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Sunday, May 15

UUP leader to be elected in June: BBC

Gang of three to run Ulster Unionists: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Fight is on for UUP leadership: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

Lackies failed to alert their emperor to the bare necessities: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Trimble is a man ahead of his time, and he was ahead of all of us: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Blair doesn't get it – a deal isn't what Northern Ireland wants: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Implement the agreement: (from the Fortnight, Feb '05)
Colin Harvey

Real government change overdue: Daily Ireland (May 11)

Confrontation of planter and Gael as elemental as ever in Northern politics: Sunday Independent
John A Murphy

Snub for Benn's westminster call: Belfast Telegraph
Ruairi McLaren

Nationalist voters stood by the stabbers of McCartney: Sunday Independent
John Drennan

McCartney sisters shortlisted for the Burns Award: Sunday Herald
Aideen McLaughlin

McCartneys will "take whatever they throw at us": (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

McCartney sisters urge US envoy to help them: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Farc rebel 'admits IRA trained him': The Sunday Times
Enda Leahy

Views sought on police patrolling: BBC

Police Swap 'Easier Said Than Done': The News Letter
Alistair Bushe

War! What is it good for? Making money apparently...: Daily Ireland (May 11)
Jim Dee

Dollars and no sense: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Dublin-Monaghan – time for a real inquiry: Irish Democrat (Apr 28)
ernie McNally and Margaret Unwin

The invisible victims of Troubles trauma: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

Fianna Fail panda to extreme measures to avert extinction: Sunday Independent
Will Hanafin

North's politics turning Green: Daily Ireland (May 13)
Connor McMorrow

Statistics Do Not Show Bias In Jobs: The News Letter (Mar 2)
Philip Bradfield

Ireland Funds target super-wealthy Irish: Sunday Business Post (May 8)

Protestants 'fear mixed marriages': The Sunday Times
Scott Millar

Evangelicals – 'Holy Spirit will be absent' at prayer rally: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Saturday, May 14

Paisley accuses Hain of rewriting British policy: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

Betrayal sank Trimble and leaking agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

We want Assembly – Gildernew: Impartial Reporter

Voting Respect: The Blanket (May 8)
John Devine

Paisley Wanted Sinn Fein-DUP Outcome: Derry Journal
Ian Cullen

Appeal for voting fraud information: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Moving centre-stage: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Paul T Colgan

The end of moderate unionism: Washington Times (May 10)
Hannah K. Strange

Nationalism is now faced with a strong and united unionism: Daily Ireland
Jude Collins

A Hopeful Election Result: Irish Voice/

Now That The Dust Has Settled: Derry Journal

Stallers' charter granted to DUP: Daily Ireland

The personal is political: Daily Ireland
Laurence McKeown

Ulster Unionists to meet over leadership: RTE

Ministers reassure McCartney family after threat of arson: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Security alert after threats to McCartney family: Irish Independent
Louise McCall

McCartney threats 'not from republicans': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

How the McCartney sisters won the heart of Europe: Irish Independent
Conor Sweeney

Threat to McCartneys – Hypocrisy of Sinn Féin staggering: Irish Examiner

Stop attacks on officers – police chief: (from the Irish News, May 12)
Catherine Morrison

An iniquitous Act: Irish Democrat (May 10)
David Granville

McKevitt to challenge Omagh victims' legal aid: Irish Independent
Ivan McMichael

Mayoral seat is our right – DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Andrea Clements

Bail poser for 'Mo' Courtney: UTV Internet

Blair to honour Army bomb experts: BBC (May 11)

Army Bomb Disposal Unit Saved Ulster From Anarchy: The News Letter

Living behind the Emerald Curtain: Irish Independent – Part II
Justine McCarthy

Ireland Fund Sets New York Record: Irish Voice/
Sean O'Driscoll

Election brings English question to the fore: Irish World
Tom Griffin

Is Protestant England on its last legs?: The Times (May 13)
Ruth Gledhill

Friday, May 13

Ulster deal remains possible, says PM: The Guardian
Michael White

Hain - 'Discussions are encouraging': UTV Internet

DUP reverting to type after polls - SDLP: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Oaths and tough talk at Westminster: Daily Ireland
Jarlath Kearney

Cracking the DUP will not be as easy for Blair: (from the Yorkshire Post, May 12)
Paul Bew

Paisley must make decision: (from the Irish News)

