blair offers 'review' of IRA releases: Electronic Telegraph

Blair pledge illegal says SF: Irish News

No indication of IRA move to decommission: The Irish Times

Trimble in direct plea to Clinton: The Times

A lack of clarity on North leaves new room for distrust: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

Pressure mounts to move Mowlam on: Electronic Telegraph

Blair waits to play referendum card in North's interminable poker game: Irisn Independent

Democracy demands we just say no: The Times

Blair's Ulster blame game: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble must give answer: Irish News (Editorial)

Equality of Certainty: The Times (Editorial)

Read His Lips...: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

Riches tame IRA bastion: The Times


In Blair's looking-glass world, words far outweigh mere deeds: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble cannot lose: The Irish Times

Ulster moderates urge Trimble to make leap of faith: The Times

Clinton’s role models and the Irish question: Irish News

Text of Sinn Fein's secret meeting: Electronic Telegraph

Resignation call after march ban: BBC

The litter louts of Ulster: The Guardian

'Our people responded magnificently': The Irish Times

Tension eases as sides back away from the brink: Irish Independent

'I hate them for making me hate them': The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday appeal begins: The Independent

Monday, July 5

Viewpoint: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Tony Blair's message to Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists snub Blair: BBC

Protestants' Yearly March Stays Peaceful: Los Angeles Times

Secret report exposes Sinn Fein tactics: Electronic Telegraph

It's down to God and Mammon to sway Trimble: Irish Independent

The system to oversee the arms destruction: The Irish Times

Blair fooled by con job, says Trimble: Electronic Telegraph More haste, less peace: The Times

Power sharing ­ about time: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Why Mr Blair has got it wrong: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Small risk for a big prize Trimble must rise to historic opportunity : The Guardian

We must nowfind a way to break the cycle: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Solid Ground: The Times (Editorial)

Trimble plays a cool hand while Blair dices with danger: The Irish Times

An ultimate test of nerve for hard-pressed Trimble: Irish Independent

Trimble and co. can't say no: Electronic Telegraph

Polite determination of a law-abiding, gentle man: The Times

OLDER, WISER - AND POUNDS 100,000 RICHER: The Independent

Battle zone amid the rolling countryside: The Irish Times

To be generous in victory is no surrender for residents: Irish News

Catholic restraint in a time of crisis: The Times

The Challenge Of Drumcree: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The Brighton bomber and me: The Guardian

Sunday, July 4

Unionists Stand Ground Against 'Unfair' Deal to Save N. Ireland Pact: Los Angeles Times

Bruised Blair pleads for Irish peace: The Observer

Mo Mowlam to be ousted from Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Blair's dawn call kept the heat on Trimble: The Sunday Times

Republican leadership trying to reassure grassroots: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Marching season puts history on hold: Boston Globe

Trimble facing dilemma: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA Chooses Brass Over Bullets: New York Daily News

TRIMBLE'S CALL: The Sunday Times

An Irish 'Way Forward': Washington Post (Editorial)

Choreographed events created this week's events: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Cool heads may yet cure us of the Stormont syndrome: The Sunday Times

On the brink of a lasting peace: The Observer (Editorial)

Looking past the public face of Orangeism: The Sunday Times

How Clinton Helped Swing a Deal: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

IRA arms may go to rogue factions: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalists threaten second front: The Sunday Times

Saturday, July 3

Arms are a barrier to setting up Executive: Belfast Telegraph

Well, that's democracy...: Belfast Telegraph

Premiers Put Forth Plan for N. Ireland: Washington Post


Win-or-bust gamble may be too much for Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

UUP to be shown text of failsafe law, next week: The Irish Times

Trimble may lose out whatever the outcome: Irish Independent

Donaldson swiftly rejects document: The Irish Times

Key ‘doubters’ within the UUP: Irish News

General lays down ground rules on decommissioning: The Guardian

Uncertainty over size of arms cache: Irish Independent

Report offers Trimble loophole: The Times

Mad month is no time for intelligent barter: Irish News

Doing the Trimble: Irish Independent

Anglo-Irish bond proves its strength: The Irish Times

Preserving Peace in Belfast: New York Times (Editorial)

Not There Yet: The Times (Editorial)


Republicans step across the Rubicon: The Times

Week of talk, tension and tiredness: Electronic Telegraph

All roads lead back to Belfast Agreement: The Irish Times


Parade fervour turns country lane into war zone: The Guardian

Observers gather to monitor Drumcree: Irish News

Leaked document adds fuel to crisis: The Irish Times

Water cannon option for Drumcree: BBC

Drumcree ghost must be buried: Irish News (Editorial)

UDA desire no Catholics in Carrickfergus: The Irish Times

Site reopened in search for IRA victims: BBC

Friday, July 2

How Drumcree can become a symbol of hope: Belfast Telegraph

'Adams was set to make weapons pledge': Belfast Telegraph

N. Ireland Peace Talks Stall; Blair Calls Clinton: Los Angeles Times

Trimble refuses to roll over this time: Electronic Telegraph

On guns, Sinn Fein's Adams risks losing the IRA rank and file: Boston Globe

Tragedy if talks break down, says Clinton: The Irish Times

If Trimble gives way 'he will sign away his political career': The Times

Waiting For Courage: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Trimble trembles on the edge of history: Irish Independent

Stormont deal so near, yet so far: The Guardian

Cheers in N. Ireland, but Not for a Peace Deal: Washington Post


Decommissioning chief also sticking to his guns: Electronic Telegraph

A dressing down from Adams: The Times

Caught between a rock and hard place: Irish Independent

Blair observes niceties with no shift in Trimble position: The Irish Times

New game leaves players unsure of rules: The Guardian

Army moves into Drumcree: BBC

Gardai on Border alert as Orange rally draws near: Irish Independent

Blair ‘plans secret move on Drumcree’: Irish News

Ex-IRA informer fingers attackers: BBC

The north was his ‘greatest challenge’: Irish News

Four held as Queen is shaken by Irish protest: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, July 1


IRA propose to 'guarantee' decomissioning as deadline passes: Electronic Telegraph

US presses IRA to state arms intent: Irish Independent

Peace and Promises: The Times (Editorial)

Upbeat Paisleys pray for failure: The Irish Times

DUP calls for fresh elections and Scottish model: Irish Independent

The pipes and drums fade away to leave only Protestant anger and bitterness: The Independent

We need a credible and lasting peace: Irish Independent

Ulster's hopes at break point: The Times

Decent people of North opt for politics: The Irish Times

Waiting ... and waiting for the general's report: Irish Independent

Peace process robs general of his favourite fly-fishing pastime: Irish News

Trimble -caught between a deal and survival: The Irish Times

Children thrust into spotlight at Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Making a sequel to long Good Friday Agreement: The Independent

Trouble flares over Orange arch: Irish News

Clergy is getting weary of poor advice: The Irish Times

US chief’s fury at long march: Irish News

A Catholic Britain would be no cause for rejoicing: Electronic Telegraph