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Tuesday, May 15

Ulster Unionists will be 'cleared out', says DUP: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

McNarry blasts DUP manifesto: UTV Internet

Unionists' storm intensifies: Belfast Telegraph (May 14)
Nigel Adam

Paisley claims party about to overtake UUP: The Irish Times
Monika Unsworth

PUP man drops out of race: BBC

We’re left ‘holding the wain’ again: Irish News
Denis Bradley

Assembly gun row: UTV Internet

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times
Kevin Myers

Balkan arms aid Real IRA terror: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Top dissident republican on terrorism charge remanded: Irish Independent
Diarmaid MacDermott

Rail disrupters are the enemies of all: Irish News

Synod report scarcely mentions Drumcree: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Eames gets set to tackle sectarianism: Irish News

Building new relationships at Drumcree: The Irish Times
Carolyn Ó Laoire

Mallon condemns attack on tourists: UTV Internet

Further violence in east Belfast: BBC

Sectarian attacks must be stopped: Belfast Telegraph (May 14)

Clinton's return to include Derry speech: Irish Independent
George Jackson and Susan Garraty

Time for end to religious jobs bias: Belfast Telegraph (May 14)
Austen Morgan

Garda-IRA collusion claim file probe: Irish Examiner
Diarmaid MacDermott

Church and State: The Irish Times

A game of two halves: The Guardian

Monday, May 14

Wife of former RUC chief fights for Good Friday deal: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

High stakes: The Sunday Times (May 13)
Liam Clarke

Demographics close in on the North's unionists: Sunday Business Post (May 13)
Tom McGurk

Reid says he is pro-choice, not pro-Union: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Angry Mallon comes out fighting: The Sunday Times (May 13)
Vincent Kearney

Unionist parties clash over fresh talks after election: The Irish Times
Monika Unsworth

Old quote may come back to haunt McGuinness: Irish Examiner
Joe Oliver

MLA 'will not be intimidated' out of election: The Irish Times
Monika Unsworth

Riot police separate rival gangs: BBC

Tourists hurt as Belfast erupts: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

Republican mobs attack tourists: The Guardian
Owen Bowcott

Residents ‘living in fear’ after clashes: Irish News
Neil McKnight

Arrests follow sectarian clashes: BBC

Over 50 libel writs issued against publishers of book: The Irish Times

25 years of peace making: Irish News
Billy Foley

Dean refuses invitation 'on principle': The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Saint’s relics a problem for Protestants: Irish News
Roy Garland

Rise in recruitment of priests reported: UTV Internet

Sunday, May 13

Trimble issues ultimatum to IRA with critical election looming: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

IRA arms deadline 'imposssible': BBC

Trimble arms move 'step in right direction': UTV Internet

Trimble names the day of judgement: The Sunday Times
Vincent Kearney

UUP united behind Trimble, but some wonder if he moved too soon: (from Sunday Tribune)
Ed Moloney

Arms issue can't be ducked: Sunday Independent
Joseph O'Malley

New book contains useful insights on Trimble: Ireland on Sunday
Anne Cadwallader

Trimble aims at the wrong enemy: The Sunday Times
Chris Ryder

Trimble enrols in Blair's spin school: Sunday Independent
Emer O'Kelly

Leaders bid to save Trimble: The Sunday Times
Vincent Kearney

Catholic vote could save Agreement, says Trimble: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Trimble looks to votes of Catholics to save him: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Spoils of battle to the victors: Ireland on Sunday
Anne Cadwallader

Leaders bid to save Trimble: The Sunday Times
Vincent Kearney

Does Taoiseach know best?: The Observer
Henry McDonald

We cannot turn our backs on Assembly: Ireland on Sunday
Seamus Mallon

Paisley predicts fresh NI talks: BBC

Enniskillen bomb victim prays for help from 'the man upstairs': The Sunday Times
Chris Ryder

