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This archive contains references to articles from May 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, May 31

The Britishness of Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Now it's Irish-Americans' turn to move forward for peace: Boston Globe

Riot erupts at Ulster flashpoint: Independent on Sunday

Disarming in Northern Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

Decommissioning could be No campaign weapon: Sunday Tribune

The odd couple: Independent on Sunday

Royal return: The Sunday Times

A LOOK AT . . . Irish Hopes: Washington Post

Ex-Para joins fight to clear IRA 'killer': The Sunday Times

Politics is no place for a sensitive conscience: The Sunday Times

Charles and Gerry Adams set to meet: Electronic Telegraph

Adams 'terror chic' misfires in New York: The Sunday Times

Britain is breaking up faster than you think: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 30

Trimble faces toughest poll test: Irish Independent

Green Panther lionised by New York society: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein Worries About Brit army: Minneapolis Star Tribune

‘Parrot in the Palace’ won’t sing Paisley tune: Irish News

Destroying explosives raises political, technical problems: The Irish Times

The GAA and Rule 21: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Sport and politics: Irish Independent

RUC officer who played GAA hopes to make a comeback: The Irish Times

Orangemen to face blockade on march: Irish Independent

A unique Irish solution needed on arms, prisoners: The Irish Times

Plan for Irish in city hall: Irish News

Built-in safeguards to get Assembly off ground: The Irish Times

Friday, May 29


A vote that shattered our age-old ideologies: The Irish Times

Adams seeks US funds for London office: Electronic Telegraph

Adams's view on consent worries Spring: The Irish Times

Parade issue needs fixing: Irish News (Editorial)

Flanagan appeals to Orangemen: The Irish Times

Residents anger at ‘secret’ decisions: Irish News

Ireland's leap of faith: Nando Times

Weighing up DUP's Assembly chances: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein names Old Bailey bomber for assembly seat: The Guardian

Hand over weapons now Trimble tells IRA: Irish News

McGuinness accuses unionists of ''hyping' decommissioning: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 28

IRA must make first move on weapons, UDP says: Irish Independent

Splits open among Ulster Unionists: The Independent

Unionist Stance on arms poses a threat -Adams: The Irish Times

Donaldson in arms row: Irish News

Irish-Americans cast a cold eye on Ulster 'sell-out': The Times

Majority voting must change says reform group: The Irish Times

Gerry Kelly slams parades comment: Irish News

Wednesday, May 27

The new politics of peace after the Irish vote: Boston Globe (by Danny Morrison)

Secret end to terror guns: Irish Independent


Fudge over scrapping arms will be untenable: The Irish Times

Yes vote the dawn of new beginning: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Exclusion row splits Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

TDs urge invite Blair to the Dail: Irish News

Paisley turns wrath on 'foolish' Queen: The Guardian

Paisleyism is the realthreat to stable society: Irish News

Ahern: end parade disputes: The Independent

'I did not kill garda agent’ says informer: Irish News

GAA faces a North-South battle over Rule 21: The Irish Times

Arguments for and against the retention of the GAA’s rule 21: Irish News

Tuesday, May 26

Milestone in Ireland's quest for peace: Toronto Globe and Mail (Editorial)

General wants all sides in Ulster to disarm: Miami Herald

Trimble snubbed as new Drumcree ban looms: Irish Independent

Pact Approved, Northern Ireland Turns to Picking Assembly: Washington Post

Smiling Irish Ayes: Times of India (Editorial)

Arms surrender a dead-end issue, says Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Arms issue won’t go away: Irish News (Editorial)

OK, Mr Adams, now it's up to you. Start handing over those weapons: The Guardian

Sinn Fein leaders are well aware of obstacles: The Irish Times

Orangemen claim all parades to be banned: The Irish Times

Who is afraid of the truth?: Irish News

Yes voters must keep objective of unity in focus: The Irish Times

Clinton to help mother find son: Irish News

IRA dissidents co-operate to unravel North settlement: The Irish Times

Travellers questioned over poll bomb attempt: The Times

Loyalists call off church protests in Harryville: The Irish Times

Monday, May 25

Unionist No voters form the new northern minority: Sunday Business Post

Mitchell hails 'new beginning': Boston Globe

Drumcree first test: Irish Independent

Ireland has a new beginning: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

ULSTER SAYS `YES' TO THE FUTURE: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Trimble: how he got it together: Sunday Business Post

Why nationalists just may vote for the UVF's party: Irish Independent

An Imperative From The People: The Irish Times (Editorial)

In an Ulster town, hate still thrives: Boston Globe

Don't expect decommissioning without RUC reform, says Ahern: Sunday Business Post

Trimble attacks Adams in arms row: Electronic Telegraph

Now to introduce Northern Ireland to the delights of New Labour: The Guardian

Ulster needs the guts to go unarmed: The Times

Farewell to the rearguard: Irish News

Border is vanishing as though into history: The Irish Times

A NEW IRISH UNITY: The Times (Editorial)

