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Monday, March 15

Sinn Féin pushing end to partition as an economic panacea (Mar 14): Sunday Business Post
Pat Leahy

Campbell slams Adams Irish unity comments: The News Letter

Gerry Adams accused of hypocrisy after attending St Patrick's Day celebrations that exclude women and gays: Daily Mail

'On the runs' deal not on the cards (Mar 13): The News Letter

Foster ready to stand aside for unionist unity: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

God shaped my career – police chief: Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents 'like London street gangs' – Matt Baggott: BBC

Army deal with bomb scare: UTV Internet

Two for court over dissident activity: The Irish Times

The unsettling power of MI5 (Mar 9): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

What really happened on Bloody Sunday?: The Independent
David McKittrick

Gardaí challenged on use of informer in armed raid on Donegal post office (Mar 14): Sunday Tribune
Ali Bracken

Complaints made against 'flag row' judge (Mar 13): The News Letter

Bid to limit shopping on Remembrance Sunday (Mar 13): The News Letter

Venture capital firm and ex-Kennedy insider channel millions into Northern Ireland:
Henry McDonald

Belfast lays groundwork for recovery: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Government must make brave choices on Northern Ireland economy (Jan 25): Belfast Telegraph
Symon Ross

Northern Ireland – the beat goes on (Mar 10): Financial Times
Robert Shrimsley

Dublin clash Glentoran fans face court: Belfast Telegraph

Coulter considers penning new NI anthem: Derry Journal

Cross-border post service 'failing' consumers: RTE

Irish cardinal refuses to quit amid court case over paedophilia 'cover-up':
Henry McDonald

A cardinal under pressure: Irish Independent

The problem isn't the Pope, it's the Vatican of political correctness (Feb 7): Mail on Sunday
Peter Hitchens

Draft legislation brings Dingle name change row close to resolution: Irish Examiner
Donal Hickey

Iona – the community spirit is one to cherish (Mar 14): Sunday Herald
Ron Ferguson

Sunday, March 14

Pair to face explosives charges after Armagh arrests: BBC

Antrim gun attack 'sectarian': UTV Internet

No love lost (Mar 9): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Bizarre tale of the PSNI and the car that got away (Mar 10): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Battle-lines blur but new ones will emerge: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

The united front that's all too fragile: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Respect for rights is the basis of a shared future: Belfast Telegraph
Kevin Hanratty

Irony lost in Sinn Fein translation: Sunday Independent
Concubhar Ó Liatháin

What's in a name? (Mar 9): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Gerry Adams makes right decision to speak at Boston all-male dinner: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

McGuinness sets off for US trip: BBC

Ireland's PM – Chicago isn't a 'second city': Chicago Sun Times
Abdon M. Pallasch

Alliance pitching for IFI dough: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Local Troubled Teens get International Lesson in Peace (Mar 10):
Erin Breen

Time to clear the name of this soldier of bad fortune: Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Tomás Mac Giolla – former president of Sinn Féin (Feb 25): The Times

School experts to advise political parties on crisis (Feb 2): Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

School bully Ruane must change tack: Belfast Telegraph

"The Catholic church should concentrate its energies towards education at the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder..." (Jan 31): Sunday Tribune
Michael Clifford

The Catholic church should free its priests from celibacy: The Observer

Reform Church or lose authority (Feb 8): Irish Independent

Physical bravery is a trait of true warriors – but only moral courage can bring about peace (Mar 12): Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Plans for abolition of House of Lords to be unveiled: Sunday Telegraph
Patrick Hennessy

Look again at independence: Scotland on Sunday
Alyn Smith

How sectarian hooligans are killing off Scots far-right: Sunday Herald
Billy Briggs

Saturday, March 13

UUP's only MP attacks decision to vote against police devolution:
Henry McDonald

Empey not surprised at opinion poll 'tactics': The News Letter

Split decisions over vote: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Orangemen 'sceptical' over parading report: Portadown Times

