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Wednesday, March 31

Adams 'must admit IRA role': The News Letter
Sam McBride

McGuinness was IRA hawk – claim in new book: Derry Journal

Darkie Hughes has shown us the blood on Adams's hands ... he must go as SF leader now: Evening Herald
Andrew Lynch

Straws in the wind that Gerry didn't care any more: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Sinn Fein's bloody past: Evening Herald

It's time to come clean on the past: The News Letter

Ian Paisley's memory fades: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Magnificent Four make a merry sight for Westminster watchers: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Robinson bought 'key land' for £5: BBC

Robinsons have nothing to hide on land deal, says DUP: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Northern Irish first minister Peter Robinson calls BBC allegations smear and innuendo:
Owen Bowcott

UUP 'disappointed' at MLA resignation: BBC

A new political partnership that the Dail can cement with Stormont: (from the Government Gazette)
John Coulter

Police chief calls halt to £34m investigation into Ulster Troubles: The Times
Sean O'Neill

Fury at Baggott bid to shut down Troubles probes: Belfast Telegraph

Political policing and M15 ...: Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

No Bill of Rights says DUP: UTV Internet

PSNI to increase public presence: BBC

Report finds 'gaps' in police training strategy: UTV Internet

Derry dad to be 'shot on sight': Derry Journal

Your first and only warning: Donegal Democrat
Eamonn McFadden

RAAD claim Creggan pipe bomb attacks: Derry Journal

Bring Army disposal squad back to Finner: Donegal Democrat

New parades member is appointed: BBC

'Pull out the stops' to publish Saville report: Derry Journal

You can be a special friend of Uncle Sam, if the price is right: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Will the Tories break up the United Kingdom? Who cares?:
Ed West

Pope to give 'moral guidance' during UK visit (Mar 17): The Times
Ruth Gledhill

Clerical abuse – Faith in the future (Mar 27): The Guardian

Tuesday, March 30

Adams denies role in murder of Jean McConville: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Author defends Adams IRA claims:

Scepticism over Ed Maloney book in Gerry Adams' political heartland: Belfast Telegraph

'I'm suing Adams for the truth — it is not about money': Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Charges from The Dark that cast a long shadow: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Web woven by Adams destructive to politics: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Is the truth buried with the dead?: Belfast Telegraph

Let's take fight to the Catholic yobs: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Poster boy McDonnell quick off the mark: BBC

Peter Robinson facing new Westminster expenses blow: Belfast Telegraph

Lady Sylvia still makes presence felt: The News Letter

Unionists ill-prepared for election (Mar 27): The News Letter

'Loyalists threatened NI couple': BBC

Couple 'fled home after loyalist threats': Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents blamed for 'party shop' bomb: UTV Internet

Road open after Real IRA hijack: BBC

Cross-border blitz on dissident republicans: Belfast Telegraph

Budget cuts 'hurt' anti-terror effort: Irish Independent

HET to be 'closed in three years' – Baggott: The News Letter

SDLP criticise HET disbandment: BBC

North Belfast keeps Gaeilge flag flying high (Mar 12): Belfast Media

Govt fails to provide services in Irish: RTE

State officials 'threaten survival of Irish language': Irish Independent
Ciaran Byrne

Ministers agree proposal on PMS: BBC

We want every penny returned – PMS savers: The News Letter

Why is this just an 'Ulster' issue?: The News Letter
Stafford Carson

Shipyard play shelved over funds: Belfast Telegraph

Monday, March 29

SF will never hold top post – Paisley: The News Letter

Call for UUP free run in key constituencies: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Empey stays clear of selection wrangle (Mar 27): The News Letter

Empey slams DUP offers on poll deals: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Adams accused of ordering murders: The Independent
David McKittrick

Jean family fury as book claims Adams ordered her murder: Irish Independent
John Spain

Daughter of McConville to sue Adams over murder: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Terrorists do not deserve immunity: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Cameron should promise an inquiry into the Omagh bomb (Mar 17): Belfast Telegraph
Alan Murray

Sir Reg Empey urges caution over Order's Pope protest: BBC

Pledge on Bloody Sunday report: Belfast Telegraph

Profile – Lord Saville, chair of the Bloody Sunday inquiry (Mar 22): BBC
Edward Stourton

