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Thursday, November 15

UUP would be biggest losers in the slimmer Stormont stakes: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Council hold minutes silence for David Black: Mid Ulster Mail

Prison dirty protest costs revealed: Belfast Telegraph

DUP's Jim Wells faces expulsion over McArdle row: The News Letter

Going into opposition remains a real option (Nov 12): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Parading – An Ulster-Scots solution?:
Barry McCaffrey

Irish court refuses bid to strike out IRA charge against brother of dissident Alan Ryan: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Kavanagh

Ballymena 'afraid' of Irish Language – O'Loan: Ballymena Times

We're still paying high cost of securing peace (Nov 12): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Sinn Fein mayor slams attacks on Apprentice Boys halls: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

SF mayor condemns sectarian paint bombing of Apprentice Boys hall: Londonderry Sentinel

Attwood rejects Sinn Fein's Belfast council ward concerns: BBC
Martina Purdy

Enniskillen 25 years on (Nov 9): The News Letter
Colum Eastwood

DUP and Sinn Fein ministers clash over public spending review (Nov 14): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Sheriff is witness in sectarian abuse trial: The Herald

Hibs fan sang bigoted chant on train just yards from off-duty police officer: The Scotsman

MI6 'should hold talks with CIA about Scottish independence' – expert: The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Woman dies after abortion refused in 'Catholic country': The News Letter

Ireland and Abortion – Cruelty disguised as piety, cowardice misrepresented as principle: The Spectator
Alex Massie

'Bigot' is not just a term of abuse, it is based on facts: The Scotsman
Paul Brownsey

Wendesday, November 14

David Black – 'new IRA' group claims it murdered prison officer:
Henry McDonald

'IRA' group admit responsibility for murder of prison officer David Black: The Independent
David McKittrick

New dissident alliance admits to M1 murder of prison officer: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Talks must begin with dissidents: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Terrorists' claim – Deluded criminals: Irish Examiner

Bomb found close to Belfast primary school was designed to maim and kill: RTE

Sinn Fein councillors vote against book of condolence for murdered prison officer David Black: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Probe underway after 'struggle' at prison: Derry Journal

More police needed to confront terrorism: UTV

John McCallister buoyed by SDLP opposition calls: The News Letter

'SDLP deluded and increasingly politically irrelevant' – Murphy: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Adams is still living in dreamland: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Sammy Wilson accuses Sinn Fein of blocking cash transparency: The News Letter

Willie Frazer confirms he will stand for Mid Ulster seat: The News Letter

Further Dungiven Parades controversy: Londonderry Sentinel

Enniskillen 25 years on (Nov 9): The News Letter
Naomi Long

So why didn't the Taoiseach wear a poppy for Remembrance Day?: Evening Herald
Cormac Murphy and Ralph Riegel

Dublin gesture is very timely: The News Letter

Enda Kenny and sports stars Brian O'Driscoll and James McClean criticised over Poppy Day snub: Irish Voice/
Patrick Counihan

McClean backed on decision not to wear poppy during weekend game: Derry Journal

McClean auctions poppyless Sunderland shirt to raise cash for children's cancer ward: Daily Mail
Colin Young

McClean victim of 'poppy bullying' culture – McCartney: Derry Journal

Why would a son of Creggan wear the poppy?: Irish Post
Ronan Early

Fans critcised after boos break Remembrance silence: The News Letter

Stormont MLAs vote for NI amateur boxing association: BBC

'Boxing funding must be allocated fairly' – Bradley: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Right-wing groups don't reflect true outlook of Irish in Britain: Irish Post
Stephen Lloyd

Controversial Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is to be venerated by the National Portrait Gallery after it bought a painting of him with taxpayer cash: Daily Mail
Larisa Brown

Orange Lodge demands an apology for 'sectarian slur': The Scotsman
Craig Brown

Monday, November 12

Irish taoiseach attends Remembrance Sunday event in Northern Ireland:
Henry McDonald

In a symbolic move, Taoiseach Enda Kenny remembers war dead at Enniskillen service: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Leaders attend Poppy Day services for first time: Irish Independent
David McKittrick and Michael Brennan

Honouring the dead further reconciles the living: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Enniskillen bombing memories – 'We've kept our dignity, but we need closure': The News Letter

Enniskillen 25 years: The News Letter
Tom Elliott

A shared future doesn't come 'just like that' (Oct 12): Impartial Reporter
Denzil McDaniel

