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Thursday, May 15

UVF prisoners may be freed as ceasefire holds: Irish Independent
Áine Kerr

Good fences don't mean good neighbours: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Irish government is unionism's new best friend: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Ireland at pivotal moment – McAleese:
Elaine Edwards

'Take action before they kill someone': The News Letter

RIRA planned to ship in arms, spy claimed: Irish Independent
Sarah Stack

McGuinness visits officer injured in bomb attack: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Weir

Dissidents 'are on borrowed time': The News Letter

Attack on policeman criticised at synod: Irish News
William Scholes

Officer injured in bomb vows to return to work: Irish News
Diana Rusk and Seamus McKinney

Use of booby-trap raises fears: Irish News

Leadership by Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

Dissident cause has no support: Irish News

Doherty urges support for Texas held Brennan: Irish Echo
Jim Dee

North wins: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

If the North is to lay a golden egg some feathers need to be ruffled: Irish Independent
Brendan Keenan

Stop playing games and cut the profits tax, Gordon: Belfast Telegraph
George Quigley

McCartney trial set to begin next week:

Officer's files to remain private: BBC

Physical attacks on police officers on the rise: UTV Internet

FBI agent's credibility queried at Omagh trial: RTE

SDLP and Fianna Fáil meet in Derry: Derry Journal

Sands film gets Cannes premiere: BBC

Bobby Sands film risks Cannes controversy: Daily Telegraph
Anita Singh

Could the stage be set for a velvet divorce?: The Herald
Neal Ascherson

Wednesday, May 14

McGuinness warning after Tyrone attack: RTE

McGuinness visits injured officer: BBC

Booby-trap bomb condemned by assembly: UTV Internet

Orde hits out after officer attack: The News Letter

Paisley's last questions in 'this part of Ireland': Irish News
William Graham

Achievements of Assembly should be marked – MLA: The News Letter

Billion Dollar Men Boost Belfast: Andersonstown News

Conference was vital for north, despite what naysayers tell you: Irish News
Philip McDonagh

Victims and Survivors Bill clears in Stormont: UTV Internet

Victims' bill clears final hurdle: BBC

Omagh – Secret room found: Irish Examiner
Sarah Stack

Omagh suspect 'had a hidden room, court told': Irish Independent
Sarah Stack

Omagh civil action – 'Spy lured terror boss into view of gardai': Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Police deny Omagh statement claim: BBC

Historic case for historic times: Belfast Telegraph

Performance art makes its courtroom debut: The Guardian
Jonathan Jones

Stone – A shadow of his former self, the former hitman hobbled to the dock: Belfast Telegraph
Emily Moulton

Time to get tough on teen yob rule – Provos could tackle crime: (from the Irish Daily Star, May 12)
John Coulter

McCartney trial halted for legal reasons: RTE

Sectarian attacks decrease: Irish News

Resolution is preaching to converted: The News Letter

C of I Primate urges Israel to look to North: Irish Independent
John Cooney

Tuesday, May 13

Pull down NI peace walls – Paisley: BBC

Paisley faces final question time: UTV Internet

Paisley has broke new ground but has more to do: Irish News
Roy Garland

Public disillusioned with Stormont – MLA: The News Letter

Is that a poisoned chalice behind you, Peter?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Chronicling the shift in modern unionism: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Warning over Victims' Commission: UTV Internet

Secret-inquest bill opposed by nationalists: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey and Shannon Tweed

Putting 'our best face on': Irish News
Tom Kelly

Officer hurt by booby-trap bomb: BBC

UVF-linked band gets lotto and Ulster-Scots body cash: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Feeling Voters' Pain: (from Hibernian Magazine)

Omagh case makes history as hearing crosses Border: Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald

Real IRA suspect lured out for gardaí, Omagh trial told:

McCartney murder trial adjourned: BBC

Loyalist killer accused of attempt to assassinate Sinn Féin leaders: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Loyalist Michael Stone 'aimed to cut throats of Sinn Fein chiefs on TV': The Times
David Brown

'Loyalist' may have to sell house: BBC

Artist brings H Blocks out from behind bars: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey and Shannon Tweed

