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Saturday, May 31

Paisley urges IRA ruling council to stand down:

DUP say farewell to the chief after 37-year stint: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Cowen praises retiring Paisley's 'immense vision': Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan and David Young

Paisley to pen book on why he said 'Yes': The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Paisley wants to be roving ambassador for the north: Irish News
William Graham

With retirement, Ian Paisley's struggle ends in peace (and quiet): The Times
David Sharrock

Paisley makes his valedictory speech to DUP: The Herald
Douglas Fraser

Exit stage left for unionism's Dr Yes: BBC
Martina Purdy

'Brits plotted to kill me' – Paisley: The News Letter (May 29)
Stephen Dempster

Paisley says no for last time . . . to the Belfast Telegraph: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Difficult task lies ahead for review body: The News Letter

Violence blamed on breakaway UDA faction: The News Letter

PSNI criticised over evidence handling:

'Civil rights movement' warning: The News Letter

Republicans told sorry 'not good enough': The News Letter

Time to face reality: Derry Journal

State can take a lead on past: Irish News

Soldier 'responsible' for death: BBC

U.S. IRA Men Call for Legal Status: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

City Hall's Union Flag 'at risk': The News Letter

Call for republican symbols to 'take their place' at Stormont: Irish News

Bobby Sands: maniac or martyr? A question more acute than ever in our suicide-bomber world...: Irish Independent
Medb Ruane

Friday, May 30

British state acted outside law says Eames-Bradley group: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

British state must admit mistakes: The News Letter
Bryan Gray

Book cannot stay forever open: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Belfast function to honour Paisley: RTE

Last supper for Paisley: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Paisley to avoid symbolic parting handshake:

McGuinness ties to be broken: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Paisley raises 'unionist merger': BBC
Mark Devenport

Allister is 'no threat': The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Ritchie faces new legal challenge: Irish News

'Carrot and stick won't work' the PUP warns: Londonderry Sentinel

Fanatics still trapped in the past: Belfast Telegraph

McCartney witness received IRA visits: UTV Internet

McShane Inquest hears of partner's shock: Derry Journal

Nairac murder probe team will interview former SAS: Belfast Telegraph

McGlynn murder suspect released: Derry Journal

Fitting farewell for foremost republican leader: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Sinn Fein member threatens legal action: Ballymoney Times

Blood, sweat, tears: The Irish Times
Michael Dwyer

Sir Hugh Orde – Negotiate with al-Qa'eda: Daily Telegraph
Andy Bloxham

Thursday, May 29

Investigator faces PSNI probe over alleged perjury: The News Letter

The Final Week: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

Hang-on-to-your-guns attitude unforgivable: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Lot at risk if Stormont fails the transfer test: Derry Journal

Show-of-strength men freed on technicality: Irish News
Allison Morris

Republicans are blamed for gun attack on man: The News Letter

Dissidents blamed for Belfast firebomb attack: UTV Internet

'Parades must appeal more to families': The News Letter

Residents object to Junior Orange event: The News Letter

'Religious and racial bigotry twin evils': Irish News
William Graham

New group aims to resolve status: Irish Echo

Ranting letter that revealed Stone's 'assassination plan': Belfast Telegraph

Bombs would have caused big blasts: UTV Internet

Troubles group to report progress: Derry Journal

Troubles group highlights issues: BBC

Omagh accused 'told gardai that loss of life was disaster': Irish News

Omagh suspect photo 'inappropriate':

Inquest hears police feared they would be 'burnt alive': Derry Journal

Farmer linked to collusion defended: Irish News
Margaret Canning

Man arrested in McGylnn probe: Derry Journal

'Cheek' of Stormont minister trying to lure Scottish graduates: The Herald
Martin Williams

O'Keeffe encourages NI teachers south:

Dear David, what a pity you will never feel like this at the Maze: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Hollywood star Neeson filming for UVF drama: The News Letter

Wednesday, May 28

Loyalists' guns may be turned on them: (from the Sunday Times, May 25)
Liam Clarke

