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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from March 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, March 15

Bomb kills Northern Ireland lawyer: BBC

Another victim of Drumcree?: BBC

Trimble needs to face the realities of paramilitarism: Sunday Business Post

Century man Hume heads paper's hero poll: Irish Independent

Clinton's crusade: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

RUC collusion with loyalists reached the highest levels, claims book author: Sunday Business Post

Too Many Guns Threaten Peace in Northern Ireland: Washington Post

Major says IRA need not 'surrender': BBC

Trimble takes important step: Irish News (Editorial)

'Entry of SF to executive could cause republican split': The Irish Times

Mitchell may be recalled to fix Ulster deadlock: The Times

General who must square arms circle: The Guardian

News with a View: Helping N. Ireland say farewell to arms: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Clinton has key role in advancing process: Irish News

Dr Eames wants IRA 'act of faith' on arms: The Irish Times

Clegg truth ‘covered up’: Irish News

Sunday, March 14

The focus of Irish talks shifts to Washington: Boston Globe

Mitchell put on stand-by to save Ulster peace: The Sunday Times

Trimble offers olive branch to Sinn Féin: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Be warned: failure is not an option in Northern Ireland: Independent on Sunday (by Mo Mowlam)

Clinton Set to Tackle Arms Crisis: by Niall O'Dowd

Mowlam beset by schools row: The Sunday Times

Dublin pressing for troop withdrawal timetable: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA hardliners push ceasefire to the limit: The Sunday Times

Vigils focus on Ulster families in forced exile: Electronic Telegraph

Dublin walks to Orange beat: The Sunday Times

In Illinois, It's the Political Life for Riley, Gilhooley Et Al.: New York Times

Och aye, Mowlam puts up £2m for Ulster-Scots: The Sunday Times

Saturday, March 13

Clinton can't save Irish peace; Adams and Trimble can: Boston Globe

Clinton orders Adams to give up arms: The Times

Pressing flesh in push for a deal: Irish Independent

US congressman demands major reforms of RUC: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble cheerier after week of ups and downs: The Irish Times

Victim's father talks of defeat - Karen Reilly 'loved people': The Guardian

Clegg acquittal a blow for the peace process: The Examiner (Editorial)

Peace process is now just a game of cat and mouse: Irish Independent

An empty formula of words is not enough: The Irish Times

St Patrick, hear our prayers: Irish News

Good Friday deadline may still be met: The Irish Times

Hope for peace rests on Clinton's clout: The Times

Drumcree protest flounders: Irish News

Friday, March 12

The trials of Private Clegg: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

No winners, only losers: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mowlam pins peace hopes on Clinton: The Independent

Decommissioning can be 'resolved': BBC

New NI institutions blocked by the UUP: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

TD urges release dates for IRA men: Irish News

It's up to gunmen to sort out arms issue: The Irish Times

Exile is not some archaic notion. It is happening now, in our back yard.: by Andrew Marr (The Observer)

IRA steps up exile punishments: The Times

Truth can help heal the scars: Irish News

Tears as Clegg is cleared of murder after nine-year fight: Electronic Telegraph

Nationalists express concern, unionists relieved at verdict: The Irish Times

Grudging verdict after judge says defence a farrago of deceit and lies: The Guardian

Rage over Loyalists death link misprint: Irish News

Thursday, March 11

Sinn Fein must look to backing a political way: The Irish Times

The truth we don't want to hear: Belfast Telegraph

Mallon says de Chastelain words will be important: The Irish Times

Washington trip could boost peace - Mowlam: BBC

Will sanity prevail at Stormont?: Irish News

Sinn Fein Must Disarm: Washington Post (by John Taylor)

New chance for Drumcree: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster motorists queue to beat petrol duty rise: The Times

More than a case of just one bad apple: Irish News

Orange chiefs say RUC title must stay: Irish News

Grieving daughter fights IRA man's release: Electronic Telegraph

Splinter group ‘backs process’: Irish News

US paper ad lashes Trimble: Irish News

Wednesday, March 10

Tony Blair's message to Ulster: Belfast Telegraph (by Tony Blair)

Tourists looking for the Troubles: Toronto Globe and Mail

Another day, another deadline: Belfast Telegraph

Yes (Please) Minister ?: by Peter Kelly (Fortnight Magazine)

'Arms deadlock can be broken': BBC

Ailing peace process goes into extra time: Sydney Morning Herald

Adams and Trimble in arms talks stalemate: Electronic Telegraph

We wake to nightmares if the dream deal dies: Irish News

Guns at the door please, Trimble tells Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Top loyalist feared ‘LVF death threats’: Irish News

Existence of guns a threat - Bruton: The Irish Times

Law body ‘blocking report on Finucane’: Irish News

Tuesday, March 9

Malachi O'Doherty: Belfast Telegraph

Disarmament Dispute Forces Delay in Creating Northern Ireland Cabinet: New York Times

Patience in Ireland: The Guardian (Editorial)