We need truth to allow us to move on in society (Nov 8): The News Letter
Graham Spencer

Loyalist bus trip furore (Nov 1): Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

'Evil minority' will not stop NI progress, says SDLP chief: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Reviving fortunes slow work in progress for leader McDonnell: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

MLAs in Protestant CoC13 inclusion call: Londonderry Sentinel

PSNI rebuffs coroner over Special Branch's handling of Stalker report:
Barry McCaffrey

Tories turn to DUP and nationalists in attempt to revive boundary shakeup: The Guardian
Juliette Jowit and Patrick Wintour

A good week for Sinn Fein? Well I never . . . (Nov 10): Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Belfast Maze priest Monsignor Tom Toner dies: BBC

Gerry Adams to hang with key British figures in national portrait gallery: The Irish Times
Alison Healy

McClean decision not to wear remembrance poppy 'personal choice': Irish Examiner
Colm O'Connor

Outrage over McClean poppy snub: The News Letter

Scottish independence – Madeleine Albright warns of fragmented Europe: The Scotsman
Andrew Whitaker

Sunday, November 11

SDLP to hold other Stormont parties 'to account': BBC

Tánaiste says Irish nationalism is united in rejecting murder at SDLP annual conference: RTE

'This must end now' – Sinn Fein: Tyrone Times

Dissident support slammed by top politician Ringland: Lurgan Mail

First glimpse inside pub on tribute night to RIRA boss Ryan: Evening Herald
Niall O'Connor

Northern Ireland – The willingness to use violence is on the increase again (Nov 5): Deutsche Welle

Time to call a halt to gloomy procession of peace processors (Nov 9): The Irish Times
Glenn Patterson

Human rights law not the only answer – Attorney General (Nov 8): The News Letter
Sam McBride

What does anonymity ruling mean for undercover police?:
Barry McCaffrey

Apprentice Boys hold remembrance parade amid small protest in Belfast: The News Letter

Apprentice Boys march past city church: UTV

Enniskillen bombing memories – 'I was so weak I pleaded with the surgeons to be put out of misery': The News Letter

Enniskillen 25 years on: The News Letter
Arlene Foster

Former terrorist in Northern Ireland to speak on forgiveness and reconciliation (Nov 8): EMS St Lawrence

Cross border schools survey needs to be completed: Impartial Reporter

McGlone presses case for Corporation Tax devolution with Villiers: Mid Ulster Mail

'I forgot I was wearing one when I went up the Falls Road' (Nov 10): Irish Independent
Brendan Keenan

City council to sue McFeely over 'defective' Priory Hall apartments (Nov 6): Irish Examiner
Ann O'Loughlin

McClean refuses to wear poppy on eve of Remembrance Sunday as Sunderland suffer defeat: Daily Mail
Colin Young

McClean earns fans' wrath: Sunday Independent

Neil Lennon enjoys peace in history after outwitting Barcelona: The Observer
Kevin McKenna

Scottish independence – Scots will lose British culture, warns Darling: The Scotsman

Saturday, November 10

Adams wants US support for border poll: The News Letter

Dodds dismisses Adams' border poll call: UTV

Sinn Fein arrest protest staggering, says Fianna Fail leader: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Dolores Kelly says SDLP 'should think about opposition': BBC
Stephen Walker

Parades Commission places no restrictions on republican march: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Time for the good doctor to supply remedy for party: Belfast Telegraph
Ruairi O'Kane

'People want no more dark days' – PSNI Chief Constable says Derry Culture year can be 'a beacon': Derry Journal

Black tribute at Prison Memorial Service: UTV

'Brutal murder must signal change' – victims group: Tyrone Times

CAAD – the gang behind the murder: Belfast Media

Man arrested in Kerr probe in custody: UTV

New law targets terrorist recruiters: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

'Speak up if you have information on Enniskillen': The News Letter

Enniskillen bombing memories – 'I can't forgive the bombers': The News Letter

After Enniskillen, I was bitter towards Catholics... now I'm married to one: Belfast Telegraph
Anna Maguire

Enniskillen 25 years on: The News Letter
Jim Allister

How the 'Spirit of Enniskillen' continues to change young lives: Impartial Reporter
Julie Kenwell

DUP concern over ex-agents after BBC 'IRA-supergrass' probe: BBC

Call for new inquiry into Birmingham bombings: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Irish ministers to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies in Northern Ireland: BBC

