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Sunday, March 15

Adams accuses Kenny of 'demeaning' office of Taoiseach: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

Sinn Fein is in breach of sex abuse guidelines: Sunday Independent
John Drennan and Ciaran Barnes

Sinn Féin are bringing in the lawyers over alleged abuse investigations:
Rónán Duffy

Paudie McGahon's IRA abuser raped boy in Dublin: Sunday Independent
Maeve Sheehan, Paul Williams and Michael Browne

Wilson held power 'over life and death of IRA volunteers if they transgressed': Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

What did Gerry Adams know about multiple instances of child abuse?:
Paddy McDonnell

Paudie puts Spotlight on Sinn Fein's cult side: Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

SF more concerned with votes than the vulnerable – Ford: The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Rooted in the North, SF isn't fit for office in Republic: Sunday Independent
Ronan Fanning

Welfare delays 'cost £2m a week in fines' off block grant: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Adams 'hopeful' about welfare reform progress: UTV
Louise Convery

McGuinness hints at 'possible way forward': Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Sinn Fein 'will ruin Ireland' warns Fine Gael TD Simon Harris (Mar 9): Irish Mirror
James Ward

'Was it worth it?' DUP and union boss offer different views on strike: The News Letter

Late-night talks may have shaped Sinn Fein stance: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

When in trouble, the party just stages another crisis: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Northern Ireland's peace is Ireland's peace, we've all benefited and all of us must make sure we keep it (Mar 12):
David McCann

Stormont is a mess because there is no Opposition – McCallister (Mar 10): The News Letter

Poll – Sinn Fein support drops while support for Government parties increases: Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan

Sinn Fein slammed over election rally held in Dungannon council venue: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

UKIP's 'Bacardi Bob' set to stand against Ian Jr (Mar 9): Ballymoney Times

David Ford – Union flag attacks made Alliance stronger: Belfast Telegraph

A simple handshake seals a peaceline contract for a brighter future: Belfast Media

Businesses flee UVF extortion in east Belfast, reveals MP Long (Mar 2): Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Relief for victim's family as release of IRA killer stalled: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

'Subjected to vile campaign of sectarian bullying'-claims solicitor: Derry Journal

Parents 'dropped off their children for sectarian riot': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Carrying a Tesco bag? They must be Protestants (Mar 11): The News Letter

Stubborn but shrewd face of Ulster unionism: The Irish Times

A man of 'quiet courtesy and civility': Londonderry Sentinel

James Molyneaux – A King Canute who unified his party but couldn't hold back tide of change (Mar 10): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Councillor Barr pays tribute to Lord Molyneaux: Banbridge Leader

Speaker's Commonwealth rallying cry (Mar 11): Belfast Telegraph

High schooler whose parents fled persecution in Northern Ireland is Irish/New York success story: New York Daily News
Denis Hamill

Celtic statue row – TUV man blasts 'false gods and pagans': Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

'Eucharistic famine' fear over future of priesthood in Ireland: BBC
Elaine McGee

Votes threaten Church power – Last stand for Irish bishops (Mar 9): (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Renua Ireland will make impact, but how much and for how long? (Mar 14): The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Engineering boss guilty of sectarian train chant (Mar 13): The Scotsman
Tim Bugler

Bigot who has never been to an Old Firm game jailed for four months for singing sectarian Billy Boys song (Mar 12): Scottish Daily Record
Keith McLeod

Saturday, March 14

End mandatory coalition which ensures nationalist power – Ukip: The News Letter
Sam McBride

'It's impossible for victims to get justice' says Magherafelt campaigner: Mid Ulster Mail
Stanley Campbell

Progress made at Stormont talks say Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness: BBC

McLaughlin joins Unison members on picket line: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Sinn Fein 'shameless' for backing massive anti-austerity protests: The News Letter
Adam Kula

Cuts 'will worsen sectarianism', says union chief: The News Letter

Business leaders in Stormont welfare crisis call: BBC

SDLP – We must aim our 'bullets' at the Tories: The News Letter

They're failing the test of improving leadership (Mar 4): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

For governing parties to join this strike is a disgrace to democracy: The News Letter

Senior Sinn Féin figures travel to US for Patrick's Day fundraising: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

Loyalist 'vigil' will coincide with St Patrick's Day parade: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Mid Ulster unionists question legality of ban on poppies as 1,500 sign petition: Tyrone Times
Shauna Corr

Naomi Long will retain East Belfast seat – Ford (Mar 12): The News Letter
Sam McBride

Apart from flags, it's been a few good years: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Band resigns after speech to SF conference: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Republican who killed police officer won't have legal challenge to temporary prison release decided in time for St Patrick's Day: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Taoiseach calls on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams to 'present himself' to gardai with IRA sex abuse information: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Ó Snodaigh says abuse claims will 'weigh heavily' with voters: The Irish Times
Ciarán D'Arcy

Last Saturday nobody knew who I was. Now I've let loose the pain that I hid for 23 years: Irish Independent
Paudie McGahon

Sinn Féin casts a dark shadow over Irish democracy: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

SF says it's fit to govern but recent events suggest otherwise: Irish Independent
Liz O'Donnell

On a wing and a prayer – how the IRA and the church banished abusers: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Time for Adams to come clean on IRA rape claims: Irish Independent