Northern nationalists to be third class citizens under Fine Gael propsal (Mar 21): (from the Sunday Independent)
Concubhar Ó Liatháin

Poppy shamrock hybrid in honour of Irish war dead (Jan 7): Londonderry Sentinel

Daylight upon Magic: The Times

Obligation to teach religion in class should go, say delegates: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Sunday, March 28

UUP chairman narrowly re-elected: The News Letter
Sam McBride

TUV set to stand against Lady Hermon: The News Letter

Election determines Sir Reg's fate: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Election poses its own questions: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Unionist unity is 'fundamental': The News Letter
Peter Robinson

Landmark ruling on IRA deaths inquests: Scotland on Sunday
Michael McHugh

BNP link not causing conflict – Orangeman: The News Letter

Fall trade conference for D.C.: Irish Echo

IRA used QE2 to smuggle weapons from New York: The Sunday Times
John Burns

Gerry Adams 'had Jean McConville disappeared': The Sunday Times
John Burns

Department slammed for transfer guidance (Mar 23): UTV Internet

Wasting money (Feb 16): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

My aim is to light the way forward for all our children (Mar 23): Belfast Telegraph
Caitriona Ruane

Damning report calls for Maghaberry changes (Mar 25): UTV Internet

Parade to mark anniversary of UDR creation (Mar 24): The News Letter

Irish Cardinal refuses to quit over abuse cover-up despite Vatican outrage: Scotland on Sunday
Michael McHugh

Spokesman dismisses Brady reports: RTE

McGuinness is on thin ice when he seeks cardinal's head on a plate (Mar 19): Irish Examiner
Matt Cooper

Church must respect State law ahead of its own rules (Mar 27): Irish Independent
Bruce Arnold

Thompson play can still help us to heal: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Why must agnostics be obliged to teach faith? (Feb 2): The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

We need a new Constitution that can serve people more effectively: Sunday Independent
Desmond O'Malley

Saturday, March 27

Loyalist Plum – My 'proof' of amnesty deal for prisoners: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Empey urged to run against McCrea in South Antrim: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty & Mark Hennessy

DUP moves forward on the election trail: The News Letter

Lady Sylvia faces a lonely walk back to Westminster: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Murray

After weeks in the spotlight new poll will cheer West Belfast MP (Mar 22): Belfast Media

PSNI face DIY security claims: UTV Internet

Stop-and-search power being abused by PSNI: Belfast Media

Woodward pays tribute to officers: Belfast Telegraph

Police step up Derry patrols after alerts: BBC

Three released over dissident probe: UTV Internet

New York pulls the plug on multi-million fund: Belfast Media

US backs City of Culture bid: Derry Journal

City of Culture bid is an 'achievable goal': Derry Journal

Order 'must distance itself from BNP': UTV Internet

Judge rules Orange woman 'must be reinstated': BBC

Judge pushes for Slab Murphy trial: UTV Internet

'Slab' Murphy makes second attempt to halt his tax trial: Irish Independent
Diarmaid Mac Dermott

'Sunday' family 'lose all hope of ever learning the full truth': Derry Journal

Legal move for IRA men's families: BBC

Nevin denied access to files on 1974 bombings (Mar 24): RTE

Mural exhibit chronicles 'The Troubles' of Northern Ireland (Mar 24): Lynchburg News & Advance

Republic is urged to join Commonwealth: The News Letter

Could Ireland really rejoin the Commonwealth?: Daily Telegraph
Philip Johnston

Opposition to pontiff 'better late than never': The News Letter

Church faces Stormont inquiry over cover-up of sex abuse scandals: The Times
David Brown and David Sharrock

Pope will force Brady to resign: Irish Independent
John Cooney, Ruth Gledhill and Jill Sherman

Questions the Pope must answer: The News Letter
Ian Paisley

It's religion itself that protects these sadistic priestly perverts (Mar 25): Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Amid the Encircling Gloom: The Times

Basque terrorist appeals extradition ruling: UTV Internet

Friday, March 26

Blow to David Cameron as only Ulster Unionist MP quits party:
Henry McDonald

Ulster Unionist MP Hermon resigns from party: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Ulster Conservatives branded 'weak' by McNarry: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists at loggerheads over 'unity' candidate: Fermanagh Herald
Austin Lynch

Will DUP support Lady Sylvia now that she's left their rivals?: Belfast Telegraph

