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Monday, May 15

Ahern calls on SF to clarify position on policing: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan and Mark Hennessy

Ahern warning on Assembly – act now or wait 20 years more: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

DUP 'has hamstrung Assembly from the outset': Sunday Life (May 14)

NI politicians return to Stormont: BBC

Sinn Fein anger at UUP move: UTV Internet

Republicans urged to debate policing: (from the Irish News, May 9)
William Graham

Issue of Policing capable of being resolved, says Adams: (from the Irish Times, May 11)
Frank Millar

There is no way forward without resolving policing issue: (from the Irish Times, May 13)
Frank Millar

A new dawn or Groundhog Day?: Sunday Life (May 14)
Lyndsey Harris

A gamble that may work: The Guardian

Northern Ireland – Ahern warns of 20-year limbo: Irish Examiner

Sick counties shunned: (from the Irish News, May 13)
James Kelly

LVF guns could trigger UDA feud: Sunday Life (May 14)
Ciaran McGuigan

Lessons in forgiveness for north's leaders: Sunday Tribune (May 14)NOTE

Garda bids to stop his trial on Omagh bomb perjury charge: Irish Independent (May 13)
Ann O Loughlin

Fears Holy Week bomber may lend skills to dissident terror campaign: Sunday Life (May 14)

The Wrong Man: The Blanket (May 9)
Martin Ingram

Hung out to die!: Sunday Life (May 14)
Chris Anderson and Stephen Gordon

British army and NIO answer collusion questions: (from the Irish News, May 12)
Steven McCaffery

At the heart of the matter – Remember those who died inside AND outside Maze: Sunday Life (May 14)
Alan McBride

When investigative documentary ignores the facts: Daily Ireland (May 12)
Laurence McKeown

Northern Ireland – Will the press still floursh in peacetime?: Press Gazette (May 11)
Colin Crummy

Irish language committee a 'toothless talking shop': Daily Ireland (May 8)
David Lynch

Single-minded police chief will be a force for change: The Sunday Times (May 14)

Scots should be barred from being PM, say English voters: The Herald
Cathering MacLeod & Douglas Fraser

Sunday, May 14

Assembly return raises curtain on power-sharing struggle in the North: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

Ervine to join UUP assembly group: BBC

Unionist move robs Sinn Fein of ministry position in Assembly: UTV Internet

Preparations for 'virtual assembly': BBC (May 12)
Mark Devenport

DUP to consult in Autumn: UTV Internet

Gotta Be Cruel to Be Kind: The Blanket (May 9)
John Coulter

Loyalist loan plot revealed: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Murdered boy wanted to join British Army: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Paisley no problem attending Catholic funeral: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

Paisley set to attend Ballymena boy's funeral: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Politicians unite as they set up memorial fund: Belfast Telegraph

Ballymena Catholics seen as second-class citizens: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

There's no stability in this fragile peace: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Where peace has made no progress: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

A duty that we all owe to Michael: Belfast Telegraph

Hunger strike plates anger Maze families: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Hunger strikers remembered at candlelit vigil in Portlaoise: Laois Nationalist (May 11)
Joe Barrett

Maze prison must shed dark image of the past: The News Letter

IRA members' appeals dismissed: UTV Internet (May 12)

Who takes over from Eames?: Belfast Telegraph (May 12)
Alf McCreary

Dr Eames a churchman of vision, eminence: The News Letter (May 10)

Robin Eames marks the end of an era: Belfast Telegraph (May 10)

No escape for families from the viciousness of sectarianism: (May 12)

'The hatred in Northern Ireland is as vibrant as ever, but at least both sides seem to have rationally and reasonably stopped killing each other': Sunday Herald
Stephen Phelan

A proud celebration of our new Irish identity: Irish Post

When is an own goal not an own goal?: Sunday Independent
Declan Lynch

The Cinderella counties: Derry Journal (May 9)

Local Ulster Project gets back on track: New Orleans Picayune (May 7)
Pat Thevenot

