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This archive contains references to articles from March 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


March 31

IRA claim in Oklahoma bomb adds to confusion: Daily Telegraph

1922 pact has lessons for closer northern links: The Irish Times

Irish revolutionary's jailed daughter is now a cause celebre: Philadelphia Inquirer

Attack on SF signals end to loyalist ceasefire: The Irish Times

'Naive' Mowlam is accused of Ulster blunder: Daily Telegraph

Terrorists raise the stakes as Adams hints at Labour hope: The Times

March 30

IRA 'supplied detonator for Oklahoma terror bomb': Sunday Telegraph

Treating soldiers like terrorists: The Sunday Times

IRA truce could see Sinn Fein in talks this summer, says Mowlem: Sunday Telegraph

March 29

Former MI6 head blames politicians for IRA growth: The Times

Keeping Warrington alive in the peace process: The Irish Times

Mallon's vision for new future: Irish News

Is that an Orange box Major is standing on?: Irish News

Call off Mass picket says top loyalist: Irish News

Further signs of a split in Orange Order: The Irish Times

SAS victim 'was walking home from Confession': Irish News

Maze warders fear murder: Daily Telegraph

March 28

US court rules ex-IRA man's offence 'political': Irish News

IRA suspect is arrested in hospital: Daily Telegraph

Public waits for answers: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams hears of FF leader's 'strong views' on Wilmslow: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

March 27

'Spectacular' feared after bomb attacks: The Irish Times

BLAIR AND THE BOMBERS: The Times (Editorial)

Explosions raise fears of IRA offensive: Philadelphia Inquirer

IRA can't expect clean slate if Blair is elected: The Irish Times

Not the expected 'spectacular': The Irish Times

Sources still hopeful of a new IRA ceasefire: The Irish Times

Protest call to loyalists over Dunloy crisis: Irish News

Violence increases pressure on Hume/Adams contacts: The Irish Times

'SAS soldiers' shoot man in Coalisland: Irish News

Unionists object to 'biased' parades body: Daily Telegraph

Catholics not gaining jobs at expense of Protestants - Cooper: The Irish Times

Film attacked for glamorising IRA: Daily Telegraph

March 26

Patience with IRA is wearing says Bruton: Irish News

Yesterday's men hang on for 'one last heave': Irish News

A colony of England: Boston Globe

CBI leader tells Sinn Fein to end violence: Daily Telegraph

MP criticises Reynolds as Adams extends welcome: The Irish Times

March 25

Lesson learnt in past follies: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA's Maze tunnel escape plot foiled: The Times

MORAL OF THE MAZE : The Times (Editorial)

Republican prisoners see escape as their duty: The Irish Times

Terrorists rule in jail blocks where staff fear to tread: The Times

Shun Harryville protest Unionists tell Robinson: Irish News

March 24

Alderdice makes grim warning: Irish News

The Collapse of Vision: The Irish Times (Editorial)

McAliskey drops bid for seat in Mid-Ulster: Irish News

Sinister INLA threat to cross-community work: Irish News

Trimble attacks 'loudmouth unionists': The Irish Times

Trimble backs Faul peace plea: Irish News

Bomber back with IRA colleagues: The Times

March 23

The truth about Bloody Sunday: Boston Globe (Editorial)

March 22

Response to IRA ceasefire proposal disappoints Kennedy: The Irish Times

Injustices of Bloody Sunday may be purged: The Irish Times

Allegations point to Widgery cover-up: The Irish Times

Washington Notebook: Presidential St. Pat's at a safe distance: Boston Globe

McAliskey is snubbed by Adams: Daily Telegraph

North policing cause of conflict, says academic: The Irish Times

IRA 'owns up to 20 pubs in the Republic': The Irish Times

March 21

McAliskey daughter to stand for Parliament: The Times

SDLP may meet Sinn Fein and McAliskeys: Irish News

Agreement about Dunloy marches being considered: The Irish Times

Kennedy is on Bloody Sunday board: Irish News

March 20

Unrest seen in Ulster marching season: Boston Globe

The ticket to sitting at the Irish peace talks: Boston Globe (by Patrick Mayhew)

Speeches in US have given Sinn Fein a chance: The Irish Times

Orange leaders close to striking marches deal: Irish News

Ormeau walk pact forged by politicians: Irish News

Progress can be made on North, says Major: The Irish Times

Full of sound and fury but signifying nothing: Irish News

Straight from the Arts: The Irish Times

North may yet be an election issue: The Irish Times

March 19

Unionism shows little change since O'Neill: Irish News

White House tries to revive peace process: The Irish Times

Army 'lost control' of Bloody Sunday: The Times

Campaign group briefs Congress: The Irish Times

Birmingham Six sue Tory MP for slander: Daily Telegraph

Family of dead soldier visits area of shooting: The Irish Times

March 18

Memories and Rifts Endure 25 Years: Daily News

How SF can get into talks - Gore: Irish News

Visiting Irish Leader Urges Peace at Home: Daily News

Poignant Pause In Merry March: Daily News

US parade halts for Irish famine victims: The Times

Solidarity shown for McAliskey on New York march: Irish News

Irish PM demands new probe of 'Bloody Sunday' killings: Nando Times

Adams carries coffin of father shot by loyalists: Daily Telegraph

Conflicting signals on Tyrone parade: The Irish Times

Warrington bomber to have case reviewed: The Times

GENERAL ELECTION 97 - Sectarian grip holds predictable outcome: The Times

No nationalist pact but unionists may yet agree: Irish News

Parties fail to resolve tactics: The Irish Times

SDLP hits at Catholic jobs bias allegation: Irish News

March 17

Getting beyond the mentality of apartheid to build a new Ireland: Boston Globe (by John Hume)

