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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from March 16-31, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, March 31

Deal deadlock: Belfast Telegraph

Between a rock and a hard place: Belfast Telegraph

Adams must bite the bullet : Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Joy and tears on Ulster's long Good Friday: Belfast Telegraph

'Real progress' in Ulster peace talks: The Times

Statement by IRA at heart of efforts to ease crisis: The Irish Times

Ulster at the crossroads, says Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

How the assembly will work: BBC

Adjournment of talks possible during Easter: The Irish Times

They've made one Good Friday. Let's hope they can make another: The Guardian

Fertile imaginations sow seeds of doubt and hope: The Irish Times

Can Mr Blair really make war and peace at the same time?: The Independent

Trimble’s ‘right’ phobia is doing a great wrong: Irish News

Victims' return may be delayed: The Independent

Wife’s anguish as husband is left off IRA graves list: Irish News

'Dossier shows RUC and British complicity in bombs': The Irish Times

Thatcher in tribute to bombed MP Neave: Irish News

Tuesday, March 30

SDLP deal is our best hope, why won't Trimble take it? : Belfast Telegraph

Blair 'a liar and deceiver', says DUP: Belfast Telegraph

Tense days for Northern Ireland: BBC

Trimble meets Adams for talks on arms issue: Electronic Telegraph

SEMTEX NOT SEMANTICS: The Times (Editorial)

Neutralising IRA emerges as real aim of agreement: The Irish Times

Mandela calls on Ulster to reach a deal: The Independent

Positive hints suggest all is far from lost: The Irish Times

And no one stops to think . . .: The Times

IRA identifies nine graves of Ulster's 'disappeared': Electronic Telegraph

'We can stop wondering where he is': The Times

O'Donoghue rules out inquiry into bombings: The Irish Times

‘Shoot to kill’ reports are on Patten agenda: Irish News

Unionists warn of unrest if RUC reformed: The Irish Times

Monday, March 29

Will words speak louder than actions?: Belfast Telegraph

Full circle as North holds its breath again: Irish Independent

Down to the wire: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Northern judges and Northern justice: Sunday Business Post

Blair poised for frantic bid to save Ulster peace: The Guardian

Sequel will be playing to difficult audience: The Irish Times

Arms issue is all that can stop a startling revolution: The Independent

'Solutions' abound but leaders prepare for failure: The Irish Times

IRA hint at arms concession to put pressure on Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Looking for Good Friday: The Guardian (Editorial)

Words can only be stretched so far in Northern Ireland: The Independent (Editorial)

The Week of the Test: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Paranoid dressed in cloak of peace: Irish News

Congress may seek exclusion of RUC: The Irish Times

Outside officer will lead Nelson inquiry: Irish News

Order plans huge twelfth demo: Irish News

Special day when even the police wore pink: The Times

UUP gives pledge on all-Ireland business: Irish News

Sunday, March 28

IRA `ready for war' if talks fail this week: Sunday Independent

Leaders make 11th hour plea: BBC

Semtex is the best bet for peace: The Observer (Editorial)

Putting manners on the paramilitary murderers: Sunday Independent

RUC and Sinn Féin Face Crucial Weeks: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Trimble shows more flexibility over IRA arms: The Sunday Times

One year on: half a peace is better than none: Independent on Sunday

A prison record will see you right in the North: The Sunday Times

Analysis: Everything has changed, but nothing has been resolved: Electronic Telegraph

'Trimble left me to be seen as the patsy': The Observer

MoD bans book about army intelligence agent: The Sunday Times

Peace is worth it, for all our sakes: Sunday Independent (by Seamus Mallon)

Paramilitaries import terror to new jail: Electronic Telegraph

New evidence on Bloody Sunday: The Sunday Times

A hard day's night searching for peace: The Sunday Times

Saturday, March 27

Trimble...the unionists...and the hard choices ahead: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam sets talks deadline: BBC

Governments hopeful NI deadline will be met: The Irish Times

FBI agents interview Nelson witnesses: Irish News

Chance to reverse North's economic stagnation: The Irish Times

Prodi takes over ‘Rome rule’: Irish News

Return of the cavalry, one year on: The Irish Times

Loyalists on terror campaign says SF: Irish News

Love conquers the evil of Omagh bombing: The Times

Hume's Nobel cash for charity: The Guardian

Nationalists ‘can live with Radio Ulster tag’: Irish News

Friday, March 26

The killing of Billy Wright: Belfast Telegraph (by Ian Paisley Jnr)