£4m Orange project: Portadown Times

UUP man 'petty' in voting against GAA team tribute: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley Houston

Findings of review into role of Ulster's controversial law chief must be acted upon, Alliance insists (Nov 9): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Veteran republican campaigning for 'No' votes: Irish Independent
Fiach Kelly

Diverging views on EU pose serious threat to Irish-UK link: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Europe is becoming a problem for the Nats: Daily Telegraph
Alan Cochrane

The US offers a history lesson for Nationalists (Nov 9): The Scotsman
Michael Kelly

Friday, November 9

No new police Enniskillen investigation yet, insist PSNI: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Enniskillen Poppy Day massacre report delay as a new lead is pursued: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Enniskillen bomb victim's son appeals for no more violence: The News Letter

Enniskillen families deserve justice after such a long period of suffering: The Sun
Fergus O'Shea

The Queen sends a message to those affected by Enniskillen bomb 25 years on: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

You wonder how the bombers feel now about abhorrent act: Impartial Reporter
Chris Donegan

Enniskillen 25 years on; The Poppy Day bombing: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Reasons to reflect on our darkest day (Oct 25): Impartial Reporter
Denzil McDaniel

One of the darkest and longest days: Impartial Reporter
Sarah Saunderson

We wait for justice on a day to forget: Belfast Telegraph

West Midlands PCC – Candidates back Birmingham bombings review: BBC

'Continuity RUC' behind Wilson arrest: Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

Micheal Martin criticises Sinn Fein stance on policing: BBC

David Black murder suspect is released: BBC

Items seized in Belfast dissident probe: UTV

Electronic messages beamed on M1 one week after prison officer murder: Mid Ulster Mail

CCTV trawled in hunt for dissident killers of warder: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Pair bailed over suspected terrorism: UTV

Man released over McKay murder: UTV

Chief Constable voices concerns ahead of City of Culture: BBC

Offensive 'dissident' website slammed: Mid Ulster Mail

Witness to be quizzed in spy case: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP weighs in to support Brush: Mid Ulster Mail

SDLP looking keen to see the fruits of their labour: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

The SDLP is setting its sights firmly on the economy: The News Letter
Alasdair McDonnell

UUP man wins FoI legal battle: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Eamon Gilmore to lay wreath at Belfast Remembrance event: RTE

Well done Obama, but now come and visit us: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

TV viewers shocked as Orange order superhero seen on school wall: Edinburgh Evening News
David O'Leary

Half of British voters 'would chose to leave the EU in referendum': Daily Telegraph
James Kirkup

Thursday, November 8

Black killing tops agenda at talks: The News Letter

Black murder police revisit scene: Belfast Telegraph

Murdered prison officer – man arrested in Northern Ireland:
Henry McDonald

éirígí criticise 'heavy handed' PSNI house searches in Newry: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Prison officer shooting – loose criminals terrorize N. Ireland: The Voice of Russia
Yekaterina Kudashkina

We must tell these killers straight that their day has gone: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

We can't stop in our strides towards peace: The News Letter
Nick Garbutt

New Lodge man arrested over Danny McKay murder: BBC

Man arrested over Alan Ryan funeral incident: RTE

Dublin man charged with IRA membership granted legal aid: The Irish Times

Residents angry at parade ruling: UTV

Victims' Commissioner will not be 'a puppet': The News Letter

Relatives mark Poppy Day bombing: UTV

Enniskillen survivors plea to McGuinness over attack: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Enniskillen pauses to remember: Impartial Reporter
Sarah Saunderson

Twenty five years later: Impartial Reporter
Mary Lynch

Remembering the Enniskillen dead: BBC
Julian Fowler

Protestant job bias victim still waiting for NI Water payout: Belfast Telegraph

Young people are about as wise as their elders: Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

SF wants to paint Stormont green for St Patrick's day: Londonderry Sentinel

The SDLP man who wants other nationalists to wear a poppy: Belfast Telegraph

Robinson and McGuinness congratulate Obama on election victory: The News Letter

Vote trend among whites like tribal Ulster: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Homeless? What about your wife's 18-bedroom B&B Tom? (Nov 5): Evening Herald
Eimear Rabbitte

EU referendum could 'imperil UK', Carwyn Jones warns: BBC

Euro-sceptics may be the real petty nationalists (Nov 3): The Scotsman
Gerry Hassan

