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This archive contains references to articles from May 16-31, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, May 31

Paisley's party to take seats in Executive: The Times

Belfast executive revives, minus the DUP: The Independent

As red hand gang flies the flag, an unruffled Martin McGuinness goes back to schools: The Guardian

Sinn Fein insists on reforms in policing: The Times

Ex US cop to oversee Patten reforms: Belfast Telegraph

The RUC are not so bad: The Guardian

Dublin will follow Patten police path: Belfast Telegraph

Mandelson faces rebellion over Police Bill: The Irish Times

Stability will help boost economy, says Minister: Irish Examiner

Leaders urge arms move 'within weeks': The Irish Times

The Army is here to stay: Belfast Telegraph

Still lots of questions to be answered: Irish News

TIME FOR THE IRA TO MAKE GOOD: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Ulster progress, pitfalls: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Once again, a shot at peace in Ulster: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

Lock up the weapons: National Post (Editorial)

Cautiously optimistic: Washington Times (Editorial)

An Irish blessing : Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

LVF denies murdering man: BBC

Tit-for-tat fear over loyalist feud killings: The Times

DUP out to block SF from top post: Irish News

It takes two to say the war is over: Belfast Telegraph

Government tapping of phone calls between UK and Ireland challenged: The Guardian

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 31 ---------

Soldiers seemed determined to hit someone, says Bloody Sunday witness: Electronic Telegraph

Inquiry hears of Bloody Sunday victims: BBC

Three shot ‘in army vehicle’: Irish News

Paratroopers 'arrested and then shot victims': The Irish Times

Tuesday, May 30

Control of Ulster reverts to Stormont: The Independent

Trimble hopes Rubicon is crossed as direct rule ends: The Irish Times

UUP minority has new plan to stall peace talks: The Times

Yes/No poser in South Antrim: Belfast Telegraph

Flags row first test as leaders return to fray: Irish Independent

DUP meets to consider executive boycott: The Times

Thorny problems for DUP over whether to take ministerial posts: Irish Examiner

Coffee with Trimble can help to resolve differences: The Irish Times

Withdrawal symptoms to be expected: Irish News

Mallon attacks Mandelson on RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Another Gain for Irish Peace: New York Times (Editorial)

The helping hand that Mr Trimble needs: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Labour attacks Sinn Féin for soliciting donations on line: Irish Examiner

IRA men murdered drug dealer in pub, says rights group: Electronic Telegraph

28 years on, family hopes to lay mother to rest: Baltimore Sun

Fears that loyalist feud may escalate: The Irish Times

Dangerous times lie ahead: Ervine: Irish News

Further arrests in dissident operation: BBC

Well ... was Martin McGuinness a good Minister of Education?: Belfast Telegraph

Troops lived ‘in fear of torture’: Irish News

Unionists may support Sinn Fein for Belfast mayor: Irish Examiner

A message to the city hall: Irish News (Editorial)

Monday, May 29

Terror threat grows as Stormont regains power: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein leader wary: Adams sees hurdles to N. Ireland peace: Boston Herald

RUC row threatens deal : The Guardian

Vote deepens unionist rifts: BBC

Mixed feelings in unionist heartland: The Irish Times

Spoiling for another fight: Belfast Telegraph

Economic hopes raised by steps to Ulster peace: Boston Globe

Narrow victory puts peace on a knife edge: The Independent

Doctor No' urges followers to resist devil's weapon: The Times

Trimble's enemies within plan next move: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein anger at Trimble remarks: Irish News

Victim of IRA sways vote for power-sharing with Sinn Fein: The Times

IRA to discuss plans for arms inspections: Irish Examiner

Power players learn art of sharing: The Guardian

A Truth Commission to Heal Historic Wounds: Los Angeles Times (May 28)

Inch by inch, Trimble moves forward: The Guardian

Trimble steers unionism back to reason: Irish Independent

'On the Waterfront' keeps audience guessing: The Irish Times

One eye on the future, the other on his enemies: Irish Examiner

AND SO TO THE NEXT CRISIS: Andersonstown News

Peace first. Then normality. They're not the same thing: The Guardian

Welcoming unionists to the family of democracy: The Irish Times

Belfast lacks the horse-trading that brings hope: The Independent

Light candles, don’t curse the darkness: Irish News

Time to show leadership and make politics work: Irish Independent

Second chance for Ulster: The Guardian (Editorial)

