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Monday, March 31

IRA 'laundered €250m in just three years': Irish Examiner

A draft Bill of Rights is to be presented to Human Rights Commission: UTV Internet

Only the law can deal with crime: Irish News (Mar 29)

Dissident threat to kill BBC staff: Sunday Life (Mar 23)
Ciaran McGuigan

Duddy was a peacemaker both sides could accept: Sunday Business Post (Mar 30)
Eamonn McCann

Donaldson vow to families of shot civilians: Irish News (Mar 28)
Barry McCaffrey

How Sarkozy led the way for a royal visit: Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

Paisley to travel to US to promote investment: RTE

Northern Ireland minister optimistic about future exchanges with E. Tenn.: Knoxville News Sentinel
Fred Brown

Ex terrorists son is kicked out of states: Sunday Life (Mar 23)

Teachers – Comedian tops minister for promotion of Irish in schools: Irish Examiner (Mar 25)
Niall Murray

Britishness? It's a case of mistaken identification: The Guardian (Mar 15)
Marina Hyde

Good Friday Agreement has lessons for Mideast: Newark Star-Ledger (Mar 30)
Michael Moran

Sunday, March 30

Former IRA leader gives rare interview: Irish News
Allison Morris

Sinn Fein and DUP had the last laugh: Sunday Telegraph
Jenny McCartney

Staring into Northern Ireland's moral abyss: Sunday Telegraph
Kevin Myers

Men flee after 'IRLA' execution warning: Irish News (Mar 28)
Allison Morris

McGartland – difference between informing and CRJ is a matter of timing: (from the News Letter, Mar 27)
Liam Clarke

Stop funding 'Sinn Fein sheet' says DUP: Irish News

IRA still refusing to admit to hunger strike errors: (from the Belfast Telegraph, Mar 27)
Eamonn McCann

Branch man in ombudsman row to give evidence to MPs: Irish News (Mar 28)
Liz Trainor and Joanna Braniff

Paramilitaries using Bebo to recruit: (Mar 27)
Lyra McKee

Horror attack in Belfast after Old Firm game: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Hoey 'astonished' by IFA's snub of Maze discussions: The News Letter

Time for action over stadium: Belfast Telegraph

Failure to share housework to be 'a breach of partner's rights': The Observer
Henry McDonald

Squabbling over the bones of a long-dead political body: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Whatever Happened to the IRA?: Time
Robert Baer

Brown attacks SNP plan to split Union: The Herald (Mar 29)
Douglas Fraser

Time to change the tune ... to king in a catholic style: Sunday Herald
Tom Shields

Saturday, March 29

Dodds calls for equality on flying Union Flag: The News Letter

Apology issued to Adams after scathing article: Belfast Telegraph

Will denials of SF talks return to haunt DUP?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Trimble slams Clinton advisor: The News Letter

DUP backs former IRA man joining police body: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Creggan 'riot' – PSNI reject exaggeration claims: Derry Journal

'In-too-deep' ex-touts still on streets: Belfast Telegraph

UVF banner on parade:
Alana Fearon

INLA Active in Dublin: Irish Voice/
Paddy Clancy

Adams's ex-bodyguard rejects informer claim: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Wilson – Orde encouraged me to slam BBC's investigators: Belfast Telegraph

Good deeds are not in need of trumpet blasts:
Des Wilson

Ireland's Many Cultures: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

The Irish President and her husband are to receive honorary doctorates: UTV Internet

Rep. Smith receives leadership award: Trenton Times (Mar 17)

Dublin a bad move in North Monopoly:

Gordon Brown needs the Union...but do we?: Daily Telegraph
Simon Heffer

Put out more flags: The Guardian (Mar 26)

Friday, March 28

Former IRA leader to join policing body: Impartial Reporter

Fury over IRA leader joining policing body: The News Letter

Bap's death must be turning point in tackling crime: Irish News
Jim Gibney

DUP rebukes Brown over flag proposals: Irish News
Liz Trainor and Joanna Braniff

Calls for new flag laws to be extended to Northern Ireland: The News Letter

British link has changed utterly: Irish News

Sinn Féin gets set for battle of the sexes: (from the Irish Daily Star, Mar 27)
John Coulter

Powell puts cat among the pigeons: BBC
Brian Rowan

Resignations blow for Troubles enquiry team: The News Letter

Concert to mark civil rights anniversary:

Sport chiefs reject Maze meeting: BBC

Hillary Clinton distances herself from adviser who branded Lord David Trimble a 'crankpot': Daily Telegraph
Toby Harnden

Clinton letter makes point on peace role: The News Letter

Minority vote could take Scotland out of the Union: The Scotsman (Mar 27)
Hamish MacDonnell

Thursday, March 27

DUP predicts end of IRA Army Council this year: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Derry commemoration told – 'British royals not welcome in Ireland': Derry Journal

Another case of foot in mouth for Mary McAleese: The News Letter
Iris Robinson

Lack of normal relations the fault of the DUP: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Raised eyebrows as Clinton pulls out of GFA conference: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Group claims listening device found inside car: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Council row over Barcroft CRJ cash: Newry Democrat

Angry CRJ chief dismises claims he is a police informer: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory

MLAs hit out at 'silly flag stunts': The News Letter

Dissident warning over anti-social 'scourge': Derry Journal (Mar 25)

Finucane family may challenge decision: Irish News

FAIR dungeons warning: Newry Democrat

Robert McCartney murder trial date set: (from the Sunday Tribune, Mar 16)
Suzanne Breen

Documentary reveals secret peacemaker: The News Letter

Civil Rights marches commemorated: BBC

PM's article on the Union 'irritates' Sir Reg: The News Letter

Province is part of UK too, Brown: The News Letter

Act of Settlement review in shake-up: The Herald (Mar 26)
Michael Settle

Act of Settlement – An anachronism that preserves our fragile union: Daily Telegraph
Philip Johnston

Wednesday, March 26

'We need more republicans': Derry Journal

Bridging Northern Ireland's justice gap: BBC
Linda Pressly

Police attacked at City Cemetery: Derry Journal

PSNI stun guns 'not deployed': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Omagh bomb relatives claim Bertie Ahern betrayed them: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Irish powers must deliver on promises: The News Letter

Blair's man hails peacemaker Bertie, but not some of his 'green' advisers: Irish Examiner
Steven King

SF refuses to welcome a visit by British monarch: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 24)

We were left out of talks, residents claim: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Derry men remanded on IRA charges:

Leading dissident claims: Derry Journal

Men beaten in 'sectarian' attack: BBC

Laird welcomes condemnation of 'terrorist suicides': The News Letter

Huge turnout for Buncrana Easter Commemorations: Derry Journal

'Disgust' at republican emblems: The News Letter

Suspected INLA pipebomb brings terror to families: Irish Independent
Fiach Kelly

Cobh agrees to civic reception for Paisley visit: Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan

Derry flags survey 'anti-British': Derry Journal

The Troubles with Denis: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 24)

Tuesday, March 25

No hint army council plans to disband: Irish News
Allison Morris

Unionists differ in analysis of the IRA's Easter message: The News Letter

McGuinness 'proud' of Sinn Fein achievements: Sunday Journal (Mar 23)

Union of benefit to veryone: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Special day arrived against all the odds: Irish News
Roy Garland

Republicans at Easter commemoration told – 'North is more British than Finchley': Derry Journal

Gerry can snuggle up to Gordon if Sinn Féin MPs take up their seats: (from the Irish Daily Star, Mar 24)
John Coulter

Crowds attack police near Derry cemetery: RTE

SF faces action call after mob attacks police: The News Letter

Crime fighting is joint effort: Irish News

New realities offer chance of fresh start: The News Letter

Tricolour flags 'provocative', claims Frazer: The News Letter

More than two sides to the story: Sunday Journal (Mar 23)
Eamonn McCann

Murder of republican features in speeches: Irish News
Allison Morris

'I forgive bomber and pity his family': The News Letter
Colin O'Carroll

Doherty support for La Nua: Sunday Journal (Mar 23)

Bertie to honour Blair at dinner in Dublin Castle: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

St Paddy's Day on the good ship Norn Iron: Derry Journal

Report highlights higher levels of Catholic Inequality: Sunday Journal (Mar 23)

Tourists drawn to peaceful Northern Ireland: Contra Costa Times
Sue Doyle

Dalai Lama will settle for a Northern Ireland style resolution: (from the Sunday Times, Mar 23)
Liam Clarke

We must defend the Union: Daily Telegraph
Gordon Brown

Monday, March 24

Irish reunification is a work in progress, says Gerry Adams: UTV Internet

Are north and south polls apart?: BBC
Shane Harrison

No return to violence in NI – Woodward:

Resettlement difficult process: Irish News (Mar 22)

Good Friday marks North's finest hour: Sunday Business Post (Mar 23)

Deal was just the beginning: Irish News (Mar 22)

Delays in transfer of policing powers hinder peace process: Irish Independent

Coat trailing circus resumes: (Mar 20)

Capital D-ecision that vexed Stormont: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 21)

DUP and Sinn Fein condemn Orange Hall attack: (Mar 20)
Áine McEntee

Gangland boss plans to whack INLA's 'Whacker': Sunday Tribune (Mar 23)
Mick McCaffrey

GPO may become setting for presidential inaugurations: The Irish Times
Frank McDonald

North/South council objects to cross-border banking charges: Sunday Business Post (Mar 23)
Ian Kehoe

Government plans to fly Union flag all year: Daily Telegraph
Simon Johnson

Plans to promote Britishness suffer setback: Financial Times
Jean Eaglesham

Put out more flags? It's just not British: The Independent
Simon Carr

British nationalism? What a load of nonsense: Daily Telegraph (Mar 18)
Alan Cochrane

Sunday, March 23

Royal row 'could lead to damaged relations': The News Letter

RTE journalist silent over SF/DUP link-man claims: Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

Blair's fears over IRA 'toppled UUP': The Observer
Henry McDonald

IRA bomber to prisoner to senior politician: Irish News
Allison Morris

GFA early release of prisoners a success: Irish News
Allison Morris

Good Friday's child Erin grows up to see North move on from past: Irish Independent (Mar 22)

Council plans will change face of small towns: Irish News (Mar 20)
Brian Feeney

Loyalists are trying to murder my family: Belfast Telegraph

Terror probe reveals police link to killings: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Priests thanked for dealing with Troubles: Irish News (Mar 21)
Diana Rusk

Bush delegation plan is big boost for business: (from the Belfast Telegraph, Mar 18)
Jim Dee

Thousands mourn for republican McGreevy: Belfast Telegraph

Listeners will not lose out insists RTE: Irish News (Mar 21)
Claire Simpson

Jobcentres to fly Union Jack: The Sunday Times
Marie Woolf

Patriotic oath news to Queen: The Scotsman (Mar 17)

Saturday, March 22

Northern Ireland prospers 10 years on from Good Friday agreement: The Scotsman
Ross Lydall

SF – Self-governing proof of Good Friday success: Belfast Telegraph

'Seminal' change helped save hundreds of lives: Irish News
William Graham

GFA architect would change voting: BBC

Good Friday's legacy – Violence must never return: Irish Examiner

Sad to say, end of Paisley is no reason to chuckle: Irish Independent
James Downey

'Turmoil' in DUP during 2006 negotiations: (from the Irish Times, Mar 21)
Frank Millar

How our tired politicians put historic North deal to bed: Irish Independent
Senan Hogan

Former Blair aide reveals detail of negotiating process prior to Belfast Agreement: (from the Irish Times, Mar 18)
Frank Millar

Uncomfortable hint of behind the scenes talk unsettles DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Safety is more important than Stormont:
Terri Dougan

Police hit back at Adams' attack: The News Letter

The police aren't up to it:

Police need support, not point-scoring: The News Letter

Crowning glory for NI: The News Letter

No interference was necessary: Belfast Telegraph

Unionist 'rage' so predictable: Irish News

'Growing trust' on parades: The News Letter

Conflicting Takes, Here and Abroad, on Clinton's Role in Northern Ireland Accord: New York Times
Larry Rohter

Clinton's staying at home with the wife: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Clinton attacked for missing NI events:

Why McCain's commitment to Irish is meaningless: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 20)
Walter Ellis

Why you have to hand it to Arlene: Belfast Telegraph
Jude Collins

The elephant in the chapel will be Autumn Kelly's Catholic baptism and the Act of Settlement: Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

The Union is like a failing marriage, says Jeremy Paxman: Daily Telegraph
Simon Johnson

Friday, March 21

Irish President starts another row over Queen visiting Dublin: Belfast Telegraph

Aras an Uachtarain visit 'significantly closer': Irish News

Ugly sisters of dysfunctional family dictating visiting rights: Irish Independent

Morning View – McAleese must issue an apology: The News Letter

Queen brings Maundy money ceremony to Armagh: Irish Independent
John Cooney

Queen's visit marred by protestors and security alert: The News Letter
Laura Murphy