Wednesday, November 7

David Black – funeral tributes paid to murdered prison officer:
Henry McDonald

Prison officer 'committed to peace': UTV

David Black killers will suffer fear and shame, mourners told: The News Letter

Ambush killers denounced at funeral of prison officer David Black: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Prison colleagues shoulder David Black's coffin: The News Letter

NI murder condemned across the House: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Secretary of State adds her voice to worldwide condemnation: Tyrone Times

David Black murder – Man, 46, arrested in Lurgan: BBC

Dissident thugs must be punished: The News Letter

Help put these evil killers behind bars: Belfast Telegraph

Republican bailed over IRA's McCartney 'investigation': Irish News

Morrow calls for SF to suspend Padraic Wilson: Tyrone Times

Adams and McGuinness plead to Clinton for release of Marian Price: Irish Independent
Deric Henderson

Former postman slams 'hypocrisy': The News Letter

Fiery clashes as MLAs debate Brush motion: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Northern Ireland's past will keep coming back to bite us ... unless we agree a new way forward: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Enniskillen bomb survivor hopes for justice: The News Letter

Delay in Omagh bomb civil action: The Irish Times

Two arrested over suspected terrorism: UTV

Republican SF member jailed for not paying fine: Lurgan Mail

Commission rules on Belfast parade: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Tánaiste warns FF not to break ranks on Northern Ireland: RTE

Stormont backs lowering voting age to 16: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Lowering the voting age: BBC
Mark Devenport

Niall Ó Donnghaile's year in mayoral chains (Nov 3): BBC

Maze project could create 5,000 jobs (Nov 5): The News Letter

Why Irish language may soon be a Celtic myth (Nov 1): Irish Independent
Conchur O Giollagain

Ex-IRA militant Martin McGuinness to visit Hong Kong as part of trade mission: South China Morning Post
John Carney

Gordon Wilson and Jim Sillars warn Salmond EU issue jeopardises independence: The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

We in-betweeners denied our real choice: The Scotsman
Andrew McFadyen

Tuesday, November 6

David Black's family decline McGuinness funeral offer: The News Letter

Murdered prison officer's funeral takes place in Northern Ireland:
Henry McDonald

Thousands expected at Black funeral: UTV

Solidarity on minute's silence in memory of David Black: Londonderry Sentinel

'Utmost security' needed for prison officers: The News Letter

Dissident dinosaurs cannot stop us from moving forward: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Only one way to stop dissidents: The News Letter
Alex Kane

David's murder shows this isn't normal society: Belfast Telegraph
Nuala McKeever

MLAs meet in sombre mood: BBC
Mark Devenport

Dissidents issue threats at weekend rallies: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

RIRA Travellers' fury at Ryan gig discrimination: Evening Herald
Ken Foy

Sinn Fein arrest 'through republicanism like bushfire': BBC

Sinn Fein anger over Padraic Wilson arrest: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

TUV slams protests over IRA court case: The News Letter

SDLP votes in support of Brush: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Assembly pass motion supporting Councillor Sammy Brush: BBC

Chuckles at heated debate: The News Letter

Council passes motion condemning Curran's remarks: Banbridge Leader

Past grievances must be resolved: Belfast Telegraph

Four men arrested after Ardcarne 'paramilitary shooting': Newry Times
Paul Malone

New bilingual signs: Ballymoney Times

Irish TD Frank Feighan to wear poppy in Dail: BBC
Jennifer O'Leary

Remembrance Sunday – Wear poppy with pride: Irish Examiner

You can wear a poppy and still oppose war: The Scotsman
Ian McGregor

1916 Easter Rising leaders' descendents visit Stormont: BBC

Ireland is in dire need of Rom' Rule – A President Mitt could stock us with missiles and boost tourism: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

'All of UK should have say' in vote: Paisley Daily Express

How the power of Scotland could electrify unionism: Belfast Telegraph
Ruairi O'Kane

New anti-sectarian laws branded a success as high prosecution rate revealed: The Scotsman
Gareth Rose

Monday, November 5

Anger at nationalist support for dissidents: The News Letter

Duffy and other Lurgan man freed in Black murder probe: Irish News

Governor's widow calls for talks with killers (Nov 2): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Clinton says support for North 'remains resolute': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

I knew David, he was just a man carving out a living and trying to raise a family (Nov 3): Belfast Telegraph
William McKee