US envoy hails assembly 'democracy': Belfast Telegraph

Anti-climax (Mar 9): UTV Internet

A segregated peace: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

Items removed after Armagh bomb alert ends: BBC

Real IRA ' threat to kill' SF press officer: Derry Journal
Michael McMonagle

Two held as Armagh alert ends: UTV Internet

Durkan condemns 'dissident threat': Londonderry Sentinel

MLA hits out at Orde comments: The News Letter

'Aggressive' police search slammed: Derry Journal

The Tories won't need a majority to have a majority in the House: The Spectator
James Forsyth

Who is David Cameron?: The News Letter
Lee Reynolds

Sinn Fein's president hits Hub: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

Hamill prosecution decision to be reviewed: RTE

Ex-RUC man may be charged over Hamill murder: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Wolfe Tones fan fined over march music: Irish Independent
Eamonn MacDermott

Accused's house was UVF shrine, court told: Belfast Telegraph

City name change meeting 'like Marx Brothers film': Derry Journal
Michael McMonagle

Cole calls on Council to press ahead with 1973 Bomb Memorial proposal (Mar 9): Coleraine Times
David Rankin

Playing 'more important than any anthem': The News Letter

Chair says cross-border body can drive recovery: Belfast Telegraph

Rage over St. Patrick's Day 'ghost town': Impartial Reporter

A New Dream for Northern Ireland: Irish Voice/
Patricia Harty

Another Belfast is imagined: The Irish Times
Fionola Meredith

Unlocking Maze secrets (Mar 11): Camden New Journal
Josh Loeb

Mary Robinson – 'I feel a terrible sense of urgency': The Guardian
Aide Edemariam

Tackling bigotry behind bars (Mar 12): The Herald
Lucy Adams

Friday, March 12

Why we should consider dialogue with dissidents: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

McGuinness calls Real IRA 'a gang': Londonderry Sentinel

'Terrorists can expect a knock on the door': The News Letter

Four charged after car gun find: BBC

Orde's gaffe is just unacceptable: Belfast Telegraph

US investment key to the local economy: The News Letter

Surprised by Bush's Northern Ireland intervention? Don't be.:
Mitchell Reiss

When is George W Bush not the villain? When David Cameron is. (Mar 8):
Alex Massie

They've got a deal! Oh no they haven't! It's panto time again: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

The upside of the UUP's defiance:
Christopher Montgomery

A fresh start to N.I. politics?: Impartial Reporter

Commons debates NI double-jobbing legislation: BBC

Does Northern Ireland need a Bill of Rights?: Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

From boats to votes ... the Trimbles on life and politics: Belfast Telegraph
Karen Ireland

McKinney – why I want to become an MP: Impartial Reporter

Soldiers of Destiny are in no hurry to march north (Mar 9): Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Economy a key factor in election: The News Letter

When Ian Paisley finally saw the light (Mar 9): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Answers on Paisley's record demanded by Allister: Ballymoney Times
Jim Allister

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times
Frank McNally

'We cannot afford the border' – Anderson (Mar 9): Derry Journal

Border run blamed as retailer to cut 250 jobs (Mar 3): Irish Independent
Anne-Marie Walsh

Bobby Tohill kidnapper remanded: UTV Internet

Loyalist murder accused charged over pipe-bombing: Belfast Telegraph

Court hears that accused was treated for gunshot wound: Impartial Reporter

Calls to keep Croke Park open to other sports (Mar 10): The Irish Times
Ian O'Riordan

Catholic school cutbacks queried (Mar 9): The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Church of Ireland bishop says school debate not new: Irish Examiner
Niall Murray

Cardinal rips into Labour's religious vote bid (Feb 24): The Scotsman
David Maddox

How could I be a Catholic, stuck in the past? (Mar 1): The Times
Richard Harries

Thursday, March 11

DUP in unionist unity call: UTV Internet

Dreams of unionist unity now in tatters as blame game starts: Belfast Telegraph

Unionism divided over justice vote: The News Letter

Fleeting Stormont meeting which ended in a bust-up: Belfast Telegraph

Short term policing fix no answer – Foyle UUP: Londonderry Sentinel

David Ford – I 'm ready for justice post challenge: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

The end of the beginning: The Economist

Sir Reg was right to get real about politics: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

UUP right to stall on justice devolution: The News Letter
N R Greer

UUP and Tories in 'mongrel relationship', says Taylor: The Irish Times
Richard McMeekin

