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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from June 16-30, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, June 30

Dissidents' bomb damages rail link: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton plea over marches: BBC

Orangemen look for way round ban: Irish Examiner

Loyalists in death threat to GAA pair: Irish News

Order must not dance to tune of hardliners: Belfast Telegraph

Marching season must be mindful of new context of peace: Irish Examiner

Burnside takes hard line and says he can unite party: The Irish Times

'IRA contact resumed': Belfast Telegraph

A Shot in the Arm from the IRA:

IRA's arms policy removes peace logjam: Dallas News (Editorial - June 28)

Declare religious ties, RUC is warned: Electronic Telegraph

RUC widows pension review urged: BBC

Loyalists grasp the simple arithmetic: Irish Echo

Clinton Slams Irish Policy Critics: Irish Voice

Sands family in row over Trust: Irish Examiner

'IRA man opens fire on Belfast loyalists': Electronic Telegraph

Taking charge of our own affairs: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Order to protect Protestant places: The Irish Times

Pensions saved for Birmingham Six: Irish Post

Thursday, June 29

Arms and the men who inspect them: Irish Independent

Arms inspections give process new credibility: Belfast Telegraph

There is still some way to travel on arms issue: The Irish Times

Order have parade conflict on tape: Belfast Telegraph

Struggling to live normal lives on the Garvaghy Road: Irish News

Drumcree: Order in threat to stop talks on parades: Belfast Telegraph

Unionist supports Sinn Fein exclusion: BBC

Queen of Northern Ireland: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA Opens Fire On Loyalists:

Anti-Sinn Fein school walkout: BBC

Irish 'victims of English stereotyping': Electronic Telegraph

Mo was right to stir royal debate: Irish News (Editorial)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 29 ---------

Record-breaking inquiry adjourned: BBC

‘Truth is somewhere in the evidence laid out’: Irish News

Motive for suppressing article denied: The Irish Times

Army press officer claimed IRA shot their own people in Derry: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, June 28

It’s a day of reckoning on vote to expel SF say DUP: Irish Examiner

New RUC oath to 'respect beliefs': Electronic Telegraph

SDLP claims victory in RUC Bill battle: Belfast Telegraph

Republicanism's surrender by instalment: The Guardian (June 26)

On the one road, but is it same road?: Belfast Telegraph

An Irish peace milestone: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Unionism must move with times: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

'Disappointment' for Orange Order: The Irish Times

It's time for the Order to take the right step at Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Order’s moral account: Irish News (Editorial)

2,000 soldiers sent to Ulster: The Guardian

Orange regret over paramilitary regalia: BBC

Time is right to maximise EU connection: Irish News

QCs in Ulster no longer pledge to serve Queen: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble says North’s peace may offer chance of hope to others: Irish Examiner

Ex-NYPD cop’s bid for reconciliation: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 28 ---------

Record altered over who gave orders: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday prisoners 'tortured': BBC

Undercover SAS captain arrested: Irish Examiner

Tensions between army, RUC chief revealed: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 27

International Inspectors Check IRA Arms Cache: Washington Post

Arms inspectors visit IRA weapons dumps: Boston Herald

Irish Republican Army Lets Inspectors See Its Weapons: Los Angeles Times

Premiers clash as IRA arms move welcomed: The Guardian

Enough weapons hidden to equip a small army: The Scotsman

Libyan arms were symbolic, also old: The Irish Times

Ferris claims initiative ‘saved the process’: Irish News

Dissidents attack IRA arms move: BBC

Dissident republicans gain momentum: The Irish Times

Doubts remain over security devices: The Times

The secret of their success: Irish Independent

Inspection 'no substitute' for scrapping arms: Electronic Telegraph

Peace tiptoes over threat from splinter factions: Irish Examiner

Mystery tour with a deadly secret: The Times

A blacked-out vehicle, a piece of Irish history: The Guardian

This is a milestone in peace process: The Independent

‘Shadow of the gunman is beginning to fade away’: Irish News

Nation puts its trust in men on road to nowhere: Electronic Telegraph

Peace process not yet done deal despite breakthrough: The Irish Times

As good as it gets?: BBC

After years spent grappling against the odds, a solution acceptable to both sides has arrived: Irish Examiner

