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This archive contains references to articles from May 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, May 15

Trimble begins two-pronged battle for the soul of unionism: Irish Independent

Belfast Agreement could pave way for peace payoff: The Irish Times

Blair goes to Belfast to boost peace accord amid signs of trouble: Philadelphia Inquirer

Mitchell pushes Fleet lobbyist for Irish post: Boston Globe

Agreement helps the rebirth of liberal unionism: The Irish Times

Ulster must hold its nose - but vote yes: The Times

Only unionism holds keys to the Border: The Irish Times

Blair sets four tests of peace for the IRA: Electronic Telegraph

A deal that all can support: Irish News (yesterday's speech by Tony Blair)

Voting Yes For Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

No vote drive swells ranks of anti-agreement unionists: The Irish Times

Loyalist terrorist freed to attend rally: The Guardian

Cemetery attack gave killer cult status: The Times

Yes vote means exchanging our illusions for realities: The Irish Times

Removal of GAA’s rule 21 is no penalty kick: Irish News

No decision on extradition of SF press officer: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 14

A greener, grander Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)


Blair links prison releases to arms: Electronic Telegraph

Blair flies in to back fight for yes votes: Irish News

Taoiseach should appeal directly to unionists: The Irish Times

Adams gives pledge on IRA victims: The Guardian

Time 'not right' for truth commission: The Irish Times

'We waited 30 years to tell a prime minister what the people have suffered': The Independent

Arms concealed on both sides of the Border: The Irish Times

For the Record: Washington Post

Agreement advances Dublin's role, says Robinson: The Irish Times

Wednesday, May 13

Trimble fights to hold party support for Ulster agreement: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists conned on the giving up of arms: The Irish Times

Family's plea to IRA over fate of mother: The Guardian

‘I failed on parades last year’ says Mo: Irish News

Deal means British rule will be strengthened: The Irish Times (by Ruairí Ó Brádaigh)

Trimble can make yes sound like don’t know: Irish News

Trimble takes to the stump to woo undecided voters: The Irish Times

Unionists reject £315m aid: The Times

Mr Brown's Package: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Ahern hits out at IRA ‘triumphalism’: Irish News

'Intimidated' breakaways blame paramilitaries: The Irish Times

Tuesday, May 12

Time for caution: Irish Independent

Peace by piece: The Guardian (Editorial)

Molyneaux likely to urge No Vote: The Irish Times

Nuremberg for the Nineties: The Times

Awaiting marching orders: Irish News

Equality agenda vital in ensuring republican support: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein Vote Called ' Watershed': Minneapolis Star Tribune

Moral energy tapped by Provisionals running dry: The Irish Times

No surrender - Paisley's fire and brimstone gospel: The Independent

Counting The Cost Of Peace: The Irish Times

Dunloy fury at go-ahead for parade: Irish News

Prisoners at ardfheis 'Christmas for the No lobby': The Irish Times

United by their grief, torn apart by hatred: The Times

McCartney raps Church on deal: Irish News

Monday, May 11

Section 31 silenced the voice of justice for all of 25 years: Sunday Business Post

Equality and social justice: Sunday Business Post

Sugar Diet coming to an end: Andersontown News

Sinn Fein slams 'new IRA': Sunday Business Post

Some of them haven't gone away: Irish Independent

Settlement plan gets Sinn Fein ratification: Boston Globe

It's oh so predictable: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein Endorses Peace Pact: Washington Post

Sinn Fein leaders call for tactical 'Yes' vote: Electronic Telegraph

"The war is over... now we must look to the future": The Guardian (by Danny Morrison)

A chance for real politics: Irish News (Editorial)

