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This archive contains references to articles from November 16-30, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, November 30

Adams counters pressure to back Police Act: The Irish Times

Blair hears policing concerns: BBC

RUC complaints unease — poll: Irish News

SDLP must swallow its pride over Police Act: The Irish Times

Spirit of Patten has been binned: Irish News

Crucial choice: Irish Independent (Editorial)

'Ulster settlement' is Blair priority: Belfast Telegraph

Army whistleblower will not be prosecuted: The Guardian

Maintain block on TDs and senators - Trimble: Irish Independent

IRA's cable TV scam exposed: Belfast Telegraph

Social worker suspended for 'Real IRA link': Electronic Telegraph

Extradition dropped against Fusco and other republican escapees: Irish Examiner

RUC and Garda in perfect harmony: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 30 ---------

IRA man sought gun 'to defend crowd': The Guardian

Former IRA man declines to name fellow members: The Irish Times

Marksman in place for shootings: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, November 29

Time for all to row in behind the new police: The Irish Times (by Chris Patten)

Patten endorses Police Bill: Electronic Telegraph

Patten attacks Sinn Fein over police: The Guardian

Policing pressure builds after Patten article: UTV Internet

SDLP is urged to join the new Police Board: The Irish Times

Scepticism greets Patten’s policing plea: Irish Examiner

N. Ireland officials say reforms of RUC don't go far enough: Boston Herald

Our best chance for a new beginning: Irish News

Nationalists refuse to back Police Act: The Irish Times

It’s all to do again on the police issue: Irish News

We ought to hail police reform, not the visit of Bill Clinton

Patten Intervenes: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Patten article is to be welcomed: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein to challenge sanctions: BBC

MPs will try to overturn Lords decision: The Irish Times

Dissidents blamed for car bomb: BBC

Clinton hopes to bid Stormont farewell: The Times

White House sees Clinton visit as politically active: The Irish Times

Parties should use Clinton’s visit as a deadline for making peace progress: Irish Examiner

Clinton visit is a time for reflection: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Row at arms accused court case: BBC

Clinton will bring goodwill but no magic: The Irish Times

Taylor confident of UUP electoral success: UTV Internet

US support for Day of Protest on Peter's killers:

Warning over NI investment decisions: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 29 ---------

First civilian tells Bloody Sunday inquiry of 'clear Bogside' mission: The Independent

Film of clashes between Paras and protesters shown at inquiry: Irish Examiner

Paras 'meant to kill': The Times

Off duty troops in pub told witness they were going to Derry to ‘clear the Bog’: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, November 28

Sinn Fein sound demilitarisation warning: UTV Internet

Police put London on terror alert: The Irish Times

DUP attack De Brun over ban challenge: UTV Internet

Clinton will visit Ulster to revive the peace process: The Independent

Mixed reaction in North to planned Clinton visit: The Irish Times

Clinton to visit Belfast to bolster pact: Boston Globe

Clinton to make Stormont speech: Belfast Telegraph

Nationalists table motion condemning on Guardsmen decision: UTV Internet

'Blind eye' turned to punishment beatings: The Times

Dundalk beatings blamed on the IRA: The Irish Times

Catholic recruitment to police is the key: Belfast Telegraph

Join or don’t join, that is the dilemma: Irish News

Chris patten's verdict on the Police reform act: Belfast Telegraph

Patten endorses new police plan: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Archbishop gets it just right: (Editorial - Nov. 27)

Bomb attack bid blamed on IRA: Irish News

Tories fight Sinn Fein foreign donations: BBC

Onus on Order to end debacle: Irish News (Editorial)

McCabe's widow says killers will not go free: The Irish Times

McGuinness accused of bias: UTV Internet

When good can come of evil: Belfast Telegraph

Respect for Catholic Church drops: Irish Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 28 ---------

One day in Derry: The Guardian

Bloody Sunday casualties 'included IRA gunmen': Electronic Telegraph

Did 34 more die in Bloody Sunday raid?: The Scotsman

Soldiers' lawyer admits victims were unarmed: The Guardian

McGuinness is accused of lacking courage: The Times

Counsel for soldiers in bid to deflect blame, says McGuinness: Irish Examiner

SF boss: 'I'll give evidence': Belfast Telegraph

Monday, November 27

SF calls for end to ban on its ministers: The Irish Times

Unionists demand halt to RUC exodus: The Times

Omagh bomb officer quits RUC in disgust: The Scotsman

Police row escalates as SF step up opposition: Irish Independent

Archbishop calls for recognition on reform: The Irish Times

Primate regrets McBride decision: Irish News

Police Bill is a fair compromise: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble praises Omagh families' protest: BBC