Hain faces new demands over Sinn Fein sanctions: UTV Internet

Police warn McCartney sisters of arson threat: The Times
David Sharrock

Republicans 'blamed over threat': BBC

McDowell rejects Sinn Fein demands: UTV Internet

Benn's call for SF to take seats: BBC

Durkan succeeds with class-based voting: Daily Ireland
Jarlath Kearney

Salutatory experience of life on sidelines of political scene: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Voters' efforts have paid off for them: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

Is that your best shot?: (from
Robin Livingstone

First-past-the-post brings disaster: Daily Ireland (May 10)
Patricia McKenna

Always The Centre Ground: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

The challenges facing the councils: Belfast Telegraph

DUP swing leaves UUP facing crisis: Impartial Reporter

Bickering as UUP looks at leadership: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

What happens next?: Impartial Reporter

Paisley kicks up a fuss over 'quickie' peerage for Trimble: The Independent
Guy Adams

Gentle loner who fell victim to UDA thugs: Belfast Telegraph (May 11)
Mary Fitzgerald

Police team assist Nelson inquiry: BBC

Ayling to head Nelson Inquiry: UTV Internet

For two members of one loyal district, was it a case of... A sash too far?: Sunday Life (May 8)
Joe Oliver

Drumcree concerns: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Ahern on Dublin-Monaghan bombings: UTV Internet

Freedom plea for heroes of bomb squad: Belfast Telegraph
Ian Hill

Community steps up fightback for Daily Ireland: (from

Irish Americans face threat of 'extinction': (from the Irish News, Jan 18)
Ray O'Hanlon

Thursday, May 12

DUP issues warning at Westminster: BBC

Politics of compromise have been betrayed: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Stand Down Or Deliver: The Blanket
Paul A. Fitzsimmons

DUP juggernaut rolls out victory: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Myth of 'totalitarian militarism' in republican areas needs challenging: Daily Ireland
Danny Morrison

Clear water between SF and the SDLP: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

The challenge ahead for SDLP: Irish Echo
Paul Colgan

The fastest growing party on the island? Why, it's the DUP of course: Irish Examiner
Noel Whelan

Unionists and nationalists were forced to vote for extremists: Daily Telegraph
David Trimble

All Change: Daily Ireland

Significant Sea Change In Political Landscape: The News Letter

Parties must look beyond divisions: (from the Irish News, May 7)
Roy Garland

Onward, but to where?: Irish Echo

Time to step back from extremes: Irish Post

Expect little from Peter Hain: Daily Ireland
Tommy McKearney

Battered Ulster Unionists consider 'corporate leadership': UTV Internet

Hermon 'wants a more liberal UUP': BBC

Charting a way out of the UUP's political abyss: Daily Ireland
Duncan Shipley Dalton

Tunnel vision was Trimble's downfall: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Trimble's breakthrough: Boston Globe

The great survivor played a key role: Belfast Telegraph

Parliament politicises McCartney killing: Daily Ireland
Bairbre de Brún

Murder victim's father urges DUP to replicate McCartney backing: UTV Internet

Family Pleads For End To Their Agony: The News Letter
Johnny Caldwell

Brother 'beaten and left for dead': Belfast Telegraph
Mary Fitzgerald

Teen accused of nurse murder 'on run from IRA': UTV Internet

Bias fears in border area: Belfast Telegraph
Kathy Donaghy

Ex-army sniper's 'suicide probe': Sunday Life (May 8)
John McGurk

White of the tricolour squeezed out: Daily Ireland (May 3)
Emer Brennan

The most sectarian place in the north?: (from the Irish News, May 9)
Seamus McKinney

Sinn Fein MP demands speaking rights in Irish Parliament: UTV Internet

Wednesday, May 11

UUP defeat due to public 'shift': BBC

Parties 'must use power for peace': Irish Independent

Illegal Vote Tricks Used By SF Say Mla Kelly: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Breathing space for SDLP after election: (from the Irish News, May 9)
Tom Kelly

Polls show power sharing is off the menu: Irish Independent

Unionism is to blame for jigging David's fall: (from the Irish News)
Susan McKay


Defections to DUP predicted after Trimble wipe-out: Irish Independent
Louise McCall

Lower Falls clean sweep ensures SF still Belfast's biggest party: Daily Ireland

Alliance holding power once again: Belfast Telegraph
Andrea Clements

SF advance marred by McCartney setback: (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill and William Graham