Paisley talks prediction dismissed: UTV Internet

Terror is about attitude, not numbers: Sunday Independent
Joe MacAnthony

UUP move sparks party row: UTV Internet

Home of SDLP man targeted: BBC

Irish eyes looking toward homeland to fill jobs: Dallas Morning News

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Complex history cannot be simplistically rewritten: Sunday Independent

Saturday, May 12

Ahern and SF discuss UK election aftermath: Irish Independent

Trimble arms move 'step in right direction': UTV Internet

Trimble to stand firm on weapons: Irish News

Loyalist party cannot afford to run: BBC

Will the bone go to the dissident dogs?: Irish News

Trimble faces survival battle of his leadership and party: Irish Independent

On the road to nowhere: Irish News (Editorial)

Eames insists church can't resolve Drumcree crisis: The Irish Times

Major coup in battle against dissidents: Irish News

Loyalist gun attacks 'causing terror': BBC

Loyalist escapes murder bid: UTV Internet

Police dispute Hamill arrests order: BBC

Inquiry witness move condemned: BBC

After all those years, it's a shot in the dark: Electronic Telegraph

Reid breaking Labour policy over new plastic bullets:

Sinn Fein 'just like Tories': UTV Internet

The year of living dangerously: (May 10)

A time of political change and recognition of our own dignity: (May 10)

New law for priests comes into effect: UTV Internet

Controversial church document 'has had no real effect': Irish Independent

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

When Lynch knew about arms trial shipment: Irish Independent

Friday, May 11

Policing poll divides nationalists: BBC

Theatrics from Trimble are just stunts for the election: Irish Examiner

North faces its most crucial election fight: Irish Independent

Fears grow of Real IRA mainland bombing: Financial Times

Mr Mackey foresaw the people’s verdict: Irish News (Editorial)

Possible 'feud link' to shooting: BBC

DUP lay down challenge to UUP: UTV Internet

Blackmail threat forces Unionist to pull out: The Guardian

Ken leaves wide open race in Fermanagh and South Tyrone: Belfast Telegraph

Adams confident of gains: UTV Internet

Call for 'last push' on Drumcree: BBC

Drumcree call must be heeded: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Belfast attacks 'followed mural dispute': BBC

Concern over new weapon: The Irish Times

Peace message from US: Irish News




O'Brien biggest political donor but SF got £38k from US pals: Irish Independent

No vote will safeguard our neutrality: Irish Examiner (by Gerry Adams)


NI film sparks million dollar lawsuit: BBC

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Gardai inquire into trial evidence: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Bloody Sunday inquiry adjourned: UTV Internet

Crisis at Bloody Sunday Inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

General 'economical with the truth' - BBC reporter: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 10

North threat eases as UUP leader speaks of re-election : The Irish Times

Will David slay his Goliath of arms dumps?: Belfast Telegraph (May 9)

Trimble's big gamble could bring reward: The Irish Times

Trimble's challenge: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble's gamble: Financial Times (Editorial)

Arms issue must be resolved now: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial May 9)

Police on Real IRA bomb alert: BBC

UUP meets Speaker over Sinn Fein ban: Belfast Telegraph (May 9)

Watch out for the dreaded slipping mask: Irish News

NI parties braced for battle at polls: BBC

SDLP and DUP aim for major poll boost: Irish Independent

DUP withdraws from Fermanagh seat: BBC

Lady Hermon selected to contest North Down: The Irish Times

SDLP poll shows police support: UTV Internet

Adams denies he is senior IRA figure: The Irish Times

Shock and horror at IRA admission: Irish Voice

Wars and rumours of wars...: Belfast Telegraph (May 9)

Mural Memories: Irish Echo

Looking back 20 years: Irish Voice (by Gerry Adams)


MI5 stands by its IRA Bloody Sunday spy: The Times

'Don't pay IRA relatives': Belfast Telegraph (May 9)