Cameron not first to be left red-faced by Ulster allies: The News Letter
Henry Patterson

Empey counts on old friends and new faces: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Cosgrove

Bush Intervened in Northern Ireland Dispute: New York Times
Peter Baker

David Cameron praised by US for support for Northern Irish devolution:
Nicholas Watt

Our inconsistent record over Ireland: Irish Echo
Micheal Cummings

Sammy Wilson warns that Executive must do better on economy: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Now to the bread and butter issues: The News Letter

DUP picks Jim Shannon to stand in Strangford: BBC

Former IRA members removed from 'No Fly' lists in the U.S.: Irish Voice/
Patrick Cooper

Martin not to raise Garland issue: The Irish Times
Steven Carroll

'Writ served on McGuinness': The News Letter

Woodward, Saville and MI5: Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Forgiveness is the key to bringing peace in Northern Ireland: The Times
Cheryl Gallagher

United Ireland must be capable of being sold: The Irish Times
David Adams

37 civil servants respond to Irish lesson trawl: BBC

Man to face UVF terrorism charges: BBC

UDR memorial vandalised: The News Letter

'Should be commended for removing flags' – Judge: Derry Journal
Sheena Jackson

Police under fire as bomb car mystery deepens: Newry Democrat

Six arrested in dissident probe: The News Letter

Destruction of billboard will not deter quest for justice – Quinn family: The Cross Examiner
Brónagh Murphy

Gerry Adams's brother fights extradition over child abuse charges:
Henry McDonald

Call for new Northern Ireland soccer anthem: The News Letter

Red card for 'new football anthem': The News Letter

An Irishman's Diary (Mar 10): The Irish Times
Frank McNally

Wednesday, March 10

Joy and anger as Stormont says Yes in powderkeg policing vote: The Scotsman
Steven McCaffery

Cameron sidelined as policing deal for Northern Ireland is agreed: The Times
David Sharrock and Roland Watson

Ulster says 'yes' to devolution of policing powers: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Transfer of powers makes sense, says McGuinness: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Jim Allister – 'Snowman' hardliner jeers at former unionist party colleagues for melting under pressure:
Henry McDonald

President and Cowen welcome decision on policing: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

PM hails 'historic' Northern Ireland justice vote: BBC

Empey criticises McGuinness over 'rant' on justice: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Northern Executive now in a position to move forward: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Is the UUP stance really a tactical blunder?:
Henry McDonald

Peter Robinson set the trap but the DUP has been snared: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Murray

Belfast – this deal is a big deal:
Denis Murray

Ford on Saville: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Senior Tory raises fears about alliance with UUP:
Nicholas Watt

UUP Conservative link will bring Northern Ireland into mainstream British politics says Trimble: Ulster Star

UUP pact returns to haunt Cameron: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Was Cameron's NI pact worth it?: BBC
James Landale

Are you missing me? David Cameron tempts George Bush out of retirement:
Nicholas Watt

Stormont's milestone: Financial Times

All must support policing (Mar 9): The News Letter

Dissident attacks prompt calls for special PSNI unit: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford and Deborah McAleese

Political policing set to continue: Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Police quotas not being devolved: Belfast Telegraph

Police justify delay recovering car linked to courthouse bomb: The Cross Examiner
Brónagh Murphy

Baggott answers Newry critics: UTV Internet

Ian Jnr aims to follow in father's footsteps: The News Letter

I'll leave Assembly if elected to Westminster – Ian Jnr's pledge: Ballymena Times

Former UTV reporter Fearghal McKinney contests election: BBC

Fears over 'provocative' St Patrick's Day parade: The News Letter

Trio charged over UVF bomb attack: BBC

Adams' brother in court on sex charges: UTV Internet

Name change plan thrown into chaos: Derry Journal

City name change issue is 'dead': BBC

Responsibility for PMS must be shared: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

Call to ban bigots from trains: The Herald
Deborah Anderson

Tuesday, March 9

George Bush to David Cameron – don't derail Northern Ireland peace process: The Guardian
Nicholas Watt

UUP to vote against power-sharing deal: The Independent
Tom Peck

UUP to defy pressure and vote No on policing: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Northern Ireland – Ulster officials defy 'bullying' after George W Bush 'intervention':
Andrew Hough and Chris Irvine