Will the IRA back Paisley?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Victory the North needed: Irish Independent (Editorial)

DEVOLUTION RESTORED: The Times (Editorial)

A good result for Mr Trimble: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The North can now get back down to business: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Executive reformed: Local politicians must grasp chance to shape the future: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

UUC reforms are overdue: Irish News (Editorial)

Gardai release seven of Real IRA suspects: Irish Independent

'Real IRA' activities led to detentions: The Irish Times

The Irish over the water: The Guardian (May 25)

Clinton to visit Ulster: The Times

Clinton welcomes vote as a 'giant step': The Irish Times

Dark side of the war: BBC

Wright demands truth and justice: Sunday Business Post (May 28)

Loyalist feud 'poised to escalate into war': The Guardian

Protests at Orange plaque event: BBC

Loyalist links cause Wales Lib Dem to resign: Sunday Business Post (May 28)

Sunday, May 28

Unionists to Return to Joint Rule in Ulster With Sinn Fein: New York Times

Omagh suspects arrested as Trimble triumphs: Scotland on Sunday

Trimble's victory means the war is probably over: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Drama on the Waterfront: Ireland on Sunday

Joint Dublin and London promises to Taylor gave victory for Trimble: Sunday Independent

Local observers praise Unionist party's decision: Boston Herald

Mandelson hails 'second chance': BBC

Trimble carries the day - but will he last?: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster vote: too close for comfort: Independent on Sunday

Stretched Trimble shows both heart and head: Sunday Independent

Trimble won the vote, but Adams made the peace: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sinn Fein is wedded to the peace process: Ireland on Sunday

IRA veteran knows reality of disarmament: Boston Herald

Pips pipped and screeching: Sunday Independent

Trimble triumphant: The Observer

We're not out of the woods yet: Ireland on Sunday (by Gary McMichael)

Britain is edging away from Ulster's troubles: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble scores a win for peace: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Practical politics: The Observer (Editorial)

IRA must deliver on its promises: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Thank goodness! : Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Stockpiled IRA guns will be confiscated, say gardaí: Ireland on Sunday

Mandelson's neat footwork keeps RUC ball in the air: The Sunday Times

More police work ahead for ex-DEA boss: Albany Times Union

GAA faces moment of truth on Patten: Sunday Independent

Bloodbath feared after man is shot: Ireland on Sunday

British 'agent handler' lifts lid on Nelson story: The Observer

Agent 'hung out to dry': The Observer

Second charge slows down Finucane case: Ireland on Sunday

MI5 tells supergrass to sign gagging order: The Sunday Times

Disturbing facts that need to be examined: Ireland on Sunday

Gadaffi gave IRA over £6m for guns: The Sunday Times

IRA investors make 300% profit out of Gadaffi cash donations: The Sunday Times

Derry's H-block ruler: The Observer

Orange march passes peacefully: BBC

RUC vetting plan to control rush of early retirements: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 27

Unionists back power-sharing: BBC

--------- Earlier News ---------

N. Ireland Party to Vote on Rejoining Assembly: Washington Post

Trimble rejects party critic's last-minute offer of deal: The Independent

No camp boosted but Trimble fights all the way: The Irish Times

Survey shows delegates split on power sharing: Electronic Telegraph

Yes side expects support of Taylor: The Irish Times

Could this be Trimble’s final fling at the Waterfront?: Irish News

Unionists urged to 'avoid tragedy': BBC

'We've been at the crossroads. We must choose the right road': The Guardian

Seven held before Unionist vote: Electronic Telegraph

N. Ireland's grand chance: Philadelphia Inquirer

A family reflects the division in unionism: The Irish Times

Beware of the DUP Greeks bearing gifts: Irish News

We can be sure - this is not the last crisis: The Irish Times

Trimble's troubles only just beginning: Irish Independent

Northern Ireland's Generation X: Miami Herald (May 26)

Mr Trimble deserves his party's support today: The Independent (Editorial)

Decision time is no time for fudge: Irish News (Editorial)

Crucial vote: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Unionism's Stark Choice: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Brute force: The Guardian

Feud link to murder: BBC

PUP calls for calm after man’s murder: Irish News

Drug smuggler tells of gun shipments for IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Search for body to resume: Irish News