Sinn Féin shirks its responsibility on abuse victims: The Irish Times

Time for Adams to gather facts – Claims against republicans (Mar 12): Irish Examiner

Two more diggers burned as dissident republicans step up extortion at building sites: Belfast Media
Evan Short

Seven cleared of IRA membership after prosecution case collapses: The Irish Times

Council of Europe chiefs seek plan for Troubles inquests: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

SAS inquest into shooting of IRA men Martin McCaughey and Dessie Grew was ineffective, court told: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Shankill and Falls are coming up roses as women reach across the peaceline: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

Derry groups at peacebuilding event: Derry Journal

Orange Order welcomes An Post Somme stamp: UTV

Paisley receives freedom of City of London: UTV
Stephen Dunwoody

Asian Voice magazine award for Ian Paisley (Mar 4): The News Letter

Gentleman Jim Molyneaux and the end of a different way of doing things: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Connolly

'Wee Jim' Molyneaux, politician with the common touch (Mar 11): The News Letter
Billy Kennedy

Sinead O'Connor – 'I wish Ireland was still under British rule': Evening Herald
Lynne Kelleher

Ashers cake row raised at Strasbourg: The News Letter

Four point recovery for Government parties in latest opinion poll: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Kenny's department to prepare for possible UK exit from EU: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

The truly patriotic British view on Europe? We must lead from within (Mar 9): The Guardian
Gordon Brown

Friday, March 13

US urges Welfare Reform Agreement: The News Letter

Party leaders meet Villiers over welfare crisis: UTV

Failure to resolve welfare reform row 'will leave £500m Budget black hole': Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Labour concerns over Sinn Fein and DUP welfare reform standoff in the North: Irish Post
Fiona Audley

Key papers were withheld from us and welfare figures deliberately inflated: Belfast Telegraph
Martin McGuinness

SF welfare dossier fails to prove its key claim: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Welfare reform madness will cost us millions we just haven't got: Belfast Telegraph
Simon Hamilton

Where is our leadership now when we need it most?: Impartial Reporter

'Sinn Fein wants to show Northern Ireland is a failed political entity by bringing chaos over welfare reform': Belfast Telegraph
Samuel Morrison

Union protests pushed Sinn Féin to pull out of agreement: The Irish Times
Eamonn McCann

Welfare warning must be heeded: Belfast Telegraph

'Whitewash' fears over MPs' OTR report: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Gerry Adams, and the burden of the living: The Week Magazine
Michael Brendan Dougherty

Price of DUP support is EU referendum, says Dodds: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

General Election 2015 – Northern Ireland forecast: Belfast Telegraph
Bill White

For the Pro-Union community, voting can make the difference: The News Letter
Kate Hoey

'Secret SF probe into 40 cases of abuse': Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Sinn Féin and IRA investigated 100 cases of abuse, Minister says: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Paudie McGahon – Gerry Adams insists name of abuser was on list handed to gardai in November 2014: Irish Mirror
Brynmor Pattison

Martin – Commission of Inquiry needed for Sinn Fein's handing of sex abuse allegations: Irish Independent
John Downing

Mary Lou – Anybody who rapes a child can't call themselves a republican:
Michelle Hennessy

Sinn Fein MP Molloy 'must apologise in person to McGahon over offensive tweet': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

The gaps in Adams' story (Mar 12): Irish Independent
Daniel McConnell

Just how many more skeletons will emerge from the Sinn Féin closet?: Irish Examiner
Alison O'Connor

Child sex abuse victims must not be collateral damage: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Sinn Féin deputy leader standing by Adams defies logic: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

Sex abuse claims threaten to bury Adams for good: Evening Herald
Andrew Lynch

SF members are trying to blur the truth about cover-up – McGahon: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Sinn Féin suffering a crisis of credibility: Irish Independent

Former loyalist paramilitary admits historic abuse charges: The News Letter

Cardinal Dolan's 'profoundly ignorant' take on Irish history: Irish Catholic
Michael Kelly

Victims' parade in Dublin 'goes down to wire': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

RUC widow may face her husband's killer in court as he pleads for St Patrick's Day prison release: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Bodies never meant to be found: UTV
Brian Rowan

Interface residents given opportunity to reimagine the future (Mar 10): Derry Journal

1916 Rising commemoration must help bring reconciliation says North leader: Irish Voice/
Frances Mulraney

Sinn Féin councillor says British royals have 'no place' at 1916 events: Limerick Leader
Alan Owens

Rangers issue life ban to letter bomber Neil McKenzie after hate-filled bigot is photographed at Ibrox: Scottish Daily Record
Mark McGivern

Scotland is British: The Scotsman
Kenny Farquharson

Ulster MEPs slam calls for a European army: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Thursday, March 12

Gerry Adams 'knew about rape of Paudie McGahon but did not report it', it is claimed: Irish Mirror
Sarah Bardon

Paudie McGahon – Gerry Adams says he believes 'IRA rape victim': BBC

SF are like a cult trying to undermine me – McGahon: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

IRA offered to 'put a bullet' in rape accused: Irish News
Valerie Robinson

Ex-SF TD says McGahon told him of IRA inquiry on rape claim: The Irish Times
Harry McGee, Mary Minihan

Ex-TD Arthur Morgan denies frisking rape victim at his office: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor and Daniel McConnell

Arthur Morgan releases letter he wrote to Paudie McGahon: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan, Gerry Moriarty