Now the going gets really tough: The Independent (Editorial)

North parties gear up for bitter assembly elections: The Irish Times

Another step towards our new Jerusalem: Irish News

Republican games put Dublin goal in doubt: The Guardian

Prayers for peace have been answered: The Independent

Unlikely allies talk of assembly pact: The Times

Republican group to carry on no fight: Irish News

Sunday, May 24

Hume Planted Seed for Accord: New York Daily News


In N.Y., Some Glad, Some Wary: New York Daily News

Leap of faith for words, not weapons: Boston Globe

Ireland celebrates a vote for peace: Electronic Telegraph

The Irish Outcome: Washington Post (Editorial)

Is the IRA moving closer to decommissioning?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Protestants set to remain the majority: The Sunday Times

Ulster chooses life: Independent on Sunday

Blair and Trimble can ignore loyalist hostility: The Observer

Two economies, two currencies, one looming financial headache: The Sunday Times

Friday's referendum is only the first hurdle: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Cometh the hour, cometh the man we underestimated: The Sunday Times

Clinton boosts Irish handicap: The Observer

Hope wins over pessimism: Independent on Sunday

Salute the men who risked everything: The Sunday Times

160,000 'new' voters key to analysis of Northern referendum: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Bertie's Set for a Happy Ending, and So Is Ireland: Washington Post

Flanagan warns of more paramilitary violence: The Sunday Times

Not a lot to shout about. Well, not yet: The Observer

Violence waits in the wings: The Sunday Times

Divided together. Always: The Observer

The tricky question of independence: The Sunday Times (about Scotland)

Saturday, May 23

Irish Ayes Victorious: New York Daily News

Huge Yes vote welcomed: BBC

The Irish Vote On Peace Accord: Washington Post

The writing's still on the walls: The Guardian

Why we have never understood the unionist mindset: Irish Independent

Referendum fever hits Shankill as preachers scream Yes: Irish Independent

Goodbye to the past, hello bright future: Irish News

Force of change: The Irish Times

Give politicians a chance, too: The Independent (Editorial)

Tough for Trimble: Irish Independent

I will applaud abandoning negative claims on North: The Irish Times

A grieving people looks to the future: The Times

Celebrating democracy and principle of consent: The Irish Times

Peace talks at 96 decibels in a province deaf to dropped spins: The Guardian

Decisive Yes vote vital for future of Trimble: The Irish Times

Northern decision made for children: Irish Independent

Scots Guards' life sentence is referred to Mowlam: Electronic Telegraph

Scots Guards ruling just: Irish News (Editorial)

Friday, May 22

Where Orange and Green clash: Boston Globe (Editorial)

In Ireland, a vote to forgive: Baltimore Sun

It's a special dawn for John Hume, peacemonger: Boston Globe

Past weighs on vote on N. Ireland future: Toronto Globe and Mail

In Dorchester pubs, memories temper faith in settlement: Boston Globe

Blair's charm offensive: Irish Independent

Ireland's Twin Referendums: Washington Post

We, the IRA, have failed: The Guardian

Editorial: A vote for peace in Northern Ireland?: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

The north’s fresh start on a fair and just basis: Irish News (by Tony Blair)

Dublin voters take global view: The Guardian

Ian Paisley - what a laugh: The Independent

Irish America is composing songs about peace: Irish News

Looking-glass campaign's final suspense: The Times

Yes to the future: The Guardian (Editorial)

Ireland will owe Trimble a great debt if the divides are bridged: The Independent

Agony of an act of faith: The Guardian

Orangemen in Drumcree march threat: Irish News

Hermon says Yes vote will marginalise the extremists: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 21

Britons Wary About Ulster Future: New York Daily News

Will the centre hold?: Ottawa Citizen (Editorial)

A VOTE FOR WAR OR PEACE: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Declare for peace: Irish Independent (by Bertie Ahern)

On eve of the vote, some Irish see clouds: Boston Globe

Peace Irish Can Live With: New York Daily News

It's time to bite the bullet or self-destruct: Irish Independent


Blair gives Ulster written guarantee: Electronic Telegraph

Saying Yes For Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

DECISION DAY: The Times (Editorial)

Time for nationalist Ireland to declare the war is over: The Irish Times

Stand up for Ulster and say no to Dublin rule: Irish News (by Ian Paisley)

The best hope for stability in Ireland: Irish News (by John Hume)

Good Friday end of 13-year justice battle: Irish News (by David Trimble)

A word to the voters of Ulster from the mainland: The Independent

‘IRA weapons taken out of commission’: Irish News

'I'll Vote Yes for a Bit of Peace': Washington Post

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Yes vote offers small comfort in Poyntzpass: The Times

Warning against moving goalposts on pact: The Irish Times

Will Unionists back Trimble or go with Paisley?: The Independent

Single-minded architect of the historic compromise: The Irish Times

All for peace and U2? Not on your Paisley: Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, May 20