Families hold protest at republican meeting: The Irish Times

Irish identity hogged by nationalists: Irish News

The Monaghan Dublin Bombings:

Prison army base closes: BBC

Adams to launch commeroration ceremony in honour of four IRA servicemen: Irish Examiner

Attack made on Republic's attitude to North: The Irish Times

Snipers rifles and pump action shotguns found in weapons stash: Irish Examiner

Tories: we will fight ‘SF fund’ bill: Irish News

Terrorist alert at Ibrox: The Scotsman

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 27 ---------

Inquiry to hear soldiers' story: BBC

Bloody Sunday Paras give their side: Belfast Telegraph

G21 Special Report: The Liddy Tape:

Sunday, November 26

Arrests after major arms find: BBC

Our own banana republic: Electronic Telegraph

Good Friday, but for who?: The Observer

No Crown image in the new police symbols: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Revised police bill expected to win Patten's approval : The Sunday Times

Catholics urged to join police service: BBC

Who knows Fr Des Wilson's Number?: Ireland on Sunday

Dublin and London to pressure SDLP on new police force: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Omagh bomb inquiry chief quits RUC: Electronic Telegraph

Omagh mother faces Real IRA fundraisers: Scotland on Sunday

Loyalist feud will be over 'within days': Ireland on Sunday

Inner feud divides UVF over truce with UDA: The Observer

Army defends its 'bandit country' towers: The Sunday Times

US listing of Real IRA will make demilitarisation less likely in S. Armagh: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Real IRA ready to blitz Britain: The Observer

Hutchinson may be sent back to jail: Ireland on Sunday

Adams accused of deceiving victim's family: The Sunday Times

Hand back my mother: The Sunday Times

Dublin excludes unionist culture, report claims: The Observer

Charlatan who duped Ulster's ruling classes: Independent on Sunday

A twist of FAIT that is going on all around us: Sunday Independent

Paisley and Taylor may be subpoenaed: Ireland on Sunday

MacMillan accused of neo-facism: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 26

Too early to support new NI police - Ahern: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein rebuke for police service: BBC

Hayes urges Catholics to join new police force: The Irish Times

Policing held up by political power play: Irish Independent

Bill squanders chance for police reform: The Irish Times

SDLP has a choice to make: Belfast Telegraph

Realism needed on policing: The Irish Times (Editorial)

London and Dublin appeal to US to ban Real IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Marching as to war?: The Guardian

Peace can be arduous: The Irish Times

Trimble’s ban out of order: Harney: Irish News

Guardsmen jailed for murder may stay in Army: Electronic Telegraph

Murderers will be allowed to stay in Army: The Independent

Shame on the British army: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton to announce details of third visit: Irish Independent

Lords lives up to its zombie reputation: Irish News

Former INLA man wins High Court challenge: Irish Examiner

Ombudsman steps into Hamill inquiry: BBC

Friday, November 24

SF ministers ban 'misconceived': BBC

Mallon stresses Agreement problems: The Irish Times

Without Clinton, there would be no peace process: Irish Echo

Mallon calls for a Clinton come-back visit: Irish News

Riding out the political storm: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Queen signs Northern Ireland police Bill into law: The Irish Times

Patten clouds the process: Irish Echo

Priest tells Catholics to join police service: Irish News

RUC title row 'will go to lawyers': Belfast Telegraph

Mandy to put Hutchinson behind bars:

Let Orange Order make position clear: Irish News (Editorial)

De Brun border meeting cost £3,300: Belfast Telegraph

32 group ‘political wing’ of Real IRA: Irish News

Demand for Irish language schools voiced: UTV Internet

There’s no justice in England for the Irish:

Belfast IRA: forged in the sectarian furnace: Irish Echo

Dark years in the H-Blocks:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 24 ---------