Gerry Adams – The IRA should not have been anywhere near alleged rape cases: Irish Mirror
David Coleman

Paudie McGahon – Police prepare 'IRA rape' claim file: BBC

Sinn Féin urges sex abuse initiative after allegation: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

At least 60 IRA abuse victims are considering going public – Cahill: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy – Spotlight sex abuse tweet was 'misinterpreted': Tyrone Times
Annamay McNally

Francie Molloy apologises but Ian McCrea says MP should stand down over IRA sex abuse tweet: Mid Ulster Mail

Mairia Cahill calls on Sinn Fein MP to resign after 'disgusting' tweet: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

'Sinn Fein describing my abuse as "rubbish" is very hurtful' – Paudie McGahon: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

IRA rape 'revelations' widely reported by media last year: The Irish Times
Conor Lally

Republicans voiced support for Garda before IRA rape probe: Irish News

IRA abuse claims – Spotlight investigation raises more questions than answers: BBC
Jennifer O'Leary

IRA rapist 'from top Republican family: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Sinn Féin plays the victim as McGahon row rages on: The Irish Times
Miriam Lord

No amount of Sinn Féin spin can undermine these victims' stories: Irish Independent
Martina Devlin

Adams feels heat of kangaroo court claims: Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

SF stance on sex abuse scandal would have split any other party: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

The Belfast Pimpernel has no fear of being caught in the 'Spotlight': Irish Independent
Lise Hand

Democratic Unionist Westminster leader lays out demands for supporting government: The Guardian
Nicholas Watt

Charlie Flanagan says Sinn Fein u-turn on Welfare Bill in North 'deeply disappointing': Irish Independent
Daniel McConnell

McCartney sets out Sinn Fein position on welfare: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Welfare reform crisis – Electorate deserves better from Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Stormont welfare crisis has pushed us back again: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Selfish, not brave, to oppose public sector and welfare reform: The News Letter

Smuggling ignored to keep paramilitaries sweet – McCrea: The News Letter

DUP calls for independent TV debates body: UTV
Chris Chambers

IRA killer's day out of prison for St Patrick's Day is a sick joke, says widow: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Sectarian gang trial after death of Catholic Kevin McDaid cost taxpayer £1.8m: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Supergrass trial to hear of UVF plots to kill 'Mad Dog' Johnny Adair and John White: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

UVF supergrass could try to have some of 212 charges dropped: The News Letter

Experts confident of finding body of Disappeared in fresh search: Irish News
Brian Hutton

IRA body search to take 'months': Irish Independent
Brian Byrne

Top Irish American pols slam Cardinal Dolan on IRA /ISIS linkage: Irish Voice/
James O'Shea

Cardiff University cricketer suspended for flags display: Irish News
John Monaghan

A defining moment in EU history – How Brexit would affect Ireland: The Irish Times
Dominic Hannigan

Wednesday, March 11

Taoiseach urges Northern parties not to 'walk away' over welfare row: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Robinson and McGuinness fly to United States as new welfare reform crisis threatens the politicial institutions: Belfast Media

DUP welfare reform plans handed over to Sinn Fein by mistake, claims Gerry Adams: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Hutton

Whole agreement at risk – Villiers: Belfast Telegraph

Cuts to pay for SF's welfare fund see disabled services axed: The News Letter
Sam McBride

This is a blatant U-turn, Sinn Fein have gone back on their word: Belfast Telegraph
Peter Robinson

Sinn Fein U-turn on deal returns Stormont to the brink: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Quick resolution of Northern Ireland funding impasse critical: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Stormont crisis – Why did Sinn Fein decide to vote against Welfare Bill?: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Impasse over welfare cuts in Northern Ireland is damaging peace process: The Irish Times

SF 'orchestrated' crisis in North as a distraction – Burton: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor, Daniel McConnell and Paul Williams

BBC Spotlight – Second 'IRA rape victim' speaks out: BBC
Jennifer O'Leary

'It took me years to speak out and now I want others to do the same': Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Adams – 'Paudie McGahon clearly feels badly let down, nothing that I may say will change this':
Nicky Ryan

Kenny vows action for IRA abuse victims: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Micheal Martin tells Dail – 'Gerry Adams is a former chief of staff of the IRA': Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Sinn Féin urges sex abuse initiative after allegation: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Welfare reform – How did Sinn Féin lose faith in Stormont House deal?: BBC
John Campbell

Crisis, which crisis? Sinn Féin's optimism takes a hammering: Irish Independent
Shane Coleman

A cynical change of heart pours scorn on their claims to be party of government: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Sinn Féin once again deploys weapons of mass distraction: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

Sinn Fein stance could cost us millions: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin attempt to distract from abuse: Irish Independent

Senior officer 'warned' flag protester Jamie Bryson over illegal parades: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Can't move on while we've poppies, parades and parks: Sunday World
Richard Sullivan

Justice has failed me, says woman who survived deadly UVF ambush: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

UVF try to sink teeth into Hollywood Dracula movie: Sunday World
Richard Sullivan

Man threatened to 'execute' Alliance politicians: UTV
Ashleigh McDonald

Omagh bomb accused 'has an alibi': The News Letter

Republican who killed police officer wants release for St Patrick's Day and GAA match: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