US eyes on Northern Ireland in countdown to crucial peace vote:
Nicholas Watt

New NI justice minister will be 'enemy of the Irish people', says dissident:
Henry McDonald

Carroll's widow in plea to politicians: UTV Internet

UUP policing meeting with McGuinness breaks down after three minutes:
Henry McDonald

UUP rejectionist strategy a risky game in the run-up to election: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Decision day: UTV Internet

Americans hold the key in quest for peace in Northern Ireland:
Henry McDonald

Why Divisions in Northern Ireland Are Reopening:
Bryan Coll

UUP-Conservative alliance – a risky strategy: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Tories respect our position within the United Kingdom: Belfast Telegraph
Owen Polley

Northern Ireland – The Conservatives and the peace process: The Guardian

Police in appeal over murdered officer Stephen Carroll a year on: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Weir

Kate plans quiet day of reflection for anniversary: Banbridge Leader
Gail Bell

Grim anniversary: Belfast Telegraph

Marching into another summer of discontent: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

Minister challenges Ritchie for South Down nomination: BBC

Ian Paisley jnr to fight for his father's old seat: Belfast Telegraph

Castlereagh councillors engage in war of words: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

Donnelly sentence 'savage' – 32 CSM: Derry Journal

Young man thrown in front of car in sectarian assault: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

Four arrested in Operation Ballast: UTV Internet

Alleged ex-IRA man on trial for trying to kill UDR soldier in 1981: The Irish Times

West Belfast footballer is caught up in North versus South wrangle: Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

MPs – why did officials not spot Presbyterian Mutual dangers? (Feb 18): Belfast Telegraph

Church 'got no warning' on plan to curb control of schools: Irish Independent
Ciaran Byrne

Fine Gael And Labour Reaction – Opposition Urges Establishment Of National Forum On School Patronage: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Neo-nazis on our doorstep: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

No external investigation needed: Haaretz

Monday, March 8

Hillary Clinton calls Northern Ireland leaders on deal: BBC

US Congress warns Cameron over danger of failed Ulster police deal:
Nicholas Watt

US congressmen appeal to Ulster Unionists to vote 'yes': BBC

UUP says 'no' despite Clinton call: UTV Internet

UUP has not 'slammed door' on justice deal: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Final UUP deal decision due: UTV Internet

'75% back devolved justice powers': Belfast Telegraph

North's leaders still playing the politics of never-never land: Irish Independent
Maurice Hayes

Analysis – Hung Parliament would make Queen move next: Belfast Telegraph
David C Shiels

Vote on bill to end Northern Ireland 'double jobbing': BBC

DUP re-select Nigel Dodds to stand in North Belfast (Mar 5): BBC

Former IRA men 'given immunity' in secret deal (Mar 7): Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

'No secret pardons for IRA fugitives': Belfast Telegraph

'Why am I on trial and McGuinness is not?' (Mar 7): Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

Woodward denies IRA 'on the runs' given pardons: BBC

Government needs to go rather than reshuffle – Adams: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Gerry Adams – I don't back Liam's extradition battle: Belfast Telegraph

Cheers for Limerick councillor who took case against O'Dea: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Party still has to learn rules of game in South: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Party gatherings offer an opportunity to boost poll numbers (Mar 7): Sunday Business Post

Sinn Féin ardfheis: The Irish Times

Prison told 'get cells ready' for more dissidents: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Newry getaway car 'recovered': UTV Internet

Real IRA murders at Massereene Barracks 'could have been prevented': The Times
David Sharrock

New plea to find soldiers' killers: Belfast Telegraph

Ensuite facilities for prisoners? (Feb 18): Londonderry Sentinel
Patricia Devlin

Mad Dog's puppy love: The Sun
Alan Carson

Disgraced DUP MP Iris Robinson sends love note to Peter: Belfast Telegraph

Ulster Scots bid to convert old technical college (Feb 24): Ballymoney Times

Heated row leaves councillor in tears: Ulster Herald
Alan Rodgers

SF 'have damaged City of Culture bid' – Durkan: Derry Journal

City councillors agree to reinstate military plaques (Mar 4): The News Letter

Genuinely tolerant society will not be a cold house for religion (Feb 6): The Irish Times
Breda O'Brien