Inquiry may order Paisley to appear: BBC

Bloody Sunday was an attempt to crack Free Derry: Irish Examiner

Soldiers urged to 'admit shooting innocent people': The Irish Times

Thursday, November 23

Further arms dumps inspections 'not enough': The Irish Times

No Catholics will join Ulster police, insists Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

450 officers to leave RUC: BBC

RUC morale is ‘close to collapsing’: Irish News

Formal complaint against Flanagan: The Irish Times

True policing reform or we are doomed: Irish News

Sinn Fein wins round one in battle with Trimble: The Independent

Meeting cancelled over legal challenge: BBC

SF warns that difficulties pose a threat to leadership: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein leaders face up to a hardline threat on deal: Belfast Telegraph

Truce is agreed by feud factions: Irish News

Bipartisanship feels the strain: Belfast Telegraph

Party leaders hope Clinton can break peace deadlock: The Guardian

Sixty murdered since agreement was signed: Electronic Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 23 ---------

Bloody Sunday 'planned' claim: BBC

Heath 'approved Londonderry massacre': The Guardian

Counsel urges MoD to 'come out from hiding': The Irish Times

Taylor ‘can’t be reached’: Irish News

Wednesday, November 22

Bill to reform RUC is passed despite protests: The Independent

Sinn Fein anger at RUC reforms: The Times

Battling sectarianism is our top priority says RUC chief: Irish News

Little to satisfy Ahern in new police system: Irish Independent

We cannot divorce the police from state control: Belfast Telegraph

Name of RUC to be consigned to history: The Irish Times

Police challenge facing nationalists: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Judgment held on policing law: Irish News (Editorial)

Labour to accept defeat over Bill on Irish MPs: Electronic Telegraph

Ministers may sacrifice bill to aid Trimble: The Guardian

Sinn Fein disqualified: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Cowen to see list of attacks on Catholics: Irish News

Man sentenced for arms smuggling: UTV Internet

IRA opponent jailed for abuse of his daughter: The Times

McKenna was loved and hated in equal measure: The Irish Times

Mandelson likened to Militant left: The Guardian

Death threats over Big Brother visit: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 22 ---------

QC claim over use of Paras: BBC

Decision not to prosecute soldiers questioned: The Irish Times

Solider 027 in legal bid to retain anonymity for inquiry: Irish Examiner

Victim discreditied by 'black lies, propaganda': The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 21

'Back reforms' call as Police Bill nears wire: Belfast Telegraph

NI Police Bill to become law: BBC

Compromise over police reform is vital for Ulster's future: The Independent (Editorial)

Watching over the RUC: The Irish Times

Police training in rights is ‘wrong’: Irish News

Political temperature set to rise: BBC

Ahern and Blair to meet on north: The Irish Times

Lords throw out plan for Dublin MPs in Commons: Electronic Telegraph

McGuinness begins veto challenge: BBC

MI5 sued over bugging of Sinn Fein car: The Guardian

Authorities 'turned blind eye' to Wright killing: The Irish Times

Nonsense in any language: Belfast Telegraph

Lawyers must disclose criminal link: Electronic Telegraph

Feud families to get help: BBC

Confusing politics with geography: Belfast Telegraph

SF ‘not wanted’ in city: press: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 21 ---------

Original recording found, paper says: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday death was 'murder': The Guardian

Teenager’s killer could not be identified: Irish Examiner

Three people shot dead ‘by single Para’: Irish News

Discrepancies in evidence of paratroopers: The Irish Times

Monday, November 20

Legal challenge could threaten peace process: Irish Independent

Peace Process In Drift: The Irish Times (Editorial)

SF get backing for Cabinet: Irish Independent

North South committees powerless: Irish Examiner

Hume urges a dual move on arms impasse: Irish Independent

Hume calls on IRA to re-engage with de Chastelain: The Irish Times

Trimble gets tongue lashing at three party conferences: Irish Examiner

Consigning the DUP to the dustbin: Irish News

Plan to destroy RUC alleged: The Irish Times

Police Bill does not offer new beginning - Rodgers: The Irish Times

Women's leader takes swipe at Sinn Féin:

Losing sight of the bigger picture: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sinn Fein 'no longer a republican party': The Times