RUC killer wants released for GAA game and St Patrick's Day: The News Letter

Court rejects Garda chief superintendent's opinion men were in IRA: The Irish Times

Uninvestigated Northern Ireland killings 'tarnish UK's reputation': The Guardian
Owen Bowcott

Birmingham pub bombings – Campaigners meeting Labour's Yvette Cooper as quest for truth goes on: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

New Disappeared dig to begin in Meath: The News Letter

James Molyneaux – Tributes pour in for unsung hero of the peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

James Molyneaux – Political fighter and committed churchman who was a stabilising force for the Ulster Unionists: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Molyneaux, steadfast in pursuit of a single objective – the union: Irish Examiner
Gerard Howlin

Every Tory attack on the SNP is another blow to the union: The Guardian
John Harris

Former SNP leader – Sturgeon should declare independence if UK votes to leave EU without Scots' backing: The Herald
Magnus Gardham

Tuesday, March 10

Northern Ireland devolution could be derailed by row over welfare reforms: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Stormont dispute may impact on visit to US by NI leaders: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Sinn Fein to oppose welfare bill – Peter Robinson slams Martin McGuinness' statement as 'dishonourable and ham-fisted': Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein 'wreckless' – Durkan: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Gerry Adams' welfare reform claim just doesn't stack up: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Stormont crisis – What is at risk if the Stormont House Agreement breaks down?: BBC

Latest crisis causing 'uncertainty' over North's tax plans: The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell

NI welfare reform – Agreement contained few details: BBC
John Campbell

Sinn Fein seems to have little interest in a stable Province: The News Letter

Sinn Fein can be biggest party in Ireland north and south of border by next year, says Gerry Adams: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Sinn Féin has begun to think of itself as the 'Irish Syriza': The Spectator
Melanie McDonagh

Sinn Fein aligning with Greek radicals a real gamble: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Unionists need to stop squabbling, and start taking Sinn Fein seriously: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Transparency over Friends of Sinn Féin 'exceeds legal requirements' (Mar 6): The Irish Times
Harry McGee, Fiach Kelly

Orange Order leader in call for protests over parade at Twaddell: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Fury at Orange Order chief's call for mass parades protest: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

Dodds backs Orange Order call for peaceful protests: The News Letter

Grand Master's call for more protests draws stinging rebuke from former senior Orangeman: Belfast Media

Police foil dissident bomb plot on Game of Thrones film set (Mar 8): The Sunday Life
Ciaran Barnes

Pipe bomb in garden of Belfast house moved by resident: The Irish Times

ACC gives evidence at Jamie Bryson trial: UTV
Alan Erwin

Jamie Bryson knew flag protests were illegal – PSNI chief: The News Letter

Where the Bodies Are Buried: The New Yorker
Patrick Radden Keefe

How I was raped by an IRA man and faced a kangaroo court: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Niece cries out for justice for German woman killed by IRA: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

SF can't dodge legacy issues in election run-up: Irish Independent

Probe into 1974 killing launched: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP MLA calls for police to explain 'misuse of power': Irish News
Connla Young

Former UUP leader Jim Molyneaux dies aged 94: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Molyneaux – Nesbitt leads UUP's tributes to former leader: Antrim Times

Molyneaux – First Minister hails a leader devoted to the Union: The News Letter

Molyneaux was like the Sphinx – slow, wary and immoveable: Irish Independent
Eamon Delaney

Unionists have lost a great man in Jim Molyneaux: The News Letter
Chris Moncrieff

Dour but fair – James Molyneaux: Irish Examiner

'PSNI fitness test is unfair on women because male recruits are naturally stronger' (Mar 7): Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Groups from Bay State and Northern Ireland team to break cycle of crime, poverty: Boston Herald
Tenley Woodman

Radical thinking is needed to secure future of Union: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

To save the union, Britain will have to find its own Abraham Lincoln (Mar 5): The Guardian
Martin Kettle

We must find a "British" identity if the country is to have a long-term future (Mar 9): The Herald
Jackie Kemp

'British Government must recognise Palestine' – Ritchie: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Monday, March 9

Watchdog – Sinn Féin overseas fundraising is beyond our remit: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Sinn Fein ard fheis – Presbyterian minister got standing ovation: The News Letter

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis – Treading the line between cricket and royals: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams prime party for electoral battles ahead: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Courting popularity is a very taxing business for the Adams family: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis – Attack mode as troops rally for poll battle: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Venceremos? It's a Greek chorus of approval at Sinn Féin Ardfheis: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Niece of German IRA victim to speak at Stormont: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Play parks no fun for Gildernew and Elliott: Tyrone Times
Annamay McNally

There is only one way to resist this pernicious propaganda (Feb 17): Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Democratic Unionists – we need independent debates commission: The Guardian
Andrew Sparrow

TV election debates don't fit the UK democratic system. Hence the chaos: The Spectator
Fraser Nelson

Man arrested in Cookstown told PSNI they'd be 'like Ronan Kerr': Tyrone Times

'It's suffocating to live under all this scrutiny' (Mar 6): Belfast Telegraph

Top officer Mark Hamilton admits to disquiet in PSNI ranks (Mar 6): Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

BBC non-committal on playing 'Craigavon Two' song: The News Letter

Irish language must 'earn' respect – Hume: Carrick Times

Graffiti attack on Orange Hall: Banbridge Leader

No more hugs and handshakes as DUP 'family' threatens to implode (Mar 6): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Omagh hosts historic meeting between young delegates from Fianna Fáil and UUP: Ulster Herald