Monday, May 12

Senator George Mitchell pays tribute to Paisley: UTV Internet

Great week for Paisley: (from the Sunday Times, May 11)
Liam Clarke

Ian Paisley is the runaway winner: BBC

Robinson scorns Brown's '£1bn for province' claim: Belfast Telegraph (May 10)
David Gordon

Presidents' Club opens in Belfast: Irish Examiner

Omagh relatives set for civil action:

McCartney murder trial set to open:

Civil service rebellion against Maze stadium: Sunday Life (May 4)

Royal fiancee's leap of faith in age when celebrity is king: Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

Arming the gardaí is not the answer – the criminals will just shoot first: Irish Examiner (May 6)
Steven King

Underspend 'could reach £130 million': The News Letter (May 6)

Ministers must expect scrutiny: Irish News (May 6)

Citizen Cowen sets out his 'patriotic' plan for the country: Irish Independent
Michael Brennan

Ireland should be example to whole world says Paisley: Irish News (May 7)
William Graham

John Hume at CIMA World Conference: Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka, May 9)

Scottish independence – too much, too late: The Times

Sunday, May 11

North begins drive to attract new investment: Sunday Business Post
David Cullen

Renewed calls to harmonise tax rates across Ireland: The Independent
Alistair Dawber

US firms who love Ulster: Belfast Telegraph (May 9)
Robin Morton

North's gain can aid Republic's economy: Sunday Business Post
Gavin Daly

New York funds chief hints at cash for north infrastructure: Irish News
Gary McDonald

Breaking down the border is in the North's own interest: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

Historic week marks a big change for north economy: Irish News
James Kelly

Paisley hints at new role promoting Ulster: The News Letter (May 6)

SDLP replaced neutrality with ... nothing: Irish News (May 7)
Brian Feeney

Terror warning as firebomb is found in Cookstown toy shop: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Omagh case 'uncharted waters': Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

Party rules out Ruane reshuffle: BBC

Bye Bye Bertie Ahern: North Belfast News (May 9)
Siobhán Rogan

SDLP opposes 'secret inquest' act: BBC

McGuinness denies Maze shrine claims: UTV Internet (May 6)

Anger as new film of IRA hero Bobby Sands screens at Cannes: San Francisco Chronicle
Vanessa Thorpe and Henry McDonald

Gordon Brown won't let Union split: Sunday Telegraph
Patrick Hennessy

Scottish independence row rages on both sides of border: Belfast Telegraph (May 9)

Saturday, May 10

Gordon and Brian – Ulster's sales team: Belfast Telegraph

Major effort to woo investors from US looks likely to pay off: Irish News
Gary McDonald

Ministers warned not to waste US opportunities: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Adams calls for development of Gaeltacht area: Irish News
Shannon Tweed

Peace can win over investors: Irish News

Move means big decisions for Executive: The News Letter

Paisley and Ahern – The rest is now history: Belfast Telegraph
Martina Devlin

Well-wishers mob Bertie and Ian on green grassy slopes of Boyne: Irish News (May 7)
William Graham

If Ian and Bertie can do it, why can't we?: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

Will Cowen turn out to be a very poor replacement?: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

From Long Kesh to working with the Police: Fermanagh Herald
Aileen Murphy

Political fudging hasn't gone away: North Belfast News
Martin Morgan

Direct dialogue is Sinn Fein option: Down Democrat

Despite peace, Belfast walls are growing in size and number: Washington Post (May 4)
Shawn Pogatchnik

McKevitt's High Court secret files fight fails: Irish News

Pilot soccer project tackles sectarianism: Irish News (May 7)
Allison Morris

Praise for loyalist initiative: Irish News

Burns family 'deeply hurt' by IMC claims: Derry Journal (May 6)

Southern drivers evade parking fines: Irish News (May 8)

Tighten up loophole in parking fines: The News Letter (May 8)

Scotland the brave? Independence is rising up the political agenda: Financial Times
Andrew Bolger and George Parker

'If the Scottish Parliament continues in existence, it means dismantling the UK': The Scotsman (May 9)
Tam Dalyell