Saturday, May 13

Paisley says progress hinges on SF support for police: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

SDLP criticised by SF on Assembly: UTV Internet

Politicians urged 'to prove they're worthy of mandate': Daily Ireland
Ciaran O'Neill

Assembly lows as members sign on: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Adams and Paisley are no fools... but Hain?: Irish Independent

Paisley wants Commons debate on barrack closures: The News Letter

Berry may have key role to play: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Hain 'can axe parade panel Orangemen': The Scotsman
Ian Graham

SDLP referee not a factor in decision – Hain: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

High Court considers Parades Commission appointments: UTV Internet

Chief Constable warns Orangemen to 'wise up': Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Call for inquiry on 'report leak': BBC

Hugh . . .and cry: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Lords pass police recruit call to MPs: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

How low can it go?: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Two girls held over threat to kill murdered boy's friend: Irish Independent
Alan Erwin

No decision on Paisley attending at funeral: The News Letter

Condolence book opened by council: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Republican is cleared of 'spurious' charges: Daily Ireland
Nevin Farrell

A community divided and death of a 'normal teenage boy': Irish IndependentPart II
Willie Dillon

Poison ruining society: Derry Journal

Denis Donaldson death 'inevitable' – says former Derry spy: Derry Journal

Do not let Sinn Fein turn Maze into a shrine: The News Letter

RIRA leader in Armagh quits: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

'One man's collusion, another man's anti-terrorism activity': (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

'Tradition of British cover-ups protects squeaky clean image': (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Evidence 'final proof' for nationalists: (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Undertakers on centre stage in hunger strike hijack outrage: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Thank You, Bobby Sands: The Blanket (May 9)
Fred A. Wilcox

Irish troops to receive orders from British army: Daily Ireland
David Lynch

Ireland knows it needs its immigrants: Albany Times Union (May 12)
Andrew Greely

Friday, May 12

New deputy speakers for assembly: BBC

Paisley gets Adams' vote: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

DUP warned about hurdles before restart of Assembly: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

SDLP to assess new Assembly and ministers: UTV Internet

'Give new bite to watchdog at Stormont': Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

After 10 years, the party's over for Women's Coalition in North: The Irish Times
Susan McKay

Last post for three more Army bases: The News Letter

Closure of army bases welcomed by politicians: Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Anger at revelation that RIR redundancy is half that of PSNI: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Decent pay-off for all: The News Letter

New kids on the block will need good briefing: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

End game for ambition: Belfast Telegraph (May 10)
Lindy McDowell

Border Fox says war over: (from the Sunday Tribune, May 7)
Suzanne Breen

Checkpoint shot 'in self defence': BBC

Tensions high after McIlveen killing: UTV Internet

Jeers as five teenagers accused of schoolboy's murder charged: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

The accused: Belfast Telegraph
Debra Douglas

Family tells 'supportive' Paisley he's welcome at Michael's funeral: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Loyalists urged to postpone Ballymena parade: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

SF cancels hunger strike commemoration: RTE

Enough 'one-side-is-as- bad-as-the-other' bunkum: Daily Ireland
Jude Collins

The Incorruptible: The Blanket (May 9)
Anthony McIntyre

Tragic period clouded by 'set of proposals': (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

Ex-RUC officer backs Hacketts: Ulster Herald
Nigel McDonagh

Inquiry report 'not until 2007': Daily Ireland
Eamonn Houston

Bloody Sunday report 'next year': BBC

Laird – Catholic group 'runs' water body: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Laird's scuppered theory bordered on the fanciful: (from the Irish News)
William Scholes

Boston police commissioner quits 'dream job' for Garda post: Daily Ireland
Jim Dee

Goodbye, good riddance...again: Belfast Telegraph (May 9)
Jonathan McCambridge

Thursday, May 11

SF prepared to nominate Paisley: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Paisley rejects SF proposal to make him First Minister: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Sinn Fein MLAs set to boycott new Assembly: The News Letter

