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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from May 16-31, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, May 31

Guns or peace, but not both: Toronto Globe and Mail (Editorial)

At holy Faughart we can find our lost humanity: Irish News

Searching questions: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA should explain: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

A neutral few, Ulster Jews in unique spot: Boston Globe

Man fled killers at burial site: Irish Independent

Portadown poised on the brink of chaos: Sunday Business Post

Real movement on executive unlikely before elections: The Irish Times

Grim reunion for family as dig for mother begins: Electronic Telegraph

IRA asked to reveal burial places of five others: The Irish Times

Hardest wait for families of 'disappeared': The Times

McConville isolated as Falls rejected British army role: The Irish Times

Grim human archaeology goes on: The Independent

Much of the truth likely to remain buried: The Irish Times

SECRETS OF THE SOIL: The Times (Editorial)

Hope Grows from Tragedy: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Congressman's tribute to IRA is 'terrible' read: The Times

Sunday, May 30

Trouble after Orange march: BBC

IRA killer out of jail after two months: The Sunday Times

UUP MP's issue decommissioning warning to Trimble: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Facts and Friction: Washington Post

Search resumes for IRA victims: BBC

That IRA coffin is a mockery: Sunday Independent

The IRA's grisly way of saying the war is over: The Sunday Times

The 'Disappeared' is most shameful episode in IRA's history: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Protestant leader attacks violence in Orange Order: The Sunday Times

Sinn Féin May Walk if Deal is Rewritten: Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Players flee club after IRA threats: The Sunday Times

Threat to Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Observer

Why I spared a thought for three young terrorists: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 29

Court allows Orange march: BBC

Families of terror victims await call: The Guardian

Heartbreak of the loved ones: Irish Independent

Anger at Adams as first body of IRA 'disappeared' is found: Electronic Telegraph

Dark secret of two lost boys remains hidden no longer: Irish News

Unionist anger at IRA's 'tactic' on victim: The Irish Times

Unshrouding the truth: The Guardian (Editorial)

No credit to IRA killers: Irish News (Editorial)

Dead are pawns in Sinn Fein's political game: Electronic Telegraph

Molloy's body left in ancient graveyard: Electronic Telegraph

Plea to name Bloody Sunday soldiers: The Guardian

Widgery’s shadow looms large again: Irish News (Editorial)

Polls of pretence North and South: The Irish Times

Our reality looks flawed, why not try the dreams?: Irish News

Process of beating against wind and tide: Irish Independent

LVF insists its ceasefire is intact: Irish News

Loyalist attacks aim to wreck peace pact: The Irish Times

Friday, May 28

RUC muddying Nelson inquiry: Irish News (Editorial)

Belated gesture: Belfast Telegraph

Impasse will soon be gone - Trimble: Irish News

Two tribes: Belfast Telegraph

‘Union First will oust Trimble’: Irish News

Empey accused of refusing to meet SF on arms issue: The Irish Times

LVF 'linked to Nelson murder': BBC

Orange Order criticised: The Irish Times

Families of disappeared wait and pray: BBC

Gardai to start digging for bodies of IRA victims: The Irish Times

NIO leaves queen out of Stormont ceremony plan: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 27

Unionism has sweet centre says Ervine: Irish News

Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern delays changes to articles 2 & 3: Irish News

Voice of Westminster: Belfast Telegraph

Britain in row over ‘pro-Para’ campaign: Irish News

Paras win review of veto on anonymity: Electronic Telegraph

Flanagan asked to explain claim: The Irish Times

No more time to waste - Mallon: BBC

Bangor shoppers give Nicholson a warm welcome: The Irish Times

IRA move on burial places expected soon: The Irish Times

The last flight of Zulu Delta 576: The Guardian

Election is historic chance for upset: The Irish Times

Wednesday, May 26

Ahern warns of `splinter groups' terror: Irish Independent

Hume has no votes to spare says SDLP: Irish News

Empey slams Sinn Fein 'falsehoods': Belfast Telegraph

It’s difficult for Trimble to know who is a friend: Irish News

Mason link in Stalker dismissal unproven - inquiry: Belfast Telegraph

Massacre inquiry’s autonomy ‘is at risk’: Irish News

IRA promise could unlock door to progress, UUP suggests: The Irish Times

US Education Secretary presents 'Civic Link': The Irish Times

Masons 'had role in Stalker case': The Independent

Nelson request for help 'not sent to RUC': The Irish Times

Tuesday, May 25

Hume and the Sinn Fein factor: Belfast Telegraph

Fresh Drumcree talks invite: BBC

Loyalists deny UFF ceasefire has ended: Irish News

Unionism faces challenge to open political debate: The Irish Times

Is Trimble Right to sue Amazon?: by Malachy O'Doherty (BBC)

NI sides called on to take risks for progress: The Irish Times

Order must sit down and talk: Irish News (Editorial)

Reopening of murder inquiry angers UFF: The Irish Times

Peers rebel over IRA immunity Bill: Electronic Telegraph

Scotland Yard defends role of Stevens in Finucane case: The Irish Times

Monday, May 24

The bible and the sword: Sunday Business Post

The dilemma now facing Blair: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Peace deal can be saved: BBC

First leader to take the plunge gets the kudos: Irish News

US college defiant on Trimble award: The Irish Times

BC honors a peacemaker: Boston Globe

Intensive effort to resolve Drumcree: The Irish Times

Ahern and Blair hopeful of talks breakthrough: Irish Independent

Extra RUC units for Portadown: The Irish Times

History lesson for DUP chief: Irish News (Editorial)