UUP gamble has left them bust: Belfast Telegraph

DUP MPs 'to quit Stormont seats': BBC

Robinson to stand for Westminster: UTV Internet

We should value our MPs' time in London: The News Letter
Owen Polley

'Hung parliament could be beneficial'-Campbell: Londonderry Sentinel

Fearghal McKinney to fight for seat for SDLP: Belfast Telegraph

Ian Paisley's last act in the Commons – Commanding to the last (Mar 24):
James Kirkup

Order 'let mask slip' with pope comments: The Irish Times
Richard McMeekin

Former IRA hunger striker attacks Orange Order: Londonderry Sentinel

Orange plan to protest at Pope 'helps RC Church': Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

A road to nowhere?: The News Letter
Sam McBride

This is an expensive grievance charter: The News Letter
Peter Weir

Fountain bomb alert: Londonderry Sentinel
Eamon Sweeney

Three are held in dissident probe: BBC

PSNI focus on drugs and RAAD: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Hundreds of pounds of damage as cars vandalised outside Orange Hall: Impartial Reporter
by Catriona Loughran

Wolfe Tones urge Derry man to appeal sentence: Derry Journal

Bloody Sunday families in counselling call: UTV Internet

MI5 and Ireland (Mar 23): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

'Orange Order in BNP link': The News Letter

Executive likely to set up inquiry: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

This evil has its roots in iron rule of John Charles McQuaid (Mar 23): Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Pope and cardinal ought to be ashamed (Mar 22): The News Letter
Alex Kane

The Church's first step on the road to repentance (Mar 21): Daily Telegraph

Now not the time for referendum on blasphemy, says Ahern: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Thursday, March 25

UUP in surprise justice move: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Taking the poll (Mar 23): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Just hang on a Mo: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

McGuinness defends Robinson, accord: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Statement fails to reveal Lady Sylvia's next move: The News Letter

North Down and the Sylvia question: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

Harding named as Foyle UUP candidate: Londonderry Sentinel

PM pays tribute to Paisley: The News Letter

Ian Paisley does it his way with a final curtain call in Commons: Belfast Telegraph
Craig Woodhouse

PSNI complaints rise by a third: BBC

Cowardly gun attack on PSNI: Newry Democrat

Civil Rights veteran slams 'callous and cruel' Real IRA (Mar 23): Derry Journal

Acts of stupidity (Mar 23): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Hoax fails to disrupt parade: Newry Democrat

Moyle SF Chair receives 'death threats': Ballymoney Times

Bloody Sunday – Publish Saville report now, Sinn Fein tells PM: Belfast Telegraph

Saville report in lawyers' hands: BBC

Families may have to wait weeks for findings: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'We want the truth – not prosecutions, not compensation, not an apology': The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Leading human rights lawyer praises the Bloody Sunday families (Mar 23): Derry Journal

McDougall angry at funding delay: BBC

'Forgotten' Army sangar demolished: The News Letter

Stone Stormont assault 'impossible': UTV Internet

New attack on Rasharkin Orange Hall is condemned: Ballymoney Times

Magilligan mortar terror (Mar 23): Derry Journal

Ulster-Scots centre to be created: Belfast Telegraph

Some can seek British passports – FG: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Hundreds of Irish opt for British passports due to industrial action: Belfast Telegraph

Ukraine vows not to repeat Ireland's language 'mistake': The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Time for a Royal awakening folks (Mar 22): (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Orange Order oppose Pope visit: The News Letter

A preacher speaks as spin doctor from the pulpit: The Irish Times
David Adams

Wednesday, March 24

Durkan questions MI5 role: Londonderry Sentinel

Adrian Watson still fighting for chance to contest poll: Belfast Telegraph

Forgetting the Troubles:
Mark Devenport

Ian Paisley and politics of peace: Los Angeles Times

Bill of Rights review suspended: UTV Internet

Railway alert 'an elaborate hoax': BBC

Police renew appeal over Kieran Doherty killing: Derry Journal

Gardai join with PSNI in hunt for killers of 'enforcer': Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Government slammed for 'reneging on amnesty deal': The News Letter

Dawn Purvis – UVF will not go away until police end investigations: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Call for O'Loan to oversee UVF probe: UTV Internet

