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This archive contains references to articles from June 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, June 15

The faithful tribe: Belfast Telegraph

Irish pain remains, Chrétien told: Toronto Globe and Mail

Trimble escapes high-noon electoral showdown: Irish Independent

Danger signals: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Group calls for inquest into killing: Irish News

O'Bradaigh in call to IRA on bodies: Belfast Telegraph

Focus shifts to NI peace talks: BBC

What a difference a year makes for Paisley: The Irish Times

Paisley claims victory as blow against accord: The Times

Ervine savours win in grudge match: The Irish Times

European Elections - Unionists spurn deal: The Independent

No way to soften impact of Paisley's triumph: The Irish Times

Fear spreads as the tide of loyalist violence rises: The Guardian

Working The Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Church wants march to Drumcree called off: The Irish Times

Canadian leader outlines links with Ireland: The Irish Times

Monday, June 14

LVF go-between resigns: Irish News

Terror link to border killing: Belfast Telegraph

Ormeau hard-liners 'promoting conflict': Irish News

Orangemen set out on road to victimhood: Sunday Business Post

Order demands police apology following riotss: Irish News

Taylor poised to escape Trimble's sinking ship: Sunday Business Post

Sinn Fein could hold balance of power: Belfast Telegraph

Jumping together over the weapons hurdle: Irish News

Ahern and Trimble begin intensive NI talks: The Irish Times

11 hurt at Orange Order clash: BBC

Politicians prepare for critical talks on arms: The Irish Times

Long wait for count fuels speculation: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Canadian leader sees desire for peace: The Irish Times

Trimble sues for libel as book sold on Internet: The Irish Times

Sunday, June 13

Blair may extend Ulster deadline: The Sunday Times

Orange rally marred by clashes: BBC

Great leaders see more clearly when it comes to spotting evil: The Sunday Times

U.S. Dramatically Steps Up Drumcree Role: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Police know the name of Nelson bomber: The Sunday Times

When will the IRA give up the bodies?: Sunday Independent

Life a greater prize than victory in battle: The Sunday Times

The Paras need the truth as much as the dead of Derry: Independent on Sunday

Trimble sues Amazon for libel: BBC

Dublin shop sells The Committee: The Sunday Times

Scandals and New Beliefs Changing Ireland's Church: New York Times

Sinn Fein doubles its seats on local councils: The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 12

Policing change: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Plans for the Long March unveiled: Belfast Telegraph

Canadian PM on visit to Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Blair 'solo run' to win accord likely next week: The Irish Times

Trimble accuses Adams of 'cowardice': BBC

`Obstructive' UUP blocks progress on Executive: Irish Independent

The risks facing the premiers if d’Hondt is triggered this week: Irish News

Trimble predicts Nicholson win: The Irish Times

The longest march back to a past best forgotten: Irish News

Names of Bloody Sunday paras known for years, court told: The Independent

Loyalist admits double murder: BBC

Friday, June 11

Peace in our time: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Collusion claim angers families: Irish News

Forgive but don't forget: Belfast Telegraph

Dispute over Ormeau talks: Irish News

RUC facing cash crisis over Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Residents angry at Attwood over ‘snub’: Irish News

Trimble facing crucial test in Euro poll: Irish Independent

Deadline at risk as Trimble challenged: The Times

North must embrace divisions: The Irish Times

Taylor has threatened to resign over Nicholson: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday inquiry "cavalier" over risk: BBC

Bloody Sunday inquiry 'will put soldiers in peril': Electronic Telegraph

Victims' families demand access to RUC files: The Irish Times

Thursday, June 10

'RUC will remain as a force for good': Belfast Telegraph

Mayor defends ‘ban’ on SF deputy: Irish News

Pressure grows on British over loyalist attacks: Irish Independent

After 200 years the Orange Order is no longer useful to the British government: Irish News

Orangemen refuse to talk with residents: Irish News

Names of Bloody Sunday soldiers revealed: Electronic Telegraph

Demand for anonymity threatens peace hopes: The Irish Times

Anguish grows for families of 'disappeared': The Times

Low-key campaign fails to ignite: The Irish Times

The North Goes to the Polls: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Bishops worried by North's mounting tension: The Irish Times

Sectarian murderer jailed for life: BBC

Resolution calls on all to obey commission: The Irish Times

Wednesday, June 9

Terror threat: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair in 'make or break' push on Ulster peace: The Times

Bombs found in N Ireland: BBC

Effects of failure to reach an agreement are stark: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

Keep SF out urges Trimble: Irish News

Outvoting Paisley is the issue for Hume supporters: The Irish Times

Police ‘risking lawyers’ lives': Irish News

Police leader accuses Sinn Fein of 'evil conspiracy': The Irish Times

Paisley believes he can see a moving statue: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 8

Outrage in Portadown: Boston Globe

Killers had a political goal: Irish News (Editorial)

How Unionists should vote: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Restorick hits out at unionists: Irish News

School bomb outrage: Irish Indedpendent

Adams - violence filling the political vacuum: The Irish Times

Funeral call for 'honourable agreement' on Drumcree: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists to challenge Trimble's leadership: The Irish Times