The IRA bunkers down: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

FROM THE BUNKER: The Times (Editorial)

Latest IRA initiative signals genuine progress: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Uncovering the guns: The Guardian (Editorial)

A giant step forward: The Irish Times (Editorial)

A step in the right direction: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Arms move is welcome news: Irish News

March banned amid fears of violence: The Times

Paramilitary regalia at Orange march: BBC

Control in the heart of new Police Bill: Irish News

Irish Republican Army Lets Inspectors See Its Weapons: Belfast Telegraph

De Brun opposed to punishment attacks: The Irish Times

2000 Congressional Scorecard: G21

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 27 ---------

Gunbattle between IRA and troops near Bogside ignored by Widgery: Irish Examiner

Detainees ran gauntlet between soldiers with dogs: The Irish Times

Monday, June 26

Inspectors 'satisfied' over IRA arms: BBC

Rulings on Drumcree march due this week: Irish News

Flashpoint parade prevented: BBC

Music blamed for riots in Belfast: Irish Examiner

A bad day for Orange image: Irish News (Editorial)

Rights and responsibilities: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

July decisions on RUC reforms: The Irish Times

McGuinness lays down law on RUC: Irish News

An American's Diary: The Irish Times

32-group denies Real IRA links: Irish News

IRA 'surrender' condemned: The Irish Times

Trimble set for confrontation: Irish Examiner

It’s back to basics time for unionism: Irish News

Speech charts long road to peace: The Irish Times

BNP to field first candidate in north: Irish News

Sunday, June 25

Republican rebels gain strength: The Observer

Real IRA threatens to picket Straw's home: The Sunday Times

Statistics show housing attacks are one-sided: Boston Herald

Protestants opting to leave Belfast for greener pastures: Ireland on Sunday

Flashpoint in a fragile peace: The Observer

Unionist leaders find it's easier to win the hard way: The Sunday Times

Nothing black and white about the North: Sunday Independent

Time to stop the appeasement: The Sunday Times

Weapons issue still vexes N. Ireland peace: Boston Herald

Clinton beguiles with no begorrahs: Ireland on Sunday (June 25)

Beatings continue under waving flags: Sunday Independent

Trimble ready for fight over Orange Order role: The Sunday Times

Orangemen march marred by scuffles: Boston Herald

Rally goes ahead after alert: BBC

Blair 'promised march on Garvaghy Road': Sunday Business Post

Stopping the march into another summer of discontent: Ireland on Sunday (by Gary McMichael)

Portadown tense as Orangemen await march ban: Electronic Telegraph

Fragmenting Orange Order marching with a total lack of direction: Ireland on Sunday

Woman who will police North's police: Sunday Business Post

Families seek truth about men gunned down in SAS ambush: Ireland on Sunday

Sunday Times whistle-blower suspect cleared by police: The Sunday Times

'FBI informer armed the IRA': Electronic Telegraph


In Ireland, thousands are arriving, not leaving: Philadelphia Inquirer

Saturday, June 24

UFF suspension of threat to end their ceasefire welcomed: Irish Examiner

Blowing hot and cold in Ulster: The Guardian

Meeting seen as challenge to Provisional IRA: The Irish Times

Commission sticks to parade decision: BBC

Commission plays down march fever: Irish News

Missiles and abuse prelude to parade: The Irish Times

Trimble faces troubles in fight for Antrim: The Guardian

Burnside touted as 'next big thing' in unionism: The Irish Times

Unionists' review body gets down to business: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists slide into despair and defeat: Irish Independent

An end to the Orange link?: Irish News (Editorial)

SDLP debates party overhaul: BBC

Sinn Fein accuses SDLP of ‘lies’: Irish News

What's gone wrong?: Belfast Telegraph

Adams calls for end to punishment beatings: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein hope to pick up seat in Dublin: Irish Examiner

New barrister oath drops Queen: BBC

Bands play on despite the protest: The Irish Times

Paisley gets some Papal pretensions: Irish News

Trimble goes to Middle East: BBC

Garda earns second bravery medal: The Irish Times

Friday, June 23

IRA arms checks 'by next week': The Guardian

MP calls for statement on blast: BBC

Loyalist group surprised by threat to resume violence against nationalists: Irish Examiner

