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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from May 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


May 31

BELFAST AND THE BUSH: The Times (Editorial)

Ulster opponents take peace lesson from Mandela: The Times

Mo has rushed in where Mayhew feared to tread: Irish News

RUC head says IRA ceasefire inevitable: The Irish Times

Bruton bungled north says Ahern: Irish News

May 30

Strong arm of the law must bend to survive: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein attacks lack of Labour 'clarity': Daily Telegraph

Can Blair avoid another Drumcree?: The Times

Clinton's support for peace efforts raises ceasefire hopes: The Irish Times

Unionists may back SF bid for mayor: Irish News

May 29

How balance of power shifted from unionists: Irish News

Clinton to seek IRA ceasefire, SF talks role: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein mayor 'may toast queen': Irish News

Bellaghy stands firm: Irish News

American report accuses the RUC over parades: The Times

Irony of Lord Fitt's attack: Irish News (Editorial)

May 28

Loyalists warned over talks: Daily Telegraph

CLMC 'businesses' are trading fraudulently: Irish News

Declining numbers worry Presbyterians: The Irish Times

McAliskey to seek bail to go to nursing home: The Irish Times

May 27

Major questions facing the Orange Order: The Irish Times

McAliskey gives birth under gun guard: The Times

Spring's 'vote for peace' remark draws unionist anger: The Irish Times

Martin McGuinness's model daughter steps into limelight: The Times

May 26

Clinton is expected to act on NI peace process: The Irish Times

Nationalist fury over McCrea's SF statements: Irish News

Bomb raises fears of attacks in the Republic: The Irish Times

Police trying to protect parishioners attacked: The Irish Times

Bob's conspiracy theory is divisive to unionism: Irish News

May 25

Only Bruton can put out Sinn Fein's fire: The Sunday Times

IRA 'has technology to wipe out City computer systems': Sunday Telegraph

Speak softly, carry a baseball bat: The Sunday Times

It's fun, but not quite cricket: The Sunday Times

Troubles with the rebirth of a nation: The Sunday Times

'No ceasefire, no Sinn Fein' at new talks: Sunday Telegraph

May 24

McAliskey freed for hospital birth: The Times

Sinn Fein sweeps Unionists from power in Belfast: The Times

Close the door as you leave: Irish News

A landmark local election: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble terms Sinn Féin's record vote a blip: The Irish Times

Approval for Adams visit to US 'hinges on ceasefire': Daily Telegraph

Blowing her top in front of the press: The Times

May 23

SF takes poll by storm: Irish News

Peace process shows signs of revival: The Irish Times

City Hall glows with ribbons and bows: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein favourite to win Dail seat: The Times

May 22

It's up to Dublin to match Blair's start: The Irish Times

Mowlam upbeat after Sinn Fein talks: Daily Telegraph

British officials and IRA backers hold their first talks in 15 months: Philadelphia Inquirer

US interest in talks quickens: The Irish Times

The Mowlam affair - it started with a kiss: Irish News

Mowlam's tour of trouble spots angers unionists: The Irish Times

Guns and roses: The Irish Times

May 21

Murder highlights the gulf in understanding: Irish News

Adams lays down his conditions: Daily Telegraph

Courage of man who leapt through window: The Times

Sinn Fein on target for huge seat share: Irish News

US supporters raise £12,000 for McAliskey: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry sought: The Irish Times

May 20

Saulters shows hidden depths: Irish News (Editorial)

Better To Talk Now: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Sinn Fein pair make a meal of Commons visit: The Times

Old suspicions block way to a ceasefire: The Irish Times

SF, loyalists predict strong support in council elections: The Irish Times

May 19

There is nothing left for us to fear, but fear itself: Irish News

Loyalists agree to talks over parade: The Times

Three take the rocky road to working for the community: The Irish Times

SF duo to enter parliament : Irish News

May 18

Blair initiatives seen easing Ulster standoff: Boston Globe

Cool Sinn Fein response to Blair olive branch on talks: Sunday Telegraph

Decision time for Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Adams to visit the Commons: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein rides on a new wave: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein holds meeting with Irish officials: Philadelphia Inquirer

May 17

Blair takes gamble for Ulster peace: The Times

Blair's brave start: The Times (Editorial)

Blair puts the pressure back on SF: The Irish Times

Blair's offer of new hope: Irish News (Editorial)

In Belfast, Blair urges a dialogue: Philadelphia Inquirer

Rome remains chief Orange enemy: The Irish Times

Dr Eames in dark valley of division: The Irish Times

Loyalist fury at RUC chief: Irish News

Protestant girl reads poem for GAA man: The Irish Times

Trouble comes from fringes as North walks tightrope: The Irish Times

May 16

Unionists fight for control in Belfast: The Irish Times

Heaney's village stained by more blood: Daily Telegraph

South's voters hold vital key: Irish News (Editorial)