'Moral imperative' to hand over weapons: The Irish Times

Communities must protect minorities: The Irish Times

Monday, June 7

Face to face now: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mowlam: I'll act on evidence: BBC

Deadly price of a mixed marriage: The Guardian

Symbolic gesture long overdue from Orangemen: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble to join tribute for murdered mother: The Times

Loyal order members do not behave like this: Irish News

Drumcree talks fail to resolve parade deadlock: The Irish Times

Rally plans for Garvaghy: Irish News

Chances are slipping away for agreement on Drumcree: The Irish Times

Spirit of Drumcree leader considers leaving north: Irish News

A Continuum Of Pain: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Gardai pledge to dig on in search for disappeared: Irish News

Sunday, June 6

Loyalist bomb kills woman in her home: Electronic Telegraph

RUC fears over 'long walk' plans by hardline unionists: The Sunday Times

Portadown Loyalists reject Drumcree proposals: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

RUC fears over 'long walk' plans by hardline unionists: The Sunday Times

Hillary's Race Good News for Irish: Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Tribal shifts signal end to Paisley's chiefdom: The Sunday Times

Beaten up and killed for one simple act of charity: Sunday Independent

Search for the 'disappeared' worst moment for Sinn Féin since Canary Wharf: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA's betrayal of the peace process: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

IRA silence over five more 'disappeared' bodies: The Sunday Times

`It is against all the laws of humanity and Christianity': Sunday Independent

Why belting out The Sash will always prove a dangerous game: The Sunday Times

Talking tough: The Sunday Times

Saturday, June 5

Arrests follow loyalist bombing: BBC

Trimble cancels his trip after pipe-bomb killing: The Independent

No breakthrough in Drumcree talks: BBC

Accusing cry of Ireland's graves: Sydney Morning Herald

The people who did this to us, they must have no feelings: Irish Independent

Bishop seeks information about graves: The Irish Times

UNQUIET GRAVES: The Times (Editorial)

IRA shows its heart of stone as families are left to grieve: Irish Independent

Adams must risk split: Belfast Telegraph

A bright new future or a tattered grimy past?: Irish News

Ulster Scots reaches Europe: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, June 4

Trimble ready to name Sinn Fein colleagues: The Times

SF cool on offer by Trimble on executive: The Irish Times

Bodies will be found - expert: BBC

Search for Provo victim intensified: Irish Independent

Bloody Sunday soldiers' names to go on Internet: Electronic Telegraph

Hume and McLaughlin clash: The Irish Times

Thursday, June 3

Trimble's bid to break deadlock: Belfast Telegrapgh

UUP to defend the police: Irish News

Trimble: Where I stand now: Belfast Telegraph

Fury over threat of Drumcree ‘civil war’: Irish News

Don't give up on 'disappeared' - McGuinness: BBC

'What cowardice prevented us from opposing such atrocities?': The Times

Commitment to democracy cannot be an each-way bet: The Irish Times (by Bertie Ahern)

Vote for Europe - Paisley is shrinking and so is his support: The Independent

IRA's missing person gesture has gone badly wrong: The Irish Times

Saulters endorses planned parade: The Irish Times

'Some time in the not so distant future the Irish Roman Catholic majority will finally take power in the whole of Ireland after 400 years': The Irish Times

RUC, SF disagree over threat to Nelson: The Irish Times

Paramilitaries still active, says report: The Irish Times

Wednesday, June 2

IRA must help ease anguish: Irish News (Editorial)

Politics and the past: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Fundamentalist with a dangerous obsession: Irish News

A new day for the Irish: Boston Globe

Still no comfort for families of 'disappeared': Electronic Telegraph

Ahern appeals for more information on 'disappeared': The Irish Times

On a dark shore, police comb the sands where a mother's bones are said to lie: The Independent

IRA panic over lost bodies: The Guardian

Paisley pledges to strike at treachery and treason: The Irish Times

Unionist split may help Sinn Fein into Europe: The Times

SF offers voters genuine alternative McLaughlin: The Irish Times

Fighting like rats and frogs: The Independent

Presbyterian paper criticises Orange Order: The Irish Times

Tuesday, June 1

The secret of republican party’s council success: Irish News

Unionism must look to future: Irish News (by David Ervine)

Digging for victory: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

The indelible stain of barbarity: Belfast Telegraph

City hall’s union flag must go - SF: Irish News

Firebomb attacks 'sectarian': Belfast Telegraph

Novel not IRA tribute claims US politician: Irish News

McBride killers face new legal challenge: Irish News

Search fails to find 'the disappeared': Electronic Telegraph

Garda asks IRA for more information on bodies: The Irish Times

This way to democracy's graveyard: The Times

Ireland must learn from these victims of the bad old days: The Independent (Editorial)

Son crossed the IRA and never came home: Electronic Telegraph

The Killer Should Go To Carlingford: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

Pressure on to join PfP, says Adams at launch: The Irish Times

No medals for Ulster's 'forgotten heroes': Electronic Telegraph