This kingdom will fall apart without Scotland: Daily Telegraph
Vicki Woods

APRC, IRA and the unitary and federal mixture: Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka, May 8)
Subash Wickramasinghe

Friday, May 9

Devolution anniversary passes off a quiet affair: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Looking back on a year of devolution: The News Letter

Robinson gets his chance at power: Financial Times (May 8)
John Murray Brown

Unionism remains divided: The News Letter

Exclusive devolution poll – day three: Belfast Telegraph

Lack of leadership – UUP: The News Letter

Paisley – one more week: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

N Ireland Unionists hold out on terror bill: Financial Times
Jimmy Burns, John Murray Brown and Jim Pickard

Bush promises ongoing support for NI:

Taoiseach invokes JFK at drive to promote US investment in North: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

Premiers continue working for NI: BBC

On Ireland Visit, Noting That Council Speaker and Belfast Go Back a Long Way: New York Times
Michael Barbaro

Major bid to attract US firms to the north: Irish News
Gary McDonald

Gordon Brown's £1bn boost to Ulster: Daily Telegraph

NI investment conference ends: RTE

Together, we can ensure a shared future for everyone: Belfast Telegraph
Gordon Brown

DUP/SNP alliance can give Brown the fiscal brush-off: Irish News
Newton Emerson

New York is committed to Ireland's future: Irish Echo
William C. Thompson, Jr.

Taking responsibility for our prosperity: (from Fortnight magazine)
Quintin Oliver & Allan Leonard

Brown controls the cutting edge: Belfast Telegraph

A pitch for the Yankee dollar: Ulster Herald

Ahern Warmly Praised for Speech: Irish Voice/
April Drew

Bertie Ahern basks in his bright American moment: Irish Echo
Susan Garraty

Mission Accomplished: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Ireland's good times happened on Bertie's watch: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Take down peace walls, NY Mayor: BBC

Security alerts deemed bogus: The News Letter
Bryan Gray

Partially detonated device found: BBC

Pipebomb factory in CIRA link smashed by gardai: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

When the parade passed by: Ulster Herald

Paint attack blamed on loyalist feud: Irish News
Allison Morris

Murphy further remanded over Omagh:

Ruane in new schools wrangle: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Thursday, May 8

Cowen to meet Brown at Belfast conference:

Devolution one year on – Ministers yet to prove themselves: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Devolution – one year on: BBC
Mark Devenport

Leader with 'iron in his soul' and luck on his side: Irish Independent
Dermot Ferriter

Dat Speech: Sunday Journal (May 4)
Lisa Burkitt

Ahern's last hurrah: Boston Globe (May 7)

A day when Irish hope and history rhyme: The Australian

Giants of peace meet on Boyne: Belfast Telegraph

Cowen Elected Prime Minister of Ireland: New York Times
John F. Burns

Cowen – a new style of taoiseach: BBC
Diarmaid Fleming

US Investment Conference launched: UTV Internet

City Officials on Investment Trip: New York Times
Michael Barbaro

An excellent opportunity for business: The News Letter

Cautious welcome for report on parades: Andersonstown News (May 5)
Áine McEntee

City to be focal point of Orange trail: Londonderry Sentinel

Cowen to hear of 'Murph killings: Andersonstown News (May 5)
Ciarán Barnes

Evidence of former FBI man allowed in Omagh civil action: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

McKevitt loses fight over FBI evidence: Irish News

Whatever the result, Omagh case is historic: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

'Donegal Protestants abandoned': Londonderry Sentinel

Nesbitt and Neeson set for Ulster drama: The Guardian
Leigh Holmwood

Adams' protégé weight on Executive: (from the Sunday Times, May 4)
Liam Clarke

Independence daze diminishes debate: Financial Times

Wednesday, May 7

No turning back as leaders declare 'killing times' over: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

North and South need to understand their shared history – Ahern: Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

Day of symbolism at Boyne site: BBC
Diarmaid Fleming

Paisley backs Ahern for president: UTV Internet

One for the road: Irish Independent

McGuinness basks at Stormont (despite Hain taking light bulbs): Irish News
William Graham

