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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from June 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, June 15

Trimble call for IRA move: BBC

North security chiefs believe IRA smuggled weapons from US: Irish Examiner

Ceasefire ‘solid’ in spite of gun case : Irish News

The IRA's Florida pipeline: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Democratic and peaceful means?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Republicans clash with anti Agreement unionists over Sinn Féin proposals: Irish Examiner

Let's fly new ideas: Belfast Telegraph

THE FLAGS WRANGLE: Belfast Telegraph

Tories fighting RUC changes: The Irish Times

Perfidious Britannia: The Guardian

Order in turmoil as ranks are split: Belfast Telegraph

Orange policy is outdated: Irish News (Editorial)

Dark rumours surround Chinook crash: The Guardian

Fears of 'concerted' arson campaign: BBC

Man jailed for 14 years for petrol bomb attack that killed Quinn boys: Irish Examiner

Amnesty concerned about north: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 15 ---------

Bloody Sunday informer gets anonymity: BBC

Wednesday, June 14

3 cleared of aiding terrorists from IRA: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

Provisional leadership 'behind US gun maze': Electronic Telegraph

Provos 'tried to smuggle in more weapons': Belfast Telegraph

Toys hid $2m plot to export weapons: The Times

Naked woman brought Eta into the picture: Electronic Telegraph

Ireland and Korea share a similar history: The Irish Times

RUC name traded in 'shameful' bargain: BBC

Security fears over SF police body link: Irish News

IRA linked to Belfast pub killing, says RUC chief: The Independent

Plans to reform RUC must be revised warn Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Mandelson not on Police Federation speakers' list: The Irish Times

The RUC's forgotten widows: Belfast Telegraph

Executive sanctions illegal - DUP: Irish News

No action over Drumcree army photo: BBC

Marches are Orange claims to supremacy: Irish News

It's time to grasp the nettle: Belfast Telegraph

DNA link to informer shooting: BBC

Mandelson at centre of Ulster dirty tricks row: The Guardian

Ahern accused of ignoring victims’ pleas: Irish News

Paul Hill meets brother of soldier he was cleared of murdering: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 14 ---------

Tribunal denies witness anonymity: BBC

Missing British army film may hold key: Irish News

Helicopter film ends 'when APCs enter the Bogside': BBC

Derry witness to non military fire denied anonymity: Irish News

Tuesday, June 13

Prince's link to Paras halts Londonderry trip: The Times

Mallon welcomes prince to Armagh: Irish Examiner

A small stepto normality: Irish News

Unionist 'tried to stop gun handover': The Times

Battle of wills over Police Bill changes: The Irish Times

Unionism has much to gain in long run: Irish News

Parades 'not meant to heighten tension': BBC

No action over Drumcree army photo: BBC

Partnership is Ireland's millennial challenge: The Irish Times

Loyalist writer wins award: The Guardian

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 13 ---------

'Get a few kills' claim on Bloody Sunday: The Times

Soldier describes killing unarmed civilians: The Irish Times

Soldier admits firing at sniper: BBC

Monday, June 12

Dissidents, DUP stalk the high grass as agreement staggers on: Irish Examienr

A pyrrhic win is nothing to celebrate: Irish News

The road to peace remains paved with a summer of pitfalls: Irish Examiner

Police Bill is just a parody of Patten: Sunday Business Post (June 11)

SDLP in push for new move over RUC: Belfast Telegraph

N. Ireland assemblywoman has history, irony on her side: Boston Herald

Illegal flags require action: Irish News (Editorial)

The truth about IRA 'beatings': Electronic Telegraph

Northern arms inspections to start this month: Irish Examiner

Drumcree faces extra march: The Times

Orange protests ‘must go on': Irish News

Two years without Orange feet seem merely to have reinforced the determination that they will never return: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein turns down invitation to Prince's party: Electronic Telegraph

Provos accused of 1986 betrayal: Irish News

Charles visits despite critics: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, June 11

Problems piling up for northern Executive: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA will not relent on Police Bill: Sunday Business Post

Police Reform Crucial for Ulster: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Mandelson's bizarre bill: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Young Catholics and Protestants confirm divide over RUC reform: The Sunday Times