Loyalist Hutchinson fails to retain seat: Daily Ireland

'DUP can boost hope for deal': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SF vow to lower loyalist emblems: Irish Independent
Nevin Farrell

No duck squads walking in a Gerry wonderland: Daily Ireland (May 7)

EU backing for McCartney sisters: The Times
Rory Watson

Ahern welcomes EP backing of McCartney case: RTE

McCartney murder – Sinn Féin's outrageous hypocrisy: Irish Examiner

Durkan rejects Fianna Fail pact: Irish Independent
Dan McGinn

'Let Gareth's sons know daddy's dead': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Irish Appeal To IRA Over 'disappeared': The News Letter

Provos free reign in Bulgarian bolt-hole: Sunday Life (May 8)
Alan Murray

Man faces 29 murder charges over Omagh bomb: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Police chief urges Sinn Fein MP to help beat petrol bombers: UTV Internet

Our shared history... and great future: Irish Independent
Stewart Eldon

Tuesday, May 10

Hain flies in as Trimble bows out, warning of UK 'failure': The Independent
David McKittrick

Hain to take 'hands-on' approach: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

Unfair, says Plaid Cymru: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Putting trust in Adams is the big challenge for Blair and Ahern: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Time to grasp the initiative: (from

Hain's new group of priorities: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble insists he has no regrets: BBC

Trimble – tears and tributes: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Wanted Ruthless Party Leader To Seize Control Of UUP: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

History will be kinder to David Trimble than to his contemporaries: Belfast Telegraph
Maurice Hayes

Paisley chomping at the bit for power: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

It's time to unite unionism: Belfast Telegraph
Robert McCartney

Trimble's stance was courageous: (from the Irish News)

UUP Must Move Fast To Get Its Act Together: The News Letter

DUP 'only party to increase vote share': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

When Sammy, Alasdair and Conor did our new MPs: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

Durkan stuns Sinn Féin in Foyle: Daily Ireland (May 7)
Eamonn Houston

Sinn Fein scores twice at Omagh count: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Anton McCabe

Voting Bobby Sands: The Blanket (May 5)
Anthony McIntyre

Seismic unionist shift but little change in nationalist voting: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Brian Feeney

DUP and SF make gains in North's local elections: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Much more is now expected from those at the top in SF: Irish Independent (May 7)
Gene McKenna

MEP names three possible witnesses to the murder of Robert McCartney: Daily Telegraph
David Rennie

McCartney killer was a Sinn Féin treasurer, says MEP: Irish Examiner
Ann Cahill

Civil case may be 'witness boost': BBC

Ahern – suffering of victims' families must come to end: Irish Independent

'Bolton Wanderers' hit hard time: Sunday Life (May 8)
Stephen Breen

Small village 'cold house for Catholics': (from the Irish News)
Seamus McKinney

BBC refuses apology: Daily Ireland (May 7)

New paper folds after one month: BBC (May 6)

Monday, May 9

Taoiseach to meet Blair in Moscow for NI talks: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty and Liam Reid

Hain flies to Belfast in new bid to revive peace process: The Independent
David McKittrick

Uncertainty surrounds NI politics: UTV Internet

Peace process to come dropping slow: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Alison O'Connor

Picking up the peace plan pieces: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna and Louise McCall

Time to stop babysitting the North: Sunday Business Post (May 8)

Take it easy, get it right: Irish Independent

Where now for a deal in the North?: Sunday Business Post (May 8)

Nationalism must back agreement: (from the Irish News, May 7)

Hard-line parties make gains in N. Ireland: USA Today
Richard Willing

DUP gains from unionist anti-Sinn Fein strategy: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Steven King

SDLP 'still a force to be reckoned with': Sunday Life (May 8)

SDLP failures hid by relative success: (from the Irish News, May 7)
Brian Feeney

Sweet victories and sour defeats: (from the Sunday Tribune, May 8)
Suzanne Breen

Tribal voting patterns contrive to set sectarianism in stone: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Cold wind from North on a summer's day: Sunday Independent (May 8)
Eoghan Harris

Revolution and evolution at the ballot box: Daily Ireland (May 7)

N. Irish Nobelist Quits as Head of Party: Los Angeles Times (May 8)
Ron DePasquale

Ahern leads tributes to 'courageous' politician: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