A changing society – New Ireland needs a new set of rules (Feb 23): Irish Examiner

Anti-English anthem 'holding Scotland back': The Scotsman
Clare Gardner

Sunday, March 7

Orange Order gets behind parade proposals: Scotland on Sunday
Brian Hutton

Gerry Adams praises deal on police powers transfer: BBC

McGuinness gives UUP ultimatum: UTV Internet

No turns on the Sinn Fein devolution train: BBC
Mark Devenport

Archbishop tells Northern Ireland to build on progress:
Jenna Lyle

Ian Paisley's real test will come after he quits: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

McGuinness – We're ready for power: Belfast Telegraph

Adams proposes 'solidarity tax':

Gerry Adams great survivor of Irish politics: BBC
Mark Simpson

Sinn Fein story is tale of two cities: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Doherty protests at Scottish detentions (Mar 2): Derry Journal

Three top dissidents are on informers list: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Gunmen's warning to drug dealers: Ballymoney Times

Irish police 'battle' violence threat from dissidents: BBC
Mark Simpson

Parade 'not organised from prison': The News Letter

Murdered man's sister demands truth: Derry Journal

Ex-soldiers condemn 'Real UVF' threat: The News Letter

Tension mounts over attacks on Fountain Estate: Londonderry Sentinel
Eamon Sweeney

Why justice delayed is always justice denied: Belfast Media

Saville probe may not be conclusive: The News Letter

Sacrifice of RUC 'consigned to history': The News Letter

Once upon a life: The Observer
Alexander McCall Smith

Olympic torch to make Dublin 'peace' visit (Mar 4): London Evening Standard
Matthew Beard

Granny rules okay for the 'predatory' boys in green: Sunday Independent
John O'Brien

Prices still cheaper in North but difference is narrowing (Feb 22): The Irish Times
Conor Pope

Jings, crivvens, help m'boab: Belfast Media

Dancing in streets as stars put in word for cupla focal (Mar 4): Irish Independent
Jason O'Brien

Pope must lead Church reform: (from the Irish Daily Star, Mar 1)
John Coulter

Why it doesn't matter if the Pope's Ordinariate for ex-Anglicans is small at first (Feb 18):
Damian Thompson

Church's election process shows the need for reform (Mar 1): Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Saturday, March 6

UUP insist they won't back deal on policing and justice: Belfast Telegraph

SF criticises UUP for not supporting devolution: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Policing deal a good one – Robinson: The News Letter

Devolution vote 'future of Northern Ireland': RTE

Orangemen urged to back parades deal: UTV Internet

Why celebrate July 12th?: Belfast Media
Des Wilson

Robinson paid during NI first minister step down: BBC

'Unionist vision, strategy and promotion is a mess': The News Letter
Sam McBride

What do we TUVists see in the UUP?: The News Letter
David Morgan

Catholics won't bless a marriage of convenience: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Hey, hey, we're the UCUNF: Belfast Media

Talk of unity misplaced: The News Letter
Stephen Farry

How a dentist helped disarm Northern Ireland:
Conor O'Clery

'Ian should join me in the Lords' (Mar 3): The News Letter
Sam McBride

Big Ian steps down:
Jon Michaud

Top cop speaks out on shootings: Londonderry Sentinel

Derry raids linked to Doherty shooting: UTV Internet

Why MI5 claims aren't so far-fetched: Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Omagh man hits out at police stop and search: Ulster Herald
Alan Rodgers

'Recreational rioting' resurgent in west Belfast: BBC

'I'm overwhelmed' by the support from our Catholic neighbours': Derry Journal

Relative of soldier killed by Real IRA says MoD failed them: The Times
David Sharrock

MoD Saville role not ruled out: Derry Journal

UVF 'grasses' short sentences over UDA feud murder part: BBC

Greysteel killer loses appeal: UTV Internet

Gerry Adams prepares Sinn Fein conference address: BBC

SF votes to keep its options open on coalition: Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

Memorial for IRA bombers splits opinion in Enniscorthy: The Irish Times
Michael Parsons

