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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from May 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, May 15

Key role awaits IRA arms inspectors: BBC

Arms check will go ahead, says McGuinness: The Times

New British law on flags expected: The Irish Times

Trimble haggles on IRA arms dumps: The Guardian

Pressure piles on Trimble to sway sceptics: Irish Independent

The politics of 'maybes': Toronto Globe and Mail

Trimble faces test of history as time and tide turn towards peace: Irish Examiner

Agreement is on with or without UUP: Sunday Business Post (May 14)

Unionism faces major turning point: Irish Independent

The prize to overshadow all the pain: Irish News

How new is this deal?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Unionist Week of Decision: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Unionist manoeuvrings are pathetic: Sunday Business Post (Editorial - May 14)

Common sense at mast head: Irish News (Editorial)

Ken must take leaf from different book: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein `lacks political structure' for success in Republic, says Adams: Irish Independent

Republicans moving to seize high moral ground: The Irish Times

Scheming leads to direct talks: Sunday Business Post (May 14)

McAleese vision of island at peace: The Irish Times

Bombing victims remembered: BBC

Irish regiments seek new recruits: The Irish Times

Remembrance service for UDR: BBC

'Battering' of young rejected by McGuinness: The Irish Times

Church unity is a step nearer: Belfast Telegraph

Northern policies would help southern economy: Sunday Business Post (May 14)


SF leader hits out at Garda: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 15 ---------

Tribunal to hear plea for sniper anonymity: Irish News

Sunday, May 14

Trimble to pull out of deal if IRA stalls: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson in move to quell flags dispute: The Observer

Clinton visit to underpin Ulster peace: The Sunday Times

Depth of IRA weapons deal unrealized: Boston Herald

Taylor's intervention like manna from heaven for anit-agreement Unionists: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Crunch week for NI politics: BBC

Brits exploited law in North says professor: Ireland on Sunday

Trimble puts unionists to shame: The Sunday Times

No halfway house between fascism and democracy: Sunday Independent

IRA man: Peace no easy task: Boston Herald

The Provos are going out of business: by Tommy McKearney (Sunday Tribune)

One cheer for the IRA: Sunday Independent

ANC brokered IRA peace offer: The Observer

Deals that led to the IRA arms shift: The Sunday Times

British must not give in to 'stupid unionism': Ireland on Sunday

A courageous people with far more to fear than fear itself: Sunday Independent

Unionists enhance Dublin role in North: Ireland on Sunday

Vindicated brothers show politicians lesson in realism: The Sunday Times

Death threat made against Martin McGuinness: Independent on Sunday

Adams 'assassin' targeted by UDA: The Observer

Bent coppers are sentenced after RUC's night of shame: Ireland on Sunday

Search continues for IRA victims: BBC

Undercover peace: The Sunday Times

BBC reveals underbelly of the 'dirty war' in the North: Ireland on Sunday

Army spied on Clare Short: The Sunday Times

Blair dissidents are kicked off the Parades Commission: Ireland on Sunday

Anger at Chinook inquiry refusal: BBC

DUP attack on Queen's as it plans to drop the crown: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 13

Trimble says government reform plan's success is not certain: Boston Herald

IRA is ‘playing catch-up’ on arms: Irish News

Trimble falls into line with his troops : The Irish Times

Agreement which flies the flag for diversity?: Irish News

Spin-doctors are working overtime now: Irish Independent

The sun is shining on the only show in town: Irish News

Forget the Union Jack: Boston Herald (Editorial)

The tide is with Trimble: The Guardian (Editorial)

Trimble's Call: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Cool heads are needed: Irish News (Editorial)

South African lessons nurture peace in North: The Irish Times

RUC to discipline convicted officer: Irish News

Search for IRA victims nears end: BBC

Northern lights: The Irish Times

U.S. Publisher to Pay in Ulster Pair's Libel Suit: New York Times

Businessmen get libel damages: BBC

Top UUP man accused of wanting Hamill whitewash: Irish News

Flanagan 'concerned' at punishment attacks: The Irish Times


Friday, May 12

N. Ireland peace process hits snag: Boston Herald

RUC row threatens deal: The Guardian

O'Donnell warning on IRA statement: The Irish Times

Guns or butter?: Belfast Telegraph (by Bob McCartney)