Trimble's road to nowhere: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Tom McGurk

David Trimble destroyed by the Belfast Agreement: Daily Telegraph

Trimble's tragedy: The Times

British election – Trimble's resignation inevitable: Irish Examiner

Shattered Ulster Unionists face hard choices: The Guardian
Angelique Chrisafis

Trimble defeat signals crisis for Ulster Unionists: Sunday Business Post (May 8)
Paul T Colgan

Caretakers and hardliners at forefront to pick up Trimble's troubled legacy: Irish Independent
Louise McCall

Kilclooney and Burnside favourites to step up: Sunday Life (May 8)

Hermon front-runner in UUP leadership race: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

MEPs debate McCartney legal boost: BBC

Eur to be named MEP Allister tells McCartney Six: Sunday Life (May 8)
Alan Murray

Protestants in south claim discrimination: Irish Independent
Kathy Donaghy

'IRA influence' in FARC attacks: BBC
Jeremy McDermott

Under-16 soccer team stoned by loyalist mob: Irish Independent
Louise McCall

Sunday, May 8

Hard-Liners in Northern Ireland Gain in British Voting, Leaving Peace Pact in Jeopardy: New York Times
Brian Lavery

Hain makes Assembly restoration a priority: RTE

NI Secretary of State sets to work on peace agreement: UTV Internet

Northern Ireland – back to the future: Boston Globe
Robin Wilson

Hain's work cut out as DUP victors clearly not in mood for parley: Sunday Independent
Paul Bew

Hain brings tan and free rein to Belfast: The Sunday Times
Stuart Wavell

We can get by with a little help from our friends: Belfast Telegraph (May 6)
Eric Waugh

Ruritanian Mockney State: The Blanket
Mick Hall

Still only one way forward: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble resigns after Paisley's DUP inflicts humiliating defeat: Independent on Sunday
David McKittrick

To Trimble's constituents, flexibility is a weakness: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

The fall of Unionism: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Trimble pays price of peace: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Trimble pays the price of democracy: BBC
Kevin Connolly

No peace in a prize: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Two leaders who became casualties of war and peace: Sunday Independent
Joseph O'Malley

Fear and loathing in Ulster again: Sunday Telegraph
Jenny McCartney

McGrady hails SDLP's resilience: UTV Internet

More constituency reports

Durkan win imposes a smirking ban on Sinn Fein: Irish Independent (May 7)

SDLP's survival shows that Sinn Fein can be beaten: The Sunday Times
Alan Ruddock

Vote SF to be disenfranchised: Sunday Independent

A vacuum theory to take in the suckers?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Camera doesn't lie as ham actors Adams and Blair given away by body language: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Victory for democrats: The Sunday Times

Outstanding Triumph For The DUP In Election Poll: The News Letter

Give us seats in Lords, Paisley's party tells Blair: UTV Internet

Keep the lunacy out: Sunday Independent
John A Murphy

McCartney's killer a part of 'untouchable IRA first family' of sadists and perverts: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

UDA exile jailed for bomb hoax: Belfast Telegraph

Saturday, May 7

Triumphant Paisley tells British and Irish governments to listen up: Irish Examiner
Senan Hogan

Resurrected Paisley belts out his hymn of victory: Irish Independent

Campbell urges IRA to disband: UTV Internet

Robinson call to SDLP: UTV Internet

SDLP leader confounds critics with his win over McLaughlin: Irish Independent
George Jackson

Durkan pulled out all the stops to make dream come true: Irish Independent
Anita Guidera

Trimble prepares to resign with his party in tatters after Paisley's success: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin and Andrew Sparrow

'No escape for political Houdini': BBC
Gareth Gordon

Farewell to Trimble, moderate who did a deal too far: The Times
Dean Godson

Unionism accused of shooting itself in the foot as triumphant SDLP wins seat: Irish Independent
Louise McCall

SDLP anger after Doherty success: UTV Internet

Leaders assess impact of NI elections: RTE

Don't underestimate that sensible deal the DUP made with the SDLP: Irish Independent

DUP celebrates with tea and buns: BBC
Mark Simpson

Now it's going to be tougher to broker a peace deal: Irish Independent

Centre ground is now a barren landscape open to exploitation: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

What victory of the extremes means for all of us: Irish Independent
Henry Patterson

Political future of North lies at the mercy of SF and DUP: Irish Independent
Paul Bew

