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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from March 1-15, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, March 15

IRA enters talks on surrender of weapons: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein official warns peace bid could collapse: Boston Herald

Arms body report next week: Belfast Telegraph

Taoiseach looks forward to weapons breakthrough: Irish Independent

Reid policing vow: UTV Internet

It’s politics through the looking glass: Irish News

Bush extends an invitation to N. Ireland peace opponent: Baltimore Sun

Paisley a surprise on Bush's guest list: Irish Independent

Taoiseach to secure US interest in NI: The Irish Times

Powell confirms North in hands of State Department: Irish Echo

US moving on Real IRA, says Trimble: BBC

Why US support is still vital: (by Seamus Mallon)

Bush and Ireland: Irish Echo (Editorial)


New internet terror fear: Belfast Telegraph

North soccer push to give sectarian abuse the boot: Irish Independent

War on footie bigots is ‘too late’: Irish News

IFA's new code deserves support: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Killing revives loyalist feud: The Guardian

Omagh victims’ families start fund for civil lawsuit: The Scotsman

How to help bring the Real IRA bombers to justice: Electronic Telegraph (by Peter Mandelson)

What Omagh needs: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

McNamara to call for inquiry: Irish News

Nelson will not face charges: UTV Internet

Bomb victim families to meet MPs: BBC

St Patrick's Day tribue to Sands:

Adams named as 'Commanding Officer': Irish Echo


A message to the guardians of our morals:

Family of IRA gunrunner sues Bulger, FBI for $50M: Irish Echo

British census will identify Irish cultural roots: The Irish Times

BBC blanked in Manhattan court again: Irish Echo

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 15 ---------

Bloody Sunday survivor shot as he dived for cover: Irish Independent

Man ‘harangued’ IRA member after shootings, witness tells inquiry: Irish Examiner

Civilian may have shot man - counsel: The Irish Times

‘Shoot me’ man told soldiers: they did: Irish News

Old man reported shootings via radio — inquiry: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, March 14

SDLP fury at pact talks leak: Belfast Telegraph

Nationalists to discuss joint poll strategy: The Irish Times

North talks inch forward in the right direction: Irish Independent

Cowen urges IRA to make ‘meaningful’ contact on arms: Irish Examiner

Trimble calls for arms body report: Belfast Telegraph

Adams hopeful of progress on policing: Irish Independent

NI ministers to meet President Bush: BBC

Bush Raises Profile on N. Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Not much of a hooley, more like the last supper: by Eamon Lynch (Ireland on Sunday, Mar. 11)

Relatives take Finucane case to US: BBC

Rights chief backs call for an apology: Irish News

Mandelson leads bid to sue Omagh killers: Electronic Telegraph

Delusions of economic grandeur: Irish News

Nationalists call talks on poll pact: Irish Independent

Unionist answers on signs ‘tactical’: Irish News

New Wright inquiry ruled out: Electronic Telegraph

Rugby fan torn off a strip at Odyssey: Irish News

Bloody Sunday events re-enacted: UTV Internet

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 14 ---------

Witness says shooting victim fell on him: The Irish Times

Olympic boxer 'ducked' bullets in Bogside: Irish Independent

Tuesday, March 13

Ministers’ US talks: Irish News

N Ireland's armed peace: Financial Times (Mar. 12)

IRA must act — UU body: Irish News

Truth process plan explored: Belfast Telegraph

Hume is hopeful policing issue will be resolved: The Irish Times

Hunger strike lessons to be learned: Belfast Telegraph

Minister faces flak over SF vigilante incidents: Irish Independent

Assemblyman Billy Hutchinson on the threat to his life: Belfast Telegraph

Bowing to the inevitable: The Guardian (Editorial)

What have we got against women in politics?: Belfast Telegraph

Rows apart, at least we are having a parade: The Irish Times (Mar. 10)

Paisley jnr told to mind Free Ps and Qs: Irish News

Irish police seize even lunchboxes at border checks: The Independent

The education world has not fallen in — McGuinness: Irish News

Anglo-Irish ties strained by virus: Irish Examiner

Bloody Sunday actors take city by storm: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 13 ---------