Dilemma over our European and NI policies: The Irish Times

Friday, May 26

Unionists lean towards devolution as Trimble prepares for crucial vote : The Guardian

Donaldson promises alternative plan: The Irish Times

Ulster leaders see close vote on IRA offer: Chicago Tribune

Trimble's deputy keeps cards close to his chest: Electronic Telegraph

Unionist rivals to meet before crucial vote on return to power sharing: The Guardian

Devolution means progress - Trimble: The Irish Times

We have buried the republican project for good: Belfast Telegraph

Washington to Harmony Hill...: Irish News

Clinton RUC 'snub' rubbished: BBC

Faulkner's widow goes back to future: The Irish Times

Loyalist terrorists vow to 'resist': Electronic Telegraph

Hard times and harder words: The Guardian

Church leader amazed by IRA statement: The Irish Times

Another D-day in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

No alternative to peace: Washington Times (Editorial)

Hope for Peace Is Alive & Well in N. Ireland: New York Daily News

How the Unionists can say 'Yes': Belfast Telegraph

Time to look to the future: Irish News (Editorial)

MPs to probe Ulster exile problem: Belfast Telegraph

Bomb adds tension to peace vote: The Times

Fears Real IRA may disrupt vote: Irish Examiner

Renegade republicans remain real threat: Irish Independent

Paramilitary groups plan to continue fight against British: Washington Times

Schoolboy, 15, pleads guilty to taking part in Real IRA training camp: Irish Examiner

Tolerance adds lustre to the gold coast: Electronic Telegraph

Where nationalists and the government take issue on the future of Ulster policing: The Guardian

Residents rap ‘vision for future’: Irish News

Orange parade regarded as family day: The Irish Times

McAleese receives a Presbyterian invite: Irish News

Paisley jubilant after poll success: The Irish Times

Religion and politics hitting the headlines: Irish News

Prosecutors close with gun: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

IRA gun smuggling suspects speak out: Irish Examiner


--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 26 ---------

Paras shot at fleeing crowd, inquiry told: Irish Examiner

Thursday, May 25

Clinton refuses to back Blair's deal for RUC: The Guardian

Legal expert criticises Police Bill: BBC

Unionism at the crossroads:What the people say: Belfast Telegraph

Outcome of key vote by Unionists too close to call: Irish Independent

Tide of opinion going my way, says Trimble: The Times

Mandelson 'not facing up to IRA': Belfast Telegraph

Concession on RUC to woo Unionists: The Guardian

Electorate angry over giving away too much: Irish Examiner

Leaders square up for date with destiny: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble a clear winner in TV debate: The Irish Times

Jeffrey Donaldson, Ulster Unionist MP for Lagan Valley: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble's rival prepares for day of destiny: The Guardian

Mallon: Concern over unionist demands: BBC

Their trouble is knowing when they've won: Belfast Telegraph

Avoiding humiliation is vital for both sides: The Irish Times

Just so much a suitor can put up with: Irish News

No more excuses: The Guardian (Editorial)

Why split?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mandelson's Message: Unionists must face up to reality on Saturday: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Unionist choice should be clear: Irish News (Editorial)

Officers hail choice of US police chief: The Times

QUB anger at guide IRA 'slur': Belfast Telegraph

UVF linked to shooting attempt: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 25 ---------

Paras threw bodies into military vehicle like bits of wood: Irish Examiner

Report casts doubt on Widgery forensic tests: The Irish Times

Saved from prison and licensed to kill: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, May 24

Trimble: 'Tactical' shift on arms: BBC

Power-share alternative put to Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Conflict is finished Mallon tells UUP: Irish News

IRA offer 'still on table': BBC

Endgame fraught with dangers for all sides: Irish Independent

Bertie tees it up for Trimble: The Irish Times

The IRA are beaten - now let's move on: Electronic Telegraph

Be Realistic!: Belfast Telegraph (by Peter Mandelson)

'Cut through the spin and see the deal for what it is': Belfast Telegraph (by Peter Robinson)

Trimble can’t see the wood for the twigs: Irish News

Soldiers celebrated IRA death with cake: The Guardian

British 'did not deliver on bases': Irish News

Decision on police name within two days: The Irish Times

RUC name loss will hurt - chief: The Irish Times

RUC widows meet Irish premier: BBC

Admiration for Adams in shadow of Drumcree: Electronic Telegraph

RUC, Garda co-operate on uniform: The Irish Times

Troubles barred from US gun trial: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 24 ---------