Why Northern Ireland continue to pay the price for abuse dished out to Neil Lennon:
Brian McNally

Sectarianism is ugly aside to Old Firm rivalry, says Celtic fan Jordan: The Herald
Russell Leadbetter

O'Dea's old foe threatens fellow councillor with legal action: Irish Independent
Pat Flynn

Church-State row breaks out over control of schools: Irish Independent
John Walshe

Martin welcomes plan to reduce Catholic schools: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Secret SNP talks for power pact in a hung parliament (Mar 4): The Herald
Michael Settle

Northern Ireland proves peace is possible: Christian Science Monitor
Owen Polley

Friday, March 5

McGuinness 'confident' over vote: BBC

Report on policing and justice powers complete: Belfast Telegraph

£800m 'critical' for policing – Baggott: UTV Internet

Ulster unionists hold justice vote meeting: BBC
Martina Purdy

UUP tactics could threaten Assembly: Belfast Telegraph

DUP and UUP clash over PSNI recruitment policy: Belfast Telegraph

North Belfast's voice must be heard at Westminster: Belfast Media
Nigel Dodds

Allister hits out at DUP over website: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Adams bruised and battered but unbowed as he faces into SF ardfheis: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

DUP calls for name change decision before election: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

By-election forced: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

Presbyterian Moderator speaks on NI (Mar 4): The Irish Times
Richard McMeekin

MI5 'not accountable to assembly': BBC

RIRA victim's family demand MI5 inquiry (Mar 2): Derry Journal

Massereene – Dissident activity at a high as anniversary of double murder looms: Belfast Telegraph

Leading dissidents 'under threat': Derry Journal

Maskey's disgust at dissident kill threat: Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

Yates gives views on dissidents: Londonderry Sentinel
Eamon Sweeney

New anti-terrorist police unit deployed in Fermanagh area: Fermanagh Herald
Michael Breslin

Dissident Gary Donnelly jailed for assault: BBC

Secrecy is not the best option: The News Letter

Loyalist march through Stoneyford faces restriction: BBC

Working group's parade proposals must be made public insists LOCC: Belfast Media

Sectarian riots being prearranged by kids: Belfast Media
Roisin McManus

St Patrick's Day trippers would serve us better by staying home (Mar 2): Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Bloody Sunday Saville Report will be seen 'within days': Belfast Telegraph

Ford offers apology to Bloody Sunday families: The News Letter

A pointless inquiry?: BBC
Mark Devenport

Parents' battle with PPS sees justice done: Belfast Media
Áine McEntee

Adams' brother vows to fight rape charges: Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald

I won't get fair trial in Belfast, Liam Adams tells Dublin court: Belfast Telegraph

Adams' brother released on bail: UTV Internet

Empathy, not enforcement is what's needed in Irish soccer: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Donnelly

Discrimination has no place in the British state (Jan 18): The Herald

Why NI shouldn't be seen as a safe haven for killers: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

From Ireland to Israel (Mar 4): New York Times
Zion Evrony

Thursday, March 4

Orange Order set to give verdict on parades blueprint: Belfast Telegraph

Woodward warning on Northern Ireland justice vote: BBC

Sir Reg Empey will come to table only on his terms: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Unionist unity can't unseat Sinn Fein (Mar 2): The News Letter
Liam Clarke

No one will ever replace Paisley – voters: The News Letter

Storm at Peter Robinson silence on Ian Paisley exit: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Robinson hits back at TUV claims over Paisley: BBC

Paisley move marks 'end of an era' – Robinson: The News Letter

Mild praise for such a major figure: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Paisley took power, but missed out on the glory: Belfast Telegraph
Clifford Smyth

Ian Paisley – a churchman above all:
Mick Fealty

Armchair general whose last battle ended in defeat: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Murray

Big man with a bad mouth bows out at last: The Irish Times
Fionnuala O'Connor

Political legacy of Ian Paisley: The News Letter

What now for brand Paisley?: Belfast Telegraph

DUP's fortress is no longer impregnable: The News Letter
Sam McBride

TUV goes on election offensive: Ballymena Times

Row over by-election date for Iris seat: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Paramilitary Shoukri group gives up final arms: BBC

Arms body to provide weapons inventory: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