Derry is much too bloody for prince : Ireland on Sunday

Speculation over Royal visit: BBC

Sinn Fein pair asked to royal garden party : The Sunday Times

Lawyer slams handling of RUC threats: Ireland on Sunday

SF wants ex-prisoners to be allowed to serve on police boards: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A hair's length from despair: Boston Herald

Case for Hamill inquiry grows: Ireland on Sunday

An inquiry cannot answer for Hamill's death: The Sunday Times

Time for Irish TV for the North: Sunday Business Post

Protest at Derry civic parade: BBC

Loyalists plan blockade protest: The Sunday Times

Lack of resources prevents inquiry into Downpatrick killing by RUC officers: Ireland on Sunday

Ad agency says sorry in peace row : The Sunday Times

Deadly army plot to frame UDA man: The Observer

Fresh hope for Saville inquiry : The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 10

DUP slams Trimble's "shabby surrender" in executive row: The Independent Irish News (Editorial)

Find identical to London bomb part: The Irish Times

RUC overhaul vital if justice to prevail in North: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Ex prisoners launch another view this week: Andersonstown News

UUP man hits out at 'biased' council: Belfast Telegraph

Orange marches threaten peace in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

Dispute over Derry civic parade: BBC

Dodds hits at Tour of North reroute: Irish News

Biffo failing equality test: Belfast Telegraph

Bond may give IRA licence to thrill: The Times

Non-denominational schools not yet broached: The Irish Times

Friday, June 9

Executive hits back at DUP ministers: The Independent

Cat and mouse game at Stormont: Belfast Telegraph

Patten attacks Unionists over stand on RUC symbols: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalist parade rerouted: The Guardian

Parade decision linked to 1996 riots: Belfast Telegraph

A sense of dread as summer approaches: Irish News

President visits Greysteel: The Irish Times

Less risk in Derry than UK: security: Irish News

Maginnis blames IRA man for 'can' attack: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern calls for Hamill inquiry: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 9 ---------

Widgery Inquiry into Derry killings may have overlooked crucial admission by paratrooper: Irish Examiner

Venue hearing deferred to November: The Irish Times

Shock that soldier was not quizzed over killing: Irish News

Thursday, June 8

Mandelson warning over 'IRA killing': BBC

NI leaders could learn from South Carolina: The Irish Times

Trust the key to Drumcree peace says negotiator: Irish Examiner

Order plan for extra parades at Drumcree: Irish News

RUC changes "still not enough": BBC

North's schemes 'squandered' aid: The Irish Times

McGuinness moves office to Stormont: Belfast Telegraph

Threats to witnesses see inquest cancelled: The Guardian

Thunderstorm delays IRA gun running trial: Irish Examiner

Can Celtic Tiger enter Ulster?: Belfast Telegraph

Restored NI Executive welcomed: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 8 ---------

Bloody Sunday victim had 'hands in air': BBC

Questions raised over man carrying nail bombs: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, June 7

Brit lawmakers debate N. Ireland police reform: Boston Herald

New offers to Sinn Fein on RUC reform: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson still has 'open mind' on RUC reform: The Independent

The pity of Patten: Belfast Telegraph

ULSTER'S UNIFORM: The Times (Editorial)

Patten Plans: Both communities must be able to support the new arrangements: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Home truths: The Guardian

Bomb link to the Real IRA: The Times

It’s about time that the RIRA got real: Irish News

Drumcree dispute mediator arrives: BBC

IRA blamed for drugs murder: The Guardian

Loyalists blamed for arson: The Times

Northern Ireland’s no longer a ‘no-go state’ for tourists: Irish News

Adams 'will not stand for Dail': Belfast Telegraph

Warning against overreaction to SF mayor: The Irish Times

Mandelson may have to pick the colours: Irish News

Threat forces coroner to cancel key inquest: Belfast Telegraph

DUP flags motion defeated: BBC

Twisting long arm of the law won't help you, Mr Paisley: Irish Examiner

Campbell accused of denial: Irish News

Smuggler's intentions at heart of IRA trial: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

IRA Case Depicts S. Florida as a Premier Arms Market: Los Angeles Times

IRA pair win rights ruling over detentions: Electronic Telegraph

IRA man convicted of murder got fair trial: Irish Examiner

The long road from prison to high society: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 7 ---------