School principal blames soldiers: Irish Independent

Inquiry hears of 'bad day's work': BBC

Bloody Sunday rescuer ‘should have been honoured’ inquiry: Irish Examiner

The Paras ‘behaved like dogs’: Irish News

Monday, March 12

New steps to break impasse after poll: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble to lift Sinn Fein ban if weapons vow is honoured: The Guardian

SDLP and British close to a deal on policing - Mallon: The Irish Times

Republic ‘unwilling’ to face down Britain over agreement: Irish News

Trimble should not allow himself be held hostage: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Doherty in challenge to Blair: The Irish Times

Removing arms not an obsession - Reid: Irish Examiner

Understanding of unionist hurt for process - Adams: The Irish Times

Reid upbeat over NI policing: BBC

400 from south seek RUC jobs: Irish Independent

'Act of oblivion' would be a bridge too far: Belfast Telegraph

Policing will have to wait: Irish News (Editorial)

Time to cut a deal on police reform: Belfast Telegraph

Real IRA said to have bomb factory in London: Irish Examiner

Expanding 'Real IRA' now the major threat: The Irish Times

US reduces Ulster to secondary importance: Electronic Telegraph

Adams claims increased support for Sinn Fein: Irish Independent


Sinn Féin campaign against Nice Treaty: Irish Examiner

Sinn Fein chief 'to admit IRA role': The Times


Omagh relatives seek £1m to bring civil suit: The Irish Times

Lennon’s bravery must be hailed: Irish News (Editorial)

Catholic bar to throne 'must be ended': The Guardian

Papal visits to blame for disasters, say Wee Frees: The Scotsman

Irish fury at UK handling of farm crisis: The Independent

Thousands see march in the US capital: The Irish Times

Sunday, March 11

Adams warning over arms issue: BBC

Adams — united we must stand: Ireland on Sunday

Focus on IRA arms hurts peace effort: Boston Herald

Politicians accused of 'political cowardice': UTV Internet

Blair offers terrorist amnesty in return for arms handover: The Sunday Times

Provos under pressure as SDLP and Dublin side with Trimble and Blair: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Blair gave UUP early notice of poll date: Electronic Telegraph

Rebels on the March: Scotland on Sunday

'The boys are back in town and the whole world knows': Electronic Telegraph

Provos scout terror targets in England: The Observer

The gun is the token of a terrorist's good faith: Electronic Telegraph

McGuinness to admit IRA role to Saville: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

McGuinness to admit Bloody Sunday role in return for new immunity deal: Scottish Herald

Consensus that hides the truth: The Sunday Times

Celtic Tiger likely to applaud appointment of technology-savvy Egan: Boston Herald

Envoy pick puts accent on Hub-Eire ties: Boston Herald

Growing fears of SF election threat: Sunday Independent

More Sinn Fein members for Dail?: UTV Internet

Sinn Féin vigilantes are 'sinister' and 'dangerous': Sunday Independent

Policing the State with a private army: Sunday Independent

Prison launches 'Mad Dog' Adair poison inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalists behind counterfeit scam: Ireland on Sunday

IRA sentenced 'traitor' to die on eve of peace meeting: The Sunday Times

Three injured in shootings: BBC

Men with the hotline to peace: The Observer

Politicians support Omagh campaign: The Sunday Times

Rosemary Nelson — a woman of many qualities: Ireland on Sunday

Database to kick out Ulster football's sectarian bigots: The Sunday Times

Sectarianism ... will it ever end?: Scottish Herald

Mass Honors 10 in I.R.A. Who Starved: New York Times

No siree . . . You're not shelving it!: Ireland on Sunday

Troubles book may be used for memorial: The Sunday Times

Outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease hypocrisy: Sunday Independent

Letter from New York: Electronic Telegraph

When English eyes are smiling ... : Sunday Independent

Saturday, March 10

Decommissioning never a precondition says Adams: UTV Internet

No concessions on policing unless IRA moves - Reid: The Irish Times

Arms remain key issue in Northern deadlock: Irish Independent

Northern talks all context and no semtex: Irish Examiner

Confusion out there in never-never land: Irish News

The Agreement Survives: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Some cause for hope: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Policing will have to wait: Irish News (Editorial)

Unsettled land where violence and sectarianism are never far away: The Independent (Mar. 9)

Anger over fugitives amnesty plan: BBC

Two men planted BBC bomb: The Times

Keeping the peace process on track:

Bomb makers grow more sophisticated: Irish Examiner

Police probe Adair poison bid mystery: Irish News

UUP council may consider Weir case: BBC

Don’t fly union flag — SF: Irish News

US billionaire set to be Irish ambassador: The Irish Times

Lennon resolves to play through the bias: The Times

Lennon’s vow to play on for the north is praised: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry rent row: BBC

Maze visit gave father ‘clarity’ on son’s death: Irish News

'End legal ban on RC monarchs': Electronic Telegraph

Friday, March 9

I.R.A. Says It Will Resume Contact With Disarmament Panel: New York Times

No IRA amnesty deal: Belfast Telegraph

Focus on timing of IRA statement: BBC

'Stunt' by Provos denounced: Electronic Telegraph

IRA makes peace move as all-party talks stall: The Guardian

Stormont peace talks break up in acrimony: The Times

Interim deal could keep peace process on track: Irish Examiner

Optimism after talks for North process to continue: The Irish Times

Nationalists under pressure: UTV Internet

Blair puts pressure on IRA: The Scotsman

Provos happy to play a game of charades: Electronic Telegraph

IRA statement seen as a positive step: The Irish Times

IRA move 'is progress of a sort': BBC

Differences are narrowing, leaders say: The Irish Times

Provisional agreement: The Times (Editorial)

IRA gesture on arms revives ailing peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Patten endorses Northern Ireland police legislation: The Irish Times

Will peace survive In Fortress Ireland?: (by Gerry Adams)

Adair poison plot foiled:

For Ireland, Egan is a splendid choice: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Bush goes to bat for St Pat's day: (Editorial)

Open house: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Nelson quizzed on Finucane murder:

Ferris says Sinn Féin working for community in taking on burglars: Irish Examiner

Minister disputes SF crime claims: Irish Independent

Self-styled loyalist pastor jailed: BBC

No apology — DUP man: Irish News

Why second-guessing terrorists is not simple: Belfast Telegraph

Bombing the BBC:

My week: Jon Brotherton: The Guardian

Explosives defused at NI rail line: BBC

A sheepish An Post hopes cool Minty won't offend: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 8 ---------

Victim's last moments relived at inquiry: UTV Internet

McGuinness shocked by shootings, says witness: Irish Examiner

Man 'gave kiss of life' to dying Bloody Sunday victim: UTV Internet

Thursday, March 8

IRA's dramatic move on arms: Belfast Telegraph

IRA renews talks on arms: BBC

Security may be scaled down: Belfast Telegraph

Blair and Ahern call Belfast talks: The Guardian

Bitter protests from DUP over exclusion from talks with Blair: Belfast Telegraph

Blair visit may be worse than useless - McGuinness: The Irish Times

Stormont minister makes peace process call: UTV Internet

Ahern and Blair may seek interim agreement: The Irish Times

Last try before UK poll to break North deadlock: Irish Independent

A time for political risk: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Group did not agree to police debate ad: Irish News

WE SAY: (Editorial)

Ulster warning: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein dissidents set to challenge Adams in polls: The Times

Ireland envoy pick Egan lauded by Mass. lawmakers: Boston Herald

Businessman the next US envoy: The Irish Times

Justice at last for Omagh?: The Times

Arms cache may be linked to LVF: UTV Internet

When bias awareness works just one way: The Irish Times

‘Justice must act for all’: Irish News

The pluck of the Irish: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Politics is still a man’s world, what a pity!: Irish News

SF vigilantes interfering with inquiries, say gardai: Irish Independent

Met wants to attract more Irish recruits: The Independent

Tension follows spate of violence: Irish News

IFA set to tackle bigots: BBC

Id love to see an all Ireland team - big Jack:

Sheep from North smuggled here after import ban: Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 8 ---------

Witness says he felt Taylor’s advice on radio to stay from Derry march was a veiled threat: Irish Examiner

