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This archive contains references to articles from March 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, March 15

Adams: N. Ireland deadline defunct: Boston Herald

Adams attacked over arms delay: The Guardian

Breakthrough on impasse difficult to achieve: The Irish Times

Washington plays host to talks circus: Irish News

Is this journey really necessary?: Belfast Telegraph (Editorail)

Pro-accord parties need to clarify their goals: The Irish Times

Army mounts attack on republican ‘propaganda’: The Scotsman

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Hold off on Human Rights Act, says SDLP: Irish News

Petition to mark Nelson anniversary: BBC

Spineless wonders: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Provisional IRA linked to shooting: The Irish Times

Football clubs bid to stem Omagh Fund row: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam keeps silent on North as she receives prize: The Irish Times

Parades Commission under scrutiny: BBC

DUP protest in Dublin over cross-Border body: The Irish Times

Tuesday, March 14

UUP leader raises stakes: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern calls British troops an 'annoyance': The Independent

Trimble urges new approach to peace: The Times

Stalking horse may challenge Trimble: The Guardian

St Pat's talks 'no party': BBC

Buffer-zone role for suspected hoodlums: Belfast Telegraph

Demanding the IRA disband will not work: The Irish Times

Out of the deep freeze: The Guardian (Editorial)

SF calls for an end to punishment attacks: The Irish Times

Paramilitaries spare informer's life: BBC

Criminal Justice Review 'could widen divisions': The Times

RUC still has questions to answer over Nelson killing: Irish News

Time will not heal all hurt: Irish News (Editorial)

Little likelihood of charges soon for Omagh bombing: The Irish Times

Garda chief under fire for Omagh bomb remarks: Irish Independent

Hillary’s campaign marches onward: Irish News

I've got those cross-Border blues: The Irish Times

Relatives in torment over delay: Irish News

DUP's on the rocky road to Dublin: Belfast Telegraph

Bloody Sunday soldiers 'urged to shoot': The Times

Rifles destroyed 'to foil Bloody Sunday inquiry': The Guardian

Loyalists consider Hibs parade protest: Belfast Telegraph

Anger at Orange event: The Irish Times

Monday, March 13

Ahern accepts arms not to be given up: The Examiner

'Critical stage in NI process': BBC

Too Forthright: Andersonstown News (have to scroll down to 4th article)

Involvement needed from outside SF - Adams: The Irish Times

Ahern accuses Army of 'border harassment': Electronic Telegraph

'No policy change on paramilitary attacks': BBC

'Major effort' to challenge Trimble as leader: The Irish Times

Trimble sets new agenda for unionism: Irish News

Paramilitaries must rule out return to arms: The Examiner

Blair has to stop giving cover to the Unionists: Irish News (by Martin McGuinness)

`Beyond use': Irish Independent (Editorial)

Yard layoffs could cost Trimble his job: Irish Independent

Omagh’s bombers ‘may never be caught’: Irish News

Shoot to kill - army general's plan before Bloody Sunday: The Guardian

Destroyed rifles set back inquiry: The Guardian

Gardai checking IRA link to killing: The Irish Times

Top-level Nelson misgivings at UN: Irish News

Parades must go other routes: The Examiner

Sunday, March 12

N. Ireland loyalist paramilitary groups seething with tension: Boston Herald

Unionists are ready to consider disbandment rather than decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Rival steps up to take on Trimble: The Observer

Credit goes to Clinton for Irish progress: Boston Herald

Careless talk costs lives: The Observer

Demand joint authority now: Ireland on Sunday

Disbandment will be more difficult to achieve than decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Bertie balances on the fence: Sunday Independent

Official IRA disbandment not a happy precedent for those seeking the same from Provos: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Odd allies in search of peace: The Observer

Trimble and I: Sunday Independent

There'll only ever be one Rosemary: Ireland on Sunday

Nelson's anniversary marked worldwide: Sunday Business Post

Danny Boy favourite to oust Queen: The Observer

Police complaints system strengthened: BBC

IRA offered to decommission in 1923: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Soldier 'set off Bloody Sunday': The Sunday Times

Testimony of Trimble is, in one word, "terrible": Ireland on Sunday

Republican glee misplaced as Titanic shipyard goes under: The Observer

The New Double Standard: New York Times

Saturday, March 11

Irish fear Livingstone may endanger peace: The Times

Arms date still matters - Ahern: The Examiner

'Assembly may be back by Easter': BBC

Step up the protests, urges SF: Irish News

Mandelson attacked over 'chinless wonders' Army jibe: Electronic Telegraph

Cowen asks IRA to revive promise on arms: Irish Independent

US will stick by peace process - ambassador: The Irish Times

Painful memories still haunt N. Ireland couple: Boston Herald

Poor north destined to be left on outside: Irish News

Agreement hit by Catholic death: The Times

An English repentance: The Guardian

SF must be more realistic: Irish News (Editorial)

Jumping together is still attractive: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The Stand-off Must End: The Irish Times (Editorial)

