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This archive contains references to articles from June 16-30, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, June 30

Quest for a deal: Belfast Telegraph

Why I will defy the Church synod rector: Belfast Telegraph

Orange supremo rounds on Churches: Belfast Telegraph

Outlook Brightens At N. Ireland Talks: Washington Post


Unionist tensions grow on 'deal': The Irish Times

At Midnight in Belfast: New York Times (Editorial)

Midnight's children: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Talks Down to Bedrock: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Our hopes dare to rise above the dreary steeples: Irish Independent

All or nothing day for Trimble’s unionists: Irish News

If it fails, the fault lies with leaders: The Irish Times

For peace's sake, don't take the pith out of the Orange: Electronic Telegraph

UVF seeks to quell loyalist extremism: The Times

Another day of destiny dawns for the plain people of the North: Irish Independent

The Mallon 'solution' may yet save the day: The Irish Times

Chief rejects RUC criticism: BBC

Sinn Fein pressed to accept that IRA must disarm: Electronic Telegraph

Lies and silence after abductions in Belfast: The Irish Times

Families’ agony is not yet over: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA informer appeals for new identity: BBC

Go with the flow: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 29

Revealed - the Drumcree plan: Belfast Telegraph

Response of the UK Unioniist Party to questions posed by the Independent International Commission on decommissioning: Belfast Telegraph (by Robert McCartney)

1,000 protest at Drumcree ban: Electronic Telegraph

Foreboding in a town called Malice: The Times

Ulster Foes Rebuff Call for Compromise as Deadline Nears: New York Times

Clinton calls for compromise to save agreement: The Irish Times

Ahern never urged march - Mac Cionnaith: Irish News

IRA victims don't want to be forgotten: The Irish Times

General de Chastelain's moment of truth: The Guardian

Optimism on Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

ON THE BRINK OF PEACE IN ULSTER: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Too little, too late: Irish Independent

Decommissioning and Drumcee go to the wire: The Irish Times


Petrol on Fire: The Times (Editorial)

Prejudice, ignorance barrier for NI Protestants: The Irish Times

Wake me up when it's over: by Malahchi O'Doherty (BBC) We can't believe you, Mr Blair: The Times

Blair's hard choices if the gamble fails: Electronic Telegraph

Why Drumcree issue is proving a nightmare for the Church of Ireland: Irish Independent

Why peace must come: Boston Globe

The peace warriors: The Guardian

How the deal fractured the Provos: Irish Independent

Remand prisoners 'accepted' on IRA wing: BBC

Monday, June 28

Jumping together: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

McAleese's son changes schools: Belfast Telegraph

In Ulster, Hints of a Shift to Save Peace Effort: New York Times

IRA guns issue still threatens peace plan: Boston Globe

Can Blair break the deadlock again?: The Guardian

Gardai claim Provos were behind bomb: Irish Independent

Right of Reply: The Independent

The whole of Ireland demands disarmament: Electronic Telegraph (by John Bruton)

One risk too many for Trimble: Sunday Business Post

Rebirth is the prize if we can face the pain together: Irish News

Blair's words no substitute for action: The Irish Times (by Robert McCartney)

Loose talk: Irish Independent (Editorial)

'The only vehicle on which decommissioning will ever be delivered is the Good Friday agreement. Don't let's take the wheels off the cart': The Times

Whatever Mr Blair says, Wednesday is not a real deadline: The Independent (Editorial)

A culture that can only see its enemies

Hope And History: The Irish Times (Editorial) The Irish Answer: The Times (Editorial)

Drumcree decision due: BBC

Garvaghy residents say: The Irish Times

Rector defies order to bar Orangemen: The Times

No surrender to grim reality: The Independent

Loyalist feud increases Portadown tension

Drumcree ban could light the touchpaper: The Times

CIRA denies link with Real IRA: The Irish Times

Sunday, June 27

Annesley quizzed in Finucane Probe: The Sunday Times


Frightened informer claimed RUC forced his silence: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Unionists demand arms pledge: BBC


IRA says 'the war is over' in bid to save peace deal: Electronic Telegraph

IRA accused of Londonderry bomb plot: Sunday Times

Irish deal can be done: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

ON THE BRINK: The Sunday Times

Intransigence on arms inexcusable: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Ulster Endgame: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Decommissioning Can Now Be Resolved: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

SF's cynical two-step over the spirit of the Agreement: Sunday Independent

Order has waged disastrous PR campaign: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Triubne)

Ulster stares into the abyss: Independent on Sunday The weasel words that are gnawing at Irish democracy: The Sunday Times

Hijacking the People's Agreement: Sunday Independent (by Ken Maginnis)