PSNI chief 'dismissed threat': Newry Democrat

Bomb made by veteran: Newry Democrat

Court cases 'used by Derry vigilantes': BBC

Police officer denies he broke republican's arm: Belfast Telegraph

Counter threats 'will do nothing to help ex-soldiers': The News Letter

UDA boss Tommy English murder accused to be prosecuted: BBC

Why MI5 is free to operate here while Stormont can't do a thing: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Non-jury trial option 'essential' says Goggins: BBC

Maze escapee case heard in Europe: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

Bloody Sunday inquiry 'pointless' – Ford: The News Letter

Sinn Fein anger at Ford comments over Saville Inquiry: BBC

Ford responds to criticism of Saville 'slur': UTV Internet

Woodward pushes for delay in Saville report: Belfast Telegraph

Liam Adams set to appear before gardaí: The Irish Times
Carol Coulter

City of culture contender Derry divides over 'UK' in the title:
Henry McDonald

How Foot's about-face left Gerry fit to be tied: Belfast Telegraph
David McKittrick

Parking fines to be cross-border: BBC

I could have played for the North, says record-breaker Given: Irish Examiner
Liam Mackey

Why FIFA must close Ireland's north-south divide:
David Anderson

Wednesday, March 3

Dublin appeals to UUP to endorse policing transfer: Belfast Telegraph

Why First Ministers have to get their act together: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn Mallie

A Vote for Peace: New York Times

Ian Paisley to step down from North Antrim seat after 40 years as MP: The Times
David Sharrock

PM Gordon Brown pays tribute to Ian Paisley: Belfast Telegraph

40 years of politics, Ian Paisley-style:
Henry McDonald

Ian Paisley – Champion of farmers and rural concerns: Belfast Telegraph

'The man who became ultimate symbol of unionist intransigence': The Scotsman
Peter Geoghegan

Ian Paisley – No more Dr No: The Guardian

First shots already fired in a compelling fight for Ian Paisley seat: Belfast Telegraph

Ian Paisley jnr to seek selection for father's seat: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

TUV leader 'looking forward' to North Antrim fight: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Paisley constituents pondering on 'replacing the irreplaceable': Belfast Telegraph

Ian Paisley seat will be battlefield for unionism's future: Belfast Telegraph

Paisley Junior faces tough fight to hold on to father's seat: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Exterminate our double-jobbing Time Lords now: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Is the Queen set for her first Ireland trip?: Daily Mail

Hundreds at Real IRA Derry murder victim rally: BBC

Rally organiser receives death threat: UTV Internet

Sister says shot brother was not involved in drugs: The Irish Times
George Jackson

'Spolight' to examine Derry vigilante shootings: Derry Journal

Lurgan alert deemed a hoax: The News Letter

Sinn Fein in Derry City culture row: UTV Internet

Conflicting views of Derry's bid to be 'UK City of Culture': The Irish Times
Richard McMeekin

Culture snub shows SF 'bigotry' – Unionist: The News Letter

UK City of Culture 2013 but is it Derry or Londonderry?: BBC
Marie-Louise Muir

Mayoral invitation for threatened clergyman: Belfast Telegraph

Arms dump put on display in Strabane: Derry Journal

Loyalist in handover of assets: Belfast Telegraph

You can't airbrush this Dave – the incredible shrinking Tory lead (Mar 1): The Times
Jonathan Oliver

Jim Murphy plays the religion card to win votes (Feb 23): The Scotsman
David Maddox

Poll result may be too close to call: The News Letter

Irish FA can still win the eligibility war, vows Nelson: Belfast Telegraph
Stuart McKinley

What the English have, as they showed last Saturday, is guts. But it is often witless guts: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

English parliament support grows (Mar 2): Daily Express

Tuesday, March 2

DUP bid over Hillsborough deal branded 'bizarre': Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

UUP not ready to back justice deal: UTV Internet

DUP and UUP in game of political brinkmanship: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty & Mark Hennessy

Justice must be done or it's back to violence (Feb 28): (from the Sunday Times)
Liam Clarke

Real IRA – Kieran Doherty admitted drugs link: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Family of man murdered by Real IRA demand inquiry:
Henry McDonald