The Irish Finally Have the Chance To Make Peace: New York Daily News

A chance for healing the wounds in Ireland: Baltimore Sun


Rocker in Belfast Blast for Peace: New York Daily News

Education is the true liberator: Boston Globe

In Name of Peace, U2 Rocks in Belfast: Washington Post

Trimble's Hurdle: The Times (Editorial)

Wavering unionists fear havoc of a No vote: The Irish Times

People in Northern Ireland will have no one to blame but themselves: The Guardian

No surrender on Friday: The Times

Politeness could not mask gulf within the UUP: The Irish Times

A pro-union minority is a majority ... isn’t it?: Irish News

Ireland, too, is divided over how to vote in Friday's referendum: The Independent

Keep IRA on the sidelines, says Adams: The Irish Times

We, the people, are in control of our destiny: Irish News (by David Ervine)

United in equality over Ulster's fate: The Guardian

Yes vote will pave way for our new beginning: Irish News (by John Alderdice)

Paisleyites 'don't mind decent men' but say Adams blood behind: The Irish Times

Loyalists who insist they know the Wright way ahead: The Times

Tuesday, May 19

Trimble and former leader in clash over `blackmail': Irish Independent

Hunger striker's kin sees Ulster sellout: Boston Globe

Southern Irish Want End to Violence: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Unionists suffer as Sinn Fein soars: The Guardian

Robinson unsurprised at gains for 'No' Campaign: The Irish Times

Clinton Stumps for Irish Peace -- in Britain: Washington Post

Achieving republican goals now requires a Yes vote: The Irish Times

Trimble struggles to find audience for his message: The Times

SF forced to accept existence of North: The Irish Times

The mighty dollar has yet to say yea or nay: Irish News

The heat is on for people of Moira as the noes step up their campaign: The Guardian

Only British withdrawal can secure lasting peace: The Irish Times (by Bernadette Sands)

The corner shop campaigners who dare to say No: The Times

Christians against the agreement: a positive response: Irish News

Children of the Troubles hold key to peace: The Independent

U2 set to rock the vote: BBC

Prejudice, policing and the future of Ulster: The Independent

170598 police force no good for the new era: Irish News

Monday, May 18

Battle for Hearts, Minds as N. Ireland Vote Nears: Los Angeles Times

ONE MAN'S 'YES' FOR PEACE: Chicago Tribune

I hate to say it, but I told you so -- yes: Sunday Business Post

Paisley's grip seems weaker than ever: Boston Globe

Unionists ignoring the gains: Sunday Business Post

The heart of the agreement: a bi-national future with double protection: Sunday Business Post

Unionist split in 'peace deal' poll: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists are marching towards a No vote and bitter future battles: The Independent

Blair used rebel Unionist's words in crucial speech: The Times

Clinton pleads with Unionists: The Guardian

Dublin recognises British territorial sovereignty: The Irish Times (by David Trimble)

Catholic church takes no stand on Irish deal: Nando Times

Trimble beats retreat from loyalist protest: The Times

Feelings about the past are threatening agreement: The Irish Times

Residents may extend protest plan: Irish News

Killers who hold Ulster vote to ransom: The Independent

A unionist fight to the death: The Irish Times

Molyneaux sides with no campaign: Irish News

Sunday, May 17

He shouts `no' to peace accord: Philadelphia Inquirer

N. Irish Peace A Yes/No Answer: New York Daily News

G-8 countries endorse Irish peace plan: Boston Globe

Say hello to gunmen, wave goodbye to peace?: Sunday Tribune

Ministers warn on Ulster agreement vote: Electronic Telegraph

Ireland holds its breath: The Observer

The Unionists have won, they just don't know it: The Sunday Times

Most Protestants likely to reject Ulster peace deal: Independent on Sunday

Voting yes wins both the war and the peace: The Sunday Times

Senior Orangeman poised to back peace: The Observer

Majority held to ransom: The Sunday Times

No campaign wins access to UK research: Sunday Tribune

Syria paid IRA to kill Mountbatten: The Sunday Times

George Mitchell wins $100,000 peace prize: Sunday Tribune

Schoolchildren to be united by revision of Irish history books: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 16

The gamble in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Ulster is hesitating: The Guardian (Editorial)

N. Ireland Militia Calls Truce: Minneapolis Star Tribune

NO END OF A STRUGGLE: The Times (Editorial)

Fate of the Agreement may lie with affluent voters: The Irish Times

Only five days to go to D-day for the north: Irish News

Clinton will join Blair's push for Ulster 'Yes' vote: Electronic Telegraph

Why `Yes' vote will fall away: Irish Independent

Middle ground clouded by doubts: The Irish Times

RENEGADE: Irish Independent

Ulster dinosaur locks his teeth on peace accord: The Times

Belfast assembly election will be a close-run thing: The Irish Times

Trimble ‘sad’ at Donaldson move: Irish News

Decision may affect UUP's future: The Irish Times

Farmer loses libel case: Irish News

Astute leader who was betrayed by Judas kiss: The Times