New Border 'task force' to combat diesel smugglers (Mar 8): Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Joan v Mary Lou – That one-on-one debate won't be happening anytime soon:
Daragh Brophy

'We've no problem with LVF chief or IRA hunger striker as long as price is right' (Mar 7): Belfast Telegraph
John Porter

Ex-garda – Claim of 'Provos' threat is lie (Mar 5): Irish Examiner
Ann O'Loughlin

The mental health legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland: Christian Today
Michael Trimmer

Could we pay the cost of neutrality? – European army (Feb 27): Irish Examiner

Take your partners for showdown on gay marriage: Tribune Magazine
John Coulter

Which are the two main terror groups in Northern Ireland? Shock over homework for pupils aged 11 with exploding bomb drawing and questions on al-Qaeda, Hamas and IRA (Mar 4): Daily Mail
Claire Carter

Celtic player Guidetti under fire for singing offensive song on TV (Mar 8): Sunday Herald
Martin Williams

Historian questions Celtic chief's Irish Republican comments (Mar 6): The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Sunday, March 8

Sinn Féin calls for Border poll on a united Ireland: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Adams speech was a 'clear attack' on sex abuse victims – Cahill: Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan and Claire McCormack

SF 'wants a mandate for government' – Adams: UTV
Morgane Campioni

Sinn Féin pledges to give Irish emigrants voting rights: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Sinn Féin votes to back limited abortions: UTV

Universities and colleges contributed more than $70,000: The Irish Times
Pamela Duncan, Erin McGuire

Sinn Fein sucking on the hind tit of corporate America: Sunday Independent
Jody Corcoran

Sinn Féin received more than €5m from State since 2011: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

Sinn Fein hare can be caught: Sunday Independent

Sinn Féin's wealth sets it apart from other political parties North and South (Mar7): The Irish Times

Warning bands will exit forum over address to Sinn Fein ard fheis: The News Letter

Order calls for 'protests across NI' over parades: UTV
Chris Chambers

Apologise for IRA/Isis comments, Cardinal Timothy Dolan told: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Robinson hopes for 'common sense conclusion' to flag issue: Coleraine Times
Nichola Neill

When symbolism remains a toxic reality in our society: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

McGuinness – Leaders' views must not be skewed by fundamentalism: Irish News

After top cop says women aren't fit for police force, will Chief Constable George Hamilton put himself to test?: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

'Chief Constable George Hamilton would need a Taser to catch a con': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

DUP councillor Jenny Palmer 'summoned to disciplinary hearing': BBC

DUP whistleblower Jenny Palmer was promised apology... now she faces party expulsion: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP is divided by plans to discipline whistleblower Jenny Palmer: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

St Colmcille's Gaelic football club, east Belfast: The team that disappeared: BBC
Kevin Magee

Money from America helps rewrite Sinn Fein story: Sunday Independent
Willie Kealy

Northern Ireland's welfare system is better than Britain's, says Martin McGuinness: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Bertie Ahern is a winner and history will be kind to him – Alastair Campbell: Sunday Independent
Niamh Horan

Why uttering the 's' word makes bogeymen of football fans: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Could Ulster-style flag protests take root in mainland Britain?: The News Letter
Sandra Chapman

The union is once again at risk – thanks to Labour: The Guardian
Kevin McKenna

Don't hold your breath for Indyref 2: Scotland on Sunday
Euan McColm

British voters not hung up with EU exit (Mar 7): Irish Examiner
Svenja O'Donnell

Saturday, March 7

Cardinal faces backlash after comparing IRA to Islamic State terrorist group: The News Letter

Islamic state and IRA terror differ only in scale, says MP: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick and John Porter

Cardinal Dolan called "profoundly ignorant" over ISIS and IRA: Irish Voice/
James O'Shea

'There is no difference in beheading or shooting': Belfast Telegraph

Parallels can't be drawn in terms of their brutality between IS and IRA, says father of Warrington bomb: Belfast Telegraph

Military man disagrees with cardinal on IRA-Catholic link: The News Letter

'Killing is wrong, violence never pays', says widower: Belfast Telegraph

Stormont House Agreement a lifeline – McGuinness: UTV
Chris Chambers

Sinn Féin votes not to enter a FF or FG-led government: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Gerry Adams insists Sinn Fein 'good for business' despite concerns from US backers: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

Adams defends discussions with US business leaders: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Gerry Adams 'wrong about Paul Quinn murder' say family: BBC
Gordon Adair

Burton – Sinn Fein has done a 'real disservice' to women: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Martin McGuinness stresses 'duty and responsibility' on Sinn Féin abortion motion: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Sinn Féin bid to ban royals from 1916 commemorations: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Sinn Féin aiming to be biggest party by 1916 centenary: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty, Mary Minihan

Sinn Féin might have to choose between pleasing its donors and its voters: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Sinn Féin will not join in any Government it cannot fully dominate: Irish Independent
John Downing

How supporting Sinn Féin became 'respectable' for Irish-Americans: The Irish Times
Conor O'Clery

Peter Robinson rules DUP out of Westminster coalition government: BBC

Kingmakers – could the DUP decide the UK's next prime minister?: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy, Gerry Moriarty