Paisley 'will miss the rough and tumble of government': Irish News

'Hume-speak' from Paisley a fine finale: Irish Independent
John Cooney

Beating the retreat, as both sides retire: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Only a political earthquake will wreck this bliss: Irish News
William Graham

Ahern succeeded because he embodied our contradictions: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Dáil set to confirm Cowen as Republic's 12th leader: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

IRA Army Council may not exist – McGuinness: The News Letter

Kelly applauds ex-prisoners: UTV Internet

Exclusive poll – Devolution one year on: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton, Kathryn Torney, Claire Harrison, Deborah McAleese

Part-time Commission debated: UTV Internet

Victims advice request refused: BBC
Johnny Caldwell

Victims commission just an insult to those affected: Irish News
Susan McKay

IRA killer to apply for prison transfer: Irish News
Allison Morris

Nelson probe anonymity challenge: BBC

Inquiries are waste of money, says MP: The News Letter

Real IRA convictions overturned on appeal: Irish Examiner
Vivion Kilfeather

Queen row not likely to go away: The News Letter

Burns and Clarke clash over flags issue: Antrim Times
Lorna McKay

Executives on NI investment trail: BBC
James Kerr

McGuinness hails US business leaders:

Why US money can stop us coming full circle: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Don't be too cynical about the investment conference: Irish News
Jamie Delargy

Tuesday, May 6

Farewell meeting for leaders of Irish peace, Ahern and Paisley: The Times
David Sharrock

Departing Ahern keeps focus on legacy of peace: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Last hurrah on political battlefield: BBC
Shane Harrison

Irish Eyes: The Times

Queen visit 'may depend on IRA': BBC

Time has come for Republic to join Commonwealth: Irish News
Roy Garland

Extremists are lacking in humanity: The News Letter

N Ireland hopes progress in politics will lure US investors: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Number of executives for US invesment talks has doubled: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

A conference essential to peace: Belfast Telegraph

Time to build real bridges: Irish News

A difficult transfer test for Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Opportunities being missed at Maze – MLA: The News Letter

Monday, May 5

Troubles murder probes cost hits new high: UTV Internet

Cash well spent?: The News Letter

Bertie's master stroke – the soundbite that dazzled the US congress: Sunday Tribune (May 4)
Marion McKeone

My feeling is of gratitude for the chance I have had: Irish Independent
Bertie Ahern

Cautious welcome for report on parades: North Belfast News (May 2)
Aine McEntee

Killer reportedly shot by IRA after murder: Irish News (May 3)
Diana Rusk

Investment event 'to be success': BBC

Interface schools funding stopped: Irish News (May 3)
Simon Doyle

Pope to make decision on NI visit: BBC

Ireland's immigrants return home as slump sharpens fear of racism: The Observer (May 4)
Henry McDonald

No legitimate excuse for the siege of Father Troy: Irish News (May 1)
Newton Emerson

Sunday, May 4

Unionists call for Irish pact in parliament: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Is UVF going to give up arms?: Belfast Telegraph (May 2)
Brian Rowan

Trial prejudice claim nonsense: Irish News

Family deny son's dissident link: BBC

Dissident republicans still active in North West – IMC: Derry Journal (May 1)

Murderer 'meant to kill Adair brother': Irish News
Diana Rusk

US money-man and McCord to get together: North Belfast News
Áine McEntee

Former RUC chief moved out of nursing home after terror alert: Sunday Independent

Bertie's Big Speech: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Bertie's resignation is the start of his new era: Irish News
James Kelly

Excuse me, but aren't you . . . Irish leader drops in for pint: Boston Globe (May 2)
Kevin Cullen

Goodbye to a fine Taoiseach: Sunday Independent

Details of IRA spy book inquiry given to victim: Irish News
Allison Morris

A shared future needs integrated education: South Belfast News

Policing Board defends £35,000 New York trip: The News Letter

North woos US investors: Sunday Business Post

Major US investors to visit Derry: Derry Journal

Beleaguered Ruane backed by McGuinness: Irish News
Simon Doyle

Paisley has pupils howling with laughter: The News Letter

Paisley shows off flower power: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Saturday, May 3

