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This archive contains references to articles from June 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, June 15

Marches are simply an act of aggression: Sunday Business Post

Protests loom on parade re-routing: Irish Independent

Tory threat to oppose Blair's deal for Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Irish sentences: The Times (Editorial)

Give second preference to SF: Mallon: Irish News

Voyage into unknown after Assembly vote: The Irish Times

Garvaghy compromise is not a capitulation: Irish News

Women who make it hard to behave badly: The Times

Candidates with past likely to be elected: The Irish Times

North Belfast’s years of turmoil: Irish News

‘The right to walk is a human right that nationalists must recognise’: Irish News

This community will not consent to become a victim of violent bigotry’: Irish News

The things you have to put up with!: The Irish Times

Sunday, June 14

Cautious hope for peace spreads in Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Police fear attacks by IRA rebels: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein may evade foreign cash ban: The Sunday Times

Orange marchers to take new route: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble: Let Orangemen march or risk peace: BBC

Saoirse faces lawsuit: The Sunday Times

Anti-terror chief in line for role as RUC deputy: The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 13

Think tank may watch RUC over marching season: Irish Independent

The last republicans: The Guardian

A farewell to arms: The Irish Times

Trimble rejects nationalist invitation: Irish News

Our Davy' works hard on sceptical electorate: The Irish Times

The ghosts of Stormont face a frightening future: Irish News

RUC chief warns Patten on reform: Electronic Telegraph

Judge clears Hamill murder case to proceed: Irish News

‘Tour of North’ unites parties: Irish News

Friday, June 12

LVF gang first to say it will hand in weapons: Irish Independent

Belfast deal pushes North's problems down the track: The Irish Times (by Peter Robinson)

Disarmament threatens Ulster peace consensus: The Times

Odd Behaviour by Mr Trimble: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Use your vote to back deal: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble impaled on arms decommissioning: The Irish Times

Patten meets RUC boss: BBC

Official IRA blamed for shooting in south Belfast: The Irish Times

The regret of a murderer: Irish News

Nationalists should 'take high ground on parades': The Irish Times

‘We need support of America’­ Hume tells US businessmen: Irish News

Thursday, June 11

Hume expects 'solid vote' for his party in Ulster elections: Boston Globe

Prisoners issue `debt of honour': Irish Independent


It’s ‘no change’ at the NIO since Good Friday: Irish News

Bishop backs call for SF/SDLP to talk to RUC: The Irish Times

Patten takes on the RUC reform ducked for decades: The Irish Times

Mowlam under attack over early prisoner release policy: The Independent

Hypocrisy of Mr Robinson: Irish News (Editorial)

We have to fight bigots for soul of nationalism: The Irish Times

Unionists in dual seat bid: Irish News

McGuinness says SF not to urge transfers to the UUP: The Irish Times

Gunman, IRA boss - and the new face of Ulster?: The Independent

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Wednesday, June 10

It’s ‘no change’ at the NIO since Good Friday: Irish News

Loyalists urge SF to back off on parades: Irish News

New status for Irish a question of words: Irish News

‘Transfers mean that pacts are redundant’: Irish News

Unionism did not ready people for realities: The Irish Times

Mowlam looks to police for help over new leak: The Times

Trimble confident as he faces the final test: The Irish Times

Unionists demand start on gun handover: BBC

A hardline republican turns to the ballot box: The Irish Times

Plea for Scots Guards pair: Electronic Telegraph

Where a lot is sectarian with the exception of deprivation: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 9

Menino goes to Ireland on US trade mission: Boston Globe

Nationalists’ yes was ‘conditional’: Irish News

DUP's foes united by wish to see it do badly: The Irish Times

Mo slammed over alleged SF call: Irish News

Adams wants ban on 'provocative' marches: The Irish Times

Order urged to talk to ‘north’ residents: Irish News

IRA bomb calls 'were inaccurate': The Independent

Evangelical contribution to peace search must be valued: The Irish Times

Monday, June 8

Beating at the doors of the Celtic Tiger: Sunday Business Post

The days of the loyalist Jackal: Sunday Business Post

Three republican terror groups in unity talks: Irish Independent

Controlling an untied kingdom difficult for Blair: Irish Independent

Ulster's Blairites: how Sinn Fein is turning from Armalites to Armani: The Independent

Agreement does not fulfil objectives of Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Breaking the link may bring order to unionism: Irish News