£100m – for what?: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Unionist fears over new ministers: UTV Internet

Latest NIO reshuffle is criticised: BBC
Mark Devenport

Politicians must realise what failure means: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Reshuffles signal Blair doesn't care: Daily Ireland

Listen to us – we don't want ex con: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Protagonists need to put houses in order: (from the Irish News, May 9)
Breidge Gadd

Orde warns against loyalist crime: UTV Internet

Jail for UDA 'kidnap squad': (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Paramilitary attacks foiled: UTV Internet

Arrested Irishmen freed on bail: BBC

O'Loan gets legal threat: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Five teens charged with murder of Ballymena schoolboy: Irish Independent
Dan McGinn and Alan Erwin

McGuinness urges civic leaders to stand up against sectarianism: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn and Alan Erwin

Loyalists pledge to continue anti-sectarian drive: UTV Internet

Some distance to travel: Irish Echo

Grim reminder: The News Letter

Casey – Poole position untenable: Newry Democrat

Orange brief on assault charge: Sunday Life (May 7)
Ciaran McGuigan

Omagh families seek US help in battle against website: Irish Examiner
Alan Erwin

Out of the H-blocks came determination: Daily Ireland
Danny Morrison

Broken lives and hearts in the search for respect: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

SF slams army as homes 'damaged again': Newry Democrat

1,100 jobs to go as Army winds down: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Anniversary highlights changed times: BBC
Kevin Connolly

Warm tributes paid to Eames, man of peace and tolerance: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

A departure marked by confusion, stealth: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

Wednesday, May 10

McGuinness 'to be deputy choice': BBC

Sir Reg tells rivals to come clean on their 'side deals': The News Letter

Fresh reshuffle 'an embarrassment': BBC
Gareth Gordon

Act on Stormont stage can't go on: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

New arrivals at Stormont will not be too popular: The News Letter

Archbishop Eames declares plans to retire at end of year: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Impassioned plea for Sinn Fein and the DUP to trust one another: Irish Independent
John Cooney

Eames urges an end to paramilitarism: UTV Internet

Grieving family of dead boy, 15, plead for end to sectarian attacks: The Times
David Sharrock

Tension and disbelief on estate's streets: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Murder of Catholic boy, 15, reveals a Northern Ireland divided as ever: The Independent
David McKittrick

Hateful chat flares on student websites in wake of death: Irish Independent
Jason O'Brien

Orange leaders call for calm after teenager's death: UTV Internet

Paying the price of bitter intolerance: Daily Ireland

Summer fear factor must be disarmed: Belfast Telegraph

New generation of bigots emerging, warns PSNI chief: Irish Examiner
Alan Erwin

Sectarianism a serious problem: (from the Irish News)
Maeve Connolly

Village set to undergo a 'mural regeneration': Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Time for a clean sweep of city's mayoralty: The News Letter

McLoughlin death was 'tragic accident': UTV Internet

MPs fly in for a secret visit to bandit country: The News Letter

Border fuels the good life: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Theirs to reason why: Daily Ireland
Tommy McKearney

Blanketmen were neither Christ-like or in Nazi camp: (from the Irish News)
Susan McKay

There's a sinister hush over collusion evidence: Daily Ireland
Patricia McKenna

CIRA 'will resist' visit by British queen: Irish Examiner
Donal Hickey

Fine Gael declares itself 'the United Ireland party': Daily Ireland
David Lynch

Boston police chief to head Garda Inspectorate: RTE

Road rising to meet BPD honcho in Ireland may be rocky: Boston Herald
Thomas Caywood

Tuesday, May 9

All must back the police and Army, says MP: The News Letter

Lords pass assembly legislation: BBC

The political parties like children in a sweet shop: Belfast Telegraph
Pól ÓMuirí

Terrorist control is way of life Collins: The News Letter

MPs raise questions about O'Hare: Sunday Life (May 7)
Alan Murray

Border Fox is lying low amid fears for his life: Irish Independent
Brian McDonald