People have spoken in clear and imperfect way: (from the Irish News)
Denis Bradley

Burnside unhappy at loss: UTV Internet

Triumph and betrayal: Irish Independent

Double role for new NI secretary: BBC

Murphy departs NI job: UTV Internet

Gardaí arrest armed IRA suspect: Irish Examiner
John Breslin

Out Of Order!: The News Letter

Orange paper hails 'great Pope': (from the Irish News)
William Scholes

Adams agrees to meet with relatives of Omagh bomb victims: Irish Examiner
Deric Henderson

Friday, May 6

Recounts expected as Northern Ireland results trickle in today: The Herald
Michael Settle

Focus on turnout in Northern Ireland: The Scotsman
Angus Howarth

Ulster voters turn out at the double: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Trimble fights for survival as Province turns to extremes: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Foyle nationalists in election battle: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam & Sarah Brett

Never count your chickens...: (from

The X generation leaves its mark: Daily Ireland

Self-important Hitlers taking over counts: (from the Irish News, May 4)
Brian Feeney

A Practical Step In N. Ireland: Christian Science Monitor

Stepping up to the peace plate: Daily Ireland

Talks after election are inevitable: Belfast Telegraph

BILL LOWRY – Lowry's story root and branch: Daily Ireland

Peer calls for inquiry into Bank of Scotland's £8bn Ulster loan book: The Independent
Julia Kollewe

'Excessive force' used in arrest: BBC

De Brún slams police support for Terror Act: Daily Ireland

Marathon pipe bomb was 'remote controlled': UTV Internet (May 3)

Evil Cowards Plotted To Kill On Route Of Marathon: The News Letter (May 3)

Marathon bomb put lives at risk: (from the Irish News, May 3)

Lawyer slams Omagh 'stunt': Daily Ireland

DPP criticised over Omagh charges: BBC

A poignant anniversary: Daily Ireland

Unionism's not a prisoner of the past: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

Pádraigín Drinan – Lawyer ploughs a lonely furrow: Daily Ireland

Shared tax rate would cement Ulster peace: Sunday Independent (May 1)
Brendan Keenan

NUJ backs Daily Ireland workers in job crisis: Daily Ireland

Daily Ireland – It's Not Over til It's Over: The Blanket (May 2)
Mick Hall

UVF 'pressgang' kids: Sunday Life (Feb 20)
Stephen Breen

Spicer speared in scathing U.S. report: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Glasses raised at SF departure: (from the Irish News, Apr 28)
Suzanne McGonagle

Sinn Féin wants Celtic boss to open new Falls Leisure Centre: (from
Ciaran Barnes

Thursday, May 5

Moderate parties brace to lose ground in polarized Ulster: Toronto Globe and Mail (May 3)
Hamida Ghafour

Voters to decide fates of Trimble and Durkan today: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan and Frank Millar

Durkan facing fight for survival: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Durkan denies tactical vote need: Daily Ireland

Mobilising voters critical to survival of UUP and SDLP: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Paisley set for power?: Irish World
Tom Griffin

Eyes on Durkan, Trimble's battles to survive: Irish Echo
Paul Colgan

Adams – SDLP votes 'wasted': Daily Ireland

Northern battle – the likely winners and losers: Irish Independent

Odds-on certs and outside chances: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Hutton

Money talks at dawn of a new political era: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Bookies 'influencing beauty contest': BBC
Mark Devenport

If it's goodbye to the UUP, then it's good riddance: Irish Independent
Damian Corless

Defining point in peace process: (from the Irish News, May 3)
Gerry Adams

Stalemate of suspension persists to halt progress: (from the Irish News, May 3)
Mark Durkan

Emphasis must be on moving on: (from the Irish News, May 3)
David Ford

The day of reckoning: Irish Independent

The choice this Thursday: Irish World

The North decides: Irish Echo

Ballot box decision defended: Belfast Telegraph
Clare Weir

Double poll risk to votes: Irish Independent

Looking to the future: Irish World
Tom Griffin

Impasse will still be present after election: Daily Ireland
Tommy McKearney

SF Veto On Progress Has To Be Removed: The News Letter

Bishop warns on exploitation of 1916 idealism: Irish Independent
Breda Heffernan

Euro-MPs want cash to bring McCartney murderers to justice: UTV Internet

Berry is sandbagged by Sunday World: Daily Ireland
Danny Morrison

Jailed terror suspect on Omagh murder charge: The Times
David Lister

Omagh bombing – families welcome move to charge man: Belfast Telegraph
Debra Douglas