Funeral for murdered prison officer David Black: The News Letter

Targeting of an Orangeman: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Dissidents can be worn down ... but channels of contact must be kept open (Nov 2): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Dissidents don't deserve chance to talk (Nov 3): The News Letter
Alex Kane

United in grief over 'cowardly' killing: Belfast Telegraph

Breaking the cycle of parades violence? (Oct 15):
Steven McCaffery

Captured on film – Hoods ram cops (Oct 27): Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

Justice still sought for Enniskillen bombing: Irish Examiner
Lesley-Anne McKeown

PSNI look at Enniskillen bomb report: UTV

Stormont is pressing for decision on corporation tax – Foster (Nov 1): Belfast Telegraph
Clare Weir

What sort of culture does Gregory Campbell want? (Nov 1): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

FAI Cup final – All-island soccer time?: Irish Examiner

Economy still our biggest challenge (Oct 22): Belfast Telegraph

Irish TD will wear poppy to commemorate the British war dead: Irish Voice/
Cathy Hayes

State pays €240,000 to SF TD's solicitors: The Irish Times
Pamela Duncan

Judge demands BBC tapes as 'old' Rangers goes into liquidation (Nov 2): The Scotsman
John Robertson

'Separatism is a word of the past' – European Council president deals blow to Salmond's Scottish independence campaign in video: Daily Mail
Mark Duell

Independent Scotland could become member of international community 'remarkably quickly' (Nov 2): The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Sunday, November 4

Men held in prison officer murder case: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Three quizzed over prison officer murder: The News Letter

M1 ambush – Officers thought it was an accident... then they saw the car was riddled with bullets: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

We will go all out to bring perpetrators to justice – PM (Nov 2): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

PUP call for cool heads after murder: The News Letter

£10k for names of jail killers: The Sun
Simon Hughes

M1 ambush – Just a matter of time before another attack, warders warn: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Not in our name
Irish Americans deplore Dissident IRA killing --Time to stand up and be counted on slaying of prison officer: Irish Voice/

Niall O'Dowd

Cookstown won't let dissidents win: The News Letter

M1 ambush – A brutal response to the jail dispute, but this killing will not change a thing: Belfast Telegraph

Adams' weak rebuke buoys Provo fairy tale: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

Anti-terror laws face new human rights challenge at European court: Daily Telegraph
David Barrett

Two released over McKay murder: UTV

Real IRA gangsters keep up hunt for killers: Evening Herald
Ken Foy

Belfast bar apologises for poppy snub: UTV

Poppy Day bomb victims to mark 25th anniversary: The News Letter

Love across the divide: The Guardian
Joanna Moorhead

SF man 'was member of IRA's army council': The News Letter

'Free killers' campaign leaves Carroll widow shocked and devastated: Portadown Times

Sinn Fein is rapped over stalling of Armed Forces Covenant: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Moseley

Indolence rather than intellect (Oct 28): The Pensive Quill
Anthony McIntyre

Minister has turned the page on school patronage (Nov 2): The Irish Times
Áine Hyland

Gay rights issue hasn't been solved in last 30 years (Nov 2): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Catholic Church accuses Stonewall of intolerance over 'bigot' prize (Nov 3): Daily Telegraph

Gay rights group Stonewall faces barrage of criticism for 'bigot of year' award given to Keith O'Brien (Nov 3): The Scotsman
Craig Brown

EU tells Alex Salmond to think again in Scottish independence row: The Observer
Daniel Boffey

Saturday, November 3

Prominent dissident Colin Duffy cleared three times of murder arrested over 'drive-by hit': The Scotsman
David Young

Duffy arrested in connection with prison officer murder: Portadown Times

Attack was well-planned, says expert: The News Letter

Clinton condemns North murder: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien, and Sean O'Riordan

McGuinness backs PSNI call for help: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

McGuinness slams prison officer murder: Derry Journal

Nationalists have got to back justice: The News Letter

Dissidents 'swimming in a sea of criminality': Irish Independent
Michael Brennan

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams slams prison officer drive-by assassins as police arrest two men: Belfast Telegraph

David Black murder – Irish police make arrest over prison officer attack: BBC

Taoiseach attacks criminal dissidents: UTV

£10,000 reward in murder probe: Belfast Telegraph

Victim 'murdered because of his uniform': The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Justice pledge over warder's murder: The News Letter

