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This archive contains references to articles from March 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


March 15

'Cowboys' challenge peace in N. Ireland: Boston Globe

Questions Raised Over Ludlow Murder: The Sunday Tribune

Peace hopes for St. Patrick's: Philadelphia Inquirer

Blair set to chair Ulster peace talks: The Observer

Ahern trip puts heat on Trimble: The Sunday Times

Mowlam raises Ulster hopes: The Independent on Sunday

Miracle recoveries of the IRA inmates: The Sunday Times

IRA 'raises £8m a year in US': Electronic Telegraph

IRA linked to South African weapons plot: The Sunday Times

Correction: Ian Paisley Jr: The Sunday Times

March 14

In Belfast, a split for St. Patrick's Day parade: Philadelphia Inquirer

Grieving in an Oasis of Friendship: Los Angeles Times

Clinton seeks progress as Ulster parties visit: Boston Globe

Anger at British Embassy invitation to Adams: The Times

Time to tiptoe through shamrocks with Sammy: Irish News

Sinn Fein can stay – Mowlam: The Independent

Admission fee to White House is North progress: The Irish Times

Dissidents challenge British claim to north: Irish News

Guessing game begins on Next US Irish envoy: The Irish Times

Residents' leaders to stage US march plea: Irish News

Explain 'republican elements', says Trimble: The Irish Times

Pressure group lifts Ford boycott: Irish News

March 13


Kennedy asks OK for stamp that recalls Irish famine: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein leader gets cheers at Seton Hall: Bergen Record

Do not ignore IRA violence, Blair warned: Electronic Telegraph

Draft N. Ireland Pact Is 'Close,' Blair Says: Washington Post

Mowlam to face US pressure on parades: The Irish Times

Taoiseach and Blair set to run final phase: The Irish Times

Milestone will be real talks: Irish News (Editorial)

Alignment of school curricula with NI urged: The Irish Times

Survey shows Ormeau parade support: The Irish Times

His legacy in a handshake: Irish News

Change needed for North's transition: The Irish Times

March 12


It was a terrible thing to release Roisin McAliskey... but it was necessary: The Guardian

McAliskey solicitor hits out at Tory MPs: Irish News

Equality Of Treatment: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Latest plan to tackle inequality crucial to peace: The Irish Times

Blair in peace talks plea to Sinn Fein: The Independent

Unionists allege British change on talks issues: The Irish Times

Residents present case to US: Irish News

Bishops may urge support for North referendum: The Irish Times

Paramilitaries paid by drug dealers – RUC: The Irish Times

March 11

Provos `on loan' to maverick terrorist group: Irish Independent

IRA's mavericks still wait their chance: Irish Independent

IRA linked to mortar bomb attack: Electronic Telegraph

WHY ARE WE TALKING?: The Times (Editorial)

Security forces to move against IRA dissidents: The Irish Times

Disaffected Provisionals may be flouting ceasefire: The Irish Times

'Events' tend to dictate changes in attitude: Irish News

Audition goes on: The Irish Times

Germans demand McAliskey trial: The Guardian

Decision to free McAliskey made on political grounds: The Independent

SNP poll surge raises prospect of independence: The Times

March 10

Britain declines to extradite ailing IRA suspect: Boston Globe

Talk, please: Irish Independent (Editorial)

McAliskey goes free: The Guardian

Case against McAliskey was not tested in court: The Irish Times

Mixed reaction in North to extradition decision: The Irish Times

No talks until meeting with Blair, says Adams: Electronic Telegraph

'Watch out' for the British response to Garvaghy report: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

March 9

Three quarters of a nation: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

North's `acceptable' rivers of blood: Sunday Business Post

A commission of contempt: Sunday Business Post

Irish Terrorism: Washington Post (Editorial)

Articles 2 and 3 not a panacea: Irish News (Editorial)

The road to peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

DUP-LVF link is no fallacy: Irish News (Editorial)

LVF threatens Protestants who 'collude' with process: The Irish Times

Adams says united Ireland comes later: The Independent

Trimble is an unlikely latter-day Faulkner: The Irish Times

Praise be to God for our neighbours in diversity: Irish News

Growth of sectarian tension alarms NI colleges: The Irish Times

March 8

Deaths only hasten peace: The Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Pointing out the real heroes to Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