One woman's secret war against the IRA: Belfast Telegraph

Commission restricts two parade routes: BBC

Mixed feelings over a yard that kept the Empire afloat: Electronic Telegraph

RIR link to Nelson case: Irish News

Hammer blow may break an industry that has grown up with Unionist iron in its soul: The Independent

RUC award 'merely a stunt': BBC

Divisions over Omagh funds: The Irish Times

Friday, March 10

Ireland backs call for military concession: The Times

SF has no more to offer, says Adams: The Irish Times

Slender hope for the doves with clipped wings: by John Lloyd (Financial Times, Mar. 7)

Mandelson warns of violence risk: BBC

Agreement needs the confidence of both traditions: Irish News (full text of Mandelson speech)

UVF, LVF antagonism runs bitter and deep: The Irish Times

MORE BLARNEY FROM HILLARY: New York Post (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Mitchell tells BC club members his work in N. Ireland is done: Boston Herald

Legal case against suspension falls flat: The Irish Times

Disappointment as Nelson legal practice is wound up: The Examiner

Couple questioned on Nelson murder: The Irish Times

Survey results: The new liberals: Belfast Telegraph

Dublin court bails IRA man wanted for murdering SAS officer 20 years ago: The Guardian

Freed IRA terrorist in court over old murder warrant: Electronic Telegraph

New cross-Border centre will tackle jobless rate: The Irish Times

Priority is to save shipyard: Irish News (Editorial)

Thursday, March 9

New talks on Ulster impasse: The Guardian

Northern parties renew their trust in agreement: The Irish Times

Call to halt RUC reform until IRA gives up guns: Electronic Telegraph

RUC meeting ‘tough’ – Attwood: Irish News

Don't let them keep their guns: Electronic Telegraph (by John Bruton)

Re-making Ireland: The Guardian

'Dublin is using the language of Sinn Fein and its armed wing': The Times

Steven King opinion: Tony's D-word dilemma: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein fury as Irish police arrest IRA man who killed SAS officer: The Guardian

Old hatreds flare over Neeson freedom award: The Independent

A citizen to be proud of: Irish News (Editorial)

'Try or release Finucane accused': BBC

IRA informer wins protection battle: BBC

Harland & Wolff faces closure threat: Electronic Telegraph

An archbishop in the shadow of the gunmen: Irish News

Woman denies group planned the murder of Catholics: The Examiner

Wednesday, March 8

Drive to save pact in round table talks in Belfast : Irish Independent

Clinton adviser arrives in Belfast for 'high priority' talks to end peace process deadlock: The Independent

Tories plan for Hague 'revolution' in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Reluctant witnesses hinder inquiry into killing of lawyer: Electronic Telegraph

Dissident voice more explosive than dissidents..: Irish News

Time to be strong: Belfast Telegraph (by Ian Paisley)

Drumcree dispute talks 'fail': BBC

Loyalists say they'll defy ruling on Belfast parade: The Irish Times

Parades decision was entirely right: Irish News (Editorial)

Fighting for freedom - but from what?: Belfast Telegraph

Secret service bullies: The Guardian

UUP risks electoral disaster, warns party official: The Examiner

Possible inquiry into collusion claims: BBC

Family seek inquest 10 years after killing: Irish News

The view from America: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble claims Channel 4 put innocent lives at risk: The Guardian

Judge refuses free legal aid to Omagh bomb suspect: The Irish Times

MPs probe Chinook crash: BBC

Tuesday, March 7

McLaughlin says the IRA cannot declare war is over: The Irish Times

Our steps to peace: Belfast Telegraph (by Sean Neeson)

RUC says beatings, shootings in North down 50% this year: The Irish Times

IRSP ask to talk about statue: Belfast Telegraph

Call for all-party NI talks: BBC

Clinton in St Patrick's Day push for peace: Irish Independent

Latest relaunch phase is most crucial initiative: Irish Independent

CIRA ‘did not plant bomb at barracks’: Irish News

Anger over lost RUC badge: The Times

Sorting out the nags from the thoroughbreds: Irish News

Commission restricts band parade route: BBC

Report marks ‘sea-change’ in Presbyterian views: Irish News

Engineer weeps over Ulster murder plot allegations: Electronic Telegraph

Councillor ‘appalled’ by libel case claims: Irish News

Monday, March 6

No room for complacency: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Patience urged in Northern Ireland peace impasse: Boston Herald

Ahern: Power before weapons: BBC

Taoiseach signals shift in strategy on North: The Irish Times

Move arms handover issue to side says Mallon: Irish Independent

Unionists wary of shift decommissioning focus: The Irish Times

White House rivals clash on Ulster peace: The Times

Gore hopeful about White House talks: The Irish Times

Breaking the ancient cycles of vengeance: Irish News

Irish eyes frown at march for votes: Sydney Morning Herald

Hillary Clinton shows solidarity with gay groups: The Irish Times

‘First citizen’ vital to peace: Irish News (Editorial)