Inaccuracies in soldier's claim that civilian shot man: Irish Examiner

Father helped mortally-wounded son: The Irish Times

Probe asked if para sergeant's shot at man crawling away from him was within law: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, May 23

Adams sounds warning of republican backlash: Belfast Telegraph

Share power or face ruin, says Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Taylor distances himself from leader on UUC vote: The Irish Times

Loyalist hawks spark long hot summer fears: Belfast Telegraph

Flags and police demands put IRA deal at risk: The Times

Abusive Paisley derides Trimble as 'Provo spokesman': The Independent

Two sides fight for 'undecided': The Times

Unionists should not walk away from their investment: Belfast Telegraph

UUP support needed to bolster arms deal: Irish News

Scandal raised in case against unity: The Irish Times

Tense times for Ulster Unionism: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Secrets and lies: The Guardian

Warning over junior Orange march: The Guardian

Enniskillen's wounds opened once more: Electronic Telegraph

It’s Patten and only Patten for the SDLP: Irish News

Family asks for help in search for body of IRA victim: Irish Examiner

Dig hopes are dashed again: Irish News (Editorial)

'Trouble' alert over Garvaghy Orange parade: Belfast Telegraph

Lessons should be learnt from march cancellation: The Irish Times

Florida gun case row as Irish politics raises its head in court: Belfast Telegraph

‘Offensive’ UVF flags defended by unionists: Irish News

Straw promises to check on Rimington role in Northern Ireland: The Guardian

Rights body backs Wright inquiry call: Irish News

War of Words: Andersonstown News (May 22)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 23 ---------

Soldier ‘omitted’ to mention killing: Irish News

Draft statement from Para commander: Irish Examiner

Monday, May 22

Trimble puts job on line with faith in IRA arms offer: The Guardian

UUP to quit Executive in absence of disarmament: The Irish Times

Optimism mounts for Ulster Unionist return to power sharing Executive: Irish Examiner

Republicans divided on agreement: The Irish Times

Unionists cast a faint eye on praise: Boston Globe

Adams dismisses Northern Ireland police reforms: Electronic Telegraph

Battle over RUC reforms intensifies: BBC

Unionists angered as Adams rejects policing bill: The Irish Times

The way to liquidate the Provos: Belfast Telegraph

High noon showdown in the wild, wild, west of Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

A week for strong nerves: The Irish Times

Conditions he could set down: Belfast Telegraph

The task for Trimble: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Deal Debate: Unionists should have confidence in their ability to test IRA pledges: Belfast Telegraph

Historic day not yet here: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble needs all our goodwill now: Independent on Sunday (Editorial - May 21)

Orangemen who dabble in the black arts: Irish News

Policing 'is taken out of politics': Belfast Telegraph

Family to continue search for IRA victim: BBC

Angry exchanges as dig for bodies winds up without success: Irish Examiner

New tests to probe IRA attack: Irish News

Ireland's president sees a bright future: Baltimore Sun (May 21)

Sunday, May 21

Taylor holds out on RUC's title: Sunday Independent

Trimble: Devolution 'not irreversible': BBC

Trimble warns IRA that support for new Executive is conditional: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Unionists split on rekindling joint cabinet: Boston Herald

Trimble goes for broke at Waterfront: Ireland on Sunday

Ad man urges UUP to say no: The Sunday Times

Trimble may resort to scare tactics in battle for UUC votes: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The final furlong for Trimble's political future: Ireland on Sunday

Trimble's last stand against the hardliners: Sunday Independent

It may be rocky, but Ulster has no other road to peace: The Sunday Times (by David Trimble)

McGuinness is the stumbling block for Unionist waverers: Independent on Sunday

Unionists see nothing beyond Dollie's Brae: Sunday Business Post

My reply to Martin McGuinness: Electronic Telegraph

Revealed: IRA man's key role in Trimble's desperate peace bid: The Observer

Time to shake the bloody hand: The Sunday Times

Sinn Féin-IRA success story shows how blackmail works: Sunday Independent

The middle man at ease in Ulster's minefield: The Sunday Times

Unionists have block-head vote: Ireland on Sunday

North Ireland breakthrough may break down: Boston Herald

Can Trimble bend the UUC?: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

'Self-defence' weapons to be withdrawn: The Sunday Times

Leaked policing bill omits keys aspects of Patten report: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The great peace prize in danger of being lost: Ireland on Sunday