Hard-liners threaten Trimble leadership: The Independent on Sunday

LVF terror chiefs back Paisley '100%': The Sunday Times

RUC Accused of 1976 Murder Cover-up: The Sunday Tribune

Nothing to fear from new Irish constitution: The Sunday Times (interview with Bertie Ahern)

Ulster peace funds feed factionalism: Electronic Telegraph

Scramble begins to take over as US ambassador: The Sunday Times

Passing of the green era: The Sunday Times

March 7

Winning over hearts and minds: Irish Independent

Friends for life; even in death not far apart: The Independent

New draft of Article 2 will redefine Irish nation: The Irish Times

Heaven help us from the 'mansion below': Irish News

Blair at prayer: The Guardian

Paisley at 'loyalist' rally: Irish News

Empey rules out trading for Articles 2 and 3: The Irish Times

Boxing club that fights for peace: The Times

Protestant schools first choice for many Catholics: The Irish Times

March 6

A question of commitment to peace: Irish Independent

Blair to meet Sinn Fein leaders at No 10: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster peace talks to end by Easter: The Times

Territorial claim to go if agreement found: The Irish Times

'I'm only human' insists Mowlam: Irish News

32 County group to challenge poll: The Irish Times

DUP role in rally causes outrage: Irish News

Adams warns on North talks deadline: The Irish Times

Is Blair Turning Catholic? Pew Sighting Raises Questions in London: Washington Post

March 5

Indiscriminate guns kill an Ulster alliance: Boston Globe

Unionists condemn loyalist killings: Electronic Telegraph

Death across the divide: The Guardian

Terrorists laid bare by authors on the inside: The Independent

Two pay the ultimate price for friendship: The Irish Times

Poll gives 32-county Ireland reality jolt: Irish News

Something stirring in the North's aching soul: The Irish Times

Blair denies conversion after visits to Westminster Cathedral: The Times

Obstacles to settlement look pretty formidable: The Irish Times

Irish in Britain deserve special status, says MP: The Guardian

Mowlam vetoes Irish parades watchdogs: Irish News

IRA deaths on the rock sparked off murder cycle: Irish News

March 4

Backlash fear after huge bomb find in hayshed: Irish Independent

If only somebody knew what they were doing: Irish News

Two shot dead in Ulster bar room: Electronic Telegraph

Poyntzpass murders seen as loyalist response: The Irish Times

Unionists will 'avoid SF like the plague': Irish News

Gibraltar story is still unfolding: Irish News

Elections for new assembly sought in June: The Irish Times

DUP attacks EU funding of New Agenda peace group: Irish News

March 3

Europe holds key to peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Parades Commission: The Irish Times (Editorial)

This year St Pat has to cope with Erin the Bear: Irish News

Report expresses hope on parades: Irish News

Bonfire sets sparks flying: Irish News (Editorial)

Angelus sets a test for liberals: The Irish Times

March 2

A nation never again?: Sunday Business Post

Of splits, splinters, and taking your distance: Sunday Business Post

Ahern expresses concern over parades body: Irish Independent

Mowlam wants deal before marching season: Electronic Telegraph

Tebbit casts 'bigot' slur at Ahern: Irish News

Republicans, loyalists go to Nicaragua: The Irish Times

Reasonable people can realise dream of peace: Irish News

Approaching A Distant Shore: The Irish Times (Editorial)

President is roasted over bonfire plan: Irish News

Presbyterians give a lesson in the roots of prejudice: The Irish Times

Beating the drum for peace: Irish News

March 1

Move over God, Adams cometh: The Sunday Times

Nationalists Predict Major Conflict in Drumcree: Sunday Tribune

Ahern told of likely IRA terror split: The Sunday Times

Alert after bomb attempt: Electronic Telegraph

Threat from Fringe Groups Still Unclear: Sunday Tribune

Deadly dogs of war: The Sunday Times

Bigots shown the red card: The Sunday Times

Adams's Disavowal Seen as Significant: Sunday Tribune

McAleese's Orange party is shot down: The Sunday Times

Time for our president to stamp on some tribal toes: The Sunday Times