Derry murder victim was "a good and decent man" say family: Derry Journal

Workers to stage street rally over Real IRA murder: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Ruane condemns threat to schools: Derry Journal

Dissident republicans 'won't win': Belfast Telegraph

Derry businessman 'feared he would be killed': BBC

Dissident threat to North peace: The Irish Times

No 'cause' can justify violence: Belfast Telegraph

Property and People: (from the Irish Herald)
Jude Collins

Northern Ireland's Ian Paisley to step down as MP:
Henry McDonald

'No plans' to appoint successor for Mike Nesbitt: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

How the IRA hid Liam Adams (Feb 28): (from the Sunday Times)
Ed Moloney

Police attacked with petrol bombs in west Belfast: BBC

Boy charged after west Belfast riots: UTV Internet

Bus stoning stats 'unacceptable': BBC

Rioting shows need to tackle poverty – MP: The News Letter

Ombudsman starts Craigavon investigation: UTV Internet

Attacks on PSNI were "attempts to kill": The News Letter

Footprints may help track Orange hall vandals: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Public support vital to 'Sunday' campaign: Derry Journal

Cardinal signals end of selection for Catholic schools: Belfast Telegraph

DUP attacks Brady school plan: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

DUP vows to keep academic selection: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

IFA to bring case to Court of Arbitration: RTE

Northern Ireland take eligibility row to FIFA: Belfast Telegraph

These boys are not for turning: Evening Herald
Paul Hyland

Plumping for Republic was 'easy decision' for long-term fan Wilson: Irish Independent
Daniel McDonnell

FAI's policy of recruiting NI players is wrong: The Irish Times
Brian Kerr

Quinlivan seeks answers on O'Dea controversy: RTE

Extradition for Basque separatist De Juana Chaos: BBC

Monday, March 1

Devolution of policing and justice 'at risk' if UUP don't support it: Belfast Telegraph

Dodds – 'UUP is needed for justice move': BBC

McNarry calls for fresh elections: Belfast Telegraph

Answer to parades row could lie in downtown New Orleans: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

SDLP leader rules out merger with Fianna Fáil (Feb 28): Sunday Tribune
Conor McMorrow

Re-casting actors in the Stormont panto (Feb 23): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Is this a new era in politics? (Jan 14): Impartial Reporter

Unionist Unionist Adrian Watson – I support gay equality: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Lady Hermon – I won't walk away from North Down: Belfast Telegraph

DUP choice for Iris Robinson's seat linked to ex-prisoner: Belfast Telegraph

Senior PSNI officer in religious bias case (Feb 23): BBC

Steady growth in ranks of dissident republicans (Feb 28): Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

Irish dissidents pose 'growing threat': The Independent
David McKittrick

Dissidents who targeted police station also tried to attack officers: The Scotsman
Michael McHugh

Police fire plastic rounds as riots erupt in Craigavon: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Kieran Doherty Real IRA murder appalling – mother: BBC

Real IRA victim to be buried: The Irish Times
George Jackson

Mark was 'cannon fodder' for army (Feb 28): Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

'The army has lied time and time again' (Feb 28): Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

Bloody Sunday report may be delayed due to general election:
Richard Norton-Taylor and Owen Bowcott

Passport row (Feb 11): Lurgan Mail

Council surrenders over flag (Feb 25): Belfast Media

Come on FIFA, get off the fence (Feb 27): Belfast Telegraph
Stuart McKinley

Sinn Féin still faces unanswered questions (Feb 28): Sunday Business Post

Former Sinn Féin candidate could pose threat to children (Feb 28): Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

'Conflict of interest' allegation rubbished by Edwin Poots (Feb 24): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Planning is in need of an overhaul (Feb 18): The News Letter

Holy See 'wants to improve state relationship' (Feb 27): Irish Independent
John Cooney

How Ireland Lost Its Faith (Feb 27): Foreign Policy
Patsy McGarry

The damage to Catholic Church (Jan 25): The Irish Times

Catholic Church voting guide will be claimed by the Tories (Feb 27): The Times
Phillip Collins

Independence vote may rebound on SNP (Feb 26): The Herald

Independent Scotland 'would face debt disaster' (Feb 28): The Sunday Times
Jason Allardyce


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