The story so far behind the worst atrocity in the Troubles: Irish Independent
Nicola Anderson

Bomb victims in joint project: Belfast Telegraph
Geraldine Mulholland

Conference brings together victims of state violence: (from, May 2)
Jarlath Kearney

'Family-friendly' look to Twelfth: Belfast Telegraph
Andrea Clements

Wednesday, May 4

Violence will fill vacuum, warns Adams: The Guardian
Angelique Chrisafis

Ulster to stay a Labour priority: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Durkan warns of DUP 'free run at peace agreement': Irish Independent
Dan McGinn

DUP chief – Beware of Sinn Fein threat: UTV Internet

Durkan – DUP wants Sinn Féin to be biggest party: Daily Ireland

SF can top the poll, says Doherty: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Sinn Fein poised for N.I. sweep: Washington Times
Martin Sieff

Hard act to follow as 'Mr Nobody' struggles to keep Sinn Fein at bay: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Police probe into alleged electoral fraud in Foyle: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Pat appears to be the most likely Doc for West Tyrone: Daily Ireland

Critic of Trimble backing the DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP stay tight-lipped over Berry: BBC

DUP election hopeful rejects unionist rival's withdrawal call: UTV Internet

Kilclooney's rallying cry: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP versus UUP – the showdown stage is set: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

Battle for East Belfast hots up amid the mud-slinging: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Liam Kennedy and West Belfast: The Blanket (May 2)
Anthony McIntyre

Politicians first, women second in Westminster race: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

Valiant effort to inject interest into election: Daily Ireland
Gearóid Ó Cairealláin

Centre ground caves in thanks to the mystery of missing middle class voters: Irish Independent

All quiet on election front in fight to the bitter end for big guns: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Treasure your vote – it has real value: (from the Irish News, Apr 28)
Jim Gibney

Sprint to the line: Daily Ireland

Civilian plan to avoid violence: BBC

Brutality claims rock PSNI: Belfast Telegraph
Geraldine Mulholland

Caution over Orange Twelfth plans: Belfast Telegraph
William Allen and Geraldine Mulholland

Cleric Vows To Consider Omagh Plea: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Suspected dissident republicans held over family's armed hostage ordeal: Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan, Eoin English and Noel Baker

Four in court over US gun smuggling charges: UTV Internet

Breakthrough Over Flag-Flying In Town: The News Letter
Elinor Glynn

There must not be a hierarchy of victims: (from the Irish News)
Susan McKay

Tuesday, May 3

Trimble in danger as hardliners poised to dominate: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

TD joins North campaigner on election trail: Irish Examiner
Alan Erwin

Kennedy attacks UDA murals: UTV Internet

Attwood's car attacked in Poleglass: UTV Internet

Strabane SDLP Woman Rounds On Attackers: Derry Journal (Apr 26)

Coulter's Choice: The Blanket
John Coulter

Take Five: Daily Ireland (Apr 20)

The battle of Little Big Horn has begun: (from the Irish News)
Tom Kelly

One vote isn't enough for me to have my say: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

That grumpy old man is at it again: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

The business of power-sharing will not go away, you know . . .: Irish Independent

Just three seats from a majority: (from

Unionists Must Turn Out To Use Their Votes: The News Letter

The onus is on everyone to cast vote: Belfast Telegraph

Ex-MP tells rally of 'bigger picture': (from the Irish News)
Margaret Canning

Irish author says IRA may disband: Mobile Register (Apr 8)
Rhoda A. Pickett

Ex-Special Branch chief stands by his praise of Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Political vetting alive and kicking: (from

Terrorists try to blow up police chief during Belfast Marathon: The Herald
Cameron Simpson

Omagh relatives seek help from Brady: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Adair in hiding?: Sunday Life (May 2)
Stephen Breen

Londonderry set to stage Twelfth: Belfast Telegraph
Geraldine Mulholland

Govt ban on Daily Ireland: (from

Switch on to Irish TV: Irish Post
Amanda Diamond

A wink from Belfast to Belmarsh: The Guardian (Feb 21)
Peter Preston

A quiet roar from north and west: The Times
Magnus Linklater

Monday, May 2

Trimble's seat in danger as DUP puts on pressure: The Guardian
Angelique Chrisafis