Massacre victim played dead: Irish Examiner

Accused Para shown in film: Irish News

Tuesday, June 6

A Surprise In Belfast-- It's Boring: Washington Post

N. Ireland's power-sharing assembly meets: Boston Herald

Irish paramilitaries threaten own communities with violence: Washington Times

New hope, old quarrels in Ulster: Boston Globe

Backbench rebels attack RUC reform: The Independent

Mallon to demand radical changes to Police Bill: The Irish Times

Give RUC an opportunity to tell its story: Irish News

Price of appeasement: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mandelson's Special Task: The Irish Times (Editorial)

DUP pioneers a new kind of power-sharing: Andersonstown News (June 5)

Religion should not be above criticism: Belfast Telegraph

Character assassination by committee: The Independent

McGuinness denies terror boast to pupils: Irish Examiner

Plan to change date of Drumcree march: The Independent

March Debate: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Debate on flag flying likely to be fractious: The Irish Times

Flag must not become a bloody symbol in North: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Ex-IRA man to be mayor of Derry: The Guardian

Row over RUC protection for president's trip to North: Irish Examiner

Paisley voices fury at Presbyterian Church: Irish News

Hume announces new start: The Irish Times

Blair 'sorry' over Guildford Four: Electronic Telegraph

Man cleared of murdering three Quinn boys: Irish Independent

Army criticised over guardsmen delay: BBC

'Unanswered questions' in the killing of IRA man: Irish News

Army's security expert dies: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 6 ---------

Paras fired as if on pigeon shoot: Irish Examiner

'Killing fields' crucial to Bloody Sunday story: The Irish Times

Monday, June 5

NI Assembly back after suspension: BBC

British army continues to scale down presence: The Irish Times

Mandelson to unveil RUC's 'new beginning': The Independent

Concessions over RUC fail to satisfy Sinn Fein: The Times

Patten the best plan for peace and policing: The Irish Times

Climate of fear hanging over the legal profession in North: Irish Examiner

Flag fury casts shadow over assembly's first day: The Guardian

President will attend assembly: Irish Times

Row over Garda role as escorts: Belfast Telegraph

Tactics on Orange parades 'fascist': The Irish Times

Drumcree parade switch headache: Belfast Telegraph

Some things ought not to be in politics: Irish News

Call for paramilitaries to disarm: The Irish Times

US official attacks letter to UUP: Irish News

Sinn Fein goes for first mayorship: BBC

Peace divide a focus for attacks: Irish News

South African to mediate on Drumcree: Irish Examiner

Sinn Fein faces a tough electoral battle in Louth: The Irish Times

Sunday, June 4

MI5 says Real IRA has 1,000lb Semtex cache: Electronic Telegraph

Real IRA armed with super mortar: The Observer

Omagh bomber linked to Hammersmith explosion: The Sunday Times

Diehards who put faith in the bomb: Independent on Sunday

Burning bridges: The Sunday Times

Other means: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Army withdraws another 500 soldiers: The Observer

New mediator heads Drumcree initiative: The Sunday Times

Game's over, Paisley: give up: Sunday Business Post

N. Ireland human rights urges action from rhetoric: Boston Herald

Trimble's `success' goes to Sinn Féin's head: Sunday Independent

Forgiving Sinn Fein is a tough call: The Sunday Times

Battle for heart of unionism: Sunday Business Post

House training? Unionists should look at themselves: Ireland on Sunday

Challenge of N. Ireland: Seize the opportunity and get down to governing: Philadelphia Inquirer

Mandelson warned to keep out of flags row: Sunday Independent

RUC reform is key to peace: Boston Herald

Patten or else says the IRA: Ireland on Sunday

Nationalists win RUC reforms: The Sunday Times

A police force for the people: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

The right man in the right place: Ireland on Sunday

Secrets not worth the toilet paper they're written on: The Sunday Times

Colonel to face trial in Ulster 'grudge': The Sunday Times

Fortune favours the brave Bulger: Ireland on Sunday

Paras in fear of inquiry violence: The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 3