Calls for Dame Nuala to oversee UVF gang probe: The News Letter

Families want panel for UVF probe: BBC

The trouble with finding the truth: Belfast Telegraph

Bloody Sunday families angry at Saville delay: BBC

It was a very bad year: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Parkinson

Time to take the union flag down from City Hall (Mar 22): Belfast Media

Defaulting again to dysfunction: Belfast Telegraph

Sims named as UUP press director: BBC

An information office? Better keep that one quiet (Mar 18): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Vote Hume as the greatest Irish person of all time – Durkan: Londonderry Sentinel

Tom Tracy's legacy of truth and tolerance: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

Rooney joins JFK winners (Mar 21): Springfield Republican
Mike Plaisance

Dupper clubs, the new dining experience for DUP voters: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Plans for cross-border event to mark Irish famine (Mar 22): Belfast Telegraph

Second-level Educate Together plan receives boost (Mar 20): The Irish Times
Seán Flynn

SNP – Scots 'subsidise the rest of UK by billions of pounds a year' (Jan 19): The Scotsman
David Maddox

Tuesday, March 23

Peter Robinson – Parade deal crucial for progress: Belfast Telegraph

Alliance leader calls for review of police manpower numbers in North: The Irish Times

MPs back policing and justice devolution: UTV Internet

Watson 'will not be endorsed' by alliance: The News Letter

Robinson legal advice kept under wraps: The News Letter

Band march in field behind houses: Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

Orange woman's expulsion unlawful: BBC

Loyalist ponders removal of Sandy Row mural: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

Extra funding for Irish language schools: BBC

Take it down from the mast: Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

Questions of identity remain. It's the answers that have changed: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Paisley bids farewell to Commons: The News Letter

Security alert disrupts North traffic: The Irish Times

Chaos as masked men leave device on local bus: Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

Real IRA under attack as Derry again grinds to a halt: Derry Journal

What's this about?: Belfast Media

Dundalk shooting victim named as Seamus McMahon: BBC

Bloody Sunday report now completed: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Bloody Sunday report could be delayed until after general election:
Henry McDonald

Bad for justice if Saville inquiry is censored – relative: Belfast Telegraph

Britain's propaganda war during the Troubles: BBC
Mike Thomson

Operation Ballast concerns raised: BBC

Motorman shooting – none of soldier's colleagues traced: Derry Journal

Plough row as £33k is given to South's show: Belfast Telegraph

Justice devolution 'could deliver cross-border inquiry into child abuse': Belfast Telegraph

Cardinal Sean Brady must go:
Cristina Odone

Saying sorry is not enough. The church has got to change (Mar 21): The Observer

Catholic order still wants to run new schools: Irish Independent
Katherine Donnelly

Ireland as in 1890s is ripe for an alternative: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Stricken Presbyterian Mutual Society may yet be saved by bank: Belfast Telegraph

Monday, March 22

MPs set to approve transfer of justice to Assembly: BBC

North's police to fight disclosure (Mar 21): Sunday Business Post
Kieron Wood

UUP-Tory alliance chooses candidates: The News Letter

DUP lambasts UUP as hopes fade fast for unity candidates: Belfast Telegraph

Paisley's stronghold is now the key battleground: Tribune Magazine
John Coulter

Link-up with the Tories may end up costing unionist seats: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Planet UCUNF needs to come back down to earth: Belfast Telegraph
Jeffrey Donaldson

Finucane murder was greatest 'stain' on justice, says Neal in US: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Irish power alive and well in Washington (Mar 19): Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

"So what if it costs us €10m to provide security for US troops in Shannon – cheap at twice the price, in exchange for a comfortable position in America's pocket?..." (Mar 21): Sunday Tribune
Eithne Tynan

How Irish-Americans Paved the Way on K Street (Mar 17): Roll Call
Anna Palmer

US-based archive on Ulster Troubles: The News Letter

Shots fired at PSNI officers checking for bomb: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Bid to kill police officers slammed as 'cowardly': The News Letter

Ex-IRA suspect is shot dead in home of friend: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Firm action needed over dissidents: The News Letter

Government lawyers get Saville report on Bloody Sunday: BBC

Mural 'sends positive message': The News Letter

Peer turns back on Irish team: The News Letter

EU uses lessons from North in peace-building tool kit: Irish Examiner
Ann Cahill

Hillary Clinton to use Irish peace process as example for other ethnic conflicts: Irish Voice/
Frank Gallagher

