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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from May 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, May 15

Adams, McGuinness said to want IRA move on arms: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

IRA link to Fegan murder : Belfast Telegraph

Leaders push peace momentum: BBC

Progress claimed at Ulster dialogue: The Times

Helicopters herald the dawning of a new era: Irish News

Amongst women there is belief in peace: Irish Independent

Finucane family spurn Trimble: Irish News

Church leaders get tough with Drumcree protestors: Irish Independent

Amnesty shocked at rights failure: Irish News

Friday, May 14

Nelson murder work of UDA - Adams: Belfast Telegraph

Fresh attempt to move NI peace process: BBC

Marching ban protests to be cut back: The Independent

Climbdown over Drumcree march hints at split in Orange Order: The Guardian

Orange move played down: Irish News

More efforts to defuse Drumcree time bomb: The Irish Times

Call for Dublin bomb inquiry: Irish News

Funeral that will end a mother's agony: The Times

First lady in justice plea: Irish News (Editorial)

Police on cycle path to peace: The Times

Thursday, May 13

UKUP leader enters Euro race: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble furious at gun attack: Irish Independent

Orange move 'will relieve tension': Belfast Telegraph

Partition back in vogue: Belfast Telegraph

UDA suspected of shooting despite protest of innocence: The Irish Times

PEACE AND WAR: The Times (Editorial)

UUP Orange split overdue: Irish News (Editorial)

Embattled RUC faces death by propaganda: The Times

'Potential problems' with inquiry: The Irish Times

First findings reject collusion: The Times

Ulster-Scots will trip off tongue as minority language: The Irish Times

Drumcree talks ‘optimistic’: Irish News

Ahern says he does not know of rumours: The Irish Times

Harryville protest is postponed: Irish News

Mrs. Clinton Visits Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hamill family fury at IRA slur: Irish News

Wednesday, May 12

Amnesty shocked by IRA’s cruelty: Irish News

Blair holds key, says Adams: BBC

Donaldson says Blair 'fudging' on SF: The Irish Times

Bigotry beats the band in the ballot for Europe: Irish News

Euro fight on many fronts: Irish News (Editorial)

Perpetrators of bombings still evade justice: The Irish Times

SF ‘won’t back’ army plan: Irish News

NI solicitors overturn council's decision: The Irish Times

Tuesday, May 11

Lawyers' society facing turmoil: Belfast Telegraph

Better a neighborhood than a community: by Malachi O'Doherty (Belfast Telegraph)

Northern Ireland talks remain deadlocked: BBC

Blair finds options narrowing: The Irish Times

Hermon talks ill of the dead: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster graves Bill 'is not amnesty': Electronic Telegraph

Unionists bitter at 'disappeared' Bill: The Irish Times

Hume slams Paisley plan for Euro poll: Irish News

British army criticised: The Irish Times

Tory hits out at inquiry decision: Irish News

Amnesty group visits Portadown: The Irish Times

Family of victim hits out at RUC and Gardai : Irish News

Monday, May 10

Ulster Veto, Ulster Terror: The Nation

Alleged conspiracy killers may testify in film libel case: Sunday Business Post

Action not words: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA prepared to bite bullet, not give it away, says ex-prisoner: Electronic Telegraph

Stern approach may create barriers: Irish News

Mixed reaction to McGuinness: The Irish Times

Rejection shaped a republican: Irish News

Some cause for optimism: Irish News (Editorial)

Challenge to C of I is in confronting its history: The Irish Times

Wider role for de Chastelain central to SF: The Irish Times

Murdered solicitor 'had aided the IRA': Electronic Telegraph

IRA suspected of 'Speedy' Fegan murder: The Irish Times

Sunday, May 9

UN lawyer may oversee Nelson murder inquiry: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein calls for talks deadline: BBC

Blair softens stance on IRA weapons handover: The Sunday Times

Suddenly an Optimistic Note for North Peace: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Loyalist bands may be forced to change tune: The Sunday Times

Fury at IRA leader's top job: The Sunday Times

No more interfering or we quit warns UUP: Sunday Independent

Defeat is close at hand when Paisley is in charge: The Sunday Times

Designer shirt chic on SF's big day: Sunday Independent

Secret Orange Order fund keeps homes for Protestants: The Sunday Times

Will the British Union Prevail, or the Centrifugal Forces?: New York Times

Saturday, May 8

Cloud hangs over Sinn Fein gathering: BBC

Republican Language: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Families still suffer over IRA silence: The Guardian