Our peace is a beacon but much work remains: Irish News
Breidge Gadd

Double fire bomb probe continues: BBC

'Dissidents won't hold back progress': The News Letter

Victims' group to hold public meetings:

Brian – A soldier of Ireland: Andersonstown News

Honeymoon is over, time for the Stormont folks to deliver: Irish News
Brendan Mulgrew

SAS wanted to drown McGuinness: Derry Journal

Wright killer said to be close to death: Irish News
Allison Morris

Where the Irish language is today: Andersonstown News
Ciarán Ó Pronntaigh

Why we cannot Welsh on the Irish language: Belfast Telegraph
Pól Ó Muirí

Legacy Inquest may call Sir Ronnie: UTV Internet

Vandals paint loyalist graffiti on GAA ground: Derry Journal

Treaty has all-Ireland role, says Labour:
Jason Michael

Hunger Strike Film Is Based On 'Worst Criminals In Hell': Irish News

Wait until film's release to judge it: Irish News

McAliskey film makers face legal challenge: Tyrone Times

When are filmmakers going to make unionism 'sexy'?: Irish News
Margaret Canning

Robinson casts doubt on Maze plan:

Tuesday, May 27

Keenan oration leaves no doubt who is in charge: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Peace minister may be needed if SF take first: Irish News
Roy Garland

UUP must modernise to survive: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Politicians must be weaned off the diet of dependency: Irish News
Tom Kelly

Father of murdered son beaten up: Derry Journal

Hall attack is 'naked bigotry': The News Letter

Hail of stones catapulted at homes in 'sectarian' siege: Irish News
Rebecca Black

Omagh civil action to resume:

PSNI defends being 'highest PR spender': The News Letter

Cowen appeals order on bombing 'secrets': Irish Independent (May 26)
Dearbhail McDonald

McGuiness welcomes Bush visit: Derry Journal (May 23)

Film cements 'enduring legacy' of Sands, says hunger striker: Irish Independent
Shane Hickey

MLA's congrats on 'Hunger': Derry Journal

Complaints against me are crumbling – Paisley: The News Letter

Truth and justice: Sunday Journal
Eamonn McCann

Monday, May 26

Tributes paid to republican who persuaded IRA to lay down arms: Irish Independent
Grainne Cunningham

McCartney – 'No one deserves this': Sunday Independent (May 25)
Alan Murray

Ripple effect of Troubles still being felt – Lewsley: Irish News (May 24)
William Graham

Councils can play constructive role: Irish News (May 21)

Shakespeare would love these royals: Andersonstown News (May 23)
Des Wilson

Leadership is key to lasting peace – McGuinness: Mid-Ulster Mail (May 22)

Bobby Sands film wins prestigious award at Cannes: The Irish Times
Michael Dwyer

Paisley facing huge rates bill on city house: Belfast Telegraph (May 21)
Chris Thornton

McAleese unveils Peace Bell at Áras: (May 21)

When is a terrorist a terrorist: Pakistan Daily (May 24)

Catholic church moves into Pole position: Scotland on Sunday (May 25)
Christopher Claire

Part of the Union: The Herald (May 23)

Sunday, May 25

Overseer confident loyalists will decommission weapons: Irish News
William Graham

We're making devolution work for unionists: South Belfast News
Jimmy Spratt

Brian Keenan, IRA hardliner who was 'all things to all men': (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

A life dedicated to republicanism in war and peace: North Belfast News

Praise for Keenan the peacemaker: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

PUP 'wants loyalist weapons move': BBC

First supergrass in two decades to give evidence: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thorton and Victor Gordon

Survey flags up murals issues: Irish News
Rebecca Black

Vandals smash Orange hall windows: BBC

A night out that turned to merciless murder: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

Murdered maverick Robert Nairac showed how to beat the IRA: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Comments on HET will strike chord: The News Letter

Hundreds take part in commemoration: Andersonstown News

First prosecution over alleged failure to vote: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