Dunloy march ban outrageous, says Paisley: The Irish Times

Blair to spell out plan for Ulster peace: The Times

Ireland's choice: The Times (Editorial)

President praises O'Connell for attitudes ahead of his time: The Irish Times

May 15

End to NI violence remains imperative: The Irish Times

Boothroyd bans Sinn Fein MPs from Commons: The Times

Congress members oppose US move to deport men: The Irish Times

Barred MPs set for Westminster: Irish News

Democracy is there for all: Irish News (Editorial)

May 14

Sinn Fein MPs 'will be barred': Daily Telegraph

Third killing marks return of tit-for-tat Ulster attacks: The Times

Nightmares Made Manifest: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Mowlam must consider whose side MI5 is on: Irish News

McAliskey treatment 'is crucial' to peace hopes: Irish News

North cannot face another Drumcree, says Dr Eames: The Irish Times

Rector opposes sectarianism inquiry: The Irish Times

Remembering the Liberator: The Irish Times

Political leader who sprang from 'hidden Ireland': The Irish Times

May 13

Mandela invites all Ulster parties to hold peace talks in South Africa: The Times

Unionists cautious on talks in SA: The Irish Times

Trimble warns against apathy in elections: The Irish Times

New Labour, new peace: Irish News (Editorial)

McAliskey tells of ordeal: Irish News

May 12

No peace, no privilege: The Times (Editorial)

Council polls central to political battles: The Irish Times

Newspaper report angers McAliskey: Irish News

Homosexuals divided in justifying RUC man's murder: The Irish Times

Unionists' fury at SF office plan: Irish News

May 11

IRA bomber to set up office in the Commons: The Sunday Times

McAliskey declares IRA war is over: The Sunday Times

Murder of RUC man fuels fears of reprisal: Sunday Telegraph

May 10

Blair has the mandate but has he the courage?: Irish News

Bruton's SF boomerang lands in his lap: The Irish Times

Adams intends to use the House, but not his seat: The Times

Death highlights sectarian evils: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair meetings raise hopes for NI progress: The Irish Times

Mowlam lays down conditions for Sinn Fein entering talks: Daily Telegraph

Adams's mandate builds constitutional case: The Irish Times

May 9

Commonsense has prevailed: Irish News (Editorial)

Mowlam brings in new rules on parades: The Irish Times

Blair resists Irish pressure to let IRA join talks: The Times

Irish leader urges IRA cease-fire: Philadephia Inquirer

Bruton hails Blair as good for Ireland: Daily Telegraph

Outcome of local elections crucial, says SDLP: The Irish Times

May 8

Dr Empey welcomes 'Ne Temere' apology: The Irish Times

Mowlam's style may foster climate for peace: The Irish Times

Bruton calls on IRA to abandon violence: The Times

Labour must act in McAliskey case: Irish News (Editorial)

British release of IRA film is postponed: Daily Telegraph

May 7

The IRA's opportunity: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Mo's task is to confront Paisleyism and policing: Irish News

Mowlam held secret talks at Garvaghy: Irish News

We cannot afford another Drumcree: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams hopes summit will help peace process: The Irish Times

May 6

An energized Mitchell sees renewed hope for Ulster talks: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein duo should attend the Commons: Irish News (Editorial)

Bruton accuses Adams of 'menacing' remark: The Irish Times

Mowlam wastes no time to avoid Drumcree III: Irish News

Prime Minister meets Bruton: The Times

Hume exploited by SF claims ousted MP: Irish News

May 5

After warm greetings come Drumcree and the stalled talks: The Irish Times

Mowlam lays it on line for Sinn Fein: Irish News

Clinton urges Blair and the IRA to make peace moves: The Irish Times

Hugs, kisses and hope as Belfast greets Mo: The Irish Times

The Rabbi might have performed vital service: Irish News

Straw may be asked to review McAliskey 'discrepancies': The Irish Times

May 4

Labor's triumph may bring shift in IRA' s stance: Boston Globe

May 3

Time for Mo ministers to meet the No minister: Irish News

Next moves up to IRA and London: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein wins two seats and a place on political map: The Times

Trimble has more room to manoeuvre: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein's success marks turning point: Irish News

Bitter silence set aside for bitter words: The Irish Times

Bruton and Blair likely to discuss Drumcree: The Irish Times

Blair to revive peace process says Hume: The Irish Times

May 2

Undaunted by threats, Ulster voters go to polls: Boston Globe

Peace must be Blair's priority: Irish News (Editorial)

Riverdance helps children across sectarian divide: The Times

Loyalists end Maze protest after deal is struck: The Times

Warning of postal voting abuse in North: The Irish Times

May 1

All eyes on the McGuinness-McCrea battle: The Irish Times

Irish show Scots road to success: The Irish Times

Sir Patrick bows out after turbulent term: Irish News

DUP scotches old habits wi a le'al wye o talkin: The Irish Times