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This archive contains references to articles from November 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, November 15

Government denies RUC reforms have been 'gutted': Electronic Telegraph

Second Commissioner slams police reforms:

Unionists fail to freeze police reforms: The Times

Mandelson could extend board deadline: The Irish Times

The Lords and the RUC: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Patten row demands renewed search for peace: Irish Examiner

Bill to scrap oath to Queen is rejected: The Times

NIO statistics should reflect north’s divide: Irish News

Courthouse takes centre stage as actors revisit horrors of Belfast: The Independent

Troubles in mind: The Times (Nov. 10)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 15 ---------

Inquiry hears of 'killing policy' claim: BBC

Army chief 'backed shoot to kill policy': UTV Internet

Resident troops 'were sidelined': The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 14

'Real IRA' blamed for planned mortar attack: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein silent over bomb attack: Electronic Telegraph

Bomb find scene to be re-examined: BBC

No grey areas on violence: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble urges police reform freeze: BBC

Patten has been gutted: The Guardian

Scathing attack on police reform: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Row brews over policing nominations: BBC

UUP to use peer pressure on arms: Irish News

SF decision on legal challenge to ban imminent: The Irish Times

De Brún to take Mandy to court over Sinn Féin ban:

Government to provide help for terrorist victims: UTV Internet

Assembly debates 'road map': The Irish Times

Union Jack will fly over Sinn Fein ministers' buildings: UTV Internet

Trimble's film protest out of focus: Belfast Telegraph

Irish international prize for Mowlam: The Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 14 ---------

Two Paras accused of torture and mutilation: The Independent

No reply to counsel request for IRA tape: Irish Examiner

Paras 'were cleared by corrupt tribunal': Electronic Telegraph

Boody Sunday policies claim: UTV Internet

Tribunal designed to protect military: Irish Examiner

Dublin ‘has failed to help inquiry’: Irish News

Monday, November 13

RUC foils attempt to repeat Enniskillen bombing: Electronic Telegraph

Searches resume after mortar find: BBC

Capital on alert as Real IRA plot foiled: The Times

Time for physical force is long gone: Irish News

British make move towards nationalists on Patten: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune, Nov. 12)

Political process won't survive another suspension — Adams:

Real change can not be found cheap: Irish News

Sinn Fein departments fly Union Flag: BBC

IRA to be named as O’Connor killers: Irish Examiner

SF in government must cut IRA links - O'Donnell: The Irish Times

Wearing the poppy with pride: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Peace process unimportant to Bush and Gore: Boston Herald (Nov. 12)

Sex abuser who was feted as hero: Ireland on Sunday (Nov. 13)

Libel writ by Bloody Sunday relative: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry resumes: BBC

Bloody Sunday: a brother’s appeal: Irish News

Sunday, November 12

Real IRA's 500lb bomb for London is thwarted: Electronic Telegraph

IRA may help rebel terrorists carry out attacks: The Sunday Times

Maguire fury after IRA shoots brother: The Observer

SF sanction may not work, admits Trimble: Sunday Life

Trimble indulges in double standards: Ireland on Sunday

A time for honesty: The Observer

Unionist warns over NI Assembly: BBC

Sever your IRA links: Ireland on Sunday

McGuinness 'elected by vote-rigging': The Sunday Times

Farewell to a friend in high places: The Observer

When America sneezes, Ireland will catch cold: Ireland on Sunday

Restorick petition: UTV Internet

Bloody Sunday officer sued for libel: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble anger at BBC drama by 'IRA apologist': The Sunday Times

RUC slams BBC over bomb hoax outbreak: Sunday Life

Ulster's most bigoted town woos tourists: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 11

Sinn Fein departments to fly Union flag: BBC

Parliament law 'for Sinn Fein's benefit': UTV Internet

Police ‘expertise must be protected’: Irish News

RUC asks for a £13m cash boost: Electronic Telegraph

Clinton's foreign policy success rest on role in NI: The Irish Times

Equality agenda is vital – Adams: Irish News

Loyalists broker feud deal:

Police on alert for 'Real IRA' attack in England: The Irish Times

Dissident IRA group admits bomb blast: The Irish Times

Poignant Remembrance service at Maze: UTV Internet

New judge for Bloody Sunday team: Electronic Telegraph

Victims' campaigner guilty of sex abuse: BBC

Friday, November 10

Legal action over sanctions 'will fail': BBC

McGuinness accuses Trimble of jeopardising agreement’s institutions: Irish Examiner

Clinton to fly to Ulster to aid talks on weapons: The Guardian

Peace will ‘die of neglect’ under Bush: Irish News

Kennedy calls for full Patten implementation: Irish Examiner

Blair must act or Catholics will not join new police force says Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Compensation for police widows still behind South: The Irish Times

Fitt under fire for RUC title support: Irish News

Fury over US move to label Real IRA terrorists: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein to resist flag call: UTV Internet

'Secret deal' claim over flags: BBC

Tory critical of 'secret agreement': UTV Internet

Empey advocates cross-Border ties: The Irish Times

New law puts informers under close scrutiny: Irish Examiner

The Right to Truth: (Nov. 8)

Army to close RIR bases: BBC

Former INLA prisoner seeks release under Northern Agreement: Irish Examiner

Thursday, November 9

SF urges British to avert 'course of collapse': The Irish Times

Ulster Unionists 'not out to wreck Good Friday Agreement': UTV Internet

North ministers meet for first time since ban: Irish Independent

Trimble's Sinn Fein sanctions signal trouble at the table: Belfast Telegraph

SF calls for release of IRA prisoners: The Irish Times

Lords reject dual RUC name: BBC

Mandelson ends moves to extradite IRA killers: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson pledge on Real IRA: BBC

Parliamentary privilege?: Belfast Telegraph

Time to pay tribute to all ‘war’ dead: Irish News

The debt the North owes Clinton : The Irish Times

Clinton visit 'not yet certain': UTV Internet

US raises record funds for Sinn Fein: Irish News

Payouts plea for soldiers: BBC

Wednesday, November 8

British won’t force Trimble to lift ban: Irish Examiner

Adams hopes for ban breakthrough: BBC

Trimble must lift ban says Adams: Irish Examiner

Trimble, Adams claim US support on key issues: The Irish Times

Maybe it's the fault of the natives: Irish News

Ulster may be lower on US agenda: Belfast Telegraph

Police warn of car-bomb campaign over Christmas: The Independent

Victim's mother seeks inquiry into shooting: The Irish Times

Loyalists meet over feud violence: BBC

Loyalist terrorist speaks to MPs at House: The Times

Anger over killer's Westminster invite: BBC

A new island identity: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton's Belfast visit could help process: The Irish Times

Escapees not to be extradited to North: Irish Examiner

Seats bill passes Lords hurdle: BBC

War of words on ‘IRA plaque’: Irish News

£11m deal on pensions for RUC widows: Electronic Telegraph

Tuesday, November 7

Trimble tells dissidents to toe the party line: UTV Internet

Trimble and Mallon 'kissed and made up': The Irish Times

Unionism must change shape and evolve, says Adams: Irish Examiner

Adams and Blair to meet on ban: The Irish Times

Tory manifesto pledge to save RUC title: Electronic Telegraph

Decommissioning should not be rushed - Ervine: The Irish Times

Plot thickens for conspiracy theorists: Belfast Telegraph

RUC pain: IRA gain: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Manifesto dilemma facing Unionists: Belfast Telegraph

