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This archive contains references to articles from March 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


March 31

When Brit Gov't OKd Killing: New York Daily News

Deal too close to call: Irish Independent

N. Ireland Talks Hit Home Stretch: Washington Post

RUC attack tests Labour on human rights: The Independent

Dangerous Days: The Irish Times (Editorial)

A vision for the north based on reality, not on fantasy: Irish News

Unionist scorn for Ahern's proposal: The Irish Times

Mowlam denies plan to cut jobs in Ulster jails: The Times

Hint of history amid business-as-usual calm: The Irish Times

Reluctant fighter still committed to talks: The Irish Times

March 30

Rush to referendum would be disastrous: Sunday Business Post

Who'll put a value on Fianna Fail's green core?: Sunday Business Post

British unit accused of murder ties still at work: The Irish Times

Time for `disreputable' INLA to quit - Adams: Irish Independent

Pluralism is broader than two concepts of Irishness: The Irish Times

Oscar or no, `Lexie' film boosts Ulster: Boston Globe

NI politicians well versed in use of wounding: The Irish Times

North peace resting on how the South will vote: Irish Independent

Worrying pointers to violence as talks progress: The Irish Times

Changes: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Death squad conspiracy: The Guardian

‘To leave conflict and division behind’: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

It’s the last round-up at the ’98 talks corral: Irish News

The ghosts of our past should rest in ‘peace’: Irish News

Sinn Fein in challenge to Ahern: Irish News

March 29

Army set up Ulster murders: Electronic Telegraph

UN to Seek Inquiry into Finucane Killing: Sunday Tribune

Ulster braced for more violence: The Independent on Sunday

Trimble fury at death plot book: The Sunday Times

Crucial Week in Talks Process: Sunday Tribune

IRA accused of 'ethnic cleansing': The Sunday Times

Bomber who lost faith: The Sunday Times

March 28

Peace moves: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Thirteen days until the talking has to stop: The Times

'Aspiration to unity' ideal gains popularity: The Irish Times

Orangemen out of order: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster row over media manipulation: The Independent

Wording is the key hints Mallon: Irish News

Gunmen Kill Ex-Policeman in Ulster: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Warning on linking religion to politics: The Irish Times

March 27

Scots Guards' jail terms apall MP: Irish News

Fishermen furious at territorial claim: Irish Independent

Unionists attack business sector: Irish News

Mitchell's task: The Guardian (Editorial)

Peer seeks to lift bar on Catholics: The Guardian

Red, white and very blue: The Irish Times

Beatings done by failed terrorists: The Times

'Minister for North' to give peace his best: The Irish Times

Bank bomber attacked, Continuity group claims: The Irish Times

March 26

Dissident offshoot the main threat to peace: Irish Independent

An upbeat mood, but what next?: Boston Globe

A PROMISING MOMENTUM IN BELFAST: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

April 9 deadline set for accord on peace in Northern Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

From little splinters can grow tomorrow's terrorism: The Independent

Police 'clear' IRA of bomb links: Electronic Telegraph

Wide support for Mitchell: Irish News (Editorial)

War and lies: The Guardian

15-day deadline set for Ulster talks: The Times

Ahern moves to calm FF fears over Articles: The Irish Times

RUC needs more Catholics says FEC: Irish News

SDLP plans Belfast event to remember 1798 Rising: The Irish Times

March 25

Mortar attack on 'bandit country' Army base: Electronic Telegraph

Mowlam 'dissembling' IRA facts - Maginnis: The Irish Times

Does Trimble think that the people are stupid?: Irish News

SF difficulty in rejecting peace deal: The Irish Times

SF will contest assembly vote: Irish News

Change is coming says SF: Irish News

LVF hunger strike threat escalate: Irish News

March 24

Splinter group becomes a thorn: Irish Independent

Northern Ireland talks enter crucial phase: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sinn Fein returns to talks turmoil: The Guardian

Little optimism as parties return to the fray: The Irish Times

Time for new unionist path: Irish News (Editorial)

Article 2 amendment would be a testament to a good man: The Irish Times

Guards demo for jailed comrades: Electronic Telegraph

Two-tier policing backed by report: Irish News

No consensus on North's future, survey finds: The Irish Times

Dissidents won’t resign from SF: Irish News

Mowlam in fraud crackdown: The Independent

March 23

Trading Articles 2 and 3 for things we have: Sunday Business Post

MPs back `acceptable formula' for North's new dawn: Irish Independent

In the in-door but ending up at the out-door: Sunday Business Post

Friends couldn't survive N. Ireland's hate: Philadelphia Inquirer

Respect: Irish Independent (Editorial)

The best news is no news: Sunday Business Post

Parties dismiss Ulster hopes: The Guardian

Security forces fear IRA link to border car bomb: Electronic Telegraph

Paisley demonstrates politics of paranoia: Irish News

Unionists determined to leave Adams out in cold: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland talks have reached the endgame, but stalemate is all too likely: The Independent