Witness left with hatred of violence: The Irish Times

Inquiry witness identifies IRA gunman: UTV Internet

McGuinness calls for people to give evidence: The Irish Times

Wednesday, March 7

Blair and Ahern scale down Ulster deal aims: The Guardian

Tensions after Ahern turns down talks plea: The Scotsman

Reid confident of new NI police service: BBC

Why Trimble is finding it hard to fit in: Irish News

Fresh policing pressure on nationalists: UTV Internet

'Parking' not in best interests of agreement: The Irish Times

BBC bomber 'not involved in road rage incident': UTV Internet

RUC chief warns of further bombs: BBC

Dissident terror groups try to supplant IRA: The Times

Waiting for another chance to strike: Irish Examiner

Will the Real IRA please stand up?: The Guardian (Mar. 5)

Real IRA on traditional route: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein concern over Commission call: UTV Internet

Bush to pick EMC's Egan as ambassador to Ireland: Boston Herald

8,000 sheep may have been smuggled into State: The Irish Times

Mallon slams sectarianism in sport: UTV Internet

Ice hockey bosses defy 'Fortress Ulster' ban: The Independent

'Secret' St. Patrick's Parade List Sets Off a Squabble: New York Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 7 ---------

IRA urged to address inquiry: BBC

Counsel accused of blowing cover of Official IRA members: Irish Examiner

Counsel opposes questioning on 'gossip': The Irish Times

Man glimpsed his shot brother on Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

Tuesday, March 6

Mallon stresses need for decommissioning: UTV Internet

Blair tries to dispel gloom by pushing for Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Blair seeks to revive peace talks despite bombing: The Independent

Road rage clue to taxi bomb driver: The Times

London braced for Real IRA bombing blitz: Irish Independent

The bombers have blown a hole in more than the BBC: The Guardian

Time to scrap the flawed N. Ireland accord: Boston Globe

Clinging to the old simplicities: The Independent

Why the republicans won't stop bombing us: The Times

Protection racket: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Prove that politics works: The Guardian (Editorial)

Political soul of Ireland is in Ahern’s hands: Irish News

Farm curbs may help Real IRA: The Times

Double talk along the border: Belfast Telegraph

Ex-paramilitary warns of terrorism deaths: The Guardian

Real IRA set on destruction - Kelly: The Irish Times

Families shocked by loyalist lists: Irish News

Trimble lodges ban appeal: UTV Internet

New chance to end Drumcree: Irish News (Editorial)

White House is to host party: The Irish Times

‘Wipe them ashes off your forehead Lennon... you wee Fenian f***er ye!’:

Civil Service imbalance addressed: UTV Internet

‘Don’t look into Finucane murder’: Irish News

Making a virtue of adversity: The Irish Times

DUP launch legal challenge over free fares for the elderly: UTV Internet

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 6 ---------

Bloody Sunday killings recalled: BBC

Rioter saw republican snipers in Derry’s Bogside: Irish Examiner

McCann changes mind about McGuinness role: UTV Internet

US military ‘passed information’: Irish News

Bloody Sunday deaths 'army's fault': Irish Independent

Witness complains about anonymity: The Irish Times

The truth will out . . . eventually: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Monday, March 5

BBC in London Bombed; Outlaw I.R.A. Is Blamed: New York Times

Terror Returns to London: Washington Post

Real IRA blamed for BBC bombing: Electronic Telegraph

Attack was 'revenge for naming Real IRA': BBC

Dissidents 'sought revenge for Panorama': Belfast Telegraph

Bombers brought terror in £300 taxi: The Scotsman

'It was a fireball that seemed to fill the whole road': The Guardian

Donaldson makes security call: UTV Internet

Real IRA's top man takes over direct charge of terror in UK: Irish Independent

Dissident republicans: Terror threat: BBC

BBC bombing puts Britain on guard: The Times

Real IRA scores propaganda coup with BBC bomb: Electronic Telegraph

Dissident groups to step up violence: The Irish Times

Republican dissidents have nothing to lose: The Scotsman

Bombing attributed to Continuity IRA: The Irish Times

Outside but inside: The Times (Editorial)

Enemies of the people: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Real IRA campaign must be stopped in its tracks: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Drumcree protest suspended: The Irish Times

Solving Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sectional politics will make us fall: Irish News

