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This archive contains references to articles from June 16-22, 1998 (23rd through the 30th has been lost). If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, June 22

Trimble caught between necessity and expedience: Sunday Business Post

Trimble to stand or fall on poll result: Sunday Business Post

Trimble looks to Paisley defeat: The Independent

Trimble firmly focused on events beyond Thursday: The Irish Times

Path of U-turns leads Trimble to his triumph: Irish Independent

Who'd tell off the Big Man: The Irish Times

Hague must learn quickly: Irish News (Editorial)

Flanagan says his Drumcree remarks were distorted: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein turns up the heat on SDLP: The Times

Loyalists are sowing seeds of a new society: Irish News

Activists may speed handover of weapons: Irish Independent

Hume urges pro-agreement vote: BBC

Sunday, June 21

Flanagan indicates he will allow 'Garvaghy' march: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Marchers threaten vigil at Drumcree: The Observer

Shadow of terror haunts Unionists: The Sunday Times

Veteran MP joins Labour over Ireland: Electronic Telegraph

McCartney loses Volvo vote: The Sunday Times

France 98 calms Ulster passions: Independent on Sunday

Sinn Fein out to eclipse SDLP: The Sunday Times

'Weary' electorate not excited by looming vote: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Loyalists ready to give up arms first: The Sunday Times

Trimble and Joyce put pathos in patriotism: The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 20

London sees SF view on parades as early test: The Irish Times

Parade stays peaceful: Irish News

Church plea on Drumcree: The Irish Times

Time runs out for Trimble: Irish Independent

Fighting discrimination with civil disobedience: The Irish Times

Tory accused of `treachery' by Unionist: Irish Independent

Campaign misses the old ‘chopping blocks’: Irish News

Ulster's tourist peace dividend: The Guardian

Employment law is unfair: Irish News (Editorial)

Colourful hat in ring for US embassy post: The Irish Times

US group backs call for troop level cuts: Irish News

Friday, June 19

Northern Ireland's identity gulf can't be overcome by police reform: Boston Globe

Staying power of Ulster's new Unionism: The Guardian

McMichael fights vital battle against the DUP: The Irish Times

Unionism's heartland bows to a new spirit: The Times

Nationalists still sceptical of UUP leader's position: The Irish Times

North's economic gloom: Irish Independent

Ulster Bill is passed after 'doctored report' row: Electronic Telegraph

Ex-MI5 agent says IRA bomb was avoidable: The Times

SDLP says poll indicates it could get biggest vote: The Irish Times

Party wants ‘fresh start’: Irish News

Emotions unusually high as McCartney looms large: The Irish Times

Thursday, June 18

Voters can make history by forgetting prejudices: The Irish Times

SDLP's marathon man on his last lap: The Guardian

The new front line: The Independent

Yes Support Remains Strong: The Irish Times (Editorial)

SDLP and SF battle it out for nationalist vote: The Irish Times

Call for calm at contentious parade: Irish News

Tories attacked over Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Mallon challenges Trimble on agreement: The Irish Times

IRA statement is welcomed: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionists welcome IRA move on arms: The Times

New Bloody Sunday inquiry is slammed: Irish News

Feelings still raw over releases of killers: The Irish Times

Wednesday, June 17

Peace Train or warpath?: by Gary Kent

We may destroy weapons, says IRA chief: Electronic Telegraph

Releasing prisoners will allow a break with the war: The Irish Times (by Danny Morrison)

It’s a question of power to all ‘agreement friends’: Irish News

SF ready for government, says chirpy Adams: The Irish Times

Unionist transfers ‘may go to SDLP’ ­ Empey: Irish News

Paisley call to vote for No parties a gift to SF - Taylor: The Irish Times

Orangemen will avoid flashpoints in parade: The Times

RSF urges nationalists to boycott elections: The Irish Times

No vote is end of consensus on Ulster: The Independent

Tuesday, June 16

Broken pact: The Guardian (Editorial)

Unionists say ‘no’ to SDLP transfers: Irish News

Orangemen condemn parade ban: Electronic Telegraph

Order must be willing to talk: Irish News

Commission rerouting of parade 'inevitable': The Irish Times

Poll positions: Irish Independent

Freedom is more than liberation of territory: The Irish Times

Before long, the IRA simply has to start handing in some weapons: The Guardian

'Steady Eddie' McGrady has tightened his grip: The Irish Times

Why it's time the GAA dropped `the ban': Irish Independent

Next US envoy has hard act to follow: The Irish Times