Peace must not bypass Protestant deprivation: The Irish Times

GAA cleric criticises ‘failure’ on rule 21: Irish News

Fight will be between Sinn Fein and the SDLP: The Irish Times

No lack of passion among Women's Coalition: The Irish Times

Belfast suicides rise as Troubles subside: The Guardian

Sunday, June 7

IRA can't sit on arms: by Liam Clarke (Sunday Times)

Unionists sue in US over claims of 'conspiracy': The Sunday Times

Conflicting accounts over Drumcree 'Rehearsal': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA to start disarming 'in six months': The Sunday Times

'Sick' suspect McAliskey frolics in pub: The Sunday Times

Mowlam denies Robinson claim that she will legalise IRA membership: The Observer

Paisley betrays his own tradition: The Sunday Times

Adams talks money with 'Midas': The Sunday Times

After the bomb, the boom: Independent on Sunday

Losing the plot over goodies and baddies: The Sunday Times

Losing Scotland: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Saturday, June 6

Bill to free prisoners could make IRA legal: Electronic Telegraph

DEVILS AND DETAILS: The Times (Editorial)

Prisoners bill a sound move: Irish News (Editorial)

Devil still lurking in the details: Irish Independent

Women hit out at poor records of parties: Irish News

Prisoner debate to reflect unionist outrage: The Irish Times

Gone are the days when no-men ruled the roost: Irish News

Tourism plea for peaceful parades: Irish News

Scots: We'll go it alone: The Guardian

Friday, June 5

Paisley attack indicates contest may be nasty: The Irish Times

Managing the vote: Irish Independent

Positive signs for supporters of pact: The Irish Times

Election stresses Unionist splits: The Independent

Posturing politicians must learn to deal with facts: The Times

Commission urged to disband the RUC: Irish News

Labour urged to recruit in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Prisoner bill published today: Irish News

Terrorist release plan tests Blair's pledges: The Times

Peace needs human rights warns CAJ: Irish News

Thursday, June 4

British agree to expand Irish police reform commission: Boston Globe

Day of `The Jackal' has finally drawn to a close: Irish Independent

Terrorists and Enniskillen victim to stand in Ulster election: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble’s pledge to move UUP forward: Irish News

Britain halts talks on policing commission: The Irish Times

Policing Commission: The Irish Times (Editorial)

A nationalist election pact makes good sense: Irish News

Take another risk for peace - and trust in rust: The Irish Times

Minister fed up ‘camping at Drumcree’: Irish News

Constituency will concentrate minds: The Irish Times

Imprisoned soldiers win case review: The Times

Wednesday, June 3

Unionists warn Sinn Fein to `wise up' over parades: Irish Independent

No question of scrapping the RUC, says Blair: Electronic Telegraph

Governments disagree over RUC reform body: The Irish Times

Hardline Unionists vow to 'nail' Blair over arms: The Guardian

Learning to work together: Irish News (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Provisional IRA founder swaps bomb for ballot box: The Times

Grudge match adds edge in unionist constituency: The Irish Times

UUP selects Catholic to fight Paisley seat: Irish News

Alliance set to prosper in pivotal role at centre: The Irish Times

Jigs and realities: The Guardian

US envoy's departure leaves void in Dublin: The Times

Tuesday, June 2

Ghost of Churchill haunts visit to the Aras: Irish Independent

Royal row not worth the fuss: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair will speak to the Dublin parliament: The Times

Unionists unprepared for prisoner releases: The Irish Times

Mowlam 'fudge' over IRA arms: The Guardian

Peace in sight for Northern Ireland: Nando Times

True confessions of a Lambeg Presbyterian: The Irish Times

Mowlam names RUC review team: Irish News

Transfers to determine who wins in North poll: The Irish Times

Marchers turn heat on Ulster agreement: The Independent

New call for parades body to be wound up: Irish News

Maverick's decision is bad news for UUP: The Irish Times

UUP man resigns after supporting SF deputy: Irish News

Monday, June 1

Holding the North's Centre: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Block the bigots, not the marches: Sunday Business Post

Tribal sectarianism may be losing its hold: The Irish Times

Bishop apologises over religious boycott: Irish Independent

Unionist majority moves towards the realms of myth: Sunday Business Post

Republicans blamed for Garvaghy violence: Irish Independent

Redefining views North and South: The Irish Times

Governments should work for unity, Adams: The Irish Times

Adams and McGuinness snub Prince: Electronic Telegraph

Flying visit of a dove, not ‘Mr Blair's parrot': Irish News

Rule 21 may go if RUC review is ‘acceptable’: Irish News

Harryville ‘back to normal’: Irish News

Discourse on an Envoy for Dublin: Washington Post