Neeson wants reciprocal moves- from loyalist paramilitaries: Irish Examiner

Hilltop watch-tower decision angers SDLP: The Irish Times

Media attitude is disturbing: Irish News (Editorial)

Ex-MI6 agent says IRA talks began in 1975: The Times

IRA supporters infiltrated inner city groups: Irish Examiner

Body search a waste of time, says family: Irish News

Arms dealer pleads guilty: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 12 ---------

Soldier says powers that be told him not to give evidence in 1972: Irish Examiner

Soldier says Bogside was 'nightmare country': The Irish Times

Inquiry set to outlast Widgery: Irish News

Thursday, May 11

Secret IRA guns move revealed: Belfast Telegraph

Poll backing for return to Stormont: BBC

Unionist ‘no’ vote gaining more ground: Irish News

Paisley threat to boycott Ulster power sharing: Electronic Telegraph

Flanagan rejects claim of political bias over army base shutdowns: Irish Examiner

RUC name change not a real concern: Irish News

Unionists press for details of Bill on RUC reforms: The Irish Times

Provos should disband - CIRA: Irish News

The Catholic Church and the RUC: Belfast Telegraph

IRA fights internal rifts over weapons: Boston Globe

Call for loyalist arms move: BBC

Pssst, what about all the other guns?: Irish News

Putting faith in 'rugged honesty' of the IRA: Belfast Telegraph

North problems remain - Ahern: Irish Independent

Cowen may need to help Trimble: The Irish Times

Now Trimble must earn his salary: Belfast Telegraph

A positive step toward Irish peace: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Yasser Adams? Middle East lessons for Sinn Féin: by Gary Kent (Fortnight)

Sinn Fein leader gets UMass honor: Boston Herald

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

RUC trial raises serious issues: Irish News (Editorial)

Loughran first Catholic to head NI Civil Service: The Irish Times

Harland and Wolff shipyard is saved at the 11th hour by £300m contract: The Independent

Putting a human face on the North's conflict: The Irish Times

Nationalist challenge to parades body fails: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 11 ---------

'Soldier shot against guidelines': BBC

Soldier’s shots could have sparked para fears of attack: Irish Examiner

Soldier tried to kill me, says leader of Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Wednesday, May 10

Brits plan to scrap 5 N. Ireland bases: Boston Herald

Look-out post will go as RUC reduces security: The Independent

No tears will be shed for battered sangar: Irish News

PM to meet Paisley: BBC

Orange intentions unclear: Irish News

New drive to aid Trimble over RUC reform: Irish Independent

Republicans insist on survival of Patten plan: The Irish Times

The police question is an arresting problem: Belfast Telegraph

Peaceline tense after fresh clash: Irish News

Dissidents caught napping: The Irish Times

New life in peace process: BBC

Appeasing terrorists is abasement of democracy: The Irish Times

Westminster, not unionism, holds the veto: Irish News

Movement in Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

Disarming Northern Ireland: Washington Times (Editorial)

Normal society is the only aim: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster Protestants Wage a Libel Suit in Washington: New York Times (May 9)

Extremists on both sides still meting out their savage 'justice': The Guardian

Mother speaks out against IRA vigilante gangs: The Times

The awful truth of community policing: Irish News

Support for new inquiry into Finucane killing: The Irish Times

Robert Hamill: Three Years On in the Quest for Justice: G21

Parades Commission 'not representative': BBC

UN backing sought for SF death list campaign: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 10 ---------

Para says colleagues were in firefight, inquiry hears on radio recording: Irish Examiner

Records incomplete on arrest operation: The Irish Times

‘Life was saved by mystery runner’: Irish News

Tuesday, May 9

Unionists 'will be back at Stormont within two weeks': Electronic Telegraph

Taylor warns deal could fail over RUC proposals: The Irish Times

Ulster troops to be cut if deal holds: The Guardian

Loyalist views divided on IRA’s pledge: Irish News

UDP in talks with Trimble over Provos' offer on arms: Belfast Telegraph

Summit of IRA top 20 sealed weapons deal: Irish Independent

IRA weapons pledge gives hope for peace: de Chastelain: National Post (May 8)