Sparks fly in human rights row: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalists threaten to end ceasefire: BBC

Blair and Ahern try to break arms deadlock: Electronic Telegraph

Adams wants Dail role for North MPs: The Irish Times

Hamill murder trial judge hits out at the RUC: Irish News

Uproar in Ulster as man is acquitted of killing: The Times

‘There’s more hate in this town than in hell’: Irish News

A Damning Critique: The Irish Times

Imposing rule of law on RUC is now urgent: The Irish Times

Ross angers unionist with troubles claim: Irish News

Murder of solicitor linked to Drumcree: The Irish Times

Thursday, March 25

Auntie's guide for bloomers?: Belfast Telegraph

Flanagan defends use of RUC in probe: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam will not rule out release of IRA snipers: Electronic Telegraph

RUC criticised over threats to rights lawyer: The Times

Britain refuses to remove RUC from investigation: The Irish Times

Publish Yard’s Nelson report: Irish News (Editorial)

Decommissioning will happen - Mowlam: BBC

Blair must once again take control of peace process: The Irish Times

Unionists challenge Trimble over SF: Irish News

Payout for Ulster arms considered: The Guardian

Sinn Fein wants voice in Dail: Irish News

Wednesday, March 24

Eamonn McCann: Belfast Telegraph

248 deadly threats to us all: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Cause for concern: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Straw frustrated by High Court in attempt to stop early freedom for lifers convicted on mainland: The Guardian

Tebbit's anger over IRA prisoner 'bungle': BBC

Back on the streets and not a gun given up: Electronic Telegraph

Peace process crying out for historic compromise: The Irish Times

Hume urges IRA 'hand in explosives': BBC

RUC's hostility to Nelson inquiry cited in report: The Irish Times

Don’t lose any sleep over flying porkers: Irish News

Mitchell 'puzzled' by British response to smear: The Irish Times

Why Irish culture leads by a head: The Independent

Tuesday, March 23

Malachi O'Doherty: Belfast Telegraph

Straw blocks IRA jail releases: The Guardian

The IRA bombers Straw wants to keep behind bars: Electronic Telegraph

IRA prisoners block arms progress: BBC

Irish-Americans harden attitude to the RUC ‘fox’: Irish News

A New Threat to Irish Peace: New York Times (Editorial)

Answering to the people?: Irish News

Independent murder inquiry is in society’s interests: Irish News

Taylor urges Nicholson to withdraw from poll: The Irish Times

Family of Ulster attack boy vow to defy threats: The Times

Educators in North see new room to move: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday education pack launched on the net: Irish News

Monday, March 22

North leaders taken to task by teacher Mitchell: Irish Independent

New claim of Loyalist and RUC collusion in killings: Sunday Business Post

RUC get Nelson probe rebuke: Belfast Telegraph

Can the British government take on the securocrats?: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Irish Premier Sees Progress on Arms Issue in the North: New York Times

Strategy in place to tackle arms impasse: The Irish Times

In spite of darkness, still room for hope: Irish News

Trimble tells his party the IRA will surrender its arms: The Irish Times

How can the police survive the peace?: Irish News

FAIT man says IRA tried to kill him: The Irish Times

SF denies claims by Price sisters over intimidation: Irish News

Sunday, March 21

Who killed Rosemary?: The Observer

UDA Involved in Nelson killing: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mitchell the enforcer calls shots on arms: The Sunday Times

Republicans have blown hot and cold on decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Irish leaders carry home the message on pressing for peace: Boston Globe

Nelson killing reinforces doubts over decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

New inquiry into RUC terror links: Electronic Telegraph

RUC 'not to be charged' over Nelson: The Sunday Times

Ulster lawyers 'threatened by RUC': Independent on Sunday

The evil that blew us all back to the abyss: The Sunday Times

Security forces under fire over links to loyalist killers: Electronic Telegraph

Price sisters harassed for anti-peace talk: The Sunday Times

Trimble accused from all sides: BBC

Clinton tells Adams IRA must disarm: The Sunday Times

White House Outreach Leaves Trimble Dangling: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Irish bid to expand Derry: The Sunday Times

Rollercoaster peace process: BBC

Godfather of peace: The Sunday Times (by George Mitchell)

Crown faces the axe from NIO emblem: The Sunday Times

Saturday, March 20

'Send out Drumcree invite to Catholics': Belfast Telegraph

Peace depends on a reformed RUC trusted by all sides: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Triumphalist tricolours flutter on St Patrick's Day?: Belfast Telegraph