Clinton rejects top candidate to reform RUC: The Sunday Times

Why Ulster should be independent: The Observer

SDLP faces into bright future: Ireland on Sunday

Lament of a lost people: The Observer

OUT! OUT! OUT!: Ireland on Sunday

Betrayal - how MI5 lost Thatcher's mole: The Sunday Times

Spy claims MI5 let IRA killer go free: The Sunday Times

Police in hunt for British agent: The Observer

The truth will out: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Startling new revelations on North's shoot-to-kill incidents: Ireland on Sunday

Searches over for Disappeared: BBC

The past is still our country: Ireland on Sunday

Congressmen back call for public bombings inquiry: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, May 20

Trimble hits campaign trail in make-or-break week for deal: The Guardian

Unionists mad to snub IRA, says Mandelson: Electronic Telegraph

'Defining moment' for NI accord: BBC

UUP warns of possible joint authority in North: The Irish Times

Time is running out for Trimble to win vote: Irish Independent

Dirty campaign turns the tide against Trimble: The Times

No end to painful choices for Trimble: The Irish Times

Effort for Peace in Ulster Stumbling Over Symbols: New York Times

Arms too crucial an issue to be rushed: Irish Independent

Silence is best policy now for governments: The Irish Times

Another Setback in Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

Trimble sells progress: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Leaps in the dark: Belfast Telegraph

Make or break for peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

Can Paisley sway UUC?: Irish News (Editorial)

No surrender - please: The Guardian

Police call off search for IRA victims: The Independent

Bomb threats bring Belfast to standstill: BBC

Everyone loves Mo, bar a few ministers: The Guardian

South Armagh is ready to sing a different song: The Irish Times

Loyalists, republicans and historians agree on future for prison: Irish Examiner

Investors watching NI situation: BBC

‘Republicans unite’ call: Irish News

Search for IRA victims' bodies to end this evening: The Irish Times

A DEVOLVED MONARCHY: The Times (Editorial - about Scotland)

Friday, May 19

N. Ireland's Protestant Leader Buys Time: Washington Post

Future of Unionism rides on Trimble's trust in IRA pledge: Electronic Telegraph

Blair wants unionist sceptics to buy `good deal': Irish Independent

McLaughlin urges Unionists to accept IRA arms offer: Irish Examiner

UUP leader risks all in gamble of his life: Irish Independent

Hard campaigning to scupper Ulster deal: The Guardian

Trimble gambles on keeping dispute going: The Times

Trimble must not be blinded by sceptics’ tunnel vision: Irish Examiner

Unionism must re-enter Executive: The Irish Times

Trimble on the wire: Belfast Telegraph

A deal too far for the party grassroots: Irish Independent

Blowing with the political wind, marching to an unheard drum: The Guardian

Unionist leadership is being torn apart: Irish Independent

Time to stare down the rejectionists to save the day: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

'Everyone uses violence. I am not ashamed of anything I've done': Electronic Telegraph

Poor tactics, Mr Trimble: Irish Independent (Editorial)

TIME TO SAY YES: The Times (Editorial)

Unionism at the crossroads - Trimble's challenge: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Vote of support crucial to secure peace in North: Irish Examiner

Convincing the Unionists: The Irish Times (Editorial)

All to play for in days ahead: Irish News (Editorial)

MPs demand end to punishment beatings: BBC

Nationalists are angry at Patten timetable leak: The Irish Times

We’ve got missing police gun: dissidents: Irish News

Funding frozen after arms find: BBC

Sue RUC officers, Nelson family told: Irish News

Suspect spoke of IRA link: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

Alleged IRA gunrunner defended: Irish Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 19 ---------

Saville hits out over latest delay: Belfast Telegraph

Helicopter noise may be mistaken for gunfire: The Irish Times

Saville Inquiry Claims of military brutality: Irish Examiner

Thursday, May 18

Distrust turns tide against power sharing: The Times

Blair entices loyalists to devolution: The Guardian

Trimble ready to restore Executive: The Irish Times

Blair tells Trimble IRA offer `just the first step': Irish Independent

Filling unionist bowl at too high a price: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