Trimble warned by dissident unionists: The Irish Times

Have faith in IRA's honesty, Unionists told : The Times

RUC name will be changed in policing bill insists Mandelson: Irish Independent

Taoiseach rules out compromise on emblems: The Irish Times

On the Falls Road, a sense of optimism: Irish Examiner

Ramaphosa hopeful on arms progress: BBC

Visit from Mandela's right-hand man was catalyst for Republican arm concession: Scotland on Sunday (May 7)

Deal that won the hearts and minds of the IRA: Irish Independent

Policing may be crucial last moment: The Irish Times

Healing the wounds: The Guardian (by Peter Mandelson)

What role awaits the ex-activists?: Irish News

Storms possible, but prospects are promising: The Irish Times

Gunmen's seismic shift on arms offers golden opportunity to end the killings: Irish Independent

And the cry in Ulster is 'Slow surrender': The Times

IRA Cracks Open the Door: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Brighter in Belfast: Toronto Globe and Mail (Editorial)

IRA makes a move: USA Today (Editorial)

A step forward: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

'Beyond Use' in N. Ireland: Christian Science Monitor (Editorial)

Olive branch extended: Montreal Gazette (Editorial)

The IRA proposal should end the war: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Door to peace reopens: Seattle Times (Editorial)

Irish breakthrough: Toronto Star (Editorial)

On the one road: Irish Independent (Editorial)

New hope in Ulster: Albany Times Union (Editorial)

Northern parades commission selection questioned: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday - May 7)

Dr Paisley granted me a few minutes of his time. I had planned some aggressive questionning, but found him infuriatingly disarming: Belfast Telegraph

Civic maturity is essential: Irish News (Editorial)

Commission support for murder inquiry: BBC

Hamills hopeful of a public inquiry: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday - May 7)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 9 ---------

Call to soldiers over anonymity: BBC

General turned his back on vital evidence: Irish Examiner

Counsel examines evidence on order to Paras: The Irish Times

Monday, May 8

Unionists want more details on IRA arms deal: Boston Herald

Unionists still doubt IRA on arms pledge: The Times

McMichael warns against exclusion: The Irish Times

Loyalists query what led to Provo pledge: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble 'can win backing for IRA deal': Electroic Telegraph

No sign that IRA will disarm, says MP: The Irish Times

Patten says peace is within grasp: Irish Examiner

Trimble on knife-edge: The Times

Trimble has fight to sell initiative to party council: The Irish Times

Trimble faced with a bumpy two weeks: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson firm on RUC name change: Belfast Telegraph

Government prepared to make concession on RUC: The Irish Times

The weapons: The Guardian

Provos have moved their dumps further south: Electronic Telegraph

Republicans received weapons by the shipload from Gaddafi's Libya: The Independent

Ireland breakthrough lifts mounting tension: Boston Herald (May 7)

Quietly, carefully, a path was cleared for the IRA: The Independent

The war is over IF the Provos mean what they say: Irish News

An ingenious solution if allowed to work: Irish Independent

The players with power over a deal: The Scotsman

Terse IRA statement carries crucial word: Irish Independent

Arms pledge is 'seismic' shift to peace: Electronic Telegraph

Leave the doubters behinds and begin to sell the deal: Irish News

Initiative leaves unionism with stark choice: The Irish Times

Final offer: The Guardian

Cowen's no-nonsense diplomatic style proves effective: Irish Independent

Northern Ireland Peace Progress: New York Times (Editorial)

NEW GROUND: The Times (Editorial)

The IRA peace initiative: Boston Globe (Editorial)

A huge and mighty step: The Guardian (Editorial)

What next for the IRA?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

A step in the right direction: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The road to normality in the North is now open: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Breaking New Ground: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Nearly there: Irish Independent (Editorial)

YES TO PEACE: Andersonstown News (Editorial)

The real heroes of the Troubles open up their hearts and minds: Belfast Telegraph