The night that Blair looked into the abyss: Electronic Telegraph

Arms and RUC should be linked in radical deal: Sunday Independent

Flanagan's TV grilling adds to unease in RUC ranks: The Sunday Times

New prosperity luring many back to Ireland: Boston Globe

I can't forgive Brighton bomber: The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 26

Drumcree fears as UVF reforms: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble and Adams must resolve impasse: Belfast Telegraph Blair hails peace progress: BBC

Blair's deal on assembly rejected by Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

Will hope or cynicism triumph in this fateful week for Ulster?: The Independent

Order plans 1,300 Marches: Irish News

Suspicion blocking second chance for NI peace: The Irish Times

Faith & Reason - A tale of Voltaire and the Orangemen: The Independent

Eames cannot give 'blessing' to Drumcree service: The Irish Times

Church ultimatum to Orangemen: BBC

It's a long march on the road to God knows where: Irish News

Evidence links timers to bombs used by loyalists: The Irish Times

Friday, June 25

Across the great divide: Belfast Telegraph

The troubles of David Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Ian Paisley - a talks alternative: Belfast Telegraph

IRA's threat remains real: Irish Independent

Ahern 'softening' his arms stance Bruton: Belfast Telegraph

Blair and Ahern fly to 'make or break' talks: Electronic Telegraph

Adams is left little room for manoeuvre: The Times

Nearing The Deadline: The Irish Times

Trimble in dilemma on Ulster deadlock: The Times

Trimble questions terrorist ceasefires: BBC

Looking into the face of disaster: The Times (by Tony Blair)

NI has become dangerously complacent, claims Mallon : The Irish Times

RUC informer 'was Finucane murderer': The Independent

Long March sets out for Drumcree: Electronic Telegraph

Orange march likely bomb target: The Irish Times

Long March fuelled by bitterness: The Guardian

Thursday, June 24

Suspend entire Agreement says DUP: Belfast Telegraph

A callous disregard : Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Both Sides Must Bend in Ulster : Los Angeles Times

Embracing democracy: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Deal with the issue David: Irish News (Editorial)

Steven King: Belfast Telegraph

When Irish ties are colliding: Boston Globe

How Sinn Fein sees the future for the RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Gingerly, Cellucci and Finneran test chill waters of Ulster politics: Boston Globe

Ulster violence 'will return if talks collapse': Electronic Telegraph

General may give UUP and SF push: The Irish Times

Ulster deadlock 'solution' puts Trimble on spot: The Times

SF sees ending causes of conflict as more vital: The Irish Times

Critical time for the peace process as tension mounts: Irish Independent

Important to steady North nerve: The Irish Times

Ulster's tussle for peace: where the protagonists stand: The Independent

Ulster on the brink: The Guardian (Editorial)

Mr Trimble must compromise again to avoid a deadlock: The Independent (Editorial)

Peace in crisis: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Search for 'disappeared' in Monaghan extended: The Irish Times

Ms Mowlam isn't perfect, but she's a beacon of hope for Ulster: The Independent

Man charged with Finucane murder: BBC

Wednesday, June 23

US yawns as the race for the White House begins: Irish News (wrong headline on article)

On the ground in Portadown: Belfast Telegraph

Long march to walk on into millennium: Irish News

The Unburied Victims of the IRA: Belfast Telegraph

Disarming is an obligation says Mallon: Irish News

Release of Jailed IRA Bomber Stirs Anger: Los Angeles Times

Donaldson's re-entry to talks team worries SF: Irish News

Eammon McCann: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble calls for Mowlam to be sacked: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble under new pressure as Ahern alters view: The Irish Times

Has Blair botched it?: by Malachi O'Doherty

Peace is not guaranteed, Mr Blair: The Times (by Gerry Adams)

Scrap Assembly if talks fail-SF: The Irish Times

THE RESOLUTE APPROACH: The Times (Editorial)

Daughter of murder victim seeks new meeting with IRA: The Irish Times

Freedom for the Brighton bomber: The Guardian

Archbishop calls for religious tolerance: The Irish Times

Omagh bomb suspects released: BBC

Mowlam backs RUC chief after allegations: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 22

Pressure mounts to break Ulster deadlock: The Times

Freed terrorist fuels anger over deal on IRA arms: The Guardian

Troops go back as Brighton bomber is freed: The Times

Talks push puts de Chastelain in the spotlight: Irish News

Don't cave in to terror, Mr Blair: The Times (by David Trimble)

Drumcree exclusive: Belfast Telegraph

Orange rethink is welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

Nationalists asked to come to Portadown on Drumcree parade day: The Irish Times

Drumcree split leads to Jones 'walkout': Irish News

Families of IRA victims hope to meet commission: The Irish Times

RUC linked to murder of republican: Irish News

Robinson says DUP is being sidelined: Belfast Telegraph

Ireland fund donors see results: Boston Globe

Bruton bans councillors from pacts with SF: The Irish Times

Republican's anger at SF Gay Pride support: Irish News

Monday, June 21

Restraint needed over Long March - and move on arms: Irish Independent

Everybody in place ...where's the camera?: Irish News

Informer claims he tackled `IRA gunman': Irish Independent

Disappeared relatives' plea: Irish News

Talks before walks - survey: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton backs push for peace: Irish News