UK braced for chaos after blast: The Guardian

Sinn Fein bans flags on Coronation Day : The Guardian

Mandelson may step in to resolve Ulster's flag row: The Independent

Mandelson unable 'to fly flag': BBC

IRA attacks 'watering down of police reform': Electronic Telegraph

Belfast Agreement is dream solution: The Irish Times (by John Hume)

Brilliant spin that put Assembly back together: Irish Independent

Peace pact hopes ride on acceptable North police: The Irish Times

Battle for the heart and soul of unionism: Irish Independent

Dogged by retaliatory metaphors: The Irish Times

Wreckers at work: The Guardian

Special court to remain despite ceasefire: Irish Examiner

UDA leaders split on protest: The Irish Times

IRA man shocked by availability of weapons: Irish Examiner

Bay State, Northern Ireland forge economic partnership: Boston Herald (by John Hume)

Bill and Hillary all set for Irish summer visit: Irish Examiner

Biker with green fingers rides again: The Irish Times

Friday, June 2

Real IRA campaign fear after bridge bomb chaos: Electronic Telegraph

Attack was third on bridge that has become strategic target: The Guardian

Renegade terrorist group remains threat to peace: Irish Independent

Bombing of bridge intended as call to arms: Electronic Telegraph

Hardliners' sharp reminder of deadly threat: The Guardian

Evil shadows: Irish Independent (Editorial)

London bombing shows peace is far from secure: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Stormont's determined denizens return to fray: The Independent

Disruption threat to Executive from DUP: Electronic Telegraph

DUP 'playing with the head': BBC

Robinson denies DUP aim to disrupt: The Irish Times

How 'rotational wrecking' could backfire on the DUP: Belfast Telegraph

RUC reform progress 'not enough' - SDLP: BBC

Professor of law will scrutinise police: The Irish Times

Tension over flag flying: BBC

Fury over Sinn Fein ministers' flag snub: Belfast Telegraph

Flags should be used, not abused: Belfast Telegraph

A blast for McGuinness: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Unionists join forces to keep Sinn Fein out of mayor's office: The Guardian

A colourful character or just true blue?: Irish News

A poor image for Belfast: Irish News (Editorial)

Labour MPs to rebel over Mandelson's RUC reform: The Independent

US backers insisted IRA guns were smuggled: Irish Examiner

Cross-Border website to catch investors: The Irish Times

Whitehall's secret warfare: The Guardian

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 2 ---------

Soldier thought situation unreal: The Irish Times

Para ‘saw priest as potential gunman’: Irish News

Thursday, June 1

DUP is criticised for campaign to disrupt executive: Electronic Telegraph

This man represents a very real danger to the peace process: The Independent

Paisley preaches ‘no deal’ unionism: Irish News

DUP tactics unlikely to upset momentum: The Irish Times

Adams 'dubious about RUC pledge': BBC

Cowen backs SDLP calls for Police Bill changes: The Irish Times

Constantine: Ulster police reform crucial: Albany Times Union

Ex-NY police chief to monitor Patten: The Irish Times

Backtracking on RUC reforms could be disastrous: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Flags a burning issue for parties: Irish News

Threat of a challenge to Trimble will not go away: The Irish Times

Four-legged jibes don’t help matters: Irish News

Back To Business: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Finucane accused held for a month: Irish News

Ulster tries again: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Hooked on secrecy: The Guardian (Editorial)

Momentum in Belfast: Albany Times Union (Editorial)

Battle on for top council post: BBC

Fight to block Sinn Fein mayor of Belfast: The Guardian

Unionist ‘turn-off link to terror’: Irish News

Inquiry into terrorist intimidation opens: Electronic Telegraph

Phone taps breached civil rights - ICCL: The Irish Times

Garvaghy Road republicans ask US to help fly the flags : The Scotsman

Witness: IRA protecting the peace: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

We want peace, says IRA man on gun charges: Electroinc Telegraph

Hume attempts to heal widest tribal division: The Irish Times

Tourism is well placed to cash in on peace dividend: Irish News

Shorts staff search bridges sectarian divide: The Guardian

Catholic job rise ‘to extend to RUC’: Irish News

China asked to look at NI process: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 1 ---------

Bloody Sunday photograph appeal: BBC

I was covered in blood says teen: Irish News

Witness accounts contradictory: Irish Examiner

'Shooting from city walls' theory reviewed: The Irish Times