Parades rally hears calls for direct dialogue: Irish News

SF gives dissidents membership ultimatum: The Irish Times

Behind the diplomatic curtain: Irish News

Role of C of I schools 'helps build bridges': The Irish Times

March 22

Paramilitaries may take part in law enforcement: Sunday Tribune

Trimble's ballgame: Boston Globe

Northern agencies slam new fair employment plans: Sunday Tribune

Unionist anger as Sinn Fein rejoins talks: Electronic Telegraph

Nursing peace into full bloom in Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum: The Sunday Times (interview with Mo Mowlam)

A clear call to all the President's Ulstermen: The Independent on Sunday

New mortars used in IRA attack: The Sunday Times

Tomorrow belongs to the spirit of Coveney: The Sunday Times

Loyalists smeared blood on Maze inmates to shield killer: The Observer

A day in the Maze: The Sunday Times

Identity card proposed to tackle Ulster vote-stealing: The Sunday Times

March 21

Little to cheer about: Irish Independent

Trimble to soothe his party: The Times

Unenthusiastic Trimble sticks with the talks: The Irish Times

Decision time for Unionists: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams under no illusion about consent principle: The Irish Times

Unionists appear to be losing their way: Irish News

Ambitious Trimble is given qualified support: The Irish Times

Republican bomb raid on bank: The Guardian

Church ignores confession slur: Irish News

March 20

Ulster peace negotiations to resume under May deadline: Boston Globe

Getting into a stew over flags on menus: Irish Independent

TDs unite in revulsion at flag dumping by Maginnis: Irish Independent

Ireland's rules: The Guardian (Editorial)

Keepers who face a daily regime of intimidation: The Times

North parties to get proposals for 3 bodies: The Irish Times

Only Ulster's own parties can break out of the maze: The Independent

Trouble flares at DUP rally: Irish News

Trimble precariously positioned as time presses on: The Irish Times

Irish unity inevitable says Doherty: Irish News

March 19

How Clinton upped the peace ante: Irish Independent

Irish Foes Wouldn't Lift a Hand: New York Daily News

Fury at LVF bid to kill children: Irish Independent

A Terrorist Tangled in History: New York Daily News

Moral monopoly of Church `dying off': Irish Independent

Three Weeks for the Irish: Washington Post (Editorial)

Arms Trial veteran stands by SF leadership: The Irish Times

Alliance calls for ‘new society’: Irish News

Clinton fails to bring leaders together: The Irish Times

Hope lives on 10 years after horror at Casement: The Irish Times

Can English be more than post-British?: The Times

Role sought for Irish diaspora in NI talks: The Irish Times

Ken’s flag of inconvenience: Irish News

March 18

On the Sunny Side Of Historic Procession: New York Daily News

An optimist British leader offers plausible scenario for Irish peace: Philadelphia Inquirer

Pride & a Push Toward Peace: New York Daily News

Law, in a message for St. Patrick's, calls strife an 'evil': Boston Globe

Clinton Makes Case for Peace in N. Ireland: Washington Post

Clinton: it's your chance of a lifetime: Irish Independent

There is a role in peace talks for a US strand: The Irish Times

Reynolds leads Irish America: Irish News

Overwhelming vote 'crucial to agreement': The Irish Times

Politicians attack RUC commission move: The Irish Times

RUC: We don’t turn blind eye to attacks: Irish News

Concern about Articles 2 and 3 in Fianna Fail: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

March 17

Trimble to join Orange Scots: The Herald


Northern Ireland: Dallas Morning News (Editorial)

An ode to St. Patrick: Philadelphia Inquirer

The high road in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

A Hopeful Saint Patrick's Day: Washington Post

'We cannot stop Maze murders': Electronic Telegraph

Constitution change to suit lapsed republicans: The Irish Times

The day when green and red are the colours: Irish News

'Uneasy' Trimble suggests deadline may not be met: The Irish Times

Friend in deed: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Authorities must have known Keys was at risk: The Irish Times

Primacy of national rights is ‘key to prize of peace’: Irish News

Trimble banquet slammed: Irish News

Reports of demise of Irish identity are exaggerated: The Irish Times

Family hopes to have Roisin home for Easter: Irish News

March 16

Demolishing the Constitution of the Republic: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Losing the way back home to the nation of Ireland: Sunday Business Post

1 in 3 Catholics in RUC harassed: Sunday Business Post

Get Britain Out Of Ireland — And by a Date-Certain: New York Daily News

Clinton eyes lobbyist role on N. Ireland: Boston Globe

For St. Patrick's Day, a parade and politics: Philadelphia Inquirer

Inquiry call on Maze death: The Guardian

Trimble deserves credit for staying at the table: Irish News

Changing the Constitution: The Irish Times

Get more Catholics to join RUC told: Irish News

Northern politicians unite in New York: The Irish Times

Trimble, Hume and Adams set to meet Clinton: Irish Independent

Referendum should take place in 'South first': The Irish Times

Slim evidence of settlement: Irish News (Editorial)

Arms deal denied: The Irish Times