Seats Bill passes Lords hurdle: BBC

Bureau targets Real IRA cash: Irish Independent

Media accused of vilifying McKevitts over bomb: The Irish Times

Injured officer 'tried to stem blood': BBC

More deaths expected despite truce attempts: Irish Examiner

Family appeal over target fears: BBC

Victim's family wants 'madness' to end: The Irish Times

Remembrance parade re-routed: BBC

Hume to raise plight of border businesses: Irish News

IRA statue: DUP make legal threat: Belfast Telegraph

Irishness is determined not merely by genetics: The Irish Times

Monday, November 6

Mallon: 'NI executive will survive crisis': BBC

Sinn Fein move to topple Trimble with no-confidence vote: Irish Examiner

Blair must halt RUC reform until terrorist guns are ditched: Electronic Telegraph (by William Hague)

Loyalists ‘call truce to bury the dead’: Irish News

North remains tense as UDA show defiance: Irish Independent

SDLP slams deputy mayor: Irish News

Hopes of end to feud raised by leading loyalist: The Irish Times

When they needed a stranger...?: Irish News

Real IRA attacks feared: The Times

Three released without charge: BBC

Stevens inquiry unearths collusion evidence?: UTV Internet

SAS and the North: not quite setting the record straight: Irish Independent

Sunday, November 5

Trimble: 'Arms strategy may fail': BBC

Mother of all crises - McGuinness: Ireland on Sunday

Adams: Crisis could derail Irish peace process: Boston Herald

Power Play: The Sunday Times

Never was so much talked about but so little achieved: Sunday Independent

Fig leaf for SF can't hide nationalist support for Trimble: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Dublin plea on Ulster pullout: The Sunday Times

Mallon snub highlights the enormity of Trimble's subterfuge: Ireland on Sunday

The non-event that could foul up the whole system: Sunday Independent

The killing fields of Belfast city: Ireland on Sunday

Why loyalist feuding threatens Ulster peace: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalists dreading war in own ranks: Boston Herald

Loyalists must not dance to this diabolical tune: Ireland on Sunday

Victim of long memories: Sunday Independent

Shankill's bloody feud set to spill outside Belfast: The Sunday Times

IRA rebuff for Adams prison ally: The Observer

Found: Real IRA's rocket launcher that scored a hit on MI6: Electronic Telegraph

Omagh bomb suspects released: UTV Internet

Assets freeze for Real IRA fundraisers: The Sunday Times

Masked men join funeral as Loyalist feud victim is buried: Independent on Sunday

America's silence lobby: The Observer

Adair had leaked army documents: The Sunday Times

RUC in disarray as levels of sick leave reach peak: The Sunday Times

Catholics to regain right to the throne: Electronic Telegraph

Daphne stands by her man: The Sunday Times

Dublin to speak in Northern tongue: The Observer

Saturday, November 4

Trimble suffers double blow: The Guardian

Cinderella disobeys wicked stepmother: The Irish Times

Sanctions face court threat: BBC

Talks just a face-saving exercise, says Empey: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin will not be kept out by Trimble: Irish Examiner

Mandelson could overrule vote: The Irish Times

Maimed RUC officer was victim of loyalist bomb: Electronic Telegraph

We can expect no moves on arms issue:

Mitchell calls for northern leaders to put exclusion crisis in perspective: Irish Examiner

Mitchell’s jumping ship — Boyd: Irish News

Mitchell rules out Northern role: The Irish Times

Mitchell will lead inquiry on Mideast: Philadelphia Inquirer

Why we are off the rails?: Belfast Telegraph

Scuppering the ark in the land of No-ah: Irish News

Food safety does nationalists a lot of good: The Irish Times

Latest crisis is one too far for ailing peace process: (Editorial)

Unionists must not be allowed shatter agreement: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Changing names - changing nothing:

Let us have Patten neat: The Guardian (Editorial)