'UK preferred us poor,' says broadcaster: The Observer
Henry McDonald

How Celtic legend Tommy Burns brought the Old Firm together: Glasgow Daily Record (May 21)
James Traynor

Saturday, May 24

DUP outrage at paramilitary contact claims: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Last chance to come in from the cold: The News Letter

Loyalists must give up arms: Irish News

Strong economy required after peace 'lap of honour': Irish News
William Graham

Bandsman fined £1k over breach: The News Letter

Bombed policeman 'doing well': Derry Journal

PSNI is 'biggest spender on PR': BBC

New York trip was busman's holiday: policing body: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Storm over funds for delegation's US trip: The News Letter

Stone 'bomb to go off in minutes': BBC

Nairac hair 'found in car used by suspect': Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

PSNI take hi-tech photos for Dermott McShane inquest: Derry Journal

'What's another year?' – Bloody Sunday relatives now face longer wait: Derry Journal

MP hits out at cost of inquiries: Irish News
Rebecca Black

From the H-Blocks to a Texas jail: (May 23)
Sandy Boyer & Shaun Harkin

Hardline militarist who was key to peace process: Irish News (May 22)
Allison Morris

Brian Keenan – Mastermind of IRA terror campaigns once regarded as the 'biggest single threat to the British state': The Independent (May 22)
David McKittrick

North may lose RTE in digital switchover: Irish News
James Stinson

Obama to Address Irish Forum?: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

Bottles and stones thrown in city: BBC (May 22)

Rangers and Celtic fans should end the sectarian divide: Derry Journal (May 22)
Cahir McDaid

Can we learn from the Irish experience?: Arab America News
Reuel S. Amdur

Friday, May 23

Arms body may be decommissioned: BBC

Woodward makes weapons appeal: The News Letter
Bryan Gray

Patience running out over arms: BBC
Vincent Kearney

President gives us the seal of approval: Belfast Telegraph

Others paved way for Bush: Irish News

Sinn Féin losing mixed doubles: Ulster Herald

Car bomb Semtex claim not established: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Weir

Car stolen in Omagh could have been used in Spamount attack: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

Devices left in fast food outlet: The News Letter

Incendiary devices may have link – police: Irish News
Liz Trainor

Republicans deny 'threat' claims: Derry Journal

District tops report on sectarian graffiti: Newry Democrat

Man denies role in murdered soldier's disappearance: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Accused 'drove Nairac's murderer': The Scotsman
Michael McHugh

Last hopes lost: Newry Democrat

Victim's brother slams cold case team: The News Letter

Historical enquiries a cynical exercise: The News Letter
George Larmour

Murder trial told – I saw man attack Robert McCartney: Belfast Telegraph
Ashleigh McDonald

Brian Keenan: Daily Telegraph (May 22)

Third man facing handling charge over Northern Bank: Irish Independent (May 22)
Ralph Riegel

'Annoyed' McAliskey sets lawyers on biopic makers: Irish News
Liz Trainor

Why movies about the Troubles are all cartoons: Belfast Telegraph (May 20)
Gail Walker

Report is first for Irish vote: Irish News (May 21)
William Graham

Trouble in the Glens: Ulster Herald

Thursday, May 22

QUB to honour Blair and Ahern: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Victims challenge may see ministers in court: Irish News

The soldier who crossed over to join the other side: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

Sign of the times: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

Split yields prospect of town's first elected nationalist mayor: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Man charged over Northern Bank robbery: RTE

SF councillor at royal engagement: UTV Internet

Brian Keenan: The Guardian
Deaglán de Bréadún

Keenan experience a lesson for America: (from the News Letter)
Liam Clarke

Man goes on trial for McCartney murder: RTE

Guard thought Stone was a 'human bomb': UTV Internet

Man for court over 1977 Robert Nairac killing:

How long should Northern Ireland pursue justice after the Troubles?: The Times (May 20)
David Sharrock

Coroner criticises police over delays in IRA man's inquest: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory

Mitchell praises 'inspirational' Ervine:

'Respect tricolour' – Anderson: Derry Journal

Bush advance troops on the way to Ulster: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Dee and Noel McAdam

'Don't prejudge Sands movie' plea: Irish News

Politicians clash over hunger strike film: Derry Journal

Film to depict McAliskey's public and private sides: Irish News
Margaret Canning

Will a costly white elephant culled?: Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday, May 21

Bush plans Stormont visit next month during tour of Europe: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan, Gerry Moriarty & Denis Staunton

RIRA's boast on murder bid – 'We used Semtex in car bomb': Derry Journal

Attacks on halls dubbed 'anti-Protestant bigotry': Irish News
Rebecca Black

Historic Mayors meeting in Buncrana: Derry Journal
Donna Pryce

DUP councillor's car vandalised in 'sectarian' attack: Irish News

Jungle justice must end: Derry Journal

PSNI need to up their game in catching criminals now stalking our streets: Andersonstown News

Man held over IRA killing of abducted army captain: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Robert Nairac – dizzying round of Northern Ireland inquiries digs up past with profit: The Times
David Sharrock

Why Captain Nairac beats Big Brother: The Times
Magnus Linklater

Derry lawyer hails Dublin bomb victory: Sunday Journal (May 18)

McCartney murder trial to open: BBC

Jordan inquest still in question: Andersonstown News
Ciarán Barnes

Arrogance, smugness and the Brits: Sunday Journal (May 18)
Eamonn McCann

Iconic-moment tribute a pale shadow of original: Irish News

Blanket protest website waves the white flag: (from the Sunday Times, May 18)
Breandan Morley

History Will Decide: The Blanket
Mick Hall

Hunger strike commemoration passes peacefully: Derry Journal

Court told about Stone gun threat: BBC

Senior Belfast republican dies: RTE

Economic advisors in Belfast conference:

Sinn Fein insists Maze stadium will go ahead: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Maze needs development group – UUP: The News Letter

Poots urges Derry City to play in north: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

It's hello Mary Lou as Adams takes a backseat: Irish Independent
Áine Kerr

Tuesday, May 20

Officers not told of bomb threat: Sunday Life (May 18)
Alan Murray

Policeman targeted by dissidents recovers: UTV Internet

Two freed over Tyrone bomb attack:

Officer car bomb scene revisited: BBC

Differences between DUP & SF greater on education than policing: (from the Sunday Times, May 18)
Liam Clarke

Protestant flees dissident threat: BBC

Peace dividend in danger of dwindling without swift action: Irish Independent
Maurice Hayes

Changed times for the DUP: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

Northern politics can't be beaten for entertainment: Irish News
Tom Kelly

Parades commission welcomes new member: UTV Internet

Stone trial shown video footage: BBC

R.I.P. to Unionist working class – no voice for socialism: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Church and orange halls damaged: BBC

Mayor hits backs at SF death claims: Ballymena Times (May 12)
Michael McGlade

Fresh delay in Robert McCartney's murder trial: UTV Internet

Man arrested over Nairac killing: BBC

This Rock of Republicanism: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

Lord mayors in historic meeting: BBC

How Army could help break down the barriers: Belfast Telegraph
Pól Ó Muirí

Treaty poll a test for new leader: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Monday, May 19

Real IRA warns of more attacks on police: (from the Sunday Tribune, May 18)
Suzanne Breen

Weasel words that reveal Shinnerspeak McGuinness's response to the car bomb attack reveals the lack of atonement in SF: Sunday Independent (May 18)
Jerome Reilly

Gerry, Come Clean, You'll Feel Better: The Blanket
Dolours Price

Interpol investigation backs up Venezuela-IRA link: Sunday Independent (May 18)
Jim Cusack

McCord killers brought to book: North Belfast News (May 15)
Áine McEntee

Education impasse 'can be broken': BBC

Group explores integrated system: BBC (May 15)

Mayor has no regrets over Major invite: Irish Examiner
Eoin English

Bomb memorials unveiled in Dublin: (May 16)

Turning full circle: Irish Echo

Sunday, May 18

Fury over inquiry's loss of top secret disc: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Lost disc held data on march campaigner: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Politicians must deliver on new generation's education: Irish News
Kathryn Torney

Two arrested over car bomb attack: BBC

IMC report paved way for Woodward decision: Irish News (May 15)
Barry McCaffrey

UVF garden now a kids' playground: BBC (May 15)

Omagh trial to last into autumn: Irish News

Bobby Sands still has the power to stir controversy 27 years after his death: Independent on Sunday
David McKittrick

Forum effort: Irish Echo

Fresh doubts as Maze stadium costs escalate: The News Letter

Creating a culture for a better future: Andersonstown News

Office linked to DUP no longer rates-free: Belfast Telegraph (May 14)
David Gordon

Brothers in hate: Sunday Herald
Neil Mackay and Rachelle Money

'Lesson of Belfast' can end Zimbabwean conflict: MDC: Irish News
William Graham

Concerns as SNP say they have 'no plans' to continue to hold anti-sectarian summit: Sunday Herald (May 11)
Rachelle Money

Saturday, May 17

Working-class loyalists feel let down says 'brigadier' of UDA: Irish News
Allison Morris

The UVF guns must go: Belfast Telegraph

UDA should put arms beyond use: Irish News

Could Gerry Adams be living on borrowed time?: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Will is there now to begin to bring the walls down: North Belfast News

Policeman's attackers are 'scum' without mandate – says SDLP's McMenamin: Derry Journal

'Help us find attackers': Ulster Herald
Conor Sharkey

Murder bid admitted by Real IRA: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Direct dialogue is the key to parades issue: South Belfast News
Alex Maskey

Lawyers were often target of RUC threats, inquest is told: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Disc missing in Nelson murder inquiry:

Call for probe of British link to 1974 bombs: RTE

Double murder charges are dropped: BBC

Assault revives dark memories: Irish News (May 15)

Gaeltacht Quarter has huge potential for the city: North Belfast News
Alana Fearon

Costs soar for Maze stadium plan: BBC

Robinson to receive Maze report: The News Letter
Bryan Gray

Dail cub scouts in class of their own when speaking 'as Gaeilge': Irish Independent (May 15)
Áine Kerr

Philly forum: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Obama, McCain and Irish Issues: Irish Voice/

Bobby Sands film defended for its 'insight' into suicide bombers: Irish Independent
Arifa Akbar

Friday, May 16

RIRA 'planned to use school to store arms': Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents proscribed: Irish News

Bomb injures Omagh officer: Ulster Herald
Adrian Mullan

Four held over Tyrone bomb attack:
Patrick Logue

Bomb won't affect morale of police says ex-inspector: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Proclaim his name with pride: Ulster Herald

Victim of beating 'critical': Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Fianna Fail – Who's the real party animal?: Belfast Telegraph
Maurice Hayes

McCord won't rest until son's killers are brought to justice: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

No early release for UVF-linked prisoners: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Fear must be consigned to Ulster's past: The News Letter

Siege mentalities and the fetishisation of west Belfast: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Time to step up to the plate for West Belfast: Andersonstown News (May 12)

Court told garda tried to block terrorism statement: Irish Examiner
Sarah Stack

Donaldson inquest not until 2009: BBC

Gang waved gun in child's face during 'horrific' attack: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Families' plea to remember: Newry Democrat
Brendan Breen

DUP, Sinn Féin split on school test:

Civil Service inequality back-pay: BBC

Good start half the battle for hands-on minister: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Maze prison was as bad as Guantanamo, say producers: The Independent
Arifa Akbar

Maze hunger strike film opens to critical acclaim in Cannes: Irish Examiner

Mole who infiltrated IRA attacks biopic: The Guardian
Henry McDonald and Charlotte Higgins

Prime Minister in rallying cry to defend Union: The Herald
Michael Settle


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