Wilson accuses Beggs of 'desperation': UTV Internet

DUP aim for South Belfast win: (from the Sunday Tribune, May 1)
Suzanne Breen

Close finish predicted as race enters home stretch: (from the Irish News, Apr 30)
Sharon O'Neill

Iris to retain seat in unionist stronghold: Daily Ireland (Apr 30)

Hume launches attack on Adams: UTV Internet

Foyle focused on clash of Titans: Daily Ireland (Apr 30)

Crunch time for Durkan and Trimble: Sunday Life (May 1)
Sinead McCavana and Pauline Reynolds

Not for the giving up: Sunday Business Post (May 1)
Paul T. Colgan

A political third world country in the West: (from the Irish News, Apr 30)
Patrick Murphy

Voters look to safety at the two extremes: The Sunday Times (May 1)
Liam Clarke

Adams wants resignation of electoral officer: RTE

Police agent set up Monaghan bombing claims McCord: Sunday Life (May 1)
Alan Murray

I was prepared to shoot Gray – Stone: Sunday Life (May 1)
Stephen Breen

Irish unity inevitable – Former Branch chief: Daily Ireland (Apr 30)

Jude The Obscure Republican: The Blanket (Apr 28)
Anthony McIntyre

TD questions non-compliance with competition law in media: Irish Independent (Feb 24)
Geraldine Collins

Sectarian attack on integrated pupils: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 29)
Geraldine Mulholland

Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile: Daily Ireland (Apr 25)

Church of Ireland welcomes message from Pope Benedict: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 30)
Alf McCreary

Anglican paper gives Pope 'cool reception': (from the Irish News, Apr 29)
William Scholes

Visit by Pope Benedict XVI here not the best way to go: Sunday Independent (Apr 24)
Bruce Arnold

Banning a crucifix hardly displays tolerance: The Sunday Times (May 1)
Brenda Power

Forgotten are still waiting for justice: Daily Ireland (Apr 30)

Former Canadian soccer player now tackles crime in Northern Ireland:
Neil Davidson

Sunday, May 1

Hardliners go in big IRA shuffle: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

MEP set to expose IRA pub killers: Sunday Independent
Alan Murray & Shane HIckey

Local Rivalries Dominate Campaign in N. Ireland: Los Angeles Times
Ron DePasquale

Burnside and McCrea battle for the future of unionism: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Trimble blasts Alliance 'stunts': BBC

'Pundits And Pollsters Won't Spoil The Party': The News Letter

Mallon sure SDLP will retain seat: Belfast Telegraph

Spratt Well Ahead With The Bookies: The News Letter
Alistair Bushe

Battle for Foyle hots up: UTV Internet

Dail backing for SDLP 'sign of all-Ireland fight': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Adams under attack for missing debate: IrelandOnline (Apr 28)

Democracy? Fine, but don't upset the men in balaclavas: Sunday Telegraph
Roya Nikkhah and Jenny McCartney

Liam Kennedy – a light in West Belfast: Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Will the electorate at last face brutal reality?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Chased by the Past, Sinn Fein's Leader Looks Ahead: New York Times
Lizette Alvarez

Moderates sure won't be dancing at the May poll: Sunday Independent
Joseph O'Malley

Still clinging to middle of road, no matter how narrow the path: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

I am baffled – how can Sinn Fein get so much support?: Sunday Telegraph
Jenny McCartney

Evil must not triumph: The Sunday Times

This Life – The question of politics ...: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Priests to stop poll riots: The Sunday Times
Garbhan Downey

Postal Vote Application Figures Are Dubious: The News Letter

Why my Protestant Portadown family supports murdered IRA man's people: (from the Sunday Tribune, Apr 24)
Suzanne Breen

Police investigate killing of Army sniper 'on IRA list': Sunday Telegraph
Sean Rayment

Family begins campaign over fatal PSNI shooting: Daily Ireland (Apr 29)

Informer!: The Blanket (Apr 21)
Kevin Cunningham

'Terror chief' Shoukri will face Belfast ban: Belfast Telegraph

Actions speak louder than words: Irish World (Feb 18)

Agents Interviewed Over 1987 RUC Murder Claims: The News Letter (Feb 2)
Stephen Dempster

Widows Of Terrorists Win Pay-out Rethink: The News Letter


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