Sinn Fein and SDLP clash over Provo murder link: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey and William Graham

Victim's father in agreement with IMC report: RTE

Murder that cannot be covered up: The News Letter

Millions of thanks for Ahern: Albany Times Union (May 2)
Kevin Cullen

Bertie Ahern takes victory lap: Boston Herald

Ahern, the master builder of peace: Belfast Telegraph

Cover-Up Continues: Irish Voice/

Stone to use art expert in defence:

UDA feud charges dropped: Irish News
Allison Morris

Purvis – UVF has lived up to its guns promise: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

The focus is now on loyalists and their weapons: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Victims worker meets relatives: Irish News
Allison Morris

Healing through our memories: Andersonstown News

Fianna Fail's march north will be done at Brian's pace: Irish News
Denis Bradley

A split's not always first thing on agenda: Andersonstown News
Des Wilson

McKevitt has no interest in case, Omagh trial told: Irish News

Putting Orange on the map: Irish News
Bimpe Fatogun

Yanks may leave big bucks at home: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

It's time to earn our Stripes: Belfast Telegraph
Nigel Dodds

So, did you read the latest report from Boord O Ulster-Scotch?: Irish Independent
Damian Corless

Bigotry is in with the bricks in Britain: The Herald
Ian Bell

Friday, May 2

Quinn parents press Provos: Irish Independent
Dan McGinn

Report prompts calls over IRA army council:
Eoin Burke-Kennedy and Charlie Taylor

IMC reports positive steps from loyalists:
Charlie Taylor

New militant group threatens Ulster peace: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Dissident group blamed for murder: BBC

The Stormont orchestra gets a new leader: Derry Journal

Parades move daft and disturbing says ex-MLA: Irish News
Liz Trainor

Orde faces board after 'tribal' row: The News Letter

Loyalist claim 'laughable' – Orde: BBC

The LVF's first victim?: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Texas holds Brennan, no release in sight: (from the Irish Echo)
Jim Dee

Prime minister addresses Congress: Springfield Republican (May 1)
Jo-Ann Moriarty

Ex-prisoners should enjoy same rights as others: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Hugh Orde quizzed by Ombudsman: UTV Internet

Omagh relatives may get just £2,500: Irish News

Spy won't attend Omagh civil case: Ulster Herald
Ronan McSherry

Omagh's next generation speaks: Irish News
Anne Hailes

Me, Mo and mayhem: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

All-Ireland economy development urged: Irish News
John Manley

Northern Ireland could become '21st century economic success story': Belfast Telegraph
Robin Morton

Hard sell: The Economist

Minister to bar national sports stadium at Maze: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Calls for reform as royal fiancée drops Catholicism: The Scotsman
Gerri Peev

Thursday, May 1

Group clears IRA of Quinn murder: BBC

Provisional IRA link to Quinn murder – report: RTE

DUP challenged over IMC's findings:

'Ireland is at peace': Irish Independent
Senan Molony

Last Hurrah: Irish Echo
Susan Garraty

Ahern will give speech at Harvard: RTE

'The triumph of people and of politics': Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

Change and consequence: Irish Echo

Taoiseach's US speech – A proud day for the Irish worldwide: Irish Examiner

Panel paves future of parades: The News Letter

'Formal end to cultural wars' within reach say old enemies: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Meet Paddy Paradesdown and team: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Ashdown's parades review – enough to resolve parades issue: (from the News Letter)
Liam Clarke

Gutless DUP determined to block any change: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Access denied to seat of power: BBC
Mark Devenport

Arrests as loyalist tensions heighten: Irish News

Board meets after tribal remarks: BBC

Sinn Fein pressed on policing issues at Strabane meeting: Derry Journal

'Civil rights in the 21st century' – Durkan: Sunday Journal (Apr 27)

Tyrone murder was sectarian – inquest:

Locate public sector jobs in Derry: Derry Journal

The writing on the wall: Sunday Journal (Apr 27)
Mary Nelis

Support for Scottish independence slumps: Daily Telegraph (Apr 30)
Simon Johnson


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