Packed discos show that life is better in Belfast: The Times

Bloody Sunday inquiry to resume: BBC

A tribute to Kieran Nugent: Andersonstown News

Sunday, May 7

In Breakthrough, I.R.A. Will Allow Arms Inspections: New York Times

IRA Pledges to Put Arms 'Beyond Use': Washington Post

Clinton hails IRA offer: BBC

Broad support in Northern Ireland for agreement: The Sunday Times

IRA arms inspection could begin with the 'mother dumps': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Pursuit of peace gives IRA new mission: Boston Herald

'Completely and verifiably beyond use': The Observer

IRA finally delivers peace: The Sunday Times

The men who will check the weapons: The Observer

IRA’s statement of intent but they stick to their guns: Scotland on Sunday

Marathon talks lead to a deal: Electronic Telegraph

Secret meetings paved the way for peace: Ireland on Sunday

How IRA crossed the Rubicon on arms: Independent on Sunday

Taking a big leap for a safer future: The Sunday Times

Republican leadership has the more difficult selling job: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sink or swim time for Unionists: Ireland on Sunday

Unionists divided over peace 'at their fingertips': The Sunday Times

Trust the key as guns fall silent: The Observer

Alarm bells for Irish democracy: The Sunday Times

The Devil is in the future: Sunday Independent

Stormont rising from the ashes: Ireland on Sunday

The prize of peace is within our grasp: Sunday Independent

Ireland expects: The Observer (Editorial)

Last chance for Good Friday deal: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Ireland's big chance: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Cowen has shown clear vision: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

British Ambassador in Dublin suspected author of Cowen report: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Leak reveals a chasm, despite the renewed optimism: Sunday Independent

Devastating reality of living with the Troubles: The Sunday Times

The price of principle: The Observer

Three quizzed over Omagh: The Sunday Times

A soldier in the service of his church: Sunday Business Post

Orangemen may boycott ceremony: Sunday Independent

Garvaghy anger with new wording on parades: Ireland on Sunday

Backward Ireland has stolen a march: Sunday Independent

Cover-up allegations follow decision to prosecute Stobie for second murder: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sinn Fein wants to keep a chip of the old H-Block: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, May 6

IRA Arms Offer: BBC

The full text of the IRA statement: RTE

Pols forge Irish peace breakthrough: Boston Herald

Peace hopes rise with IRA 'ready' to put new initiative: The Guardian

It's back over to Trimble, but will the party buy it?: Belfast Telegraph

A ‘dog’s life’ for DUP delegation: Irish News

Revival of institutions would be opposed: The Irish Times

Let’s start talking our way out of limbo: Irish News

Deal gives us chance to build a better future than our past: Belfast Telegraph

Old adversaries finally confronted the issues: The Irish Times

Blair insists Anglo-Irish relations are `excellent': Irish Independent

Statement from IRA on arms 'within 48 hours': The Irish Times

Tony's last try to break North impasse: Irish Independent

Survival of the people's agreement must be priority: The Irish Times

Unified front vital if peace process is to survive: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Commitment to peace: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Blair must hear the electorate: Irish News (Editorial)

Another chance for peace deal: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Orangemen ‘up the Drumcree ante’: Irish News

Trimble to testify in book libel action: The Irish Times

Nelson murder suspects released: BBC

IRA involvement central issue in gunrunning trial of men in Florida: The Irish Times

Friday, May 5

Irish 'want Britishness out of talks': Electronic Telegraph

Leaked memo on Cowen rejected as 'mischievous': The Irish Times

'All the subtlety of a Sinn Fein member': Electronic Telegraph

Secure dumps proposed for IRA arms: The Irish Times

Albion retains right to be perfidious: Sunday Business Post (April 30)

The North may provide Blair with a safety net: The Irish Times

Labour learns a difficult lesson: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Man rips Brits for area's occupation: Boston Herald

Blair's fallen star: The Times

First step on equality road: Irish News (Editorial)

Orangemen seek PM's support: BBC

Orange combo spices up gig at the castle: The Irish Times

Mayor received abusive calls over Orange parade: Irish Examiner

Finucane family hits out at London police: Irish News

Juror reads story, gets booted: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

IRISH `TROUBLES' IN BROWARD: Miami Herald (Editorial)