New unionist group established: BBC

UUP man asked to leave as new group launched: Belfast Telegraph

Unionism's role in 21st century: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA, UDA and UVF behind most beatings: The Irish Times

Paramilitaries step up violence of 'punishment' attacks: The Irish Times

Sectarian attacks on children: BBC

Leaders must show prudence: Irish News (Editorial)

NI retirement home for Clinton proposed: The Irish Times

SF ‘impressed’ by progress on police bill: Irish News

He Asked for Asylum; Now He’s Fighting I.N.S.: New York Observer

Beginning of participatory democracy: Irish News

Irish and British army bands strike up accord: The Irish Times

Meeting over Orange Order parade: BBC

Angry Orange scholars in quit move: Belfast Telegraph

Hi tech bid to identify Drumcree troublemakers: Irish Examiner

Date for Omagh bomb hearing: BBC

Marching on to a new appreciation: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 23 ---------

Shots into Bogside may have come from walls, inquiry told: Irish Examiner

Ex-mayor raises third British firing point: Irish News

Thursday, June 22

IRA accused of stalling on guns: Belfast Telegraph

Inspectors to see IRA dumps ‘soon’: Irish News

On the march: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Way forward: by Ciara Ní Tuama (Fornight)

Both sides on lookout for PM sellout: The Irish Times

Ulster early releases threat: The Times

Belfast shed explosion injures two: The Independent

Confrontation at peace line: BBC

Optimism tempered by the stirring of tensions: Belfast Telegraph

Families start hunt for truth of SAS killings: Irish News

Language body meets in Belfast: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 22 ---------

Bullet may have been altered: BBC

Statements detail fatal shootings: The Irish Times

Bullets fly as witness prays to dying man: Irish Examiner

Derry's sign of the times: Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday, June 21

Pro-British group may again fight in Belfast: Boston Herald

Peace crisis as loyalist group threatens to kill Catholics: The Scotsman

UDA chiefs hold crisis meeting on threat: Belfast Telegraph

Adair vows to hold back UFF gunmen: Irish News

Ulster Freedom Fighters - the thugs in hoods: The Guardian

Lone Loyalist may be behind ceasefire threat: The Irish Times

Where history repeats itself: The Guardian

Maverick threat to break UDA ceasefire: The Irish Times

Loyalist truce always fragile: Irish News

UFF threats must be rejected by all: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mandelson rejection of UFF threat welcome: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Avoiding any expression of Irishness: Irish News

Left, Right, Centre: by Gary Kent (Fortnight)

Necessary jolt for the party: Belfast Telegraph

Early Drumcree solution 'unlikely': BBC

Mammoth' Drumcree rally call: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP concerns on police force will be met: Irish Examiner

Congress hearings on Patten report: Irish News

Trimble's rival is chosen for safe seat: Electronic Telegraph

‘Draconian’ legislation to be renewed: Irish News

Mandelson feels 'safe' despite device: BBC

Hillsborough device lay undetected for two weeks: The Scotsman

Mandy: a dirty job, but great furnishings: The Guardian

Machiaveli Mandelson hides behind a Florence Nightingale façade: Irish Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 21 ---------

Planting of nail-bombs suggested: The Irish Times

Being shot while helping wounded ruined man’s life: Irish Examiner

Civilian describes RUC-army scuffle: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 20

Mandelson device linked to dissidents: BBC

Did bombers target Prince Charles?: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble warned of defeat in party report: The Times

Shock report has UUP reeling: Irish Examiner

NEW REPUBLIC?: by Anthony McIntyre (Fortnight magazine)

Fury over dissidents ‘bid to go upmarket’: Irish News

RUC 'keen to embrace change': The Irish Times

Young people are split over police reforms: Irish News

De Brun distances RUC : Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness cites British 'failure' on RUC: The Irish Times

Unionists make by-election choice: BBC

Burnside faces up to unity problem: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA will honour its commitment - Mandelson: The Irish Times

A glimmer of hope on the flags front: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble defies DUP over arms timetable: The Irish Times