TV election debates – DUP's Peter Robinson warns 'puffed up broadcasters': BBC

PSNI recruitment crisis – 'Lives at risk' as force numbers fall, says Chief Constable: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Family of murdered British army wife still seeking justice, 25 years on: The Guardian
Kate Connolly

'It doesn't matter what group they represent': Belfast Telegraph

Man accused of being at 'CIRA meetings' refused bail: The News Letter

Belfast man launches High Court proceedings over featuring on Facebook page about alleged paramilitary informers: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Two men shot in Belfast 'punishment attack': Belfast Telegraph

Arts Council to provide €1m funding to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Sinn Fein votes that no member of royal family should be invited to 1916 commemorations: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

Exciting 1916 Commemorations Tour is not for Sinn Féin: The Irish Times
Miriam Lord

Government rejects Sinn Féin Bill on neutrality: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Ireland is 'not neutral and never has been', says Eoghan Murphy TD: Irish Examiner

Neutrality 'not compromised' by battle group: Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan

It's high time for neutrality to be enshrined in the Constitution – don't let the government backtrack (Feb 22):
Roger Cole

Kildare firm offer to print wedding invites of gay couple refused by local printer – for free: Irish Independent
Clare Cullen

Gay couple in printing row ponder legal action: Irish Independent
Brian Byrne

Printer's right to say 'no thanks' is valid: Irish Examiner

Law needed to prevent 'gay cake' cases – MLA: Carrick Times

The charity with no shame – Founded to promote peace, a wealthy Rowntree trust now funds Muslim fanatics, former Irish terrorists and anti-Semitics. How CAN it justify its charitable status?: Daily Mail
Guy Adams

Four arrested after Raith v Rangers sectarian probe: The Scotsman

Grand coalition 'to keep union': Belfast Telegraph

Salmond – the SNP will "call the tune" at Westminster after the general election: The Herald
Magnus Gardham

Friday, March 6

Power-sharing critics should eat their words – Paisley: Belfast Telegraph
Lindsay Watling and Richard Wheeler

DUP should step aside in Fermanagh says former UUP MP: BBC
Stephen Walker

BBC rejects DUP appeal over TV debates: UTV
Chris Chambers

DUP weigh up their options after BBC TV debate decision: BBC
Mark Devenport

The movie stars who gave money to Sinn Féin: The Irish Times
Erin McGuire, Simon Carswell, Pamela Duncan

US donations 'all above board', says Sinn Fein: Irish Independent
John Downing

Sinn Fein face probe over $12m donations from USA: Irish Mirror
Sarah Bardon

Party has more money flowing in than most other Northern parties combined: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Retired US general won over to SF cause on 1969 visit to North (Mar 2): The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Sinn Féin bids to become 'city powerhouse' in polls: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

SF MPs 'elected not to take seats' – Adams: UTV
Chris Chambers

US business figures' concern at Sinn Féin economic policies: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

Sinn Féin met with US business people to discuss economic policy: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell, Fiach Kelly

Why Sinn Fein needs to get chip off shoulder to grow base: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Is Sinn Féin ready for power?:
Órla Ryan

Sinn Fein must know that the time is up for border criminals (Mar 2): The News Letter

SDLP drew down $400,000 from donation to establish New York office: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Fianna Fáil only raised 10% of amount Sinn Féin collected in the US: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell, Pamela Duncan, Colin Gleeson

Persecuted, unrepresented.. why loyalists feel they are backed into a corner (Mar 3): Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

DUP will use power in Westminster to retain defence budget: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Stormont green on St Pat's and orange on Twelfth: UTV

Chief Constable – PSNI will have 200 fewer officers than required by 2016: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Incendiary bomb thrown at station: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP condemns incendiary device in Ballycastle: Ballymoney Times
Una Culkin

Love Ulster march security 'as costly as the Queen's visit': Evening Herald
Joyce Fegan

PSNI widow defends victim statements: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Travers welcomes IS and IRA comparison: The News Letter

PSNI's inquest files system probed: Belfast Telegraph

Integrated education 'key to a successful NI economy' London panel hears: Irish Post
Fiona Audley

Voters may yet order Soldiers of Destiny to march into an alliance with Fine Gael: Irish Independent
James Downey

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil coalition is the most likely outcome of the next election: The Irish Times
Noel Whelan

Devout Christians refuse to print gay couple's invites: Irish Independent
Brian Byrne and Mark O'Regan

Printing company won't aplogise after refusing to make wedding invitations for a gay couple: Irish Mirror
Alana Fearon

Why are fringe groups allowed the same air-time as LGBT activists in the run-up to Ireland's marriage equality referendum? (Feb 23): New Statesman
Paulie Doyle

Irish FA are left fuming over Team GB Rio Olympics bid: Belfast Telegraph
Steven Beacom

"If you know your history" – Lawwell backtracks on Irish Republican identity comment: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Ireland cannot avoid fallout from any British exit from the EU: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

Billionaire Jim McColl – I no longer support Scotland moving towards Independence: The Herald
Daniel Sanderson

Thursday, March 5

Poppy ban sparks fury in new council: UTV
Gareth Wilkinson

Mid Ulster MLA 'disgusted' at decision to ban sale of politcial emblems from council premises: Mid Ulster Mail

Poppy ban by Mid Ulster council slammed by war veterans: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Mid Ulster SDLP councillors defend ban on selling poppies: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Poppy ban wrong on every level: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists oppose use of 'Irish first' on new Mid Ulster District Council logo: Tyrone Times
Shauna Corr

Union flag likely to return to Limavady: Londonderry Sentinel
Niall Deeney

Young 'targeted by paramilitaries': The News Letter

Who is letting down unionists 'west of the Bann'?:
Steven McCaffery

Dublin offers meeting to IRA victims parade: The News Letter

'I will parade in Dublin to protest at one-sided probes': The News Letter

Sinn Fein protests dismissed as council allows use of park for UVF memorial parade: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Young 'targeted by paramilitaries': Belfast Telegraph

Disadvantaged youths disillusioned with peace process being 'targeted by paramilitaries': Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

Seven men accused of IRA membership go on trial: Irish Independent
Diarmaid Mac Dermott

Voice expert funding holds up dissident republican case: The News Letter

Co Down teenager in court charged with having pipe bombs: The Irish Times

'Craigavon Two' protest song 'not written to upset anyone': The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Amnesty 'fails to shine spotlight on Dublin': The News Letter

Road to reconciliation – ex-IRA members and British soldiers come face to face: The Guardian
Ian Cobain

Victims in Libya assets threat: The News Letter

'No progress' with negotiations over Libya compensation: Belfast Telegraph
Lindsay Watling

Pub bombings – Home Secretary pledges to investigate gagging order on documents: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Getting behind the stereotypes – South of the border the overwhelming image of the Ulster Prod is one of bewilderment: Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Sinn Féin raised $12 million in the United States: The Irish Times
Pamela Duncan, Simon Carswell

Sinn Féin's evolving funding stream from Irish-America: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

What exactly is Sinn Féin's policy on abortion?:
Hugh O'Connell

Church of Ireland split over gay rights and DUP's conscience clause Bill: Belfast Telegraph
Joanne Sweeney

Backlash over homework quizzing primary pupils about Provos and UDA: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Devolved corporation tax a step closer after bill passes Commons: The News Letter

No prosecutions in recent years over illegal dumping of fuel waste: Irish News
Brendan Hughes and Valerie Robinson

Ireland vs England – Garda riot fears prompt move to lunchtime kick-off: Irish Independent
Daniel McDonnell

After Years in Shadows, Cricket Emerges in Ireland: New York Times
Tim Wigmore

Islamic State are religious perverts, just like IRA – Catholic cardinal: The News Letter

Wednesday, March 4

UUP proposes law to prohibit tributes to terrorists: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Remembrance Day poppy sales banned at new Mid Ulster super-council: Belfast Telegraph

Bid to halt Twaddell camp challenge: UTV
Alan Erwin

Senior loyalists – We couldn't have sold '94 ceasefire if we knew what we know now: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

'We're being hunted like dogs while Provos get their letters of comfort': Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Spotlight – UVF supergrass Gary Haggarty's claims file to be sent to DPP: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Taoiseach condemns attack on south Armagh republican: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Twaddell camp objector's medical evidence 'untrue': The News Letter

Maghaberry 'Real IRA terror note' accused denies charge: Londonderry Sentinel

North's DPP to consider charges against former police officers: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

London IRA victims in 'world peace' pilgrimage to Mecca: The News Letter

Councillors fail to resolve the issue of renaming of Newry play park: Irish News

McCreesh name should stay – family: UTV
Jonathan Bell & Jane Loughrey

Birmingham pub bombings – Campaign group to press Home Secretary for new inquests for victims: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Irishman who lost his mother in Dublin-Monaghan bombings killed in hit and run in the US: Irish Mirror
Patrick Tierney

Fox News star in hot water over 1984 Divis Flats claim: Belfast Media

Belfast council row over £300,00 for ex-prisoner groups: The News Letter

Mary Lou – I'll take on Joan Burton any time, any place:
Hugh O'Connell

Tóibín will not back abortion motion at Sinn Fein ardfheis: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

McDonald – I will be backing abortion motion: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Scotland-England border flag 'flexibility' sought: BBC

How hopes raised by the Constitutional Convention were dashed: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

'The Troubles' in Northern Ireland and the troubles in the Southern Philippines: The Manila Times
Mike Wootton

Tuesday, March 3

Loyalist Bands Forum to attend Sinn Fein Ard Fhéis: BBC

Unionist parties' plan for election pact still in limbo: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Keep pact talks out of media spotlight, Nesbitt tells DUP: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

UKIP to run former UDR man in West Belfast General Election battle (Mar 1): The Sunday Life
Mick Browne and Christopher Woodhouse

Naomi Long's hold on East Belfast may be more secure than unionists expect: The News Letter
Alex Kane

'Beast in the East' running enterprise of 'protection', drugs and fake cigarettes: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Man charged over flag theft: The News Letter

Mother of 'Kill All Taigs' facepaint girl will not be prosecuted:
Michelle Hennessy

Gardai set for talks on Love Ulster march: Evening Herald
Joyce Fegan

Lawyers appeal in case of alleged loyalist facing 212 charges: The Irish Times
Alan Erwin

Loyalists are just criminals, but republicanism is a cult of fascists: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Republicans show solidarity with booby-trap bomb victim: Irish News
Brendan McDaid

Belfast parade tribute to soldiers killed in IRA bombing – Fred Starrett and James Cummings honoured: Belfast Telegraph
Michelle Smyth

SDLP supports consultation on banning terror names: The News Letter

Raymond McCreesh Park – Newry Sinn Féin councillors reject fresh vote: BBC

Here's some Tan notion ... Name garden after loyalist heroes: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Birmingham bomb families to press May for new inquest: The News Letter

Birmingham pub bombings – Police condemned over delay in deciding what to do over book by former IRA intelligence chief: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Dublin urges Durkan to get tough on fuel laundering waste: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Green surge – Many are at the end of their patience with message from Westminster and Stormont (Jan 23): Belfast Telegraph
Steven Agnew

Get ready for yet more fantasy policies from marginal parties (Feb 28): The News Letter
Sammy Wilson

McLaughlin accepts CPA presidency: Belfast Telegraph

Burton calls out Adams for one-to-one policy debate: Irish Independent
Mark O'Regan

FG's binary strategy is bad for our democracy (Mar 1): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Folly of Union badging is sign of the times: The Herald
Iain Macwhirter

Monday, March 2

'Criminals besmirch republican cause' – Adams: UTV

Kennedy rubbishes Adams' denial of republican criminality: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

How Sinn Fein machine makes €4m-plus a year (Mar 1): Sunday Independent
Maeve Sheehan and Jim Cusack

'Even a failed border poll would leave union on life support,' says Sinn Féin MP: Ulster Herald

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt warns DUP over unionist unity statements: BBC

An historic first cannot be the last (Feb 28): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Flag-flying protocol for councils rejected – Ford: The News Letter

East Belfast – Protesters in 24-hour City Hall flag vigil (Feb 2): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Tom Elliott calls for ban on naming facilities after terrorists: BBC

PSNI policy on Orange Order membership 'highly flawed': The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Crossmaglen explosion – Francis McCabe's family 'hopeful': BBC

Dissident republican caught with bomb in holdall is jailed for five years: Belfast Telegraph
John Cassidy

Govt remains committed to locating The Disappeared: RTE

'I probably would have been killed if I had spoken sooner' – Mairia Cahill: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

State must prove its innocence or own up (Feb 17): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Bill O'Reilly admits he did not see "Irish terrorists kill" in Northern Ireland: Irish Voice/
James O'Shea

Northern Ireland needs root and branch welfare reform (Feb 9): The News Letter

Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour should take pride in founding fathers' role in 1916: The Irish Times
Ronan Fanning

Gaeltacht Committee wants Irish promoted 'more effectively' (Feb 24): The Irish Times
Pól Ó Muirí

Parents, not priests, driving segregation (Mar 1): Sunday Independent
Sarah Carey

Two in five Scots oppose Catholic schools, first major survey into sectarianism finds (Feb 21): The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Union flag to be plastered across bridges and roads to highlight public spending... to the annoyance of Scottish nationalists: Daily Mail
Matt Chorley

Andy Murray – It's nonsense to say I hate the English just because I supported Scottish Independence: Scottish Daily Record
Jenny Kane

Fiji waving goodbye to Union Flag (Feb 27): Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, March 1

Kelly warns North over fuel crooks: Sunday Independent
Daniel McConnell and Jim Cusack

We are still counting the cost of €2bn price of peace: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

United unionist candidate ruled out in East and South Belfast – but are there deals elsewhere?: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

DUP and UUP deny election pact talks breakdown: BBC

General Election – There is no getting away from the fact that electoral pacts are basically sectarian headcounts: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Why Stormont should go green on St Patrick's Day (Feb 26): The News Letter

Council to revisit naming of playpark after hunger striker: The News Letter

The Music Of Bloody Sunday (Feb 25):
Sabrina Boyd

Everything Between Us – daughters of murdered Ulster loyalist reunite with explosive results (Feb 18): The Guardian
Helen Meaney

Labour has given 'James Larkin' award to Mairia Cahill:

From tracksuited socialists to 'Tiocfaidh Armani': Sunday Independent
Mairia Cahill

Gerry Adams accuses Burton of being the 'architect of austerity': The Irish Times
Rachel Flaherty

They talk of youth, but old men still lead Sinn Fein: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Northern Ireland corporation tax rate to be 12.5%, says Peter Robinson in west Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Foster bounces back over Adams' suggestion conscience clause is illegal: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

DUP retaining Brimstone to protect others, says ex-Spad: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Sinn Fein's contradictory approach to two unions – the UK and EU (Feb 26): The News Letter
John McCallister

SDLP's Fearghal McKinney fails to back leader Alasdair McDonnell in foetus row (Feb 23): Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Educate Together Schools massively over-subscribed (Feb 18): Irish Independent
Fiona Dillon

Lancashire Councillor blocks Tricolour for 1916 centenary celebrations: Irish Post
Fiona Audley

Sterling's strength over euro woos Brits to buy Irish homes: Sunday Independent
Jerome Reilly

Irish-born cricketer Eoin Morgan: I won't sing national anthem for England: Belfast Telegraph

Twenty years of Ireland's call: Derry Journal
Phil Coulter

New NI boxing body would recognise nationality rights of both traditions (Feb 27): The News Letter
Kate Hoey

Churches tied up in knots – 50 Shades could help (Feb 23): (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter


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