Balkans Blair needed in NI: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Exasperated Blair gives peace deal last chance: The Guardian

'Take risks' for peace - Mowlam: BBC

Trimble closes ranks as Blair deadline approaches: The Irish Times

IRA units 'behind a new wave of violence': Electronic Telegraph

Irish Holdup: Washington Post (Editorial)

SF hopeful governments will 'run hard' with pact: The Irish Times

Police arrest 10 for Omagh bombing: The Independent

RUC chief denies slur on lawyers: The Irish Times

Decision on IRA bodies dig: BBC

Almost impossible job of selling the Orange Order: The Irish Times

Sunday, June 20

Flanagan's 'said lawyers had terrorist agenda': The Sunday Times

Mowlam urged to halt prisoner releases: BBC

Will there be anything left of the Agreement by Sepetember?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Gloom as Blair tries to rescue Ulster deal: The Observer

Losing the battle in the Ulster 'peace': The Sunday Times

A vote for Sinn Fein is a vote for the end of Irish democracy: The Sunday Times

Blair fails to persuade RUC to use 'Omagh' law against Loyalists: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

McGartland: my struggle with an IRA assassin: The Sunday Times

Marked for death: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein man 'granted firearms certificate': BBC

Saturday, June 19

Violence fears as 117-mile Loyalist march goes ahead: Electronic Telegraph

Hunt for IRA 'disappeared' called off: BBC

Moral blindness: The Guardian

Trimble's troubles: Irish Independent (Editorial)

The time of the no-men has long since passed: Irish News

SF results exasperate political rivals: The Irish Times

All sides dig in as North's latest peace crisis beckons: Irish Independent

Seat rewards a tireless worker for Shankill prosperity: The Times

SF member issued with legal firearm: Irish News

Judge tells Clegg he is a liar: Electronic Telegraph

Hume, the great healer: The Guardian (Editorial)

Friday, June 18

Bloody shambles: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

PM 'can't change arms stance': Belfast Telegraph

Bloody Sunday paras are revealed: Irish News

Marching tensions: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Informer who fled those he betrayed: Irish News

Mafia state is not what society needs: Belfast Telegraph

Manhunt follows attack on IRA informer: BBC

Eight years in fear of IRA reprisal: The Times

Lack of evidence shields gunmen: The Times

'Last hour' compromise can solve impasse: The Irish Times

Saville urged to quit as Paras win anonymity: Electronic Telegraph

Anger of Bloody Sunday families: BBC

Soldiers say they will still live in fear: Electronic Telegraph

Verdict did not surprise solicitor: The Irish Times

Saville and the soldiers: The Guardian (Editorial)

British Establishment guns trained on Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Irish Times

REQUIESCAT IN PACE: The Times (Editorial)

Thursday, June 17

IRA informer shot in England: Belfast Telegraph

US in call for order to talk to residents: Irish News

Trimble must take on Blair: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Long march is irresponsible: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble's enemies sharpen the knives: Irish Independent

UUP baffled by Taylor threat: Irish News

Ceasefire has not the same meaning for all: Belfast Telegraph

Mallon outlines plan to end impasse: Irish News

Taylor will quit if arms requirement is dropped: The Irish Times

Angry loyalists plan 117-mile protest march: The Times

BLAIR'S BAD BARGAIN: The Times (Editorial)

No time to set aside Belfast Agreement: The Irish Times

Cover-up claim on Chinook crash: The Guardian

Socialists approach Hume over Parliament presidency: The Irish Times

Wednesday, June 16

FBI agents quit Nelson probe after two weeks: Irish News

GOOD FRIDAY: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair deadline is achievable: Irish News (Editorial)

Ahern in talks offer on Drumcree row: Belfast Telegraph

Disappeared search ‘can’t go on forever’: Irish News

Blair: Let Sinn Fein in without deal on arms: Electronic Telegraph

Belfast deal to be set aside if June deadline missed: The Irish Times

Setting deadlines in Northern Ireland is a dangerous game: The Independent (Editorial)

Meeting the Deadline: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Loyalist feud blamed for shootings: BBC

Extreme loyalists are straining the ceasefires: The Irish Times

Amazon withdraws Trimble book in UK: BBC

Blair in effort to resolve parade standoff: The Irish Times

Blair backs MoD over shootings inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Ireland and Canada: The Irish Times (Editorial)