Sinn Fein slams PSNI role in anti-crime plan: Belfast Telegraph (May 5)
Brendan McDaid

Youth (15) beaten in sectarian attack dies: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan and Gerry Moriarty

Sectarian & Murderous: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Harryville's red, white and blue kerbs removed: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

Victim claims mob's attack was sectarian: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Terrible legacy of the past: (from the Irish News, May 2)
Steven McCaffery

Blame game ends by admitting mistakes: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Anger at 'Real IRA smuggling links': Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Deserved tribute: The News Letter

Tributes to H-block heroes: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

SF and FF councillors attend Sligo Bobby Sands commemoration: Ocean FM (May 8)

A little ask of those who have endured the most: (from the Irish News)
Tom Kelly

Political Prisoners' Resistance from Ireland to Gitmo: CounterPunch
Kate McCabe

We are the keepers of the real legacy of the hunger strikers: Daily Ireland
Gearóid O Cairealláin

The telling lesson of the hunger strike: Belfast Telegraph

Never forgotten:

Damage to monument: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Victims of the Troubles are remembered: The News Letter

Irish Americans discuss role: Daily Ireland

Belfast welcomes latest shooting by Attenborough: Daily Telegraph (Apr 22)
Tom Peterkin

Police division: Boston Globe

Monday, May 8

Gang 'should turn themselves in': BBC

Time will judge success of IRA's search for power: (from the Irish News, May 6)
Patrick Murphy

DUP must take responsibility for change: (May 5)

British Used Spy to Destroy Northern Ireland Power-Sharing Govt. in 2002: American Chronicle (May 5)
James Mullin

The celebrity adviser who smartened up the UUP: Belfast Telegraph (May 5)
Chris Thornton

Revealed – Sinn Fein linked to major abuse of voting register: Sunday Tribune (May 7)NOTE
Shane Coleman

Keeping the tiger at bay: Sunday Life (May 7)
Alan Murray

I want peace: Glasgow Record
Kizzy Taylor

Cop raid bid to stifle UDA feud: Sunday Life (May 7)
Ciaran McGuigan

Compulsory voting could revitalise our politics: The News Letter (May 3)

Stakeknife's victims may sue British: (from the Sunday Tribune, May 7)
Suzanne Breen

Falls Road residents demand truth over PSNI informers: (May 4)
Roisin McManus

A space for grief: Village (Apr 27)
Gerry Adams

Real IRA suspects arrested in Spain: The Times
David Sharrock

Cocaine Mr Big paid IRA: Sunday Life (May 7)
Ciaran McGuigan

Protest which saw 65 deaths a turning point in Irish history: (from the Irish News, May 5)
Marie Louise McCrory

The Hunger Strikers 25 years later: Sunday Tribune (May 7)NOTE
Paul Howard

Jail segregation cost highlighted: BBC (May 4)

Unionists Don't Want Irish Cash: Irish Voice/
Brendan Anderson

Service in the UDR was to uphold the law, not to subvert it: (from the Irish News, May 4)
Roy Garland

Police leader right on time: Boston Globe
Adrian Walker

'Foreign games' at Croker to net GAA 3m from sale of 11,000 premium seats: Sunday Tribune (May 7)NOTE
Kevin Rafter

Loyalist parade passes church peacefully: The Herald
Alison Chiesa

Sunday, May 7

Peace process could suffer if Blair is forced to leave office: Sunday Business Post
Pat Leahy

Hain survives Blair's reshuffle: BBC
Mark Devenport

McConnell to give Irish tips on devolution: The Herald (May 5)
Tom Gordon

Paisley Is the Focus of N. Irish Eyes: Washington Post
Mary Jordan

Adams makes appeal to Tohill kidnappers: RTE

Sinn Fein could recognise PSNI within months: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

CAB gives Slab Murphy a €5.3m tax headache: The Sunday Times
Dearbhail McDonald and Nicola Tallant