UDR case goes to court of appeal: Irish News

Haass nomination blocker revealed: Irish Echo

Why Irish America needs to re-elect Crowley: Irish Voice

Links severed with NY parade: The Irish Times

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

O’Malley rejects allegations: Irish Examiner

Lynch name 'blackened to exculpate Haughey': Irish Independent

Northern MP wants full inquiry into arms crisis: The Irish Times

More queries than answers: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

O'Malley's defence: Irish Independent (Editorial)

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Civil rights speaker 'shocked' at Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

Bloody Sunday operation 'a dry run': BBC

Journalist outlines his feelings about Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

Wednesday, May 9

Trimble Warns IRA He'll Quit Over Arms Dispute: Los Angeles Times

Trimble gives IRA ultimatum: Boston Globe

Trimble vows to resign if IRA refuses to disarm: Electronic Telegraph

IRA given ultimatum on weapons by Trimble: The Independent

Ahern tells his surprise at Trimble's threat to resign: The Irish Times

Trimble displays capacity to surprise: UTV Internet

Trimble's only way to nail Blair's monstrous lie: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble sets the pre-election sparks flying: The Irish Times

This could spell end of Trimble ... and the Agreement: Irish Independent

Is ultimatum electoral banger or damp squib?: Irish News

Unionists aim to force showdown on weapons: The Irish Times

Bizarre: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Priorities were never clearer: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble’s threat to resign hinders progress in North: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Trimble denies UUP could lose five of nine seats: The Irish Times

Contests could determine the future of unionism: The Irish Times

Red faces for UDP as election error is revealed: UTV Internet

IRA murder victim's father to stand in election: UTV Internet

No confidence motion defeated: BBC

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Europe must discover who is responsible: Irish News

McGuinness 'ran the IRA show' in Londonderry: Electronic Telegraph

McGuinness spoke of resisting army, journalist claims: Irish Examiner

Unionist names '16 IRA leaders': The Guardian

DUP calls for McGuinness’s prosecution: Irish News

The Unlikely Informer: Time Magazine (Europe)

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Dublin gun role debate: The Times

Blaney 'did not give guns or cash to IRA': Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Reporter tells inquiry of 'Loyalist gunman': Irish Independent

Officer saw massacre from walls: Irish News

Tuesday, May 8

Trimble IRA arms bombshell Belfast Telegraph

Unionists plan twin tactics: Irish News

Sinn Fein Minister hits out at Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

No confidence motion row: BBC

McGuinness 'safe' with SDLP backing: The Times

Unionists slam SDLP over McGuinness support: UTV Internet

PIRA is putting pact in danger: Irish News (Editorial)

Real IRA units target London: Irish Independent

LOUGHGALL. PLAYING IT ROUGH.: by Peter Taylor (Daily Mail)


It’s time to see yourself as others do: Irish News

Drumcree leader's comments a case of 'foot-in- mouth': Irish Independent

Noraid ‘has no influence’: Irish News

Sacrifice empowered a new generation: Sunday Business Post (May 6)

The prisoners behind the wire: Sunday Business Post (May 6)

Is this the end of the road for UDP?: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalists target Jewish groups for funds: Irish Examiner

Monday, May 7

Election could suspend Belfast accord: The Irish Times

IRA election alert as second bomb blasts sorting office: Electronic Telegraph

Blast sparks poll alert: The Guardian

Acts of lunacy from dissidents: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble: Peace accord 'undermined': BBC

Trimble urges McGuinness to tell whole truth: Electronic Telegraph

DUP bid to oust McGuinness set to fail: UTV Internet

Sinn Fein policy fails nationalists: Irish News

McGuinness was 'man to watch' in 1972: by Peter Taylor (Daily Mail)

Admission by McGuinness opens way to new honesty: Irish Independent

Party leaders fight for political survival: Irish News

Politicians support victims of republican violence: The Irish Times

Orangemen rage over 'apartheid': Irish Independent

Orange Order lets itself down: Irish News (Editorial)