Lessons in Peacemaking: Harvard Crimson
Melinda Kuritzky and Brendan Rivage-Seul

Pope's Letter Does Little to Assuage Irish Anger: New York Times
John F. Burns & Eamon Quinn

Papal letter has fanned flames of worldwide fury: Irish Independent
John Cooney

Scandal shows how prone we are to hypocrisy and hysteria (Mar 21): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Hayes calls on church to hand over schools: The Irish Times

Secular education for all would deny right to parental choice (Jan 30): The Irish Times
Breda O'Brien

Sunday, March 21

There will be no unity candidates – Trimble: The News Letter

When Northern Irish Eyes are Smiling: American Chronicle
Sean Scallon

PPS must prove to public that it is fit for purpose (Mar 15): Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

Cameron's bill of rights – the Northern Irish dimension:
Catherine Donnelly

Northern Ireland's murky world of informers (Mar 6): Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Magherafelt alert device 'viable': BBC

Hoax alerts spark furious backlash: The News Letter

Doherty meets Goggins to discuss army training exercises in Tyrone (Jan 20): Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

RUC families recall the pain of Newry attack 25 years ago: Portadown Times
Victor Gordon

The Warrington Peace Centre celebrates it's 10th anniversary:
Julian Hamilton

Call made for a new national anthem for Northern Ireland: The Sunday Times
Paul Rowan

No downsides to Croker call, insists Cooney (Mar 20): Irish Independent
Donnchadh Boyle

My battle over the scale of Fred Fraser's housing schemes (Jan 28): Belfast Telegraph

In admiration of a cross-border body (Mar 16): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Lighthouses may lose British subsidy – report (Mar 17): The Irish Times
Lorna Siggins

PMS ruling is welcomed: The News Letter
Victor Gordon

Hypocrites should keep a stony silence: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Pope's sex abuse letter breaks Vatican taboo: BBC
David Willey

Politicians share blame for turning blind eye to abuse (Mar 20): Irish Independent
Bruce Arnold

Catholic Church in a far deeper crisis: The News Letter
Nick Garbutt

Catholic Church – Test of faith: Scotland on Sunday
Dani Garavelli

Pope Benedict must bang heads together in his riven Scottish church (Jan 31): The Observer
Kevin McKenna

The Pope's misleading comments about the Equality Bill only highlight his hypocrisy (Feb 3):
Martin Salter

Carrickmacross council member wants Israeli ambassador out of Ireland (Mar 14):
Michael Devolin

The role of MI5 (Mar 16): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

Saturday, March 20

Peer slams Woodward over his role in polls: The News Letter

The battle for Strangford: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

A new love affair with the old sod: Irish Independent

U.S. Ties to Ireland, Northern Ireland:

President Obama praises McGuinness' 'outstanding leadership': Derry Journal

DUP closes the door on 'disloyal' councillor: Belfast Telegraph

Order member in sash expulsion bid: UTV Internet

Bitter row over bi-lingual motion: Derry Journal

Irish funding 'outstrips preps' (Mar 18): The News Letter

Derry bomb alerts paralyse city:
Henry McDonald

Dissidents blamed for rush-hour havoc to Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Real IRA say they caused Londonderry security alerts: BBC

Rugby supporters face travel chaos: Belfast Telegraph

Derry left frustrated by security alerts – Mayor: Derry Journal

Six arrested in dissident probe: UTV Internet

Republican anger at hunger strike graffiti: Derry Journal

Donnelly still on hunger strike: Derry Journal

McIlveen killers set out appeal basis: BBC

Micky-Bo murder appeals outlined: UTV Internet

Murdered teen's father mounts civil case against 'supergrass' Burcombe: Portadown Times
Gillian Halliday

Judgement reserved in McIlwaine case: UTV Internet

After 12 years, another delay for Bloody Sunday: Daily Mail
Steve Doughty

Families welcome Saville plan: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

We do not need to be told the truth. We need truth to be told (Mar 18): Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Former policeman could be brought back to court to face Hamill charge: Portadown Times

DUP's video link claims dismissed: Belfast Telegraph

Strip back the myths and reveal the real St Patrick: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Campbell accuses McGuinness of 'brazen audacity': Derry Journal

Catholic church will not be able to cover up it's crimes: The News Letter
Ian Paisley

Church not the only creature in our fog of abusive past: The Irish Times
Breda O'Brien