Tabloid factor adds to UUP's election worries: The Irish Times

Debunking the military myth: Irish News

Collusion inquiry ‘to shake Republic’: Irish News

IRA right to anonymity attacked: Electronic Telegraph

Bold experiment in government was doomed to failure: Irish News

FBI's role in Nelson inquiry has concluded: The Irish Times

RUC vowed to have me shot claims victim: Irish News

Sunday, May 23

Omagh bomb arrests soon: The Sunday Times

The Good Friday Agreement is heading for a crisis: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Unionists need to know the war is over: Sunday Independent

David Trimble as the North's Netanyahu: by Niall O'Dowd

Trimble's naiveté leads him to a week of turmoil: Sunday Independent

Has Blair put Trimble at risk?: The Observer (Editorial)

Give Trimble a break, says Ahern: Sunday Independent

Trimble sues over Internet book: The Sunday Times

The truth on trial: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

'Restorative justice' creates class-based system: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Garvaghy residents fear SF-SDLP deal on Drumcree: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Families hand over Bloody Sunday clues: The Sunday Times

Pressure grows for judicial inquiry into Ludlow killing: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ban on terrorist's name: Electronic Telegraph

Saturday, May 22

Governments again try to plot a course between foes: The Irish Times

Are we heading for the B division?: Belfast Telegraph

A Leap In The Dark: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Troops on alert: Belfast Telegraph

Another Drumcree would be traumatic for C of I: The Irish Times

Exploiting quarrel for evil ends: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble's leadership in question after summit: The Irish Times

Adams calls for calm after bombing: BBC

Treat murder bids seriously: Irish News (Editorial)

Euro elections hold key to Trimble's survival: Irish Independent

Blair’s patience with unionists wearing thin: Irish News

British pledge on weapons to boost Trimble: Irish Independent

Round-table talks bid to square the arms circle: Irish News

Irish students jailed for London bomb plot: Electronic Telegraph

Suspects betrayed by republican `form': Irish Independent

MacBride Principles ‘targeted by MI5 spy’: Irish News

Friday, May 21

Last hopes hinge on leap of faith by Trimble: The Scotsman

Taoiseach determined to find North agreement; Irish Independent

‘McGuinness as minister’ angers unionists: Irish News

Trimble stance backed: Belfast Telegraph

Soft-spoken minister branded dangerous man in Ireland: The Scotsman

DUP vows to stop Gaelic pitch: Irish News

Blair threat to suspend assembly: BBC

Trimble to return pressure over arms: The Irish Times

Summit to save Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

Drumcree And The Synod: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Paisley continues saying No to pact: The Irish Times

Belfast blast injures four : BBC

Integrated schools not a solution, says canon: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 20

Hume backs Trimble honour: Belfast Telegraph

Poisonous hatred of Portadown deepens sense of impending doom: Irish Independent

Response to O'Doherty Column on The Committee: by Russell Smith (Belfast Telegraph)

SDLP blames republicans for loyalist attacks: Irish News

Steven King: Belfast Telegraph

N Ireland peace plan 'virtually dead': BBC

Real genius of Agreement is underpinning partition: The Irish Times

Paras fear to tell whole truth of Bloody Sunday: Electronic Telegraph

'We want to set the record straight': Electronic Telegraph

How Drumcree became a sectarian flashpoint: BBC

Payout to 'Shankill bomb mastermind': The Guardian

Wednesday, May 19

Tuesday, May 18

Nelson collusion claims denied: Irish News

Sands's 'credibility' is the key: by Malachi O'Doherty (Belfast Telegraph)

I'm still in charge insists Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

Why it's still too early to throw in the towel: Irish Independent

Arms solution is achievable: Irish News (Editorial)

Compromise: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Trimble accused of reneging on pact: Electronic Telegraph

UUP says it will not change its stance on arms issue: The Irish Times

Unionist paper urges Trimble to show courage: The Irish Times

Dissident unionists criticise appeal to Trimble: The Irish Times

Politicans quell rumours of Drumcree deal: BBC

C of I will wrestle with its conscience and lose: The Irish Times

First step on long road of examination: The Irish Times

Monday, May 17

MI6 spy expected to name Irish politician: Sunday Business Post

Revealed: how IRA `publishers' lured Holroyd to Dublin: Sunday Business Post

Hopes fade for Executive after move on arms deal: Belfast Telegraph

Hope lies in respect for the best of both our traditions: Irish News

RUC ‘forced collusion denial’: Irish News

Mutual confidence: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Threats don’t help peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble's deal pressure: Belfast Telegraph

Gardai ‘tried to turn Irish soldier into a traitor’: Irish News

Loyalist parade plans: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Order sets Drumcree deadline: Irish News

`Sequencing' North's latest formula of hope: Irish Independent

Blair warned of Ulster anarchy: Electronic Telegraph

Parties in North assess June 30th ultimatum: The Irish Times

Join executive, Trimble urged: BBC

Blair seems to be losing his cool between war and peace: The Irish Times

There is a tide in the affairs of Ulster: The Independent (Editorial)

Last Chance Of A Deal: The Irish Times

IRA army council believed to support Sinn Fein leadership: The Irish Times

Deal on Drumcree crisis denied: The Irish Times

Delay in executive affects changes to Constitution: The Irish Times

Sunday, May 16

Blair Sets Deadline to Break Ulster Deadlock: New York Times

Trimble 'no' to arms deal sparks crisis: The Observer

McGuinness to get £70,000 salary: Electronic Telegraph

Hillary's Focus on North is No Accident: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Amnesty urged to investigate IRA killings: The Sunday Times

Ulster police resist moves to take away their guns: Electronic Telegraph

Sunningdale pushed hardliners into fatal outrages in 1974: Sunday Independent

Gaelic fails to find an ear in officialdom: The Sunday Times