A rebel reverend who bravely calls the Orangemen to order: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Breaking a golden rule: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

'Not right man for hit': Daily Ireland (May 5)
Ciarán Barnes

Mad about Troon: The Sunday Times
Kenny Farquharson and Carissa Casey

UDR brothers faced previous bombing charge: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

British knew of loyalist collusion: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

UDR tribute gets support of ex-soldiers: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Average prisoner costs £86,000 annually: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Excuses For A Terrorist: New York Post (Apr 19)

25 years later, Irish hunger strikers deaths still resonate: Westchester Journal News (May 5)
Gerald McKinstry

Innocents killed as riots swept across city: (from the Irish News, May 5)
Marie Louise McCrory

Lasting legacy of the H-Block hunger strikers: Sunday Business Post
Vincent Browne

Things changed forever after Bobby Sands' death: Daily Ireland (May 5)
Laurence McKeown

Hunger strikes changed everything: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

SF protest at NI prison service show: Daily Ireland (May 5)
Connla Young

O'Hare 'linked to 30 murders': Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Queen in terror plot: The Kingdom (Apr 27)
John O'Mahony

Wright inquiry further delayed: Belfast Telegraph (May 3)
Chris Thornton

Catholic children less likely to have qualifications: Daily Ireland (May 5)
Connla Young

Paratrooper wrongly convicted of joyrider's murder is denied payout: Sunday Telegraph
Sean Rayment

IRA mole seeks to stop DiCaprio film: The Sunday Times
Jan Battles and Enda Leahy

Business across borders – Entrepreneurs from a once-divided land gather at Babson: Wellesley Townsman (May 4)
Barbara Lehmann

Cuts-hit business course likely to end: Daily Ireland (May 5)
Kate Cooper

Leading US policewoman may shake up Garda HQ: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Saturday, May 6

Hain 'delighted' to remain in NI: UTV Internet

No return to domination of unionists in Assembly – SF:
Áine McEntee

What Blair humiliation means to the peace process: Irish Independent

Police hunt four IRA kidnappers: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Tohill affair was threat to fragile peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

It's been a real learning experience: Derry Journal

Outrage at inclusion of Mackay: (from the Irish News)
Bimpe Fatogun

Orange must talk to residents: Derry Journal

How we can help police to help us all: Belfast Telegraph

McCord seeks meeting with PM: UTV Internet

Ministers aware of UDR links with loyalists, archives show: The Guardian (May 5)
Owen Bowcott

State-sponsored murder drive endorsed at the highest levels: (from the Irish News, May 4)
Martin McGuinness

Sands relatives in 25th anniversary snub to Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Regan

Re-enactment marks Sands anniversary: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid and Claire Regan

Groups unite to celebrate liberty: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (May 4)
Patrick Flanigan

Unionists condemn Sands 'hate vigils': UTV Internet

Anger at hunger strike prison memorial: Irish Independent
Paul O'Hare and Dan McGinn

'We were made to feel we were the dirt of the earth': Derry Journal

This place was built to break us . . starvation was our only weapon: Daily Mirror
Ros Wynne-Jones

1981 – a struggle to the death: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Hunger strikes – 25 years on: BBC
Denis Murray

10 dead men... and far too little context: Irish Independent
John Boland

Recreating the drama and the tragedy of the hunger strikes:

Sinn Féin's growth down to hunger strikers' 'courage': Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

Crisis heralded a major strategy shift for republicanism: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Inquiry rejected into MI5's Omagh lapse: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

SF view of 1916 is Stalinist, says Martin: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Who's been sitting in my throne?: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Recreational rioting: Derry Journal

Marian Price on march charge: Belfast Telegraph (May 4)
Brendan McDaid

Sesame Street puts tolerance first in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph
Marie Foy

Free time: The Guardian
Charlotte Ashton

O'Toole in running for Irish police post: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen and Suzanne Smalley