Everybody needs good neighbours: Irish News

Kennaway ' departure' carries simple message: Belfast Telegraph

Mandelson condemns protest violence: BBC

BBC ‘ban’ on national anthem sparks anger: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 20 ---------

Soldiers did not see 'bombs': BBC

Monday, June 19

Hume likens unionists to Afrikaners: The Irish Times

NIO denies ‘Patten is illegal’ claim: Irish News

Parties split over RUC protest: Irish News

H-blocks ready for renewal of Ulster violence: The Times

Clashes during Orange Order parade: BBC

King’s dream, our inspiration: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange upheaval may mean trouble for Trimble: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune, June 18)

Orange Order is its own worst enemy: Irish News

Controversial figure `Red Sammy' back as Belfast mayor: Boston Herald

Doherty says the battle for republicans is not over: The Irish Times

Unionist to quit politics: BBC

DUP angry at 'no flags': Belfast Telegraph

Burnside the main contender in heartland: The Irish Times

Last prisoners set to leave the Maze: Irish News

Innovative art programme helps to promote North-South understanding: Irish Examiner

Sunday, June 18

Arms and police pose threat to peace process: Ireland on Sunday

Key Trimble aide seeks poll battle: The Observer

Bid to boost Catholics in police 'breaches' EU law: The Sunday Times

A union of diversity: The Observer

American police launch hunt for huge IRA arms cache: The Sunday Times

Clashes during Orange Order parade: BBC

Marches face new reality: Boston Herald

King daughter may observe Drumcree: The Sunday Times

More questions likely over soldiers' 'contemptible' behaviour: Ireland on Sunday

Hardline pride condemns Orangemen to isolation: The Sunday Times

PARADING - WHO'S RIGHT?: by Austen Morgan (Fortnight magazine)

Orange arches may come tumbling down: Ireland on Sunday

Review my case, says shot agent: The Sunday Times

Cleeky Clarke: The death of a Northern hero: Ireland on Sunday

DUP criticises prison chief's award: BBC

Mandy is dogged by barking bad spin: Ireland on Sunday

Memories of the Shankill bomb: Belfast Telegraph (June 16)

Provos 'acting on medical advice': Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, June 17

Trimble shadow boxes as Sinn Fein warns on arms: Irish Independent

IRA arms ‘back on political agenda’: Irish News

Unionists hopeful of arms move: BBC

McGuinness warns against ultimatums over IRA decommissioning: Irish Examiner

Forging trust for the future: Irish News (Editorial)

Victims of violence walk to bring divided communities in North closer together: Irish Examiner

Breaking down the barriers of hatred: Irish News

Tories move to keep RUC title for new force: Irish News

RUC recruits' programme to 'balance' orange, green: The Irish Times

Mallon is optimistic of ‘return to Patten’: Irish News

I am listening: The Guardian (by Peter Mandelson, June 16)

Orangemen protest over route move: BBC

A far-out notion: Belfast Telegraph

Nationalist anger over erection of UFF banners: Irish News

US customs man helped IRA bomber: Electronic Telegraph

Former Maze governor awarded CBE: The Irish Times

Thousands mourn republican ‘legend’: Irish News

Friday, June 16

Trimble warns against IRA putting off disarmament: Boston Herald

Trimble expects IRA to move on arms: The Irish Times

Siege mentality undermines efforts to maintain traditions: Irish Examiner

Doctors told IRA how to carry out punishment acts: Electronic Telegraph

UUP to press general on arms: Irish News

Trimble backs ban on DUP papers: Belfast Telegraph

Mother blames loyalists for attack: BBC

Paisley stands by letter claims: Irish News

New Orange crisis after eight resign: Irish Independent

Dialogue is the only way forward: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

NYPD man leads march for peace: Irish News

Ulster Unionist candidacy row: BBC

Anti-terrorist laws to remain in force: Irish Independent

The questions that need to be asked: Belfast Telegraph

Clergyman to intervene in feud: BBC

Irish Guards band to play in Dublin: Electronic Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - June 16 ---------

Inquiry grants anonymity to security service informer to give evidence that IRA fired first shots: Irish Examiner

Horror relived in television footage: Irish News