FF faithful see no problem with Sinn Féin as partner: The Examiner

LVF says weapons missing from arms dump: The Irish Times

Put down your gun, Gerry: The Guardian

RIR St Pat's Day Ball in City Hall: Andersonstown News

Republic should set up rights commission - expert: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin in call to end RUC Garda boxing link: The Examiner

Police chief in pledge to catch Nelson killers: Irish News

Terrorist statue will 'not be moved': BBC

Trimble to testify in C4 conspiracy hoax trial: The Examiner

Sunday, March 5

NI group denounces Bush and McCain: Sunday Business Post

Politics and tourism work together in the North: Sunday Business Post

Mallon: Governments 'doing nothing': BBC

Ulster terror groups 'plotting new attacks': The Independent

Concern over dissident threat: BBC

Feud warning from loyalist terror group: The Observer

Dublin softens its stand on IRA weapons: The Sunday Times

Ahern: ceasefires are holding: The Observer

Trimble 'in leadership fight': Electronic Telegraph

Provo base acting as a brake on SF strategy: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Rift grows between Ahern and SDLP: Sunday Independent

IRA legend has strong words for ex-comrades: Boston Herald

Give us the right to life: The Observer (Editorial)

Leadership must be united: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Removal of crest signals end of RUC campaign: The Sunday Times

Jail visit to IRA suspect was bugged, says Shayler : The Observer

Fianna Fail fails its biggest test: The Sunday Times

Gore: Northern Ireland 'a priority': BBC

Mitchell Favoured by Gore for Vice President: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Drumcree honours a republican: The Observer

Former head of Special Branch denies TV claims: The Sunday Times

Saturday, March 4

Pols Rush to Woo Ethnic Voters in Final Hour: New York Daily News

Paramilitaries in Ulster 'are preparing for violent attacks': Electronic Telegraph

Adams: Little hope of breakthrough: BBC

'Rescue peace by dumping arms in the sea': The Times

Presidential hopefuls battle for the Irish vote: Irish News

SF hopes US can rebuild peace process: The Irish Times

Ex-IRA leader attacks Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Politics must be SF’s way: Irish News (Editorial)

‘Kick the Pope’ band answers Adams call: Irish News

The Duty of Leadership: The Irish Times (Editorial)

INLA pact for ‘non aggression’: Irish News

Call for Review of Parades Commission appointments: The Irish Times

Commission to rule on ‘parade of madness’: Irish News

IRA killer was Trimble's adviser: The Times

Programme on loyalist killings `ludicrous': lawyer: Irish Independent

Friday, March 3

Trimble 'doubts' Executive return without Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

MPs row over RUC questions: Irish News

Still the only show so the threats must go: Belfast Telegraph

Memorial mistake needs correction: Irish News (Editorial)

Symbols of deathly division: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Boys plan ‘provocative’ St Patrick’s day march: Irish News

DUP's new rallying call: Belfast Telegraph

US security adviser to visit Belfast: BBC

McGuinness warns it may be difficult to coax IRA back to weapons talks: The Examiner

Unionists call for removal of armed terrorist statue: The Scotsman

Unionists and bankers leave us in a dizzy state: The Examiner

Commission faces first parade decision: BBC

Teenager admits Real IRA training : The Times

Bloody Sunday anonymity ruling: BBC

Galvin Letter: Irish Independent (1 March 2000)

Irish fury as Hillary marches with gays: Electronic Telegraph

Hillary Clinton to join gays in alternative parade: The Irish Times

Thursday, March 2

Does Tony Blair pull too many strings in Ulster?: Belfast Telegraph

We don’t need ‘bully’ parades: Irish News (Editorial)

Terrorist statue in city graveyard sparks outrage: Belfast Telegraph

Former hostage gives backing to new bill of rights: Irish News

Respecting cultural diversity: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair and Ahern attempt to revive peace talks: The Independent

Ahern says 'blame game' is stalling talks on North: The Irish Times

McGuinness warns it may be difficult to coax IRA back to weapons talks: The Examiner

Accord must be given new momentum: The Irish Times

Real IRA's arsenal gets Balkan boost: The Times

Ex-police chief says audio tape was 'wiped': The Irish Times

Citizens asked what they want in Bill of Rights: The Irish Times

I'm fine – so stop this whispering campaign against me, says Mowlam: The Independent

Wednesday, March 1

Governments must get parties around the table: Irish News

Hume's round-table plan gets a cautious welcome: Belfast Telegraph

Ervine tells SF to ‘put up or shut up’: Irish News

Is Catholic support for the RUC overrated?: Belfast Telegraph

Bush blots copybook with Bob Jones visit: Belfast Telegraph

Hil to Join Irish Gays in March: New York Daily News

Parties call for return of devolution: The Examiner

SDLP urges general to address Northern parties: The Irish TImes

NI assembly 'can be revived': BBC

Rocket attempt on Army base: The Times

Tourist survey shows value of peace dividend: The Irish Times

Congressman issues IRA challenge to Clinton: Electronic Telegraph

Victims highlight concerns at conference: BBC