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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from March 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, March 31

Trimble vows to continue as leader: BBC

Time the IRA made a move to help Trimble: Irish Independent

Adair warns of violence in 'perilous void': Belfast Telegraph

Ulster legal reforms 'a major tool for debate': Electronic Telegraph

Trimble allies accept legal reform plan: The Guardian

Review seeks fairer selection of judges: The Times

Mallon: allay gunworries: Irish News

Measured report brings calm across the divide: The Irish Times

Tony Blair - have you sold us a pup?: Belfast Telegraph

Closing time at the last-chance saloon: The Examiner

Courting danger in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Court reform: Irish Independent (Editorial)

SYMBOLS AND SUBSTANCE: The Times (Editorial)

Justice review is evenly balanced: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Justice reform plan creditable: Irish News (Editorial)

Anti-agreement candidate to contest UK election for UUP: The Irish Times

Ceasefire broker on loyalist death list: Andersonstown News

Loyalist murder committee was 'no hoax': The Guardian

How leading figures in Province were accused: The Times

Trimble made robust denial of allegations: The Irish Times

Sunday Times to appeal libel verdict: Belfast Telegraph

Row over terror t-shirts: BBC

Fergie pulls out of RUC sports dinner: The Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 31 ---------

'Few' Bloody Sunday photos: The Guardian

Captain claimed Paras wanted to sweep through no-go areas: The Examiner

'Yellow Card' revised six times times between 1969 and 1972: The Irish Times

Loyalist fears of ‘bloodshed’: Irish News

What really happened on Bloody Sunday?: The Times

Thursday, March 30

NI legal shake-up announced: BBC

Sweeping legal reforms anger the Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

IRA losing faith in peace process, says Sinn Fein: The Times

Adams: No guarantee war won't return: BBC

Responsibility without power neuters leader: Belfast Telegraph

Republicans must move: Irish News (Editorial)

Poltical Deadlock: Fresh thinking needed all round to save Belfast Agreement: Belfast Telegraph

Threatened lawyer is denied RUC protection: The Independent

We need evolution before devolution: Irish News

There is enough of an effort going on within unionism to close minds without the NIO making a bad situation worse: Belfast Telegraph

Livingstone suggests new North poll: The Irish Times

A Stormont without policy: Belfast Telegraph

A nice little earner for all our MLAs: Irish News

'Committee' filmmaker wins libel battle: BBC

Search to begin again for bodies of the disappeared: The Guardian

A honeymoon at last for victims of Omagh bomb: Electronic Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 30 ---------

Rubber bullets caused confusion claim: Irish News

Decision to deploy paras 'came from top': The Guardian

Rumours of plan to clear Bogside are 'nonsense': Electronic Telegraph

Sympathetic RUC chief ignored by British army: The Examiner

Officer considered use of live rounds: The Scotsman

No hint of plan to confront IRA: The Irish Times

Reporters’ book gives new insight: Irish News

ANOTHER BLOODY SUNDAY TRAGEDY: by Ruth Dudley Edwards (Daily Mail, Mar. 28)

Wednesday, March 29

Mandelson: End this cold war: BBC

Taoiseach pessimistic about peace deadline: The Examiner

Nationalists not part of unionist plan: Irish News

Fear and loathing inside the Ulster Unionist Party: Belfast Telegraph

Queen will visit Ulster to honour the RUC: The Times

Loyalists blamed over gang assault: The Irish Times

Legal system set for overhaul: Irish News

BBC braced for row over series on intelligence war in Ulster: The Guardian

Guilty plea in Florida firearms case: The Irish Times

Hope for an end to disappeared saga: Irish News (Editorial)

Shoot-to-kill claims for European court: The Guardian

Collusion inquiry call by UUP: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Alliance refuses to back SF mayor: Irish News

Shooting plan 'was not an order to kill': The Times

Officer's memo stated 'rioters should be shot': The Independent

Heath wanted military defeat of gunmen: The Scotsman

Memo records 'shooting on sight' request: The Irish Times

Faulkner wanted army to get tougher: Irish News

So what's the real scandal, Gregory?: Belfast Telegraph

How rare political wisdom saved us from ourselves: The Examiner

Council decides on IRA tribute: Irish News

Banned Orangemen plan challenge: Electronic Telegraph

Tuesday, March 28

Mandelson urges Good Friday accord: The Guardian

Trimble risks losing colleague from party: The Scotsman

Belfast Agreement has no credibility DUP: The Irish Times

Will of the people takes precedence says Ahern: The Examiner

Sinn Fein and Trimble need each other: Irish Independent

Last chance for Trimble as Ulster abyss beckons: The Scotsman


Satisfying unionist demands still the objective: The Irish Times

Mr. Trimble's Narrow Victory: New York Times (Editorial)

A test of Mandelson’s political mettle: The Scotsman (Editorial)

RUC seek Maze escaper's return: Belfast Telegraph

'Unionists made RUC political football': BBC

Queen to honour police in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Blair stands by reform of the RUC despite threats: Irish Independent

What of the Orange road to Dublin?: Belfast Telegraph

Bloody Sunday inquiry promises the whole truth: The Independent

In Northern Ireland, a new inquiry into Bloody Sunday: Boston Globe

The start of something to change all our histories?: Belfast Telegraph

Heath 'alerted before Bloody Sunday deaths': Electronic Telegraph

Tribunal ‘waste of money’ says DUP: Irish News

Bloody Sunday relatives want soldiers at inquiry: The Times

Search for the truth 28 years on: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Inquiry has duty to reveal truth behind massacre: The Examiner (Editorial)

Monday, March 27

Trimble faces a fresh minefield: Belfast Telegraph

Hardliners to intensify attacks on Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble 'at risk' after vote: The Times

IRA must move on arms to help Trimble, urges Mandelson: The Independent

Highs and lows as voters depart from King's Hall: The Irish Times

No realistic alternative to Trimble's way: Irish Independent

Trimble's thin margin exposes skeptics in party: Boston Globe

Trimble vote a shot across political bows: Irish News

The bitter pills Trimble had to swallow: Belfast Telegraph

'Mexican standoff' in UUP now set in stone: The Irish Times

SDLP voices fears over unionist ‘split’: Irish News

Marching blindly back to their vanished past: Irish Independent

Old v new unionism, and still no clearing of the air: The Irish Times

Trimble’s heavy burden of false expectations: The Examiner (Editorial)

DYING ON ITS FEET: The Times (Editorial)

Double Rebuff For Trimble: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Down but not out: Irish Independent (Editorial)

We must still jump together: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A problem of intransigence: Irish News (Editorial)

Burnside seen as a moderniser: The Irish Times

‘Shell shock’ of RUC officers revealed: The Scotsman

Patten slams UUP decision on retention of RUC name: The Examiner

Bruton critical of 'secret diplomacy': The Irish Times

British launch second probe of Bloody Sunday: Boston Herald

March heralds Bloody Sunday inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

'It was a rapidly deteriorating situation... there was rioting in Londonderry almost every night': The Independent

Relatives of Bogside victims get counselling: The Irish Times

Livingstone defends remarks on IRA: The Times

Sunday, March 26

N. Ireland Protestant Party Narrowly Reelects Leader: Washington Post

Trimble's weakness becomes a strength: Sunday Independent

Sinn Fein's message for Trimble: BBC

Why so many unionists voted for Smyth: Sunday Independent

Serious blow to Trimble and peace process: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The gambler trumped by an Orange card: The Observer

ORANGE ALERT: The Sunday Times

Nothing short of a disaster for Trimble: Sunday Independent

Hollow victory leaves Trimble vulnerable to fresh challenge: Electronic Telegraph

Former ally now sworn enemy of besieged leader: Scotland on Sunday

Mitchell Review weakened both Unionist and Republican leaderships: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ulster risks arriving back where it started: Scotland on Sunday

Time to bypass unionism: Sunday Business Post

Trimble's gambit must triumph: The Observer (Editorial)

Trimble in need of IRA ‘back-up’: Scotland on Sunday (Editorial)

Trimble's divided forces: The Sunday Times

Trimble's weakness may become strength: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

IRA veteran recalls 50-year struggle: Boston Herald

'We are not ready for the truth, yet': Ireland on Sunday

Fenian Streets and Royal Terraces make Orangemen confused: Sunday Independent

A giant step towards tolerance: The Sunday Times

Changing that old drumbeat: Sunday Independent

Et tu Jeffrey: Ireland on Sunday

Bloody Sunday rifles sold overseas: Electronic Telegraph

Saville Inquiry: soldiers lied about Bloody Sunday: Sunday Business Post

McGuinness to be called to Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Sunday Times

Lurking shadows of a dark day: Ireland on Sunday

Into the dark: Sunday Business Post

Arms crisis recalled in new documentary: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, March 25

Double blow for Trimble: BBC

Vote Today by Unionists a Showdown on Irish Pact: New York Times

Trimble caught in struggle between old and new Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

Battle lines drawn in TV leadership debate: The Irish Times

Trimble's hurdles: BBC

Decent dinosaur remains outsider: The Times

Trimble's political options are fast running out: Irish Independent

Trimble vote will not end party infighting: The Guardian

You can’t bring back the coconut colony: Irish News

If the leader falls, it means his party is not yet interested in equality: Irish Independent

RUC motion will not be withdrawn: BBC

The challenge for the UUP: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Leadership or nothing: Irish Independent (Editorial)

On patrol in bomb territory: The Times

Why the patrols won't stop - yet: The Guardian

Sinn Fein anger over bug find: BBC

Church of Ireland 'has let Protestants down': The Irish Times

We should cheer on the Dublin Orange march: Irish Independent

Europe to rule on RUC killing: Irish News

Labour seeks to be party of Union: Electronic Telegraph

Friday, March 24

Northern Irish unionist leader faces challenge from own ranks: Boston Herald

Trimble believes rival's challenge will clear the air: The Times

Hopes rise for Trimble as Taylor turns against Smyth: Irish Independent

Old guard make Trimble fight for political life: The Independent

Ulster Unionism at the crossroads: Electronic Telegraph

This will be a contest for the very soul of Unionism: The Independent

Trimble may be facing his toughest test yet: The Irish Times

Is Rev Smyth just a stalking horse and, if so, for whom?: The Independent

Evangelist who preaches to a broad constituency: Electronic Telegraph

‘Orangeman first, politician second’: Irish News

Smyth says he is a real contender for leadership: The Irish Times

'Arms issue must be tackled': BBC

Trimble's new agenda: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

TRIMBLE OR TURMOIL: The Times (Editorial)

Mr Trimble on trial: The Guardian (Editorial)

Trimble remains the better option: Belfast Telegraph

Plea to keep RUC out of political arena: BBC

Sinn Féin’s ceasefire request to dissidents fell on deaf ears: The Examiner

Death threats to unionists: BBC

MI5 laptop is stolen on Tube: The Times

SDLP anger over ‘racist’ job advert: Irish News

Rally to mark start of Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Examiner

The dark shadow that still hangs over Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Republic's success now benchmark for Scots: The Irish Times

The land that forgot time: The Guardian (Mar. 23)

Thursday, March 23

Bid to topple Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

Will the party finally say yes to No man?: Belfast Telegraph

Defining moment for unionism: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Progress in NI talks 'by Easter': BBC

Challenge to Trimble as leaders plot breakthrough: Irish Independent

UUP ready for government again: The Irish Times

Get ready to jump again Mr Trimble: Irish News

My message: no peace, no Patten: The Times (by David Trimble)

Steven King's opinion: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble needs republican response: The Irish Times

Tory tries to stop Unionist 'blunder': The Times

UUP voters' divisions manifested in comments: The Irish Times

Nobody wins playing the blame game: Irish News

Flanagan accused of stalling on inquiry: The Examiner

A Para in Ardoyne: Belfast Telegraph

Marchers welcome: The Times

Dublin Orange march is welcomed by DUP: The Irish Times

Mixed response to Clegg promotion: BBC

Row over religion sours Ballymena's award to actor: The Guardian

Neeson proves to be ‘a big fella’: Irish News (Editorial)

Libel case jury warned by judge: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist's murder 'made to look like suicide': The Times

Wednesday, March 22

Hope for move on peace at Lisbon summit: The Examiner

'NI needs reassurance over arms': BBC

UUP may seek to amend motion on RUC's name: The Irish Times

Little life in jet-lagged peace process: BBC

Public service remains RUC focus for the future: Irish News

'We have no faith in RUC' says Chinese community: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble no softer on arms - SF MP: The Irish Times

No alternative to Trimble says McGimpsey: The Irish Times

Clinton's forays in other killing fields: Belfast Telegraph

Peter’s just going through the motions: Irish News

Tory anger over Sinn Fein visit: BBC

Orangemen to march in Dublin: Electronic Telegraph

Dublin awaits Orange march: Irish News (Editorial)

Lee Clegg is moved up to corporal: The Times

The first to die in Ulster and his final call home: Belfast Telegraph

Family of forgotten victim still suffering: Irish News

Liam Neeson refuses hometown honour: BBC

DUP urges arms link to prisoner releases: The Irish Times

Two charged over prison murder: BBC

Tuesday, March 21

SF hits out at remarks by Mallon: Irish News

Fresh move to revive peace process: BBC

Trimble home for possible challenge to his leadership: The Examiner

Ross calls for 'clarification in large doses' : The Irish Times

Sinn Fein holds fire until Unionists decide course: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein MP given honour: Irish News

Belfast shooting blamed on UDA: The Irish Times

Shamrock wearer Foyle-d by bosses: Irish News

Bloody Sunday: The soldiers' story: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland Solicitors: Lives in the Balance: G21

Verdict expected in loyalist 'Committee' trial: BBC

Peace centre fitting tribute: Irish News (Editorial)

'British helped to kill Billy Wright' : The Observer (Mar. 19)

Monday, March 20

Leaders to jump start the stalled peace talks: The Examiner

Trimble warned by party: The Independent

Trimble's credibility damaged - UUP: The Irish Times

Clinton tells Adams to end 'games' over guns: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson's luck may be turning at last: Irish Independent

UUP showdown looking inevitable: The Irish Times

We may be heading for another long Good Friday: Irish Independent

Not One More Dime for Violence: Washington Post

Signs of hope in midst of this cold war: Irish News

Decommissioning and paramilitaries: Irish Independent (by John Bruton)

David Trimble Leads: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Support for Trimble vital: Irish News (Editorial)

Carey confident of NI peace: BBC

Security operation mounted on senior loyalists: The Irish Times

Relatives seek truth about loyalist killings: Irish News

New inquiry denied by Scotland Yard: The Irish Times

No one asked us: The Guardian

Team hunting Omagh bombers scaled down as fears grow that terrorists won’t be caught: The Examiner

RUC attacked by rioting students: The Irish Times

£3m centre gives peace a chance in Warrington: Electronic Telegraph

Irish troubles: The Guardian

Sunday, March 19

Trimble in danger over arms 'U-turn': Electronic Telegraph

Maginnis supports Trimble on 'intent to disarm' move: Sunday Independent

Both Trimble and Adams in trouble as they return from U.S.: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Decommissioning a poisonous red herring: Sunday Business Post

UUP hardline 'disbelief' over Trimble offer: Sunday Times

New optimism out of Ulster: Boston Globe

Getting back to the basics of consent: Sunday Independent

Anti-agreement Unionists now look to reverse RUC name change decision: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Consensus is impossible: Sunday Business Post

Republicans must find their own path to peace: The Sunday Times

A hypocrisy that kills: The Observer

Day when tribalism goes on parade: The Sunday Times

Cowen's disturbing echoes of Sinn Féin: Sunday Independent

Cowen takes right line on North: Sunday Business Post

The Bloody truth?: The Sunday Times

Historic tribunal will reopen Bloody Sunday memories: Ireland on Sunday

Omagh bombers evade evidence: Electronic Telegraph

A Wish List for St. Patrick’s Week: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

IRA goes on a sunshine terror break: The Sunday Times

Plenty of reasons why Irish eyes are smiling: Ireland on Sunday

Order in murder inquest call: BBC

Met chief blames arson on army: The Sunday Times

Amateurs play RUC match: BBC

Saturday, March 18

Clinton Tries To Unfreeze Irish Talks: Washington Post

Ray of Hope For N. Ireland Peace: New York Daily News

Now Trimble's task to sell arms deal to his party: The Independent

Taoiseach calls for republican response: The Irish Times

Finding out what makes David Trimble tick : Belfast Telegraph

Donaldson says prior decommissioning is vital: The Irish Times

British officials ready to go a few rounds with political Tyson: Electronic Telegraph

Change of direction on Northern policy: Irish Independent

Americans turning their backs on men of violence: Irish Independent

Can Clinton restart the peace process?: The Guardian (Mar. 17)

Trimble faces up to a critical week: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The stage is empty as the show hits DC: Irish News

Reinstatement of bodies must be the priority: The Examiner (Editorial)

Trimble’s arms signal welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble's leap: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Inadmissible evidence: The Guardian

The burden of Bloody Sunday: The Examiner

Inquiry merit is well proven: Irish News (Editorial)

Soldiers feel withdrawal symptoms over criticism: Belfast Telegraph

Arms finds give clue to rise of the IRA rebels: Electronic Telegraph

Rise in beatings, shootings in nationalist areas: The Irish Times

Trouble breaks out in Portadown: BBC

Rivals for Senate Set Tone of Parade for Irish: New York Times

Paddy’s Day should include all of Irish society: The Examiner

Film maker’s defence calls for ‘compensation’: Irish News

'Indie' boss pays £300m for Unionist newspaper: Electronic Telegraph

Friday, March 17

Bell resigns from Ulster Unionists: Belfast Telegraph

Early-release terrorist held as bomb plot foiled: Electronic Telegraph

Explosives seizure adds to jitters in N. Ireland: Toronto Globe and Mail

Brother of IRA victim is arrested: Irish News

Bomb aimed to embarrass Sinn Fein leaders: The Irish Times

Bomb fear as more Ulster troops are withdrawn: The Times

Peace process shows signs of life ebbing out: The Irish Times

St. Patrick's Day dinner a hollow event for political leaders: Boston Globe

British troops’ withdrawal a result of real progress on the ground: The Examiner

Arms deadlock must not "paralyse" peace process: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland's Fields of Pique: Washington Post

One N. Irish Town Where They Gave Peace a Chance: New York Daily News

Dissident threat to peace taking centre stage: BBC

IRA resumes savage punishment attacks: The Times

Trying to avoid a White House talks whitewash: Irish Independent

Acts of war: National Post (Editorial)

The path to peace paved with words: Boston Herald (Editorial)


St. Patrick's Day peace: Washington Times

Shaming of the shamrock: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton points the way ahead: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

St. Paddy and risky traditions: Baltimore Sun

UUP element anti- Catholic says whip: Irish News

Man charged with possession of arms: BBC

Paper claims IRA defused bomb: Irish News

IRA victim honoured at last: Electronic Telegraph

Fair justice system must be brought in: Irish News

Ireland's Ship Comes In: New York Daily News

Thursday, March 16

Little hope of IRA weapons handover: The Times

Adams hits back at arms claims: The Examiner

Violence blamed on tensions within Provisionals: The Irish Times

Flying Irish flag sparks St. Patrick's Day flap: Boston Herald

Does spectre of a stalking horse signal the end?: The Irish Times

Mandelson 'regrets' Guards slur: Electronic Telegraph

An apology of a minister: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Washington celebrations beat 'Mexican standoff': The Irish Times

Recruitment drive over police complaints: BBC

Request for RUC motion new challenge to Trimble: The Irish Times

Political slings and arrows in America: Irish News

Decommissioning deadlock prevents end to conflict: The Irish Times (you will have to scroll down the page)

Nelson murder: Man on firearms charges: The Independent

Fresh calls for independent inquiry: BBC

A fresh inquiry could restore faith in justice: The Examiner (Editorial)

Solicitors’ safety vital: Irish News (Editorial)

Challenge to Kilkeel parade decision: BBC

Hillary on parade: National Post

For 30 years, the RAF has been suspected of causing Ireland's worst air disaster. Until now... : The Independent

'No legal grounds' to move terrorist statue: BBC