New outrage at Loyalist march route: The Scotsman
Craig Brown

Friday, May 5

Refusal to reveal details of side deals angers SDLP: Daily Ireland

One year on for 'honest broker' Hain: BBC
Martina Purdy

Take your Stormont seats now or the wallet gets it: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

Unionist electorate will make the decision on powersharing: Village (Apr 27)
Eoin Ó Murchú

Orangemen facing action over parade body posts: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Nationalists Angry Over Parade Move: Irish Voice/
Brendan Anderson

A major step to help end marches row: Belfast Telegraph

Orange questions for society:
Des Wilson

SDLP calls for ARA involvement in charity scam: UTV Internet

Thug Aid: The News Letter

Trial date set for chef on money-laundering charge: Daily Ireland

Demands grow for action over Border Fox: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Orde wrong to put spin on rising crime rates: The News Letter

Excuses for crime figures don't wash: Daily Ireland

Shock truth of bar killings: (from the Irish News, May 2)
Steven McCaffery

'We are all sick, sore and tired of slurs on UDR': The News Letter

Unionist silence the most shameful part of the story: (from the Irish News)
Susan McKay

UDR memorial wins council's final approval: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Fury over honour for NI prison service: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Republicans to honour their fallen hero, 25 years on: Irish Independent
David McKittrick

The NIO and secret meetings with Unionists: Impartial Reporter

Frazer condemns Sands memorials: UTV Internet

Parades honour hunger strikers: Daily Ireland

Four Swans and Hunger Parade clash: Ballymoney Times

What happened in the hunger strike?: BBC

Comrade remembers Bobby:
Damian McCarney

Five weeks that shook the world: Impartial Reporter

And 25 years later:

Unionists praise GAA club: Belfast Telegraph
Sam McBride

'Terror' Migrant Gets Ally: New York Post (Apr 18)
Marsha Kranes

Playing on minority fears: Daily Ireland
Jude Collins

Titanic city's amazing sea change: Belfast Telegraph
Chrissie Russell

Thursday, May 4

No details on DUP 'side deals': BBC

Why has the NIO parked car expenses?: Belfast Telegraph

Charities 'launder dirty money': BBC

Might Blair crisis signal Hain move?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

No quick-fix on marching: The News Letter

Orange Order in Dublin talks: UTV Internet

Useful exercise: The News Letter

Order talks with SDLP signify little: Daily Ireland

It takes lots of courage to break ranks: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Andre Shoukri refused bail: UTV Internet

Frazer accuses police of neglect: Newry Democrat

UUP boycott Policing Board: UTV Internet

Glenshane fracas – blame game begins: Belfast Telegraph
Geraldine Mulholland and Clare Weir

Bus full of loyalists puts four in hospital: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

The hunger strike myth is collapsing: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Remembering, 25 years on: Irish Echo

'Thatcher was warned about UDR': UTV Internet

Files confirm suspicions: (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Stolen army gun may be linked to second killing: (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Collusion website: Daily Ireland
Mick Hall

Light Brigade new garrison for peacetime: The News Letter

Thorny seed is falling on fertile ground: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Wrongly convicted men claim libel: BBC

Inquiry denied Wright papers: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Support for compulsory voting: The News Letter

Wednesday, May 3

November date for North power-sharing deal 'is set in stone': Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

SF must back all police reforms, says Hain: Irish Independent
Ed Carty and Gene McKenna

Dodds – it's time for republicans to measure up: The News Letter

Northern Ireland Bill clears first Lords hurdle: Irish Examiner (May 2)

Saulters says never say never: UTV Internet

SDLP in talks with marching orders: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Orange Order under pressure to talk to Parades Commission: UTV Internet

Orange Order's principles not understood by leaders or members: (from the Irish Times, May 1)
Brian Kennaway

Killers being shielded – detective: BBC

Potency of post-conflict policing is paramount: (from the Irish News)
Breidge Gadd

Orde to be questioned over deaths: BBC

RUC wife testifies in court case: UTV Internet

Is McWilliams flexing those muscles again?: Sunday Life (Apr 23)