Opening of arms dumps 'an act of treachery': The Irish Times

Omagh families pledge to shame Real IRA political wing: Irish Examiner

Man charged with intimidating collusion witness: UTV Internet

Always going to fail by Danny Morrison:

Gregory Campbell: Belfast Telegraph

John Bruton: Belfast Telegraph

Martin McGuinness: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, November 19

Blair 'has ruined' chance of arms deal: The Observer

Call to 'relax' Sinn Fein sanctions: BBC

Hume turns on Trimble: Ireland on Sunday

David Trimble's ban on Sinn Fein ministers is set for a legal battle: Sunday Independent

DUP urges 'pan-unionist' front: BBC

The nationalists' mythical victims: The Sunday Times

Northern Ireland Police Bill slammed by SDLP: Ireland on Sunday

SDLP wooed on to police board: The Sunday Times

We must build on Patten: The Observer

Soldier faces army 'dirty tricks' charge: The Sunday Times

SDLP needs to address its future very quickly: Ireland on Sunday

Mixed-faith family finds love overcomes fear in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

The night they took my Mother: The Sunday Times

Attacker previously charged with terrorist offences: Ireland on Sunday

Real IRA to target dealers: The Sunday Times

British troops face further Bloody Sunday questioning: Ireland on Sunday

Adair starts court bid for freedom: The Observer

Sick terrorist Christmas gifts on sale in Ulster: The Sunday Times

Cancer 'lie' denounced by Robinson: UTV Internet

Saturday, November 18

Mallon appeal over peace process: BBC

New police force may get SDLP support: Irish Independent

I have gone further than Patten — Mandelson: Irish News

Minister will not rule on insignia: The Times

Fine Gael call for IRA to speak to decommissioning body: UTV Internet

Flags, badges...who cares?: Belfast Telegraph

De Brun lawyers move on Trimble: Irish News

Dissecting North agreement for all it's worth: Irish Independent

A tale of two political parties: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Proposed Border bodies to cost £65m: The Irish Times

How the Real IRA recruits boys into a life of terrorism: The Guardian

Loyalist feud truce hopes: BBC

I’m not afraid of DUP — Taylor

Amazing Maze: The Irish Times

INLA deny LVF drug pact:

NIO denies Mandelson 'ridiculed' Blair: Irish News

Author furious over book ban: Irish News

Friday, November 17

Sinn Fein leader: Peace in jeopardy: Boston Herald

SF to begin legal action on talks ban by Trimble: Irish Independent

Trimble explains move to senators: Irish Echo

It's a start: The Guardian (by Peter Mandelson)

Don’t repeat treaty of Limerick says Mallon: Irish News

Stars back integrated schools campaign: BBC

Peace efforts are Clinton's legacy: Irish Echo

A prison system that was always destined to fail: Irish Examiner

‘Nairac lover’ is branded fantasist: Irish News

Land of the Troubles may prove to be an asset: Belfast Telegraph

NI one of UK's poorest regions: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 17 ---------

Bloody Sunday testimony captured on tape: BBC

Saville told how uncle saw his nephew die: Irish News

Derry raid - ham fisted and shambolic: Irish Examiner

Paratroops in Bogside 'had no authorisation': The Irish Times

Army wanted Derry no-go areas to 'rot': Irish Independent

A momentous week draws to a close: Irish News

Thursday, November 16

Sinn Fein will fight Trimble sanctions: The Independent

Legal challenge to Trimble ban by Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Government will continue to meet SF ministers: The Irish Times

IRA can renew mood of hope: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair shrugs off concern over Bill to reform RUC: Electronic Telegraph

NI Police Bill to go to Commons: BBC

British exasperated by nationalist stance: The Irish Times

Former Unionistdefects to DUP: Irish News

Resistance to British rule among motions for RSF: The Irish Times

The reality is that… times are changing very quickly: Irish News

'Wind up' arms body call: BBC

Timeframe for decommissioning: BBC

Voices from past may be key to future : The Irish Times

American Ireland Fund dinner expected to raise: Boston Herald

Falls monument that's set to be one of the biggest in Ireland:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - November 16 ---------

Decision to deploy ‘unfit’ Paras in Derry had potential for disaster: Irish Examiner

Bodies claim rejected at inquiry: BBC

Public was being prepared for a TV 'shooting war': The Irish Times