Political power may break cycle of republican conflict: The Times

Adams walk-over as SF votes a double Yes: The Irish Times

Adams urges unity over Assembly: The Indepedent

Republican agenda is at the crossroads: The Irish Times

Marching into the future: Irish News

IRA dissidents botch bomb attack: The Guardian

Looking for liberation from future and past: The Irish Times

The no ‘alternative’ is of little substance: Irish News

Paramilitaries step up punishment attacks: The Independent

Sunday, May 10

Where now for the Provos?: Sunday Tribune

'Real IRA' threatens mainland bombing campaign: Electronic Telegraph

Key IRA bombmaker joins dissident army: Sunday Tribune

Paisley turn-off factor boosts yes campaign: The Sunday Times

Britain frees IRA men to push for Yes to peace: The Observer

Blair throws millions after Unionist vote: The Sunday Times

None so blind as they who don dark glasses: The Sunday Times

Ulster's battle of words hots up: Independent on Sunday

Secret messages in a back door to peace: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein decision today on Assembly: Independent on Sunday

Surprise witness tells tale of IRA meeting: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 9

Our future no longer hangs on a card game: Irish News

Unity requires giving up united Ireland claim: The Irish Times

Unionist chairman urges rebel to quit: Electronic Telegraph

Republicans must ‘join us in the real world’: Irish News

Principles unchanged for sister of hunger striker: The Irish Times

Women's Coalition urge Irish 'yes' vote: The Independent

Decommissioning time: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein prepares to cross the Rubicon: The Irish Times

Leadership has brought Sinn Fein a long way: Irish News

Blair's other northern question could swamp him: The Irish Times (about Scotland)

‘A year with no justice’: Irish News

Dissident Provos declare new `war': Irish Independent

Five reasons why socialists should say yes to the deal: Irish News

Ex-IRA man puts on a performance for the gallery: Sydney Morning Herald

Friday, May 8

Orange extremists are not the only fruit: Irish Independent

Bill: No Ireland Visit Before Peace Vote: New York Daily News

Now IRA gunmen sign up for peace: Irish Independent

Cruise O'Brien proud to be a Paisleyite: The Irish Times

Clinton Scraps N. Ireland Visit: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Paisley jnr praises the SDLP ‘deal’: Irish News

Belfast accord alters North's place in the Union: The Irish Times

Blair promises fund for Irish terror victims: Electronic Telegraph

Essential Yes margin in polls leaves no room for doubt: The Irish Times

Farmer 'had passport made by IRA forger': The Times

Five-year visa plan proposed to Washington: The Irish Times

SF maps out the road to a new Ireland: Irish News

Tributes for man shot in robbery attempt: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 7

Democracy is finally winning: Irish Independent

Hand of history makes its mark: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein to endorse settlement: Boston Globe

Blair and Major unite to fight for Yes vote: Electronic Telegraph

Major deserves credit for deal: Irish News (Editorial)

Big turnout needed to put fair wind in sail of accord: The Irish Times

DEFENCE OF THE REALM: The Times (Editorial)

Sinn Fein backs Ulster peace: The Independent

SF faces core problems as it moves to next phase: The Irish Times

Republicans in a new era: Irish News (Editorial)

I called the holy name . . . they left me to die: The Times

Adams asks dissidents to reflect at funeral: The Irish Times

Old IRA ‘turning in their graves’: Irish News

Eames asks freed IRA prisoners to state regret: The Irish Times

IRA dissidents unity call: Irish News

Consent makes unionist veto redundant: The Irish Times (by Ruarí Quinn)

Wednesday, May 6


Terrorist godfather is chief murder suspect: Irish Independent

IRA move lets Sinn Fein take seats: Electronic Telegraph

Who can name David’s 10 men at Westminster?: Irish News

RUC faces change with or without Yes victory: The Irish Times

Leaving the little boxes of bigotry: Irish News

Balcombe Street gang to serve out sentences in Ireland: The Irish Times

'Yes' men Blair and Major take to Ulster streets: The Times

PUP claims no rallies ‘whip up crowds’ into sectarian frenzy: Irish News

No surrender to settlement in heartland of the hard-liners: The Independent

Flashpoint march takes place before vote: Irish News

Release of prisoners worth price of peace: The Irish Times

Informer tells of IRA plot to kill Charles and Diana: The Guardian

Tuesday, May 5

SABER-RATTLING FROM THE IRA: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