Confident unionism is showing signs of stress: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Adams has failed his constituents, says pro-Sinn Féin columnist:
Henry McDonald

Police not up to the job – says Adams: UTV Internet

Dramatic changes in NI policing: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Delivering justice by hood or by crook: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Ritchie Cites Northern Progress: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

A decade on, how is the deal?: BBC
Mark Devenport

Bill Clinton has cancelled his trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland: UTV Internet

Powell dispenses with discretion in memoir: (from the News Letter, Mar 20)
Liam Clarke

British could have avoided Sunday inquiry: McGuinness: Irish News

Brennan bail placed on hold by Texas court: (from the Irish Echo)
Jim Dee

Nothing prepares you for the streets of Belfast in a riot, Sir Trevor recalls: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 19)
Chris Thornton

Journalist's 'bond' with city formed on Bloody Sunday: Derry Journal
Stephen Emerson

Hamill death enquiry terms won't be widened: UTV Internet

Doherty to speak at Easter commemoration: Derry Journal

Two men charged in Northern Bank raid probe: Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan

Service to remember Troubles victims:

Tributes to IRA bombing victims: BBC

Victims remembered: (Mar 14)
Alana Fearon

Martin – Dublin is mission territory: Irish Examiner
Conor Ryan

Thursday, March 20

Queen 'step closer to visiting Irish Republic': Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Justice move key to royal visit: BBC

Visit comes at 'most promising time' for NI: The News Letter

McAleese meets British queen in NI:

The Queen should go to Ireland: The Times

Adams Says Process Survives Paisley: Irish Voice/
April Drew

Belfast deal has 'stood test of time':

Mallon toasts Good Friday Agreement: BBC
Martina Purdy

This ecumenical matter is a minor miracle: Irish Independent
John Cooney

From troubles to the Celtic Tiger: Boston Globe
George J. Mitchell

Adams interrogated me on 'war is over' message: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Duddy took risks for peace – Powell: Derry Journal

Duddy used foresight to aid process: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Pub's Good Friday Agreement link: BBC
Johnny Caldwell

Campbell challenges Powell over 'back channel' claims: Derry Journal

Clinton Allies Slam Obama on Ireland: Irish Voice/
Debbie McGoldrick

Hillary Clinton papers sink experience claims: Daily Telegraph
Toby Harnden

What Hillary Did in Northern Ireland: New York Observer (Mar 18)
Niall Stanage

Welcome Hillary: Irish Echo

Ahern, Bush Talk of Lasting Ties: Irish Voice/
April Drew

Policing Issue in Republican Areas: Irish Voice/
Barry McCaffrey

SF 'would support tough policing': BBC

Language rights, a united Ireland and the DUP:
Eoghan Ó Neill

Journalists 'walk a thin line': Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Ruane shifts to .eu domain: Irish News
Bimpe Fatogun

Try colours other than green white and orange? You're having a laugh: Derry Journal
Cahir McDaid

Losing our religion: Irish Examiner
Caroline O'Doherty

Is Belfast Baghdad's path to progress?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Wednesday, March 19

DUP rules out Army Council deal: The News Letter

Can Robinson cut unpopular deals and axe voters' jobs too?: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Almost a quarter PSNI officers are Catholic: The News Letter

Hillary's boast plays into the hands of male establishment: Irish News
Susan McKay

Search for new parades commissioner: UTV Internet

Celebrating our shared future: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness – there was no need for Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Guardian
Nicholas Watt

Memoir – DUP kept secret link with SF: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

DUP deny secret 'channel' to Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

Adams admits to help with papers: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Stance is no surprise to Ulster folk: The News Letter

Blair 'turned air blue' over Paisley gift: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

Why loyalism needs role in peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Graham Spencer

McMenamin will not attend Brady review: Derry Journal

Four appear on dissident charges: BBC

Dissident still held by gardai: Irish News
Seamus McKinney and Allison Morris

Can the DUP escape from the Maze?: Derry Journal

Maze investment too shaky a bet: Irish News (Mar 12)

Queen and Duke in three-day visit: BBC

Bush vows top team for Ulster trade event: Belfast Telegraph

Ten years of NI's economic growth: BBC
John Simpson

What's the point in giving 40m a year to Udaras na Gaeltachta?: Sunday Tribune (Mar 16)