Police release man in Stevens probe: Belfast Telegraph

Two arrested in blast inquiry: BBC

Victim's mother to picket SF fund-raiser in NY: The Irish Times

Omagh families meet US authorities: UTV Internet

Lords approve flags Order: BBC

IRSP claim IRA intimidation: UTV Internet

Protestants fear for their lives during loyalist feud: Irish Examiner

Feud victim to be buried: BBC

Stepping out on the road to talks: Belfast Telegraph

Gardaí fudge on video surveillance — AG: Irish Examiner

Friday, November 3

Impartial inspectors say IRA serious about peace: Boston Herald

Praise for IRA gives boost to peace: The Guardian

Peace in Ulster is each side only killing its own: The Scotsman

Thirst for revenge puts talk of peace on back-burner: Irish Examiner

25 years of killing that began with bar brawl: The Times

Ahern to meet party leaders on North: The Irish Times

Minister to attend 'banned' meeting: BBC

Adams calls on Mandelson to stand up to Trimble: UTV Internet

'Governments want sanctions lifted': BBC

Stumbling blocks on Ulster's path to peace: The Guardian

Trimble plays it tough: The Irish Times

Isolation of economies a non-starter: Irish News

Policing may hold the key to three-part solution of pact crisis: Irish Independent

What if Castleblaney had been the bomb target instead of Castlewellan?: Belfast Telegraph

The war is over, the real peace has yet to begin: The Scotsman

Northern Ireland -- a lesson in the value of incrementalism: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

Jumping together: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Defending the Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Still no sign of a meeting of minds: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

New era in police accountability: Irish News (Editorial)

Four arrested in security forces collusion investigation: Irish Examiner

SF stops condemning attacks by dissidents: The Irish Times

Rewriting history a dubious undertaking: Irish Echo

Gardai chief critical of Omagh programme: UTV Internet

North made radical shift, says President: The Irish Times

Widow slams killer’s release McCauley allowed out on compassionate grounds: Irish Examiner

Thursday, November 2

Crisis talks on NI peace: BBC

Cowen and Mandelson discuss SF talks ban: Irish Examiner

Nationalists defy Trimble's ban: The Guardian

Divisions intensify as Mallon challenges Trimble: UTV Internet

Why we should be helping Trimble now: Irish Independent

Two vital steps that will take us back from the brink in Northern Ireland: The Times (by Peter Mandelson)

Bitter divide emerges to threaten peace accord: Irish Independent

A time to stand back and consider North crisis: The Irish Times

Bertie tries `steady as she goes' approach: Irish Independent

PM to meet arms inspectors: BBC

Direct rule’s attractions are growing: Irish News

Bad old days back to haunt Castlewellan: The Irish Times

No excuse to spurn dialogue: Belfast Telegraph

New institutions must not fall: Irish News (Editorial)

4 slain in Protestant feud: Violence surges amid government crisis: Boston Herald

Tit-for-tat killings send loyalist leaders into hiding: Irish Examiner

Fear and loathing as loyalist feud spreads: The Irish Times

Loyalist is killed as feud goes on: Electronic Telegraph

SDLP 'sectarian' says DUP: Belfast Telegraph

Irish-Americans gather to meet Clintons: The Irish Times

Charges dropped in secrecy case: The Guardian

RUC officer loses leg in bomb attack: The Times

Call for ban on republican group: UTV Internet

Memorial planned to honour Ulster dead: The Independent

Wednesday, November 1

Two killed in revenge raids by loyalists: Electronic Telegraph

Two shot dead as loyalist feud intensifies: The Guardian

Troops back on streets after murder: UTV Internet

Response due to UUP block on SF: The Irish Times

Serious threat to Executive — Mallon: Irish Independent

There is no legal road for Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

FG calls for meeting of parties to Agreement: The Irish Times

Clinton's cavalry returns as deal faces its last stand: Irish Independent

The arms issue is important but not unique: Belfast Telegraph

N. Ireland's Vision Thing: Christian Science Monitor (Editorial, Oct. 31)

Envoy help badly needed: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Irish republican strife further jars the peace process: Boston Globe

Policeman hurt in station attack: BBC

Portadown lodge awaits talks ruling: The Irish Times

Fitting monument: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Basque and NI issues not alike - Spanish minister: The Irish Times