SF moving towards support for referendum: Irish Independent

The voices from Ireland whisper hype and hope: Irish News

Protestants want peace - but not at any price: The Irish Times

DUP wants deal alternatives put to electorate: Irish News

Ceasefire by INLA discussed: The Irish Times

Ulster peace woman forced out of home: The Independent

Woman whose movement makes mockery of the diehards: The Independent

Disarming a vital part of agreement, says De Rossa: The Irish Times

Bury your pride with my son: Irish News

Freeing prisoners may free us from stalemate: The Irish Times

Bombings alter route of Belfast Marathon: Electronic Telegraph

Finucane relatives to meet Andrews: Irish News

Monday, May 4

Internal battles will convulse unionism: Sunday Business Post

Getting it all wrong about decommissioning of arms: Sunday Business Post

All-Ireland bodies at work: Sunday Business Post

Sinn Fein set to vote Yes: Sunday Business Post

Blair to lead Ulster referendum campaign: The Guardian

Competing visions for republicans to contemplate: The Irish Times

Nothing to fear in peaceagreement says Adams: Irish News

War of attrition begins: Irish Independent

We could do without the ‘prophets of doom’: Irish News

Mitchell defends 'rude' Mowlam: The Times

Mitchell tells of drama before deal was struck: Irish News

My lowest point, by Mitchell: Irish News

Finding a place in for former prisoners: The Irish Times

Blair raising pressure on Orangemen to vote `yes': Irish Independent

Sunday, May 3

Pitching peace to voters in Ireland: Miami Herald


IRA may give SF assembly dispensation: Sunday Tribune

'Let's see if we can live together': Independent on Sunday

Ulster peace deal critics rapped: Electronic Telegraph

Nationalism's two choices: nasty or naff: The Sunday Times

Ahern presses for Ulster troop reductions: The Observer

Trimble wants RUC to help pick ministers: The Sunday Times

British renege on Irish language commitments: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mother of dead IRA man on wanted list: The Sunday Times

The ANC approves: Independent on Sunday

Inside the mind of an IRA commander: The Sunday Times

Trimble drops bombshell. Nobody notices: Sunday Tribune

LIFE WITH MO: The Sunday Times

Loyalist ex-terrorists launch 'alternative justice' scheme: The Observer

IRA splinter group seeks Gadaffi aid: The Sunday Times

Reid boosts campaign to free Ulster Guardsmen: Electronic Telegraph

Smart Alex: The Sunday Times

Saturday, May 2

Man shot dead in attempt to rob security van: The Irish Times

IRA renegades desperate for terror funds: Irish Independent

Another bad week for selling peace: Irish Independent

Ahern urges paramilitary groups to end activities: The Irish Times

Paper pays for killer's memoirs: The Independent

‘SF cannot cherry-pick deal’: Irish News

Paisley finds a new kind of enemy: The Irish Times

Dr Paisley can presume a little less these days: Irish News

Deal will not bring a lasting peace, RSF says: The Irish Times

Bomb defused as parties row over IRA stand: Sydney Morning Herald

Friday, May 1

British must deliver on every last comma: Andersontown News

Major gains for Unionists in final days: by Gary Kent (appears in today's Belfast Newsletter)

N. Ireland pact has many heroes: Philadelphia Inquirer

Arms and the Provos: Irish Independent (Editorial)

IRA Backs Pact, Balks at Disarming: Washington Post

IRA hints at 'yes' for peace deal: The Guardian

MIDNIGHT THUNDER: The Times (Editorial)

IRA statement leaves decision up to SF: The Irish Times

North needs calm leaders: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein will have to get real: The Independent (Editorial)

Ultimatum to Adams on IRA guns: Electronic Telegraph

Agreement spells victory for change, reconciliation: The Irish Times (by Bertie Ahern)

‘Sinn Fein must admit war is over’: Irish News

Agreement will not bring lasting peace: The Irish Times