Treaty will restrict North South co-operation - SF: UTV Internet

Provo link to suspected drugs killing: Irish Independent

'If I die, God will understand' - Sands: The Irish Times

‘Sands saw the need for politics’: Irish News

Sixty-six day drama created a modern martyr: The Guardian

Time proved hunger strikers right - Adams: The Irish Times

Jail death that marked a watershed: The Guardian

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Des doesn’t deserve all this grief over the Arms Crisis: Irish Examiner (May 5)

Sunday, May 6

McGuinness lies again: he was IRA's No 1 in Derry Brigade: Electronic Telegraph

Spy says McGuinness did not fire on Bloody Sunday: The Observer

Victims of McGuinness's Derry Brigade killers: Electronic Telegraph

For McGuinness, Sinn Fein, truth hurts: Boston Herald

The admission that changes nothing: Sunday Independent

Fistful of Derry iron combined with glove of velvet: Ireland on Sunday

Selfless . . . but under a malign star: Sunday Independent

This is what McGuinness won't tell you: The Sunday Times

Bloodied McGuinness comes into the light: Sunday Independent

The Saville Enquiry - Public needs to focus on truth: Ireland on Sunday

A cold knowledge of the levers of power: Sunday Independent

Man hurt in London blast: BBC

Britain faces flood of death claims: The Sunday Times

To add insult to murder: Electronic Telegraph

Families vow to fight for truth about killings: Ireland on Sunday

Donaldon spells out threats to UUP in elections: UTV Internet

Brigadier faces quiz in Finucane murder probe: The Sunday Times

IRA may be linked to murder: BBC

RTE's triumph of nerve on O'Malley: The Sunday Times

Hunger strikers' sacrifice recalled: Boston Herald

'I remember the day Bobby died like it was yesterday': Ireland on Sunday

RUC officers fight promotion ban over sick leave record: The Sunday Times

Gracey lambasts police for blocking Orange marches: UTV Internet

A green field Ahern should stay out of: Sunday Independent

Catholics flock back to church: The Sunday Times

On the road with Therese: Scotland on Sunday

Saturday, May 5

Britain Found to Violate Rights in Ulster Cases: New York Times

Fury as European court awards £10,000 to IRA men's families: Electronic Telegraph

Payouts of £10,000 'may open the floodgates': The Times

Court condemns secrecy surrounding shootings: The Independent

Mixed reactions to Court decision: Irish Examiner

Terrorists planned to massacre policemen: Electronic Telegraph

Ambush on a sunny day: The Scotsman

Relatives of dead want State to ask for inquiry: The Irish Times

The RUC men just hung about, exultant: Electronic Telegraph

Infamous IRA gang wiped out by heavily armed SAS: Irish Examiner

Humiliation of ruling likely to continue for UK govern ment: Irish Independent

An outrage at Number 10: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Truth and reconciliation: The Guardian (Editorial)

The European court was right to look at shoot-to-kill: The Independent (Editorial)

European ruling deserves study: Irish News (Editorial)

Respecting the right to life: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

UN should investigate shoot-to-kill controversy: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Stobie handler linked to Finucane murder tape:

Yard chief to examine army collusion claims: The Times

Man with a mission: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble arms warning: UTV Internet

Bitter power struggle facing Trimble as Sinn Fein digs in: Irish Independent

Fresh effort to agree on unionist poll strategy: Belfast Telegraph

Party leaders fight for political survival: Irish News

Reid under fire from UUP: UTV Internet

From Ulster to Vietnam, two men who must confront their bloody past: The Times

Telling the bloody truth: Irish Independent

Judge keeps Paisley name source secret: Irish Independent

Baby hurt in blast bomb attack: BBC

Adair to challenge parole refusal:

1,000th day of Drumcree marked by protest to Reid: Belfast Telegraph

IRA is blamed for ‘cowardly’ murder: Irish News

'Error of judgement' in 1981 hunger strike: BBC

How hearing the laughter of children playing outside made me realise I was still alive: Irish Independent

'Hunger-strike' role brings back painful memories: The Irish Times

Can Dodds represent all North Belfast:

NI secretary's first 100 days: BBC

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Garda Arms Crisis files not to be released: The Irish Times

Arms trial controversy just goes on and on: Irish Independent

Lynch preserved democracy during Crisis: The Irish Times

Friday, May 4

UK condemned over IRA deaths: BBC

Shock ruling on IRA deaths: Belfast Telegraph

'The Brits have been found guilty of murder': Belfast Telegraph

UTV stands over programme on Finucane: The Irish Times

SDLP piles pressure on special branch: Irish News

Trimble and Ahern in NI talks: BBC

US politicians want Trimble to lift SF ban: The Irish Times

Robinson cries foul in Celtic attack on minister: Irish Independent

Halt RUC reform demands Dodds: UTV Internet

Investigators find abuses, improvements in Northern Ireland: San Francisco Chronicle (May 3)

Dr Reid talks sense on GFA: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Féin say office arrest political: Irish Examiner

‘Ordinary fella’ became an icon: Irish News

As Bobby Sands was laid to rest, the whole world was watching: Boston Globe

The hunger strikes 20 years on: Belfast Telegraph

Violence linked to H-Block protests: Irish News

Lasting legacy of the hunger strikes: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

British army monitor condemns reinstatements: The Irish Times

The roots of sectarianism are racial, religious - and political: The Scotsman

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Unionists win debate on 1970 arms trial: Irish News

Coded North fund bank names known to committee: Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

British army 'tried to kill marchers': BBC

Bloody Sunday bullet 'burnt holes' in woman's coat: UTV Internet

Priest helped as soldiers threatened to shoot: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 3

McGuinness breaks silence but refuses to tell it all: Electronic Telegraph

Minister confirms 'Bloody Sunday' IRA role: Financial Times

McGuinness reign marked by 29 security killings: Irish Independent

Bloody Sunday Inquiry puts the victims in the dock:

Is the truth diminished by time?: Irish News

Ahern says his view of Sinn Fein remains the same: The Irish Times

Don't throw away the only hope of lasting peace in Northern Ireland: The Independent (by John Reid)

DUP slams Reid over 'interference': Belfast Telegraph

If Mr Trimble is ousted, the future of Northern Ireland is imperilled: The Independent (Editorial)

Standing up for the Agreement: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Informer planned to merge dissidents: Irish Voice

RUC officer predicts a summer of violence: Irish Independent

Summer on the Ormeau Road:

300 Irish applicants for new police service: UTV Internet

Ulster police force 'robbed of its soul': Electronic Telegraph

RUC admits using 'car thief informers': BBC

'Ordinary crime' taking root in Northern Ireland: Irish Echo

A premature American wake: Irish Voice (by Gerry Adams)

Haass nomination hits snag: Irish Echo

Gardai reject Donaldson's claim of collusion cover-up: Irish Independent

Further Finucane collusion allegations: BBC

‘What is preventing an inquiry into Finucane?’: Irish News

Widow calls for Finucane inquiry: UTV Internet

Vital credibility test for Britain: Irish News (Editorial)

How the hunger strikes changed Britain’s Irish: Irish Post

Hunger Strike legacy: Irish Echo (Editorial)

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Gibbons family 'hurt' by dispute: The Irish Times

Scandal of the arms trial: Irish Voice

Gun-running plot is not the key issue: The Irish Times

Broad Inquiry Needed: The Irish Times (Editorial)

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Man believed shooting was IRA ‘having a go’: Irish Examiner

Inquiry hears of predictions: Irish News

Witness said he thought he would be shot in the face: The Irish Times

Wednesday, May 2

Adams 'under pressure to retaliate' over sanctions: UTV Internet

SF meets Mallon on veto: Irish News

NI politicians debate 'Irish solution': BBC

Blair will not be a guardian angel for UUP: Irish News

IRA veteran should leave dream world and take road to the Eswiles: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness faces axe: The Scotsman

McGuinness to face no confidence motion: UTV Internet

McGuinness will not name IRA men: BBC

IRA believed Bloody Sunday was a trap, claims: Irish Examiner

A small step towards reconciliation: The Independent

Real IRA expected to be banned in US: Irish Examiner

US moves to 'designate' Real and Continuity IRA: The Irish Times

President Bush must ban Real IRA fundraising: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

American is key witness against chief of Real IRA: Boston Globe (May 1)

Fury at Parades decision: Irish News

Nesbitt attacks SF in flag row: Belfast Telegraph

Call for inquiry into army unit: The Irish Times

Ex-Ulster cop says RUC protected Catholic's killer: Boston Herald

Special branch accused of suppressing confession: The Guardian

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

UUP 'unity' going into poll: Belfast Telegraph

Republicans caused foot-and-mouth - DUP: UTV Internet

Call for Constitution to be amended to prevent ties with military groups: Irish Examiner

Stormont committee visit anti-crime agency: UTV Internet

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Arms jury 'believed Lynch knew plan': Irish Independent

O’Malley can’t keep giving us the same line on Arms Crisis: Irish Examiner

A whiter than white O'Malley won't wash: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Officials and Provos rowed on Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

McGuinness shocked when told of shootings: Irish Examiner

Former soldier 'provided IRA cover': BBC

Witness tells of last time he saw his brother: UTV Internet

Tuesday, May 1

A Top Sinn Fein Leader Says He Was No. 2 in I.R.A: New York Times

Sinn Fein leader tells of army murders: The Independent

McGuinness vows to clear IRA of role in Derry killings: The Guardian

Minister to detail IRA meeting: The Irish Times

Inquiry is urged to 'delve deeper' into McGuinness: Electronic Telegraph

Move to testify puts MI5 on the spot: The Guardian

Reid hopes testimony represents new openness: The Irish Times

Tell the whole bloody truth: The Times

Fiefdom of fear in 'Free Derry': Electronic Telegraph

Telling the truth: The Guardian (Editorial)

McGuinness admission a boost to Saville Inquiry: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

McGuinness has duty to families: Irish News (Editorial)

Speaking up for the Agreement: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

US 'to ban Real IRA': BBC

Real IRA has doubled, says report: The Times

Real IRA threatens prison officers: Irish Examiner

Correction: Catherina Wojtowicz: The Sunday Times (Apr. 29)

IRA conviction sent back to Court of Appeal: UTV Internet

Census to show large increase in North's Catholics: Irish Independent


Reform of police must not stop at the Border: The Irish Times

Best place to watch changes being rung: Belfast Telegraph

Orangeism 'big hit' in Catholic Europe: BBC

Invite Bush for Twelfth-MLA: The Irish Times

Cardinal 'sorry' for inter communion comments: Irish Independent

Adams would much prefer to be a writer than a politician: Irish Examiner

Speaker rebuts Sinn Fein story: The Times

Thatcher's stance gave Sinn Fein a new strategy: The Irish Times

SF Assembly man appeals flag order: Irish Independent


Following in footsteps of the faithful: Belfast Telegraph

IDB opens Dublin office: BBC

South firms invest stg£60m in North: Irish Independent

--------- 1970 Arms Trial ---------

Irish Government helped establish Provisional IRA, says Empey: Irish Examiner

1971 papers could be released: The Irish Times

Taoiseach insists on exposure of all Arms Crisis files to public scrutiny: Irish Examiner

Nothing is ever really quite like it seems: Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 1 ---------

Shots narrowly missed MP inquiry is told: UTV Internet

‘Old IRA’ man tried to save victim: Irish News