Book of condolence 'chance to show solidarity with Black family': Mid Ulster Mail

Actions are futile, says union leader: The News Letter

Leaders must realise that it's good to talk: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Shunned gunmen wage war they cannot win: Irish Independent
David McKittrick

Three men arrested over Northern Ireland prison officer murder:
Henry McDonald

Gardai on alert as pub stages Ryan fundraiser: Irish Independent
Luke Byrne

Swift police action vital to find killers: Belfast Telegraph

Gunmen brought murder back to the North: Derry Journal

Police say dissident republicans may be behind Longlands murder: Newtownabbey Times

Robinson – An attack on entire community: The News Letter

Being an Irish republican means never having to say you're sorry: Daily Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Orange centres should enhance understanding: The News Letter

Flag and Emblems theme for Carrick composer: Carrick Times

Debate over call to free terrorist: The News Letter

McGeough campaign wins Spanish support: Tyrone Times

Senior Sinn Fein member faces IRA terror charges: Irish Independent
Alan Erwin

Maze IRA leader 'met with McCartneys': UTV

Just 25 poor Protestant boys go to uni: Londonderry Sentinel

Storm over Stonewall's Cardinal Keith O'Brien 'bigot' award: BBC

Friday, November 2

Long-serving Northern Ireland prison officer murdered in motorway ambush in suspected dissident republican attack: The Independent
David McKittrick

Prime Minister condemns "brutal murder": The News Letter

Prison officer attack is 'attack on NI': UTV

PSNI appeals to public after prison officer shot dead: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Northern Ireland prison officer ambush prompts fears of sectarian shooting war:
Henry McDonald

Officer's widow wants 'no retaliation': UTV

Neighbours shocked at David Black murder: The News Letter

Murdered Northern Ireland prison officer was Orange Order member: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

David Black murder – 'Very sad day for prison service': BBC

Dublin link to the savage murder of prison officer: Irish Independent
Tom Brady and David McKittrick

NI murder condemned ahead of North-South council meeting: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Killers not deterred by robust political structures: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Dissidents have little support but retain capacity to kill: Irish Independent
Tom Brady and Don Lavery

Danny McKay murder – Police revisit scenes: BBC

ONH blamed for pipe bomb: Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

Gavin Coney accused of involvement in terrorist training camp: BBC

Future is Orange, says Hume: The News Letter

Family launches legal challenge against HET: Belfast Media

Robert McCartney murder – Leading republican faces charges: BBC

Lanterns of peace – Children reach across divide in dazzling Halloween parade: Belfast Telegraph
Michelle Smyth

Are MLAs running scared of Halloween?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Way to go for Durkan: (from the Irish Echo)
Martin Galvin

Scottish independence – Scots given £1,594 more than the English, reveals Treasury: The Scotsman
Eddie Barnes

Westminster rejects Alex Salmond claim on Scotland's EU membership:
Severin Carrell

Thursday, November 1

Number of dissident republican attacks has fallen by 20%; Theresa Villiers: The News Letter

Man released over McKay murder: UTV

SF press machine is slammed: Londonderry Sentinel

Politics needs to get Biblical: (from the Irish Daily Star, Oct 30)
John Coulter

Robert McCartney murder – police arrest 53-year-old man:
Henry McDonald

Orange Order website ban lifted: Londonderry Sentinel

Lifting the siege? How the Orange Order dropped its ban on talks – and what it really means:
Steven McCaffery

Orange Order to get £3.6m grant from European Union peace programme: BBC

Orange Order plans museums to promote understanding of its organisations: RTE

Security force chiefs to review Pat Finucane report:
Henry McDonald

Pat Finucane murder – Family oppose security check: BBC

Minister rapped over board 'bias': The News Letter

Tax devolution move is hard to figure as PM eyes options (Oct 23): Belfast Telegraph
Tom Moseley

Unique cross-border voice established: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Rae case calls for better UK/Irish border links: Longford Leader

Nidge takes on IRA gangsters as Love/Hate imitates real life (Oct 22): Evening Herald
Claire Murphy

DUP help to defeat coalition government over EU budget vote: BBC
Stephen Walker

DUP hail defeat of Tory budget at Westminster: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

An independent Scotland's place in the EU: BBC
Niall O'Gallagher

Scottish teens say no to independence? Let's see how long that lasts (Sep 25):
Clyn Gallagher


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