Shadowy figures who lie behind Border smuggling: The Irish Times

Freed IRA terrorist on reconnaissance in garrison town: The Times

SDLP and Sinn Fein clash over arms, policing: The Irish Times

Paisley church proposal to be debated again: The Scotsman

McIlroy's 'kop' out gives boo-boys carte blanche: Belfast Telegraph

McCartney warns on Belfast Agreement : The Irish Times

Cardinal Connell to work towards unity: Irish Examiner

Sunday, March 4

Church leader makes arms call: UTV Internet

War rhetoric, fragile peace: Sunday Independent

Alliance party document claims PR needed for GFA survival: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The terror we tolerate: Electronic Telegraph

SDLP ups arms pressure: BBC

Real IRA bomb at the BBC: UTV Internet

Top IRA diehards threaten to defect: The Observer

Rural woes distract from peace negotiations: Boston Herald

Unionist chief faces tribunal over sacking: The Sunday Times

McCartney claims Agreement has spawned political monster: UTV Internet

Infamous terrorist was army plant: Sunday Herald

MI5 secret agent 'spied in republic': The Sunday Times

Adair is working like a mad dog to win prison favours: The Observer

Sheep smuggling operation example of cross-community enterprise: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Real politics shock masks NI crisis: BBC

Scam that set off a crisis: The Sunday Times

How the IRA brought foot and mouth to Ireland: Electronic Telegraph

IRA mavericks in sheep scam: Ireland on Sunday

Irish criticise NI border controls: BBC

Ring of steel no match for the border bandits: Sunday Independent

Republican rapper wins right to fight BBC in America: The Sunday Times

Saturday, March 3

Unionists step up sanctions: BBC

Unionists boycott North-South council: The Irish Times

Consensus is the only certain way to realise peace: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Nelson link to loyalist death lists: Irish News

Lennon split over big divide: The Times

Escaped prisoners win payout: The Guardian

Order urges retention of RUC name: Irish News


Nobody should be fooled by CIRA: Irish News (Editorial)

Judge explains his ruling on McNamee case: UTV Internet

Sport shown another form of foot-in-mouth: Irish News

Border can be used and abused by all sides, it’s a matter of belief: Irish Examiner

SDLP claims officials intimidated: Irish News

Weekend Masses cancelled in Border area: The Irish Times

Friday, March 2

Round-table NI talks likely to be held on Tuesday: The Irish Times

'Ireland will not waste peace' — Ahern: UTV Internet

New Unionist ‘veto’ plan angers SF: Irish News

More women should be involved in NI talks: The Irish Times

Question mark over player's future after sectarian abuse: The Independent

Let us purge this shame: Irish News (Editorial)

Boo-boys must be shown red card: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

More Catholics still unemployed: The Irish Times

Men tried to rob Bookmakers to raise funds for Continuity IRA: Irish Examiner

Priests can become MPs: Belfast Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

St Patrick's Day parade 'postponed': Irish Independent

Did smugglers bring disease to Ireland?: Toronto Globe and Mail

More sheep smuggled in last two years: The Irish Times

All-Ireland approach essential — SF: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 2 ---------

Inquiry told that men who were wounded "presented no threat": UTV Internet

Inquiry hears of Official IRA gunman: BBC

Inquiry told IRA disarmed man: The Irish Times

Man tells inquiry how he attacked soldier on Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

Thursday, March 1

Tension shows as Ahern, Blair consider options: The Irish Times

Ahern plays down NI breakthrough: BBC

Caution on breakthrough in North as leaders meet: Irish Independent

Adams believes difficulties in process can be overcome: The Irish Times

Approval and respect are not the same: Irish News

Reid not distracted by IRA war comments: UTV Internet

Loyalist blames UVF for pipe bomb: BBC

Assassinated man 'was punishment attack victim': Irish Independent

Bush will maintain role, says Cowen: The Irish Times

US to take back seat in peace process: Irish News

Mandelson urges Omagh bomb justice: BBC

SDLP to press for equality in new bill: Irish News

Parades body chief tells of boycott attitude problems: Belfast Telegraph

On parole: Irish Independent (Editorial)

North's police service advert reflects Patten: The Irish Times

Borders more than lines on maps: Belfast Telegraph

Irish FA urged to ban booing fans: The Guardian

Shame of the Windsor Park boo-boys: Belfast Telegraph

Tiger economy jeopardised by sheep smugglers: Irish Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 1 ---------

Witness denies gunman story told to reporter: UTV Internet

Witness dismisses army claims as lies: Irish Examiner

Man heard 'token IRA gunfire' after Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet