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This archive contains references to articles from March 16-31, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, March 31

Republican dissident charged in Dublin: The Guardian

McKevitt remanded on terrorist charges: The Irish Times

Unnoticed drama as alleged Real IRA chief stands trial: Irish Independent

Marches by Orangemen 'are not a basic right': The Independent

1,000 days at Drumcree: The Irish Times

Economics is the focus of Bush's view of Ireland: The Irish Times

Finucane witness ‘ready to withdraw’: Irish News

McBrides back in court:

Adair renews jail term challenge: BBC

Escapee returns home after 25 years:

Seeking a spoonful from gravy train: Belfast Telegraph

DUP ministers lose court bid on Trimble ban: Irish Independent

Emigrant wants to be next president: The Irish Times

Ahern vows to curb smuggling: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, March 30

Dissident couple arrested: The Guardian

Suspected mastermind of Omagh bombing arrested: Irish Examiner

McKevitt faces serious charges: Irish Independent

Four held under laws introduced after Omagh: The Irish Times

The man reputed to be RIRA leader: Irish Independent

Provos close rank on defections to 'renegades': Irish Independent

Reid admits elections could hinder the peace process: UTV Internet

'NI needs new parades tolerance': BBC

Orangemen 'no European right to march': UTV Internet

Tree memorial for RUC and soldiers: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein sound warning over Trimble ban: UTV Internet

Call for loyalist websites clampdown: BBC

‘Success’ as Paras move out: Irish News

Ahern concern on Euro sceptics: Irish Independent

DUP defends loyalist sign: Irish News

Army decision was racist, court is told: Irish News

Brazilian blend: The Scotsman

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 30 ---------

Aid volunteer says she was hit by a rubber bullet: The Irish Times

Youngest person gives evidence: Irish News

Thursday, March 29

Guns immunity extended: Irish News

Trimble moves again on cross-border talks: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists row over bid to oust Trimble: The Times

Sanctions are undermining efforts to solve arms issue: The Irish Times

We need to know the 'hows' and 'whens' of police reform: Belfast Telegraph

Paisley makes IRA accusations: BBC

Sinn Fein Face Fundraising Pressure: Irish Voice

Simple solutions, serious questions: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

NI young welcome dividends of peace: The Irish Times

New Act must guarantee end to legacy of the past: Irish News

The more things change...: (Editorial)

Bishop condemns bomb attacks: The Irish Times

Irish grant for Apprentice Boys: BBC

Election pacts:

Town where flag flying is an every day affair: Irish News

What London can learn from NYC: Irish Voice (Editorial)

Army flouting FMD rules — SF: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 29 ---------

Witness tells of trauma of brother's death: The Irish Times

IRA man named to inquiry: BBC

Provisionals ‘guaranteed they would stay away from march’: Irish Examiner

Officer 'clapped' at appeal for youth: The Irish Times

Wednesday, March 28

IRA under pressure to scrap arms: Financial Times

Spotlight is back on IRA guns issue: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC follows Patten plans for 29 units: Electronic Telegraph

RUC chief announces new units: The Irish Times

Policing strategy for a new era: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)


Proscribe Real IRA now — Rogan: Irish News

Anger as fugitive IRA terrorists are given their freedom: Electronic Telegraph

Mowlam's human rights legacy: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble meets Portadown Orangemen: BBC

Trimble backing for Garvaghy march: Irish Examiner

Plaque will remember sweetshop shootings: Irish News

Fund commits £380m: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 28 ---------

Soldier in car park shot at me as I watched from balcony, says witness: Irish Examiner

Soldier ‘restrained’: Irish News

Tuesday, March 27

Unionists grow more restive over arms deadlock: Irish Independent

UUP has meeting with de Chastelain: The Irish Times

Maze escapees told: go home: The Guardian

Mallon to meet Orange Order: BBC

Protest again after 1,001 days: Belfast Telegraph

Hope flickers on the road to Drumcree: Irish News (Editorial)

Finding a solution to Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

SF members boost security amid fears of republican feud: Irish Examiner

Election concern over party row: BBC

It takes more than money to deliver peace: Irish News

Republicans plan to strengthen business link: The Irish Times

Six jailed over Real IRA underground training camp: Irish Independent

Carpenter on car bomb charge jailed: Irish Examiner

How Northern Ireland really won on Saturday: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam to join international peace body: The Guardian

A day that could have changed our history: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 27 ---------

Soldier poked with brush as he chased wounded man: Irish Examiner

Father-of-six shot dead by soldiers, inquiry told: Irish Independent

‘I don’t want any trouble’: Irish News

Monday, March 26

Unionist hard-liner warns of smoldering loyalist volcano: Boston Herald (Mar. 24)

Loyalists say Real IRA put ceasefire at risk: The Times

Real IRA targeting GAA clubs in recruitment drive: Irish Independent

IRA guns 'still expected by June': BBC

Reid sees 'steady' NI progress: The Irish Times

Speed up move on weapons, unionists tell IRA: Belfast Telegraph

Senior ranks on security alert after RUC superintendent's car is stolen: The Independent

Stolen diary held details on RUC: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster Unionists in arms body meeting: BBC

The battle lines are firmly drawn but will the voters lose out?: (Editorial)

End in sight for negative political camp: Irish News

DUP in sanctions court action: BBC

New calls for Finucane probe: Irish News

Lennon delighted with rousing Windsor Park reception: UTV Internet

Football was the winner at Windsor: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Can Bush please all people all the time?: Irish News

Paisley praised at Jubilee celebration: UTV Internet

Paisley celebrates Church golden jubilee: The Irish Times

Fire, brimstone and mirth: Irish News

It wud fer scunner ye to count up the cost: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Film’s realism traumatic for veterans of Bogside march: Irish Examiner

Monuments must hold dear the rights of all: Irish News

Sunday, March 25

Call for more Sinn Fein sanctions: BBC

Fury at RUC chief's security blunder: Electronic Telegraph

Leaked list names the men who run the IRA: The Sunday Times

'An eye for an eye' is blind folly: Sunday Independent

Free Presbyterians gather in Belfast: BBC

Ageing Paisley and ambivalent DUP may be on verge of victory: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

SDLP tortoise scents victory: The Observer

Why an early election would be bad for peace in Ireland: Sunday Herald

Remember the soldiers: The Observer

Lessons from history's big picture: The Sunday Times

Omagh families to fail in justice bid: The Observer

How magic circles can spread a plague: Sunday Independent

Revenge threat sparks feud fear: Sunday Life

Dr Carey can forget about the shared Eucharist: Electronic Telegraph

IRA in plot to kill Gilligan's wife: The Sunday Times

Tory Eurosceptics fund campaign for 'no' vote in Irish referendum on treaty: Independent on Sunday

Saturday, March 24

De Chastelain queries meaning of 'beyond use': The Irish Times

Paisley shrinks to do battle with heavyweights: The Times

Condemn beatings, Reid tells Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Action Man for Ulster has sights on the Real IRA: Electronic Telegraph

War and peace - what is the future for the UVF?:

Unionists to meet over Weir suspension: BBC

A 'reluctant sheriff' with Powell-like doveish views: The Irish Times

Irish put blame on Britain for first outbreak of virus: The Independent

Rodgers dismisses Paisley call to close Border: The Irish Times

EU accused of double standards: BBC

Appeal of the Irish becomes universal: Albany Times Union

Stevens papers: three walk free: Irish News

Northern Ireland cracks down on organised crime: The Times

Gangs flourish in peace process: Financial Times

Together we can beat the gangs: Irish News (Editorial)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 24 ---------

Witness feared for life on Bloody Sunday: BBC

Son did not recognise father shot by paras: Irish Independent

Video confirms woman's evidence of megaphone use: The Irish Times

RUC ‘did not give ring back to family’: Irish News

Friday, March 23

Hope of progress in IRA talks: BBC

IRA yet to decommission arms: Financial Times

Report on IRA guns fails to impress unionists: Irish Independent

O'Donoghue welcomes report on disarming: The Irish Times

Reid in Sinn Fein guns shock:

Huge response to recruitment drive: BBC

RUC chief certain force can attract Catholic recruits: Irish Independent

FAIR in cash call for UDR widows: Irish News

The 78 criminal gangs waging war on Ulster: The Guardian

Crimebusters Analysis - Is it tough talk, or jail?: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Weir move over constituency meeting: BBC

Hunger strikes flags row rages: Belfast Telegraph

Cowen to raise concerns with British authorities: Irish Independent

The Irish answer: The Times (Editorial)

All Ireland action now more vital than ever: Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 23 ---------

Fear of Bloody Sunday recalled: BBC

IRA bodies ‘hidden in the drains’: Irish News

Bloody Sunday bodies stacked five-high: Irish Independent

Witness accused of hostility to British soldiers: The Irish Times

Thursday, March 22

Fresh hope for arms handover: Irish Independent

New policing plan unveiled: BBC

North police head accuses London over funding: The Irish Times

Compensation increase for RUC widows: BBC

Better late than never for widows: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

'Hard Man' Tackles the North: Irish Voice

Provos plan to kill Real IRA leaders: Irish Examiner

Unionist says N. Ireland war may be a bullet away: Boston Herald

IRA tit-for-tat tactics must not threaten process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

SDLP 'were belligerent' in vote talks: Irish Independent

‘SF pact would be disaster for GFA’: Irish News


Time for a middle way in politics?: Irish News

How the human rights agenda leaves unionists cold: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The greening of the Republican Party: Irish Echo

The greening of the White House 2001: Irish Voice

Hands off Ireland: National Post (Editorial)

Green grow the Bushes O: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Adams the carrot used to raise Sinn Fein funds in US: Irish Independent

A Paisleyite at home in Irish N.Y.'s bosom: Irish Echo

Dispelling the negative image: Irish News (Editorial)

N. Ireland’s redundant warriors: MSNBC (Mar. 14)

Ken’s great Irish party: Irish Post

Giants look down on great divide: The Times

A passionate Tory with an Irish heart: Irish Post

Carey calls Catholics hurtful over sacraments: Electronic Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 22 ---------

Bloody Sunday paramedic 'was target of paras': The Times

Inquiry hears sounds of Bloody Sunday: BBC

Boy watched as fleeing men shot: The Irish Times

Soldiers 'cheered at Bloody Sunday deaths': Irish Independent

Army advert on TV as shots fired into flat: Irish News

Wednesday, March 21

Was a deal agreed two weeks ago?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune, Mar. 18)

Sinn Féin's No. 2 is no Angel, but he's on their side these days: by Bert Emke (Louisville Courier Journal, Mar. 17)

N. Ireland stalemate explored: Union News and Sunday Republican

In N. Ireland, all parties look forward: by John Reid (Boston Herald, Mar. 20)

Look out for latest media buzz word: Irish News

No nationalist election pact: BBC

The man they picked to take on Iris: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP, Sinn Fein in talks on vote pact for UK poll : The Irish Times

Garvaghy Road, the right to march and the price of walking down O'Connell Street: Belfast Telegraph

Omagh case 'should be eligible for state cash': Electronic Telegraph

Omagh group meets John O’Donoghue: Irish News

Sectarianism in football 'exaggerated': UTV Internet

Stormont bans use of term 'papist bigot': Irish Independent

American Ireland Fund honors U.S. solons' peace efforts: Boston Herald

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 21 ---------

Woman ‘tried to alert soldier’: Irish News

Challenge to Bloody Sunday soldier: BBC

Wounded protester challenges Paratrooper to meet him face to face Bloody Sunday Inquiry: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, March 20

British official presses IRA on arms: Boston Globe

Electoral pact could secure 11 out of 18 seats claim Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Election pact talks unlikely to succeed: The Irish Times

Election calms opposition to Trimble in party: Irish Independent

DUP happy with Bush's reduction of intervention: The Irish Times

The moderator who can set moderation aside: Belfast Telegraph


No Irish need apply if they are opposed: IrelandonSunday (Mar. 18)

Is Taylor in presidential frame?: Belfast Telegraph

Orangeman wins candidacy battle: BBC

Unionists select strong candidate: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Children recovering after loyalist gun attack: Irish Examiner

Lessons from Ireland and Britain: Taipei Times

It’s the truth according to who exactly?: Irish News

Crystal radio where the sun doesn't shine: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday, Mar. 18)

Youth project challenges Craigavon's young: The Irish Times

Farmers want army patrols scaled down: Irish Examiner

Sands mural row rocks West Dublin:

Monday, March 19

IRA move should be matched by UUP - Reid: The Irish Times

It's now a lighter shade of green: Belfast Telegraph

Bush administration to approach peace process 'in a cooler and clearer way': Irish Independent

US-Ireland relationship is 'in the national interest': The Irish Times

Latest on Bush telegraph is a case of wait and see: Belfast Telegraph

A peace process in name only: National Post

Getting message across in America: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Peace process go slow: Irish Examiner

Mixed signals from the US: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Pacts do not aid democracy: Irish News (Editorial)

Petrol bomb attacks on 4 houses in Lurgan: The Irish Times

Omagh fury over RIRA plan for march: Irish News

Queen Elizabeth’s greeting sets stage for visit: Irish Examiner

St Patrick as an inspiration for everyone: Irish News

Call to merge cabinet posts: BBC

RUC chief ‘intends to stay’: Irish News

Law call for lasting peace in N. Ireland: Boston Globe

Wigs on the green: The Irish Times

Americans check out work options at Irish jobs fair: Irish Independent

Bringing the Irish home again: The Irish Times

Sunday, March 18

De Chastelain hopeful of arms deal after IRA talks: The Sunday Times

All eyes on IRA to set the ball rolling: Ireland on Sunday

Focus on US approach to NI: BBC

Bush pledges US support for Northern peace process: Sunday Independent

Sinn Fein leader speaks in Lowell: Boston Herald

Paisley mingles in White House warmth: Sunday Independent

No Irish need apply if they are opposed: Ireland on Sunday

St. Patrick's Day hopes: Editorial (Cincinnati Enquirer, Mar. 17)

Drumcree ban is not a breach of rights: The Sunday Times

Wright killer in hiding from IRA: The Observer

US truck boss 'raises cash for Real IRA': The Sunday Times

Murder case casts pall on St. Patrick's: Boston Herald

Terror chiefs plan first march since Omagh with Easter Rising rally: The Sunday Times

A vain attempt to sort the Irish from the British: Electronic Telegraph

Republicans feud over hunger striker's legacy: The Observer

RTE are 'giving SF an easy ride': Sunday Independent

New York Celebrates the Deep Green Irish Soul: New York Times

Saturday, March 17

Foes at D.C. Bash for 1st Time: New York Daily News

Bush Welcomes Irish Leaders, Backs Peace Process: Washington Post

Bush rolls out red carpet for Irish but special relationship is over: The Scotsman

Bush praises Dublin's peace efforts: Financial Times

No drop for the Irish at dry White House: Irish Examiner

Analysis: Bush's policy on Northern Ireland: BBC

‘Pat the Brit’ saves day for politicians: Irish News

Bush Retreats From U.S. Role As Peace Broker: Washington Post

Irish-Americans' delight at reception: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland: U.S. should continue to support peace process: Dallas Morning News (Editorial)

Irish peace process can still advance: Boston Herald (Editorial)

In The White House: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Visions and pipe-dreams: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

UU should break links with order: Irish News (Editorial)

SF and robbery victims: The Irish Times

RIRA ‘issues death threats to Provos’: Irish News

Irish Families Seek Justice By Suing Alleged Bombers: Washington Post

High Court to hear case linked to Omagh bomb: The Irish Times

The sister: I saw a skeleton lying there crying: The Times (Mar. 16)

Surprise appearance by Clinton at awards: The Irish Times

Irish influence lingers in NYC: Albany Times Union

They’re raining on our parade: Irish Examiner

Row over St Pat's Day event: BBC

The big parade: Electronic Telegraph

Queen sends greetings to Irish: The Scotsman

A Pint for St. Patrick in the New Ireland: New York Times

Tide turns as migrants flood to Ireland: Sydney Morning Herald

Friday, March 16

NI leaders in White House talks: BBC

US told of June deal hopes: Irish News

Trimble upstaged on Capitol Hill: Electronic Telegraph

Adams steals the scene in trip to New York bar: The Times

Ahern 'heartened' by Bush interest in North: The Irish Times

Bush to adopt a low-key role: Irish News (Editorial)

Ahern hits out at Real IRA: UTV Internet

Web death threat shock for Celtic star Lennon: The Scotsman

Bush names aide for N. Ireland: Boston Globe


Bush names Haas as special trouble shooter for the North: Irish Independent

Will Paisley's saints go marching in?: The Times

It takes a Big Man to keep his flock at home: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness bids to ring in new era: Irish News

No great hooley but craic all the same: The Irish Times

The beat of history's drums: Financial Times

'Protest is still on at Drumcree': Belfast Telegraph

Capitol Hill briefed on Finucane case: Irish News

Criticism of Nelson murder inquiry: BBC

Orangemen suspend UUP whip: Belfast Telegraph

Gerry Adams was my commander, says IRA bomber: Electronic Telegraph

Family blame IRA for attack: BBC

Bertie plays a blinder: Belfast Telegraph

Weir faces crunch meeting with constituency association: UTV Internet

The hunger strike that changed the course of the Troubles: The Times

The hunger strikers who survived: The Times

Row over Sands mural: Irish News

Relatives want Dublin bombing collusion inquiry: The Irish Times

Omagh families' civil action hopes receive a boost: The Independent (Mar. 15)


25pc in Britain yearn for 'friendlier identity' with tall tales of Irish roots: Irish Independent

Lottery cash for Bloody Sunday film: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - March 16 ---------

Witness tells of goading soldier: BBC

Soldier intended to kill me, says witness: Irish Examiner

Soldier doubts his evidence on man he shot: The Irish Times