Maze prison closure on target: BBC

First H block dirty protest man dies: Irish Examiner

Powerful backing from US lawyers for Nelson and Finucane inquiries: Andersonstown News (May 2)

Archbishop loses battle: Irish News

Thursday, May 4

Blair jets in for NI talks: BBC

Bertie Ahern has to get real: Belfast Telegraph

London looks set to put squeeze on Trimble again: The Irish Times

General de Chastlelain need not set an early date for leaving: Belfast Telegraph

Auditing The Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

‘Peace role for loyalists needed’: Irish News

How the IRA buried Jean McConville: Belfast Telegraph

RUC informer on murder charge: The Guardian

Two held over Nelson death: BBC

Stevens probe 'usurps role of RUC': Belfast Telegraph

Middle-class doesn’t mean a bad person: Irish News

Glum faces in the SDLP: Belfast Telegraph

IRA team 'in US wanted guns to end peace deal': Electronic Telegraph

IRA defense describes injustice: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Prentice in $100m ‘Committee’ action: Irish News

Ulster Protestants: Part three: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Protestants. Part two. Dunseith's Talkback listeners: Belfast Telegraph (May 3)

Cardinal O'Connor, 80, Dies; Forceful Voice for Vatican: New York Times

Not good in Ireland: Ottawa Citizen (Editorial, April 21)

Wednesday, May 3

Ahern and Blair may talk peace in Belfast: The Independent

Trimble and Blair likely to have talks again today: The Irish Times

Latest peace formula in balance after London talks: Irish Independent

Eric Waugh's opinion: Belfast Telegraph

Proconsul has his eye firmly on big picture: Irish News

Drug dealers dicing with death: The Irish Times

Paramilitary cold war hots up: The Guardian

Paramilitaries should disband: Irish News (Editorial)

McCrea urges UUP to collapse Agreement : The Irish Times

Hard fight for Irish peace: Washington Times (Editorial)

An outsider in Ulster: The Times

Larne 'rotten with sectarianism': BBC

PM faces pay-off fury of the RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Irvine loses fight over QCs' oath in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Controversy over Paisley honour: BBC

Digs resume for bodies of IRA victims: Electronic Telegraph

Looking for corpses: The Guardian

Freehill invited to Garvaghy Road: The Irish Times

Weapons smuggled from US to `kill and maim in North': Irish Independent

Relatives of Omagh dead wonder what became of charity match money: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, May 2

Hope fades for North deadline as London talks open: Irish Independent

Urgent need to break peace paralysis in the North: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Testing times for Prime Minister: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Hume urges peace as city honours him: The Scotsman

Clinton applauds honour for Hume: Irish News

Freedom of the city and of Orangism: Irish Independent

Northern Protestants: An Unsettled People: Belfast Telegraph

New search for 'disappeared': BBC

Jean is entitled to a marked grave: Belfast Telegraph

We pray the agony is over: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange lodge cancels Dublin march: Irish Independent

Postponement provokes unionist wrath: The Irish Times

Clash in Florida court over 'political' IRA gunrunning trial: The Guardian

Parties seek fresh gun probe: Irish Examiner

Monday, May 1

Ahern, Blair in last-ditch effort to salvage peace deal: Irish Examiner

Poll shows 35% blame SF and IRA for impasse: The Irish times

S. Florida trial targets IRA 'agents': Miami Herald (April 30)

Mitchell may testify at guns trial: BBC

Break the constitutional straitjacket: Irish News

Orangemen protest in Belfast: BBC

Orange Order threat triggers troop alert: The Times

Orangemen marching in Dublin is a natural step: The Irish Times

SDLP raps RUC badge ‘retreat’: Irish News

Grateful to bury and grieve: The Guardian

So desperate for right information: Irish News

IRA victims’ families must be spared further trauma: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

The symbolism of the tricolour could bring unity closer: Irish News

SDLP caught in history's gap: Sunday Business Post (April 30)

Hume to receive Derry honour: BBC

Decommissioning all the mindsets: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA prisoners may be returned to Castlerea: The Irish Times

Sands mural to be restored: Irish News

BBC faces $5m republican rap: The Sunday Times (April 30)