Letter to IRA is returned to sender: No forwarding address Sinn Fein tells BC priest: Boston Globe

New allegations fuel demands for public inquiry: The Irish Times

'Get kills' Bloody Sunday paras told: Irish News

Agreement on march route 'sets precedent': Irish News

Orange leaders deny agreement on 12th march in Dromore: The Irish Times

St Patrick is relevant to Protestant tradition too: Irish News

Looking into the abyss: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA prisoners 'lead life of luxury': The Times

Bruton to meet Gore on North as Clinton recovers: The Irish Times

March 16

Family seeks new 'Bloody Sunday' probe: Boston Globe

Church accused of McAliskey bias: The Sunday Times

IRA is hit by cash crisis: Sunday Telegraph

March 15

Kennedy calls for ceasefire upon talks commitment: The Irish Times

Adams 'confident' of IRA ceasefire: Irish News

Honest broker speaks from the heart: The Irish Times

DUP calls for Mitchell's resignation: The Irish Times

Mitchell hits the mark: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble drinks green beer at the back door: Irish News

A Missed Opportunity: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Catholic father of nine gunned down in home: Irish News

Dublin angry over minister's views on McAliskey: The Times

Washington's Patrick's Day has no time for parade: The Irish Times

March 14

McAliskey to keep baby with her in jail for 9 months: The Times

Denton row shows 'need' for MacBride principles: Irish News

Consent cuts both ways, Taylor tells unionists: The Irish Times

No Weakening of Commitment: The Irish Times (Editorial)

March 13

Loyalists plan huge civil rights parades: Irish News

Foundation for peace built, says Tanaiste: The Irish Times

Denton's damage may outlast Major's regime: The Irish Times

It's time to honour the south's forgotten heroes: Irish News

Howard is accused of 'petty tyranny': Daily Telegraph

UUP praises 'acceptable face' of nationalism: The Irish Times

A beacon of tolerance in an intolerant environment: The Irish Times

March 12

Irish-America's unrealistic view: Boston Globe (by Sean O'Callaghan)

Ceasefire is way forward: Irish News (Editorial)

Learning the lessons of the hunger strikers: Irish News

St Patrick 'hijacked by nationalists': Irish News

Inquiry ordered into 'sectarianism' at minister's office: The Times

Loyalists to provoke a 'Drumcree' stand-off : Irish News

FF leader criticises 'brutality' of IRA: The Irish Times

March 11

Bell tolls for victims of Famine's blackest year: Irish News

Ulster forum put on hold: Daily Telegraph

Harryville 'threatens to infect community': Irish News

Inquiry on incident at Denton's office: The Irish Times

March 10

Reynolds spells out the price of IRA peace: Daily Telegraph

Political leaders head for Patrick's parades in US: The Irish Times

March 9

Protesters rally at prison for pregnant IRA suspect: Boston Globe

March 8

Weld, in Belfast, says violence imperils US investment, trade: Urges a seat for Sinn Fein at talks: Boston Globe

Has the roof fallen in on the talking shops?: Irish News

Don't vote for Irish Labour Party - Trimble: The Irish Times

Adams launches scathing attack on Fianna Fail chief: Irish News

'King Rat' jailed for threatening to shoot woman: The Times

March 7

As the promise of a truce withers, Belfast and Dublin turn to trade: Business leaders seek economic corridor: Boston Globe

Handling of McAliskey case worries Tory MPs: The Irish Times

March 6

Weld takes his trade mission on a whirlwind tour of Dublin: Boston Globe

Unionists still on the margins of UK debate: The Irish Times

Orangemen march into history books: Irish News

The Northern Talks Adjourn: The Irish Times (Editorial)

World's grade A goes to Catholic education: Irish News

Clinton hopes NI talks can move forward by June: The Irish Times

Adams denies SF orchestrated march protests: The Irish Times

Denton faces pressure to quit Stormont: Irish News

Unanswered questions: Irish News

March 5

Capitol Hill's New Irish Player: Irish Voice

Sinn Fein 'orchestrated Drumcree disturbances': Daily Telegraph

SF denies leading NI parade protests: The Irish Times

Major's minor rewards for unionists' one-track loyalty: Irish News

UUP offering 'hand of friendship': Irish News

March 4

Scandal of Roisin's case: Irish News (Editorial)

Unity is vital to make Ireland an EU success: Irish News (by Seamus Brennan)

Fears to speak of '98 recede as Orangemen seek role: The Irish Times

C of I not a sectarian target in 1798: The Irish Times

Former killer tours US 'to fight IRA lies': Daily Telegraph

Bomb attack is blamed on loyalists: The Irish Times

Pressure may be mounting on loyalists to retaliate: The Irish Times

March 3

Is there stamina to ride the peace roller-coaster again?: The Irish Times

Unionist leaders expected to agree election pact: The Irish Times

Outcry feared if baby taken from McAliskey: The Times

Venue sells out as Rev Willie sings for Lord: The Irish Times

March 2

Shunning of Sean, the Irish voice America won't hear: The Sunday Times

Ireland: The Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland by Joseph Ruane and Jennifer Todd: The Sunday Times (book review)

March 1

Mr Ahern's Moral Righteousness: Andersontown News

Ex-soldier condemns Bloody Sunday killings: The Irish Times

Players fail to perform as scoreless draw ends: Irish News

Congressman's remarks anger British ambassador to US: The Irish Times

O'Callaghan and King pull no punches in Capitol Hill debate: The Irish Times

Unionists will see green as new peace prince is crowned: The Irish Times

No regrets, no turning back, no good option: The Irish Times