Policies don't matter here: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

One in the eye as Paisley launches Euro campaign: Irish News

Neo-Nazis target Irish sports stars: The Independent

Combat 18: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday families’ victory: Irish News

Trimble backs call for inquiry: The Irish Times

Hamill family example ‘could change society’: Irish News

Friday, May 7

Parties agree on Sinn Fein lord mayor: Irish News

Trimble hopeful after talks: BBC

Seminar hears opinion on future of legal system: Irish News

Faulty gun saves boys from loyalist killers: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein leaders set to stay on moderate course: The Irish Times

Mitchell remains optimistic for peace: The Times

UVF would be keen to decommission - Hutchinson: The Irish Times

Thursday, May 6

Anger at Sinn Fein Charles snub: Belfast Telegraph

Political uncertainty and peace process: Irish Independent

Attack revenge theory: Belfast Telegraph

Make progress or face ridicule - Mallon: BBC

Unionist anger at Finucane inquiry: The Independent

Redefining the U.K.: Washington Post

McGuinness's aide backs appeal for removal of weaponry: The Irish Times

Peace at 'edge of abyss': BBC

Scandal may hit peace bid: Irish News (Editorial)

Consultations under way before talks resume: The Irish Times

Charles makes emotional return to bomb tragedy site: Irish News

SF ardfheis to hear of 'frustration and anger': The Irish Times

Sinn Fein slams Adair attack claims: Irish News

Mitchell says process must not be 'parked': The Irish Times

Wednesday, May 5

Protecting human rights in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Blair must act, Sinn Fein aide tells US: Boston Globe

War and peace: Belfast Telegraph

IRA victims `buried south of the Border': Irish Independent

Drumcree talks promised: BBC

Mr Trimble is right to wade into the marching dispute: The Independent (Editorial)

Order hails ‘fall in petty crime’: Irish News

Pledge for review of lawyer killing: The Independent

Finucane relatives to discuss case with Mowlam: The Irish Times

Finucane family may sue UUP’s Maginnis: Irish News

Deny political veto to those using violence - Trimble: The Irish Times

New light in Finucane case: Irish News (Editorial)

Gun culture is thriving in the UK’s wild west: Irish News

Even Donegal is changing: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

‘Belfast’s Bloody Sunday’ recalled: Irish News

Tuesday, May 4

Drumcree: We'll march every day: Belfast Telegraph

Devolved Assemblies: The Irish Times (Editorial)

A force that must not be destroyed: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern rejects NI proposal : BBC

Cabinet dossier points to RUC collusion in murder: Irish Independent

The killing of Pat Finucane: why evidence points to a conspiracy: Irish Independent

Crunch talks under way to resolve Drumcree crisis: Irish News

Mallon weary of Stormont fudge and humbug: The Times

Monday, May 3

Loyalist backlash warning: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist on parole shot at concert: The Guardian

Mowlam calls for compromise: BBC

`Shadow' body transition plan in bid to break North impasse: Irish Independent

Transitional executive to impose 6 month limit on decommissioning: by Henry McDonald

Fresh thinking is needed now: Irish News (Editorial)

UUP 'reneging on agreement': The Irish Times

British urged to include Mitchell Principles in N.I. Bill of Rights: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Will our human rights overcome our wrongs?: Irish News

'Partial Paddy Syndrome' requires overseas messiah: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Sunday, May 2

Disuniting the Kingdom: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Ulster Lawyer's Killing Casts Suspicion on Police: New York Times

RUC probes claims of police collusion with terrorists: The Sunday Times

Loyalist leader 'shot at concert': BBC

SDLP looking for 'new' faces to combat Sinn Féin: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Poll Gives the Green Light to Good Friday: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Grieving with the enemy: Sunday Independent

Orange leader faces prosecution over Drumcree: The Sunday Times

Transitional Executive mooted: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Time for strong nerves when the prize is peace: The Sunday Times

Ex-IRA man plans human rights group: Sunday Independent

CIA 'tried to buy IRA ceasefire': The Sunday Times

Labour will not play politics with the North - Quinn

Saturday, May 1

Order is iniviting judgment on itself: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble proposes Drumcree talks: BBC

Trimble's move on Drumcree rejected: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble takes a crucial step: Irish News

Hume in talks to break North impasse: The Irish Times

My job is to catch the killers: Irish News

Mallon says SF will have to accept weapons disposal: Irish Independent

Ulster bus stuck behind ongoing Orange march: Irish News

Desperately seeking to stave off disaster: The Irish Times

SF support for Ulster-Scots: Irish News

Maginnis stands by remarks: The Irish Times

Nato blitz is Vatican plot - Paisley church: Irish News