Trimble faces his own Rubicon: Irish News

No secret deals - Mandelson: BBC

Process may collapse over badges and flags: The Irish Times

Truth behind unionist stance will be found out sooner or later: Irish Examiner

Time Unionists accepted IRA intent on arms: Irish Independent

Scots rub saltire into unionist wounds: Irish News

It's up to Ahern to spur peace process: The Irish Times

Arms, not flags are the priority: Irish News (Editorial)

Three-year plan to reduce RUC: BBC

Ervine says PUP arms find damaging: The Irish Times

Where’s all the northern exposure?: Irish News

Orangemen may be offered final Drumcree march: Irish Examiner

Residents feel Drumcree tension: Irish News

No charges over lawyer 'threats': BBC

Call to end 'myth' of Protestant schools: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein ‘envy of party fundraisers’: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 18 ---------

Man who helped widow died later: The Irish Times

Bullet injury toll may be higher: Irish News

Wednesday, May 17

Compromise in Northern Ireland Angers Both Sides: Los Angeles Times

Trimble set to call off talks on IRA arms offer: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble losing grip on wavering party: The Guardian

Pledge on flying of Union Flag: Belfast Telegraph

Power-sharing moves on brink of failure: Irish Independent

Commons exchanges could determine UUP stance: The Irish Times

You are fools to believe IRA, Robinson tells MPs: Belfast Telegraph

Boston, South Africa figure in Irish road to peace: Boston Globe

Democracy is the only way to outwit the IRA: The Times

Loyalist paramilitary leader defends future of peace in the North: Irish Examiner

Mandelson hangs on to the power of naming force: Electronic Telegraph

RUC to ‘control’ police reforms: Irish News

Flag issue must not become 'a running sore': The Irish Times (letter from P. Mandelson to D. Trimble)

Pro-Irish party warns against pandering to UUP: Boston Herald

If you’re not agin anything what’s left?: Irish News

Ulster says . . . not yet: Electronic Telegraph

Why we shouldn't hold fire on guns: Belfast Telegraph

New obstacles create unease: Irish News (Editorial)

We Finns are in demand: The Guardian

Cash is no problem it's votes SF needs: Irish Independent

Guns found in PUP office: Belfast Telegraph

President tells law society of 'good news' on NI: The Irish Times

MP tables questions on jailed RUC men: Irish News

Breakthrough in campaign to bring Irish language body to West Belfast: Andersonstown News

Limerick marching band to play at loyalist festival: Irish Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 17 ---------

Teenager Jack Duddy shot dead without justification, witnesses say: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, May 16

Trimble warns over arms inspection: Electronic Telegraph

Weapons monitor is SF cheerleader, says Paisley: The Irish Times

Monitors to inspect IRA caches 'within weeks': The Independent

Inspection process beset by concern over security: The Times

Cowen rules out deal with UUP on Patten proposals: The Irish Times

Arms move relieves Sinn Fein pressure: Irish News

Trimble victory fails to convince: The Guardian

Government to decide on flags over Stormont: Electronic Telegraph

Keeping faith with Patten's foundation: The Irish Times (by Peter Mandelson)

Loyalists urged to disarm: BBC

Paramilitary Arms and Broken Limbs: by Harry Barnes MP, John Grogan MP and Gary Kent (The Observer - May 14, 2000)

Tempting to dream that this is the last hurdle: Belfast Telegraph

No time to snatch defeat from victory's jaws: Irish Independent

Loyalty to half-crown or Celtic Tiger?: Irish News

Deal Dilemma: Mr Trimble's leadership strategy deserves rank and file support: Belfast Telegraph

ULSTER'S CHOICE: The Times (Editorial)

Well begun: Irish Independent (Editorial)

EEC was the ally Ireland sought for centuries: The Irish Times

Journalist faces 'dirty tricks' arrest : The Guardian

President's hope for 'sceptical' unionists: The Irish Times

Catholic club wins battle of the chairs: The Times

Dr Eames sees attitudes hardening: The Irish Times

Shift in search for IRA victim: BBC

DRUMCREE SIX: Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree issue comes up in the form of a joke: The Irish Times

Fresh fears over Drumcree parade: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - May 16 ---------

Shooting took seven minutes, inquiry hears: Irish Examiner

Casualties do not tally with 'hits' claimed by soldiers: The Irish Times

More than 108 rounds fired on Bloody Sunday: Irish Examiner