Why Church must confess all for sake of my abused friend (Mar 18): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Full Disclosure: The Times

Full inquiry to restore our faith: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, March 19

DUP likely to assume justice post: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ford has hard call to make over bugs: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Let's put Ulster at heart of Union: The News Letter
Reg Empey and Owen Paterson

Assembly to form group with Congress: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Ritchie Obama snub claim 'silly' says Martin McGuinness: BBC

Why Adams should listen to voices a bit nearer home: Belfast Telegraph
Owen Polley

Speeches serve up differing messages: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Why my faith in Chief Constable has been shaken (Mar 15): Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

Band stages parade protest: The News Letter

McKinney's decision to stand for SDLP 'no surprise,' says Sinn Fein: Fermanagh Herald

Why did UTV's Fearghal McKinney turn his back on television for politics? (Mar 16): Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Voting the ticket in The Fountain: Londonderry Sentinel
Alistair Wilson

The Ghost that cries for justice: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Judge's anger at MoD stalling over Roseanne Mallon inquest: Belfast Telegraph
Catherine Lynagh

Was Carrigans PO raid driver an informer?: Londonderry Sentinel

Anger over attack on Orange hall: The News Letter

We are still 'poles apart' on identity (Mar 15): Belfast Telegraph

Government delays release of Bloody Sunday report until after election: The Times
Frances Gibb and David Sharrock

Bloody Sunday families welcome report decision: Belfast Telegraph

New allegations against Catholic Church of mishandling child abuse: The Times
David Sharrock

Bloodstained handkerchief created iconic image: Irish Independent
Breda Heffernan

Mark Durkan urges church to 'come clean': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

If Brady must resign, then so should many lay people (Mar 17): Irish Independent
David Quinn

Brady must lead with compassion (Mar 16): The News Letter

PMS savers 'may never enjoy investments': UTV Internet

Chronicles of Long Kesh (Mar 17):
Lyn Gardner

Irish Car Bombs raise ire (Mar 17): Omaha World-Herald

Warning of rise in sectarianism as school plan's opponents stage protest (Mar 13): The Scotsman
Gemma Fraser

Thursday, March 18

Obama in pledge over ongoing peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Dee

Leaders present a united front: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

SDLP secure Obama meeting: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Brown hails role of 'friend' Brian Cowen in NI deal: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Kennedy's absence adds somber note at Irish tradition: Boston Globe
Susan Milligan

'Profound and enduring' relationship: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Taoiseach invites president to Ireland and Offaly: Irish Examiner
Conor Ryan

Obama's St. Patrick's Day wish is to visit Ireland: Irish Voice/
Antoinette Kelly

President takes time out on day 'all Americans want to be Irish': The Irish Times
Lara Marlowe

Barack and Michelle Obama win over the Irish crowd: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Capitol Hill unveiling for portrait of Pat Finucane: Irish Echo

David Ford – This is an opportunity for parties to move forward together: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

New beginning for N. Ireland (Mar 17): Boston Herald
Richard Neal

Transfer of police powers a positive move, says PSNI chief: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

PSNI chief Baggot's vision for policing: Belfast Telegraph
Matt Baggott

Garda 'relaxed' in dealing with cross-Border crime – Keaveney: Derry Journal

Senior PSNI 'bias' case is settled (Mar 16): BBC

Trial and retribution (Mar 16): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

A lesson in history for Cameron – unionists always do it their way: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Politics replaces violence but old allegiances remain: Belfast Telegraph
David McKittrick

Unity remarks 'ludicrous' – Campbell (Mar 16): Derry Journal

Omagh bombers could have faced justice if police had shared intelligence, MPs say: Daily Telegraph
Duncan Gardham

Bloody Sunday relatives protest at Downing Street: Derry Journal

Iris Robinson DUP replacement ordered from debate (Mar 16): BBC

DUP's video link claims dismissed (Mar 16): Belfast Telegraph

'Politics should have no place in football': The News Letter
Conall McDevitt

The Troubles draw tourists to Belfast: Detroit News
Greg Tasker

Anger over McGuinness 'quit' call: The News Letter

Cardinal's behaviour gives present an air of bad faith: The Irish Times
Fionnuala O'Connor

Ireland was a strange and demented place in 1975: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Scandal-Hit Catholic Church Still Integral To Irish (Mar 16):
Rob Gifford