Tuesday, March 18

Ahern praises Bush role in North:

Bush addresses policing issue: UTV Internet

SF expects US to keep Stormont link:

Why I backed the Belfast Agreement: The News Letter
Alex Kane

What now for the DUP and Sinn Fein in Stormont?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Allister is 'living in a parallel universe': The News Letter
Gemma Murray

MP urges BBC to explain dissident republican film: Irish Independent
Paddy Clancy

Gerry Adams – Sinn Fein to launch task force on united Ireland: Poughkeepsie Journal (Mar 17)
John W. Barry

Dear Gerry, just what does a united Ireland really mean?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Renewed spat over Maze plan: The News Letter (Mar 15)

Holiday event to honor congressman, activist: Syracuse Post-Standard (Mar 16)

Dispelling the myths about Irish-Americans: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

Extent of secret links between government and IRA revealed: The Guardian
Nicholas Watt

Former IRA – British 'go between' feels time is right to speak out: Derry Journal
Stephen Emerson

Disobeyed orders and a dangerous message: The Guardian
Peter Taylor

Blair 'redrafted an IRA statement': Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

I'll never forgive police who destroyed my life, says Conlon: Irish Examiner
Conor Ryan

John has never gone away, say his grieving parents: (Mar 14)
Roisin McManus

Light of hope shines through dark and rain: Irish News
Roy Garland

Police 'failed to apprehend' fugitive prior to murder bid: Irish News
Andrea McKernon

Opposition to Paisley's March 17 holiday call: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

St Paddy spinning in his grave: (from the Irish Daily Star, Mar 17)
John Coulter

Change in approach to patron saint: The News Letter

Shared future bartered for Cullybackey canton: Irish News
Tom Kelly

A royal scandal – hurleys made from Queen's ashes: Irish Independent
Declan O'Brien

Ridding Afghanistan of its snakes: Belfast Telegraph

Bertie defends Hillary's role in North peace deal: Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

Monday, March 17

Revealed – Blair's offer to meet masked IRA leaders: The Guardian
Nicholas Watt

White House date for NI ministers: BBC

Sinn Fein leader Adams visits Buffalo: Buffalo News

Peace reigns on this parade: New York Daily News
Brian O'Dwyer

Holy Week in Ireland: Boston Globe
James Carroll

Years after Belfast treaty: Albany Times Union
Michael J. Cummings

A fleeting glimpse of peace: Syracuse Post-Standard (Mar 14)
Sean Kirst

N Ireland drearier, but peace secure: Kuwait Times
Paul Hoskins

Ireland's lesson in peace: Berkshire Eagle

St. Patrick's Day with peace at last: Springfield Republican

Lessons to be learned: The Guardian

We talked to the IRA, so why can't we talk to al-Qaida?: The Guardian
Jackie Ashley

Ex-prisoner critical after attack: BBC

Four BBC journalists held in Irish anti-terror operation: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Arrested journalists had BBC authorisation:

Police release arrested BBC staff: BBC

Parents threaten legal action over all-Irish teaching: Irish Independent
Jason O'Brien

Obama's camp – Hillary's Ireland claims are blarney: Chicago Sun Times (Mar 16)
Abdon M. Pallasch

Clinton defends role in NI peace: BBC

Clinton's contribution to peace in NI queried: RTE (Mar 16)
Tommie Gorman

Hilary's rose-tinted recollections fail to convince Irish-Americans: (from the Sunday Times, Mar 16)
Liam Clarke

Paisley's holiday hopes are sidelined: Irish Independent
Paul Melia

Brown keeps the green vote in play for the Irish in UK: Irish Independent
Nicholas Leonard

Sunday, March 16

'Anti-Christ' row aide not on Dodd's journeys: Belfast Telegraph

Powers transfer a must:
Martin Morgan

Difficult days ahead for floundering conspirators: Irish News
James Kelly

Cringe-making Paisley tributes ignore truth: Sunday Independent
John A Murphy

Trimble comments annoy Clintons: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Democrat race to get dirtier: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Truth Commission call:
Alana Fearon

Times editor's republican sympathies prompt media madness of George King: Sunday Independent

Top cop team to probe its errors:
Alana Fearon

Paisley in St Patrick's Day call: BBC

Councils deal a positive move: Irish News

Bullet holes, yes, but no Troubles: Boston Globe
Christopher Klein


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