The Border Hare out-Foxed?: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Irish America 'must not merely spectate': Daily Ireland

Violent sectarian clashes close road: Irish Independent

Four hurt in Glenshane Pass violence: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Regan

Politicians appeal for end to clashes: The News Letter

Truth about hunger strike must emerge: Belfast Telegraph

Collusion Subversion in the UDR: (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Subversion Report 'No Surprise': (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Ingram rejects fund to aid UDR families: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Shared mass had lessons in diversity: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Being overtaken by our cross border neighbour: The News Letter

Sinn Fein furious at exclusion from Davitt centenary talk: Irish Independent
Anne-Marie Walsh

US praises Ireland's help in war on terror: Irish Examiner
Cormac O'Keeffe and Ian Guider

Time to re-examine our state of independence: Daily Ireland
Patricia McKenna

Orange Lodge draws 'line in the sand' as deal is signed: The Herald
Damien Henderson

Tuesday, May 2

Loyal Orders and SDLP set to meet: BBC

A tradition betrayed an order in chaos: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Hearts and minds and orangemen: Belfast Telegraph

IRA snubs priest in talks with 'nutting squad' victim's family: (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill

Petrol bombers hit family of six: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Catholic-owned hotel and homes under attack: Daily Ireland
Mick Hall

Several injured as trouble flares: BBC

Database to document victims of state violence: Daily Ireland

Tickets tribute to those killed: (from the Irish News)
Chrissie Russell

Memory of Bobby Sands returns to haunt IRA leadership: The Times
David Sharrock

'We shed no tears for the hunger strikers': Sunday Tribune (Apr 30) — link repaired 10:30am (EDT)
Suzanne Breen

Drama and trauma of the hunger strikes relived on stage: Daily Ireland
Gearóid O Cairealláin

Is it time for a Polish political party in Ulster?: Belfast Telegraph
Pól Ó'Muirí

Shared Mass exposes deep divisions: Irish Independent
John Cooney

Trimble's final call as First Minister: Sunday Life (Apr 23)

Assembly tax break sweetener: Belfast Telegraph
Robin Morton and Brian Walker

Peace of writing: Yorkshire Evening Post (May 1)
Neil Hudson

Irish language in schools under fire: (Mar 23)
Roisin McManus

Vote-loss scandal as 90pc names are 'wrong': Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

Equality laws 'undermined': Daily Ireland
Mick Hall

Adair in bust-up with Celtic fans: Sunday Life (Apr 30)
Stephen Breen

Historic pact to beat sectarian thugs: The Herald
Tom Gordon

Monday, May 1

'Not enough' republican movement: BBC

History will be truest judge of peacemakers: (from the Irish News, Apr 29)
Patrick Murphy

Hain is accused of delay on Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 28)
Chris Thornton

Orangeman hits back at Kennaway criticisms: (from the Irish News, Apr 29)
Barry McCaffrey

I'm right on killer tout says McCord: Sunday Life (Apr 30)
Stephen Gordon

Officers in civilian shooting inquiry take early retirement: Daily Ireland (Apr 25)
Ciarán Barnes

Frazer claim over 'Border Fox': UTV Internet

Victims' group leader questioned: BBC

Shared future only way forward: Sunday Life (Apr 30)
Duncan Morrow

The Hunger Strikers 25 years later: Sunday Tribune (Apr 30)
Paul Howard

Priest at heart of peace process honoured: Ireland_On-Line (Apr 21)

Michelle's struggle for justice will go on: Sunday Life (Apr 30)
Karen Ireland

No getting away from north for gentleman of Irish politics: (from the Irish News, Apr 15)
Valerie Robinson

Parade shows new secular nature of society – archbishop: Irish Independent (Apr 17)

No plans to mark Acts of Union: Sunday Herald (Apr 23)
Paul Dalgarno


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Sir Henry Sidney "Pacifies" Ulster and Returns to Dublin after a Victory
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