State schools must offer choice of education free of religious bias (Mar 17): Irish Independent
Dick Spicer

Wednesday, March 17

First Ministers off to White House for talks with Obama: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

SDLP leader demands that she be invited to Obama meeting: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Bloody Sunday relatives hope to meet Obama: Derry Journal

Northern Ireland leaders have Hillary Clinton meeting: BBC

Members Savor Part in Irish Peace Process:
Tricia Miller

Cowen says Ireland reaching out to US in new ways: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Allstate exec touts N. Ireland as business gold mine: Chicago Sun Times
Abdon M. Pallasch

Robinson and McGuinness play the green card on Washington visit (Mar 16): The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell

Who could have imagined this for Northern Ireland?: Syracuse Post-Standard
Jim Walsh

N. Ireland votes for peace, economic prosperity: The Hill
Shaun Woodward

A lesson on peace – from the Irish: Toronto Sun
Lisa Van Dusen

As Northern Ireland seeks to secure peace, splits within unionist ranks: Christian Science Monitor
Jason Walsh

Swashbuckling Sir Reg finally delivers a shot across the bows (Mar 15): Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Don Orange for St Patrick's Day: (from the Irish Daily Star, Mar 15)
John Coulter

Baggott will focus on co-operation with garda: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Dissidents 'not funded from US': BBC

Gary Donnelly on hunger strike: Derry Journal

Omagh bombing intelligence inquiry needed, say MPs:
Henry McDonald

Omagh families accuse Gordon Brown of cover up: Daily Telegraph
Duncan Gardham

Downing Street defends Omagh bomb intelligence move: BBC

Questions remain about intelligence before and after this shocking attack: The Independent
David McKittrick

Omagh – The search for the truth: BBC
John Ware

Omagh – the missing pieces: The Independent

Omagh bomb questions must be answered: Belfast Telegraph

Quinns remain defiant: Newry Democrat
Joanne Ross

IRA victim loses commission appeal: UTV Internet

Pipe bombing accused refused High Court bail: Belfast Telegraph

Gun charge link to inquiry into murder of Strabane man: BBC

Verdict in explosives case ruled 'unsafe': The News Letter

'Debate instigated by those seeking offence': The News Letter
Ian Paisley Jnr

McGuinness asks Brady to consider his position: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Civil servants told Tony Blair a Catholic could not be ambassador to Vatican:
Nicholas Watt

No Pope visit for Northern Ireland: BBC

Holyrood to play host to Her Majesty and His Holiness: The Scotsman
David Maddox

Protesters to target Pope during visit to Scotland: The Times
Ruth Gledhill, Charlene Sweeney

Tuesday, March 16

One on four Protestants expect Irish unity: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

United Ireland poll – We are not at peace with ourselves: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Marked divisions around issue of national identity: Belfast Telegraph
Linda Beers

A fragile, but lasting peace in N. Ireland: Providence Journal
Ed Fitzpatrick

Former US commissioner says policing gamble paid off: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Dee

Policing has got to be ruthless: The News Letter

Long journey for N. Ireland leader (Mar 15): Chicago Sun Times
Abdon M Pallasch

Robinson and McGuinness meet with senior political and business figures: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

UUP leader 'welcomed' in Washington: UTV Internet

Electoral officer hits back at claims over by-election: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

Unionism needs to find a coherent strategy: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Two appear on terrorism charges in Newry: BBC

Politics alone will not end dissident violence: Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Misguided element (Feb 2): Derry Journal

Report by MPs into Omagh bomb spy claims published: Belfast Telegraph

Bloody Sunday family centre opens: Derry Journal

'My brother received no warning' (Feb 1): Derry Journal

Importance of honouring armed forces (Mar 13): The News Letter

Woodward in favour of prosecutions insists McCord: Belfast Media

What would a Northern Ireland soap opera be like? (Feb 1): Belfast Telegraph
Maureen Coleman

Fans share almost 'one voice' on team song issue: The News Letter

Online poll backs calls for new football anthem: The News Letter

Harrington gets his Irish up over 'British' question (Mar 10):
Mike Walker

Dublin slap on wrist for Glentoran fans guilty over match violence: Belfast Telegraph

Gaeltacht guru set for return: Belfast Media

Church in Ireland sinking as rot goes right to the top: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry


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