Belfast on the Potomac: Boston Globe

Northern Ireland Peace Agreement Reduces Newly Sentenced IRA Guerrillas: New York Times

Don't create any martyrs, SAS squad was ordered: Electronic Telegraph

Sniper unit equipped with deadliest rifle ever made: The Irish Times

Let’s have no more grieving mothers: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair to join peace talks: BBC

Implementing The Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Stay out of Nelson inquiry, RUC told: Irish News

Political novice has key to peace: The Times

Trimble, Adams may be closer to peace: The Irish Times

Inside the Red Hand Defenders: Irish Independent

End of another week of horror: Irish News

'Peace deal means nothing here. This is Portadown': The Independent

Stevens ‘is not right man’ for Finucane probe: Irish News

US taxpayers' thoughts on Paddywhackery: The Irish Times

Friday, March 19

Stevens returns for new inquiry: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell's message: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair gives ground on IRA arms handover: Electronic Telegraph

SF leader prepared to 'reach out' to unionists: The Irish Times

At Slain Lawyer's Funeral, Bishop Calls for Calm in Northern Ireland: New York Times

Riots sweep Portadown as tension boils over: Irish News

'Concern' over RUC handling of Nelson case: The Independent

CIRA’s threat to leading loyalists: Irish News

A song for Ireland: The Times

History will not forgive failure warns Mitchell: Irish News

Australia's debt to the Irish: The Independent

UUP slur on centre for rights: Irish News

Thursday, March 18

Ulster Slay Laid to Cop Plot: New York Daily News

Save the RUC: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

No sign of peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Northern Ireland leaders to meet: BBC

Loyalists blamed for latest killing: The Times

Loyalist lived on borrowed time: The Guardian

Clinton Tries to Spur N. Ireland Factions: Washington Post

Trimble never fails to amaze: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble step that could help in easing the crisis: The Irish Times

Blair vows to hunt down Nelson killers: The Independent

Witnesses to killing difficult to trace: The Irish Times

Remake, remodel: The Guardian

Trimble may meet Garvaghy residents: Irish News

Wednesday, March 17

Time for IRA to commit to peace: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Can Irish peace hold?: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

Adams: I can't deliver guns: Belfast Telegraph

Peace in Ireland Is Oh, So Close, and Yet Oh, So Far: New York Daily News

Time is tight and we must not fail: Belfast Telegraph (by Mo Mowlam)

St. Patrick's Day: no day of joy for the Irish: by Barbara Pryor (Lynchburg News and Daily Advance)

Political murder in Ulster: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Time to clean up this dirty war: Belfast Telegraph

Police Collusion in a Northern Ireland Murder Will Be Investigated: New York Times

Role for UN in murder inquiry sought: The Irish Times

Nelson death inquiry ‘must exclude RUC’: Irish News

Nelson investigation a tough challenge for Flanagan: The Irish Times

They grip their guns more tightly: The Times

St Patrick's Day hope for peace: BBC

Suddenly, in Lurgan: The Guardian

Education could not buy a life of peace: The Times

Good Friday and Good Faith: Washington Post (by Bertie Ahern)

Irish Leader Who Grew Into Eloquence: New York Times

Flags flying in the face of St Patrick’s message: Irish News

Impasse in North cannot be allowed to persist: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Fundraising is not Gladstone pie in the sky: Irish News

Bloody Sunday soldiers win fight to keep anonymity at new inquiry: The Guardian

Tuesday, March 16

FBI join hunt for lawyer's killers: Belfast Telegraph

Proud mother who campaigned for justice: Irish Independent

Hope that the bigots will be isolated: Irish Independent

Just say the war is over: Belfast Telegraph

When all eyes are smiling: Toronto Globe and Mail

Renegade Protestants Kill Lawyer in Ulster: New York Times

Rosemary was denied protection: Irish News

Killing will strengthen IRA case on weapons: The Guardian

Dissident loyalists intent on republican retaliation: The Irish Times

Of course it’s frightening ..the thing is so sinister: Irish News

Views that turned a solicitor into terrorist target: Electronic Telegraph

Bombing the peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

Anger in US at killing of leading rights advocate: The Irish Times

Abuse and threats for defending civil rights: Irish News (by Rosemary Nelson)

Foul Murder In Lurgan: The Irish Times (Editorial)

'Last Chance' for the Irish: Washington Post (Editorial)

Deadline antics show UK turning to old ways: The Irish Times

Law Society to ignore Finucane report: Irish News