Fear returns after attacks from new loyalist groups: The Irish Times

Weapons row tops agenda again: Irish News

Assembly salaries may be stopped: The Irish Times

Hardliners plot to kill Gerry Adams: The Guardian

Irish-Scottish links soon to turn more political: The Irish Times

Monday, March 8

Making history: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Power-sharing the real crux?: Sunday Business Post

New pressure on arms handover: BBC

IRA weapons deadlock 'must end in days': Electronic Telegraph

No Compromise On Arms: The Irish Times

Unionists split over IRA arms: The Independent

Loyalists in protest vow over Drumcree: Irish News

Time for new formula to handle arms issue: The Irish Times

Catholic taxis in new threat from loyalists: Irish News

Now is the time to bite the bullet: The Irish Times

RUC ‘grapple in the Apple’ now ‘private’: Irish News

Fury at Denning praise: Irish News

Sunday, March 7

Trimble invites Sinn Fein to talks: BBC

RUC men's secret war with the IRA: The Sunday Times

The policeman and 'the Jackal': The Sunday Times

No breakthrough on decommissioning expected in Washington: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

RUC killer claims army-loyalist link: The Sunday Times

In reality, IRA has little room for manoeuvre: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ireland's finest may get 'St Patrick' knighthoods: The Sunday Times

Trimble chance to rid himself of foe: The Observer

Labour to stay out of North: The Sunday Times

Saturday, March 6

New human rights team biased, say Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

Peace process at 'critical stage': BBC

Storm clouds gather over peace process: The Irish Times

RUC 'led loyalists to IRA suspects': The Guardian

Loyalists admit collusion with army and RUC: The Irish Times

Philpott claim needs scrutiny: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton will press leaders to get their act together: The Irish Times

What bleedin’ deadlines?: Irish News

SA transition 'example to Sinn Fein': The Irish Times

Amnesty confirms beatings probe: Irish News

Friday, March 5

Irish question to be asked in census: Belfast Telegraph

Arms are the key to completing the Ulster jigsaw: Electronic Telegraph

Ahern and Trimble agree details of new treaties: The Irish Times

Adams: no more time to lose on executive: Irish News

No End to Violence in Ulster: Each Side Now Kills Its Own: New York Times

A community approach to 'punishment' attacks: The Irish Times

'Peace will not come. There's evil out there': The Times

Why the British government renewed anti-terror laws: Irish News (by Adam Ingram)

Security forces 'aided loyalist gunmen': BBC

RUC 'must not be sacrificed': The Irish Times

‘New era’ as Sunday opening wins out: Irish News

Thursday, March 4

No disarmament, no dialogue: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Unionist support for peace deal slumps: BBC

Blair steps up the pressure on arms: The Guardian

IRA cannot deliver on arms - Ervine: Irish News

Mallon working to resolve arms issue: The Irish Times

Deadline in Ulster moved to Easter: The Independent

Deep concern for future of NI policing: The Irish Times

Loyalist paramilitary groups banned: BBC

SDLP warns Paisley over naming names: Irish News

Wednesday, March 3

Adams isn't boxing clver: Belfast Telegraph

Political endgame: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Omagh suspect freed: BBC

Grief still for families of Poyntzpass victims: The Irish Times

Special status plea for CIRA prisoners: Irish News

Assembly orders allow for late gesture by IRA: The Irish Times

‘Decommission the reasons for conflict’: Irish News

Adams hits RUC plans to box in New York: The Times

First Minister dampens speculation on arms issue: The Irish Times

Turning down the volume of the civil rights song: Irish News

Too far down decommissioning road: The Irish Times (by Ruairí Quinn)

McMichael doubts IRA peace commitment: Irish News

Tuesday, March 2

More are signing up, says UUP: Belfast Telegraph

Last hurdle: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Malachy O'Doherty: Belfast Telegraph

Australian PM has no regrets over refusing to meet Adams: Irish News

Mallon proposes arms disposal 'third way': BBC

Irish America puts its stamp on US history: Irish News

SDLP and SF in dispute over language issue: The Irish Times

Unionists’ fears over nationalist expansion: Irish News

A cruel fact of life that has saved countless lives: Irish News

Nationalists welcome human rights appointees: The Irish Times

Ban RUC boxing team says Adams: Irish News

Monday, March 1

Decommissioning unlikely as army street patrols increase: Sunday Business Post

Point of principle: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mallon suggests solution to logjam: The Irish Times

'No possibility' of IRA arms handover: BBC

Trimble ready to by-pass SF if impasse persists: The Irish Times

Only trust can move barriers: Irish News (Editorial)

Garda net tightens on Omagh bomb suspects: The Irish Times

Strange creeds and guns make an unhealthy mix: Irish News

The alternative to back-street ‘justice’: Irish News

SF warns against 'betrayal' to unionists: The Irish Times

Relief and sorrow as the walls went up: Irish News

NI conference told of S African policing reform: The Irish Times

Monument attack blamed on loyalists: Irish News